Love Shanghai Dragon Technology in Shanghai VS station lifting adjustment algorithm


thousand years later, until finally the love of Shanghai was adjusted, but this time the surprise update appeared some big problems, that is, most of the website chain collapse, Difeng Shanghai dragon this time just want to talk to Shanghai dragon ER friends chat, Shanghai dragon will be back to believe that this time is our best way to improve the technology of Shanghai dragon. In fact, as early as last week, Wednesday, love Shanghai ranking has begun to change, and on that day, not how many friends website weight website ranking drop, the weight will naturally improve rankings, maybe a lot of people say, this time it didn’t just wave. A few days will be restored, time after a week, the ranking is also slowly recovering, but today, February 22nd is a 2 day. Outside the chain of many websites have reduced. What does this mean? We need to panic? The answer is, do not need

love Shanghai!

from a few words, speak a non false, indeed, the chain from our point of view, the chain previously released included can check, but now can not find. This update, Difeng Shanghai Longfeng think not only improved love Shanghai algorithm, it is a revolution in Shanghai Longfeng technological progress, because many people are having sex in Shanghai, and Shanghai Longfeng people know, is nothing more than a station outside the station optimization, they all know that. However, I believe that a lot of Shanghai Longfeng do things every day is repeated, we do Shanghai dragon ER really just do these things? "

22 in February 2011 according to the latest news: love Shanghai developers revealed that large update love Shanghai love search business, Shanghai ranked the new rules will be more conducive to the user experience. A ranking algorithm is more concerned about the webmaster, the source said, intelligent recognition system of the new algorithm fusion love Shanghai independent research and development. Illegal chain, forum signature will only be recorded in a chain of statistics. And increase penalties for violations of the Shanghai dragon. But some times most of the sites outside the chain of love Shanghai will be reduced and some illegal BBS signature of the chain! Love Shanghai developers revealed that, on a large scale update search business

webmaster friends, Shanghai dragon friends, this time may be the ranking mechanism to love Shanghai toward standardization, because, in the past, we all know, many sites are by what ah, ah, black chain group or standing group, of course, make up the Shanghai dragon and Feng Di can not say, now these things is useless, but very difficult to want useful. You can see some had been standing group of occupation keywords, seems to most, have no rank, instead of weight is a good site. In the last year, because of the emergence of love Shanghai station group, began to change the algorithm has, more focused on the brand, and this one change can make love Shanghai algorithm is a new revolution in Shanghai, see dragon WHY inside a friend said today to see this in a paragraph forum posts.

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