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Talk about the details of the success factors of website ranking details

is currently on the site’s ranking kiom cloud. If a site is not to love Shanghai or the first two pages of Google, it is very difficult to do website, website, how to make your website in the numerous website in the top rankings? What factors have influence on the site? The author of this problem and you with the talk.

second: hardware main factors influencing the website ranking and you also have a great relationship. Your host is not smooth, the relationship with the speed of speed, even if the performance of the server host can not be guaranteed if your site is difficult to have a good ranking in many sites. Not on the schedule, is meant to be. So we must not be careless, host and server hardware imagine a website always fall, always can not open the page, this website search engine will be very ruthless will you into the blacklist.

third: the site structure is reasonable. A good website must have a site map. The site map will guide users and search engines and read the content of your website. Convenient, limin. The target navigation bar in addition to the website is very important. A better user experience of the website, in the rankings will occupy a great advantage. Humane, rational, only by the users love, love will also be search engine.

fourth: website space to have substantive things. The main point is that this content is king. If the content on your site without substance, ranking will also be greatly affected. In a number of articles, should focus on less hair, more exquisite articles, these really useful to the user, from the user’s perspective to write, will be better. This user jump out rate is low.

first we must understand the characteristics of their own website, the expected goal of the rankings, in addition to the ranking and optimization related to view your competitors website, Zhiyizhibi, can be invincible, learn the strengths of others, has weaknesses, for you to understand the competitor’s website, and not deliberately the competitor’s website, but to tell you to learn from other advantages. To suppress others sometimes does not improve themselves, so we still have to go to work from their own side can.

fifth: the site within the chain is also very important. One of the factors also affect the site ranking reason. A good website, in an article in the chain is essential. A key link to the corresponding article or column, guide the user to browse depth. This can reduce the rate of jump out of the user, but also allows users to your site has greater ownership and sense of dependence. So your website ranking is likely to continue to increase. The search engine found a visitor did not stay long time at your site, it will think that your site is not what the actual value, so will affect your site’s ranking in search results. So we in the construction site must ensure that each page has enough information or practical function, only in this way can.

Shanghai Longfeng novice keyword selection strategy

then if you don’t do your own analysis of keywords and screening, this analysis is that if you passed the relevant query tool, to know whether these words every day people search frequency and heat, if the words you do while you feel useful, but with the help of Internet search tools after the inquiry found that the frequency of these key words every day is very low, so even if you put these words to sit in vain, because he does not give you access to a certain amount, no visits to talk about what

finally I want to say is that some people in order to increase website traffic, spend a lot of energy and material resources to do some popular keywords, even if you finally put these popular keywords do go up, even bring some considerable traffic to your website, but these words almost and your subject is not what this correlation, methods and strategies in order to mislead the user traffic indirectly is never desirable.

industry general term refers to those products of the same industry, the same industry service etc.. For example: psychological consultation, wedding photography, JAVA training and so on. To provide these products and services businesses across the country in a minority, do these common industry terms is to quickly in the same industry to establish a reputation, create a certain degree of brand. >

about Shanghai dragon is the search engine optimization, so he optimization is what? In addition to the core of things within the site outside of the key words in the search engine ranking nature. So now do is to screen and determine the ranking of keywords is a key. Some of the best views of Shanghai dragon talk about oneself.

first, if you are in the thorough understanding of the products and services they did not stand in the user’s point of view to consider the issue, not to think if users need such a product or service what they would do in the search engine to find related products and service information, so some keywords you sure is nothing more than the others. So the key is to play its role is not very good, because you are out of the needs of users.

why I just started to mention the brand word? What is the brand word? Say the name of your company, your product name etc.. Do you like: the United States, GREE, Nike, Haier, Sina and so on, these are all brand word, if not the brand word of these enterprises in the first place to show it to the enterprise users will have a bad feeling. Users search for your brand word cannot see your website in the first place, is it possible?

