Wang Yubo promoting employment is the most important responsibility of the government

employment is the basis of people’s livelihood, the most important of the people’s livelihood, promote employment is the most important duty of the government must perform well, promote employment, entrepreneurial passion, Societe Generale, is the most important work of the government and enjoy the pursuit of value. Only do a good job of the most basic work, people can live a happy and dignified life, social stability and harmony. We should constantly sum up experience, and constantly deepen the work, do everything possible to enhance the city’s employment and entrepreneurship work ability and level, so that more people through employment and entrepreneurship, improve life, improve life. Yesterday afternoon, deputy secretary, mayor Wang Yubo in the investigation of the city’s employment, entrepreneurship, such emphasis.

day, accompanied by the heads of the relevant departments, Wang Yubo has come to the East District of Fu Qiang Xiang community, Taining garden, Ms. pan casserole shop in Xining City, entrepreneurial guidance service center, Bridge Street Jia Shuangxi boutique stores, wool hall and the West District Employment Service entrepreneurship training center, employment and Entrepreneurship inspection work carried out here, understand through job training and small loans to support the self-employed economic development, employment situation of acceptance. In the west area of entrepreneurship training center, when he learned that a Shanghai Polytechnic is participating in employment training greatly three students during the summer vacation, try the wholesale commodity in the early, the night market to earn money when a suit, Wang Yubo was very glad to repeatedly applauded, he told the same doctrine: your future business from this set of new clothes start. More than and 10 college students are also encouraged to training center Wang Yubo said, everything is from every little bit, a lot of famous people in the world is starting from the bottom, to realize their entrepreneurial dreams and the value of life.

after listening to the Xining city human resources and social security bureau responsible for the employment work report, Wang Yubo on future work requirements. He pointed out that one should make the promotion of employment and entrepreneurship and steady growth looks combined. Only economic growth can provide employment opportunities, will promote economic growth as the top priority, in order to create a better external environment for more and better employment. Two to combine with Xing enterprises. Enterprise is the subject of economic development, is the carrier of employment, foster the development of a large number of enterprises only, can continue to increase employment opportunities, a good business development, employment income has increased. Three with the development of new industries, through the continuous optimization of the industrial structure, and strive to develop tourism, services and other three industries, and constantly expand the employment space and channels. The four should be combined with the occupation education, occupation training, occupation education, realize seamless training and employment, the labor employment skills continue to improve, so as to improve the quality of employment, increase employment income. Fifth, the market regulation and social forces and mobilization combined with the formation of the government departments to strengthen the guidance and support services, to encourage broad participation of social forces, so that more people in employment, Societe Generale, leye.

Strict penalties Xining Dui significantly reduce traffic accidents decreased greatly

traffic management departments at all levels of the provincial capital under strict penalties, drunk drivers were less than the same period last year, due to drunk driving traffic accidents decreased greatly.

in August 15th last year, the national open "severely illegal behavior" drunk driving traffic prelude, Xining city traffic police detachment according to the rules and characteristics of the provincial capital of drunk driving, organized a large number of police, using a combination of fixed and mobile search efforts to increase road, according to the law severely severely dealt with drunk driving traffic violations. In the process of remediation drunk driving, traffic management departments at all levels to strictly comply with the relevant laws and regulations, regardless of what people involved, no matter what the reason, equally strict punishment, the event caused a big stir in the city of Xining, but also by the majority of the endorsement and support of the masses. In particular, the new motor vehicle driver’s license to apply for and use of provisions since the implementation of the obvious reduction of drunk driving. According to the traffic police department statistics, in April the provincial capital were investigated 17 drinking, drunk driving behavior, and this year, the traffic police detachment only a concentrated night can be found in seven or eight.

taxi driver ho introduced before, there are many drunk driving phenomenon of friends around him, since the relevant departments to increase penalties for drunk driving, these people suddenly changed 180 degrees, now almost all drive do not drink, do not drink driving.

many people said that drunk driving offenses are greatly reduced, is the inevitable result of the relevant departments to improve laws and regulations, strict penalties. At present, Xining city is to create a national civilized city, if the relevant departments to develop some feasible system in combination with the actual situation, in order to promote the public and get rid of bad habits and uncivilized behavior, will achieve a multiplier effect.


