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How to look at the return on investment in the process of online venture

for entrepreneurs is the most precious time; there are a lot of things never do So business, do not call twice the result with half! In my words, absolutely not! So in reality do not lose what business? Investment returns, you think it is worthwhile? What are the benefits of the development of your business? As long as there is not a waste of time, waste of life, not just OK! First put three questions:

1, you are willing to let others see you play, or you go to see others Joseph


2, do you want your company to develop for a long time, or a flash in the pan?

3, are you doing what you like, or are you going to do it?

first, you are willing to let others see you play, or you go to see others Joseph


in reality I have not seen the start empty-handed overnight but there are a lot of friends, absolutely a few months a millionaire! Everyone familiar Cheung cowherd brother, black millet belong to this kind of person, but only for a few months, no investment is start empty-handed


the following two kinds of behavior is not absolutely, you see you have:

(1) all day long to see other people’s articles, without moving!

(2) all the others praise, when others do not know you


you are entrepreneurs, in the play play this pediatric thing, you are too sorry for yourself! You don’t understand human


learn psychology will know, look at the others in the day, quietly called learning, but do not move the call to your procrastination cover; today after sleep, tomorrow will forget; if not then want to forget this problem in the end can not be trusted, the last strokes are out of date. You are still the dawdle! Only lily is cold, time is wasted!

all the others praise, good, others do not know this person your pity! Society is a strong respect for the society! If others don’t understand your value, those you like, took for granted in his. Even if others agree to push you back, where is your capital? Push people also want to see enough qualifications!

a word, to do so, in the end you really harvest what?

have no value, who care you? Be dependent on others! And watch others play, you play as well as their own; even with his five thousand or six thousand inaccurate fans, is now doing enough for many components; even if you are serious in learning, in shaping the value of the individual, it is in walking your way to success…… This is the rate of return on investment! Do a let others see you play, don’t be watching others play, nobody wasted life! What are you doing! This is your valuable Entrepreneurial Capital


second questions, do you want your company to develop for a long time, or a flash in the pan?

I find I handled a lot of entrepreneurs in cooperation; but it is difficult to bear a lot.

A brief discussion on the three places of the single page Taobao guest

recently I have built a few Taobao single page station, and the author of the deepest impression is a daily walk in the Taobao alliance, Taobao, Baidu index between these three. From the selection of products to the keyword filter, there is a new understanding. And know that each step can not be missed, if ignoring the simple steps may be Taobao off the biggest flaw! Realized actually Taobao blue off is still waiting for us to recognize the development! There is always insist! Well below we talk about some ideas I have to the 3 places on the Taobao


, a Taobao Alliance: as we all know, now the Taobao customer competition is very fierce! From the previous flood navigation station to the now popular use of single page SEO promotion windfall commodity, a lot of people actually do a single page for head broken and bleeding! Taobao off the most important is to choose the product. Like what weight, breast now basically is saturated, the novice is difficult to have a good place! See below, the author in the Taobao alliance in selected product categories screenshots! Product categories and types of mass after the terrible number of goods can’t we find we want to promote the products of



two, taobao.com, taobao.com? We are not in the Taobao alliance in selecting the goods on the line? In fact, as shown in the Taobao Taobao alliance is the guest of the promotion of goods quantity and the sellers joined the promotion. The main reason why we search in Taobao is to grasp the mainstream trend of the sale of goods after the Taobao alliance alliance may not be able to display more than the promotion of the future, get a good development!


three, Baidu index: Baidu search volume index is the search keyword statistics user "every day, every month, every quarter, every year the tool, Baidu index statistics and sometimes not allowed! Sometimes a keyword search volume in the first row is unlikely to have Baidu index shows these days! Do the station’s largest feeling is there are some competition and the key word is not some profits of the product, so that Taobao customers most failed not wrong, but the wrong key. There is also the most noteworthy is the choice of products should pay attention to seasonal, something to sell a good winter, spring, summer and can not have a good sales!


well, the above is the author to do Taobao guest for half a year to Taobao customers will have to go to these 3 places some of the views, I hope the 2011 will be done on the new Taobao customers bring some inspiration!

this by the (Juicer which brand is good http://www.zzj51.com/) Adsense original, A5 first, please indicate the source.

welcome to exchange qq:417607236

How to become a qualified Taobao guest

is now simply too many people do Wangzhuan, Taobao customers a lot, there are a lot of people to teach people to do Taobao customers, derived from many industries, what birds have, some people did not learn what technology to teach people to open website, teach people to do Taobao off even SEO, do not do well, is pointing to the money, deceptive money, deceptive energy.

in the end how to calculate a Taobao guest? In the end Taobao customers can not make money?

