How to write the webmaster website title

length control

and title contain the keywords

this is a problem inside the Soso Ask: "-| coat jacket sweater coat
fashion coat | winter coat dress | army green coat collocation | lady coat how this should be a typical keyword, my suggestion is that if there is no brand websites (such as VANCL, excellence to determine the best keywords; etc.) should be in one to two or so.

love Shanghai search result can display 30 Chinese characters; here suggest that title length is best controlled within 32; if it can be controlled at about 25 is the best. There are a lot of people love to imitate some of the more successful web site title to write this, I think, is not entirely undesirable, but still want to own actual situation, because most successful website is not to the point of writing from Shanghai Phoenix website title.

this is equivalent to a nonsense, but we must say that the title keyword is one or two keywords must be derived from keyword research; many do at the beginning of Shanghai Longfeng personnel are extremely easy to make a mistake, is to enter a field, skip the keyword research, writing is title according to their own feelings, then the titile keyword ranking is up, but no flow.

correlationThe correlation between the

four, Title

five and Title

three, do not stack


title writing directly or indirectly determines the click rate, one of the important factors which is why some stand ranking is not ranked by the station of high hit rate. Title must be able to accurately express the content of the page, let users see the general content of title will be able to think of the page.

to lose weight do an analogy, if the core keywords your website is the best way to lose weight loss methods, then come to the front, such as "slimming slimming slimming method _ _ Moumou network"; click here to say medical websites, now medical website competition really eye popping medical websites; in recent years such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain like the emergence of medical website title; and from the original general keywords gradually localization, such as "hospital" of the word, many hospitals are in the local word + gynecological hospital; if the conversion from the marketing point of view; actually this kind of title can be with the best or most authoritative words etc..

Where do Keywords

Shanghai Longfeng personnel should know the importance of the website title, today we summarize personal Shanghai Longfeng this time about how to write title, and study together, inappropriate, please point out more.

two, keywords appear in the front of

Take the word

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