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Love Shanghai no shortage of wolf spirit should no longer adhere to the PPC Model

When the


when the Alibaba and Sina micro-blog negotiations, love Shanghai hesitated.

look at love Shanghai, Qihoo, three stock noble baby curve comparison, can be found in the last half year, love Shanghai more miserable.

when the Alibaba and the UC browser when negotiating, love Shanghai hesitate.

Alibaba and Sina micro-blog provides social marketing integrated service for small and medium-sized enterprises, Shanghai is facing the love can not provide new value-added services for customers of the embarrassing situation.

had to love Shanghai no longer search Taobao Alibaba, after the Alibaba can no longer Sina micro-blog search to woo Shanghai? When Sina micro-blog and Tencent micro-blog does not allow love Shanghai search, love will become a social sea outside the walls of the lost.

in the first quarter of 2013, the love of Shanghai hit a four year record of the worst quarter. Love Shanghai in the first quarter revenue of nearly 6 billion yuan, net profit of 2 billion, and in 2010 the main business profit margin and net interest rate for the first quarter had little difference. A cycle of three years, fell in love with the sea like back to the origin.


when the Tencent’s QQ online shopping half-dead, Tencent in the field of electronic commerce still adhere to the layout, and love Shanghai midway announced the closure of "love Shanghai ah, cool days off.

Tencent bought Discuz, the layout of movies, tourism, delicacy O2O business, and love the Shanghai Philharmonic live failed.

Tencent said: "in the future, I have a WeChat." Love Shanghai said: "I have the ppc."

noble baby said: "I want to do cross-border hardware, my noble baby Glass will be on the market." Love Shanghai said: "I have the ppc."

since 2008, Shanghai has done a lot of love, such as love, love Shanghai Shanghai input method, the browser is in love with Hai Yun, love of Shanghai mobile phone operating system…… Even recently there are similar noble baby Glass love Shanghai Eyes. But when you want to sort out love can support the future of Shanghai business, the number can be found on the scanty. Iqiyi is a bright spot, but with the love in search of Shanghai Empire, is just one of the branches, work together with other business can not. As a Alibaba to get through all aspects of electronic commerce, Tencent, WeChat has formed a new business platform, business system between each other as the basis.

what makes love in Shanghai today? In the face of 360 overbearing offensive, just call the spirit of the wolf is enough? Obviously, >


Alibaba said: "I lack the social elements can be made up by Sina micro-blog." Love Shanghai said: "I have the ppc."

The 2013 day Shanghai baby noble partners overseas web developers concern


According to

it is understood that the number of participating in the activities of Google overseas web developers at least over 20%, thus the group caused no small concern. Now many domestic websites, copied from popular style pattern, coupled with the traffic acquisition costs continue to rise, let those who adhere to the original and real website to provide services for users living space more and more small. Therefore, this part of the webmaster began targeting overseas users, and try to provide Internet services for them. Because overseas users enough diversification and high loyalty, traffic access to simple, advertising revenue is also considerable development, more and more domestic owners began to go overseas websites.

December 3rd, domestic websites and mobile developers gathered in Shanghai Hilton Hotel, the venue of six hundred people All seats are occupied. nobility baby partner day 2013, ShangHai Railway Station successfully held here. President of Google Greater China Shi Bo League (Scott Beaumont) attended the event, and the AdSense business in 2014, China nobility baby area were introduced and prospects. He said earnestly hope that Google partners can support as in the past Google, also hope that through AdSense, AdMob and DoubleClick Ad Exchange platform for domestic developers to achieve great development.

of course, the vast majority of domestic webmaster speaking, overseas website development is still relatively high threshold. Overseas users of different internet habits, language diversity, around the legal risk and so on are needed to solve the problem of domestic webmaster. I found the alliance official also stressed that if the AdSense as the main revenue of the overseas website must pay attention to the risk of traffic sources and website content. The quality of Google overseas source of traffic demand is very high, for example, search Shanghai dragon cheating, once found, and no survival may account must seize. In addition, abroad is very sensitive to the copyright and adult content, suggest Adsense don’t have reported luck and illegal operations, in addition to lose money or may cause unnecessary legal risks, then The loss outweighs the gain.

