Over 40% of users believe that the electricity supplier promotional gimmick commodity prices change

Beijing, June 18, "6.18" was originally a Jingdong "anniversary", has now become the brightest business promotion get together day, suning.com, Tmall, Gome online business giants have joined this promotion battle, with the price, send coupons, flash purchase, group purchase, discount and other preferential measures to attract netizen. The day before, according to a survey launched in Beijing IT channel with the number 100 market research company, over 40% of users believe that the electricity supplier promotional "hype gimmick", and that "commodity price and promotion before the difference is minimal, but there are still 60% of users said they would pay attention to dynamic business promotion, identify the timing of orders.

for the electricity supplier, in order to promote is very hard, there is no holiday, holiday to create holiday also, therefore, different types of electricity providers have begun to peak "Festival" grab the market. However, the face of the consumer electricity supplier Festival attitude is what kind of survey found in the new channel IT, more than 60% users will not be tired of staring at electricity supplier promotions. Digital 100 market research firm’s results are similar, 59.4% of the respondents will wait until the electricity supplier promotions orders.

this year, 6.18 electricity supplier promotion war, the game seems to be upgraded. The business started from a simple extensive rush toward the mode of warfare, by their own competitive advantage and construct such as Jingdong in intelligence, financial, social and other fields, O2O offensive. Consumers buy it? In Beijing IT channel survey, 92.3% of users believe that the nature of the electricity supplier marketing is the hype and gimmicks; that is none other promotions accounted for only 7.7%. In figure 100 the results of market research companies are slightly different, as researchers let promotion accounted for 50.3%; 49.7% of the netizens think is "gimmick".

annual electricity supplier promotional war are known as "zero profit" and "low price", but consumers think they really accounted for cheap? Show Beijing IT channel survey, 69.2% of users believe that the price of goods and promotion before no difference; that is really cheaper accounted for 30.8%. The investigation and the number 100 market research company showed that 47.6 of respondents believe that the price of goods and had little difference, 44.1% of respondents believe that "really cheap; there are 8.4% of the users that the commodity price does not fall up".

in fact, electricity providers face intensified close combat battle ", consumers just want to get some benefits. The netizen said: "with the barber shop business promotion staff continue to recommend to you the card as boring things, who benefits, logistics fast, good service, in fact, consumers are already open, this promotion can be less if more affordable this good slobber."

According to the Ministry of Commerce Secretary

estimates, in 2014 the country’s electricity supplier turnover of about 13 trillion yuan, relative to the retail industry, electricity penetration is still less than 20%. In the new channel IT survey shows that the electricity supplier in the year to promote the protagonist is still Taobao, Tmall and Jingdong, accounting for 19>

Chinese people overseas shopping the price is the key to the risk of scouring the sea


technology Zheng Jun

a lot of study and work in the United States Chinese, expect to return home have complex emotions common: on the one hand is home to enjoy delicacy and joyful longing, on the other hand, many relatives and friends for purchasing requirements and a headache. Luxury shoes and bags, designer clothes, cosmetics, health care medicine, maternal and child supplies, but these are not what; child car seat and a large number of baby milk powder, has become a nightmare for many students when returning to the baggage.

go shoppi

and Chinese consumers shopping abroad, is even more crazy consumer groups, they undoubtedly become the most popular American retail industry, strong purchasing power in developed countries is let Americans exclaim. Although the United States per capita GDP is seven times that of the Chinese people, but can appear in the United States, the Chinese people are usually white-collar class, the quality of life, fashion brands have their own pursuit.

with the opening up of China’s economy, more and more Chinese people began to travel abroad. However, whether it is business travel or purely tourism, shopping consumption is the same theme. Data show that last year the number of Chinese outbound tourists grew by 18.4% to about 83000000 passengers, more than the United States and Germany, the world’s largest outbound tourism market.

how strong is the purchasing power of Chinese consumers, China has not only become the world’s fastest growing tourist market in the past ten years, Chinese tourists travel expenses have been ranked first in the world. Chinese tourists spent $102 billion last year on record, more than the United States and Germany (nearly $84 billion) ranked first in the world.

Spring Festival holiday was originally a day Chinese family reunion, but now the new year abroad has become a kind of fashion. At the same time traveling abroad, a large amount of procurement has become a habit. Statistics of the Ministry of Commerce, during the Spring Festival in 2013, Chinese people outside the luxury goods consumption totaled $7 billion 200 million, an increase of 29%, compared with the previous two years, $5 billion 600 million and $4 billion 900 million a substantial increase.

is now the main outlets, such as New York WoodBury, Losangeles Palm Spring or Gilroy in Silicon Valley, which is the domestic well-known consumer fashion brands, mostly equipped with a Chinese guide, even the "foreigner" will be a few Chinese. For them, to understand Chinese means real sales. The outlet, usually there are China Merchants Bank credit card services, will provide free original $5 discount coupons, and rebates according to consumer credit card lottery.

sea Amoy buy world

even if not their shopping abroad, there is no friends overseas purchasing, domestic consumers can through the Internet, scouring the sea way homes to buy cheap goods in the United states. Taobao search in the United States purchasing, the results show that there are 1 million 680 thousand baby. Keywords >

Ali Pictures Group will be out or pave the way for mutual entertainment separate listing

following the electricity supplier ecosystem, cloud computing platform, O2O concepts, Alibaba group (hereinafter referred to as ALI) to the capital market depicts a story about cultural and entertainment. The day before, China Culture Communication (01060.HK) announced that the shareholders’ meeting suggested that the company was renamed the Alibaba film group limited".

investment Youku potatoes, the acquisition of cultural Chinese, founded the Alibaba film group…… Ali in the field of cultural and entertainment has gone farther and farther. Many capital sources told the "First Financial Daily" the reporter said that the establishment of Ali entertainment group, is describing a new culture and entertainment ecosystem to the American capital market; long term, does not rule out the interactive entertainment business all separation, integration, build an independent listed company Ali mutual entertainment.

