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Taste into the circle, raise public product resources…… Illegal fund-raising of acquaintancesMag

is a model of the new North 1898 cafe with local original raise mode, sponsor Yang hero is different from foreign chips mode named "Chinese raising".

Chinese congregation raised

"Wang Kaixin is our partner here," says



Abstract: restaurants, electronic products, public welfare, equity…… You can think of almost all the chips, the game is not the same. High-end people play in circles, and the funds raised by the public are admission tickets. They want potential partners and network resources in the circle. In this congregation to raise the ecosphere, some people earn pots full bowl, and some people raised the public to play "worry."".

, a manager who teaches a surname liao. The exchange analyst project has been certified by the Ministry of human resources, social affairs and the Vocational Education Association China Vocational Education and Vocational Training Association."

Wang Kaixin’s foreign exchange finance is a foreign exchange transaction called "two yuan option", which is now in the gray area under supervision in china. Last year, the Commission warned that the "two yuan option" belongs to the nature of gambling, not normal options trading.

raises round face

"daily economic news" reporter to student identity contact Wang Kai Xin, was told to pay the opening fee of RMB 200 yuan, the study fee of 88.88 yuan. Winning over 90% gold 20000 dollars a day if earn $5000~10000 no problem".

Wang Kaixin’s last circle of friends on the magic department store was in September 14, 2016, and she wrote, "magic department store is the only platform that has the most Chinese consumer data."……". Since the "magic department" did not appear again, instead of the recent refresh keywords – foreign exchange.

/ Guangzhou Daily reporter Li Hua

, Wang Kai, Xin


was pushed in the teeth of the storm "CEO girl", Wang Kaixin was born in 1998 in the circle of friends recently disclosed new business, foreign exchange and foreign exchange financial education, and said he is now "to the new CEO of education". Earlier, Wang Kaixin title or "magic department store CEO", this financing over 20 million yuan of venture projects in November 2016 was its "active" to give up".

enters the circle >

Chinese congregation into the circle of product resources there are people who want to make quick money while the outlet lack of risk control many people raise the "loss of a supporter of

"We have no plan

who had engaged in "two option" sources, super high winning percentage is the usual way to cheat the user or agent platform, high "golden" often held in the trading platform can not be removed, once deceived to rights.


reporter read through Wang Kai’s circle of friends, found that in late 2 this year, it began to publish information about foreign exchange, and then just one or two weeks time has started recruiting students to teach". The reporter contacted Wang Kaixin as a student. He was first asked about the position and income level of the company. Then he asked to show his business card and was told to pay 200 yuan for the opening fee and 88.88 yuan for the study fee."

reporter in other two yuan options platform consulting found that the opening accounts are free of charge. Wang Kaixin explained, 200 yuan including the "foreign exchange accounts + remote software installation + operation instructions" person VIP, one to one service".

what makes you want to pay five hundred thousand yuan for a coffee shop? Yang Yong plays the theme card — every coffee shop has a theme. The theme is the circle. For example, the theme of financial coffee is finance. "When you enter this cafe, you can find anyone in the financial circle."."

restaurants, electronic products, public welfare, equity…… You can think of almost all the chips, the game is not the same. High-end people play in circles, and the funds raised by the public are admission tickets. They want potential partners and network resources in the circle. All chips can be an object has not yet released electronic products, or a few small partners to raise their business, do a project or business. Some trading promotion driven electronic business platform, with huge traffic, build all chips platform, inadvertently put all the chips played pre-sale and buy. In this congregation to raise the ecosphere, some people earn pots full bowl, and some people raised the public to play "worry."".

"magic girl" switch to "two yuan option"

Wang Kaixin also changed WeChat remarks to executive director of new energy education". She introduced in the circle of friends, the company’s main business is to recruit foreign students to obtain the "foreign exchange analyst analyst" certificate, and claimed that the project with the Ministry of human resources and social security hereinafter referred to as the Department of cooperation.

cafe, the rules are very simple, two hundred individuals all chips, you five hundred thousand yuan, I give you the return of five hundred thousand yuan of coffee coupons, you are 1/200 of the shareholders, I promise five years of coffee do not collapse, the three rule." "The worst thing about the coffee shop is that it closes in five years," he says. You five hundred thousand coffee coupons also spent, and that nobody owes anyone." However, shareholders want more than 500 thousand yuan coffee vouchers. How to ensure that the cafe does not close five years, Yang Yong bluntly, "no other, rely on money, the maximum loss of 2 million yuan per year, one hundred million enough for us to lose five years."."