‘s only authorized service noble baby AdSense in mainland of China search alliance responsible person, the current through the search alliance platform hosting and optimization has dozens of overseas accounts, the last half year growth rate is very fast, there are many accounts of the monthly income is more than $ten thousand. These types of sites mainly in business class, document material, shopping guide, small game, also introduced Chinese tourist attractions, service life, delicacy class website is also very popular with overseas users. At present overseas website advertising the main source of income or noble baby AdSense, but the overseas user click price and click rate are relative to domestic sites will be many times higher. Also, Adsense uses the Western Union or cheque payment, Western Union in the current domestic outlets, owners only need to bring ID card and payment by Western Union code can be completed quickly withdrawals, payment is also very convenient.

The site is down right how to quickly restore weight

if you don’t know the specific reason for the right to be reduced, is the first don’t know exactly why be right down, then you have to do is to regularly update the high quality content, said here high quality content refers to high quality original content, do not reprint at this critical moment, everyone love is love know Shanghai original content. According to your actual situation, regularly update, must pay attention to regular updates. Your time is more than a day update several pieces, your time is tight little update several pieces, the best update every morning, morning is the best time to love Shanghai included, is also the most active spider foraging time.

2, regular update high quality content

comprehensive examination of existing Links, and stop the new exchange Links, existing Links, if included significantly reduced, the chain decreased obviously, site is not the first, Links type >

site is down right after the fast recovery, how to judge the site is down right here, simply mention, not the focus of this article. The site is down right, when you spend a lot of manpower and resources, put a lot of effort, but can’t see what effect, the weight has not increased. This situation is estimated that each person do not feel good. The site is down right to improper operation, not a long time to recover, a great test for us, today will focus on the website is down right after, how to quickly restore the weight, to minimize the loss.

This paper focuses on the

this step is the most critical step, only to understand the etiology, disease in addition to. Your analysis is how to optimize the previous period, whether the chain of traveler, reprinted content, whether to change the title page, the website structure is revised, keyword density change, the station anchor link done properly, whether the recent love Shanghai big update etc.. Find the reason to stop down the right, down the right behavior in a timely manner, is the fastest way to drop right after recovery. The emphasis here, according to the long-term observation of the author, love Shanghai drop right also have refused and recidivism. If this is the first time you drop right, recovery time is relatively short, generally a week can recover, if it is a recidivist, recovery time to a little longer, it may be up to two months.

3, stop Links exchange

update the contents of a related to the theme of the site, and keep a close correlation, the best content do not add anchor link, because you do not know the specific reason for the right to be reduced, if the anchor is improperly linked to be right down, if the anchor link is add fuel to the flames, so the site is down right after using optimization techniques better not too much, the pursuit of the best natural. Chastity, the pursuit of natural, meet the needs of customers in the best articles. Each stage to keep going, not three days fishing nets two days of drying, otherwise the consequences will be grievous, love for the Shanghai spiders impression is not good, after the love Shanghai spiders don’t come, big trouble. This stage is to win the favor of the spider love Shanghai stage.

1, analysis of the site to drop right

How do I get to win at the starting point of the site

last month to do a Tibetan mastiff breeding information network, now just on the line of love Shanghai included 11, the chain 60, which reached the stationmaster net love Shanghai traffic is expected to 66 of the results, the main keywords ranking all the love in Shanghai before three, as shown in figure

finished in the site analysis, I started the construction work, first of all, I selected both the keywords factors love Shanghai index, users search habits and industry information for the website, such as the Tibetan mastiff, Tibetan mastiff breeding Tibetan mastiff breeding, mating, breeding information, price of Tibetan Mastiff purebred Tibetan mastiff breeding information. At the same time, the authority and the keywords in order to increase the site’s ranking advantage, I choose www.zangaopeizhong贵族宝贝 (Tibetan mastiff breeding phonetic spelling) main domain name.

to choose keywords and domain name, followed by the construction site. Open this website, you may feel the appearance of the page is not too high, this point is the best, after all, not a professional artist. But in the layout of the page, I have high requirements, careful analysis of all the div+css layout, you can find my layout includes these details:

, the top 1 websites with a word describes the service content of ZhengZhan, which increased the authority of the site, but also can increase the keyword density.


from past experience, the new line can achieve this effect, is not easy. So I took this experience to share with everyone out, how to make the website to win at the starting point. First, and most important, is the site of what is, what is the topic, to what purpose, how to make money? I do such a site idea is found and a Tibetan mastiff friends in the world, he said that the current domestic price of Tibetan mastiff breeding purebred Tibetan mastiff breeding is very high, even the price reached hundreds of thousands. The author checked the Internet based on domestic website a few Tibetan mastiff do very good, very comprehensive. But in the breeding information this one still has great space subdivision, and keywords is not difficult, the future can love Shanghai home even before three, and then through the advertising fees charged to profit or sell the entire station.

site navigation columns with nested H2 tags, highlighting the importance of site navigation. Column name with main keywords I chose, and display advertising, very good outstanding website keywords.