Qinghai Province in 2016 from the college graduates in the direct recruitment of non commissioned of

a, recruit objects and conditions


object to recruit college graduates, majoring in line with military professional needs, unmarried, men aged less than 24 years old (born after August 1, 1991); the political and physical conditions, in accordance with the provisions for conscripts. In the case of an ordinary college graduate, the professional college or university where he or she has been engaged in the professional skill appraisal, it shall obtain the certificate issued by the state.

two, enrollment methods and recruitment procedures

to continue the implementation of online registration time for registration this year, from the beginning of May 10th, the youth should through the national recruitment network query to recruit professional, through the network registration information submitted to the academic and professional online review. Direct recruit officer registration website: Before July 30th, complete physical examination, political assessment, examination, professional soldiers, archives transfer agreement signed, completed in August 10th, recruiting sergeant to report to work.

three, recruit professional

this year, I sent the provincial chief petty officer assigned to the Western Theater of war, Navy, strategic support forces, equipment development and public security fire brigade, the main recruitment is as follows:

contact: Wang staff Tel: 0971-6391138 13909784507

the conscription office of the people’s Government of Qinghai Province


Xining City Board of education to conduct a comprehensive inspection of the project under constructi

Recently, Xining City Board of education in conjunction with the board in the construction project supervision companies, schools, the construction unit responsible for the composition of the joint inspection unit on a construction project to carry out a comprehensive inspection and assessment activities

recently, the Xining City Board of education in conjunction with the board in the construction project supervision companies, schools, the construction unit responsible for the composition of the joint inspection unit on a construction project to carry out a comprehensive inspection and assessment activities. The inspection group invited the school principal project supervision company director, served as judges in the construction project of the bearer score, examination and evaluation in the construction project site fire safety, safety production management (production safety, safety operation and safety education), schedule, quality, Wen Mingwei environment etc..

inspection teams in a game are one in Xining, Kunlun middle school, seven middle school, Zongzhai school safety project and the Qinghai Tibet Railway Garden School building built comprehensive inspection and assessment in the project, the project site inspection by legal school introduced the school site management organization and management experience, the person in charge of construction. The construction organization of the site, construction quality, safety, schedule management mode. Inspection team to check the problems in the project schools have made relevant rectification opinions.

Through the development of

in the construction project site comprehensive inspection, horizontal comparison, promote the participation of all parties to learn from each other, learn from each other, looking for the gap, common progress, and improve the system, strengthen management, improve business ability, really put in the construction of the responsibility to implement reference.



Thorough investigation of drunk driving people applauded special action has been investigated 13 peo

August 20th, many people call the newspaper news hotline 96369, the recent investigation of drunk driving in the streets of the provincial capital have applauded. Meanwhile, the reporter learned from the Xining city traffic police detachment, since August 15th special action so far, 13 people have been investigated.

who lives in the west of the city, said: a few days ago, I saw a lot of places in the street there are traffic police in the car, read the newspaper to know, the original is in the investigation of drunk driving. Drunk driving around us is more common, the police to carry out such action is very meaningful." Since I heard that drunk driving was investigated to be detained for 15 days, no matter how much I drink wine, will choose to take a taxi, the car parked in the hotel, the next day to deal with the second. My friend, too, did not dare to drink and drive, although some are not used to, but better than punishment." Driving the Passat, said mr.. For our taxi drivers, this action is no better, because often and drunk driving vehicles’ intimate contact ‘, these days the road is much better." CYTS taxi Master Li said.

public Ms. Zhang said: drunk driving is a kind of irresponsible behavior on their own and others, just like a time bomb, so that people do not have a sense of security, I hope to investigate the heavy penalties drunk driving behavior."

August 20th, the reporter learned from the Xining traffic police detachment traffic management department, there are 13 drivers were investigated for drunk driving.


Weeks of activity every month there are events throughout the year uninterrupted Xining invested 10

in the morning, evening and holiday, Xining area of the Plaza, gym, gym, everywhere is the mass fitness figure; walk in the Xining Park, school, high streets and back lanes and various units, communities, everywhere is the beautiful fitness path and fitness equipment…… In recent years, Xining city to accelerate the pace of the construction of public sports facilities, a total investment of 35 million 660 thousand yuan to build a national fitness route 224, fitness Plaza 18, the construction of new rural farmers basketball venue 444, pushing the development of mass sports and health, to meet people’s needs of fitness.

from the beginning of 2011, in accordance with the convenience and benefits to the people "principle, the government invested 10 million yuan each year to increase the focus on the construction of supporting funds, infrastructure projects of Xining City fitness trails, demonstration towns and rural basketball, demonstration community and community fitness path, fitness venues and other counties comprehensive sports, and gradually improve the demand for public sports fitness facilities. In the fitness facilities in the construction of a wide range of attention – the implementation of the "sports into the temple" project, the conditions of the monastery of the sports fitness site planning, for the 12 temples with a $260 thousand sports fitness equipment. It is understood that the current Xining per capita sports land covers an area of 0.91 square meters, in the forefront of the western provincial capital cities.

