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Optimization of construction site in 3 steps

entrance ticket purchasing website platform will increase more than one rather than a single one. The entrance to the corresponding increase in key words, because after the home key ranking up to do next is to make up the article page keywords. You can’t expect keywords now on the page to column on the website of the contribution is, this is a gradual process. So it is necessary to consider the role of the chain, by this time, the website of my home purchasing lottery platform upgrade has reached a bottleneck, the chain more would not have much impact, but the target page and the article page is different, it can be greatly improved.

Third step

website construction at a later stage, optimize the staff will find the website home page and column page ranking will reach a stable state, keywords ranking is relatively stable when the weight will be on the optimization of the page. This time I on purchasing lottery platform website chain planning will be the long tail word as the key, is to make every one in the optimization of long tail keywords, this effect is most obvious.

website construction interim work

website is the website keywords ranking up, so the work is carried out around these, this also makes the website links will be at this time at home. I do purchasing lottery platform website is the idea from the home page on the front page of the site will only start to do it, the weight of love Shanghai will give you the site’s ranking will also enhance weight view a website is keyword ranking, keyword ranking is that there is a transition state, that is you the ranking is in 20 before. When your keywords into the top 20, love Shanghai this time algorithm is correspondingly changed, this change is an increase in weight conditions. This is according to the quality of the user experience to carry out, this is a direct and directly linked to daily hits. Effect of purchasing lottery platform on my chain at this time will be reduced, I released the chain will be less, the chain number of home will reduce.

The first step of In the medium term

site preparatory work for the construction of

site outside the chain is a very important topic in the process of Shanghai dragon all, which is what problems, as long as it is engaged in website optimization personnel will have their own understanding of these problems, also have some exposure to these knowledge, regardless of the future search engine how to change. This algorithm which is not reduced, even if it is indispensable in the current love Shanghai today is the same adjustment algorithm.

Second step

website construction work of the late

All the work in the early stage of

Web two websites chain exchange experience

just contact to promote the work of the predecessors, will inform the importance of Links, with some attention and skill exchange chain. On the Internet also learn a lot of similar theory, but in practice it is not satisfactory. Many chain stand for assessment of chain quality standards mainly on these three items: the PR value, snapshot, included, as long as one does not accord with direct shot. For the two level domain name website more, Liaocheng website optimization the sentence: sorry 贵族宝贝/lc Shanghai Longfeng, we have not prescribed and non top-level domain name website exchange friend chain, have the opportunity to cooperate! Can put people to choke. I believe that many such as textile and garment web two websites of friends, and I have similar experience. Here, I talk about some experience through the study and exploration of a period of time after the experience, hope to give two websites and new friends to provide some reference in exchange links.

from the user, or the Shanghai dragon’s point of view, you should do a good job in the chain. What is the chain between the web? Is your website link. Links can be added to the keywords in the article, at the same time can do the related articles in the recommendation.

all Jian????????? You You???? He Han Sha Qing ‘most

in the role of the chain is very important, here is not explained. Need to remind everyone that links to add natural, not too far fetched, an article link should not be too much, two or three is enough, too much will affect the readers’ visual effect, make readers feel disgusted, too far.

, for example, what are the symptoms of lumbar disc herniation, in this article, you might write, there are many types of lumbar disc herniation, lumbar and leg pain is the most common. Then in the lumbar and leg pain, you can add anchor text, pointing to your pages. In addition to this article end, relevant content recommendation, treatment method of lumbar protrusion of the lumbar intervertebral disc herniation postoperative note, can add anchor text. The convenience of the reader, increase PV, to optimize, help ranking. Min Tao can also add a link anchor text in this article, website editor how to have a future occupation planning.


2, two

1, some friends say two websites is not stable, it will flow back to the main domain name, and when the master punished site may also be affected. Actually otherwise, a period of time before the love of Shanghai make a big adjustment, the PR value and weight of the world factory value vary somewhat, but its two level domain name industry PR value and weight value did not fall but a slight increase. Thus, this argument may have to be verified.

mentioned above so many website article editing technology, whether you are in the daily.

