One, site, One, dream

stood up and I looked at a simple forum and began to stare blankly. As an Internet business people, every day to the site is in the work of life, life in the work, can engage in their own website or the first time. Looking at the blank, very nobody’s Xiuyan 168 home page, I was thinking. What am I thinking? I don’t know,

as a commercial site editor, watching the computer every day, looking at the site has been a kind of absolutely can not give up the habit. Recently often station all, see the webmaster pain and sorrow of the passions.

I know it’s not good to be a website. Many people lost energy lost youth lost money, to finally come to nothing. Often look at the failure of the station where I am not as heave great sighs, with a taste of

site up, submitted a search engine, the settings are almost set, and then it is publicity and promotion time. Propaganda QQ group, promotion, increase search engine, use soft text.

everything is going on step by step.

tomorrow, I’ll go to site GG, and see if it’s included. Of course, Baidu, I don’t have that hope.

set of programs down, let me think, exactly what for the hard work of the site, not for my own thinking, but also for all the webmaster thinking.

make money? Don’t deny the big money is there, but only a few

hobbies? It’s not an easy and interesting job to make a website. I think everyone will accept this saying,

? Is nonsense, and the ideal is not to engage in the website

thought, finally, that the only reason to convince himself was to do something rather than do nothing. Money can make money, earn money, lose money. Although the website is bitter, although tired, but after all, is to give yourself a "home", can let oneself every day to the Internet, know what to do, so that their hearts have a place to rely on. To tell you the truth, I’m bored with surfing the Internet. I think you are too.

SO, got a website, let me do something every day,


is an inspired passage,!

Xiuyan 168

Take Baidu pictures to get IP million

discovered an oddball half a year ago, but it still exists……

, let’s take a look at the picture below —


this is the Baidu search list of ten beautiful billboard, which is the highest index Zhang Xiaoyu, nearly one million daily search volume; followed by Liu Yifei, an average of more than two hundred thousand per day. See these figures, surely we are envious.

, let’s start with a keyword like Liu Yifei, for example, into Baidu pictures search. Please wait a moment to enjoy the fairy sister, let us directly to the scroll bar down below


is not a bunch of people’s fantasy words? Is there to click the right impulse? When you have love, click on the Liu Yifei body large exposure map or what is Liu Yifei chest big exposure figure these keywords, you will find it very few. Take a closer look at the pictures and almost all of them come from the same website. Such as the Baidu space –


, let’s change another key word, such as Ruby Lin –


, too, Ruby Lin was exposed to the whole body……

go ahead and find Jang Na Ra, a Korean beauty –


MM is also a way to escape the exposure. As for the other in the list of the beautiful star, you can check one by one, few MM can escape the claws. And the search results are almost always on one page. In fact, I just saw a few months ago, almost all those big exposure what only a website (which is your own look, Liu Yifei is just the whole body exposure, with a large exposure site Ruby Lin body all can see), so people have to suspect that these related keywords are out of the brush station.

since our forefathers have opened the road, we are going along.

read so much, do you have a clue,


finally in order to motivate everyone, send a Baidu pictures to flow and dispatch blog, the blog built in November 07, so far has about one million ip.

Old Wei taught you to create high traffic original movie station

since the emergence of Marx, search, sunny and other film systems, many people do not understand the site also began to go on the road to the station, and become one of millions of webmaster. The good news is, many in the early establishment of the operation of film video site webmaster, almost all have a cup of soup. Unfortunately, in the film and television copyright is increasingly valued today, many webmasters also discouraged, decadent.

today, old Wei of the film on the old owners will choose the television station as a life or career first webmaster novice gives some suggestions, hope some of my experience and insights to help those who are puzzled and confused in the new television station.

because of all kinds of video, video, CMS flooding, as well as film and television video type, site template of the same height, plus film and television site content of extreme repetition. For many years the movie webmasters tend to issue such a sigh "the film more and more well done, the major engines are reduced, flow decreased day by day, even worried that one day their station will completely disappear in the engine… Yeah…", the movie station almost rely on search to survive. From the search engine, just rely on in your loyal fans, watching movies on the station is not to earn money, the movie station does not make money, that is what the movie station


below to talk about in the engine to reduce the weight of film and television stations in the period, as a novice film and television station, how should we deal with?. Everyone knows, film and television site is currently mainly rely on CMS comes with some acquisition function. Some people or service groups are also willing to provide a large amount of resources for collection, which results in almost all the content of the station. This situation is a direct result of the engine on the video site "discrimination", think of all the television station content is repeated, which many owners even strive to optimize the extension of N for a long time still do not see the site is included or not weight phenomenon appeared.

