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  • The most difficult to force the O2O market, hungry how to start a city expansion from leaflets

    is a subsidy war bloodbath takeaway 5 months pattern, 8 times the growth rate of expansion began crazy hungry "profit model is not clear," the business model has been reconstructed.


    note: takeaway O2O market is staged a fierce degree near a taxi after the O2O field (vs drops fast) "crazy subsidies movement", in which participants such as Baidu takeaway, Ali Amoy little, U.S., and public comment just stake in "hungry", rather then hundred regiments the mean. O2O is a most difficult battle, from the early born campus mode, how to start laying the line from the merchant network distribute leaflets, how to reconstruct the business model of competitors in the fierce fighting? Here is "commercial value" reporter Liu Hongjun depth reports of "hungry":

    at the beginning of May this year, the public comment in a $80 million stake in "hungry, hungry" is just a person with 300 and 12 of the city’s delivery website. 5 months later, the figure has doubled by 8 times. By the middle of October, hunger had expanded to 2500 people and 187 cities, with orders increasing from 100 thousand to 1 million orders per day.

    this is a takeaway restaurant from the campus. From the campus of Jiaotong University to the city of Shanghai, and eventually expanded to the whole country, co-founder and chief strategy officer, Kang Jia suddenly found: "


    before we kill are some local small sites, suddenly one day, Ma is also our competitors, and suddenly saw Wang Xing (American network founder) pay attention to my micro-blog, Wang Huiwen (U.S. responsible person) to come and visit me, feel inexplicable."

    hungry, founder and CEO Zhang Xuhao and public comment executives have had several in-depth exchanges, draw lessons from public comment, urban sprawl slower lessons, the expansion of the city to a higher priority. Beginning in mid July, a frenzied urban sprawl came from the starving headquarters, the most intense moment in the takeaway market.

    from 300 to 2000,

    before he moved to a new house, the office was already very tense. Originally not loose conference room has become a huge computer desk piled up, there is no district to squeeze more than a dozen Market Office staff. Upstairs in the starting point of public entrepreneurship camp cafe, hungry people almost "occupation" of the floor, the cafe in the lobby by twos and threes sitting to interviews with employees, public meeting room with repeated cafe staff meeting and debriefing. An employee pointed to a hotel next door to the office building, saying that some of the hotel’s rooms had been packaged by the company for years and were used by employees who stayed up all night and worked overtime.

    Before the expansion of

    , there were only 35 people in the first tier cities such as Beijing and Shanghai. There were only a few people in the small city. What things and instructions were issued?

    Our four highlights is actually four lies

    follows the quote:

    GVOD-, a high definition on demand technology that does not account for server bandwidth.

    four highlights:

    does not take full access to the download server bandwidth for HD vod.

    uses thunder’s hyper threading network transmission technology. When downloading, no download server is required to provide the video data, all the data comes from the user.

    increases the chance to be included in the dog search engine.

    was included in the dog, search results page prominently display your site links, for the site to bring massive flow.

    pure and green network player.

    independent installation package contains only web play components, and does not contain any client players. The webmaster does not have to worry about the site being split out of traffic.

    uses the download address to play directly.

    does not need to use the special server software to construct the on-demand website, and adds the VOD function to the movie and television downloading station only two steps.

    related news:



    is the original real quote from the official forum of thunder GVOD http://ubbs.xunlei.com/read.php? Tid=12507, there is a funny place inside, is the "news", we point to open to see what would feel… His palm his mouth, was a soft promotion GVOD, turned out to denounce the thunder post station. The GVOD official forum is also hanging there, recommended for users to see… Sadly…

    again, the four highlights of GVOD claims are totally self deceiving. One by one analysis:

    1, high-definition VOD

    that does not occupy the download server bandwidth

    does not need to download the server can provide broadband VOD? All the data from the user? It is not Thunder KanKan? (referring to Thunder KanKan, who catch the thunder "express" webmaster will burn the bridge after crossing it at the thunder) will put Thunder KanKan out to share the interests of owners? My thought, not 2 seconds can think of the answer.

    and no matter what he said, look at the actual situation. Or GVOD forum post: http://ubbs.xunlei.com/read.php, tid=14796, a webmaster response to do GVOD server, broadband use is too serious, 100M consumed 65M, the results of the forum administrator’s reply is: obviously, No.