Shandong, Liaocheng, a college student raising restaurant business booming. CFP for figure

Yang Yong is well versed in the culture of the Chinese acquaintance society, and the circle of acquaintances has also solved the problem of commercial deception: Chinese people care about the reputation in the circle of acquaintances. To put it plainly, you lie again, and dare not deceive people in your circle of acquaintances.

Have network founder oral marriage market, who in the world have grass rootSue Cool soft advertising


is asking the founder of the predestined relationship nets Dong, he calmly replied: "

welcome stationmaster to throw in actively.

Admin5 union channel every day to see ah, a lot of money online information.

wants to join the Admin5 League channel, please contact

the price begins on February 29th.

Jiayuan, Lily network and a dating website rise in 2004, which has been listed in 2011 jiayuan. A network of nets dating back to 2007; apparently latecomer. 2007-2009, a gold edge network caught last time WAP mobile Internet era, successfully opened a new location in the marriage market, to avoid the brutal competition in the high-end marriage market, "grass root who in the world".


Adsense network alliance information release group: 5084047

, everybody:

tells you a good news: Cool nest registered advertising prices up from the original 1.2 yuan registered active increased to 1.5 yuan registered active, the data statistics method remains unchanged.


has a "margin of telepresence to have 130 million users of

if you are the Commissioner of the league, please give me the latest information and we will send it to you for the first time. Feedback

, 2007, 2008, I grabbed a wave of opportunities. We believe that "job search, electricity providers, friends" is the future trend of three market demand, so three choose one, decided to make a piece on the mobile internet.

"the mass marriage market is far bigger than the outside imagination. When we advertise in CCTV, according to CCTV advertisement examination request, we need to have third party authority authentication.". In love and marriage market, we are the mainstream. We have ample cash flow and financing is also very smooth."


also because of their experience in the mobile internet field for many years, so very clear, although the mobile Internet is still very rough, but I know there will be a huge opportunity.

below is the founder of the founder of the network:

in 2002, I started a job as monternet.

looking for work this thing when I am not very familiar with, and the defendants have listed. Taobao is also very powerful, but the electricity supplier this thing, if you do in the South would be better, because a little closer to the market.

soft notification network

if this advertisement suits you, please go to union official address: 8le8le/

When the

dating love this, although the market was Jiayuan, cherished network, Lily network, but when.

I know that the mobile Internet will gradually penetrate from the low-end crowd to the high-end crowd, and gradually go beyond the mainstream products, subvert PC products. This is a classic way of disruptive innovation in industry.

first let you know the domestic league dynamics,



was Monternet or a closed system, because the mobile Internet optimistic, so my next choice is in the closed system of Monternet or out of Monternet free wap. For me, my choice is free WAP, which is open system, not around the operators.

makes love and marriage on WAP

at that time, the mobile Internet is very rough, the user experience compared to PC far away, a lot of people will feel money is not there. But this is disruptive innovation, the general norm – starting with what everyone doesn’t like and has a huge experience gap compared to mainstream products, but it has a brighter future.


more League information goes on: top.admin5/u

Ali Wangwang breaking business into fashion lifeshlf1314 AdSense is easily listed by the possibility

      software in the field of instant messaging, announced before the full force, Ali Wangwang released version 5.6. Alibaba Wang Tao Group Senior Vice President Ali software manager said, Ali Wangwang will increase development in terms of fashion and life, make Ali Wangwang more popular, life, break the Ali Wangwang business office in confined areas. The move was the most significant strategy in the field since the Alibaba group merged Taobao, Wangwang and trade with two instant messaging software since March.

compared with a quarter, Ali Wangwang’s then figure is still around 225 thousand. To double the pace of a quarter, Ali Wangwang cohesion business community, play the ability to communicate in a timely manner, has been widely recognized by the business community. In order for the target population, Ali Wangwang group also integrates fashion, leisure, emotional theme group, will live and work closely together to provide information communication service for business people in a broader and deeper field. In fact, Ali software on instant messaging software has made significant adjustments in positioning. Ali Wangwang this solely for the convenience of the network transaction and the birth of the instant messaging software has begun to enter the field of life, and , MSN began to snatch. Wang Tao made it clear: "breaking the limitations of Ali Wangwang in the field of business office is the primary task of Ali software."."

