Web two websites chain exchange experience

just contact to promote the work of the predecessors, will inform the importance of Links, with some attention and skill exchange chain. On the Internet also learn a lot of similar theory, but in practice it is not satisfactory. Many chain stand for assessment of chain quality standards mainly on these three items: the PR value, snapshot, included, as long as one does not accord with direct shot. For the two level domain name website more, Liaocheng website optimization the sentence: sorry 贵族宝贝/lc Shanghai Longfeng, we have not prescribed and non top-level domain name website exchange friend chain, have the opportunity to cooperate! Can put people to choke. I believe that many such as textile and garment web two websites of friends, and I have similar experience. Here, I talk about some experience through the study and exploration of a period of time after the experience, hope to give two websites and new friends to provide some reference in exchange links.

from the user, or the Shanghai dragon’s point of view, you should do a good job in the chain. What is the chain between the web? Is your website link. Links can be added to the keywords in the article, at the same time can do the related articles in the recommendation.

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in the role of the chain is very important, here is not explained. Need to remind everyone that links to add natural, not too far fetched, an article link should not be too much, two or three is enough, too much will affect the readers’ visual effect, make readers feel disgusted, too far.

, for example, what are the symptoms of lumbar disc herniation, in this article, you might write, there are many types of lumbar disc herniation, lumbar and leg pain is the most common. Then in the lumbar and leg pain, you can add anchor text, pointing to your pages. In addition to this article end, relevant content recommendation, treatment method of lumbar protrusion of the lumbar intervertebral disc herniation postoperative note, can add anchor text. The convenience of the reader, increase PV, to optimize, help ranking. Min Tao can also add a link anchor text in this article, website editor how to have a future occupation planning.


2, two

1, some friends say two websites is not stable, it will flow back to the main domain name, and when the master punished site may also be affected. Actually otherwise, a period of time before the love of Shanghai make a big adjustment, the PR value and weight of the world factory value vary somewhat, but its two level domain name industry PR value and weight value did not fall but a slight increase. Thus, this argument may have to be verified.

mentioned above so many website article editing technology, whether you are in the daily.

?The long-term development of

4. successful web series required: do the chain

The quality of the content and make your blog within the chain racing together bridle to bridle shin

(three) recommend work related content website.

(two) is to optimize the internal chain rankings for the purpose.

because our blog in the early, the number is very small, so it is not enough to keep the content and content between the series is very good, so the visit quantity of the website is relatively small, but all bloggers do not worry, because early for a good blog will be in the chain can not do or not to do, but to the blog post we updated. The content increased gradually, this time we will find many types of articles are related, so in order to allow users to better understand some knowledge, we can add the chain guide users to access more the page.

the individual Shanghai dragon is usually related to the blog optimization technology of knowledge sharing, and made this type of blog webmaster will find that this blog will be longer than other types of page tour time, bounce rate will be much lower, if we can add some reasonable contents in the chain so, our blog for the better by the user’s favorite and optimization work on our website are of great help. As for the optimization problem within the chain of personal blog, Xiao Bian actually have been in the study, today to share some of their results to everyone, I hope to help you.

in a lot of blogs in addition to penetration into some related within the chain, in fact, or we need to do some related content recommended reading, because we all know that a user when you think this website content is also good, usually want to have a look at your website there is nothing else he could feel good learning content, therefore at the end of this paper provide some relevant recommendation method is relatively good. Of course, if we can take the form of illustrations to demonstrate the relative click will be much higher, and also can be very good to attract the attention of the user, like my www.name2012贵族宝贝 at the end of the article on the security.

is a website for meaning, is not purely in order to get a good ranking in the search engine, but to provide valuable information for the user. In fact, imagine a website if the pure knowledge to the weight of the rankings, the results will lead to excessive website optimization, search engine drop right processing. So the chain work for as well, and in many of the personal blog, we will find that many of the chain is to set up some key words and in fact, this approach for the small and not quite agree, because such an approach to ranking may not be of great help, but also affect the user experience imagine, when a user clicks on one of your keywords anchor text, page to page or a column page, this result that is meaningful for users as can be imagined for you?.