I want to discuss if you choose keywords unreasonable what are the drawbacks:

second: general industry

conversion? We all know The so-called

then some people may ask, how do I go to formulate and select the right keywords? Unisignflex Shanghai dragon to share some of my personal experiences and insights:

: the first brand

Nofollow FAQ



"nofollow" label is a label of noble baby, Yahoo and Microsoft Corp to put together a few years ago, the link with the tag will not be calculated weights, the search engine supports nofollow properties, inhibition of blog or forum junk messages to a great extent. The webmaster is a good thing. The following is the common problem of Lou song song nofollow.

noble baby more emphasis on the PR will not be passed, but PR does not represent the rankings, ZAC also said: for users, you can click on the link to another site, did not use scripts turn, just a HTML link, this is not what is the external links

cited below a noble baby said:

Nofollow is the chain link in

a lot of people through the experiment, the most important spider appeared for the first time the link anchor text is the first link >

in unrelated website links in general use

this code to tell the search engines, the entire page is not tracking code into the code between.

rel=" nofollow"

this code is added in a hyperlink in rel=" nofollow", tell the search engines do not track this connection.

in ?How to use nofollow

nofollow in the blog, forum messages, comments generally used area, a little expansion we can also add it not frequently update the page, such as advertising, website page, note that the addition of rel=" nofollow" website is generally not update the page, and add unrelated website links.

tag is usually used in the comments on a blog or forum posts, because these places are the most spam links place. The Z-blog system is the default label with nofollow.

usually, these sites do not track the noble baby, that noble baby through these links to transmit PageRank or text location. In essence, the use of nofollow will stop us grab target links to web pages. However, if the other sites link to the target page and not using nofollow, or the URL of the page contained in the submission to the noble treasure site map, these pages may still appear in the index. Please note that the other search engines on nofollow and we may be slightly different.


joined the nofollow label in two ways:


Whether ORM will become unscrupulous business cloth

In other words,

smart readers should be able to see, ORM is more than just Shanghai, a step further, but also than the general sense of the Shanghai dragon trouble, because of the need for online reputation management by means of ORM and Shanghai Shanghai dragon, dragon and Phoenix are inseparable, the two also have a lot of similarities.

1. when the ORM team of online reputation management for customers, ORM technical personnel should first conduct a comprehensive assessment of the entire project, for example, to find out which keywords can be found on the brand adverse information on the home page, find the source of the negative information and the degree of authority, have a certain understanding of the entire project difficulty however.

in Shanghai dragon? The main responsibilities of the

we can simply describe the main operation processes of ORM to illustrate the close relationship between Shanghai and the Dragon:

ORM and

the best way to judge two kinds of methods of things is to proceed from the purpose, Shanghai dragon is designed to optimize the keywords ranking, make a key to love Shanghai or Google home is to achieve the purpose of the Shanghai dragon. ORM ORM on the contrary, the main purpose is to remove some negative information in the search engine, the search engine results page from the home page or pages disappear.

ORM and Shanghai dragon contact

from Shanghai Dragon

love Shanghai "ORM" and "online reputation management", you will find the relevant information about ORM less and less, and even in the Internet developed in Europe and the United States, ORM company has just begun. In spite of this, but these companies still won the support of many VCs, such as the United States online reputation management website Reputation贵族宝贝 in the last year has earned more than $40 million investment.

ORM can be said to be a combination of Shanghai dragon and crisis public relations, but also quite behind the feeling, but on the current development situation, the difference between ORM and PR and promoter who is ORM focus is on enterprise online reputation / brand management, rely more on technology or Shanghai dragon.

ORM Online reputation English called management, meaning "online reputation management".

ORM is responsible for brand promotion and daily management and responsible for the elimination of negative information. For example, real time monitoring and the company’s brand of Internet news and dynamic; the use of social tools to establish high-quality brand image for enterprises; the removal of negative information in the search engine.

so, what’s the connection and difference between ORM and

ORM is the search engine results page (usually the home page or pages) control the display results, the customer does not want to see the results of removing is one of the core tasks of ORM.

Create a large number of readability plateau and soft skills

to "do" (moving people from small to large in life with a story, the story of the title is more likely to move people, to attract people, lead people to read) "hanging" (interest, inspiration and suspense, people tend to have more suspense things interested), ". (" charming and suspense, people of unknown things are full of curiosity, the title form can design what you don’t know why the secret, secret, truth, trick, etc.) to "dangerous" scary (through intimidation means to attract readers to the attention of the soft, such as a health food soft Wen title "Oh, hyperosteogeny kills these types of title)".

a good soft Wen is the enterprise brand, product and service cleverly added content, from the content of the implant user subconscious brain, causing users to deepen the impression of this article and share out, so as to achieve viral spread. To achieve this effect, not only in content to a lot of thought, the title is also an important factor.


the show and the number of hits in addition to the correlation mentioned above the title of the article, and the platform weight as well as the title of the form. We should choose some relatively high weights in the platform publishing platform selection, search engines often patronize the priority weights of the high site, in return the results page will display priority high weight website article. The strange title can cause readers to click on the desire to create the title can be considered attractive by "benefit" (that is, in the title directly indicate your interests), with "new" greedy people (people always fresh, fresh things of interest), moving with the "emotion" (people there are emotional animal, feelings can influence and affects our hearts, thus affecting our behavior, with "love" to move the reader).