, and the content of the film and television site is nothing more than a title, and then the diversity of film and television series content and content introduction. So when all the video site is such a content structure, how can we do in many television stations is out of the ordinary with the others can not copy the original content? It is actually very simple, please listen to:

The content structure of the

movie and TV station, the webmaster have been very clear, title – Drama number – content introduction. But if we are trying to build an engine to included and will give the weights of the station, you should use to the ultimate killer for the engine – the original! So many people have to ask, how the original television station? We cannot put a movie name tinkering. Even so, by the engine after the user is not included into the search? Yes, we are certainly not tinkering, please listen to old Wei said it


so-called film site original, is nothing more than the following several rules, and do, the engine will still you as "original type" site to treat.

< >

My campus forum development model

often on the webmaster network learning exchange, share your valuable experience, today I also write about my campus BBS Development model. For everyone to share, the article is not written well, please do not shoot me! In order to avoid that people are advertising, I will not put the URL out.

said, "I’ve been running campus forums for two years.". Campus forums operate differently from other types of forums because the site’s carrier is students in school. Have a relatively fixed access to the crowd, there is a specific audience, play an information intermediary role. Unlike other commercial sites, campus forums have a strong commercial nature and appear in public as non profitable. How do you operate such a special website? Here’s a forum on the real life of the operation model.

, first of all, build a militant team. It consists of technical, propaganda and operation departments. Technology group, this does not say more, that is responsible for web site procedures and art aspects. The publicity team is responsible for the publicity of the Forum on campus. Specific can be quantified as posters, leaflets, banners, public service ads, etc.. Operations group, responsible for the forum outreach, business cooperation and so on. Some people say, the formation of such a team easier said than done. In fact, it is not difficult to find such a group of like-minded friends on campus is still quite easy. The enthusiasm of students is very high.

after such a team, we should actively mobilize and seriously analyze and discuss the development of the forum and the plan of the programme, so that each department can do its best and play its part. In particular, the operating group can prepare a business cooperation plan, specifically for advertising investment purposes. The campus market is huge, and many businessmen are optimistic about it. The campus forum is just a good channel for businesses to bring their products into the campus. As long as you hold the idea of "mutual benefit and win-win" with your business, you will succeed, so you can get your development fund soon. It also lays the foundation for the propaganda of the Forum on campus. When you have money, you can work with the student union and the community in the campus. To increase the exposure rate of the Forum on campus. This can bring about a virtuous circle,

in general, if the forum is to develop, we must have a team and cooperate with each other. Without a team, you’re not busy at all. Without cooperation, you have no capital at all. Of course, in the management and promotion of the team will have a lot of effort. Just write these. If you are interested in exploring the campus website construction and operation of friends, please add me QQ:275210931

Peng Zhijie because of local website operation think of

about the operation of local websites, with the rapid development of China’s national economy, I have been rising netizens, as of June 30, 2009, China’s Internet users reached 338 million people, the popularity rate of 25.5%. The size of the Internet users at the end of 2008 annual growth of 40 million, half the growth rate was 13.4%, China netizens still maintain a rapid growth trend, especially in the development of local economy in some inland before the recent surge in the number of Internet users, and the operation of the local website challenges opportunities, I think this is divided into several aspects:


1, local website: local site types according to what I know is basically divided into local classified information station, local community portal, local news website, the local electronic commerce station, there is a combination of the several aspects of the body. In this website, I personally think that the most promising and potential is the local community portal station, and he is the combination of local e-commerce, because this kind of site is to rely on the development of the forum, there are many such examples, like the famous 19 floor, long lane, south of the city of Beihai 365 community, are now to local community portal site greatly, which is the focus of our discussion today.


2, local site planning: local site planning includes the basic aspects: the first is to write a plan, as detailed as possible, each time the segment development should pay attention to what, then is the establishment of the problem, I think the problem we all know so skip, there is a note that this time you have to research the strategy of SEO, our local website though not entirely SEO, but this promotion cannot be relaxed, early have good planning, choose keywords, and I suggest that the pre need to build a local portal community attitude, should start from simple forum, for a start what because no amount of information, on-line on a website unless we is a big team, all the columns do all, but if you don’t start from the Forum The same, we can do some boutique channel, this is generally better implementation of the forum also has a note, do not do too widely, the first widely you have so much energy to do, the 21 new forum column if too much will lead to empty nothing, is it possible to see the visitors ran, columns can be added slowly, but not a full.

The promotion of

3, the local website: now let’s talk about those things where website promotion, website promotion in local sites relative to other industries is relatively simple, basically divided into 2 aspects, one is the online promotion is an offline promotion, online promotion basically online activities, including SEO, SEO this not to say too much, must let the user search engine in each search when your local your site must be among the best, online activities can be held for 0 yuan auction activities such as, personal recommendations, activities to hold long-term sustainability, can play a brand.