(a) – do not add the chain for blog.

Comprehensive analysis of Shanghai dragon combat large station group website how to optimize the pag


update site information, text with keywords, website and Related words can be considered, not necessarily is the core keywords, such as Zhitong talent network updates, interview, job, salary, job, job etc. all with the website related words are available in the website internal links.

The last time the


keyword should appear in the anchor text page outbound links, this is a very important aspect. In fact, in some extent, the outbound links containing keywords, is also important to this page keywords in external links.

keyword in the title, or the navigation bar

said today is according to how the page keyword optimization.

The as well!The

URL in the

HTML label

when it comes to how to determine the site target keywords, keyword is determined, the next job is to do the optimization for these keywords.

keyword in the web page of text

The Summary:

on the English website, keywords can be placed in the URL, but Chinese website is not good to achieve this point. Of course, the keyword can also be placed in a directory name, can also be a file name, but avoid keyword stuffing.

website updated information, it is best to put keywords in the text in the title, the title with a H1-H3 display, a H1 tag page generally used only once, there is a little higher than the average weight of the text, which is logical, because the title is of course this article should be discussed. In addition in bold, italic, or add color to emphasize key words, but the one or two is enough.

shows the keyword density of 2% – 8% a lot of information, but the weight of the keyword density has been very small, many ranking "before the keyword density could reach twenty or thirty per cent, there may be no keyword. So don’t put keyword density seriously.


many types of business sites, such as the training site, usually related to training business make a navigation and navigation title, title is also determined to optimize the key word.

Keywords keyword

to do a keyword optimization, remember not the key sentences, not excessive.

keyword in the link

keyword should appear in the title tag inside the title tag, Title is a very important factor at present, should contain your most important keywords. At the same time, title generally placed two to three core keywords, Zhitong talent network title tag: in addition, labels Description, Keywords tag Keyword, image ALT tags can be put into words, but not keyword stuffing, a natural

A college student failed Wangzhuan experienceI have seen too many three real entrepreneurs are sayin

Wangzhuan sequelae has not finished, I did not get the scholarship that semester, this is the only time the University didn’t get a scholarship semester, and two families were almost hanging.

I’m majoring in economics. My college days are always boring. To become attached to Wangzhuan or in 2006, it was just opening soon, the course easily no exam pressure, one day accidentally in a forum to see Cashfiesta network advertising to make money, is very attractive, the poster described in the post a month easily earned $more than 300, but also made a screenshot. At the time that the Wangzhuan is good, than to go out and make the promotion to tutor a lot better, but also do not have to go out, but also on the Internet, so I registered an account to wangzhuan. As long as there is my spare time in front of the computer are looking forward to success with those who earn Wangzhuan bucket, but a month down what did not earn income, from the minimum payment amount is one hundred and eight thousand. Just want to give up, but then the Internet consulting company, that do Wangzhuan perseverance, I put a short time effort is not enough, do Wangzhuan too little. Think about it, too. After all, you are doing the rest of your time. It doesn’t affect your study. If so, then I would have to spend a little time, I believe that Heaven helps those who help themselves.

only in this way, the entrepreneur can make a good product in the true sense. If the entrepreneur himself is not willing to try again and again, how can he make a product that others can’t fondle?


sounds strange. Entrepreneurs are of course the busiest, the busiest, the most lovable. How can they not think?. Generally speaking, they are people who scold others for not using their brains.

All kinds of products every day

Ma Huateng trial home, whenever and wherever possible pertinent comments — you only is the depth of the user in the true sense, your opinion is valuable; Jobs products, every day to repeat products. The >

1, no brains,

2, no hands,

Bring me I think

remember: in the field of entrepreneurship, there is no "passing" product, and if the product is not liked by others, then the product is a failure. Not a product can work, you can call it a product.

