Original articles should be ranked first

here questions come, love Shanghai not to push the spark plan, not to support the original, is this is the original love Shanghai? Then you say the Shanghai algorithm is not mature, Shanghai original love is a lie, love Shanghai’s really so simple, really don’t do what every day, write on the line since shortly before the release of Shanghai love? Talk about the chain after judgment, now a lot of people outside the chain and no matter, now that Shanghai does not need love ranking chain, coupled with the love of Shanghai launched the original spark program, well, now every day to write articles, think to write a good article, then the ranking came naturally, naturally should be ranked first, really be so simple, that is not to say that Shanghai dragon has ended, after a editor to write every day You can, as long as the site has articles, other do not care, a lot of people because of this every day around whining about every day, everywhere abuse, it is not fair, only stand in their own interests to consider things, if it is really like these people think, the fairness for the other the website, those years of painstaking efforts of high weight website, such as A5, the owners of the house to this industry website, so, after we have these above soft articles, I should be ranked first, they should be ranked below me, I feel really such ranking, that is really the algorithm is not mature, I saw the article on the list in 360 he search "

is now a lot of people published an article, general release order is the first to put this article published on his website, and then publish this article to other platforms, what is soft, since it is soft, it must have a large impact on the nature. It is included a lot of appear on the platform, and dozens of links to articles on their own less, many hundreds, most people will be here to do one thing, that is the title of the article in the search box to search for love in Shanghai, the results show out, their website doubled the number of Not the least trace was found.. The search page to the row in front of the station is either soft or reproduced, station, some even reproduced than themselves release the soft ranking is better.

love since Shanghai launched the spark plan, vigorously support the discussion around the original, this is also the last to see better can be heard without end, and there is such a view: the original article should show the quality, should be ranked first. There are the so-called master also published such a view, of course, is not really the master of this is not to say, but I love Shanghai out of the so-called masters, really found some fame, is better to do the training, if this is really the case, that is not the son of the master brother error. So, here I do not know, is a master of intentionally and, or is it that is understood, a phenomenon of popular now, deliberately ugly, deliberately wrong, reverse marketing also is the influence caused by such great face, so the actual situation really is don’t know.

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