The idea of entrepreneurship to create wisdom to create greater value

is only of value creation, innovation and entrepreneurship is the need for more talented people, use their wisdom to create greater value, realize their dreams at the same time, but also bring more jobs, promote economic development better.

The general manager of

During the period of 13th Five-Year to



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How to start a textile shop to run

in today’s society, the textile industry can be said to be a very popular industry, at the same time, there are a lot of investors and entrepreneurs choose to invest in the textile industry, now ready to open a textile shop, what are the operating rules?

is going to his own business, opened a textile shop, it is not familiar with this, then how do I open a textile shop? How to choose home textile brand?

A, choose the familiar industry

Familiar with

the line of the "market", can reduce the business risk; small shop is the "flexible", the industry familiar with the quick, as soon as possible to create management benefit.

two, must be unique display

if you store space and the display of goods is limited, so to attract of passers-by stop spending, have more thoughts on display in commodities. It is often best to change the display of goods to give people a fresh feeling, in order to improve the turnover rate of goods.

three, create a sales atmosphere

Renqiwang will naturally attract customers, when empty, from time to time to arrange the goods, equipment adjustment. Don’t sit in front of Langtui, make potential customers or the reverse psychology class goods store.

business innovation

to quickly reflect the popular "development" special goods, let customers "this not buy popular feeling, next time he bought".

five, high-quality service to cultivate customer loyalty

six, the cumulative promotion discount

Join venture to prevent pressure trap

in order to attract more entrepreneurs, in order to make their deception can fool more people to join, countless liar constantly take all kinds of means, among them, the natural pressure has become a common means. In short, after joining the swindlers a few strokes, if you still hesitate? Concentration is good! But people can not let the duck into the nest and fly away!

will then start to make the leadership, CEOs, executives and other companies to come forward and talk to you, so that you feel that they are highly valued and the other extremely sincere attitude.

this way you put pressure on the invisible, is to completely cover your aura, let you on what he called the industry analysis and opinion very admire.

In fact, they have already figured out the

your purpose and the mental, and make full use of your impulse to the future, very understand vision psychological speculation, and is the headquarters of the leadership, must be more informed, what he said is plausible, cited cases are so seemingly.


above is just put a few strokes, there are a variety of small strokes, all kinds of, impossible to guard against, don’t put your blood to vent, goose plucking potential to make your mark, what the margin deposit.

to join a headquarters in order to reach a cooperative relationship with you, will continue to take a variety of means, together with you in order to make money. In short, regardless of whether you have a heart, is not recognized, the money is their own, first optimistic about their wallet, as long as it does not pay, not easily signed, it will not be a problem.

Novice shop need to pay attention to what

novice shop must learn to pay attention to a lot of thinking, for the success of the future has a lot of help, and now we have to look at the novice shop is the need to pay attention to what.


seven novice "help" attitude is not desirable

In addition to the initial

The practice of

here is to use the results of the study! And their own use. For example, you learn a description of the baby on the practice, you first try to do in accordance with their own understanding, in the course of the use of difficult problems encountered in the help of others! The advantage of this approach is that you are more likely to remember! Know where the problem is, there is also a target for help! Free and unfettered is to do so, and now many of the essence of experience posts, are also their own learning. So used to share with you, so that more novice benefit! (ha ha, said far)

we passed the learning stage, governance stage into the store:

The definition of

Shanghai branch of the bank to enhance the service to help the real economy

development of a region cannot do without the support of some of the financial institutions, especially for some local small and medium enterprises, more financial support from not bank, the Bank of Shanghai branch to further enhance the level of service, but also in order to better serve the local economic development.

has been the Shanghai branch closely around "series of policy steady growth, promoting reform, structural adjustment, improve people’s livelihood requirements, careful analysis of the new characteristics of the new normal, take the initiative to deal with the new normal new challenges, will vigorously support the development of the real economy, closely docking Shanghai construction of" four centers ", as an important support regional economy innovation driven restructuring and development, efforts to enhance the management ability, business innovation ability and cross market operation ability, and constantly improve the service ability and level of economic and social development.

"three priority" power transformation and development of

The need to grasp the attention of rural areas of entrepreneurship

now the vast rural areas has become the main battlefield of social entrepreneurship, every day there will be a lot of different rural entrepreneurs, at the same time, rural entrepreneurs also appeared a lot of problems, so the rural entrepreneurs need to pay attention to what.

now, see a variety of newspapers and periodicals about advertising is the sale of money orders, all kinds of mixed beads, deceptive money, cry up wine and sell vinegar also had a very normal or meet the eye everywhere, some seeds have been eliminated to the so-called "good company", "Research Institute" has been blown into the hands of the latest the best varieties, often with the wrong person, posing as ordinary varieties newly bred treasures, it is the introduction of people not to laugh.