Wang Tao said that with the Ali Wangwang IM community continues to expand, more and more users want to want not just as a business tool, known by trading and negotiation in the community they want, and have a fixed transaction and communication needs, through the purchase of similar goods and knew a lot of common hobbies, common friends, they want to gradually as a share of the community, the rapid growth of the prosperous group fully embodies the user needs to share. Ali Wangwang director Xu Ji said that the release of the new Ali Wangwang 5.6 version includes a user defined function, security services, online chat on record, HTTP files, chat window search and other innovative features. According to Ai Rui "2007 first half of the year instant communication report" statistics, Ali Wangwang users monthly average consumption of 1364.6 yuan, of which users monthly average consumption of 1139.3 yuan, MSN users monthly average consumption of 1342.9 yuan. And Ali Wangwang users are creating an average per household per day

1, click on their own advertising, K possibility will die

2, click on the GG advertising agency, including the use of CACA, PTC and other tools are k the possibility of death

5, each point of advertising by K 70%

6, on the GG page please click on ads in support of the station or forced clicks by K the possibility of death

7, pop-up window in the GG page by K the possibility of death

also note that if your monthly income of more than $200, GG will increase the content on your site audit efforts

Click on the more than 2%

statistics show that the total number of Ali Wangwang group last month has exceeded 500 thousand, refresh the Internet business, timely exchange of community norms. The figure has exceeded Ali Wangwang’s original 2007 full year plan, and Ali Wangwang will make a new adjustment to the 2007 plan. Ali Wangwang senior director Xu Ji believes that the rapid growth of the number of users that Ali Wangwang group, business activities between dependent and enhanced cooperation, also show a new Internet business model is formed, is a part of the network to have new network trade.

How do individuals use it

every day, many netizens ask me how to make money through the Internet, but this problem is too big for me. Different people, different abilities, different resources, different ways to make money on the Internet are also different. Here to share some experience, hoping to help some friends less detours, find yourself using the network to make money direction.

the following ways of making money are hard to make money:

1, the development of offline: this kind of website pattern similar to pyramid schemes, said on the website is after you become a member, according to their model, after a few months you will become a millionaire, and not what is the difference between these schemes, these are a waste of time.

2, surf to make money: this kind of money, many first mail, point ads, brush search tools, etc., are basically the kind of fraud click form. For a month, an estimated $1 would not have been made. And most of them have to accumulate a certain amount of money when they can receive money. So this way of making money is almost a waste of money.

3, domain name investment: often see news, certain domain name sold hundreds of thousands, sold millions and so on, so you may also go to invest domain name. The real truth is that it’s harder to earn money by investing in domain names than winning a lottery. Because there are tens of thousands of people in China who invest in the domain name, and those who make the money are the ones who lose money. What’s more, the good domain names of this age are almost gone.

How does

make money on the web,


here to share a network of most of the current domestic Adsense money making model.

this model is super simple, that is:

website, make traffic, earn advertising fees!


if you have not done, you may feel difficult, in fact, very simple, when you understand, you will find that no technology can also be more big website, as long as you work hard, you can put up with the traffic flow promotion, and make advertising easier. As long as the Internet has experience, after three months, earning thousands of dollars a month is still very easy.

