No ranking didn’t click Only blame too Low deployment site title!

C, not only for flow rate,

website title role? Ranked lower than you, but the flow is more than you; construction period almost, the other ten left the site practical street, but why is it not ranked? This could be the problem. Every good ranking site: the title is also very good, in the garbage sites in 70% sites made the title will be very

well, well, your website title deployment feasible? I believe some share below, will let you have results:


first "official" written in the title, if some of the common site, probably because the current two words is down right (past), because of the "official" is not to write, if all the sites are so written, who knows what is the official website? So do website certification.

B, set the question word

A, the title is longer, the higher the rank of

the above 3 points, I found here on the website of Shanghai dragon in the diagnosis of the most concentrated TIT>

many sites in the update article, will use such as "XXX, which is better?" this method can really? I want to say is: really!! but the search engine is also different, your site if there is such a discourse right? This is worth thinking otherwise, you will end by spider abandon.

a lot of website headline: do I consider how many products get together like these products are all written title to the above, but not to consider: the search engine can eat disappear? Your website blessed it? Each site has the weight quota, you do have a lot of things, the nature of each the word quota is lower, eat more than you can chew finally what cannot eat.

"next, hotel reservation, ticket booking inquiries, tourist resort, if what is a low weight site to mimic the consequences? One word could not produce a ranking, why? Ma said, of course, to the horse Zhang San said more reliable, this is the title of the art.


how many web sites do! The title looks around, all the heap is the product of word, word flow, do not know what is the name of this site beyond count. In order to get more keywords, sacrifice brand word, really right? The same thing, a brand, a brand is, the user’s choice will be different, such as spider.

then I write the title in accordance with those in good can not it? But it’s applicable? Different weights of the website, writing the title are also different. For example, Ctrip ctrip贵族宝贝 website: hotel reservation, booking air tickets, vacation, business management "

! flow better? brand?

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