Foreign exchange management in mice industry

now China domestic exhibition industry has been developed, every year many city will have some big and small events, at the same time, in recent years, China exhibition activities are gradually and some international standards.

Foreign exchange management

according to the management of foreign exchange, the foreign institutions activities management involves the upper middle and lower reaches of three links upstream, mainly refers to the micro economic subjects in the middle reaches of the competent authorities for the industry, downstream is responsible for the exchange of the foreign exchange management. At present, some international exhibition company a serious lack of awareness and senior professional management personnel, management disorderly, vicious competition between each other, resulting in the exhibition market confusion; the existing exhibition enterprises belong to the foreign economic and Trade Commission, commerce, industry, science and technology, foreign cooperation office, CCPIT and other functional departments, international conference activities by the foreign affairs office director, the formation of the exhibition industry decentralized management, each department acting on its own situation. Confusion in the market and the management of the competent authorities are not in place, a direct increase in the safe exchange management pressure. China has realized the convertibility of RMB current account, and can not restrict the exchange of current account, but it is not restricted by the transaction itself. Therefore, the large foreign exchange management should be the main idea of foreign exchange management in the future.

Fruit shop should pay attention to matters

people eat fruit every day, the demand for fruit is huge, so the fruit shop is a very promising investment projects. If you open a shop, then Xiaobian can give you a few suggestions, hoping to help you find the right investment direction, take a look at it.

1: site selection, the answer to the answer to the fruit shop opened in the downtown area, first of all, the price is too expensive, more suitable for a single product high profit margins, such as clothing, restaurants, etc.. Secondly, the downtown area is usually used for people to go shopping. When you go shopping, you will buy a pair of clothes and shoes, and you will have a meal to buy a water. The fruit is the daily consumer goods, consumer groups is the main cook uncle aunt, so the shop location should be near the residential area, or a relatively large bus station, if it is first-tier cities, a parking lot near the best. Of course, it is best to avoid competition, if there is a butcher, near the fish shop, is better, the convenience of customers one-stop shopping for food.

2: Purchase: each city’s fruit wholesale market has its own characteristics, it is difficult to generalize. What do you want to pay attention to in the fruit store?. First, the purchase of people’s choice is very important, fruit perishable, good and bad sometimes very poor. Recruit an honest fly in the wholesale market has done a good choice. Two: the relationship with the supplier, do not be too clear, they want to help you want to get you is very simple thing. Three: if possible, as far as possible to contact the local garden or orchard, wholesale market suppliers to make money, skip this step you can save a lot of money. You can communicate with the garden, to help you do not fertilize the vegetables, you get these dishes, in the organic gimmicks, it is likely that this is your point of competition.

3: the store display of fruit, title Lord know, so speculation is a young man. Abroad is a special fruit store shelf company, according to the size of the fruit, the degree of easy to rot, whether it can put pressure and color collocation, and many other issues tailored to the shelf. Here is a method, you can try to buy some second-hand foam box, many seafood wholesale markets are not expensive, then according to the different fruit size, shape and color of their cutting, zaipu soft sponge or plastic fake green grass. These are sold on the X treasure. One point is very critical, is the angle of the ladder shelf, not good, then the guests a touch all fall down. Suggest that you can go to the wholesale market to buy a variety of fruits and vegetables to try to put a pendulum, more adjustments, the final determination.

4: inventory, this to a large extent determine your success or failure. To say too much, pick a few important to talk about. Fruit shop to pay attention to what? First, the amount of purchase, to see the freshness of fruit, sales, as well as the season. If you want to have the ability to be sure to build two cold storage, a minimum temperature of about 3 degrees, one can be higher. I don’t know where your city is, so I can’t give you any advice. You can ask the man who built the cold storage. Second, fruit recommend

Glasses store profit is how to earn

although a lot of people are now aware of the glasses store can earn high profits, however, this profit is how to earn, for many laymen is still a question. So, glasses store profit is how to earn? And let Xiaobian for your analysis, to see if you understand the industry.

glasses industry annual output value? Speak out to death, 30 billion! Most of them are glasses store profits. According to statistics, there are about five hundred million people wearing China or buy glasses, according to conservative three years change a pair of eyes to calculate the annual market demand is close to two hundred million, this is not tainted glasses glasses. It is clear that the glasses market is a huge cake, and for outsiders to be a bit confused: the glasses store profits come from?

outsiders can not understand is that we usually go to the optical shop, feeling the customer is not much, then why the glasses shop can make money? How do you make millions of dollars a year?