Taobao is relying on a passenger occupation Taobao money, and the reality of the salesman is similar, we help to promote the store to promote their products, we extracted from the Commission, we rely on to make money. Listening is good, no capital we do business, but there is no free lunch, do Taobao off very hard, as I said above, married to a bad husband! There are a lot of people hold passionate heart to do this, want to be able to have a good start, but because of the lack of a good the way people go astray, points to the lost confidence, which launched the industry


do Taobao guest to know some basic knowledge, the knowledge of other places have to say, I will not repeat, basically the same!

Taobao customer really make money? The answer is yes! Otherwise it will not be so many people do, oh! Can not make money or to see their business practices, it is simple blog marketing, QQ space, but need a long period of time. Blog marketing needs long time brewing, if just the heart may still have difficulty! But does not need to cost


can not give up the child does not want to find the wolf, reluctant to set the daughter of a rogue


why do you say so, because we are talking about is the construction of Taobao guest website! Need to spend money to spend much money!! 300! Now we could soon have a special website to the Taobao customer with an air of importance, like http:// www.daogouweb.com’s website, very good, look at good! Fool operation, is very simple, one will teach


site is easy, we must face how to promote our website, promotion website, each one according to his lights, now online many people blow SEO, learn SEO can make a lot of money. First of all to make it clear that SEO is a technology, is a knowledge. Learning is not necessarily able to make money. However, we do still need to know this! At least know ah! There are a lot of SEO master joined Taobao in the ranks of the guest, let us more difficult to do, of course we deriveda occupation, teach you how to make money off

SEO Taobao!

is now a lot of people on the Internet SEO, but I do not know how, after all, I did not learn, I think it should be good, otherwise it will not be such a big blow


we don’t want to spend money because we haven’t made any money yet

Taobao shop 3 months of revenue of $ten thousand real experience

first statement, is 3 months income of $ten thousand, not a monthly income of ten thousand yuan. My time at Taobao is 3.8 this year. So far, the total income is 12566 yuan, this is the removal of a variety of costs after the net income. The average monthly income is about 4000 yuan, this is very common in the Taobao owner, but I was in the first three months of the new store will be the income, personal feeling is very lucky.

in these three months, my main job is to turn around a few points, the first is to do the optimization of the baby title, which is the main source of store traffic. The second is the decoration of the shop.

nonsense is not much to say, and now I said the next 3 months of specific action.

No. 3.8 shop I shop reputation is 0, a new is not in the new shop, there is no advantage for the success of the shop just when I started a variety of tools to buy Taobao, first set a Taobao (Marketing version) Pu, this is spent a quarter of 288 yuan, why the beginning I ordered this


is mainly because I understand the importance of a good decoration of a new store. Followed by this shop with a variety of marketing packages compared to the benefits.

know the Taobao know that this package contains (discounted, reward, collocation package, automatic classification, store coupons) which are to be used to shop. This allows the store to grow rapidly.

and then to the decoration market to buy a senior template. It cost me 200 yuan. Why do I buy such expensive templates


is mainly because I do not understand PS will not do the map, do not understand the code. So I bought a senior template, is mainly a convenient, fast, and advanced template is completely WYSIWYG, do not get what code, very suitable for people like me, and I shop logo, what is the advertising map directly to the author to get me the template.

from the purchase of the template to the shop to complete the renovation, the CCP did not 2 hours. The template is basically to help me get the.

finished shop decoration, there are a lot of friends may I sell what? I am not selling what specialty ah, or what the popular category.

these are not what I sell, I sell the stuff is actually the most popular woman Taobao. Why do you sell women’s clothes because he buys the most people and sells them well?. And more sources.