Abstract: when everyone has the thought to dry up, at this time there is no way, but still continue to hold forward.

called "three immobility", that is, "no brains", "no hands", "no emotion", we explain one by one:


entrepreneurs must be the first users of the needs, and should be the first to repeatedly use improvements, products should be used every day to spit, and then see if you can put forward better optimization opinion.

out of the Wangzhuan nightmare, I began to re-examine the network. >

said, "not if I put this money smashed advertising can exchange for the next round of financing", or "they are doing, how can we get rid of them; but the thought system of logic, the trend of the industry, how to continuously think about their own products the development of.

but in fact, many entrepreneurs are really not thinking.

everyone has the thought to dry up, at this time there is no way, still want to continue to hold forward.

, no, Ctoutiao, a writer who has not thought about the topic for two days, has to see some of the strange aspects of the industry.

After the

                  my strategy is the class generally do not turn the computer off hook to make money, sometimes at night have been hung later the power consumption is too large, roommates have opinions, so give up in order to have more time to spend on my blog. Even quit their Saturday day Tutor now in retrospect feel was really SB concentrate to do Wangzhuan, sometimes skipping usually only those escape Marx course. So after three months the day I know how to insist on down, what Asian friends make money, money and other registration and investigation were done, many forums, sh419 Post Bar have left my footprints, thought this must make money, but the result is still very disappointing, no one more than the minimum the payment amount, the worst is Cashfiesta I do not know how they calculate, every day they banner ads on don’t count how many times, just remember just bought less than half of the mouse was damaged by a point, only to find that the income is growing the more slowly, to the final accounts are closed, that is cheating, TMD, I completely Speechless. I’m angry, all the saved data, delete all the Wangzhuan site, was depressed for a week.

mindless entrepreneurs lack long-term, stable, and sustainable goals. Adhere to the vision of the Amazon ten years unchanged, and these entrepreneurs did not have a three year plan, without the continued stability of the plan, how can prove that the entrepreneur is in solving the same problem? If you cannot prove that the entrepreneur is in solving the same problem, how can prove that entrepreneurs and attention focus

young entrepreneurs make the mistake most often. They are not involved in the details of the product, but remote control. But if the entrepreneur himself does not have the most in-depth way to think, or can not make concrete improvements, or suggestions for improvement may not be true.

I’m a senior from an ordinary university in Guangzhou. I’m going to graduate soon. When I want to write this document before I graduate from all Wangzhuan friends.

Mai Wenwen out of Shanghai dragon ring Shanghai Longfeng ER venture

second is selling services: Shanghai dragon service itself, including high-end and low-end service service.

and second sell services, generally to complete this part of the work by the website optimization company or studio, there are also some personal. This mode of communication and customer needs, determine a keyword, how much money, about how long time do go up, we are basically similar, the only difference is that different people respond differently, but the ultimate goal is the keywords ranking, summarize the user request, we help to complete, and charge a cost.

no one denies the importance of Shanghai dragon, but if you stand on the outside looking Shanghai dragon

using three popular direction of Shanghai Longfeng development:

was the first station in Shanghai Longfeng point of view:

said the first to sell products, since it is the use of Shanghai Longfeng do product sales, so there will be a lot of work for us: the stability of the server, good website structure, URL directory structure, the construction of the chain, Links, external links, update, training website weight and so on, there are too few details to us to pay attention to, to adjust every day to do a number of statistical chain exchange, how many friends of the chain, update a few articles original, included an increase in the number of these things, occupy nearly all the time with us, our main energy will stare in the keywords ranking. This is not what is not good, is an important stage, but that in addition to Shanghai Longfeng wheat Lisa, there are many things worth us to do, can not be limited and the Shanghai dragon.