For example, the

fry more fire "ginseng fruit, in fact, the so-called treasure is just at the beginning of the 90s – One’s reputation was a byword. pear.

Rural do business four, high recovery of

Many people play

there will be some strict requirements on the environment varieties and cultivation techniques, will be said to the North South safe, easy to manage. They play poker high recovery and other guise, deceptive.

some advertisers blow collect ancient coins and other objects can be Mao rich, according to the information they receive Mao ancient coins, can receive the recommended

How to manage a women’s franchise shop

As long as the

shop Business Hours will have to open the store, so is the women’s franchise, in fact making work time is very important, this plan must be scientific and reasonable, in combination with the actual situation, so as to ensure employee satisfaction, but also conducive to the operation of shops.

1, a local Business Hours short (8 hours), women’s clothing chain stores in the area of 80 square meters, women’s clothing chain stores can be arranged on the straight staff class, including: in the off-season season for the number 2, number 3; women’s clothing chain stores in the area of 80 square meters, can be increase according to the actual situation, such as the cashier, Purchasing Guide, professional manager etc..

2, a local business hours (12 hours), the need to set up a full-time manager. Women’s clothing chain stores in the area of 80 square meters, women’s clothing chain stores can be arranged sooner or later class employees, including: in the off-season for the number 2 (each morning and evening classes take turns on the straight season), the number of 3 people (turns on straight). Women’s chain stores in the area of 80 square meters or more, according to the actual situation to increase staff, such as cashier, shopping guide, etc..

note: the store or straight class may not be set up shop to help store. Shop manager and cashier and help both to do shopping guide, people have to do at the cashier and billing. The company does not advocate the relatives involved in the operation of the owner.

in the shop before to do market research, to cater to the shopping needs of consumers, consumers understand the work and school time, formulate reasonable clothing chain stores Business Hours, in order to ensure the gain more popularity.


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Wuhan three college students to join the venture to get a successful venture capital

current society, college students become the main source of vitality in the new army. This year, a Wuhan three students to start a successful business, and get millions of venture capital, proved that the level of education has nothing to do with entrepreneurship.

2011, Liu Weiping graduated. He wants to accumulate some experience and start his own business. In early 2015, Liu Weiping recruited 2 IT R & D and technical personnel, laboratory project officially promoted. "Experiment" is a scientific research workers to provide "budget, procurement, settlement, communication, literature and other functions of the integration of APP software, the product line has stable performance, fast delivery, commodity prices decreased by 20%, convenient and accurate information of commodity procurement and other five major advantages. For the road show to prepare the process, prompting Liu Weiping constantly reflect on, sort out.

Entrepreneurial shop need to handle what procedures

apply for individual industrial and commercial business person, should hold the location of household registration certificate and other relevant certificates, to the residence where the administration of industry and commerce to apply the. In accordance with the conditions of registration, the administrative department for Industry and Commerce will be issued to the "registration form", fill in the "application form" after the registration, the "registration form" submitted for publication of the Administration for Industry and commerce, industry and commerce administration will submit relevant documents of County Administration for industry and Commerce review, the applicant to obtain a business license that is, a legitimate individual industrial and commercial households, you can start business.

apply for individual industrial and commercial households owned enterprises register, in addition to have the ability to operate with the appropriate conditions, and I submit a written application (outside the business management department to provide the application form), should also provide proof of ():

1. identity: the applicant should provide my ID card

2. professional status:


unemployed or laid-off prove that

the retired


speech timeretirees personnel certificate or

. The villagers by the villagers’ committee that

. The other members of the laws and regulations allow the proof of

3. operating site certification:


lease agreement (the agreement must be more than one year) and property rights certification


enter all kinds of market operating within the market management office stamp


4. engaged in the special provisions of the country’s industry or business scope, should be submitted to the relevant departments for approval of

1. The application for registration of establishment of

investors signed the sole proprietorship enterpriseThe

. The notice of pre approval of enterprise name

3. The applicant ID card and a copy of

the occupation status of the undertaking


5. enterprise domicile proof: rental agreement (agreement period must be more than one year), the property certificate

Small entrepreneurs should avoid the entrepreneurial mistakes

is now the society everywhere have small entrepreneurs, at the same time, with the increase of start-up costs, some small business to get rich project but by many people welcome, so in the process of small business to get rich, you need to pay attention to what?

tend to have this kind of enterprise, quick start market, not according to their own development stage, huadaijiaqian celebrity endorsements, please advertising company packaging, recruitment team and so on, early, go forward with great strength and vigour darling, but, in the middle period, a large number of problems continue to blowout, finally all the efforts, the market has become a breakthrough the spectacular farce, and this farce continued.