?The long-term development of

4. successful web series required: do the chain

Rich is God Even investors have to open their eyes wide!Liu Qiangdong venture 3 tragic piece Night w

independent analyst class

one is about user experience. User experience is the key to the success of all Internet companies, whether you are playing games or social software, in fact, is an experience. We have fast, of course, has now caught up fast, so now we are engaged in innovation in O2O, we are actually a lot of this real-time consumer products, we can do 15 minutes served, which means that when you are with some friends, like going to a restaurant to eat, the drink you did not bring enough. You can order in Jingdong, within 15 minutes to put your drink to go to the desktop.

Liu Qiangdong: the third has started giving written procedures, write a program that’s very profitable, basically I can use at night time a month, probably earn fifty thousand dollars, giving a writing system. In fact, very simple, to tell the truth, is the database, that era, because programmers are too little, the computer has just. By the third semester of the junior year, I should have been very rich in our class. To the junior next semester, I am carrying mobile phone, the mobile phone not polite to say, our department director Li Qiang teacher is not mobile. Then Motorola, we think a twenty year old child, go to the Department of National People’s Congress, to the student restaurant, to sit there and get a cellular phone over there, and then take.

investor’s greatest help to the company is based on the company’s business situation, decided whether to take a back seat, let the company executives to let go. But because investors stand out negative news may transfer the market information, and for the first time entrepreneurial rookie, it is difficult to judge the participation of investors is really beneficial to the company, or that investors should be how to actually participate in the company’s operations.

problem: in the process of funding, the majority of investors will give you an illusion, they will make you feel for the company after several years of interest and hard work, not to mind taking the trouble. But all this is not true, nor should it be true.

most venture capitalists believe in the phrase "investing is more than just writing a check."." However, this often brings some unrealistic and dangerous expectations.

, but they’re doing more than that. For the VC market, it means a lot to help the company and release its enormous potential. The ultimate goal of the venture capital is also the most important, to get the best deal and maximize profits.

was the first to buy mobile phone people in large classes, but then lost all of the restaurant.

text / gold, wrong knife,

because all VC markets invest cash capital in the same fiat currency, they need to find ways to make themselves different.

Abstract: Liu Qiangdong said a lot in the University of entrepreneurship is very tragic, tragic. The most tragic is 08 years of financing difficult: it is less than a month, I have white hair, I used to read novels, that you worry white hair overnight, when he realized a little fear, bones kind of fear, as well as that for the brothers with guilt and shame.

the vast majority of investors are really betting on such bets, and even a lot of enthusiasm for this whole industry. They really want to help as much as they can.

I often hear entrepreneurs for their so-called experienced investors full of complaints. In this case, it is clear that the actual investment efficiency has not reached CEO expectations for investors. Similarly, when venture capital investments cover a range of business lines, they tend to have high expectations.

, a common problem in venture capital, is comparable to the usual zipper sweater vest. For example, if you were in a meeting with VC, and if you didn’t hear the question at the end of the meeting, there could be a big problem at one point of the meeting.

, however, CEO usually determines the degree of investor participation in terms of its own needs, but I find that most failure cases are often related to some of the more extreme investors in the venture field:

every investor wants to be able to contribute to the development of a start-up ecosystem, especially for their own investment companies. What investors want to do is simple, and as long as they have some positive impact on the company’s last success, their efforts will be rewarded handsomely.

Part 1:

look at the tragic piece experienced early entrepreneurs: Liu Qiangdong

is a person in the end is good in nature, or evil. Liu Qiangdong reflected: "that’s why you’re so good to your employees, and he’s so bad to you.". You really do not mistreat him, regardless of his salary, living or that eating on his treatment and so on, all of them put better than before, but before everyone get down to work, honest work, but now everyone does not get down to work, do not work well, all want to make their own money." Liu Qiangdong later concluded that there is no good in nature, this evil, there is no management of an enterprise, the result is inevitable, you can’t blame the staff.

saw Liu Qiangdong, founder of the Jingdong, delivered a speech at his alma mater, Renmin University of China, in April 18th. It was long and dry.