film fans economy

in March this year, the Chinese culture and Alibaba entered into an agreement to HK $0.5 per share issued to Ali shares of $12 billion 488 million, the total value of HK $6 billion 244 million. After the completion of the transaction, the Alibaba will have Chinese (60% increase) culture and Culture Co., China shareholders node for concerted action, have the right to vote Chinese culture 70.8%.

announcement that the shareholders general meeting suggested that the company’s English name "ChinaVision Media Limited" changed to "Alibaba Pictures Group Limited" Group". And adopted the name "Alibaba Chinese Film Group Limited as the second name to replace the existing Chinese name" China Culture Media Group Limited "and registered in Hongkong.

in addition to the name change, culture China also announced a new member of the board of directors: Ali digital entertainment business leader Liu Chunning, Alibaba group senior vice president Zhang Yu, the Alibaba’s chief risk officer, Shao Xiaofeng, chairman of the board of directors of the Alibaba and the Ma and close movie star Jet Li have joined the board of directors China culture.

future development plan, to raise funds of 40% to 50% will be used to invest and expand the existing business of Chinese culture, but not limited to the production and distribution of movies, TV series and network drama.

culture Chinese preliminary plan annual investment of 8 to 10 films, annual investment of 3 to 5 novellas and full-length TV shows, and the investment of 3 to 5 network drama.

culture, China said that 5% to 10% of the funds used to finance the daily operation of China’s culture, the remaining funds are mainly used to expand the culture of other media related businesses in China and the potential investment.

, according to a person close to the digital entertainment industry culture China trade project revealed that the future, Ali plans to launch a television channel in Taobao, Tmall, and the paid video form; and the cultural China have Peter Chan and Stephen Chow, director of the investment priority right, will soon be signing a number of well-known director, including the famous Hongkong director Wong Kar Wai.

< >

Net red economy 30% net profit margin spike Amoy brand

[Abstract] the Internet giant is the large flow of economic, reticulocyte and community economic trickle, small flow small and beautiful.

/ Li Chengdong (WeChat public number: East electricity supplier interpretation)

has two new Internet trend recently, called a red net economy, is 90 after the technician made plans to sell goods economy, a social economy, followed by a bunch of opinion leaders have common needs of member fans, source Yu Kaiwen Kelly 1000 hardcore fans theory. Anyway, in fact, is a flow of the economy, the first user, and then match what products and services provided

net red economy, 30% net profit margin of

last night and a trader East garment industry investment strategy about the friends of cooperation, they recently in Hangzhou voted in a network of red clothing, hundreds of millions of revenue this year, basically no inventory, the gross profit margin of 40%, net profit rate of 30%. 10% of the cost of almost 6.5% of the operating costs, administrative expenses, as well as the flow of marketing costs of 0.5% of the cost of $3%. The final profit and net red split, of course, there is cooperation on the stock. We do not say in the traditional electricity supplier, whether it is B2C, or Taobao Tmall Jingdong store is difficult to do, it is not your flow, loyalty, user retention rate is low. Market traffic costs at 20% is normal, but there are terrible inventory risk, competition pressure without the integrity of plagiarism. Net red economy is the place where the flow of traffic is natural relatively stable and sustained, the fans are relatively less sensitive to the price, the final pre-sale is not any inventory. Ma Yun (micro-blog), small and beautiful in the network economy to achieve the red. The Ma’s "double millions of small and beautiful plan" is the castles in the air can not be achieved, because Taobao seller traffic sources of instability (the search results are often adjusted), weak supply chain inventory pressure, price war and innovation can not be protected.

Red net

net can also be referred to as network reds, grassroots Master, opinion leaders, is not limited to the clothing category, is not confined to the chest drain sell adorable. Four years ago we did the Master model, another is the forerunner of the 2010 Taobao flower shop in the city of angels, and the network economy have different approaches but equally satisfactory results wonderful red. When the boss from the city of angels "grassroots network red", global travel pictures, photos show the authenticity of life, stimulate a better life for the "grass root user" fans do consumption, repeat purchase rate of nearly 60%. 2013 was the acquisition of the Amoy brand Liebo, do not know how to present. The community is relatively tall on the play, such as logic thinking, Wu Xiaobo channel, and Almighty bear, is actually the fans to wash out high quality parts, a member of the meaning, characteristics and then seek for members, the commercial realization of the scene. In short, the first flow, and then commercial scene.

network red economic opportunities from big companies disdain

The rise of the new economic

network is also easy to understand, rich Ali and Jingdong, including vip.com, jumei.com and so on

Buy bigwigs who should add their own site search

buy can be said to be the most fire, but also the fastest growing network business model. Since the GROUPON business model into the country, it will spread in the domestic crazy. No matter what, to a certain stage of development must be changed oh. It is almost impossible to live in China if you want to live in a stable and good way. With the change of time and social development, we can adjust ourselves to live better in the tide of development.

for the group to buy, the price can no longer make a lot of users have the desire to buy. Why? A very simple answer: too many Chinese buy, buy too many activities on the line every day to buy. When the group began to buy can be said to create demand for users, customers see such a low discount will have a strong desire to buy. Now, buy so much, it is not necessary for the user to have a desire to buy all of the low discount. For group buying site is the same, the site also launched at the same time every day so many low-cost discounts, is for different user groups and launched. Buy site is expected to launch their own activities to buy each group can get good sales, so as to ensure their maximum profit.

buy the site at the same time each day to launch a variety of activities to buy, how can we make each buy can achieve maximum profit it is the urgent need to buy the site, but also need to address the needs as soon as possible. Shanghai SEO here to buy a big brother a proposal: to buy their own site plus a search station.