The main manager and


Xiaoshan Hangzhou District Women’s entrepreneurial achievements exhibition hall opening to the outsi

in the management of activities to promote business opportunities, the society greatly increased, the girls do not hold such a business and development opportunities, the rapid rise of female entrepreneurship groups.

area to experience the scene, many people have come up with mobile phone two-dimensional code scanning products, to see this scene, Zhang Linan opened flowers. In October this year, Zhang Linan and 2 friends started a company named "orpine Nga Court" fleshy field, "before we are housewives, more idle time, and love are succulents, we discuss, decided to get out of business trend." For the fledgling career, Zhang Linan also encountered a lot of problems, we are the beginning of the business, not too many customers, mainly rely on friends to help sell products. Now, with this experience, we can know that our shop, just a lot of people say we cultivate good meat, sweeping the two-dimensional code, we also grow and experience for!"

Xiaobian teach you to write children’s clothing store promotional programs

second child to open a new policy, I believe the children’s clothing market to join the flames again to become rich, attracting a lot of investors. Want to open a children’s clothing store, master the skills of children’s clothing store sales promotion program writing skills is very important, in general, the following aspects are to be carried out step by step.

The first is

the children to the brand in the market condition? What is the purpose of carrying out this activity? Is handling inventory? Is to enhance sales? Is to crack down on competitors? Is a new listing? Or enhance brand awareness and reputation? Only the purpose is clear, in order to make the activities targeted.

there is need to emphasize that because of the difference between the Chinese children’s clothing brand is not so obvious as adults, in the implementation of activities, we must clarify the difference competition with the brand, even the subtle, strive to make our brand advantage talent shows itself.

clothing to join in this part is mainly to solve two problems: to determine the theme and the theme of packaging. Is the price? Price discount? Giveaway? Draw? Coupon? Service promotion? Demo promotion? Consumer credit? Or other promotional tools? Choose what kind of promotional tools and what kind of promotional theme, taking into account the activities of the target, competitive conditions and the environment and the promotion of the cost budget and distribution.

to determine the theme in clothing after as much as possible to "pull art banner of tiger skin, dilute promotion business purpose, make the activities more close to consumers, consumers can move. Generally speaking, children are facing the parents and children of such a dual consumer groups, so for the parents, may be largely to highlight the "environmental protection, health care, educational" these topics, and for the children of the direct consumers, their interest is often "fun, fantasy" these themes.

1, determine partners: pull the government to do the backing, recommend

How to open a cotton textile shop site

cotton home textile industry has broad prospects for development, open a cotton textile retail shop is a large number of entrepreneurs in the market to make money to make a good choice. In fact, want to success and find a good shop is inseparable, but because many investors lack in experience, location method for cotton textile retail stores are not very clear in the early preparatory will often encounter some difficulties.

entrepreneurs in the site to take a longer view, understand the future development of the region. In addition to municipal planning, but also to understand the situation in the future competition in the region. Special attention to the demolition of the transfer of the trap will be paved, so as not to be deceived. Looking for shops to open channels, multi pronged approach, whether or not transfer or express shutting down the pavement, must all be asked.

the different geographical environment, traffic conditions, the structure of the store, the rent will vary greatly, sometimes even a difference of ten times, located in the cotton textile retail shop early, but also pay attention to the size of the selected shops.

entrepreneurs choose the right address for future business is a very important thing to lasting profitability, we must select the appropriate address in the operation stage, as long as the choice of a suitable shop location, can earn huge profits.

How to fix the beauty salon

is now on the market a beauty shop after another, the face of fierce market competition, how to set their own prices opened a beauty shop, choose a suitable price, market Unlimited Business Opportunities, here Xiaobian together and see.

according to the price theory, the influence factors of beauty service pricing are cost, demand and competition three, cost is a fundamental part of the beauty service value, which determines the minimum limit of beauty service price, if the price is lower than the cost, then unprofitable; market demand influence customer understanding of beauty service value, and then decide the beauty service the price ceiling, and the market competition situation is adjusted constantly between the price fluctuation in the upper and lower limits, and ultimately determine the market price of the beauty service. However, in the study of beauty service costs, market supply and demand and competitive conditions, must be linked to the basic characteristics of the service.

A larger proportion of the fixed cost of

Competition in the market directly affects the

Zhang Jiangui college students start boiling water in a good business

business risk, the investment need to be cautious, this is a truth we all know, many people may be failure because the project did not choose to, if you want to success in business, the project is very important, there is a young man of successful entrepreneurs today, but also very hard, and she chose a good project.

