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How to use the Internet era of big data to create their own Internet business

as everyone knows, the Internet is full of opportunities, with the advent of the era of big data, the Internet business to further reduce the threshold, so how to find the opportunity of the Internet, and the effective implementation? What are the bottleneck of the Internet business? What are the basic skills of Internet entrepreneurs need? What needs attention? This paper will focus on the grassroots webmaster and with the common problems encountered in the personal Internet circle practical experience of grassroots entrepreneurship, in order to webmaster friends to clear direction, look for the situation.

is now the Internet all walks of life idiot competition, if you always use vision to analyze, you will never find the breakthrough point, many webmaster friends in the early stage of the personal website and the final location is too high, because the website content is too general, the content of highly repetitive, do site covers all walks of life, but what a fine line this site, like a freak with a fat head and a pair of skinny legs, won’t go far, but will not live long. On the contrary, for their position must be low, with the help of love Shanghai index tool carefully analyze the needs of people, divided into a number of industries, with their own advantages to choose certain industry segments, for example, do the story and intensive and meticulous farming, website, you can put a large column website as their theme for the site to do, such as my website only "love story", the theme of the website once finalized, it needs to optimize keywords is definite, so it is particularly important evade the crucial point for the novice webmaster, give you one example: a web started as a website, the website as saying "a clear theme, keyword optimization goal is very clear. After the final" proverb "keywords ranking up, and based on the original site on the newly opened new column with other columns, good website search A search engine is

analysis of industry website first, the degree of competition, clever positioning website, not seeking and refinement.

was included, appropriate optimization will achieve the ideal ranking in a very short period of time.

the big data era full of opportunities and challenges, at the same time the venture cost reduction makes the competition become fierce.

Internet entrepreneurs need skills can be arranged as "vision and courage, search engine optimization technology, web technology according to important degree (including website design, server maintenance, etc.)", "vision" is the priority among priorities which are in the industry, there is no vision on the web like ship without direction, will eventually turn the ship up. Courage is decided once you find an Internet opportunity you dare not fight for planning the feasibility and implementation of search engine optimization technology is a slow living, the principle is very simple, only when you have to optimize what is keenly aware of the Shanghai dragon, listen to others’ experience shall also be submitted to the Shanghai dragon questioning attitude to listen, do not parrot. On this website technology, I suggest you >

second, easy to talk about the Internet entrepreneurs bottleneck and some effective measures to deal with.

Vip first business, electricity back to fashion265 shlf1314 search, November and December reward amo

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is the largest, listed just a midterm exam. The stock fell is not great, more joy. In the interview process, such an understatement is much more thrilling. Hong Xiaobo, another founder of vip, walked into the meeting room and said bluntly, "we’re both people who can’t tell stories."."

localization >

now: "shlf1314 search" 2007 November awards amount has returned to December 5, 2007, in 2007 December, the reward amount has returned to January 5, 2008. For specific bonus rules, please visit the league and refer to "shlf1314 search" advertising instructions.

Shen, who goes to work at 9 a.m. every morning, will take a look at the stock price of vip NYSE:VIPS.

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, they rarely accept media interviews, and almost do not participate in major industry forums. "Share prices and performance are closely related, and the rest are empty talk. It’s useless to show up every day and CCTV."." Shen Ya expresses. Say less and do more, which is typical of Wenzhou businessmen.

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began its lukewarm stock price since August 22nd, and suddenly began to stir up trouble. In September 21st, the stock rebounded to regain the issue price of $6.5 / share; in October 7th, the market value of over to the NASDAQ listed dangdang NYSE:DANG; in November 7th, the closing price of $10.97 / share, for the first time through the earliest to develop the $8.5 – $10.5 / share issue price range; then, the stock price continued to ride to above 11 dollars. Or over 100% during the period.


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Guangzhou Liwan District Huahai Street No. 20, nestled in a corner of drunken Park, in front of the Pearl River gurgling water, which is composed of a barn converted into a brick building showing a different kind of tranquil and quiet in the misty rain. As with the quiet location, sitting in front of the reporter Shen Ya do not see any change in sentiment, both mentioned outside laughing at the bloodshed listed on the market doubts about its financial data, and now the stock price soaring.

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art studio

4 years ago, they decided to go to the Internet communication from the foreign trade sector, electricity providers to become rare "orthodoxy" – is not a technical background, but the creation of a "brand discount + Flash sale + genuine insurance" model of the B2C electricity supplier website; 4 years later, vip once again become a "otherness", in Chinese COSCO stocks the winter in the United States listed. From the outside of the right and wrong, October 26th, Shen Ya to accept the "Global Entrepreneur" interview, they are the most important task is to achieve profitability as soon as possible. And vip announced three quarterly also realized profitability.