    What happened to me after the site was K

    has been on Admin5 for a while and has learned a lot. The webmaster do stand experience, each course of a bitter are only the parties can understand, only a deep deeply ingrained chromium, a kind of story, now I have to share my experience.

    since my site is Baidu K, will understand the webmaster website now suffering, but as a qualified webmaster, in our dictionary is to find the word "quit". Talk about the things you do stand, do not for a long time, is to do information before, I believe we are clear that information website, most of them only to other sites to find information, the webmaster to do a network Porter, every day is Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V. After a period of time, see Baidu has a lot of included, as almost one thousand, every day from Baidu to IP a lot, but in a few days, good times don’t last long, was K.

    at that time, the heart can only curse Baidu. But, think again, what’s the use of calling it? Every day I wonder how many websites are K. What’s more, Baidu is not happy, is a modified algorithm, and will make a large number of sites like I die, Shun Chang, I die inverse same, followed it to go, then you don’t have no direction? I, just a small webmaster, do not have the ability to Baidu go, big deal, I don’t have to go to the search engine promotion.

    Baidu, not only timely assistance, icing on the cake. After all, it’s also a website. After K, try again to rethink the site’s positioning. And the way to go after all, after all, I won’t because K was abandoned to do web site.

    through several difficult night, suddenly one day saw a word, called "transformation"". Yes, that is, the transition, other people’s company, others can do things in transition, my website why not? After all, a small boat u-turn. Anyway, there are not a few IP, re planning, RE development, the site from the original information category to product services category transformation. After this transformation, it seems that the idea of the entire website is more clear, product services category, the search engine (do not look at it to eat) dependence is not high, focused on product development, service improvement.

    website (www.6cup.com) from the original discount information to do now network wallet, online banking. So after the transition, I believe that friends will think, there will be a part before friends feel uncomfortable, but after much deliberation, still feel that the transformation is to have a better development site, make the site more breathing space, finally still insist that the website is to survive and change.

    I believe that as long as the service provided by the website can provide convenience for users, the website has the value of existence.

    Using five ways to create a fiery blog circles

    as everyone knows, the blog has now been widely used, people can release their feelings in their lives, through the blog freely, can also see a variety of stories of others, this blog circle with the usual circle of friends to bring people to the broader and more liberal sense, at the same time so that people can get more information to make more friends. And how to make their blog to earn more popularity, to get more comments, is a lot of bloggers have been concerned about. Imagine yourself every day more Bo, diligent, but naturally lost power No one shows any interest in, the better. In this regard, there is no doubt that the number of the blog can bring more popular blog, people see a blog comment number, it will enhance the value of the blog in the impression, which will pay more attention to this blog. Here is my own blog, comment and popularity of a bit of experience, summed up five methods for reference:

    1. Participate as much as possible in other blogs’ comments and messages

    in this truth no matter in reality or in the network is suitable, when you leave a comment on another blog, bloggers will naturally get attention, and soon you will find that your blog will appear in the blogger’s footprints and even comments. Of course, the premise of getting reviews is that the comments you leave are valuable and not just a silly glance at the ads and the blessing reviews. The only way to attract other bloggers in the comments, and the comments received will be more serious and more valuable, valuable comments and to attract the attention of others. Even if you do not get the same amount of comment, you can also get a certain amount of traffic, to get popularity also help. So it can be said that this is the best and fastest way to gain popularity.

    two. No, outside, attractive, and less than winning,

    , in other words, means that you don’t need fancy, opportunistic methods to attract popularity only through the content of your blog, which is the most practical approach. In their blog has a certain popularity on the basis of, you can observe, found, often are written the best content, the most powerful article, get the most comments, this reason we all understand. Good content can naturally attract people, as long as you continue to adhere to enrich your blog, will be good articles to show you, will always be found, be appreciated. A good article was found by a person, was recommended, reproduced, will be discovered and appreciated by second people, and then is widely reprinted, more people know, so that popularity will naturally rise. Of course, the premise of all this is that your content is good enough, valuable, attractive enough to be reprinted and commented on. At the same time, this is the best way to maintain lasting popularity, but also need some patience, after all the network of this circle is too large, too much information, a good article also needs to be explored and fate by chance, but I believe that can write quality articles are also able to endure the lonely keep got lonely. It’s gold that shines, that’s it

    Some reflections on the new SEO web site

    company recently decided to do a SEO propaganda station to introduce the company’s own business, also with Baidu’s power to attract some customers, so we chose Hangzhou, Hangzhou SEO official website optimization, Hangzhou Baidu promotion 8 keywords. To the site planning and site construction of each step from the words we are very careful, each of the things we do to our website listed for website spider crawling habit. Each page of the web site uses DIV+CSS layout, the structure of the site is also good, web site using pseudo static way, more suitable for spiders to crawl, the content of the web site to keep pseudo original. Although doing so much work, that every work is in place, but the effect is really very hard, although the day after the line on the website will be included, but the website within the page is not very ideal, the site’s home page snapshot is also over more than 10 days, really sad ah. To do so many websites are also available, but when your website, actually is the result, hey! The result is not very satisfactory, then we have to reflect, to reflect, to find out the reason is where, these days I also had to reflect, personally feel that mainly include the following:

    1. domain name to be careful,

    friends this is not old tune, I was on this issue had a major loss, domain name choice should pay attention to the correlation domain keywords appear important ah, ah, domain name registration and the longer the better ah, these people are clear, everyone in this way to operate. But my friends have suffered not here, before I chose a domain name used by others, on behalf of the meaning of this name is very good, the correlation is good, but I used the domain name in less than two weeks, the site included reducing, not in full page snapshot of how long the website is deleted then, before long, the site’s home page snapshot can also be removed, which means that this website two weeks to be K light, really sad ah. Then I analyze the next, I think this is a problem that the domain name domain name, I dare not say that the domain name was right down, but I used the domain name not long, my website is dead, so suggest webmaster, try to choose a new domain name domain name, select no record the domain name, so the beginning may be tired, but of great help to later.

    2. website space and record need to heart

    site space to be stable, the same site under the IP, it is best not to stand by K, these are clear. I personally prefer to use an independent IP space, the price is also a few tens of dollars a year down. The site was K, I waited for nearly two weeks, feeling little hope, and for a new domain name, the domain name I use quick record filing by the method, and then put the binding domain in network space, according to the provisions of the transfer into the business network, the website is accessible, but you must first submit the information network filing system. I didn’t think so much before. After domain name resolution succeeded, I found this domain name >

    Share the promotional skills of the latest Taobao slimming products

    , as we all know, is now a low cost, high margin product. About weight loss keywords, is the webmaster fry fiery. The competition is very fierce, but there are still a lot of people eager to give up. You do weight loss product keyword webmaster, very hope that their station will be able to row in Baidu and GG in the top few, make a big deal. According to netizens reaction, weight loss keywords ranking in Baidu, the top few stations are basically monthly income of over ten thousand. After a long period of observation, I summed up some common rules and techniques to share with you.

    1, search engine ranking in the top few are basically do weight loss, Taobao products, and the Commission is basically more than 30%, that is to say, in order to achieve maximum profit, commission is one of the top consideration.

    2, most of them are single page stations, or a few pages of the station. The page is small in size and is good for crawler crawlers.

    3, part of the station is obvious that the use of SEO technology or even black hat technology to implement the top ranked. For example, increase the high quality chain (including the black chain, which is not easy to be promoted, K, but really quick), increasing the number of links, increase keyword density, increase the symbol to attract attention and other strange reptiles in the non conventional techniques.

    4, according to the Chinese habit, most of the contents of the "2010 the most effective weight loss drug list", "Taobao is the most effective weight-loss drug", "Taobao is the best medicine reducing weight" and other words, to cater to the mass consumer psychology, to increase the degree of concern and turnover rate.

    5, the use of well-known blog stand or BBS high weight as propaganda platform, often get good rankings.

    6 and finally have to say, that is, bidding means of operation. You can see, in Baidu’s search results, slimming products promotion advertising often row slowly, it can be seen that it still has great use value and profit space. I have tested once, to 1 yuan or so to do GG advertising, spent 200 yuan, and found that received three single income, a total of more than 100 yuan, less than 20 thousand yuan. In fact, this is not a successful test illustrates several problems, first, I first test did not master the skills; second key words, choose to fail, that is not accurate, resulting in the effective directional flow proportion is less than normal; third, the flow from the statistical point of view, I doubt advertising by rival chaos hits, because I that one day a sudden continuous to the dozens of IP, caused some damage. This is a friend of the funds can go to try, after the appropriate test, and then increase investment. Anyway, do the bidding is to make money, or else there will be so many people do, the key is to master the skills skills, who will make money – from the Hepu 360 net weight (www.hepu360.com) – original starting Adsense nets www.admin5.com, reproduced please indicate the source, welcome to reprint.