Shanghai dragon is a very practical technology, using this technology can make our website to get good traffic, in other words, the customer Everfount looking door. So the Shanghai dragon is very popular, many webmaster worship by the heat, but we are in the Shanghai dragon in the process of entrepreneurship must jump Shanghai Longfeng circle use, from a more comprehensive perspective, Shanghai dragon is only a tool, if confined here, thinking will be limited.


is the first to sell products: sales to find a good product, the Shanghai dragon get a lot of traffic and customers.

is the last of third kinds of advertising, advertising may early be difficult, because there is no income, and the platform to have enough influence in the circle, so under normal circumstances, the webmaster will choose a hot topic or topic of interest to the station, with love Shanghai news list, Taobao hot search list do traffic. The development to a certain scale began to talk to customers, many local portal and forum is this form. This is also the focus on Shanghai Longfeng keyword optimization, lifting weights, get traffic.

third is to sell advertising: rely on Shanghai dragon to obtain certain traffic and users, become a platform for many advertisers to advertise.

How to operate low input, high return SP17 year old into a multimillionaire design software was acqu

one month basic to your domain name updates included in the page, we do not expect the collection of the whole station, your home is enough, just a collection of permissions first week is relatively heavy, catch good opportunity amount, a week can put the cost through. Later on sh419 video search, but also appropriate to the station to increase the chain.

WSJ., Magazine, 2013 series of creative characters. This paper introduces the WSJ. Magazine Innovation Award 2013 tech Award: Nick · Daluoyi Theo Nick D Aloisio.

stands for more than half a year, this is the experience, and share their experiences, if you are master please bypass, not what technical content, do not feel good don’t scold me Oh, after all, I was just a little webmaster, just want to share my experience.

when you heard that in March this year, a 17 year old student sold a software he designed to $30 million for the Yahoo Corp Yahoo, Inc., YHOO. As for the child’s appearance, you may have a funny image in your head: Needless to say, it must be a geek. A learning tyrant who is not interested in anything but one line and one line of writing code. A man has to look at the old son whispered muttering what neurotic.

Daluoyi Theo designed an application software named Summly, the software can be cumbersome articles into several key sentences for streamlining. After the release of a generation of Summly software, technical observers realized that in this era of information or earnings, all news is quickly read in the palm of the hand, such a concise and accurate summary software contains huge

temptation page, keyword density and main chain, these simple optimization will be the webmaster, more important is the temptation to page must add video, but the best is local, we should sh419 video search included these videos later this will be a major site of IP road. Temptation page will not do, can go to those exchanges in the chain, click a lot of times, found a lot of, oneself another save better.

if you think you are a good exchange chain alliance can exchange chain the storage of IP during the day, night time volume, because of the keyword I choose good sh419 video search results on a few of my station, the first time I just buy 1 names to operate, profit space is very large, then an additional 2 3 more than 10 domain names, get more stations, there are a few long steady to late I have no reason to make it, I just put the emerge of itself and perish of itself, more than 100 yuan, but net profit is more than 10 thousand.


in fact, do SP very good, simple, online sales of SP creative many, many, my method is very primitive, is directly do temptation station, let sh419 shlf1314 included, I put this step into the form of investment operation.

Video: 17 year olds leading the reading revolution

space needless to say, foreign space bar, but I still recommend buying VPS, 50 yuan a month a lot, this can not be saved.


, Photography, by, David, Bailey

will be 18 this month Daluoyi Theo is the designer of Summly. Earlier this year, the digest was reported to have been sold to Yahoo Corp for $30 million.

domain name, Admin5 forum to buy sh419 included domain name! Buy domain name included update time and attention to his link, and the domain name included update time is at least 1 months, the reverse link at least 20 or more, the domain name for CN is good, the cost is 10 ~ 20 yuan a.