, chairman and founder of vip CEO illustration:

Author: Shun Ming Fei

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He stressed that

‘s beating numbers seem to drive the haze of "bleeding on the market" 8 months ago. But as vip’s founder, chairman and CEO, Shen Ya’s attitude is far from the excitement of the "reverse".

first let you know the domestic league dynamics,


Mobile video card battle, the Sohu will decide on what path to follow

mobile Internet rapid rise, mobile intelligent terminal large range of popularity, the mobile Internet market quietly showing white hot competition. This is also down to the video industry, March 2012 and Youku potatoes with happiness, May 2013 Baidu removed $370 million acquisition of PPS, in front of several major industries, Tencent, Iqiyi, Youku potatoes LETV chiefs, Sohu CEO Zhang Zhaoyang and

who in hand?


authoritative data show that in 2012 China’s network video users have reached 450 million, accounting for more than 70% of the total number of Internet users in the country; mobile video users over 100 million, the video industry is fully embrace the mobile Internet era. In 2013, iResearch latest data pointed out that China has reached 420 million smartphone users, as the pattern of mobile video side, what changes happen in the

?Two changes in

video market landscape

March 2012, potatoes and Youku merged, the establishment of Youku potatoes Limited by Share Ltd. After the merger, Youku and potatoes had nearly 80% user coverage, strong brand awareness and user loyalty, and were more powerful in copyright acquisitions. In addition, Youku is the first Chinese video industry to obtain a commercial website covering Internet and mobile Internet publishing licenses, which means that it can spread content on the Internet and mobile networks.

in May 2013, Baidu launched a huge $370 million acquisition of PPS. "The two companies merged in three aspects: one is to optimize the scale effect, realize the flow of value; the two is to strengthen the industrial chain control, have the bargaining power of upstream and downstream; three is to force mobile video." Gong Yu, Iqiyi’s chief executive, said.

In addition

LETV also actively seize the mobile terminal market, and recently launched the super TV, which can realize the mutual promotion between mobile terminals such as mobile phone, tablet computer, to increase user stickiness more. LETV layout in the mobile internet field, more is to form a complete industrial chain, to create a closed ecosphere.

in the face of such a video pattern, Sohu, Zhang Zhaoyang will also be how,


Sohu video still have no chance,


Zhang Zhaoyang after a high-profile return to frankly, Sohu’s two core business will be Sohu news client and Sohu video. At present, Sohu video has entered the 100 million users club, but Sohu video, whether from channels, content, publicity, or in content, is still far from enough.

I found through Sogou search and Sogou input method input "The Legend of Zhen Huan", can smoothly enter the video Sohu, but only rely on these two aspects, I want to or not. Especially Youku potatoes, Iqiyi has completed mergers and acquisitions, the strength has shrunk, whether it is wise for rumors of acquisition of Sohu pptv, let’s take a look at.

Advantages and disadvantages of using personal thief program

today to write this article, in order to use their own practical experience to tell everyone to use the thief program or not please use There are both advantages and disadvantages., according to their actual circumstances! I was in mid March this year began operating women "female fashion online", because the site is only an encoding, asked people to write, and then their day and night add content… One of the hard… I don’t believe that many webmaster do people know, here is not to complain. Done, in April, the site finally on-line. Before running the site, study on A5 for a long time, really learned a lot before do not know something, sincerely hope to do or are doing webmaster friends to the A5 university to study, you will be harvested. Well, some registered webmaster forums and blogs, do some outside the chain, the website will submit to the major search engines. Fortunately, the second day was collected, and then updated every day, included also increased, by mid April more than 3 thousand Baidu included, Google included more than 5 thousand, IP website from several to dozens to hundreds, was really happy for a while, after all, has earned.

day on the website about the chance to see a "thief" article, carefully study the following, think this is feasible, the program is very small also hundreds of K, but quite a lot of resources, claiming that if the site to install such a program, will be better able to retain customers, increase the rate of return? Try holding the mentality in the website with a movie thief program. Very unexpected, the amount of PV that day increased a lot, I hasten in this also added the kind of "floating advertising", really get a lot of clicks, I really happy again. After a week or so, the problem appeared, Baidu snapshot is not updated, included in the amount is not increased, Google included a little decline in the trend. At this time did not mind how, because the Internet checked, Baidu, Google is doing big updates, included may appear some abnormalities, but will soon be restored. After a few days, the problem is big, some of the keywords of the website is missing, and the amount of it is less and less. My intuition tells me that the website is out of order,


structure of the site should be no problem ah, don’t hang that advertising downtown, I quickly put the ads all delete, update the site! Can be over the past few days has become more and more serious, in the Baidu search "female fashion online" out to the second page, the key word of the other is not seen, Google just directly to the home page to click, it is clear that my site is down right Baidu, Google K.


