The search engine ranking rules Scholarship model

in the university is very common, because each score is not only decided by performance, and by your usual integral to occupy a certain proportion, according to the different subjects are not the same proportion. This ranking as you now get a well done is not enough, SE will see you in, if you always don’t obey the rules, even if your final score is very high, but

you are suspected of cheating, and you usually behave, even if the final exam is bad, there may be very high in, you can still talent shows itself or not to fail the exam. This is the reality.

ever so he got a scholarship, I think he academicachievement is very good, so I admire him sometimes people unhappy, then know he is not good culture class, most of his bonus too much…… But at the same time, I do not know the original scholarship has so many rules. When I see someone ask the user experience whether there is a role I think of this.

fourth, user experience and bonus items.

second, every division success is not high performance well.

we know whether in college or high school, no matter how high your total score, but if there is a scholarship to you fail the exam, so no chance. Held in the Shanghai dragon rankings, such as your Shanghai dragon all is what good, but as your site is open speed is slow, and even a minute are not open, so you want to get good rankings is not enough. So do Shanghai dragon, will also taboo partial branch, no matter how some aspects are not too bad.

third, the total score of all subjects the proportion of influence.


website has been ranked Shanghai dragon floating is concerned about the hearts of many people, so why ranking sites prone to fluctuations, what are the factors that cause the website ranking rules, a simple model of scholarship may give us some inspiration.

in high school, science or arts comprehensive scores may change, for example, sometimes integrated is 300, the number of language is 150, and when the number of language 150 is 150, this time may be due to rule changes will also affect your final score. This ranking has the overall ratio of problems, such as the chain proportion or content proportion, different time may change, when you don’t have to do any change, your score has quietly changed, so some people have been down to find the reasons, but do not know the rules change.

what are the rules?

first, then the high score, fail the exam.


we know a lot of things are in fact from the search of life, such as we have the final ranking as you are to get a scholarship, and the links and content as the most important subject do you think. So, there are many similarities between Shanghai Longfeng ranking rules and you can get the scholarship rules, so the scholarship


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