a large number of sports facilities built for the rich and colorful mass sports activities, the development of mass sports organizations to create the conditions. Xining city is now held annually in different projects, different groups, different levels of various forms of mass sports activities 100 times, basically formed a "Week activities, monthly events, annual uninterrupted" fitness atmosphere. Among them, the new year’s day around the world, cool Xining hiking Festival, international kite tournament, mountain bike race has gradually become the Xining mass sports brand events. At present, the city’s sports club organization reached 43, in the year to carry out the rural community, organization and management activities up to 456 sites, to guide the masses of scientific fitness perennial activities at each site social instructor reached 2834, to provide organizational guarantee for mass sports activities.

at present, Xining, a number of fitness trails, ski resorts, rock climbing venues and other places of mass fitness plan. (author: Meng Jun)

Xining 170 thousand low-income people Spring Festival gift

Spring Festival is coming, in addition to Xining city to carry out all kinds of sympathy helping activities, also prepared a 41 million 430 thousand yuan gift for nearly 170 thousand low-income urban and rural population.

February 1st, reporters from the Xining Municipal Finance Department learned that this gift is Xining city as the city’s urban and rural areas all kinds of one-off living subsidies to the difficult issue, issued a range of urban and rural low object, the beneficiaries, enjoy the state subsidies for entitled groups and the establishment of the new rural China before joining the old party members and did not enjoy retirement the treatment of old town party. Among them, the city residents 300 yuan per person, rural residents and beneficiaries 200 yuan per person, enjoy the state subsidies for entitled groups and Party members joined the party before the establishment of the new rural old China and enjoy each town old party retirement compensation 360 yuan.

in addition, the city of Xining for city residents object in "three persons", the disabled and long-term bedridden patients, orphans issued stage temporary living allowance, payment standard for 80 yuan per person per month, payment time is from December 2012 to May 2013, at present, all funds have been put in position. (author: Zhou Jianping)


Qinghai (Haidong) first plateau Agricultural Fair Exhibition opened in September 24th

9 month 4 days, reporters from Qinghai (Haidong) was informed that the first plateau characteristics of agricultural products trade fair press conference, September 24th -27, by the Provincial Department of agriculture and animal husbandry, Haidong Municipal People’s Government hosted Qinghai (the first plateau agriculture Haidong) products trade fair will be held in Ledu City East sea area.

it is understood that the first exhibition fair to "plateau green pollution-free agricultural products ·" as the theme, will highlight The Belt and Road along national and regional exchanges and cooperation, to show the new ideas, highlighting the advantage, the development of new space for the construction for the "The Belt and Road along the countries and regions of the agricultural industry and the humanities communication support.

according to the sea east city vice mayor Li Qingchuan introduction, the exhibition will be set up two special subject area and six standard exhibition area. Among them, 400 standard booths, special booth, outdoor booths around the standard booth of the 320, national tent standard booth 20, indoor standard booth 60, 60. It aims to inject new connotation of "green", provide new opportunities, cultivate new advantages and create new brands.

To highlight the "

Belt and Road Initiative" exchanges and cooperation, the fair invited the president of the Pakistan, Nepal, Turkey and other 7 countries ambassador, Minister of Commerce, chamber of agriculture or the participants. Shenzhen, Shenyang and other provinces in China, opened the 18 friendly city, inside and outside the province, more than and 200 enterprises, more than and 30 Association will attend, the number reached more than million people, will become the province of large scale and high level and wide influence of a plateau characteristics of agricultural products trade fair.


Xining City, the city held preschool education teacher etiquette style contest

in June 27th, sponsored by the Xining City East District Education Bureau, Beijing, six plus one Education Advisory Center hosted the first preschool teacher etiquette style contest held in Xining City elementary school. From the East District of the 20 teams, more than 270 preschool teachers fully demonstrated their cultural etiquette and style.

on the day of the game, the preschool education teachers with dance, comedy and other forms, the civilized etiquette into every aspect of life vividly, fully demonstrated the majority of pre-school teachers learn etiquette, courtesy, etiquette, occupation accomplishment and spirit of etiquette. Participate in the competition of teachers have said that through this event to further enhance the personal accomplishment of civilized behavior, find out the gaps and deficiencies in their own work, in the future will make full use of their learned knowledge of etiquette, contribute to create a civilized and harmonious campus, model city.