that many friends will ask, that competition is not great? In fact, Taobao’s competition for small sellers, not essential, and we did not take sides, not be the crown, don not qualified to talk about what the competition. For small sellers, the daily flow of 200 will be able to feed a shop. The so-called competition that is out of the. This principle

Remove the thunder alliance advertising alliance play out new tactics

said Chinese Internet, definitely not content and profitability of these two topics, since there are Chinese personal webmaster, Chinese Internet entered a new era, and with the China stationmaster is the natural alliance and profit.

in order to solve the problem of the Internet many small and medium-sized webmaster, in recent years, advertising alliances emerge in an endless stream, look at it, it is lively.

recently, thunder alliance is also about to launch its own product line based on the promotion of another alliance promotion platform – Thunder advertising alliance.

we all know, the thunder is a software technology company personal fortune, after several years of development, already has Thunder KanKan, Thunder Thunder download, online, search dogs and other major trump card products, occupy an important position in the field of Internet,

then, the thunder alliance also like ears of the speed of development to have nearly 5 million owners gathered platform, become the main force of thunder products promotion; at the moment, thunder launched advertising platform, is undoubtedly a new tactics for the demolition of the existing cooperation alliance, alliance means that the owners can choose more different advertisers in a centralized platform.

thunderbolt alliance had been focused on its own product promotion, advertising alliance is in the traditional field, for the old alliance and rookie League, will be the most competitive opponent; from the line on the platform about a few days, the alliance has completed a number of advertisers and advertising testing, one after another new advertisers even is the exclusive advertisers are added, it is reported that the thunder has an alliance advertising platform "hosting ads" function, this function makes the webmaster do not automatically update the code, will be able to complete the material update, so it seems, focus on products and technology of thunder legion, or how many webmasters can bring some unexpected surprises.

in addition, thunder advertising alliance is recruiting online soldiers, interested owners can go to find out the look of the new tactics and how thunderbolt alliance with temptation, and can let many webmaster to get excited.

webmaster news list www.admin5.com/top

The Adsense system has a problem, allowed site function fails

for 3 consecutive times, received a warning letter GOOGLE4, every time is wronged, and the "allow site" function can not protect my ADSENSE!!!

my GOOGLE ADSENSE account is six months ago through the ADMIN5.COM application here.

about four or five months ago bought a number of sites, I do some time before ADSENSE, more than three months will be this batch of websites transferred to other users, the users also put on the ADSENSE, he will be all my ADSENSE code removed, replaced his own.

a week after my assignment, probably in the middle of August, I received 2 letters from GOOGLE saying that my ADSENSE was in violation of the policy, including copyright. I feel very strange, the site is not mine, and I follow the letter to the site to see, the above ADSENSE is not my ID.

at that time, I would like to, is not the first time I transferred the site only 1 weeks, GOOGLE system inside, there is no time to update the record. Estimated GOOGLE update information is good. I didn’t write to GOOGLE about this.

but to the middle of September, and once again received a warning letter, the site or I transfer those sites, I again confirmed that the letter said the page is not my ID.

this time, I received third warning letters, and I think I should write to GOOGLE to reflect this. Is preparing a letter, found inside the ADSENSE management area, has a function of "allow" of the site, eyes bright, thought this time as long as the inside fills the current belong to my web site, will not appear again like misunderstanding, can with past the number of net station to get rid of. So enabled only allow some of the site to show my account of the ad, fill in only belong to my web site, I think this should be appropriate, so it once again gave up writing to GOOGLE.

did not expect a few days ago, once again received a letter from GOOGLE actually, content with the previous 3 letters to the website, the same batch of more than three months before I was transferred.

I received the letter, immediately went to see my first reaction ADSENSE management area "allow websites", make sure that doesn’t contain the letter web site, and in the "unauthorized website" GOOGLE did not mention the.

I’m really stupid, "allow site" function can not protect my ADSENSE.