website is really puzzling, K is nothing more than the content and the chain, the chain that I didn’t mean it should not increase the problem, it is only the content, I use the dedecms system, using SQL can quickly replace the content of sensitive words, what these are better done no, is there any other reasons? Recently I found the website access speed is more and more slowly, when the previous test ring >

I point out the things that Google and Baidu.


before I said angry words: if I can choose, I would choose foreign Internet service! China Internet is rubbish! This is really an angry words, you don’t take it seriously, some things which I entanglements and Internet giants. Understand my emotions.

about GOOGLE:

, I met two guys, Baidu and Google, a few years ago. Later, a station was built, so the relationship with them became more intimate and direct. My station is a few years ago, has not spent the mind to take care of, built when it was DMOZ included, in Google there is a good ranking. Although that keyword is not very popular, but I am always the first. Of course, sometimes, if you don’t update, there’s a problem with the website.

recently, I was a little concerned about that station, so often updated, I found that as long as I update, Google will be included, I see the collection of posts are a few hours ago I sent. Nevertheless, the flow from there is still very small, it may take time. Google included a total of more than 7000 pages of that station, that is, all the pages of that station, but every day from there to traffic on one or two, but also all from the home page. I faint.

I feel immediately to rise the station value, because I found another keyword ranking was lined up first! Some time ago, I went to domz to the name of my website and description, if it goes through, ha ha, it is a qualitative leap, the flow will rise a lot. When the site was built, there was no keyword, so it was a mistake. If I had written that keyword, I would have been the first Chinese website in that area. Ha ha, my station is indeed an advocate of similar websites in China, but it is a bit outdated. But the longest time to adhere to, similar to some closed down, closed.

recently I built another station: Before this domain name, this domain name is just changed, the former domain name is now PR2, ha ha, very strange, that period of time I did not manage this station, but in a few months on the PR2. This may and I in another weight relatively high web site to do the chain has a direct relationship. It’s important to say that the chain is a lethal weapon. Google still love me as before, and quickly included, followed by the pages inside slowly. Today, I found a key word, the one I expected. Oh, that’s a good sign. But my ultimate goal is not this keyword. Slowly, honestly, there will be a better tomorrow. Besides, I can’t live up to Google’s kindness and love to me all the time.

go on like this, I am confident that the domain name will become more and more heavy, and it should be in a short period of time. Just wait and see.

About Baidu:

Some reflections on the new SEO web site

company recently decided to do a SEO propaganda station to introduce the company’s own business, also with Baidu’s power to attract some customers, so we chose Hangzhou, Hangzhou SEO official website optimization, Hangzhou Baidu promotion 8 keywords. To the site planning and site construction of each step from the words we are very careful, each of the things we do to our website listed for website spider crawling habit. Each page of the web site uses DIV+CSS layout, the structure of the site is also good, web site using pseudo static way, more suitable for spiders to crawl, the content of the web site to keep pseudo original. Although doing so much work, that every work is in place, but the effect is really very hard, although the day after the line on the website will be included, but the website within the page is not very ideal, the site’s home page snapshot is also over more than 10 days, really sad ah. To do so many websites are also available, but when your website, actually is the result, hey! The result is not very satisfactory, then we have to reflect, to reflect, to find out the reason is where, these days I also had to reflect, personally feel that mainly include the following:

1. domain name to be careful,

friends this is not old tune, I was on this issue had a major loss, domain name choice should pay attention to the correlation domain keywords appear important ah, ah, domain name registration and the longer the better ah, these people are clear, everyone in this way to operate. But my friends have suffered not here, before I chose a domain name used by others, on behalf of the meaning of this name is very good, the correlation is good, but I used the domain name in less than two weeks, the site included reducing, not in full page snapshot of how long the website is deleted then, before long, the site’s home page snapshot can also be removed, which means that this website two weeks to be K light, really sad ah. Then I analyze the next, I think this is a problem that the domain name domain name, I dare not say that the domain name was right down, but I used the domain name not long, my website is dead, so suggest webmaster, try to choose a new domain name domain name, select no record the domain name, so the beginning may be tired, but of great help to later.

2. website space and record need to heart

site space to be stable, the same site under the IP, it is best not to stand by K, these are clear. I personally prefer to use an independent IP space, the price is also a few tens of dollars a year down. The site was K, I waited for nearly two weeks, feeling little hope, and for a new domain name, the domain name I use quick record filing by the method, and then put the binding domain in network space, according to the provisions of the transfer into the business network, the website is accessible, but you must first submit the information network filing system. I didn’t think so much before. After domain name resolution succeeded, I found this domain name >

Talk about the current trend of group buying, website analysis

When do the new

tonight after dinner accidentally in the economic channel to watch the news saw a news about the glutinous rice nets: in June of this year, some consumers through the network group purchase glutinous rice Sanlitun 3.3 building "GAMEPARK hot play club" game cards, but in August found the game club has been shut down, hundreds of consumers to the rice network and video city staff to discuss the statement. I heard that the Chaoyang industrial and commercial bureau announced its findings yesterday, saying that the coupons issued by the "sticky net" were not valid, which led to consumer misunderstanding. Chaoyang Branch Trade and industry supervision in accordance with the standards, glutinous rice nets announced in December 1st before the process for consumers to refund.