Some questions to consider when exchanging links with each other!

we all know, the external link of the website to the PR value of the website is very big. But how should we do in the actual operation? What problems should we pay attention to?

?First, the other is

website search page volume search engine! Because a good website search engine is not forgotten! But here there is a misunderstanding, many webmaster only included the total number without looking at the relationship between the number and the total number of pages included! An analogy: a a large number of Web sites, a total of one million pages! Another website is very small, the number of web pages is a one hundred page! The former is the number of search engines for web page ten thousand! The latter is included the number ninety page! But in the above probability of only one percent in terms of the amount collected included, and the latter is ninety percent, so the back "more worthy of exchange


second, the quality of the other website, this problem is very important, because if the other website quality is not good, then even if there is a high PR will fall,


third, the other site has been some category included! For example Yahoo! If your site is the large category included, so even now his PR value is low, but will soon rise up!

Most of the

fourth, the other site Links object is what people? Is a peer more or different lines! We know that exchange Links to improve the PR value of the company and the great help! This is why we try to be friends and colleagues of the


fifth, and in the other side of the link, the home page to observe, see each other’s Web site has been the major search engine included?


sixth, other website updates in the major search engines in frequency! This point you can see in the search results, the search engine will display the time of the last update; because the update frequency is high enough will bring many benefits for you! Because he also updated your the other links in the update site at the same time! Finally, AD ( station, hoping to exchange links with you


Come on, son (or not), I am very worried about you, very worried

first of all, I’m not a comrade. He’s not.


University began to do so far for two years. Not too much and not too much. We’ve been through many, many difficult days,.

we have never met before. I often call him, he doesn’t listen to standard Mandarin, then, telling me, he told his talking for a long time. Don’t know what he said, he did not know what I am talking about.

knew before, he is playing the hacker, VB master, bus line program what to say for the girl to write a Changsha. Then asked if I had any ideas. Or give him… C I’m just a layman of the computer, it will point to C. later wrote a few paragraphs, think that he has to… (he later wrote a message transmitter Bi alliance)

later, we became good friends, very good friends. He is ready to help others, keep me as a brother. I’ve always regarded him as a brother, 4 years older than me. Like me, the baby. We talked to them from the hacker’s face is playing out with a stick. His grandfather was a master. (BUN) do the

he Ning Department of economics graduate (he was missing second days after three o’clock at night, searching for his name to know, he said that his home telephone number can be used to search to find out, but I never found), and then went to Changsha, to the clerk in the Changsha. We have been chatting on xfoucs a security group, when he was less, I like many brothers, he play, he will speak very funny, funny woman, that night, often.

I was in school and disconnected at 12 in the evening. I made a security web site, and foosun’s system was very rookie. He called me "boss.


then he said the website can make money. Because he is a black Union message, change the database, to the account of others change into their own… And assured me that can earn money. We started in another place stand together. Start crazy.06, the letter should be short program easy crack, almost a version of the library can be submitted to the 23%. Burst. In fact, no black money, just do not believe that the website can really make money. The money to the hands, do not believe

later, we began to do page… He made a complete anti pornography station was very high. Keywords, ranking first, remember 12 pieces of a mobile phone registered, do 36 dollars, we use a software hanging advertising, I said, I am afraid of money do not know. No, don’t believe me. I’m a conservative man… He said nothing. You get 2 brother mixed to the afternoon. There are really two in China. The second day money. I am very happy very happy! The first

we’ve been doing this, starting at the small station, slowly, slowly, the two of us, or the small station… But at least we’ve started making money

6 methods of website promotion

NO.1: blog marketing implementation (the most frequently seen and most useful)

1. batch registration account, it is best Sina blog, Baidu space, and dispatch blog and other large web site, included update fast,


2. do not go up and then send the advertisement promotion my site can take some time more hot topics (for example, the current fast), reproduced some good quality articles (revised title, the local content).

3. blog will have the visit quantity, this time can write some website promotion soft Wen, some of what the dress beauty ah, ah, in this paper I add links (preferably not always linked to the home page). In the title of the article, the front and the end of the content are added, such as: "reprint www.***.com" text, guide the user to click to visit.

4., avoid the link in the blog must be obscure, don’t bare is to the user to click, so the result is not good, and my blog late development is no good.

5. blog implementation to the inevitable stage, we should properly analyze the implementation of the results, summarize the high quality implementation methods and drive large flow of soft Wen, planning the next step to implement the program.

NO.2: Baidu know, Search ask questions and answers, channel marketing, implementation of

1. Batch registered Baidu know, Soso Ask, Sina answers, YAHOO answers and Q & a type of website, from time to time to ask questions, in the problem with appropriate enough links (note and connect to the number, or a good result. The risk, to guide the user visiting) my website

2. question and answer, answer my question (for example, Q: what is a good woman website recommendation? Answer: the more the day, cool fashionable woman net is good).