Title Title: the title of the article points to include the content of the article and the main scope of business promotion, for example: a floral training school, whose business is the title of the floral training, to include the word flower, so, after the search engines, users according to their own needs to enter the relevant search words there will be a chance to search, his article, for example: according to the needs of users enter the search term "floral training" search, if their title contains "these two words, the floral may appear in the results returned by the page in the page, to achieve precise delivery, the increase number display method click rate and list a few tips below.

there are many types of title, there is always a is the most appropriate, this would require according to the actual conditions >

users want to see an article first see is the title of the article, only the title of the article can affect readers’ emotions, readers can open this article, on the other hand, if the title does not have what special, not to arouse the reader’s interest content writes well, in the end become useless. To some minds when creating the title, to think from several aspects.

Analysis for the website in question is whether to change

we all know what is not possible on a while, things may not be perfect in every respect, with the change of times, before the right thing there may be errors, minor changes, sewing is normal, just walk in the street with you, see everywhere in the excavation as for the former planning is to meet at that time, but now the rapid development of society has become the city just to keep up with the rhythm.

the same for the same site, the site can not design planners to design the website planning is quite perfect, they three years ago or five years ago, planning and design of the website does not know like love will be released in Shanghai pomegranate algorithm, Scindapsus algorithm, original spark program, a few years ago can rely on a web site the unilateral reason ran to love Shanghai an easy job to do home, for example what clicks ah, buy Links ah, buy the news source ah, a lot of hair the chain ah so may make words on the front page site Guan Jian come on pretty relaxed, but now with the Internet environment changes, click device failure, news source that link was punished, a large number of links will be judged spam links, invalid link, change the implementation of these strategies as the love of Shanghai, so now a lot of people Confused, it seems no matter how hard, whether it is every day to write original, or every hair of the chain, make high quality chain, website ranking always piaffe, here is that a lot of people seem to forget one thing, although many aspects in the effort, but in the website for example code in Guan Jian the word layout, and always do not want to go, or like before the link depth is not reasonable, not standardized, URL site title, description is unreasonable, the anchor text everywhere, why because they heard that the site was built is not moving, change it may cause right down, so that only a little before the results come to nothing, according to the previous practice of the title of the page, everyone is trying to Guan Jian all the words are listed up, there is what Guan Jian is up to 10 words How many, but now seems that this is the wrong approach, the general view is the title of the page Guan Jian don’t do too many words, it will spread the weight of the title, and some are still inside with a special character, contact telephone number, address, so now is not desirable, the standard answer many people hear the word of Guan Jian is best density is less than 8%, more than the density may be a Guan Jian word stack, is the site of Guan Jian better professional word density is higher than 20% is also fine, as long as it is natural, not deliberately stack, it is safe, but some friends now obviously that is wrong, but it is not willing to change. Because the fear of being right down.

written in the last: and when I want to say in this word is right, if you think before there is insufficient, some of the previous practices is wrong, then we must change, if you want to change, it must be in the right direction, don’t be afraid to be right down, but not necessarily right now, for no change right down this thing.

How to do the marketing work of the construction of tourism website QQ

1. image understanding (> needs its own products and customers

5. all target customers and potential customers in a major group in the maintenance of

The addition of

tourism website for construction industry, due to the development of the industry’s own market restrictions and market, the traditional search engine marketing and can not achieve the desired results. If combined with the traditional QQ marketing, with its precise, really, easy operation, good interactive effect, long duration and other characteristics, it can quickly improve the exposure rate of the construction of tourism websites and visibility. I do not know how many practitioners start in the process of concrete operations, in fact, as long as we grasp this two ways to find customers and product marketing, QQ marketing is not so difficult.

in the basic data set QQ after the key for customers is the tourism website builders work, collecting all kinds of tourism, hotel industry, the construction site can add a variety of website construction exchange group. Since the target customers less accurate for certain difficulties, can join the first turn of the hotel and tourism industry exchange group, select target from the customer, or by mail sending test is not the target customers. Through a large number of QQ group, observed that the hunt for the right customer after their unified into a cluster. Can be booked through the hotel industry or tourism industry QQ mail and QQ consulting available through our website, the website has its special consultation did not change the demand, of course, for some clients through the official website, in temporarily unable to reach the transactions, but also the first to join the group. In the daily release of information, can be considered to study QQ, there will also be the first off the need for consultation. Summarized several points:

3. customers to consult the

, leaving the initiative to send message

2. email

4. QQ

customers looking after need products to sell, how to let customers participate in the tourism website construction work. For QQ marketing, the most important thing is to sell a product, how to market competition of similar products to the user’s trust is a very important issue, but communication is undoubtedly the best way to narrow the distance of customers. In QQ communication on behalf of the company’s image and brand building, we must have a detailed understanding of the product, understand the use of the product range, and peer advantage. Customers really care about is what the product can do, than similar products advantage, gain customer choice. In the first communication manners, product description clearly, roughly the speed is moderate, cautious expression or tone word, font to the rules, according to the characteristics of our communication and the best time in the afternoon, meet the customer to answer over is appropriate but urged polite and careful, do not mess with pop the image or vibration, the image of the company. Summarized several points:

1. (the number of related exchange group, active and targeted)


The fruits of creativity under Xiang Yun – Suzhou Industrial Park cloud innovation projectHow to tur

Most of


"your goddess of hearts will receive"


Yang Jicheng, the Taiwan compatriots, the first global bargain auction marketing shopping guide platform — "bargain king" is the only one on the roadshow will block the cloud innovation projects, "the Taiwan market is too small, and the park innovation atmosphere, supporting entrepreneurship policy very attractive"

Entrepreneurs: Yang Jicheng miles, from the island of Taiwan to start

, I have an idea,

"to buy things in the" king of bargain ", transaction price is low it is hard to imagine, in Taiwan, the tablet computer market of NT $9999, 26 in Suzhou, with the latest iPhone 6, the price of less than 2 cents." Yang Jicheng introduced, immediately aroused the interest of all present.

‘s business ideas are very outset not reliable, are full of full of ideal pupil scene in the future, feel that all people should be so in the future, customers of this huge demand even beyond the estimated value, he found a new blue ocean, in changing the world, then the gap between ideal and reality in the end? I put the evolution of the idea of an entrepreneurial friends show for everyone to see, this can let everybody see more details, you can more clearly understand how a reliable venture idea into a reliable business project.

electricity supplier + social mind box, through the mobile phone APP client and WeChat platform, provide free gift, to express the mind, sun wishes service for the user, but also through other ways to raise the public as the user wishes and dreams.


project 2: mind box from the media social platform

project 1, bargain Wang

"iPhone 6, the price is less than 2 cents,"

is the first time we met in Tianhe South Road opened his friend named playground bar, this is a very exotic music, are a group of people who love music open, so it attracts a lot of people who love music to patronize. Although the space is not large, but also made a small stage, the sofa and chairs below are arranged around the stage, feeling a bit like a small concert venue. After we sat down, Wen Hao ordered two bottles of foreign beer which I still could not name, and then we began to talk.

then the next several times we are all about in this bar talk, but talk several times after I found a lot of talk every now Wenhao are industry trends, industry trends and concepts of things, do not talk to the concrete should the idea of how to achieve level. So one night, I said to Wen Hao that it wouldn’t be possible to talk like this


Entrepreneur: Wu Wenbin, 85, CEO

, regardless of birthdays, holidays, or send goddess, send parents, just online shopping, others will receive surprise, Wu said Wen Bin, mind box has more flexible electricity supplier process and many people participate in social attributes. "You can also bask in your wishes, gather together, send gifts, no matter how many people, will be as a mind, keep in the wish >!"

talents, entrepreneurship and innovation, in September 23rd, the Suzhou Industrial Park project successfully held the first show cloud innovation roadshow, roadshow scene, 6 projects won the "cloud innovation project", their innovative entrepreneurial passion, a powerful and unconstrained style of the project, to showcase the park cloud computing industry vigorous innovation and unlimited future.