5, the bottom navigation clear and add the HTML format of the site map, convenient spider crawling and love Shanghai user clicks. < >

4, column title with H3 tags nested above with column links directly to the title, forming a good anchor text links.

2, div station using a tree structure, all for a large div nested Div. At the same time, try to simplify the div nested, hierarchical site code does not exceed three.

Home pages and how to make critical adjustment

to solve the problems title

is the second long title must be changed into a short title, in the current situation, compared with the long short title title in the ranking above is an advantage, short title can let the user at a glance.

two, front page adjustment

home page and inside pages can solve the rankings do not,

has poor stability and large floating phenomenon

Three First of all we need to know the

, a home page and adjust the operation purpose and benefits of

for the title, there are two main aspects, the first is our title of the standard, we do not add malicious keywords in the title, or add repetition and have included the key words, do not add special symbols at random, do not add descriptive language (a first, certain leading and so on), key words not too much too much, the weight of each keyword obtained will be relatively small, according to the name of the web site keywords, keywords, keyword format can be arranged from left to right, according to the importance of keywords.

2. to improve the conversion rate of

The key to adjust the


home page and inside pages can adjust and what are the benefits of

Three point positioning

1. upgrade and stable keywords ranking

home adjustment is mainly in the title, navigation and forum, the three point adjustment is very important for the influence of the rankings.

3. web site for a long time does not change the ranking of the decline of

first said that our home of the adjustment period, the adjustment period of our home if we can not change what ranking or generally we control it in about 2 months, but if we meet some special situations such as user needs change faster, ranking drop quickly, so we must shorten our adjustment cycle, for example, we can control in a month, the love of Shanghai is generally change a big update for a month.

our web site for a long time does not change may cause website ranking drop, this problem can be solved by adjusting the home page and inside pages.

optimization of the site in the late, fine work is we must experience, we can by adjusting a flow level gradually improve website, can reduce the rate of jump out of the site as a whole, prolong the retention time of the page, to further enhance the conversion rate, let users to our website to quickly find the content they need you can include the inside pages, the adjustment is very important, if we mess adjustment is likely to cause our own website drop right, so home pages and the key to adjust according to what what should we how to operate it, today to share strategies and ideas of the key under the adjustment of the home page and inside pages the.

further increase user viscosity, increase user clicks, increase website PV.

How to make the portal run healthy

The last time I made a

analysis of Wangzhuan articles, there are a lot of friends and just entered the network industry veteran, I study Wangzhuan and how to build a satisfactory website, I feel that there are still a lot of friends in the Internet industry own confused, do not know what to do for a what kind of website, what direction. Is it a local website, a portal or a violent web site? Some friends even want to do illegal websites. Hey, the Internet is a big fat meat, but I really don’t know where to go. I’m not sure I’ll take a bite of it. (ha ha, my bad friend may experience fatal harm, too.)

today I told everyone to share, I had a pet portal experience. First of all, do not remember the money or the fast money point of view, it will go astray, to the user’s point of view, the user experience of mentality, there are a number of related sites, they are how to operate and analyzes their advantages and disadvantages. Summed up! Don’t be afraid of trouble, don’t be afraid of wasting time, because a saying is "eat hot tofu"! Choose a relative in this field (to do industry) program code not best friends, find a friend to help write and carefully designed website, do not copy other people’s website program, for example, are the same thing, only about


started, my concern is the possession of a keyword, and then begin to analyze if the Tibetan mastiff needs what technology can! (friends remember, this website is not your higher ranking can earn money) I sorted out the Tibetan Mastiff Do station arrangement promotion needs on line and line at first I think, because this one is worth the development of Tibetan mastiff, also seen a lot of pet station, such as huskies, Chow and so on.

website OK, started to do, how to optimize up, I also needless to say, everyone will think I’m showing off, province, ha ha! Website, although there is traffic, but come just about the Tibetan mastiff disease, price of Tibetan Mastiffs and etc.. Do not worry, fame is a portal indispensable point, and then began to enter the next stage, intermediary platform.