3. Answer the question of others, I am concerned about the scope of the first set (beauty, skin care, dress collocation · · · ·), in my reply link others, plus the best in the "reference material", not every link to the home page, link to the article to do processing questioner the problem can be. You can also make some relevant articles for the questioner.

NO.3: Forum, stick it, come on, marketing promotion law,

1. batch registration popular comparison of the theme of the website with the stick BBS (Baidu paste bar, sky come, mop hodgepodge, etc.).

2. don’t post the bare, with shade of inevitable, don’t let the user first glance that you are AD soft, otherwise, will not miss you.

3., try to choose those high popularity of the forum, send some people pay attention to the words

Analyze Baidu spider returns 304 status code in Web log

recently encountered a large number of websites have been return 304 status code Baidu spiders crawl page, previously encountered 301 and 302, is not about 304, just can be observed and analyzed the situation, in order to more in-depth understanding of the problems and countermeasures.


Baidu encyclopedia is so explained to the 304 status code: if the client sends a conditional GET request and the request is allowed, and the contents of the document (since the last visit or according to the request of the conditions) did not change, the server should return the 304 status code. The simple expression is that the client has executed the GET, but the file has not changed, that is, the pages we understand are not updated.

, GET, /index.html – 80 –, Sosospider+ (+ 3040, 0

, GET, /index.html – 80 – Mozilla/5.0+ (compatible; +Baiduspider/2.0; ++ 3040 0

But every day there are more

website content update, how will return not update the status code, see the web site into a web log IIS a few days, found a few days on the home page to grab both return 304 status code, under normal circumstances will probably be about several possibilities:

1, server cache reason

cache is usually in order to speed up the site loaded in advance, just as when we visit the site in the browser is more prone to cache, when you open a web site, if the site is updated or changed, click on the home page will find before accessing the page, and ctrl+F5 after reload will display the new page, this is in fact the cache’s sake. In addition, sometimes and some of the larger sites for friendship links will encounter, after the other side of the chain of friends, the home page will not immediately display, but because of cache and need some time to display.

2, website structure problem

if the site structure cannot effectively make the spider crawling smoothly, that is to say though spider crawling, but because the site structure leads to spider two times before and after grab the same content, or every spider grab the home page only caught a piece of fixed content, so it will lead to a spider to grab the page to return 304 status code.


Eight years of webmaster experience share

do stand also have a few years, and the sweet and sour have also tasted, here and share with you webmaster.

1: site positioning

to Baidu Chinese Search Ranking check, to see what the most popular keywords, this website more or less, you own the industry ripe, and Baidu keyword search index this index, then don’t make the website is not a concern, then few people visit your site. For example, more people search MP3, there will be such a website IMP3, home advertising about 20, an ad 6000, a month will be a little income, of course, can also find the corresponding other keywords. Usually many webmaster do stand by like Baidu and GOOGLE to get advertising revenue, this idea is wrong, then you should find directly in website advertising website to do, such as hardware website, general home advertising is hundreds of thousands of days, we do not believe you can see VERYOL MYDRIVERS, you see how many of these sites. People are advertising offer, including chemical, CQJOB, study of these sites we can also learn from the charging mode.

two: search engine

must do a website, the search engine login to your own web site, at least in the Baidu and GOOGLE login, after time, still have to submit your site to other search engines, which this is to log on, in general can log on to the site, the PR value will increase 2 the new log, not many opportunities, I will look for the following categories of editor’s mailbox, contact them first, familiar to explain their purpose, a quasi successful login.

three: site level

is often concerned about the PR value, the PR value to high, and will certainly be the PR value high site Links to improve their website PR value, every time I want to and some PR value high site links, is the first with each other as friends, often linked to learning website the experience of others, and more people for advice, I will ask what is Chongqing, when they came to Chongqing, ask them to eat Hot pot, but they certainly will not come to you to eat Hot pot, etc. is cooked, and then ask for a link, because of the face, people generally agree, don’t want to do that and he started a Links.

four: links

and general medium website do friendship link certainly easy, but finally have to do with a large website a channel link, so that can raise PR value, two is can bring actual flow. For example, link with 163 channels, dozens of visitors per day can be brought.

five: site navigation

site has a certain amount of access and the PR value, it is necessary to site navigation station to add the site, if in hao123 can log in, every day brings the amount of visit can be imagined, but now new station on the >!

Funny how to make 300 thousand of net profit in a month

spent 500 yuan to find a few beautiful women to dance, video, not dancing, is a very normal, allowed dance, of course, this has a degree, reasonable grasp of this degree on it.

second, an advertisement in this dance, the advertisement in the female QQ, QQ must remember, especially easy to remember, you see here, QQ, to stay for a long time, add the QQ, can be free to see the dance.