is that simple? It’s that simple. Now buy site more and more like buy navigation station. Take claiming to be the largest group buying site handle network. Let’s turn on the handle. Handle network today to launch the group purchase page 3 per line, 12 line, 4, page 36 X4=144. Hand in hand the number of Internet users every day there are about one million and six hundred thousand, the city opened the handle network 500+. Only the Shanghai area every day launch of the group purchase reached more than and 100, more than and 500 city launched a total number of every group purchase? Handle network traffic according to this, the average number of IP of each group purchase can get only more than and 30 (this is idealistic state of the result, the reality is not allowed to happen.). So there will be no sales to buy it, there is a more important issue, since it is the largest buy site do and buy navigation no difference. We also come to buy the site why we buy directly on the navigation website to see, after we click on the value. Buy navigation has more to buy, so it will not let buy site lost more customers

if the group purchase site has a search function, the user will not increase the rate of return and loyalty? If it is the same product line in two different group purchase website, one is on the home page, a page. It is easy to know that this product is more expensive on the group buying website. If there is a station search function, even if the day of the launch of the purchase will not worry about the user to find more

In the face of the future, Taobao has a greater sense of insecurity

recently, Taobao two times under the pain killer WeChat. The first is in July 31st to protect consumers’ feelings and control the risk of the transaction, the excuse to suspend the third party application for WeChat services. And then in August 9th announced "today, Taobao website contains a chain of two-dimensional code image will not be able to use, or to protect the security of transactions, security risk averse sellers to bypass the normal Taobao business process and management system to.

this is not the first time Taobao from the upstream flow resorted to kill, five years before the ban last year to strengthen the control of Baidu, mogujie.com and beautiful shopping guide platform have sparked heated debate in the industry. All along, Taobao’s control of the flow of entrance are very careful, Ma hopes that the flow of the entrance is the grassland rather than forest Taobao.

Ali (excluding Alipay) almost all of its revenue from advertising, is essentially to flow within the system and Realization of trafficking. Taobao around the businesses to create a closed ecological system, the seller firmly control upstream and downstream user flow, let them as much as possible business activities are running in the system, including advertising, sales, payment and logistics, and all the rules are set by Taobao, so Taobao the value of the flow can be achieved to the maximum extent, Taobao also is the master of the Empire in the closed. So Taobao is the most intolerable is the destruction of any external force on the flow system and user system set up hard, because Taobao will greatly impact the value of advertising, to shake Taobao’s survival foundation.


five years apart, but Baidu and WeChat blocked the truth is exactly the same, but one is for the Internet era to create closed flow system, one is for the mobile internet.

ban on Baidu, Taobao to avoid online shopping consumers more starting from the starting point of the search engine, this phenomenon is very common in foreign countries, in reality itself as the first online shopping entrance; on the other hand, Taobao improved its ecological flow through Taobao off the alliance mode. And construct the ecological flow of advertising system based on, which is today the most important source of income for the Ali group. In today’s business enterprise, Taobao is also the flow constitutes one of the most healthy, from direct search and endogenous flow ratio is extremely high, and many business platform is highly dependent on the search engine or the portal of the different. According to Baidu blocked Taobao search engine to cut a slice of May, will be upstream of the great flow of control in their own hands, which is a closed system built by Taobao makes the train, drilling and other forms of advertising exhibition earn pots full.

in the mobile Internet era, Taobao apparently want to copy the same legend. Along with WeChat "fast payment" and "sweep" payment function to open, the user can bypass the Taobao to complete the shopping process in WeChat. In this case, Taobao can not tolerate the formation of a large flow of WeChat in their own entrance >

A torn want to go millet mode, build logistics information ecology


Ali double eleven party, probably all difficult to pay attention to packaging props forward, from the opening at the top of the neat tear can easily open. The courier packaging manufacturer called "torn", but the team of 10 gene with the Internet, they plunge into the traditional packaging industry from the upstream production chain to transform it apart, perhaps the next chapter of the courier industry.


at first, a tear of the founder Xing Kai spotted the traditional packaging cumbersome, did not consider the user experience, standing on the C end point of view to optimization design, however, for the B side of the business, the user experience is not the core of the demand, the price and quality of key products, or is the optimal price. While standing on the shore "can not solve the fundamental problem, Xing Kai and the team will sink into the industry in the beginning of

transformation of production supply chain, the establishment of logistics supply chain

on the one hand, a tear to cut two manufacturers from the industry chain, currently around three manufacturers, the procurement of cardboard production and processing after their last, from this process, a tear to squeeze a profit. COO Dai Xiaoyang drew a picture of the industry chain, and then I tried to copy the following:


on the other hand, developed their own upstream materials, such as viscose, Xing Kai told the 36 krypton, they even viscose formulation is obtained by testing their own, and will adapt to the original temperature to 30 DEG C performance viscose at -10 DEG to -30 DEG C to 60 DEG C, in order to facilitate the packaging operation, they also the special double-sided adhesive edge made of serrated, Xing Kai said, now a tear is still in the research of hot melt adhesive, through injection machine instead of manual paste, in order to realize the automation of production process.

not only that, Xing Kai also mentioned that a tear to invest its own R & D equipment, has invested in Tianjin (Beijing, Hebei, Shanghai radiation) (Zhejiang, radiation Jiangsu, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other places), place machine specializing in the production of packaging materials have a tear in the traditional plant, per month in 3 million -500 million. Xing Kai said that the traditional equipment manufacturers almost to input and output oriented, as far as possible, so the machine is a set of production line, a number of years without change, and a tear to the equipment is modular, will replace the iteration continuously, and into different parts of the plant, but also want to reduce the cost of the supply chain logistics.

In addition to the production of

technology, a tear also has information technology. Xing Kai said that the traditional packaging industry are doing "subtraction", that is the price of a single package is to cut the size of the paper to calculate the price, and they are using "additive" modeling, that is in accordance with the paper stack and the materials used to count, each type of packaging have worked out automated quotation system. The

Taobao to adjust the content strategy Amoy changed its name to the Consumer Portal


Taobao uses LOGO called Taobao portal

Tencent science and technology news (Le Tian) March 1st news, Taobao will be home navigation area of Amoy information renamed as consumer portal, in this domain name, Taobao uses LOGO called Taobao portal.

It is reported that

, Taobao in 09 years in December launched a new information in the original Amoy, men and women, children, clothing, beauty, fashion, sports, digital home, 9 channels, add hot sports, entertainment, finance, health, and automobile, constellation and the weather channel.

in cooperation with YAHOO sports channel Chinese, hot channel and entertainment channel and Beijing financial channel network cooperation, cooperation and ifeng.com, health channel cooperation and 39 Health Network, auto channel cooperation and love card network, constellation channel cooperation and technology Ziwei network, the weather channel cooperation and Chinese weather network.