where is that? Then I tell you frankly, there are many people who want to buy dogs, and there are also many people who want to sell dogs. But what we know is that selling dogs, most dogs are not very pure, so we carry out the line, not afraid of hard work, go to different garden, this is where and click on the site, not the same as the entertainment website. To send someone to talk about cooperation, because advertising is a small part of the income, high income and high reputation by promotion, but this one does not rely on the network, but by personal ability! Cooperation after a good talk, after the success of the transaction share in the 10-20 half of the profits, because the Tibetan mastiff dog, you know that is more expensive varieties, 100 thousand, 1 million, 10 million are. But what we are responsible for is the identification and transportation of the species. This is very important

Come on, son (or not), I am very worried about you, very worried

first of all, I’m not a comrade. He’s not.


University began to do so far for two years. Not too much and not too much. We’ve been through many, many difficult days,.

we have never met before. I often call him, he doesn’t listen to standard Mandarin, then, telling me, he told his talking for a long time. Don’t know what he said, he did not know what I am talking about.

knew before, he is playing the hacker, VB master, bus line program what to say for the girl to write a Changsha. Then asked if I had any ideas. Or give him… C I’m just a layman of the computer, it will point to C. later wrote a few paragraphs, think that he has to… (he later wrote a message transmitter Bi alliance)

later, we became good friends, very good friends. He is ready to help others, keep me as a brother. I’ve always regarded him as a brother, 4 years older than me. Like me, the baby. We talked to them from the hacker’s face is playing out with a stick. His grandfather was a master. (BUN) do the

he Ning Department of economics graduate (he was missing second days after three o’clock at night, searching for his name to know, he said that his home telephone number can be used to search to find out, but I never found), and then went to Changsha, to the clerk in the Changsha. We have been chatting on xfoucs a security group, when he was less, I like many brothers, he play, he will speak very funny, funny woman, that night, often.

I was in school and disconnected at 12 in the evening. I made a security web site, and foosun’s system was very rookie. He called me "boss.


then he said the website can make money. Because he is a black Union message, change the database, to the account of others change into their own… And assured me that can earn money. We started in another place stand together. Start crazy.06, the letter should be short program easy crack, almost a version of the library can be submitted to the 23%. Burst. In fact, no black money, just do not believe that the website can really make money. The money to the hands, do not believe

later, we began to do page… He made a complete anti pornography station was very high. Keywords, ranking first, remember 12 pieces of a mobile phone registered, do 36 dollars, we use a software hanging advertising, I said, I am afraid of money do not know. No, don’t believe me. I’m a conservative man… He said nothing. You get 2 brother mixed to the afternoon. There are really two in China. The second day money. I am very happy very happy! The first

we’ve been doing this, starting at the small station, slowly, slowly, the two of us, or the small station… But at least we’ve started making money

6 methods of website promotion

NO.1: blog marketing implementation (the most frequently seen and most useful)

1. batch registration account, it is best Sina blog, Baidu space, and dispatch blog and other large web site, included update fast,


2. do not go up and then send the advertisement promotion my site can take some time more hot topics (for example, the current fast), reproduced some good quality articles (revised title, the local content).

3. blog will have the visit quantity, this time can write some website promotion soft Wen, some of what the dress beauty ah, ah, in this paper I add links (preferably not always linked to the home page). In the title of the article, the front and the end of the content are added, such as: "reprint www.***.com" text, guide the user to click to visit.

4., avoid the link in the blog must be obscure, don’t bare is to the user to click, so the result is not good, and my blog late development is no good.

5. blog implementation to the inevitable stage, we should properly analyze the implementation of the results, summarize the high quality implementation methods and drive large flow of soft Wen, planning the next step to implement the program.

NO.2: Baidu know, Search ask questions and answers, channel marketing, implementation of

1. Batch registered Baidu know, Soso Ask, Sina answers, YAHOO answers and Q & a type of website, from time to time to ask questions, in the problem with appropriate enough links (note and connect to the number, or a good result. The risk, to guide the user visiting) my website

2. question and answer, answer my question (for example, Q: what is a good woman website recommendation? Answer: the more the day, cool fashionable woman net is good).