, the third step, send this video to some video stations, especially at some YELLOW stations, and soon reprinted.

fourth, on this QQ, read "free to watch my dancing video site is"

fifth step, in this, written, please download the landing software, download the address.. (Firefox).

sixth, ask it to use Firefox to login a sub – registered web site, so that it can register an account.

a video can be sold for about $10 thousand a week, which is the real number.

two, a test, then earn 100 thousand monthly sales selling ideas, creative, the price is 10 thousand yuan, the first test, after the payment, as far as possible after the interview, come, tell him to make the whole process of QQ Asia, let him understand that the core is to promote the QQ, let he look at income, income also is true.

let him provide 3 URLs to you, and then you find beauty, to a video, of course is a new video, and then offered him, he according to your method to do, this is a completely leveraging the development process.

as long as your stuff is good, it’s OK to sell several ideas a day. If someone sells 100 thousand yuan a month now, I can help sell it.. This method, on the one hand, is absolutely not contrary to any principle problem. Another aspect is entirely through the use of the transfer habits and lewd habits. Finally, welcome brothers to join my straight chain alliance, in fact, understand the chain of friends know that the chain is no amount of deduction, you come to how much you will return, there are only many, no less)

Marketing basics and website operations (Part 1)

marketing basic theory 4P is both product, price, distribution and promotion. This set of theories is one of the most critical theories in a successful traditional marketing campaign. With the development of the Internet, marketing has been closely integrated with the internet. Here I will talk about website operations and network marketing point of view.

1, product

before, because saw a lot of webmaster and friends made the same mistake, wrong think erected a web site is equal to have a product. This is the wrong understanding, the website is only a product carrier, or is the product display platform. Nothing that can really serve users and customers is not a product. The product is able to serve the customers, is able to provide to the market is that people use and consumption and meet people anything some needs, including the shape of products, services, personnel, organization, or a combination of these ideas. A web site that is designed to be beautiful and fast is not valuable. And this is when the construction of a web site to do promotion, suddenly feel promotion methods, methods are not able to start the root. Even if the amount of clicks in a certain period of time will have a breakthrough, but also only as the promotion of the site, and its website promotion is the ultimate goal of departure.

some friends also often encounter such problems, website products have, why my promotion can not get effective, this need from consumers or net friend needs to start again. The design process may be excessive consideration of the novelty of the product, special, but often ignore whether this product can meet the needs of users, or whether it can drive the demand of users. When there is no demand for a product, it can not be called a product. No matter what the product, consumers need to be able to meet the needs of consumers. Demand and product are inseparable, even if it is something new and fashionable. And one to imitate other people’s products, and without their own characteristics of the products, will also be eliminated, the Internet’s preconceived laws are still present at present.

from this point of view, in the early days of website product construction, we should first give ourselves a position, I need to do a face of what kind of crowd website. Then you need to consider where the customer’s needs are and how they should meet the needs of the group on this site. Third, analyze your competitors, look at where their products are, how they attract users, and what parts of the product they do not touch. (of course, if you are the person who has chosen to be the main one, you must congratulate yourself first, but still remind you that you must make your product perfect, or others will find your weakness. Finally, combined with the above points, designed a complete product plan and operation plan, according to the characteristics of the product in the construction of the website.

this article starts with Ji’nan online used car: http://auto. Jnol. C>

Chinese Internet foundation has been shaken, how to solve is fundamental

in order to ensure the authenticity of the information site for the record, "the implementation of the Ministry of industry and information technology on further in-depth remediation special action plan" mobile phone pornographic work request: "basic telecom enterprises and various access service providers before the communications authority to submit a site for the record, to the identity information of face verification, effective retention the photocopy of the certificate, to review the main website information, contact information and access to information". The site sponsor received a notice of filing, by the person responsible for the site I carry verification documents required to access services, the original material unit for the record site for verification procedures.

News — "the Ministry to IDC to take pictures to station personnel records information"

February 22nd has just issued a notice, that is to say the words before the Ministry to discuss the results is a "record verification"?! I really unbearable, sorry, sorry today.

the Ministry for three times in China Internet, a serious Internet, seemingly calm a static and dynamic pages, are accompanied by a dangerous situation. No one can take the Internet so the whole, saw a picture, there was a news titled "the Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Chinese Internet is open" and below the indicated news comment is "the comment has been closed, this is how ridiculous


I don’t want to see if this article can be used by foreign criminals or anything called by Chinese people. But Chinese people always have something to say.