in the glasses industry, there is such a jingle: "20 yuan to 200 yuan to sell the frames you speak out, 300 yuan to sell you are talking about friendship, are you speaking the market sold 400 yuan". Huge cake, generous returns, the glasses industry to give the impression that the profits are always equal. So, China’s glasses market profit in the end how much? Who can benefit from it?


glasses shop is the most direct method of obtaining profits low price, high price, it seems very simple, in fact, this is not easy. Shop the threshold is not low, relatively high on the first store location, so the rent will be relatively expensive, then glasses the purchase price of the products is relatively low, but the purchase of equipment is not a small sum of money, the most important thing is to prepare two copies of certificate of open glasses shop, optometrist and with the workers, and at least if intermediate title or above.

glasses store profit is indeed large, which attracted a lot of entrepreneurs. However, the threshold of the industry is not low, especially the need for relevant certificates. Of course, although the threshold is high, there are shortcuts to copy. Although the opening of the optical shop looks high threshold, but if we can choose a suitable brand to join the cooperation, such a business will naturally do better.

Analysis of operating profit of whole weijiade cold noodle

once the project can make money, regardless of the size of the brand, the same can make you rich. For example, a little cold noodle business is a good opportunity to get rich. Wei Jia cold noodle brand is at the foundation of traditional Chinese food and beverage category, carey developed, which y embodies the traditional catering health function and pharmacological effect at the same time, the public respected Shaanxi taste characteristics with the. But Wei cold noodle chain will promote the fast food industry development, for the common goal, and the tendency to solve some social employment and support entrepreneurial individuals and groups, weijiade cold noodle brand is a small entrepreneurs Gospel! So, Wei cold noodle a year can gain much less exclusive exposure weijiade? Cold noodle monthly profit.

Wei cold noodle earn in a year?

Wei cold noodle earn a year? We first calculated in the first year, fixed investment is 28 thousand yuan, the rent is 40 thousand -8 million, 1.5-2 million renovation costs, equipment purchase costs 4500 yuan -5500 yuan, the investment cost of 252-381 yuan; spending, a bag of flour is calculated according to the market the price of 90 yuan, do cake made of edible oil, meat, vegetables, spices and so on a 100 yuan, according to a charge of artificial management fees of four employees is about 380 yuan, utilities and tax calculated according to 70 yuan a day.

Wei cold noodle earn a year? If one day to sell 3 bags, a bag of noodles do 500 loaves of bread, each cake at the market price average of 1.3 yuan to count, the first year of the net profit is in 190 thousand between -24 million, second years without joining fees, equipment purchase costs, installation costs second years, the net profit is expected to have business covers, year by year, certain income will be increased year by year.

Analysis of

weijiade cold noodle monthly profit:

Wei cold noodle monthly profit — cold noodle cost profit analysis:

to 50 pounds of flour, for example:

Wei cold noodle monthly profit, 50 pounds of flour, priced 1.1 yuan, or 1.1 yuan (*50 kg) =55 yuan, to 130 pounds per bowl of cold noodle, cold noodle dosage of 0.5 kg, 130/0.5= 260 bowls, each bowl of cold noodle priced at 1.5 yuan, can sell 1.5 yuan =390 yuan *260 (bowl).

chilli oil cost 0.1 yuan per bowl: Sesame per bowl cost 0.15 yuan, 0.15 yuan per bowl of aniseed water cost, fuel cost 0.1 yuan per bowl. The cost of each bowl of seasoning a total of 0.5 yuan

260 cold noodle seasoning bowl a total of 0.5 yuan *260 yuan (bowl) =130

total cost

Start dumplings have what skill – the whole

we are on holidays when all love to eat dumplings, dumplings are very traditional delicacy in China, in our life is also popular, for many people who want to start a business, open a dumpling shop is also a good idea. In fact, open dumpling shop, but also the need for skills, to pay attention to the problem is more. Here to give you a look, what are the skills to open a dumpling shop?

operating a home dumpling shop can be said to be a very good project, the investment is small, do not require too many technical requirements, while the proceeds faster, well loved by consumers. But for a lot of entrepreneurial novice, for the operation of home cooked dumpling shop is not understood. Today Xiaobian for everyone to introduce how to manage a good home dumpling shop.

open dumpling shop, dish, bowl, dish, chopsticks, tables and chairs are necessary, coupled with freezers, meat grinder, as well as condiments. In fact, not only is the secret of dumplings, the surface is exquisite, first-class stuffing, with excellent surface does charming, eat healthy ingredients is also popular now, also is very exquisite, multi color, to open a feature, or is difficult to long.