Water purifier shop marketing skills

The stable development of

water purification industry, many consumers pay attention to the water purification industry progress, start water purifier stores is an influential brand, many consumers pay attention to the choice of water purifier, water purifier for stores, good marketing, is also an important part of the daily operation, the water purifier stores marketing, what tips do


to arouse the interest of consumers, what is the water purifier product function, performance characteristics?? show fully, so the display should be in place, water purifier stores to ensure the rationality of product display, product appearance, cleanliness, visibility, desirable degree must be in place. A regular change with the display, this store can attract customers, and in the price display, promotional products are carefully placed, convenient customer choice.

in addition to display the water purifier to join recommend division shop silent, shopping guide staff promotion capacity is also very important, not only to guide familiar with the product knowledge; understand the product selling points and understand the needs of consumers, to help consumers find meet the demand for goods, and operators to establish a good incentive and guarantee system, incentive guide service enthusiasm.


Join the dessert shop to share the cost of investment

now many people will choose to open a dessert shop, not only because the business is hot, but also because we all have a special liking for dessert, if you can open a dessert shop is also very happy thing. How much do you want to invest in a dessert store?

The price of

, is adapt to the popular price, each bowl dessert price of about 2~5 yuan, add egg cakes, cake, by the customer to decide, do not engage matchmaker, otherwise easily lead to dissatisfaction. Varieties, not Tandaqiuquan, if you are a person, when the boss man, so seven or eight varieties is enough for your busy. If there is one person to help collect money, do chores, then more than a dozen varieties have enough. If there is a helper to three or four people, more than 20 kinds of varieties should be so.

cheap, variety is very important, but the key is still taste. All concerned with the food industry, pay attention to the taste of customers, to attract repeat customers with their own special flavor. Sometimes it is sold the dessert cooking again, the owner must have lost their first taste the flavor, if poor taste, simply drained, so as not to sell bad signs, because the cost of dessert is limited, do not lose the greater.

cost tables and chairs, bowls, spoons, kitchen utensils, raw materials, disinfection and other aspects of the refusal of the store prepaid rent plus expenses, the cost of the opening of the estimated cost of about 6000~8000 yuan. Limited funds can act as their own, or called parents, relatives help. Disinfection cabinet can not save this device, it should be placed in a conspicuous place in the store, because it is necessary for health work. Customers can also produce a sense of security when they see a sterilizing cupboard. Purchase of a full set of equipment requires about 3000 yuan. In total costs, rent, kitchen appliances, spending accounted for the majority, and the raw materials used for desserts are beans, sugar and other agricultural and sideline products, low price, 1000 yuan can cope with dozens of days of consumption.

to do the catering industry are very clear, dessert cost is very low, the price is to shop in a residential area should be lower, because of the need to repeat business, not too hard; in the business district shop can be raised prices for some shopping, because people often are willing to spend money to meet the mouth belly. Dessert gross margin remained difficult in 40%~50%, each bowl dessert profit between 1~2 yuan. A 15 square meter dessert shop, the monthly income can reach 4500~7000 yuan.

investment costs have been analyzed for everyone, if you want to successfully open a dessert shop, we can according to the introduction of a small series to develop a reasonable plan to join. There is a plan to be able to steadily develop, can be achieved in an orderly way of their dream of becoming rich!

Liaocheng youth entrepreneurs can apply for Lu Qing benchmark loan

is now some of the entrepreneurial loans to the policy is actually very relaxed, and in such an entrepreneurial environment, there are a lot of entrepreneurs who have embarked on the road of entrepreneurship.

Shandong youth entrepreneurship benchmark interest rate loans (hereinafter referred to as "Lu Qing benchmark loan project) is an important part of Shandong youth entrepreneurship assistance plan, is to promote the implementation of specific measures to assist young entrepreneurs with Department of the Communist Youth league. Work project implementation time from 2015 to 2017. Currently, the Municipal Youth League for Liaocheng entrepreneurs to fight a total of 27 million 300 thousand yuan discount loan subsidies.

also on the loan amount, said the Municipal Communist Youth League will determine the loan amount according to the enterprise production management, production and operation cycle, borrowing, repayment ability, application amount of elements for enterprises, the amount of 30-120 million yuan, the loan period of one year, three years of continuous. Discount work by the provincial finance department, the provincial Party committee and the Provincial Department of human resources and social security. After the application of corporate loans on time debt service, in accordance with the people’s Bank of China issued a one-year benchmark lending rate of 50% interest rate

the East Liaocheng launched a business loan policy will help many entrepreneurs to support a series of business activities in the early stage of entrepreneurship, and ultimately achieve successful business objectives.


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