MIIT these interventions, and finally, the results have the following:

, a webmaster website divided in public opinion, jittery all day.

think, since the beginning of the Ministry of pornography special action began, how many famous websites have been shut down or forced to migrate servers?. Close the famous blog, not to think of the fence nets, and some sites such as Shun net, said out of a period of time before moving abroad, now move back; UUCall since last October began shutting down, moved to Hongkong after the relevant formalities (than the Ministry to fast!) before opening this spring day. There are many webmaster site in this action is not forced to shut down, that is, for no reason to stop the different length of time, those who shut down the webmaster may even server data can’t take back. Every day on the basic line of the webmaster are concerned about one thing: to see whether their site shut down. You see, if a lion sees a tiger and has no spirit, then what about the offspring of the lion? Maybe no more will be done.

two, domain name, host fund outflow, rare stationmaster returns heart

said the China Internet association is the victim (as opposed to when I did), the ministry ordered CNNIC to stop the CN domain name, personal registration, he seems to have no way, but is not for the individual CN domain name registered on the same day, the world.

How to improve the conversion rate of enterprise website

A few days ago,

wrote "I and PPC in 5 months to do network marketing in those things", there are a lot of people praise, there are a lot of hot Tucao, now I would like to share some of what I did in the enterprise site conversion rate.

to tell you one thing, my sales customer is enterprise users, and I sell products belonging to the electrical engineering product, so my company is B2B in nature, this article is around the B2B business website to write.

want to do a good job B2B enterprise website conversion rate, relying solely on the line site planning is not enough, but also under the line of combination can be done, B2B enterprise website conversion rate.

B2B enterprise network order process: buyers through the network to find suppliers – browse suppliers, enterprise sites – contact suppliers / product Quotes – visits, talks – signing transactions – after sale service – second transactions. These 7 links, online only accounted for 28% of the proportion.

but many network marketing specialist is responsible for online website promotion work, the line shall be responsible for the work of other colleagues, network marketing and customer contact member line is less, the user of the site’s opinion to understand not, so we should from feedback to solve this problem, for example: line customers and colleagues said: "can not find your business license on your website". Then we have to upload the business license, and also in the home page display, convenient for customers to find. Even if our website has uploaded the business license, but the customer can not find, this shows that the site does not meet the user experience, it is necessary to improve the site.

now talk about how to optimize

on online enterprise websites

1, website three major tags optimization

search engine can be said to be 80% of Internet users in the search engine entrance, it will show us the Title Description website, the two major label, Description label although not displayed, but will have a direct effect on Title and Description tags, so we have to make good use of these three labels.


regardless of the enterprise website is to do SEM or SEO, can not be separated from the search engine, in the search engine, a creative title can improve the amount of access to the site. Incorporate keywords into titles, add generic words, and write a creative title for customers to quickly understand the strength of an enterprise.

I’ve been looking for some good titles on the Internet. We can refer to them.

Shenzhen electric wire and cable manufacturers _ Shenzhen Metro Line 1 cable provider

cable cable wire _ twenty-three years production experience.

specializing in the production of cables, wires, special cables, control cables, communications cables and so on. The supply of stock can reach all parts of the country. < >

How to allow users to accept the application in the shortest possible time an attractive boot page d




boot page is a manual that users present to the user after the first installation and opening of the application. The purpose is to hope that users can understand the main functions of this application in the shortest possible time, and get started quickly and begin the experience tour. Since it is a specification that is not to be seen, because our users always playfully, they do not love education, that is, they love a guide across the page, direct use, but encountered problems in, will all awkward setbacks. So this requires designers to work very hard to handle the design of the boot page.

rich and diverse style of boot page design

some boot pages are sedate and fit for information applications, giving people a sense of trust. For example, guide page design Sohu news client, eliminates all redundant design, with a clean interface and powerful words reflects the positioning of the entire application of authentic media platform.


some boot pages are relaxed and lively, suitable for everyday tools or leisure applications, allowing users to feel intimate and relaxed. For example, UC mobile phone browser, Download trouble scenarios used by the user to wear the common browser guide page, like a pair of four comics as allowing users to browse comics with the mood, easily read the complete guide page, but also emphasizes the use of UC browser download is easy and convenient.


has some guide page is full of life, literature and art, for some small fresh applications, because this part of the user application is not necessarily love but not love BiaoXin innovation, follow the crowd.


how does a good guide page make up


good boot page design is from display content to design style, and then to the language is carefully refined, and consistent with the overall quality of the application.

1. shows the content should be concise and to the point, just pick up the most important user said, although this but we also can not understand the ability to degrade and mobile phone users blindly use experience, if only the recommended new features we can only tell the user entrance, with columns instead of things without fine out every step of the operation and put a good guide to make a living page help tutorial page. If it is a new way of interaction and operation, we can also display only the core and key operations, leaving the user for exploration and discovery.