only 17 year old entrepreneur, article summary, the application of Summly founder Nick Odaloisio Nick D Aloisio was named "WSJ." magazine in 2013, "innovation figures Award", "science and technology award.". So, when you see the 17 year old Nick · Daluoyi Theo Nick D Aloisio into the London bar in high and vigorous spirits · Bruce Bar Boulud restaurant, and firmly shook hands, when he described the blueprint of the future career, you should be surprised from ear to ear. He is like a Silicon Valley Chief Executive CEO who manages the media with ease and skill with a 97 high score. When chatting, his eyes firmly stare at you from Noam · Chomsky Noam Chomsky neural network theory, science, and even to immigrant mentality Buddhist yoga, he can confidently speak freely all the topics. He is a member of a One Direction like boy band, a slender figure with a hippie T-shirt and Slim small suit, hair up in his forehead, while biting the cheeseburger, while made people be struck dumb.

, this is very important, the key is to choose the right keywords after the return, the temptation of only a few hundred words in general search results, ranking the first page to 100ip, do not underestimate the amount of 100ip intention is very good, unless your alliance is crazy deduction amount, his sh419 more, look the keyword is better.

Do the construction of chain exquisite inner to make your website on the upgrade

for the chain construction, many owners tend to remain in the content page added a lot of anchor text to web page or column page, so as to attract the spider crawling more to grab the page, the weights to share these pages, it is wrong for this approach, now the search engine has been identified as a way for cheating, so you must have a correct understanding of what is in the chain of value, good nonsense not say, small share in the construction of the chain tips with you own summary.

(two) to remove unimportant page links.

for many webmaster update, a lot of the time we published content is not to say that is especially important, but these are not very important pages often divided some of our website weight, and the weight of a web site itself is relatively limited, this time we need to put these pages to the rational distribution, or it is very easy to cause the loss of weight, the more common page for example "about us" and "contact us" "website statistics" and so on, these pages are essential for a web site, and there is no value of the page, so in the construction of a chain site a fine, then we through some shielding don’t let the spider crawling techniques, such as nofollow tags and JS call jump, to avoid the loss of weight of our web site.

(a) accurately set key website page.


regardless of any industry on Internet sites, each site is a key column page, your article page for a web site of the highest weight web page is the home page, and then is the column page, content page. But sometimes we want to improve the content of the page weight of their own, through the content page to do some long tail keywords to get some traffic, for example, a station I do now is the name of the game, but there are some statements in the column, when the festival will do some long tail keywords holiday greetings type. This time we want to get a good ranking you have to enhance the weight of the page, but the page from the level above is the weight of the worst page within the site is difficult to have a good weight, this time we can add keywords of this type by the home use the web page no place, add or Links add or better in the process of the spider crawling in the crawl and give these A good page weight.

is now the owners about the construction of the chain are often very confused, because the love of Shanghai Webmaster Platform also clear to the station to focus on the construction of website content, while in the chain is always impossible, and Google in recent times has been clear, and user experience in weight the value chain of the site is extremely favorable, so are very important for the construction of the chain in the development of a website.

Analysis of what data is needed for website optimization

for the analysis of the website data, some basic data of the website of Shanghai Longfeng every day we must see, such as PV, UV, IP website, these data, from these data, we can see that the growth trend of web traffic, can be seen flow is increased, or decreased, and growth and the decline, and to find out the reasons why growth and decline further, for example, sometimes because of Saturday, Sunday and other holidays, some because of hot words, these are in fact to do data analysis, which is very familiar with on site traffic situation.

many workers, they tend to ignore the web page download speed on the impact of traffic, the speed is actually has a great influence on the flow, but also has a certain influence on the ranking in Google’s official blog is mentioned, I believe that love Shanghai will also consider this factor, because it is a factor in the user experience, as long as the factors affecting the user experience, will also affect Shanghai Longfeng flow, then the speed is how to influence the flow of it, we can understand this, increase the speed, then the search engine at the same time.

Shanghai dragon

2, PV, IP, web sites such as UV basic data

for our general Shanghai Longfeng workers, website optimization can be divided into two blocks, is the station outside the station and the two part, and then simplified, is nothing more than a station for the update, and the link station. The station is equivalent to enrich website content, website to lay a good foundation, external links also can be understood as engaged in external relations to the site, let more websites to appear our website links. Thus not only plays a role of propaganda, but also can make the website ranking improved. In fact, if you really want to put the Shanghai Dragon Well, is not so simple, if the site optimization is so simple, but soon learned, even one hour can finish. But that is not the case. To the Shanghai Dragon Well, the data is very important, so in the website optimization process, we should collect and analyze what important data


we know that such a common sense: if you want to have a website ranking, must first be included in the search engine, it exists in the database, and the search engine according to certain rules, the corresponding key words give you website ranking, since included so important, it included the search for how are we going to do? Engine to be included, must first grab your web pages, and search engine to grab, there is on our web log file, using FTP tools for download, then we can use the log analysis tools, analysis the search engine spiders to grab situation, but to do some measures to improve the capture of search engine, to achieve the purpose of increasing included.

3, HTTP site response time data

1, search engine spiders crawl data

Do Shanghai dragon how to face love Shanghai update algorithm

said this, our core is the user experience, to do with the user experience of the website, this website will not only update out in each algorithm instead, this can increase with the search engine on the web, so that the website ranking rise.

2, as the Shanghai dragon staff we change how to optimize the site

algorithm update, many Shanghai dragon are not easy to complain incessantly, the site optimization may be as an algorithm to update the hit the bottom, all the efforts are in vain, don’t love the face of Shanghai update we really at a loss what to do? In fact, this is from the optimization of thinking that is the following:

1, we want to know why love Shanghai update algorithm, this is what is inside the deeper meaning of

love Shanghai this year update frequency was more than a few years ago, this is why? Because the 360 search, because of competition, love Shanghai’s market share is being constantly eroded 360, then love Shanghai how to retain users, that is to enhance the user experience, enhance the user experience of the approach taken is to display the user want to see the page, the user does not abandon the love of the page, so many pages are K, no matter how good before the page ranking.

3, the updated algorithm ranking out how to do

in the optimization of the site, many optimization personnel are standing in the perspective of search engine optimization, and forget the final page of the audience is the user, rather than spiders, love Shanghai is the user in the first place, if there is a conflict between the algorithm and the user behavior, so that a search engine will be more improved algorithm meet the needs of users, if you are in the website optimization algorithm that is to be eliminated, therefore, the optimization of time should pay more attention to user experience, even when the rankings were also never mind, you have to believe that as long as your site user experience well, sooner or later ranking increases.

When it comes to

here we say, ranking out there are two reasons, one is the adjustment of the algorithm, the site may cause a temporary decline in ranking, but after a while you will recover, there is a page you can not meet the user experience of the standard, so your website ranking for off. First, it is in accordance with the previous way of maintenance of website, do not do other big changes. In second, then you need to analyze the website, how to adjust the site more in line with the user experience, as long as the experience ready, ranking will recover.

Count the Guinness Links platform is among the highest in the industry

link integrity

Mou Changqing founder of the GO9GO website, will undoubtedly become the top, because the link platform is from the beginning and prosperity of the mountains. Not many words, we look at the basic situation of the GO9GO website:

I am the founder Gao Bo push network (Cao Cao grass line), today to take stock after a year of development, link platform from 100 chain wars until now, the emergence of some top-notch website.

GO9GO platform

grass network link platform


webmaster Webmaster Help link platform called Zhou Zhou, the webmaster do Shanghai Longfeng ability is good, so many words in the Shanghai competition ranking is good love. Find links to more users, we can look at the following screenshot.


network is grass I founded the link platform, the first time I blog domain name. Because I love to do webmaster industry websites, and Links website is essential, so do the Links platform. The existing two links, included rate reached more than ninety-five percent, see the following screenshot.

poly Rui network link platform

network is a company founded by poly Rui, strength is not small, but also in Shanghai has been ranked the steady love. A good position, so the user knows too much, the number of links too much. From the number of love Shanghai chain can be seen, the construction of the chain of poly Rui network is in place.

Links platform from the earliest to the self-help chain link Mou Changqing founded GO9GO platform, and the webmaster also like bamboo shoots after a spring rain and many Links platform. There is a single flower is not the spring, All flowers bloom together. spring garden. Links platform and prosperity must have his value, China Internet have many webmaster, enterprise website ER to Shanghai dragon website Shanghai dragon to exchange Links, issued by the chain link, and the platform just to meet the needs of these two, so the link platform fire.




strictly speaking, honesty is not a link link platform platform should be self-help chain. Only the owners to participate in these keywords competition, but also in Shanghai ranked good love. But this website program is very good, as long as you pass any external links to the site, can be included and other links on the site included forced the site to some gangsters. Owners said, Google started doing very well, love the sea K station, now the opposite: love Shanghai performance is very good, Google is K and not the PR value (>

Webmaster Help link platform

A new method of deception Links alert


if (ereg ($urlbaidu, $url)) {/ / judge love Shanghai

two, so how to determine the site, do not let their Links

if you find each other’s site is not allowed to love Shanghai snapshot, we must be careful, he is likely to deceive Links do not let you see.



webmaster when using Links examination platform, using simulated spiders access (Baiduspider) was found in the other without you Links, when found to have normal access to the site. This is the.

is actually very simple, will write will ASP or PHP. That judgment is the common user access or visit the web site search engine spiders, to achieve different page display. Here is one of the most simple judgment post code:

four, is deceived by the View >

Links page;

identification two: analog search engine access

; ? ? ;

or IP Baiduspider can judge, judge, the programmer will look at.

recognition: not allowed to love Shanghai

three, how to achieve this

some time ago due to the rain, the Shanghai dragon incident, cause many people are now in to enhance the site’s weight by Links deception. I didn’t want to say too much, but the recent discovery of Web sites using this method. So here announced, in order to avoid more webmaster friends cheated. To explain what is Links cheating, let some do not know about the new friends. The so-called Links deception is the other side with you for Links, with his links to your website, and he by some technical means without your link on his website.





$urlbaidu=" spider.htm"

< php



, why are you doing this?

in fact, the reason is very simple, if he so cheating, Links exchange with him, are one-way links to him. You can imagine Links more, he will receive more one-way links. Finally, his website weight does not want to go to.

Links page;

Choose what kind of learning platform suitable for beginners Shanghai dragon you

webmaster world

1, how to choose the time under the condition of

2, want to master the Shanghai dragon, a foundation period of.

3. strange ideas you may prefer this forum.

Shanghai Longfeng foundation construction

Objective: many customers or friends want to know, they want to start learning Shanghai Longfeng, what place to start work. Indeed, on the Internet, there are lots of Shanghai dragon website, network, and the Shanghai dragon training materials easy to get, feel learning a lot, but the feeling is not so strong, what is wrong with the party. I engaged in the work of Shanghai dragon big words have 20 years, let me give them about one or two.

age of information explosion, if you every time, you are only allowed to look at less than an hour of forum, webmaster world WebmasterWorld贵族宝贝, should be your first choice, the forum around the construction site to illustrate the point of view of convergence between Shanghai and Phoenix site lingering there is a limitation, of course, is the whole English station, of course, if you want to engage in Shanghai dragon even advanced Shanghai dragon, I believe in the future, English is a.