Boiled dumplings stuffing can choose fresh pig, sheep, cattle, chicken and fish as raw material, and with fresh vegetables processing, can be as many as 30 kinds of varieties. Unique flavor, but also allow customers to have choice, business will be very fire. In the main dumplings, with drinks, desserts, dishes, dishes, cold drinks, all kinds of porridge and other business, can also sell some other unique flavor of pasta, the increase in operating income.

store outside the store must pay attention to clean dumplings can be taken to do now, now cook, now sell the way, dumplings can be made between the customer can see, so eat at ease. Can also be equipped with some pepper, vinegar, mashed garlic and other spices, let the customer with.

want to venture I choose this industry, I hope a few suggestions in the article small series can be very helpful to everyone, the above mentioned are the skills to switch attention dumpling shop, if you want to succeed shop, these problems are all need to pay attention to. After reading the details about the opening of the dumplings shop what skills, but also hope to give people who want to open a dumpling shop to provide some help.

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In Hefei if you use WeChat red. – total net pay New Year’s call

is now a lot of people are still immersed in the joy of new year’s day, although the work, we recall that in those days, is the high frequency micro credit after all, gradually become the first choice to pay New Year’s call WeChat red, although not much money, but represents a thick flavor, in Hefei, more and more people used to pay New Year’s call the red envelope.

audio and video calls

become a new way to pay a new year

this Spring Festival, WeChat expression and audio and video call feature has become the most convenient tool for users to express the new year’s blessing, share the joy of the new year. Data show that the new year’s Eve to the fifth day, WeChat users sent 16 billion times including 37% expression, expression by 90 users issued, become WeChat’s main game player "expression, chicken down expression has become the hottest expression during the spring festival.

in addition, the new year’s Eve and new year’s day two days, WeChat users audio and video calls up to 2 billion 100 million minutes. Among them, the male to female call audio and video call duration accounted for 31%, ranked first, followed by female users between audio and video calls, accounted for 29%, female to male call audio and video calls accounted for 26%, the male between audio and video call duration accounted for 14%

Anhui red envelopes send and receive the number of 19 national

WeChat red envelopes from the little fun to the present New Year customs, through the four Spring Festival, just like the development of alternative greeting cards, paper envelopes of a new emotional expression tool.

data show that the new year’s Eve to the fifth day, WeChat Spring Festival Red transceiver reached number 46 billion, an increase of 43.3% last year.

Among them,

made the most red envelopes to Hunan, followed by Hunan – Guangdong, Guangdong – Guangxi, Guangxi – Guangdong, Beijing – Hebei.

in addition, Guangdong is more than 5 billion 840 million red envelopes to send and receive a few far ahead, as the Spring Festival, red envelopes". Followed by Jiangsu 2 billion 930 million, Shandong 2 billion 640 million, Hebei, the 2 billion 420 million.

and Anhui issued 220 million, received 830 million, ranking the country’s nineteenth.

Hefei people send and receive red envelopes 226 million, which issued a red envelope of 48 million, received a total of 178 million.

this year, you are not through the WeChat red envelopes to pay a new year? See the phone screen appears WeChat red envelopes, even small series are heart, you are the same? According to the data show that more people will be added to the WeChat red envelopes, so that more people can feel the thick smell of the year, so that everyone’s feelings recommend

Cigarette consumer behavior

since you want to do the business of consumers, naturally also need to have a more comprehensive understanding of consumers, so as to have a better marketing strategy, so that business has been better development. Cigarette is a kind of hobby. For cigarette consumers, when the consumption situation unchanged, the consumption of cigarettes is basically stable, and when the consumption situation changes, the cigarette consumption behavior will change accordingly. The following is my personal view of the four typical behavior:

one, the longer the activity, the greater the consumption of cigarettes.

the vast majority of consumers will have this experience: the rest of the time comparison of the law, his intake is stable. That is, a certain amount of cigarettes smoked in a certain period of time. And when he gets up early for a variety of reasons to sleep late, his cigarette intake will increase. In addition, it is easy to find that, although different consumers of different smoking habits, but if consumers with a smaller cigarette smoking activity for a long time, people may be more likely to consume more cigarettes than smokers. In this case, we can simply sum up, "smoking is the time."". This is the most common and common phenomenon in cigarette consumption behavior.

two, the greater the cigarette inventory, the greater the consumption of cigarettes.

in our daily life, we can observe such a phenomenon: consumers in the merchandise discount promotions, often more to buy goods. The behavior of consumer goods will accelerate the speed of commodity consumption, shorten the consumption cycle, increase consumption. Cigarette consumption is also the case. When a consumer has only one carton of cigarettes in his hand, he will control the last few more; and when he has two boxes of cigarettes, the first box of cigarettes will not be too much control, usually want to suck on the suction.

three, the better the cigarette burning, the greater the consumption of cigarettes.

cigarette consumption from the statistical point of view, the current per capita sales were significantly higher than twenty years ago. The reason is very simple, because of the current increase in the scientific and technological content of cigarettes, such as expansion of technology, good combustion, a cigarette smoking time will be shortened. But "smoking is time", that is to say consumers in a day, how much time is certain, in which smoking, good burning cigarette will enable consumers to use frequency increase, which will increase the consumption.

four, the more consumers gather, the greater the consumption of cigarettes.

in daily life, we can observe a phenomenon: cigarette consumers together, smoking scenes in knots. Generally speaking, compared with the situation of the consumers alone, the more people smoking, the higher the cigarette consumption. There are two manifestations of this phenomenon:

is a gathering of people familiar with each other, such as friends, dinner party

Chongqing small business to give him a new meaning of life

in Chongqing, has become a facet of life must Chongqing food. In addition to Chongqing, the surface has a new meaning, many people by virtue of Chongqing, for their career and life opened a new door.

carefully in his preparation, tumbling boiling water dripping dew, green vegetables, red peppers, eventually combined into a bowl of spicy and delicious noodle.

"slip" swallow Chongqing small noodles Jingzhou, also began a new day of life.

is tasted Jingzhou more famous noodle shop

2012 years ago, in the entrepreneurial Dictionary of the Yellow River, there is no small two words.

a taxidriver, worked, opened the restaurant Huang guocan, the summer of 2012, students should be invited to hold open the Sichuan cuisine business dream to visit Jingzhou.

Huang Guocan appears in the Sichuan Museum, the business is relatively deserted. But the breakfast hall and Breakfast stalls, but bursting with popularity, often appear the phenomenon of queuing.

to make authentic Chongqing small noodles, but also for the Chongqing small noodles more down to earth, Huang Guocan in a month almost tasted Jingzhou city is well-known large and small noodle shop.

in the taste of the process, Huang Guocan also found some common problems in the local small noodle noodle: small area, in 10 – 30 square meters, is not usually a transparent kitchen, no air conditioning; relatively poor environmental health.

groping for local tastes

even under 3 pounds of noodles do test

50 square meters of small noodle shop, neat tables and chairs, standing in the corner of the cabinet air conditioning, transparent kitchen, placed a variety of spices Chongqing noodles, a clear price table……

Children’s paradise to join the brand which is a good happy kingdom trustworthy

if you want to open a children’s paradise, you must first rely on a big brand, a person’s strength is limited, to join a regular brand, you have more competitive advantage. Children’s paradise to join the brand which good? Happy kingdom trustworthy. Happy Kingdom Children’s paradise, the most direct way to give children happy.

if you are looking for the children’s Park to join the project, you must want to know the children’s Park to join the brand which is good. Happy Kingdom Children’s paradise

Open the small clothing store and purchase what skills do

garment industry has always been a very popular industry, people will consider the time in the business, more and more people opened a clothing store, for a lot of people who want to start a business, also want to open a small clothing store. Operating clothing store, on the purchase of the problem is also more important, the purchase is also a skill. Here to introduce to you, open the small clothing store purchase what skills?

new entrants buyers, arrived in Guangdong Humen small clothing wholesale market or other small clothing wholesale market, suddenly see so many good and cheap goods, do not hesitate –! See very feminine clothing — small, decisive! See very personality, sexy little this garment, without thinking — a result! Go back on sale, find their own small clothing franchise into a hodgepodge, what style, profit and inventory can be expected to.

so many first-time shop small clothing franchise owner because the eyes are not allowed, all suffered in the first small clothing purchase, some even joked: open a small clothing store in the first batch of goods will be the backlog, cash into unsold inventory, so the best must first purchase a little less. The term in our industry is called test marketing. Because the goods recognized by the market is the guarantee of profit.

first, you have to consider the clothing chain to join the surrounding environment, the direction of flow of people, goods style and consumption habits, peer competition and mutual support, consumption ability and commodity price positioning, for example, in the vicinity of the school, is certainly some trendy fashion, the small clothing store back rate; while in the neighborhood, you can consider a small foreign trade leisure clothing, rich style to attract young employees.

now young people in the city more and more understand their dressing style and personality, many of them in the fixed small clothing store to buy the same style of different styles of the clothes, therefore, the small clothing store to try to keep their consistent style and positioning, with constantly updated styles to attract back guest.

shop to do business is to purchase, purchase is also a natural technique, small series have told everyone how to choose, after a detailed introduction to the small clothing store and purchase what skills, as we all know, the clothing store and now the market is still very good, if you want to open a shop. The purchase should also pay attention to these skills. We hope that we can help you.

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