Love Shanghai no shortage of wolf spirit should no longer adhere to the PPC Model

When the


when the Alibaba and Sina micro-blog negotiations, love Shanghai hesitated.

look at love Shanghai, Qihoo, three stock noble baby curve comparison, can be found in the last half year, love Shanghai more miserable.

when the Alibaba and the UC browser when negotiating, love Shanghai hesitate.

Alibaba and Sina micro-blog provides social marketing integrated service for small and medium-sized enterprises, Shanghai is facing the love can not provide new value-added services for customers of the embarrassing situation.

had to love Shanghai no longer search Taobao Alibaba, after the Alibaba can no longer Sina micro-blog search to woo Shanghai? When Sina micro-blog and Tencent micro-blog does not allow love Shanghai search, love will become a social sea outside the walls of the lost.

in the first quarter of 2013, the love of Shanghai hit a four year record of the worst quarter. Love Shanghai in the first quarter revenue of nearly 6 billion yuan, net profit of 2 billion, and in 2010 the main business profit margin and net interest rate for the first quarter had little difference. A cycle of three years, fell in love with the sea like back to the origin.


when the Tencent’s QQ online shopping half-dead, Tencent in the field of electronic commerce still adhere to the layout, and love Shanghai midway announced the closure of "love Shanghai ah, cool days off.

Tencent bought Discuz, the layout of movies, tourism, delicacy O2O business, and love the Shanghai Philharmonic live failed.

Tencent said: "in the future, I have a WeChat." Love Shanghai said: "I have the ppc."

noble baby said: "I want to do cross-border hardware, my noble baby Glass will be on the market." Love Shanghai said: "I have the ppc."

since 2008, Shanghai has done a lot of love, such as love, love Shanghai Shanghai input method, the browser is in love with Hai Yun, love of Shanghai mobile phone operating system…… Even recently there are similar noble baby Glass love Shanghai Eyes. But when you want to sort out love can support the future of Shanghai business, the number can be found on the scanty. Iqiyi is a bright spot, but with the love in search of Shanghai Empire, is just one of the branches, work together with other business can not. As a Alibaba to get through all aspects of electronic commerce, Tencent, WeChat has formed a new business platform, business system between each other as the basis.

what makes love in Shanghai today? In the face of 360 overbearing offensive, just call the spirit of the wolf is enough? Obviously, >


Alibaba said: "I lack the social elements can be made up by Sina micro-blog." Love Shanghai said: "I have the ppc."

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