One end of the

he also talked a lot in the University of entrepreneurship is very tragic, tragic, but two tragic origin for these is Liu Qiangdong then venture.

"how can I help?"

venture field is purely professional investors who specialize in limited partnerships

Changing roles are you still working on the task of signing up for money in the Witkey networkWhat a

dialogue with all kinds of people,

in fact, many registration tasks are registered tasks of an intermediary. Take a practical example, recently, there is an e-commerce website opened CPA registration activities e-commerce site is most willing to carry out this activity, sh419 search next Hui Long mall will know. We use it as an example to explain the intermediary registered money for example it is not recommended you Hui Long promotion project, but because I had two days of rebate of 150 dollars, a rebate record out for example my heart is somewhat emboldened, items previously cheated out shame…… Experts do not have to read.

super prophet" is such a group of people.

, but we still have the opportunity to communicate with other people,


although we live in a world of prejudice,


today, people can not help wondering, since Trump won the election, so this prediction is a mistake? I think it can not jump to conclusions, Hill just stood on the wrong side. For prediction itself, >

Daily Sentence

people’s predictions in teams are clearly more accurate. And if the teams with higher accuracy are gathered together, overall accuracy will surge.

although no one can make 100% accurate predictions, studies show that some people are significantly better than others in predicting results. Some of these people are called "super prophets"".

but there was a doubt about where A came to pay B, and I ran to help people sign up for commission. Domestic registration to earn money received more than a dozen dollars, foreign countries also received a few dollars. I didn’t think why I could make any money then. Then experienced a lot of things on the Internet, and read a lot of books written by Wangzhuan understand, gradually understand a lot of "insider". The "insider", to their own position, of course, is also related to Wangzhuan income.

within the next five years, the "super prophet" prediction accuracy rate of 85%, and in combination with big data will make greater leaps.


can only make more accurate predictions and decisions by abandoning emotions. True "super prophets" will make good use of their emotions while excluding prejudices.

just a few months ago, about Donald ·, whether Trump will win the election, Nate · Hill Silver Nate has made the most accurate not accurate prediction. He estimates that Hilary’s winning percentage is about 67%, Trump is 33%.


what makes a registration? What’s the secret,

so-called "registered money", that is, according to the advertiser’s request to go to a web site registration, and then advertisers pay a certain commission. Domestic registered money, the Commission is generally more than a few cents, a dollar is not too much, and foreign money registration activities, often given $0.5 but some additional conditions, many have refused to participate in Chinese. For example, if the merchant A sends the ads to B in some way, B will pay some money to B as soon as the registration is required, and this completes a registered A money making campaign.

collective decision-making is the most complex one in decision-making. We should consider not only individual factors, but also social factors.

today, Professor Walton and University of Pennsylvania professor of Business School of marketing Barbara Barbara Mellers or · and Michael · Michael Platt; Platt is interdisciplinary research through marketing, psychology and neuroscience, is trying to explore what similarities promoted the "super prophet" to make better decisions.

recently received several spam emails in the mailbox, asking me to sign up for a registered money making campaign. The mail is English, I see the source of half remembered this email: six months ago I registered this Wangzhuan site. In the first half of this year, I have been from a beginner gradually grow up, have their own website, also has a fixed project. See this mail, I think it is necessary to write about this experience, to the novice, as a souvenir of my past.

recently shared some of their research in the online interview with Walton, which not only helps to train great decision makers, but also helps ordinary people to re – examine their daily lives. The main points of the article are as follows:

, for example, analyzes the distribution of profit earned by

we first in this website to register, find a similar "recommended" "promotion" link on the site generally CPA registration website will put the links in the member page or the page footer, inside, you can find a link, such as the Hui Long mall promotion format is instroduceId=abcdef, hui99/mall/index.html? Where ABCDEF is your username not to be misunderstood, I am a fictional. Any valid users registered through this link >

our current research on "super prophet", aims to explore the influence factors of human thinking and decision-making, in fact, we are not satisfied with the "thinking", we will study is to penetrate deep inside the brain and thought.