, the first step, website:

buy domain name, buy space, this need several hundred yuan cost can start, this is very basic, not detailed talk, the following talk about how to quickly make web site:

doesn’t know the technology, and it can also be a big website. How do you do that? You can search the Internet for source code downloads, and download web apps. It’s free.

sites like this are:


Migrant workers do poineering work to go home aquaculture

farmers to work in the city has gradually faded, many people want to go home to start their own business. So, migrant workers go home to do poineering work what good? Today Xiaobian for everyone to introduce a number of good projects in rural entrepreneurship, interested friends can take a look at.


features for the "five black green, black, black, black is black, black bone meat, offal, very nutritious value, more strange is the egg is green, protein rich, egg yolk is orange red, contain large amounts of phospholipids were vitamins and trace elements, rare birds, migrant workers home business 12: at present market price of each green shell egg in 1 yuan, 1.8 yuan, commodity chicken 40-60 yuan / only, the current memory bar is few, it is a good time to development.

insects chicken breeding

Liaocheng youth entrepreneurs can apply for Lu Qing benchmark loan

is now some of the entrepreneurial loans to the policy is actually very relaxed, and in such an entrepreneurial environment, there are a lot of entrepreneurs who have embarked on the road of entrepreneurship.

Shandong youth entrepreneurship benchmark interest rate loans (hereinafter referred to as "Lu Qing benchmark loan project) is an important part of Shandong youth entrepreneurship assistance plan, is to promote the implementation of specific measures to assist young entrepreneurs with Department of the Communist Youth league. Work project implementation time from 2015 to 2017. Currently, the Municipal Youth League for Liaocheng entrepreneurs to fight a total of 27 million 300 thousand yuan discount loan subsidies.

also on the loan amount, said the Municipal Communist Youth League will determine the loan amount according to the enterprise production management, production and operation cycle, borrowing, repayment ability, application amount of elements for enterprises, the amount of 30-120 million yuan, the loan period of one year, three years of continuous. Discount work by the provincial finance department, the provincial Party committee and the Provincial Department of human resources and social security. After the application of corporate loans on time debt service, in accordance with the people’s Bank of China issued a one-year benchmark lending rate of 50% interest rate

the East Liaocheng launched a business loan policy will help many entrepreneurs to support a series of business activities in the early stage of entrepreneurship, and ultimately achieve successful business objectives.


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Homemade delicious yogurt

yogurt taste is very special, at the same time, in the life we want to drink yogurt, there is no need to buy some special went to the supermarket, can also be through their own production, let’s look at the way of making yogurt.

Sour yogurt

A, no yogurt machine how to make yogurt?

required ingredients: plain milk, yogurt 50ml

500mlProduction method:

1, the first thing one can hold 1000ml water pot. Be ready to prepare the milk into a small pot. Then open fire and heat the milk to about 70 degrees.

2, and then turn off the fire, just to heat the milk cool, cool to warm on it, do not cool to cool through.

3, cool the milk into a fresh container, can be a fresh box, but also in the pudding cup.

4, in a cool and well preserved container, directly into the beginning of the preparation of yogurt, and then the milk and yogurt to fully stir evenly.

5, the stirred yogurt lid, and then into the heating temperature of 40 degrees or so, put about 5 hours of fermentation, wait until the insurance in the container of yogurt solidified into a solid state, and then removed from the radiator, and then directly into the refrigerator freezer.

6, in the refrigerator after a night of ice, second days can be taken out to eat directly, oh, it can be said to be very delicious oh.

suggest that you will do a good job of yogurt into 200ml small cups, because it can be a cup of food, does not eat the rest of the yogurt will be broken.

two, yogurt machine how to make yogurt?

required ingredients: pure milk 1000ml, Bifidobacterium powder, a packet of sugar

Production method:

1, first of all, to clean their yogurt machine, especially fermented yogurt stainless steel container.

2, the prepared 1000ml yogurt into the yogurt fermentation tank, and then the prepared powder is also poured into the yogurt fermentation tank, the full mixing.