2., the content should be consistent, there is a certain logical relationship, all the contents are arranged in a certain order of organic. Highlight the module first

Baidu is simply a telephone harassment Center

Baidu (Shanghai) is simply a telephone harassment center,

: I believe that many people may have the same feeling with me, almost every day from 021-6135**** from Baidu and 6147**** phone, and the morning afternoon have several phone calls to the company, my personal mobile phone is the same. Company employees as long as heard the bell ringing to see the phone shows 6135 or 6147 digit number four, directly picked up the microphone down and then hang up, but my mobile phone rang immediately, call the same number, simply intolerable.

today, said on the blog this not because telemarketing itself has what problem, but Baidu has originality in marketing management, management of Baidu is the kind of a dangerous situation, bombing promotion, detonation to your dizziness, fried until you surrender the payment date, otherwise complete.

I once called Baidu and suggested that they contact my company by hand, not today, Zhang three, tomorrow, Li four, and the day after tomorrow……

Baidu is already a listed company in the world. Why can’t you be more humane in marketing?

according to the observation of the last month, to my company website visit customers mostly through GOOGLE, Baidu used to be the majority, now YAHOO was responding, I released the information on the network quickly by GOOGLE and YAHOO included, Baidu included the opposite effect is very poor.

so I want a serious criticism of Baidu, you don’t include our, do not always call me, ah, did we do the bidding can be included? Not as good as google

How do individuals use it

every day, many netizens ask me how to make money through the Internet, but this problem is too big for me. Different people, different abilities, different resources, different ways to make money on the Internet are also different. Here to share some experience, hoping to help some friends less detours, find yourself using the network to make money direction.

the following ways of making money are hard to make money:

1, the development of offline: this kind of website pattern similar to pyramid schemes, said on the website is after you become a member, according to their model, after a few months you will become a millionaire, and not what is the difference between these schemes, these are a waste of time.

2, surf to make money: this kind of money, many first mail, point ads, brush search tools, etc., are basically the kind of fraud click form. For a month, an estimated $1 would not have been made. And most of them have to accumulate a certain amount of money when they can receive money. So this way of making money is almost a waste of money.

3, domain name investment: often see news, certain domain name sold hundreds of thousands, sold millions and so on, so you may also go to invest domain name. The real truth is that it’s harder to earn money by investing in domain names than winning a lottery. Because there are tens of thousands of people in China who invest in the domain name, and those who make the money are the ones who lose money. What’s more, the good domain names of this age are almost gone.

How does

make money on the web,


here to share a network of most of the current domestic Adsense money making model.

this model is super simple, that is:

website, make traffic, earn advertising fees!


if you have not done, you may feel difficult, in fact, very simple, when you understand, you will find that no technology can also be more big website, as long as you work hard, you can put up with the traffic flow promotion, and make advertising easier. As long as the Internet has experience, after three months, earning thousands of dollars a month is still very easy.

, the first step, website:

buy domain name, buy space, this need several hundred yuan cost can start, this is very basic, not detailed talk, the following talk about how to quickly make web site:

doesn’t know the technology, and it can also be a big website. How do you do that? You can search the Internet for source code downloads, and download web apps. It’s free.

sites like this are:


Admin5 Trading Forum deceived

      Admin5;       introduction: the following is a net friend in the United States Trading Forum to buy some experience in the United States, in the transaction process, the two sides dispute. After adjusting the moderator "street", "peaceful settlement of disputes, the parties reached a settlement, the seller will return the money to the buyer. When virtual trading here remind friends online, the parties should consider, beware of some unnecessary disputes.

              these days because of business friends need to buy virtual machine space website in the United States, just this time on Admin5 "mixed", so the thought of Admin5 in Amoy, to see if there is a cheap and affordable hosting space, of course, want most is good reputation, all the week, buy virtual goods host it is deceived a lot, really gullible.

walked around for a while in the "IDC,"  , a surprise section; paste have sold us host, Admin5 thought the top paste certainly recommended by reputable businesses! This need not worry, at a price can be like performance is also good post, Taobao really sell a few words, huge shows from Admin5 buyers can enjoy 159 yuan preferential prices (the actual selling price is 195 yuan), in his shop at Taobao for a long time:

product introduction

"Godaddy American host Deluxe program, 150G space, 150 yuan a year purchasing, send February independent IP"

it is really a discount ah, gave 2 months of independent IP (note that this), want to deal with the seller for a long time and finally decided to buy (the seller is very enthusiastic,) 159 yuan, plus 10 yuan to send a.Com international domain name, take leave a price! Let me fill the form, then leave the state: "to eat", not care about the table to fill in the registration information is nothing more than the like, only a hesitation is the "password" (note that this), because it is English, the following is he to suggest that the fill what what, according to the usual habits fill out the table, waiting for him to eat for 1 hours.