Baidu included the content of the site accounted for a large proportion of factors

used to do the station, almost no consideration of Baidu included, and now do stand, we must consider this factor,..

usually see many friends say what cheating, search engines and so on, and now less, but not on behalf of no,


can be.


for the current Baidu included, I am a little small experience,


after testing, basically successful, let Baidu included.

, my has also been included in Baidu. And Baidu is not like the legend does not pull aside, but that it increasingly fancy quality!


before March, and some of my friends try Baidu heart station included, the results of my three months later was included in the Baidu


my friend’s station, about half a month has been collected!


his station is collected articles. Collected articles, basically edited, including all the title changes, pictures and so on, is also collected back to the local.

, his station is so, in half a month was Baidu included

I summed up the following: collection of articles that he had dealt with, the title changed, and this has become a new title, the engine mistakenly thought it was original, so increased his collection probability!!!

!I do

station is the software is completely by hand with the local information and download, but I added information. As my friend did never changed any title, so in the engine, is out of the site, was collected chance is low, but through the Baidu audit three. A month later,

not included!

results in my intention, but found that Baidu included, this accident is 301 jump lead to, believe that do standing friends all know 301 jump means what,


because Baidu has not included the station I only put shit shit download station domain name change for download,, domain name 301 download station with shit to jump past. Three days later. Found Baidu included shit download stations, let yourself cry no results!!! (now only download information from the station new shit, because the original data is d9down with


summed up his: in today’s Internet, what the industry is competitive, once is not original, are reproduced, relative to Baidu included, is a bit difficult. Because you turn me to him, so basically became a flood! Not that flood Baidu not included you, but by the time the


some friends stand and do, and soon be Baidu included, this believe and site content is a great correlation,


as long as you do have quality, Baidu will still include your site!


Operating brand children’s clothing store to get rich skills

is known to all, the children’s clothing industry is a profiteering industry, but also a focus of attention of investors. Join the children’s clothing brand, do brand stores, how to make big money? Now we will look at the operation of the brand children’s clothing shop some tips.

brand children’s clothing sales skills: "fold" type variety

in addition to seasonal discounts promotions, discounts and other ways also surfaced. Time limit, limited discount is also a way to discount businesses. If the day is the weekend you enter a store, you must pay attention to the mall posters yo, perhaps in every kind of eye-catching logo, as well as limited discount, discount is limited, at a certain time discount, some businesses even launched a special offer for some period of time, can enjoy greater discount in peacetime discount on.

brand children’s clothing sales skills: to help customers to provide solutions

as brand discount children’s clothing shop owner, only to ensure the quality of children’s clothing sales is good enough. You have to know how to help customers find employment fit, decent clothing sales staff, hiring a professional tailor on standby, to provide customer service service for customers, and willing to accept special orders.

brand children’s clothing sales skills: respect customer

if you just opened a brand children’s clothing store, I hope this article can help you, I wish you success!

boutique recommended items: Katie’s high quality and inexpensive sugar

How to open the shop in order to make money small secret

in today’s social life, open shop, business activities on the Internet, or not very common, but now the prospect of network entrepreneurial wealth is very good, but the shop in the process still need to pay attention to a lot of things.

1, selected business direction

in the online shop and open physical stores in the network is completely different, in the network, as long as the location of your store not too poor, small businesses can do well, even if they are selling a very popular thing, the same can earn pours. Doing business on the Internet, to a.

2, goods shelves, price positioning

in online sales, shop rent no pressure, no business tax troubles, no underworld harassment, so long as we can have a good source, then make a block is a very relaxed.

products selected, it must make a detailed product description. Some sellers shop, the product description is quite simple, then a few words, a few words, let people see foggy, so, the image can be discounted, divided.

3, recommended

Catering business to join the holiday promotions to improve revenue

now each festival can allow businesses to become a promotional discount holiday, the food and beverage market is no exception. Chinese population, whether it is public or high-end dining restaurant are very prosperous and developed, as the proprietor of a catering shop, want to survive the market catering franchise opportunities, you need to choose a reasonable location for their catering shops, catering shop operators need as your business links in the catering shops the reasonable use of catering shops, sales promotion and skills. Now, let’s take a look at how a restaurant can do the right thing at the right time.

promotions time is not no rules, usually in the annual promotion plan: the first choice in traditional holiday promotions; second anniversary, opening promotion; third: special promotion opportunity. These three conditions together with the choice of restaurants, organically combined with the formation of the annual food and beverage promotions.

these holiday hotels and hotel choice according to the regional differences, different choice of hotel promotion task of one or several of the big promotion, the other can be as small as promotions, but also do combined marketing. The second is the anniversary, opening promotion when required promotion, promotional efforts should be in the most solemn annual promotion, because this is the best time for publicity, to attract customers, is most closely relationship with hotel marketing activities.

related recommendations

Analysis of operating profit of whole weijiade cold noodle

once the project can make money, regardless of the size of the brand, the same can make you rich. For example, a little cold noodle business is a good opportunity to get rich. Wei Jia cold noodle brand is at the foundation of traditional Chinese food and beverage category, carey developed, which y embodies the traditional catering health function and pharmacological effect at the same time, the public respected Shaanxi taste characteristics with the. But Wei cold noodle chain will promote the fast food industry development, for the common goal, and the tendency to solve some social employment and support entrepreneurial individuals and groups, weijiade cold noodle brand is a small entrepreneurs Gospel! So, Wei cold noodle a year can gain much less exclusive exposure weijiade? Cold noodle monthly profit.

Wei cold noodle earn in a year?

Wei cold noodle earn a year? We first calculated in the first year, fixed investment is 28 thousand yuan, the rent is 40 thousand -8 million, 1.5-2 million renovation costs, equipment purchase costs 4500 yuan -5500 yuan, the investment cost of 252-381 yuan; spending, a bag of flour is calculated according to the market the price of 90 yuan, do cake made of edible oil, meat, vegetables, spices and so on a 100 yuan, according to a charge of artificial management fees of four employees is about 380 yuan, utilities and tax calculated according to 70 yuan a day.

Wei cold noodle earn a year? If one day to sell 3 bags, a bag of noodles do 500 loaves of bread, each cake at the market price average of 1.3 yuan to count, the first year of the net profit is in 190 thousand between -24 million, second years without joining fees, equipment purchase costs, installation costs second years, the net profit is expected to have business covers, year by year, certain income will be increased year by year.

Analysis of

weijiade cold noodle monthly profit:

Wei cold noodle monthly profit — cold noodle cost profit analysis:

to 50 pounds of flour, for example:

Wei cold noodle monthly profit, 50 pounds of flour, priced 1.1 yuan, or 1.1 yuan (*50 kg) =55 yuan, to 130 pounds per bowl of cold noodle, cold noodle dosage of 0.5 kg, 130/0.5= 260 bowls, each bowl of cold noodle priced at 1.5 yuan, can sell 1.5 yuan =390 yuan *260 (bowl).

chilli oil cost 0.1 yuan per bowl: Sesame per bowl cost 0.15 yuan, 0.15 yuan per bowl of aniseed water cost, fuel cost 0.1 yuan per bowl. The cost of each bowl of seasoning a total of 0.5 yuan

260 cold noodle seasoning bowl a total of 0.5 yuan *260 yuan (bowl) =130

total cost


育碧今天宣布,演示基于单人部分司机三藩将可以下载明天在Xbox 360和PlayStation 3。




司机三藩将发布在PlayStation 3、Xbox 360、Mac、PC、Wii和3DS于9月2日在欧洲和9月6日在北美洲。

超级街头霸王IV街机版现已Xbox 360的用户通过游戏


超级街机版通常售价19.99下载进来吗6.54gb。也可通过游戏与黄金是什么Charlie Murder通常售价多少6.75而在一个小得多,369mb

游戏黄金近期也推出Xbox One在本月早些时候,用户获得免费的吗马克斯:兄弟情谊的诅咒和Halo:斯巴达突击。