"king of bargain game rules, the only bidder can bid." Yang Jicheng told reporters last week, "bargain King trial operation in the Soviet Union," WeChat public number bargain King Pinyin, we can immediately bargain, each bid to pay fees, no bid fee of 100%, return your shopping shopping to gold, gold can bargain King partners to buy things.

"over the past 20 years, the PC end of the growth of the Internet in 20 years, an era, is the traditional electricity supplier miracle however, the next day is belong to the mobile Internet, social electricity providers will realize the ambition" the young people yearning for heroic utterance CEO.

Wen Hao took iPhone mobile phone to show me some well-known foreign brand creative furniture, and do some creative Home Furnishing concept designers to do the work, he said he had an idea, wants to set up a creative Home Furnishing company designed for young people to build a design, and contacted some foreign designers can help make furniture the hope can create a well-known furniture brand, and then asked me what I thought. In fact, I do kitten home is also because of creative furniture products have a strong interest in the creation of the, Ho Hao idea with my interest points are in tune, so I appreciate his entrepreneurial projects. But this time, we are just chatting about some home websites and home styles. I haven’t talked about how to carry out it and how to manage it.

Who is the price to kill the lowest

Wen Hao is in an accidental opportunity to see Liu Zijun founded kitten home web site after understanding, he added the number I left on the site, and I exchange his business plan. Wenhao before working in one of the big four accounting firms, is the manager of the project team, although treatment can be, but his daily work is to face a lot of vague and apathy, but he felt it was not the life he wanted, so he began to plan their own entrepreneurial projects, when he saw the kitten home site, think this is in line with his entrepreneurial style, so take the initiative to communicate with me, and about me.

Take Baidu pictures to get IP million

discovered an oddball half a year ago, but it still exists……

, let’s take a look at the picture below —


this is the Baidu search list of ten beautiful billboard, which is the highest index Zhang Xiaoyu, nearly one million daily search volume; followed by Liu Yifei, an average of more than two hundred thousand per day. See these figures, surely we are envious.

, let’s start with a keyword like Liu Yifei, for example, into Baidu pictures search. Please wait a moment to enjoy the fairy sister, let us directly to the scroll bar down below


is not a bunch of people’s fantasy words? Is there to click the right impulse? When you have love, click on the Liu Yifei body large exposure map or what is Liu Yifei chest big exposure figure these keywords, you will find it very few. Take a closer look at the pictures and almost all of them come from the same website. Such as the Baidu space –


, let’s change another key word, such as Ruby Lin –


, too, Ruby Lin was exposed to the whole body……

go ahead and find Jang Na Ra, a Korean beauty –


MM is also a way to escape the exposure. As for the other in the list of the beautiful star, you can check one by one, few MM can escape the claws. And the search results are almost always on one page. In fact, I just saw a few months ago, almost all those big exposure what only a website (which is your own look, Liu Yifei is just the whole body exposure, with a large exposure site Ruby Lin body all can see), so people have to suspect that these related keywords are out of the brush station.

since our forefathers have opened the road, we are going along.

read so much, do you have a clue,


finally in order to motivate everyone, send a Baidu pictures to flow and dispatch blog, the blog built in November 07, so far has about one million ip.

Baidu is simply a telephone harassment Center

Baidu (Shanghai) is simply a telephone harassment center,

: I believe that many people may have the same feeling with me, almost every day from 021-6135**** from Baidu and 6147**** phone, and the morning afternoon have several phone calls to the company, my personal mobile phone is the same. Company employees as long as heard the bell ringing to see the phone shows 6135 or 6147 digit number four, directly picked up the microphone down and then hang up, but my mobile phone rang immediately, call the same number, simply intolerable.

today, said on the blog this not because telemarketing itself has what problem, but Baidu has originality in marketing management, management of Baidu is the kind of a dangerous situation, bombing promotion, detonation to your dizziness, fried until you surrender the payment date, otherwise complete.

I once called Baidu and suggested that they contact my company by hand, not today, Zhang three, tomorrow, Li four, and the day after tomorrow……

Baidu is already a listed company in the world. Why can’t you be more humane in marketing?

according to the observation of the last month, to my company website visit customers mostly through GOOGLE, Baidu used to be the majority, now YAHOO was responding, I released the information on the network quickly by GOOGLE and YAHOO included, Baidu included the opposite effect is very poor.

so I want a serious criticism of Baidu, you don’t include our, do not always call me, ah, did we do the bidding can be included? Not as good as google