On the same site search results ranking 2

believe that some friends occasionally to see such a situation, the same website address all in search of the same words appear in the 2 ranking. This not only makes us feel surprised, and this advantage is self-evident, we can obtain the flow ratio is more of the top 10 words. So what is the reason for this result? And what risks exist? Lose Pro Xiaobian together to find a URL web site search rankings have appeared 2 times those:

1 search spider serious URL address

why shortly before the search of his Shanghai dragon 2 directory / forum with and without love / also appear on the first page of Shanghai. Lose weight Pro Xiao Bian latest results already did not exist, the vocabulary of Shanghai Longfeng believe people and do some training in Shanghai dragon friends all know, the degree of competition is fierce. So like a normal search engine search results mentioned above URL 90% website is ranked the analysis system will bring the result of + /, so this does not take / take / and the same words appear in the search results is obviously a little against the search engine users to experience the meaning of. In addition to Cardiff like Shanghai Dragon why that high weight website after all, in China the number is not much, there is a URL address most of the webmaster friends ranking has anxious, if you know the skill set 301 redirect or ZhengZhan absolute path, almost no one would want to spread the weight 2 times ranking results, after all, this is equal to originally a ranking weight times, now 2.3 times can have ranking, keyword ranking cycle also increased obviously. So the general site especially 3-5 months.

Shanghai Longfeng

believes that some webmaster friends know, the search engine spider serious www.jianfei贵族宝贝 and www.jianfeiqin贵族宝贝/ is actually 2 different URL address. Many webmaster friends in order to reduce the weight of the website are dispersed using server 301 redirect the URL redirect the same address. This makes the site more conducive to ranking, if some other friends often observe the search results: 90% website URL address are /. Even if you just click into the domain address display is not to be /.

2 URL 2 ranking

URL 32 times the same word ranking risk

if you analyze it carefully you will find these same keywords in Shanghai love search results appear 2 times ranking sites, most sites are not after 301 redirection, or is not the absolute path making station. The weight of the site is in the same industry types occupy a certain proportion. And as Shanghai dragon why forum Links artificially to exchange his 2 URL address corresponding keyword link. That is to say the corresponding weight is distributed to with and without / / 2 URL address.

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