the thing is the high degree of concern, group purchase consumption has recently become a hot consumer complaints, the people are keen to group purchase heart greatly reduced, so the low starting point group purchase website, gathered popularity, profit point clear, there is great potential! Group purchase website organization group purchase activities more concentrated and the daily lives of consumers in the restaurant, beauty, hairdressing, entertainment and other consumer items. As a result of group buying can make consumers enjoy a certain discount, so the Internet rapidly blowing up a "group buying wind", and the large and small group buying websites have emerged as the times require. Then we as a webmaster is not should first analyze whether, so blindly into? Society now, not now, is always to the China, replication is very strong, a profitable thing not previously when people make money, no one to enter, and a comment saying this thing is not a way to make money, but when you do it to others, but Yiwofeng rushed in, results, as we all know, is a lot more than the exit entry! This thing I group purchase in 09 years by the end of the contact, but has to try once later that the maturity of far group purchase

, why do you say that?This is of course the advantages of cheap

group purchase, according to the statistics of complaints mainly related to network group purchase group purchase of goods, goods mail delay operators or service quality has shrunk, leading consumers can not accept business group purchase service, in accordance with the instructions provided to group purchase commodity or service. So the group purchase disadvantage is the commodity or the service description, consumption rules, time limit that group purchase have no authority, no doubt ask, and group purchase website or group purchase before the operator did not contact, and many consumers blindly go not to see the group purchase, and use of practical items, more profiteers to group purchase get a website, to the end, or the group purchase website operators of the ultimate responsibility. When that happens, people are keen to group purchase heart greatly reduced, so how to do it? So, if we want to do this when the group purchase site must be to improve the existing problems, below I said my opinion:

first of all: in advance must be good communication with the business, including some complaints will occur, and businesses to discuss each other, and to make preventive programs. For some smaller businesses, let them pay a certain margin. Although >

Small entrepreneurs should avoid the entrepreneurial mistakes

is now the society everywhere have small entrepreneurs, at the same time, with the increase of start-up costs, some small business to get rich project but by many people welcome, so in the process of small business to get rich, you need to pay attention to what?

tend to have this kind of enterprise, quick start market, not according to their own development stage, huadaijiaqian celebrity endorsements, please advertising company packaging, recruitment team and so on, early, go forward with great strength and vigour darling, but, in the middle period, a large number of problems continue to blowout, finally all the efforts, the market has become a breakthrough the spectacular farce, and this farce continued.

The main manager and


How to open a cotton textile shop site

cotton home textile industry has broad prospects for development, open a cotton textile retail shop is a large number of entrepreneurs in the market to make money to make a good choice. In fact, want to success and find a good shop is inseparable, but because many investors lack in experience, location method for cotton textile retail stores are not very clear in the early preparatory will often encounter some difficulties.

entrepreneurs in the site to take a longer view, understand the future development of the region. In addition to municipal planning, but also to understand the situation in the future competition in the region. Special attention to the demolition of the transfer of the trap will be paved, so as not to be deceived. Looking for shops to open channels, multi pronged approach, whether or not transfer or express shutting down the pavement, must all be asked.

the different geographical environment, traffic conditions, the structure of the store, the rent will vary greatly, sometimes even a difference of ten times, located in the cotton textile retail shop early, but also pay attention to the size of the selected shops.

entrepreneurs choose the right address for future business is a very important thing to lasting profitability, we must select the appropriate address in the operation stage, as long as the choice of a suitable shop location, can earn huge profits.

Recommended building materials stores

novice building materials stores need to pay attention to what issues? Many novice entrepreneurs to join the entrepreneurial team, if you want to do a guaranteed investment business then you should learn the experience of others, small finishing suggestions, I hope to help you quickly learn it.

1, identify the direction of the industry to determine the future development trend of the industry

The development of building materials industry and the real estate market:

2, reasonable purchase, avoid storage costs are too high

The characteristics of

3, and actively communicate with the headquarters to establish a good franchise relationship

now the consumer level in the rapid increase of brand and service concept more and more profound understanding of. If you want to open home building materials stores out of the predicament, need to establish the direction of development and the law of their own, other building materials Jiezhuang franchise success is only a reference, their own road to walk, when there is no road, the road on foot, the direction of thinking is the only way to find, do not take the unusual way,, the road.

open new stores building materials need to do what work? The above analysis is the successful experience of others, and I hope to help you, to learn it, the novice in the business process also need to accumulate a lot of experience, we can find them from the experience of others, put into practice.

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