In addition, Taobao announced the launch of cooperation with the excitement of the network, high-definition cinema business, at the same time, Taobao has also launched a collaborative approach to the literature, electronic magazines and other digital entertainment business.

analysts believe that a series of strategic steps to adjust the content shows that Taobao in the successful operation of e-commerce based on the official entry into the portal information services.

Cross border implementation of the new deal in January Taobao purchasing active

cross-border electricity supplier of the new deal from at 0:00 on April 8, 2016 to begin to have just one month, the implementation of the feedback situation how? How? NetEase visited the relevant science and technology enterprises, has brought about the new deal implementation effect.

In an interview with the NetEase

, science and technology knowledge, cross-border electricity supplier of the arrival of the new deal let the past as price war hit head broken and bleeding gathered together, they even for the WeChat group has a name called "the new deal to strive for one hundred days, they urgently hope that the new policy can re negotiate.

new deal in January: Taobao purchasing began active

is called the fuse mechanism refers to when the stock index reaches the specified fuse point, the exchange for the control of the risk of the suspension of trading measures. For cross-border electricity supplier is about to usher in the first wave of the fuse, the bonded area stocking in the empty, and goods purchased from overseas can not enter, Lin Jian (a pseudonym) to the NetEase science and technology to elaborate on the relevant issues.

"you know Hongkong Tongluowan, Mong Kok Shuike began to carry sacks to the mainland began to pull things?" Lin Jian said to the NetEase, he also put on the mobile phone display photos to see the author, these photos are the dealer in Hongkong to show its share photos.

Lin Jian said, "they are the most sensitive to policy." The reason is because Taobao sensitive and active, while a large number of cross-border electricity providers face supply shortages, Hongkong’s "water" back to work. Before that, due to the cross-border electricity supplier hot, Chinese shoppers most concentrated Seoul Myeong Dong Street Lotte Department store sales fell 20%, sales fell 12%, according to the Chinese export of "smuggled goods Street" across the board closed.

this may be due to the emergence of cross-border electricity supplier deal.

Lin Jiancheng, he participated in the promulgation of a new deal after the cross-border electronic business platform executives several internal meetings, at the same time he also represented the adverse effects of platform has repeatedly submitted a report to the relevant departments to produce the actual feedback the new deal. In an interview with NetEase science and technology before the interview, Lin Jian is also in charge of the relevant person in charge of several cross-border electricity supplier platform WeChat group consulting about the current status of bonded warehouse storage.

obtained from the current feedback, in the bonded warehouse inventory is significantly different, several relatively large platform delivery reached 30 days or even longer, while small and medium platform several popular category has been out of stock, the sale of the product category can lead time 10 days before.

In the face of many

platform responsible person expressed in WeChat group anxious, Lin Jian is also very helpless, "said the NetEase to science and technology we can use the method currently used, if there is no change in the future could only turn off cross-border business transformation."

, according to him, the current small and medium platform, has been quietly in transition, as the policy adjustments, their initiative to find a new way out.

New Deal why so serious?

has been the industry >

Trading volume of billions Neglected rural network purchasing market

text / Ding Tao division

recently two news has aroused widespread concern in the community, the news can be popular for the reason that the two are concerned about the rural electricity supplier related to some exploration and opportunities for the two. We first look at these two news:

news: Jingdong, Taobao, Baidu…… Recently, more and more Internet giants of all kinds of advertising appeared on the wall of the countryside, the intention to seize the 4–6 line market.

news: two Chinese Post plans to invest 100 million yuan to build an electronic payment service base, force the mobile phone and Internet payment, differentiated competition with Alipay, or to capture the rural market.

through the above two news, we can see from one side, penetration in the rural 10 years on the host computer, finally starting to show its true value from the electricity supplier level, hundreds of millions of people in the rural market will be because of the involvement of e-commerce and change the nature of the occurrence.

but in fact, through my long experience in the countryside, the situation is not as optimistic as we expected. I have done a small-scale survey, now the rural research China electric media and the majority are living in the deep North of Guangzhou city like this, everyone sitting in front of the computer for rural electricity providers pointing Jiangshan, most people may have not been able to rural copious and fluent article to write thousands of words, in this case writing something out of the most imaginary castles in the air.

billion rural network purchasing market has been seriously ignored

the author lives in the countryside for a long time, and often goes back and forth between the countryside and the city. Since 1998, is the first contact with a computer connected to the network and then shopping farmers, in my opinion, the rural electricity providers should at least go through the following four stages, and the rural areas experienced different time points is also completely different:

first stage: the popularity of computers;

second phase: Internet access and the popularity of Internet awareness;

third stage: online shopping;

fourth phase: network sale.

I think now the rural electricity supplier to the third stage of the development of online shopping, and online shopping is divided into two stages, namely purchasing and purchasing. After these two stages are to let others help buy things and they will buy things on the internet. And today we want to focus on is even if the first stage of the third stage: online purchasing.

the network purchasing from overseas purchasing mobile phone is now very fire, purchasing milk, the purchasing network said that much in rural areas because of the young migrant workers, leaving a large number of young and old to the shopping needs, but no shopping ability is particularly high in rural areas will cause people to buy things on the Internet, often there is a village of one or two people will be online shopping, will help in the eight village ten villagers shopping.

where I am

Fall! Transformation of the traditional supermarket where In a fresh prescription

news September 7th, the day before, the hundred group today released investors announcement, the hundred group deputy general manager Yang Xiaohong said, the first half of the year, the hundred group transformation adjustment, expanding fresh business, remodeling the purchase system, strengthen the source of goods direct mining.

for the development of the first half of the hundred group of fresh business, Yang Xiaohong said to the institutional investors, the first half of the fresh business mainly in the busy two things.