1 hours later, the seller finally came and asked him if he was OK. He said he was waiting for hours, and there were too many clients……. Endure.

, 2 hours later, asked if it was all right? Replied, "go ahead with the leader.""……. Get angry, "I buy a host with you, you react with your leadership, that’s your business, and I do not matter, I only know that I’m buying you with the host on the line" (adhere to consumer positions). If he has nothing to say to say like, etc…….. > etc.

Advantages and disadvantages of using personal thief program

today to write this article, in order to use their own practical experience to tell everyone to use the thief program or not please use There are both advantages and disadvantages., according to their actual circumstances! I was in mid March this year began operating women "female fashion online", because the site is only an encoding, asked people to write, and then their day and night add content… One of the hard… I don’t believe that many webmaster do people know, here is not to complain. Done, in April, the site finally on-line. Before running the site, study on A5 for a long time, really learned a lot before do not know something, sincerely hope to do or are doing webmaster friends to the A5 university to study, you will be harvested. Well, some registered webmaster forums and blogs, do some outside the chain, the website will submit to the major search engines. Fortunately, the second day was collected, and then updated every day, included also increased, by mid April more than 3 thousand Baidu included, Google included more than 5 thousand, IP website from several to dozens to hundreds, was really happy for a while, after all, has earned.

day on the website about the chance to see a "thief" article, carefully study the following, think this is feasible, the program is very small also hundreds of K, but quite a lot of resources, claiming that if the site to install such a program, will be better able to retain customers, increase the rate of return? Try holding the mentality in the website with a movie thief program. Very unexpected, the amount of PV that day increased a lot, I hasten in this also added the kind of "floating advertising", really get a lot of clicks, I really happy again. After a week or so, the problem appeared, Baidu snapshot is not updated, included in the amount is not increased, Google included a little decline in the trend. At this time did not mind how, because the Internet checked, Baidu, Google is doing big updates, included may appear some abnormalities, but will soon be restored. After a few days, the problem is big, some of the keywords of the website is missing, and the amount of it is less and less. My intuition tells me that the website is out of order,


structure of the site should be no problem ah, don’t hang that advertising downtown, I quickly put the ads all delete, update the site! Can be over the past few days has become more and more serious, in the Baidu search "female fashion online" out to the second page, the key word of the other is not seen, Google just directly to the home page to click, it is clear that my site is down right Baidu, Google K.


website is really puzzling, K is nothing more than the content and the chain, the chain that I didn’t mean it should not increase the problem, it is only the content, I use the dedecms system, using SQL can quickly replace the content of sensitive words, what these are better done no, is there any other reasons? Recently I found the website access speed is more and more slowly, when the previous test ring >

I point out the things that Google and Baidu.


before I said angry words: if I can choose, I would choose foreign Internet service! China Internet is rubbish! This is really an angry words, you don’t take it seriously, some things which I entanglements and Internet giants. Understand my emotions.

about GOOGLE:

, I met two guys, Baidu and Google, a few years ago. Later, a station was built, so the relationship with them became more intimate and direct. My station is a few years ago, has not spent the mind to take care of, built when it was DMOZ included, in Google there is a good ranking. Although that keyword is not very popular, but I am always the first. Of course, sometimes, if you don’t update, there’s a problem with the website.

recently, I was a little concerned about that station, so often updated, I found that as long as I update, Google will be included, I see the collection of posts are a few hours ago I sent. Nevertheless, the flow from there is still very small, it may take time. Google included a total of more than 7000 pages of that station, that is, all the pages of that station, but every day from there to traffic on one or two, but also all from the home page. I faint.

I feel immediately to rise the station value, because I found another keyword ranking was lined up first! Some time ago, I went to domz to the name of my website and description, if it goes through, ha ha, it is a qualitative leap, the flow will rise a lot. When the site was built, there was no keyword, so it was a mistake. If I had written that keyword, I would have been the first Chinese website in that area. Ha ha, my station is indeed an advocate of similar websites in China, but it is a bit outdated. But the longest time to adhere to, similar to some closed down, closed.

recently I built another station: Before this domain name, this domain name is just changed, the former domain name is now PR2, ha ha, very strange, that period of time I did not manage this station, but in a few months on the PR2. This may and I in another weight relatively high web site to do the chain has a direct relationship. It’s important to say that the chain is a lethal weapon. Google still love me as before, and quickly included, followed by the pages inside slowly. Today, I found a key word, the one I expected. Oh, that’s a good sign. But my ultimate goal is not this keyword. Slowly, honestly, there will be a better tomorrow. Besides, I can’t live up to Google’s kindness and love to me all the time.

go on like this, I am confident that the domain name will become more and more heavy, and it should be in a short period of time. Just wait and see.

About Baidu: