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Sharing in 2010 can really make money 5 network to make money

a lot of new network is still struggling to find network projects, most of the novice cheated, was pit. Due to the current network to make money on the project is difficult to identify new dragons and fishes jumbled together, friends, most are cheated, pull off the assembly line, can not make money. In order to avoid the novice detours, summed up the 5 kinds of formal real money can make money. As long as we choose the right direction, hard work and stick to it, money is not a problem.

first, do e-commerce site

analysis of the characteristics of three types of Web site

traffic stations: traffic based websites are mostly advertising alliance to make money, traffic is increasingly difficult to do, so the money is also more difficult to earn.

brand station: the need for a long period of operation, short-term can not make money, investment, slow returns.

product site: today is the focus of the project to be recommended in order to sell products based website, no matter how much traffic, as long as the product can be sold, you can make money. Compared to flow stations and brand stations, making money easier, faster.

e-commerce website operation process

first step: look for products, look at what features you have in the region, you can also sell some of the good profit selling products

second step: production site, free mall system such as ECSHOP, shopex

third step: the use of SEO to obtain the intention of traffic

fourth step: consulting, clinch a deal, good after-sales service

two, do a high profit single page Taobao guest

this year, the profits of products to do the single page Taobao customers very much, for example, slimming products, breast enhancement products, freckle products and so on, the general flow reaches dozens, the monthly income can reach thousands of dollars, due to the long tail word selection, the conversion rate is very high, the turnover rate is very high. For example, weight loss station www.jfy315.com, only more than and 50 daily traffic, but the monthly income stable at more than 1000, each transaction has a single profit of more than and 100. Taobao has a single page with ultra-high profits and ultra-high conversion rate, so this year will be so hot.

single page Taobao guest operating process

the first step: Mining profiteering products

second step: analysis of profit, profit of 20 yuan more than

per suggestion

third steps: the production of a single page site

fourth step: optimization of a single page, every day to update the original and do the chain

fifth step: the realization of automated revenue

three, open shop

Many people think that Taobao

shop is too late, no way to earn money, in fact, as long as you have good products, and careful management, you can still make money, the most important thing is this a long way to make money, then you can as a business to do, in fact, does not necessarily require their own products, also can

Web game advertising tactics to prevent fraud.

from the second half of 2008 so far, when the financial crisis hit the traditional economy, thought, Chinese "game economy" to "game as the representative of the contrarian flying. In the Internet advertising industry, many analysts believe that because of the original advertising companies to reduce the adverse effect of the advertising industry, was unexpectedly numerous "game". In the survey, a lot of advertising alliance advertising is almost the same webgame promotional information.

DCCI Internet data center 2009 in the first half of China’s Internet monitoring data show that the first half of 09 China’s online advertising alliance market size has reached RMB 910 million, an increase of more than the first half of the year of 18.8%. China Advertising Association is expected in 2009 advertising revenue will remain high growth, the total size will increase to 2 billion 130 million yuan, an increase of up to 17.5%.

of course there are a lot of advertising alliance to seek interests and trying to fish in troubled waters, hit the bottom line, in August, the national regulation to combat Internet pornography special action office decided on pornographic websites in advertising "518 advertising alliance", "nine wins advertising alliance", "Google Adsense", "palm hair alliance" and "double advertising alliance", "income treasure alliance" and "win advertising alliance", "Qihoo advertising alliance" and other 8 online advertising agencies listed renovation.

in addition, there are some criminals also eyeing a piece of cake, a lot of the name of the name of the game company signs were discovered recently, to the owners on the flat rate Internet advertising linked to horse behavior.

desktop world net webmaster said a few days ago have said he is "hero of the Warring States" the promotion personnel, want to hang a ads on its website, and he sent to the root folder of a file named "7hero.php" requirements placed on the website. After professional technical personnel testing, the file in a section of the code, it is spread on the network for a long time". Through the implementation of this trojan, hackers will be easy to control the webmaster server and spread the virus to visitors through the site.

and for the matter, as the Warring States heroes, the operator of the network in the network of green Polytron Technologies Inc, to the station issued a message claiming that the company has never been a similar form of promotion.

like this trick, 08 years have been reported (see http://www.cncms.com.cn/news/net/11085.htm). Again to remind the webmaster, the face of active site monthly advertiser, must repeatedly alert, and find out the related operation qualification. Do not accept the other party’s code or procedure, in order to avoid unnecessary losses.



this article comes from: WEB development network

original link: http://www.cncms.com>

Li Kaifu Taiwan entrepreneurial environment requires heavy drug treatment


Li Kaifu: Taiwan entrepreneurial environment requires heavy drug treatment


technology news at noon on October 29th news, according to Taiwan’s "United Daily News" reported that the innovation works CEO Li Kaifu said recently that Taiwan’s business environment is full of difficulties and crisis, Taiwan entrepreneurs cannot take Taiwan small market as the goal, but to look at the world’s largest market.

Li Kaifu said, just as they need to take heavy drugs like cancer, Taiwan’s entrepreneurial environment has also been seriously ill, need medication.

Li Kaifu compared the cross-strait business environment in 2013 Chinese business leaders summit, visionary entrepreneurs, wolf, diligent, willing to help entrepreneurs find ways to amend financial policies, such as small scale entrepreneurs not suitable for listing in the mainland through the local Offshore Holding Company in the mainland, in the United states. Taiwan entrepreneurs to get out of Taiwan, because the small market can not achieve large companies.

Li Kaifu believes that Taiwan in the network revolution, the software revolution are lagging behind, is still talking about the hardware industry. The overall environment in Taiwan is not friendly to entrepreneurs, the government should introduce expert opinion of venture capitalists; to introduce leaders of entrepreneurs; to improve the law and many bad habits, don’t bully young entrepreneurs. (munan)

How to earn millions of personal webmaster

Chinese personal website from the development of 03 years, 06 years of recession, it is in this arena change radically, whether you succeed or fail. Whether you are a wrist or an unknown foot, will be recorded in the history of China’s personal development.

throughout this well-known personal website since 03 years, the transformation of the transformation, sell sell station station. Close the door. 1ting married. 666ccc and 568 fell.Cococ, 9FLASH also sold. Once the K666 is different now. The YAKE is how cattle ah. When I first came to Beijing, I saw the old man’s worship. When the Dragon 51VIP.NET people often go to K666. Haha, sorry, I’ll pull the wrangling and everybody, let’s talk about the past. Let those who pass past into my little words, and had fought are still in the struggle of the brothers "! Every night when I will be very sad, think of the brothers who fought with me. Think of the days when we make a SP login to the background every day, think of those moments that made us excited! It is the interests and hobbies that make us friends through the internet. Same goal. The same ideal let us come together, we are grassroots heroes, the annual growth of the country’s GDP have our sweat. Every year only personal Adsense online advertising market this piece of the value of billions of dollars. Indirectly or directly promote the development of the national economy.

to say money you have eyes. Be careful and observe. You need to be more careful. The difference between people is on the neck. Do you know that the League of Chinese Internet cafes? There are Chinese beauty network? Register one to give more than and 10 dollars. Some owners say this silly than the company. Register a person to give 10, it is the money to burn. You know what? People earn big. Millions of dollars a year. I’m free to advertise him here. Huaxia myopia. China beauty network. China Health network. Are a company, why he did so many sites? Why do all of the industry is full of money? Why spend more than and 10 to buy a real user? Can he get the money back? This string of questions should be a question mark in our minds? China myopia network and the country’s many hospitals, the smart guy, earn money to earn a classic ah. It is clever, we see, he came to the target user through the alliance, is patients with myopia. >

A three year experience with the Taobao shop

November 2007, my Taobao shop – mini bar (http://shop35106135.taobao.com) opened. The same month, my shop sold first baby – computer headset. In January 2009, my heart became 3 seller of credit. As a part-time sellers, in the shop more than a year can do 3 heart, I felt a little relieved. Recently, I want to write down my experience and share with all of you.

, an open mind to learn online. At the beginning of the shop, I shop on the internet almost do not know anything, although after helping students registered in Taobao account, but did not buy things. Over the past year, I have time to look at some of the Taobao community and the experience of the seller’s post, as time passes on the Taobao community, often come here to stroll. Taobao really like a university, to learn too many things.

two, everything starts from the basics. After the shop, I find their own sources, was looking for a number of idle around, since they think that people still use the value of things to sell, as well as friends in the street to buy things. My friends and I take photos, photos, write a brief introduction. In the shop before you want to shop name, do a good job shop.

three, keep Wangwang often online. Because I do is web design, Internet access more, every day I want to put a boot up, I can have a customer advisory reply. I also opened a mobile Wangwang, even surfing also can receive offline messages.

four, everywhere propaganda. After the shop on the Internet, the network at any time remember to advertise their own shop, only to let more people know, and more people to visit, it is possible to buy. Online publicity mainly in the Taobao online community to post replies often take part in some activities held by Taobao; followed by many other shops and exchange each other, Links collection; there is in my blog, website, QQ and space propaganda. Under the net is to see the people around me to tell them that I set up shop on Taobao, what to sell, so that they write down the site, they or their friends in the future there is a need I can offer. My first baby was sold to a former friend.

five, constant adjustment and improvement. Taobao sellers may want to know what the best selling, but the customer needs are constantly changing, and some things at this time to sell well does not mean that time will sell well. It is important to decide on the basis of customer needs, trends, and the actual situation. It can be said that there is no best sell, only better sell, which requires you to pay attention to observation, good thinking. I have done the phone recharge, cosmetics, clothing, network products, second-hand books, shop decoration, etc..

six, have confidence and enthusiasm. Set up shop in Taobao, you may not be able to sell things soon, so we must have confidence in themselves and baby, stick to the end, there will always be a lot of harvest. Do not have to buy and sell the consultation is not only to buy people, every time I have a warm reception, patience to answer them

Amoy brand difficult out of the Tao listing or layout of the stores are not easy

is also Taobao, Taobao.

although it is often said Great trees are good for shade., but the tree grass is hard facts. Rely on Taobao Mall (renamed in 2012 as Tmall) grew up in a number of clothing brands, in recent years are fleeing the tree. But out of the road is not flat, once the first "network brand children’s wear green box" on the verge of bankruptcy; wheat bags, grass set no glory; it is a Jingdong to Greenheart digital mall, only the starry time more than a year, many Amoy brand eventually became the first company listed on the new board in three enterprises.


Amoy brand difficult out of the Tao: listing or layout of the stores are not easy

flow dividend disappeared, how to find new profit growth point of the enterprise, the pioneers conducted a variety of exploration.

trying to layout the line under the store

relies on Taobao’s powerful dividend flow quickly became famous children’s clothing brand "green box" now retired, the green box has disappeared in Tmall’s official flagship store page, the CEO Wu Fangfang is involved in a "run away" storm.

and this storm fuse due to a supplier of micro-blog broke, in December 28, 2016 a man named Bellisa-ye micro-blog claims to be the green box suppliers, publicly questioned CEO Wu Fangfang green box "malicious fraud" supplier, payment of arrears. Then Wu Fangfang in the WorldPay micro-blog public response, the company did encounter a major crisis, and she has come up with a personal savings subsidy for the company, broke the news said that she was a clear denial of the transfer of property.

back to the history of the development of the green box can be learned, it was born with Taobao longer than Taobao’s native Amoy brand is not the same. In 2002 the green box line eachnet.com, become the first children’s category on ebay. In 2006, the green box chose to leave eBay to enter the offline market to find business opportunities. However, affected by the financial crisis, the development of the green box under the line is not smooth, in 2008 the green box into the line, and Taobao alliance. At the time, Taobao mall is not affected by the traditional brand off, Taobao mall is an urgent need to develop a batch of brand manufacturers, the Amoy brand came into being. Step on the development of the green box opportunity, because of its high degree of profitability is also considerable. From the beginning of 2010, the green box began to enter the fast lane.

later dropped the wheat bags, Royal mud square, South Korea, Liebo and AFU are the same group of growth of the Amoy brand. The green box won two rounds of financing at this time, a pen produced in September 2010, from the capital letter Zhi 20 million venture in the first round of financing. In December of the same year, the green box also received a second round of financing from DCM $120 million. After obtaining the financing of the green box began to do their own B2C official website, but did not succeed, resulting in what Wu Fangfang said, a big loss".

with the development of Taobao mall business is growing, the traditional

Gold is also facing a pit VR venture Rainbow Night


has become the most potential market to determine the next, VR industry has the most bright future is an inexhaustible, inexhaustible "gold". But on the other hand, VR industry there are too many uncertainties, the strength of the weak, the ability to resist low risk entrepreneurs, is likely to become the "gold from the pit".


recently, a piece on the crazy: winning the lottery 10 million, is actually stored in the bank, but the lottery each spend two dollars to buy lottery tickets, in fact is to lose a password, just enough to stick, always out of the 10 million…… This specious rhetoric, but that the lottery sales booming. And similarly, after the virtual reality enterprise had unknown Oculus VR is Facebook to $2 billion acquisition, stimulate entrepreneurs continue to force in the VR industry, if oneself is the lucky guy? At the same time, investors are increasingly focusing on the VR industry.

this is not meant to VR industry to become the most fast lane? In determining the potential market next, VR industry has a very bright future, is an inexhaustible, inexhaustible "gold". But on the other hand, VR industry there are too many uncertainties, the strength of the weak, the ability to resist low risk entrepreneurs, is likely to become the "gold from the pit". This delicate relationship, in an infinite temptation for entrepreneurs at the same time, also let their students fear.

gold VR

entrepreneurs look at fiercely as a tiger does!

for entrepreneurs, in fact, is not the most important efforts to identify the direction, to find the industry is able to maximize the realization of the dream of success. Now if the entrepreneur has fall into the intelligent mobile phone, Mobile Games, mobile applications and other industries, "see" the chance in the lottery much higher than. And now, the future is quite good, and in the beginning, the chaotic state of the VR industry is one of the best areas of entrepreneurship.

giant has entered but still did not have the absolute right to speak, not to build technical barriers; entrepreneurial direction more, each sub branch force can be in the VR industry; investors money constantly waving the magic wand, looking for the next Oculus, after three rounds of financing is not a product of the virtual reality company Magic Leap by Google Qualcomm, Ali, favor, get ten dollars financing is the best evidence…… A variety of situations show that the VR industry is the current gold entrepreneurs.

now, VR industry business mainly concentrated in the following branches: equipment, Oculus VR, Samsung Gear VR, as the representative of the storm mirror; control, manipulator and tracking device for the launch of the VR Nod Labs last June financing $1 billion 600 million; the developer tools, Vizard Development Tools > VR

Ma Yun, Robin Li to you as a mentor you can succeed

at present, our country is in a critical period of economic restructuring, the employment situation is grim. In order to find a way out, more and more college students into the entrepreneurial queue.

but due to the limited experience of college students, and the lack of constructive guidance, resulting in a large number of entrepreneurial projects in the end of death.


college students entrepreneurial groups, has been the lack of an effective way to improve the entrepreneurial death dilemma. More and more entrepreneurs began to superstitious success, to participate in a variety of "XX Business School professor" cram school, hoping that one day they can replace BAT.

many students entrepreneurs heart urgently needs a "crash," the entrepreneurial guidance, even suggested that it is best to go to "BAT university entrepreneurship" refresher course. If the university is innocent and you are accepted, you will find:

1, entrepreneurship is a protracted war.

here we tentatively, from entrepreneurship to listing for the first phase of success.

Baidu 6 years: in 1999, Robin Li rented a room in Beijing resources hotel room, together with the accounting staff, 5 technical staff, as well as partner Xu Yong, the 8 men and his party to create a Baidu Inc. August 2005, Baidu successfully listed on nasdaq.

Alibaba was founded in 1999 15 years: Ma Alibaba, founded in 2003 taobao.com, Alipay was founded in 2004, September 19, 2014, the Alibaba group listed on the New York stock exchange.

Tencent for 6 years: Ma Huateng Tencent was founded in 1998, business from the initial QQ to now almost No one shows any interest in China, almost every smartphone with WeChat. June 16, 2004, Tencent listed on the Shanghai Stock exchange.

they did not listen to a successful tutoring class today, tomorrow will be successful, are experiencing a series of difficult to survive. When they start a business, they already know that the road will be very long.

2, success can not be copied.

is now the "say the Internet thinking, but similar style of play, the result is likely to vary widely.

and BAT for a famous "on an equal footing" example, millet, it is no factories, no absolute core technology. Therefore, many people feel that the most easily copied millet. Lei Jun said: "my success can be replicated outside misreading." Lei Jun also said that another duplicate millet is very difficult, but the model can be extended.

some brands also learn millet cross platform cooperation, but the results can not come, this is the product brand problem. Do not have to cooperate with the external platform, you can do it yourself, outsourcing is only a means, the key lies in the product and sales channels.

millet direct E-commerce

Wang Tong branding is a good strategy

most of the international well-known brand names, with the founder’s name or surname, for example:


2, HP

3, Disney

4, Mercedes Benz

5, Chrysler

6, Ford

7, Panasonic

8, Ericsson



11, Chanel


13, Boeing

14, Bayer

15, Hermes


why do they use their name as a brand?

1, build personal super IP

super IP can self-made potential and flow, can be quickly realized to creation, brand personification, is the best path to create personal super IP.

2, resolve trust

is a brand the most important thing is to solve the problem of trust, since to do with their own brand names, so their reputation and brand bundled together, so he just made a hundred years of brand, brand handed down.

3, with temperature

general brand is just a cold cold "symbol", if the use of a person’s name, it will immediately make you feel the brand’s temperature, the feeling is a living person.

at the same time, there are some brands, although they did not use the name of the founder of the brand, but they also as far as possible and the founder or operators of the depth of the bundle. For example:

1, apple and Jobs

2, Facebook and Zuckerberg

3, Lei Jun millet and

4, Alibaba and Ma

5, 360 and Zhou Hongyi

6, music and Jia Tingyue

7, Sohu and Zhang Zhaoyang

8, NetEase and Ding Lei

9, Meizu and yellow chapter

10, more…

even has been very low-key HUAWEI, in order to enter the mobile phone market, Yu Chengdong are high-profile up, so that HUAWEI mobile phone just a few years, sales do the world’s top.

we found no, a high-profile CEO character, as the brand’s character. With a personality, it is easy to spread, this is the brand personification]


Grassroots Entrepreneurship novice how to register for the domain name

Although the

.Com domain name generally used for commercial companies, but as the suffix of the world’s most widely used, everyone can register.Com domain, and on the site, the number of.Com using the domain name of the site has reached more than 100 million. Love has become a net, and the best choice of Hongkong user registration.Com domain name.

just contact the Internet and the.Com domain name, as a novice how to choose a suitable domain name? The site is the first.Com domain name, the author from the analysis of himself and many of the practical experience to bring some suggestions:

is the first to determine the scope of the.Com domain name according to their own website to do the service type and the theme, the aim is to promote their business to business, it should pay attention to brand protection,.Com domain name choice must be conducive to the establishment of the brand. Here recommended brand initials, spelling Jianpin or domain name, it is best to double. In the absence of a better choice, a brief three spell can also be considered. If you want the domain name has been registered, the purchase is unlikely, you can add some specific characters 51, 91, I, e, ol, and so on, 8, etc..

have done more successful in this regard is famous in the recruitment website, job.com has not registered and buy costly when choosing 51job.com.

.Com, in the choice of domain name suffix sites.Cn,.Net,.Com.cn,.Org popularity decreased, if it is to state organs or organizations do, then choose a special domain name on the right, it will not do more to explain. A lot of high prices of non mainstream suffix, it is recommended to stay away from the webmaster. After registering the domain name.Com, if conditions permit, you can put the corresponding.Cn and.Net also registered down, do brand protection.

of course if it is local website, it certainly is the best use of local area code and name Pinyin related.Com domain name, if there is a large sum of money to prepare, can use the perfect domain name, such as Shanxi Province, the local site, sufficient funds can buy shanxi.com, and if you do not want to spend or some difficult situations, such as the extension of domain name, shanxila.com Shanxi is a good choice, but there are many successful models. For example, want to do sports scores on the site http://www.500bifen.com/ is more suitable than bifen.com

registered domain name appears to be simple, but the development of a website is essential, but also to choose a good.Com domain name is not so simple. A good domain name for the user experience of the website, the search engine will have a positive effect, while.Com is the domain name of the king. As the net love.