is through the introduction of Yonghui fresh team, from the management, planning, management, personnel management, import Yonghui supermarket red label store experience. "Has completed the first half of 6, in July to speed up the speed of adjustment, by the end of September 2nd, completed a total of 44 stores of fresh adjustment, including the city’s 30 home, 14 home city. This year, plans to complete 100." Yang Xiaohong said.

two is to promote the warehousing, supermarket fresh coal mining system. Warehousing companies direct mining operation has covered the fruit category to the city, City stores, stores accounted for 68.71% of the company to promote the supermarket; fresh stores Vegetable & Fruit direct mining operations. At the same time, efforts to promote the transformation and development of community supermarkets.

in addition to fresh business in convenience stores, billion state power network learned that in February this year, a wholly owned subsidiary of the group in the supermarket and Japan Corporation Rosen signed the "regional licensing contract", Hubei province Zhongbai supermarket "Rosen (LAWSON)" brand in the creation of a convenience store franchise rights, become Rosen’s only area of central China’s Hubei Province designated by the licensee.

for the current progress of Rosen Yang Xiaohong in the convenience store, the relevant responsible person said, as Rosen supermarket franchise franchisee, built outside the team, Rosen merchandise configuration, marketing, store operations standard model. As of now, the first batch of 6 stores opened in Rosen. The billion state power network to understand the data shows, has opened in the Rosen franchise store sales doubled year on year, gross margin of 5%.

"we plan to open 40 stores by the end of this year in Rosen, which will open a few stores, related work is being stepped up in preparation." Yang Xiaohong in the relevant person in charge said.

in addition, for the first half of the hundred business work, Yang Xiaohong and other relevant responsible person said in summary, mainly focus on five aspects of "work". First, the procurement system, to reshape the procurement system, strengthen the direct sourcing of goods. The two is the commodity structure, to carry out the transformation and restructuring, and constantly expand fresh business. Three is to upgrade the store, the development of the store SOP standards to promote standardized management stores. The four is in the business aspects of adjustment, promote and Rosen cooperation, openness and cooperation mode in the convenience store business. Five is the integration of resources, strengthen cooperation, and constantly revitalize the central kitchen, integration of logistics resources, the development of large logistics development strategy.

for the first half of the hundred revenue, billion state power network has learned, first half operating income of about 80.23>

E – Commerce the next round of venture capital melee

estimates that no one thought about e-commerce topics in this winter, the insurance industry is so talked about: first the Kuo Hua life as a typical representative of the new power industry "3 days 1 hundred million" performance, refresh the China e-commerce development in the past 10 years the first single record, let the whole insurance a network of financial industry to go in the forefront; then, three people are at the helm of China named Ma Ping, Alibaba, Tencent jointly established Zhongan online property insurance companies are allowed to raise the number, everyone is watching, three in their respective segments of the most innovative spirit of enterprise cooperation, how to bring change to the market.

but what is certain is that e-commerce has a very direct impact on the insurance industry, and may even become a new business growth point of insurance companies, as well as the commanding heights of sustainable development.

insurance net sales trend

in recent years, including e-commerce, including the rapid development of information technology, has brought considerable impact on the industry, the insurance industry will naturally be deeply involved. The combination of this industry, it will inevitably lead to rely on individual agents, banking, telephone and other channels of sales changes." China life insurance e-commerce responsible person before the date of acceptance of the "First Financial Daily" said in an interview, this new mode of electronic commerce for insurance companies, which can greatly reduce the cost of sales, both have a direct role in front of the background to enhance the efficiency and. For the insured, you can always compare the Internet insurance products, you can also improve the autonomy of the choice of products, through more transparent information, from passive to active purchase of the purchase. The design is suitable for online sales of the product mix, with the most easy to understand the text to the common people to explain the professional terms, in the true sense of the concept of transmission errors and information caused by misleading sales."

in addition, the person in charge, there are two factors will be to promote the rapid development of e-commerce channels of insurance power. The first is the professional management of differentiated products, the insurance companies develop their potentials, avoid product homogenization of competition, will enable e-commerce channels insurance products more attractive. At the same time, so that people really understand the products they need to enhance the image of the industry will also play a crucial role." Second, is the information to bring better customer experience, which is also the most important content of e-commerce channel customers. "What we say is how to continuously improve the customer experience better" a button to complete the "trial, purchase, query, receive, surrender can be completed in the shortest step."

online shopping risk deposit needs to be screened

Kuo Hua life three days of billions of dollars of achievement, as if suddenly as the industry opened up a blue ocean, stirs up the insurance and financial industry. Led by the security of large insurance companies to accelerate the pace of e-commerce, and some small and medium companies have followed suit, joined the ranks of insurance network sales and buy.

insurance has been able to walk in the forefront of network finance, but also because the CIRC encourages innovation >

Jingdong mall English on the line or adjust the business strategy


Jingdong mall English station


technology news October 23rd afternoon message, intended to expand the overseas market Jingdong English mall site may adjust business strategy in the near future, the target population by non Chinese users to expand overseas Chinese users. The site from the exposure to the present line, less than a week.

18 this month, Jingdong mall English station en.360buy.com line. This initiative is considered to be an important move to expand the market to enhance revenue Jingdong. However, the response of the mall on the line is not ideal, there are users post Jingdong mall questioned the user group positioning, interface design and merchandise display information. This post was subsequently reprinted by the blog and the media, causing Jingdong mall attention.

Shi Tao, vice president of Jingdong

mall today micro-blog long way to respond to the question of the above users. Shi Tao said that the original location of Jingdong mall overseas users overseas Chinese groups, but from the user feedback and industry survey, the overseas Chinese groups is indeed a huge consumer groups. Therefore, the Jingdong will consider adjusting the strategy selection of shopping mall, to meet the needs of this part of the user.

from Shi Tao’s reply to see, Jingdong mall business ideas for the English station is not completely clear and firm. For example, these users questioned Jingdong mall English stand of commodity brand awareness is low. Shi Tao explained that the brand has a regional sales control, according to the supply contract, some brands of goods can not be sold outside the mainland of china. Therefore, although Jingdong mall hopes to sell the existing brand in the English language station, but subject to such legal restrictions.

at present, the home page pattern of Jingdong mall English station is roughly the same as the Chinese station. According to data provided by Jingdong mall, the English website will open up about 400 thousand kinds of new products, including home appliances and baby milk powder, etc.. On-line beta early service area including North America, Britain, France, Germany, Eastern Europe, Australia, Southeast Asia, South America and other countries and regions, nearly 40. (Li Yun)

The following

for users questioned his public reply and paste text:

Dear friends, Hello!

my name is Zhang, responsible for overseas export business of Jingdong mall. Thank you very much for your letter. The questions raised in your letter,

my reply is as follows (in bold font). If you have any further questions, please feel free to email me.

thank you very much for the support and help of Jingdong’s overseas business.

