How to analyze the competition website choose keywords to make up for their shortcomings

before optimization (贵族宝贝tuofa66贵族宝贝 seborrheic alopecia) in this site, I selected key words is really a bit failure. Why did I fail, you can search the three keywords, seborrheic alopecia, seborrheic alopecia, how to do the treatment of seborrheic alopecia. Three words the number of fat as shown in figure

three, try to figure out the competition website internal structure of

We choose the I have been

has a lot of Shanghai dragon does not know the internal structure, but there are a lot of internal structure brings meaning. You can try to figure out the use of competitors layout. For example, rival website internal link building, website long tail keywords, website CSS layout. In fact, there are many competitors on learning


two, analysis of the web site information


is the first word of the index is quite high. "We love Shanghai in search of seborrheic alopecia how to do" this words, my site ranked seventh, but you do have 4 bidding. But before I heard of love Shanghai index was not included in Shanghai to promote the love that is in search of "what to do" seborrheic alopecia 165 times a day, but this index does not count in Shanghai for love. I don’t agree to this point of view, when users search for the word, more than eighty percent of the flow has been popularized in Shanghai take sex, even if the row in the home page will not bring too much traffic. So that everyone in the selected keywords, we must analyze the word how many auction rivals, but not to say this word in the first row with no traffic, but more than competitors need more resources will be, to avoid competition keywords, can choose high conversion keywords, often bring traffic is money.

, how to select the high conversion rate of the keyword

use their competitors to choose effective keywords, which requires a certain observation and data analysis. How to select the most effective keyword better, or select the conversion keyword. We also need to observe key competitors, this is certain and inevitable. So that competitors can sometimes give us favorable conditions, but also the effective lethal opponent. Shanghai maintained the highest level of a dragon. Especially sitting in the love of Shanghai "the first throne", when you face the pressure will be greater. How to analyze competitor selection of key words is very important step, I am here to share a real station.

website keyword, we love Shanghai through the search related keywords, and then look at the top of the key word is how to do, we should do the relevant data concerned, concerned with the rival site outside the chain of quality, before we can analyze the opponent chain through the YAHOO chain, but now only through the relevant regional perspective site outside the chain. Can also be observed by looking at Links, good outside chain can bring high weight, so we usually observe and analyze competitors, make full preparations for their rivals.

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