I wrote a letter to GOOGLE ADSENSE’s management mailbox, showing the above questions.

estimated that every day too many letters, the administrator did not see what I mean, although today, I wrote a letter, but the reply is

Wangzhuan five step step as boundless as the sea and sky

not every Wangzhuan way is suitable for everyone, as compared with the current fire foreign Wangzhuan click, can really make money just a few people, but the majority of people are obsessive – including me! Did not want to step back, and then take another look ~ maybe it you can have a new discovery, and find a really suitable for their own Internet! Here in my personal experience, write down roughly like me Wangzhuan Wangzhuan novice bitter! Hope to have a little help to everyone

beginner first step (mysterious Wangzhuan):

is a mysterious temple into the Wangzhuan referral link in a recruitment online, began to promote a website registered in the referral link, began to believe in the development of the three line and three line and nine line development. Like the myth… ~ start to post hope can realize later that the original myth… The myth is a fake


Wangzhuan second step (I believe it):

know that participated in the survey Wangzhuan really can make money, had to click on ads also can really make money, there are people higher click a month can earn tens of thousands of original Wangzhuan is really

The third step (

Wangzhuan I let others believe it):

believes that by investigation can also click Wangzhuan Wangzhuan business, then to post, to pull off the assembly line, to teach the child to let others also believe that the Internet can really make money, others also believe that I can really make money online, so I really earn money

The fourth step (it

earns the wages of migrant workers):

Alipay began to receive a small number ranging from RMB PP, AP also began to receive legend long dollars, but I soon become crawling on the computer I was crazy, I didn’t catch Wangzhuan, do any other things, after seeing the lose, I know I lost, lost in Wangzhuan in this! Is human life, not the life I want. I had no energy to tell off novices can earn five hundred yuan beauty story.

The fifth step (the

Wangzhuan step back):

want to sleep for ten days, suddenly think of my girlfriend’s birthday, I told her I was in Wangzhuan, she also knows that I made a little money on the Internet, but I never told her that I do is click Wangzhuan Wangzhuan or investigation etc. money. That is not what the but the glory ~ ~ ~ I want to step back! Never go to the point of what advertising ~ ~ never to tell other people to point what advertising ~ if live so tired even if you earn the garden what rare ~ not to mention what you earn is not much I think I love easy day, then step back, exit bound advertising chain I also hungry when I don’t miss the Wangzhuan, I decided to go running a website and my girlfriend


I know she will be interested in the site, from know her to now I still owe her three birthday present, not I don’t want to send her, I didn’t find it worth me to give

Google open resource center website campaign ad Click Fraud

8, 19, according to foreign reports, Google launched a resource center website dedicated to dealing with the thorny issue of click fraud. Many people believe that click fraud on Google’s main source of revenue is a potential threat to pay attention to advertising.


is responsible for the trust and security business product manager Shuman Ghosemajumder said on Friday that the new ad quality resource center of Google development is mainly to provide a search on Google click fraud information for the local advertisers.

in the pay per click model, advertisers want to pay per click on their ads. These ads are connected to a web site. Click fraud is the number of companies that click on the ads to allow their competitors to pay a lot of advertising expenses. Another common way to click fraud is to use web publishers to click on ads on their sites to increase their commissions.

some institutions predict click fraud accounted for 30% of the entire ad Click rate. Google refuted the claim, saying what it was doing and explaining the extent to which it clicks on the ad network.

, for example, Google has been monitoring illegal clicks on its network. This illegal click behavior includes not only malicious clicks, but also includes the seemingly fraudulent acts of fraudulent clicks, such as two clicks on an ad, etc..

Google concluded that illegal advertising on its website hits less than 10%. Only 0.02 of the click rate is an illegal click by advertisers.

provides advertising click fraud surveillance and measurement services companies often questioned the effectiveness and the overall level of Google’s technical approach.

Google launched on Thursday night this resource center is a new tool for Google to provide advertisers with a series of click fraud tools.

Ghosemajumder said that the resource center website originally planned to launch in March this year. However, due to the task of clicking fraud to give priority to the completion of other tasks, so the delay.

Fresh electricity supplier entrepreneurs compulsory Please pragmatic point of calm to deal with new

fresh electricity supplier concept is very new, giving people a lot of room for imagination, and the reasons for the investment of fresh electricity supplier can also list a lot, such as:

fresh demand, high purchase rate;

electricity supplier new channels to achieve direct supply base, reducing the channel links, reducing costs, increasing the profit space;

fresh electricity supplier is still a blue ocean, the competition is not so intense, into the investment may be able to have a large return;

Tootoo, the original life, Dolly farm had put into this piece of blue ocean, but if mixing is also good…………

a colorful bubble to come up, so many small and medium-sized entrepreneurs to grasp the hand of money can not help but loose: go, we go to business! Fresh electricity supplier!

recently a friend borrowed 500 thousand of his father’s money, want to put into the fresh electricity supplier, ask what I think. I said, I am very supportive of your business, but also admire your courage. But if I have 500 thousand possible with your choice is not so, I put 400 thousand into Alipay, let fly to return. The remaining 100 thousand, I put into the selection of products and the industry to drink coffee, pay tuition, do circle.

entrepreneurship fresh electricity supplier to think about the problem

entrepreneurship is a good thing to be sure, but we have to think about some problems:

first thing sold? Selection is very important in this market, in such a deep wide north first-tier cities do not have the advantage of fresh, fresh light is in great demand, the more important is that people in the first-tier cities of new model is very willing to try. The coastal zone of the second city in the local life service was also fast, especially in the Yangtze River Delta in the two or three line of the city, city economy is large, but the city is very small, local life service small and beautiful just unfolding. But in the majority of the two or three lines in the mainland city, vertical electric now living space is small, the people of these things point there is a lack of acceptance, although this does not prevent some of our courage to open up the market, blaze a way to resolve, but I want to say is, this is a must first consider the question.

fresh market positioning is very important, there are several types of people are unlikely to be temporarily or less likely to buy food online, fruit, meat and milk. First, do not cook for the young people is not our customers, school students and a large number of young people who eat takeout is out; second, over the age of forty housewives to online shopping itself is not used, fresh electricity change old mother farms to buy food habits can not be like the third; young white-collar workers, has a large number of cooking, a large number of exclusion; but the habit of cooking the vegetable market is not willing to accept new things of women men and women, the basic rule; only a handful of people left: cook their own food to buy food, but busy, willing to accept business such things the young white-collar. We can imagine that this man, he often cooks at home

Startups that have failed to get a lot of money

all happy families are like one another; each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way. – Anna –

venture company is the case, the success is nothing more than to create or seize the pain points, access to financing, after the introduction of the product has been sought after by the market, success, and ultimately may also be a high acquisition."

but the loser is not the same, CB Insights compiled so far is the 72 largest and most costly "business case from the database startup stall" (this excerpt 16), they first have gained considerable investment, but ultimately failed, or is unable to enter the market, or in the investment unable to successfully quit: forced to sell assets, the acquisition price is lower than the amount of investment etc.. There are many cases of failure in the early part of this century when the Internet bubble burst and rupture, there are a lot of recent events, the reasons for their failure is not the same. Can be described as "taking history as a mirror, one can know."

although there are some common reasons for failure: venture funds with a There is not much left. product no improvement, not to create a business model, suitable for sustained and stable income, the product does not meet the market demand, lack of competitiveness. Most of the losers or have a different story, cause some unusual few, no spoilers here.


investors: Redpoint Ventures, US Venture Partners

failure reason:

solar power industry is not an ordinary person can play, big companies including Wuxi Suntech China and American First Solar, are still groping a profitable business model, Solyndra this kind of small companies is even more difficult to survive, "can not be obtained large state-owned banks low interest loans, wealth, and has complete product supply chain China company the price war", even if Obama visited, received $500 million 280 thousand in federal loan guarantees approved by the U.S. Department of energy is of no avail.

Solyndra said the company is evaluating options to prepare the company and copper indium gallium selenide (CIGS) technology packaged for sale.

Webvan Group

investors: Sequoia Capital, Softbank Capital

failure reason:

Webvan was the scenery without the two online grocery retailers, including Sequoia, early attract Benchmark, Softbank, YAHOO, Goldman Sachs, up to $120 million in venture capital, in a short span of 18 months, the successful listing of Webvan financing $375 million, the market range from the San Francisco coast area expanded to 8 U.S. city >