I wish you all the best!

To Liu Qiangdong,

Jingdong news station has opened the English language in the western hemisphere. When I got up in the morning, I was very happy when I saw the news

Not the same as the double eleven, the new starting line under the farmer’s market

November 11th, the online double eleven fierce war, the line is also hot abnormal. Get Yajie angel investment brand sale electricity supplier website "new beginning", founded by former Juhuasuan core members of Rossi et al., focused on 900 million farmers market, double 11 big promotion online at the same time, Sichuan is more Luxian County people to the first line China down to earth under the double 11. From November 5th to 11, the beginning of a total of Luxian County shop to participate in a total of more than 10 thousand people, covering the local population of 1/4. The ring draw, Zhuantang envelopes and other game is unusually hot. 7 days to reach more than 23000 orders, so that local people to enjoy the online price of the service experience under the line, the new start for the countryside to send the fun and affordable.

Sichuan Luxian County scene hot, electricity supplier line under the new start

and Tmall Jingdong website will focus on a second tier city, the new town will start as a key development object, by way of O2O, to provide online store experience, sample display, buy the payment, cash on delivery, the most down to earth way that urban consumers can be used offline experience to enjoy the network price. "New beginning for rohee in an interview on a Chengdu television station introduced a new beginning," encircling the city, so that the user can China 900 million town day "double 11", is an important historical mission in the new beginning."

5 to 11 days, the new start of Luxian County in front of the store set up multi row eye-catching red roof, here is the "new beginning" electric double 11 line event. All kinds of goods including personal care category, Goods are available in all varieties., household appliances, baby products such as the most popular, including 8700 bottles of blue moon, 2132 hand warmer, 874 rice cooker and so on, it is difficult to imagine the extent of popular. The morning is not opened, there is uncle aunt at the door waiting in line, close to noon at the tail has long queues.


doorway activity field is also crowded, stage performing thermal dynamic. A new beginning has set up a number of interesting games, combined with the local historical and cultural customs, will be online and offline to seckill pumping red, full of creativity into two three foot run races to win prizes, seckill TV, cheer the gun have red, taste turn sugar pumping gift simple prize game. Everywhere is fun, happy to buy the friends of farmers, they through affordable cheap and fun prize game, keenly aware of to the electricity supplier and 11 double brings convenience and fun, preferential. To use the Internet to subvert the innovative thinking, for farmers to send is not the same as the 11 double line experience, do not have the big screen game still grab red, not early in the morning waiting still purchase affordable, not like Alipay double 11


in the beginning of the 40 square meters of shops in Luxian County, the center of the shop, placed on the touch screen TV, just click on the favorite products, and then enter their mobile phone number can be a single success two. Many did not use the touch screen uncle aunt, both in the field of the waiter explained in detail and under the guidance of the hand

With more than and 100 convenience stores to grab business Carrefour to operate for 24 hours

Carrefour in Shanghai, a ten thousand square meters of hypermarkets opened a 24 hour business model, in the night with the surrounding convenience store to grab business more than and 100.

November 7th, Carrefour announced that since the beginning of November 1, 2016, is located in Shanghai Xuhui District Xietu Road Carrefour Xietu Road will adjust the original 7:30-22:00 every day for 24 hours Business Hours all day long, and provide free delivery service to the surrounding consumer, the fastest 2 hours served.

this is the first big 24 hour supermarket Carrefour opened in china. From the entire store format, Carrefour move in the entire Chinese market is also a precedent.

Carrefour relevant person in charge told the interface news reporter, the evening of November 1st, in the absence of any publicity, to store customers have 50 to 60 people. 24 hours before the start of the first two days of the evening to the store to reach customers from the late 10 to early 6, every hour there are sales turnover. "We hope to open 24 hours, can increase the sales revenue of 5%-10% per day for the store."

in the night, the cashier line will open to a counter two, the stores were around 10 employees in the post. At present, no new employees for Carrefour, but with 10 employees from work scheduling system. The cost of spending throughout the night, basically 10 employees of the human cost and store electricity.

stores in some areas at ten in the evening after the closed state, including fresh homemade area (cooked food area), outside the rental businesses and stores in the joint venture clothing merchants. In the future, according to the actual sales situation may also turn off the appliance area.

the reason why these stores for 24 hours, Carrefour gives two reasons: near Xietu Road and Dongan Road store is located in the surrounding one kilometer has so many large hospital of Zhongshan Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University, and economy chain hotel is nearly 20, which makes the main customers of Carrefour Group included patients’ families tourists, travelers, and other special consumer groups, these groups are higher than ordinary residents in the frequency and the demand at night shopping; Carrefour has more than 30% people surrounding communities for the elderly, all day long business can cater to old shoppers to buy food habits early.

according to Carrefour’s recent week’s monitoring, the main purchase of goods at night shoppers mainly food and daily necessities, due to the surrounding hospitals, better paper sales. Around 6 in the morning time is the main reason for the elderly to buy food and breakfast based.

Carrefour store to achieve

Xietu company for its "5%-10% increase sales income" expectations, also have a fight with the surrounding many rivals.

in Baidu maps, near Carrefour Xujiahui Xietu Road search "supermarket", can find out 221 results, of which there are 161 convenience stores. Especially in the range of 1000 meters around Carrefour, can be found to the whole family, Luo

E-commerce is the key to the implementation details

Jingdong mall CEO Liu Qiangdong: e-commerce is the key to the details of the implementation of

China’s e-commerce market is booming, the data show that in 2008 the industry’s revenue more than doubled over the previous year, more than 120 billion yuan, the growth rate this year, there is no sign of decline. An example is the Beijing based online retailer Jingdong mall. The company’s 2009 sales target of nearly $4 billion, almost 1 billion 360 million times its revenue of $three in 2008.

Jingdong mall is now China’s largest 3C products (Consumer, Communication and Consumer Electronics) e-commerce company. Company founder and CEO Liu Qiangdong has previously announced an ambitious plan: in 2010 the company will challenge 10 billion revenue target.

the Beijing Zhongguancun Electronic City ordinary shops to rise as China B2C e-commerce benchmarking enterprise in five years? Jingdong mall began in 2003 the sudden outbreak of SARS, which is somewhat "unintentional" means, however, 300% compound annual growth rate, not only attributed to chance. How does it manage the rapid growth challenges? Why is it the CEO full of confidence to achieve the 10 billion target next year? It compared with rivals, and what is the competitive advantage of online knowledge? Walton had an interview with Liu Qiangdong, and he together to explore these issues.

Walton knowledge online: Mr. Liu, thank you very much for being able to accept an interview with Walton on the Internet. First of all, would you please talk about the background of the business and the birth of the Jingdong mall?

Liu Qiangdong: I’m from 1998 to start a business, in the electronic city of Beijing in Zhongguancun rented a counter selling IT products, once the dream of a "national chain store" IT products, and planning to reach 200 stores in 2008. Later I discovered that IT and digital products price fluctuations too fast, a monthly price of household appliances, such as the CPU IT products every day offer a price, the price is downward trend. In addition, the form of the chain can not reflect the price changes in a timely manner, the product may not be delivered to the terminal, the price is down. At the same time, Gome and Suning chain giants have also entered the 3C products, we do not have a competitive advantage.

transformation of the opportunity to have an accident, the outbreak of the SARS epidemic in 2003, Beijing is the hardest hit, customers are afraid to go out to buy things, a sharp decline in sales, so we try the online sales, publicity in the major forums, sales good e-commerce efficient operation can effectively reduce the inventory turnover. However, when the Internet users know that they can buy things online, but really willing to try not much. In the first half of 2005, the company completely abandoned the physical store, focus and resources specializing in e-commerce 3C products.

Walton knowledge online: at that time, engaged in e-commerce >

How the electricity supplier winter winter

electricity supplier in 2011 this huge market for entrepreneurs excited, some even found vertical business opportunities, this year is the Internet industry business capital outbreak year, accompanied by capital fanatical pursuit, whether it is a comprehensive platform, B2C mall, vertical B2C, or traditional brands and three party payment companies, the logistics company, providing solutions and services of the company and other industrial chain upstream and downstream enterprises and for the electricity supplier, has been a strong push of capital. Although all aspects of e-commerce seems to be in the capital of the rapid development of care, but the problem also lingering.

2012 is the electricity supplier industry died a year, many electricity providers money burned into the capital, dysfunctional state. Many aspiring business, beginning with broken halberds defeat, frustrated. And some never leave the public eye. Especially in the third quarter, this is the harvest season, but the electricity supplier has entered the winter. The tide, layoffs, financial storm continuously closed down, check out the electricity supplier this year: after Matt, poly mesh products, cool days, groupon.cn, Gaopeng, red child, these electricity providers have experienced financing, finally declared bankruptcy or inventory, or by other electricity providers to acquire. Behind the huge potential of the electricity supplier industry, bearing more challenges, burn every household appliances are vulnerable to the pain, therefore lead to more rapid business industry reshuffle.

iResearch CEO in this regard, Yang Weiqing’s view is that "business industry is indeed facing a lot of problems, but this is the winter capital, the electricity supplier industry in the winter, and this is also the competition of the watershed." Although this year away a number of business enterprise, but the third quarter of this year China network shopping market scale has reached 197 billion 500 million yuan, an increase of 11.5% over the previous quarter, compared to the same period last year, an increase of 73.4%. It can be seen that the annual growth rate of e-commerce in China is more than 80%. From this series of data point of view, to the survival of the electricity supplier played a needle agent. It can be seen that the electricity supplier needs to make a platform to make a profit, but the field can also rely on operations to avoid price competition, non standardized products more and more popular. Network behavior to form a community, the purchase of an organic part of the network life. After the successful test of water to build festival marketing, industry development planning is the focus of each electricity supplier companies need to consider.

2011 electricity supplier financing is very easy, but after a year of operation, the electricity supplier financing is not difficult. Investor enthusiasm for the electricity supplier industry has cooled, burn electricity supplier consciousness is ingrained capital investors, patience is less and less, investment has become more rational. In fact, for the development of electronic business model is not difficult to find, the electricity supplier industry is the logistics industry is the main part of high growth in the past by burn, the huge loss of return is actually more foam. At present, small and medium-sized enterprises need to practice internal forces in cash reserve, optimizing operation management and other aspects, and further improve the structure of advertising, improve the level of control costs and conversion. In addition, inventory management should also be optimized to meet the 2013 half of the inventory pressure test, for the

Price war smoke four, small and medium enterprises how to survive electricity supplier

in the face of turbulent business situation, the domestic electricity supplier companies have begun to rational may not be so?. The price war, the impact of business enterprise the biggest factor recently mentioned a new height: Tmall took the lead on the platform electricity supplier price subsidies for 200 million yuan, continue to challenge the market price; the Jingdong store quickly back, set aside 500 million yuan of profits to the low price activity; while suning.com, Gome Mall also have funded low-cost strategy, electricity supplier the price war this year has reached an unprecedented height "". And in such a history of the strongest "price war broke out, the most bitter x natural or small and medium enterprises, traffic is getting less and less, the transformation is more and more low, the profit is less and less, live more and more difficult to…

in such an irrational business environment, small and medium sized business enterprise must think of more ways to survive, and the first problem to be solved is how to escape from unnecessary price war, or in the price war, find their way to survive.

we look at these 2 aspects:

a, how to get away from the price war

we all know, the Internet business price is very transparent, users also know how to find more low-priced goods, so to get rid of the price war, the only way is to do it alone, do not comparable.

This unique

can be a commodity, if you sell goods is only belong to you, then there is no competition, even if you develop the channel agent, you also have the absolute pricing, this allows you to totally don’t care about the price war. In fact, this is why the electricity supplier companies are now considering the reasons for the transition from the channel platform brand platform.

can of course is service, service good, natural user experience is good, this time the price factors might not be the user will be very care about, they are willing to spend a few dollars to experience better shopping process.

two, how to survive in the price war

if you can not get a unique channel of goods, it is difficult to find a breakthrough in the service, then you can only think about how to survive in the price war efforts. But to do this, only the only way, is to increase profits, have enough profits to support, you can more easily in the price war, even through the price war, to defeat your opponent.

as to how to increase profits, can be refined into several aspects of operation:

1, reduce procurement costs

2, reduce logistics costs

3, optimize the work flow, improve staff efficiency, and then save the cost of staff

4, to promote the transformation, compression and promotion costs

5, increase the non paid promotion efforts, mining more efficient marketing strategy "

Flooding O2O into the vertical Era

today told everyone what? First of all, before the official start, first say two things, first, the famous CCTV announcer Li Ruiying and Zhang Hongmin farewell news network, because of age and other issues to CCTV’s training department, years old voice suddenly left, buddies are not it is said that this kind of sadness, sad than that Luo Jingjia crane to the West feeling much better, I wonder, how many young people are now popular in the CCTV news? However, the anchor is let people listen to ears do not forget the sound is sure to be a good host, such as tables, such as I that is! Haha, just kidding!

second things, is the Internet, Baidu 100 recently published a Tencent Mobile Games theme reports, the title is "fighting the enemy but play monopoly Tencent erosion Mobile Games market forces", I don’t know if this is a black version of the main source of income of the Tencent in the game as everyone knows, a few the Tencent in the bucket as a gimmick, after in order to analyze the Tencent or will embark on a road of no return, very interesting analysis, there is also the leader of the opposition people Affirmative, Tencent is not fighting with you what? How to return a Baidu might have special, for this series of Baidu? 100, how to say, turnip greens, all have love, anyway, no matter what to eat, can eat, but for carnivorous doctrine is never as good as delicious meat, right?

well, into the theme of today, chat with friends, today is O2O, you must have heard of it, the O2O is now with the Internet thinking, is the concept of God everywhere, no matter what business as long as to the development of mobile Internet, various comments is sure to bring him to the O2O pull, so O2O this pattern is accompanied by the development of mobile Internet. Now developed into what state, selling rice O2O, car O2O, real O2O, the fruit is O2O, even the musicians are O2O, what do you not get married to O2O? O2O, according to the current understanding, estimation not what can not, it is said, is the concept of speculation, what is not possible, is it


may have friends ask, you say O2O is accompanied by the development of the mobile Internet, mobile Internet can do so without O2O? I told you, this is the O2O mode along with the mobile Internet and get to, that is to say in the PC Internet era as it is, why do you like? Sell what clothes ah, are available in the online payment will send you home, but you have to go to a woman, a woman can pay online, on-site? Can someone tell me, but I have not tried, where I did not have this, ha ha, a joke. Let’s go for example, you want to go to bars, restaurants, bath and so on, can be in the online payment, and online shopping? Obviously, it is impossible, even online payment, have to go to the store next line to the consumer, so some people put forward the concept of O2O the. >

Overseas electricity supplier problem Amoy Amoy family to be careful to buy cheap risk

lawyer: select overseas electricity providers need to be cautious

"low price" of overseas goods popular people favor, sea Amoy gradually accepted by consumers, but such as logistics speed, returns and other customer service problems attendant. Yesterday has been the consumer that buy goods through Alipay overseas purchase after customer service problems encountered. Alipay staff said, Alipay is only a collection of "pay" and "logistics" function, customer service and overseas consumers can only negotiate their own business. Lawyers reminded sea Amoy need to be cautious.

problem 1: quality problems return difficult

sun tells, in November 15, 2014, she met with Alipay overseas purchase promotional information in Tmall mall, then through the link into a foreign shopping site, has purchased more items. Because the price is indeed a lot lower than the domestic counter, I bought a dozen bags in a few days, spent a total of twenty thousand or thirty thousand." But after receiving the goods, Ms. sun found that some of the quality of the goods, including two bags with stains, can not clean up, affecting the normal use."

Ms. sun

contacted Alipay, the answer is the need to contact their consumers overseas business processing." Ms. sun had to give businesses the email communication, although the final person said you can return, Alipay has not returned, "Alipay said if something is lost in the mail more trouble," Ms. Sun told reporters after she repeatedly on the matter with Alipay, but the problem has not been resolved.

coincidentally, she also encountered the problem of customer service. She told reporters, in early January of this year she was purchased by Alipay sea, Niemann in the United States Department website to buy a coat, after receipt of goods and businesses found on the website to show the photos very different. The picture shows the coat is dark blue, and I received a physical color is the color of the coat, the merchant is certainly wrong delivery. After I sent to the Niemann Department of mail to explain the situation, but they are very cumbersome after sale, but also I sent a fax to apply for returns, which is too difficult for us ordinary consumers." She also found that Alipay encounters, also not the audio connection.

question two: logistics is very slow for two months to

December 14, 2014, Alipay purchased by consumers Ms. Zhang Hai bought in Messi’s Department website has been sent to the backpack. In December 19th, Alipay logistics information display has been shipped, this is not the message. After a week, I consulted several Alipay online customer service, said there is a December American blizzard of the logistics, said there is out of stock, find a circle did not know where this piece of goods." Ms. Zhang said, after she contacted Messi department store, get the answer is that the goods have been lost, you can apply for a refund. "Until now I have not received the goods, the money did not return." Ms. Zhang said.

Alipay: only take the platform for customer service providers

yesterday afternoon, the reporter on these issues call Alipay >