3, >

Clothing store location three points

opened a clothing store, in addition to a good choice to join the brand, but also do a good job site, decoration, management, display of this series of things arrangements. In this article, the small series from the main point of the selection of clothing stores for everyone to introduce, how to open a clothing store location, the core point of the site where!

clothing store location points: stop convenient

clothing store how to choose? A city will be divided into several shopping districts, and the existence of the city center and sub center. In the actual operation, we will face the location of the main road, the main road junction site selection, sub road location, community location, urban and rural areas, such as the location of the site selection. No matter where the shop, the first is to investigate the convenience of the problem, whether it is convenient for customers to visit, this is the core point.

clothing store location points: grab big pinch small

to the intersection of the main road, in order to build the image of the store will be the standard shop signs do better, the image and the chain of high degree of unity. How to choose a clothing store? If possible, the main body of the whole building and the color of the curtains fitted into the enterprise VI system in line with the color of the other, far more harmonious and beautiful, can enhance the visual impact. For the lower price of the back street (alley), community, urban and rural areas, such as the Department of the site, to close to residential areas, medical institutions for the principle, the closer the better.

clothing store location points: MO forget shop

clothing store how to choose? In large shopping malls, supermarkets set up shop in shop, although the rent is not cheap, but with the mall (supermarket) share the huge passenger flow, combined with the sales situation, conform to the mall (supermarket) promotional activities, should be timely adjustment of product structure will also become a new season, a contribution to profit for the company’s stores.

clothing stores location, you should pay attention to three elements, to facilitate the premise, grasping the pinch to find a suitable shop, can also study the shop, save rental shops, win more profits. In short, the location of the key points, the above three is the key, must not be ignored.

Domestic franchise stores should grasp the three management model

Now the domestic industry

as everyone knows, is the most popular industry, is also the most promising industry, but many investors do not understand how the business can better operating domestic stores, do not know how to manage domestic stores, following with small make up a three best management mode:

mode 1: home chain store operators to establish training, test, set the training mechanism, starting from the mentality of education, pre job quality education and ideological guidance work. All of the service staff in the pre job training are classified, grading, up to standard posts; categories are divided into: high, medium and low-end Trinity, in the basic aspects of housework.

mode two: operators of domestic chain stores to introduce domestic management technologies, strengthen internal management and personnel training, and constantly improve the management system, the implementation of "process management", give full play to the role of the team, the establishment of a market, vocational training, human resource transport relatively perfect management structure, scientific management the concept of continuous improvement company management level.

mode three: domestic chain store operators to establish security system. Into the family to provide services, different from entering the factory and the enterprise, especially living in the caregiver, the employer is most worried about the problem of family safety. Set up a training base for domestic service personnel, directly reach agreement through conveying source of the women’s Federation, the labor department, poverty alleviation department, formal recruitment agencies and local reliable individuals, through their actual investigation of recruitment service personnel of the family background.

through the small three points we summarize, believe that many domestic franchise operators for business no longer confused, in addition, for the operators of domestic chain store, the operator must grasp the correct management methods, because the only way to allow consumers to your home stores more at ease.

Baotou hosted the inaugural meeting – Lei Feng pioneer League all volunteer

Lei Feng’s story has been circulating in people’s mouth, a lot of people will miss Lei Feng, although he is gone, but his spirit has been inherited. Chen literature volunteer volunteer service studio Lei Feng pioneer volunteer alliance Inaugural Conference and pioneer region hundred volunteer activities conference.

2017 March 5th is president Mao Zedong proposed "learn from Comrade Lei Feng" 54 anniversary, but also China’s eighteenth "Youth Volunteer Service Day", to vigorously promote the dedication, friendship, mutual assistance and progress "voluntary service spirit, to further promote the Qingshan District Chen Wenxue studio learning from Lei Feng volunteer service activities normalization.

2 on the afternoon of 28 August, Pioneer Road Street organized a volunteer volunteer service studio Chen literature Lei Feng pioneer League inaugural conference cum pioneer region hundred volunteer activities conference. Area schools, residents, the old party members and other hundreds of volunteers participated in the event.

in Baotou, people organized the activities of Lei Feng, has received a positive response from the community. All services provided by the residents and units free of charge. At the meeting, Li Quchang on 2016 to carry out the work carried out by Chen literary studio work, I hope the 2017 make persistent efforts to continue to promote voluntary service. At the end of the event, participants visited the exhibition hall and Lei Feng Mao Zedong galleries.

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