    Website revision for the user experience, so that visitors are also involved


    in the course of the operation of the website, in order to meet the needs of the site and visitors, or in the new technology continues to launch the Internet era, the appropriate revision is essential. At the same time, proper revision can also help you gain more chips in competition with your competitors. Of course, in the process of correcting the website, we can not blindly carry out the revision, our revision needs to see the direction from the point of view of visitors, visitors are the real object of attention in our revision.

    for a site, the more the number of visitors, the revision of the difficulty is higher, because it is for the tens of thousands of visitors, it must take into consideration the needs of all visitors. Frankly speaking, it is impossible to satisfy all the visitors’ demands. I used to be a famous stationmaster net loyal visitors, but the site in the revision time after I left the a site, the reason is very simple, after the revision of the site and I use demand differences. So, for these large sites, how to better do the site’s revision? I think the key point is nothing more than to let your visitors participate in the site’s revision.

    let visitors tell you whether the site needs revision,

    when your site has a large number of loyal visitors, I think these loyal visitors will have a certain feeling about the site. They clearly understand how to use navigation more quickly into a column, how to find the article information you want, how to use the search box more accurately, and so on. In the process of revision, these are most likely to change the content, your visitors really think that the revision,


    this is for webmaster. Before we edit, we can launch a feedback page on our page. This page can be a voting page that allows your visitors to decide whether they need a change.

    asked visitors to help test the site

    The revision process of

    website don’t like closed doors shut the door to do, we will let visitors to participate. Provide visitors with site trial after revision. Then, let visitors through the feedback page to provide trial feedback information, and constantly to visitors feedback problems tracking improvement. As a webmaster, you must know that you are not correcting yourself, but for visitors. Give visitors a try before the job is done, which will give you more inspiration and a chance to fix the wrong changes. In any case, our revision has to make most of our visitors think it’s valuable, so they’ll be more loyal to the revamped site.

    , don’t force your visitors to get used to the revamped site,

    many of our visitors don’t like changing their habits immediately. For them, they prefer the old version of the skilled operation. In this regard, we need to give our visitors a period of time to use the revamped site. We can see it too

    Talking about how to make a quick record for a movie station

    to do a few years webmaster, did not earn what money, around May this year, see a movie program inadvertently found on the development of the day, he quickly made two movies, updated every day, in the ADMIN5 to learn some SEO methods, watching and learning, after two months every day, each station IP at around 5000, has been maintained for more than a month, every month combined income of almost 1000 around, there is a film sold to others by ADMIN5, here to talk about how to quickly record movie station:

    movie station record is very difficult, this is my movie station (www.mov400.com customers), for the record I have 7–15 days, I super difficult ah, only blame for Anhui friend’s identity card, and I helped Jiangsu friends with into record only 1–3 days was successful, this the record and movie store for the area, do not link to this site, choose a company website to, because the movie station record is not successful, now many alliances are to use the record number


    My industry stands on line for ten days with the highest IP202 experience

    my station is on the line ten days, IP is as high as 202, the master doesn’t look good, but I’m still very happy with this rookie. I’ll talk about how I’m a rookie SEO. B2B industry website optimization is not quite the same as enterprise website optimization, because B2B industry website content is more, it can be said to be a small portal, which is different from the enterprise website. So when we do B2B industry website optimization, we should first write a more detailed scheme. This scheme can be written by a SEOER or by several SEOER.

    , when all this is done, we can start the SEM project. B2B industry website may have hundreds to thousands of keywords, we can first divided into categories, some of these are long tail keywords, the target keywords also have, not much, just a few. Is most of the long tail keywords. These target keywords must be the first page. Because the B2B industry website is originally industry website, in the early days, most of our work should be the target keyword to achieve home first. Must be the first to prove the position of this site in the industry.

    as for the measures and measures, here will not say, here only introduces B2B industry website strategy. Next is the directory and file name, generally a category for a directory, the following can also be divided into several sub directories, directories can use two domain name, so that the weight of high, of course, you can also use the two level directory. Once the directory is determined, it cannot be changed. Otherwise, all subsequent work may be disrupted. Further down is the navigation structure design, site navigation is online column, menu, guide the user visits the site, with the help of layout structure in the form of collectively, this design is very important, we will take every kind of column on the side, to guide the website, if this is not done well, hits certainly is not high, the user experience is not high, we should put the subject of our website describes the contents on the front, let visitors come to find what they need, and then point to go now, unlike some download sites, find a source, following a N download page, full point again, no one can really download, in fact, design of navigation structure has four main navigation requirements 1. eye-catching and clear 2. crumb path 3. home highlights 4 important content using the site map. Now let me introduce these 4 points.

    1, the main navigation eye-catching clear, the main navigation is generally classified as a level directory, through their users and spider procedures can be in-depth access to all the important content of the site. Therefore, the main column must be prominently displayed on the first screen of the first page of the website, and it is better to use text links instead of pictures.

    2, crumbs type path, called " " is a metaphor of bread crumbs; prompt the user through the main navigation path to access the target web in the users understand the site location and not lose the direction of " ", and convenient to the parent page and starting point. >