3. Answer the question of others, I am concerned about the scope of the first set (beauty, skin care, dress collocation · · · ·), in my reply link others, plus the best in the "reference material", not every link to the home page, link to the article to do processing questioner the problem can be. You can also make some relevant articles for the questioner.

NO.3: Forum, stick it, come on, marketing promotion law,

1. batch registration popular comparison of the theme of the website with the stick BBS (Baidu paste bar, sky come, mop hodgepodge, etc.).

2. don’t post the bare, with shade of inevitable, don’t let the user first glance that you are AD soft, otherwise, will not miss you.

3., try to choose those high popularity of the forum, send some people pay attention to the words

Funny how to make 300 thousand of net profit in a month

spent 500 yuan to find a few beautiful women to dance, video, not dancing, is a very normal, allowed dance, of course, this has a degree, reasonable grasp of this degree on it.

second, an advertisement in this dance, the advertisement in the female QQ, QQ must remember, especially easy to remember, you see here, QQ, to stay for a long time, add the QQ, can be free to see the dance.

, the third step, send this video to some video stations, especially at some YELLOW stations, and soon reprinted.

fourth, on this QQ, read "free to watch my dancing video site is"

fifth step, in this, written, please download the landing software, download the address.. (Firefox).

sixth, ask it to use Firefox to login a sub – registered web site, so that it can register an account.

a video can be sold for about $10 thousand a week, which is the real number.

two, a test, then earn 100 thousand monthly sales selling ideas, creative, the price is 10 thousand yuan, the first test, after the payment, as far as possible after the interview, come, tell him to make the whole process of QQ Asia, let him understand that the core is to promote the QQ, let he look at income, income also is true.

let him provide 3 URLs to you, and then you find beauty, to a video, of course is a new video, and then offered him, he according to your method to do, this is a completely leveraging the development process.

as long as your stuff is good, it’s OK to sell several ideas a day. If someone sells 100 thousand yuan a month now, I can help sell it.. This method, on the one hand, is absolutely not contrary to any principle problem. Another aspect is entirely through the use of the transfer habits and lewd habits. Finally, welcome brothers to join my straight chain alliance, in fact, understand the chain of friends know that the chain is no amount of deduction, you come to how much you will return, there are only many, no less)

Chinese Internet foundation has been shaken, how to solve is fundamental

in order to ensure the authenticity of the information site for the record, "the implementation of the Ministry of industry and information technology on further in-depth remediation special action plan" mobile phone pornographic work request: "basic telecom enterprises and various access service providers before the communications authority to submit a site for the record, to the identity information of face verification, effective retention the photocopy of the certificate, to review the main website information, contact information and access to information". The site sponsor received a notice of filing, by the person responsible for the site I carry verification documents required to access services, the original material unit for the record site for verification procedures.

News — "the Ministry to IDC to take pictures to station personnel records information"

February 22nd has just issued a notice, that is to say the words before the Ministry to discuss the results is a "record verification"?! I really unbearable, sorry, sorry today.

the Ministry for three times in China Internet, a serious Internet, seemingly calm a static and dynamic pages, are accompanied by a dangerous situation. No one can take the Internet so the whole, saw a picture, there was a news titled "the Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Chinese Internet is open" and below the indicated news comment is "the comment has been closed, this is how ridiculous


I don’t want to see if this article can be used by foreign criminals or anything called by Chinese people. But Chinese people always have something to say.

MIIT these interventions, and finally, the results have the following:

, a webmaster website divided in public opinion, jittery all day.

think, since the beginning of the Ministry of pornography special action began, how many famous websites have been shut down or forced to migrate servers?. Close the famous blog, not to think of the fence nets, and some sites such as Shun net, said out of a period of time before moving abroad, now move back; UUCall since last October began shutting down, moved to Hongkong after the relevant formalities (than the Ministry to fast!) before opening this spring day. There are many webmaster site in this action is not forced to shut down, that is, for no reason to stop the different length of time, those who shut down the webmaster may even server data can’t take back. Every day on the basic line of the webmaster are concerned about one thing: to see whether their site shut down. You see, if a lion sees a tiger and has no spirit, then what about the offspring of the lion? Maybe no more will be done.

two, domain name, host fund outflow, rare stationmaster returns heart

said the China Internet association is the victim (as opposed to when I did), the ministry ordered CNNIC to stop the CN domain name, personal registration, he seems to have no way, but is not for the individual CN domain name registered on the same day, the world.