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Mobile phone retail stores ten brands list – the whole

said that although now buy mobile phone channels very much, but the industry from the traditional development shops are also very much, also give a lot of people to buy a mobile phone provides a great convenience, so that mobile phone retail stores which brand is good? Next, let Xiaobian to introduce the ten major brands of mobile phone retail list, so that more people in the retail store to buy mobile phones to facilitate.

mobile phone retail ten brands list NO.1, Dixon: China professional chain one of the largest mobile phone, mobile phone professional retail brand influence, leading brand communication chain, Beijing D.Phone commerce Limited by Share Ltd.

ten mobile phone retail brand ranking NO.2, the domain of Telecommunications: domestic retail consumer electronics industry leading enterprises, large-scale integrated 3C service provider, high-tech enterprises, the domain of telecommunications chain group Limited by Share Ltd.

ten mobile phone retail brand ranking NO.3, music language and communication: one of the leading mobile communication terminal products sales and service provider, communication chain of well-known enterprises, Beijing funtalk century communications equipment chain Co. ltd..

mobile phone retail ten brands list, NO.4 constant wave Holpe: Shenzhen famous brand integrated communication terminal service providers China leading, large-scale professional mobile phone chain, Shenzhen constant wave chain Limited by Share Ltd.

mobile phone retail ten brands list, NO.5 phone in the world: Zhejiang Province, Zhejiang province famous trade name, service brand, one of the very strong domestic mobile phone chain, phone world group Limited by Share Ltd.

ten mobile phone retail brand ranking NO.6, earth communication: a famous brand in Guangdong Province, national chain leading enterprises, large chain of mobile phone and mobile phone application service provider, Guangdong earth communication chain service Co. ltd..

ten mobile phone retail brand ranking NO.7, complex telecommunications: specialized in communications products sales and telecommunications services of large-scale commercial enterprises, mobile phone retail brands, Beijing Zhongfu telecommunications equipment limited liability company.

mobile phone retail ten brands list NO.8, candeo: famous trademark in Sichuan Province, one of the western region’s largest communications retail chain enterprises, well-known brand mobile phone chain, Sichuan Xunjie investment management group limited.

mobile phone retail brand ranking ten NO.9, one of the largest in Hebei province Hengxin Mobile: mobile information terminal sales mobile phone service providers, large chain retailers, listed companies, Hengxin mobile business Limited by Share Ltd.

Daughter in law, maternal pregnancy pregnant women need to pay attention to safety

is the year of the monkey baby peak, but recently a rare news, "mother-in-law daughter-in-law month pregnant", although is very impressive, but maternal age is still very dangerous, as for the incident is how to develop, Xiaobian a look!

It is reported that

this distress threatening disease of the fetus, the fetus may affect the cardio cerebral ischemia and hypoxia, and even lead to irreversible brain injury, severe asphyxia death.   elderly primipara was the main complication of gestational hypertension, easy to affect maternal health and life safety, should be early to watch. If the original inclusion of other diseases, can lead to premature deterioration of placental function, more detrimental to the fetus, which should cause great attention.

in elderly primipara may have these symptoms, therefore, the elderly primipara and their families, must not be careless, should have a pragmatic attitude, according to their own situation, to take specific measures to nip in the bud.



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Domestic franchise stores should grasp the three management model

Now the domestic industry

as everyone knows, is the most popular industry, is also the most promising industry, but many investors do not understand how the business can better operating domestic stores, do not know how to manage domestic stores, following with small make up a three best management mode:

mode 1: home chain store operators to establish training, test, set the training mechanism, starting from the mentality of education, pre job quality education and ideological guidance work. All of the service staff in the pre job training are classified, grading, up to standard posts; categories are divided into: high, medium and low-end Trinity, in the basic aspects of housework.

mode two: operators of domestic chain stores to introduce domestic management technologies, strengthen internal management and personnel training, and constantly improve the management system, the implementation of "process management", give full play to the role of the team, the establishment of a market, vocational training, human resource transport relatively perfect management structure, scientific management the concept of continuous improvement company management level.

mode three: domestic chain store operators to establish security system. Into the family to provide services, different from entering the factory and the enterprise, especially living in the caregiver, the employer is most worried about the problem of family safety. Set up a training base for domestic service personnel, directly reach agreement through conveying source of the women’s Federation, the labor department, poverty alleviation department, formal recruitment agencies and local reliable individuals, through their actual investigation of recruitment service personnel of the family background.

through the small three points we summarize, believe that many domestic franchise operators for business no longer confused, in addition, for the operators of domestic chain store, the operator must grasp the correct management methods, because the only way to allow consumers to your home stores more at ease.

Good communication in business

although some customers want to buy a product, but not good at expression, while some customers just stroll around it, such a phenomenon in any shop almost will appear, how to solve, this depends on the owners "skill". Every time I go to a local shopping mall, I always go to the counter.

in a short period of time to get along, I found that the shopping mall salesman Zhang Fenghui in different ways to persuade customers to reach a deal, the goods will be sold smoothly, and basically no loss of customers. This gives me the impulse to learn. Later, after a friend, I know Zhang Feng, leaving their respective QQ number, and then began to chat with her on the QQ.

patience to listen to the needs of

"I’m not as good as you think, but good at communication." Zhang Feng looks very low-key. In the process of communicating with the customer, we should talk less, let the customer say more. Sometimes the customer inadvertently a word will convey a lot of information." Zhang Fengcheng this type of sales for the "Friends of sales", from the experience of the customer experience in the speech, which recommend more suitable for the goods.

Zhang Feng said that if a customer into the store, no matter how busy, we must put down the hands of the work, first stood aside to listen. On one occasion, a customer to buy cigarettes, did not wait to open, a teller began to recommend him to a few hot selling cigarettes, the results of the customer showed some impatient look. On the other side of the busy Zhang Feng rushed to the teller pulled aside to communicate with their customers. The customer said, these days the throat is always dry, do not like to smoke too much. Zhang Feng listen to the implication of the customer, immediately took out a box of cigarettes from the counter, said with a smile: "eldest brother, try this, the price is not too high, and now more popular."

in the end, the customer happily changed into a thin cigarette.

in Zhang Feng’s view, the patience to listen more than talk about the more easily understand the needs of customers, but also allow customers to get a better shopping experience, so that customers need to come, satisfied with.

careful observation, good communication

"those who are good at communicating with customers, but now there are a lot of customers accustomed to ‘casual look’, you want to communicate with him are difficult, hey!" I gave Zhang Fengdao a hard nut to crack in business.

"meet these casual customers, we must understand their mentality. These customers do not like the clerk to be too tight, a lot of questions to ask what to ask or constantly recommend. At this time, should be retreated aside, to maintain a certain distance, but must pay attention to the customer’s every move. If the customer is looking at a brand for more than five seconds

Five strategies to join the food industry

wants to survive in the natural world must be added energy, for human beings is three meals a day. The reason why the food and beverage industry is a profiteering industry, we can not eat it. Join the food industry has become the first choice for many entrepreneurs.

No advantage of the network of small and medium-sized enterprises of both capital and

, early must use the power distributor development, so more bitter time in product novelty, let those smart dealers see his eyes shining, now, the dealer terminal accounts is clearly, he knows that you can make products to him. How much money, so you always put the enterprise "squeezed" very clean. If the product is very special, not popular, there is no reference price and direct competitors, then businesses and dealers is not good corporate body oil, enterprises can maximize keep profit, so that enterprises can have a chance to grow up.

The characteristics of

if the enterprise centralized operation, take advantage of the scale strategy, live very moist, such as Beijing Beijing source madajie candy and chocolate on the main varieties, while the silly cow is concentrated in candy, Jingjing is an advantage in the mint, 99 Wang specializes in gum, these enterprises but more dealers and market demand, have a very stable channel.

with the wholesale market decline, food enterprises.

Express brother Wang Zhe exclusive happy decompression method

now, people’s pace of life faster and faster, courier as a new way of mailing, the advantages of prominent, fully meet the different needs of the people, by the blitz. Therefore, the courier is always very busy, can not relax. The following small series to introduce you to a courier brother, he has his own proprietary decompression methods, hoping to help entrepreneurs friends.

"today bitter than courier brother, smiling face cold. Strive to fight forever, life becomes small and sing again." The cause is not a year, a lonely figure oblique. Love to build hard to make money, to let parents early leisure." These inspirational doggerel, I do not know whether the public deja vu? It is written in a shuttle in the blue express delivery trucks on the high streets and back lanes. And this ordinary express delivery car is also because of these inspirational motto, the eyes of passers-by become a beautiful landscape.

"a day for nearly 12 hours, no rest days, work space, I would love to write poetry." Wang Zhe shy smile, he said poetry and singing, is his hobby, but also a good way to relieve the work pressure and relax, singing will influence others, they feel themselves in another world, enjoying the pleasure of the text. Bahrain in their area of the parcel, after sending money or see something like, Wang Zhe will take out a pen, write down, sometimes written on paper, sometimes without paper, had to write in their own delivery car.


Chongqing sanitation workers enjoy the first pot diameter of 10 meters

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Chengdu to build regional management center with international influence

economic system reform requires a lot of enterprises in the face of the current situation, positive transformation and upgrading of enterprises. So, how to build a regional management center in Chengdu with international influence? July 12th, the Sichuan provincial system to promote comprehensive innovation and reform of the press conference held in Chengdu, the first detailed introduction of the province’s system to promote the overall reform of the content of the pilot program.

test program is divided into three parts, the main contents can be summarized as "a core theme", "two important goals", "three key areas", "four basic principles", "eight tasks" and "thirty pilot policy". Clear to promote civil military depth as the core theme of comprehensive reform and innovation of our province test integration and development, and will focus on the core chengdemian area to carry out the reform and innovation of the test, at the same time, give full play to Tianfu, Panxi region test platform, promote innovation driven transformation and development in other areas of the province.

it is understood that chengdemian as comprehensive reform and innovation of our province test core area, Chengdu focus on building regional innovation center with international influence, the construction of key national high-end equipment industry innovation development demonstration base in Deyang, Mianyang focus on the construction of national innovation demonstration base of civil military integration.

at the same time, for the purpose of comprehensive reform of the province’s reform of the target position, in accordance with national requirements, the province’s comprehensive innovation reform to achieve at least two goals.

is a development goal, through the test of 3 years, the initial construction of a number of strong supporting capacity, promote innovation and the development platform of the role of the initial establishment of a large-scale, innovative, risk-taking and innovative talents, cultivating a number of preliminary with international influence, innovative enterprises with independent intellectual property rights and a number of high-end industrial clusters, and promote the province to accelerate the development of innovation driven transformation.

on the one hand is the goal of reform, that is, in 2018 to form a basic conducive to innovation driven development of enterprise technology innovation, open cooperation and innovation, technology and financial innovation, governance capacity innovation institutional mechanisms. This year to fight in the integration of military and civilian, scientific and technological achievements and other aspects of the first to take shape in the country experience.

at the same time, in the system to promote comprehensive reform pilot innovation tasks, our province to promote comprehensive reform pilot innovation system from eight aspects, namely the establishment of a sound institutional mechanism to co-ordinate and promote the development of civil military integration; accelerate system reform for the transformation of scientific and technological achievements; establish and perfect the system and mechanism innovation to establish and perfect the inland open; the financial system and mechanism innovation; construct the innovative industrial system; establish and improve the innovation of talent development system; focus on building the innovation platform of multi level system; accelerate the innovation of governance system and governance capacity building.

Guangxi open up venture supermarket to promote entrepreneurship

in today’s society is a pioneering period, in such a business era, all promote some entrepreneurial activities in the way, in Guangxi recently set up venture supermarket such a platform to promote entrepreneurship.

items have been included in the project library, to go through the business review, publicity, and management in accordance with the related regulations. The project is adopted, the employment services sector will provide project promotion, policy consulting, entrepreneurship training, business guidance, tracking support, and assist in the handling of entrepreneurial loans, social security subsidies, tax relief and other related services.

it is reported that entrepreneurial projects include independent management, partnership, franchising, consignment, patent technology, technology development and other kinds of business forms. Start the project repository will focus on urban registered unemployed college graduates, self employment of demobilized cadres, self employment of retired soldiers, rural surplus labor groups to provide more business opportunities.


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To open a coffee shop how much money

it must be a lot of young white-collar workers have a small dream is to wait until a certain time to open their own of artistic flavor of the coffee shop. But there is a saying that the ideal is , but the reality is very skinny, coffee shop is really not so easy, you must first consider is the problem of investment funds. How much does it cost to open a coffee shop? Look at the following Xiaobian to introduce you.

open coffee shop or independent shop varies from person to person. Xiao Bian asked a number of coffee shops, in general, the store requires an area of 150 square meters or more, the cost of joining in the -50 million in the second, then carry out the investment of 400 thousand to 1 million 500 thousand. If you open a 40 square or so independent coffee shop, count the rent is less than 500 thousand. Many investors feel that the start-up capital will be able to open, often because of poor turnover so set aside funds as put up the shutters, the first half turnover is more rational.

how much does it cost to open a coffee shop?

a small coffee shop cost list

1. rent: lots of different costs are different, such as Nanluogu Lane, Beijing, a non Street 80 flat coffee shop at a monthly rent of $25 thousand, a year rent budget at $300 thousand.

2. equipment: input 80 thousand – 100 thousand yuan (including kitchen facilities such as coffee machines, milling machines, water treatment equipment, audio, air conditioning, cashier system and other fixed assets facilities).

3. furniture: 60 thousand – 100 thousand (such as bars, sofas, tables and chairs, etc.).

4. for the first time: all kinds of coffee, milk, tea, fruit, ice cream, etc.. A pack of 1 pounds at a price of $one hundred or two hundred in the best coffee beans can be soaked 50-70 cup of coffee, so the cost of each cup of coffee beans about $3.

5. marketing costs: the use of social media is the most cost-effective way to self marketing.

6. personnel and utilities.

7. working capital: the beginning of the opening, the coffee shop to prepare a certain amount of liquidity.

of course, some of the investment in accordance with the specific circumstances of the. Such as decoration, furniture, you can budget. In short, the cost of opening a small cafe, 500 thousand can be started, but also have follow-up funding.

above is a simple introduction to the investment funds of a coffee shop, for your reference, if there are inadequacies also please forgive me. If you have any other aspects of the problem is not very clear, please leave a message in our website, we will see the message after the first reply to you >