, you must move the bucket ?The


at this time you should

Shanghai dragon is an optimization technique based on search engines, from the principle of search engine on the capture of Shanghai dragon spider rule, is the most senior people of Shanghai dragon, must grasp the principle. Most people will start from the principle of website of Shanghai Longfeng SearchEngineWacth贵族宝贝, forum aims to search engine spiders and principle the direction of the guiding role of Shanghai dragon, it industry is also one of the first site search engine knowledge, the moderator of the forum, but also the most important one of the great search engine industry.

is interested in learning the ancients said, teacher.DigitalPoint forum, may be more suitable for the more creative ideas of your ideas, many of the ideas may trigger your novel and lively of Shanghai dragon new thinking mode and unique optimization strategy, a shared economic mode, is the DigitalPoint forum, you? Mainly from the starting point of the direction of creativity, innovation, let you feel the offbeat Shanghai dragon world, burst out of some very interesting topics and often will. Of course, there is a drawback is that the nature of the forum itself requires here to study Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon has a certain foundation, otherwise it is difficult keep up with the Joneses oh.


, a Shanghai Phoenix Forum

Shanghai Dragon: only you can not think, do not.

An example on how to build a more consistent with the Shanghai dragon and UEO site structure

two: with the structure of

as a portal of our content compared to other types of site will be more and more complex. A reasonable breadcrumb navigation can not only improve the keywords ranking at the same time, we can better promote the user’s good experience. We can see the change in A5. Remember when I visit A5 past stationmaster net, then this is a breadcrumb structure: home » & search; Shanghai dragon » how to build a portal site more in line with the Shanghai dragon and UEO site structure, now the author found that the A5 surface crumbs navigation has undergone subtle changes. We can see the current breadcrumb structure has become: webmaster nets » & search; Shanghai dragon » how to build a portal site more in line with the Shanghai dragon and UEO site structure. One of the main reasons we can see that this change is to upgrade the A5 in the word on the web ranking. Friendly experience at the same time a reasonable crumb structure can also enhance the user’s good. So the structure of bread crumbs is one of the factors we improve the site of Shanghai dragon and UEO can not be ignored.

home is the best of our weight of the site, is also the most visited. Keywords we can make better use of the home page to get a better ranking and included at the same time, improve the user’s good experience. So first we look at a government portal home page, as shown in figure




home page

: a reasonable structure of

bread crumbs navigation

site structure optimization is a key link in the station optimization. A good structure can not only make our visitors have a more comfortable access environment, but also can enhance our keywords in the search engine ranking results, described on our site is killing two birds with one stone. For the portal site, there is a large amount of information, how to let our visitors get information and make the search engine more in-depth crawling cannot do without a reasonable site more easily. Then I will in the following share how to build our site structure, we make the structure more in line with the Shanghai dragon and UEO.

above, many of our readers and as I see the first impression of this structure is the feeling of the structure is very clear, very fresh, not some portals that messy feeling. This kind of design we can see a clear structure, meet the access needs of users, improve the user friendly experience. Then we can see this kind of structure can be naturally placed in our words, to promote the site keywords ranking, this structure also can make the search engine more deepen and wide access to our site. This will undoubtedly promote the promotion site included.

Create a large number of readability plateau and soft skills

to "do" (moving people from small to large in life with a story, the story of the title is more likely to move people, to attract people, lead people to read) "hanging" (interest, inspiration and suspense, people tend to have more suspense things interested), ". (" charming and suspense, people of unknown things are full of curiosity, the title form can design what you don’t know why the secret, secret, truth, trick, etc.) to "dangerous" scary (through intimidation means to attract readers to the attention of the soft, such as a health food soft Wen title "Oh, hyperosteogeny kills these types of title)".

a good soft Wen is the enterprise brand, product and service cleverly added content, from the content of the implant user subconscious brain, causing users to deepen the impression of this article and share out, so as to achieve viral spread. To achieve this effect, not only in content to a lot of thought, the title is also an important factor.


the show and the number of hits in addition to the correlation mentioned above the title of the article, and the platform weight as well as the title of the form. We should choose some relatively high weights in the platform publishing platform selection, search engines often patronize the priority weights of the high site, in return the results page will display priority high weight website article. The strange title can cause readers to click on the desire to create the title can be considered attractive by "benefit" (that is, in the title directly indicate your interests), with "new" greedy people (people always fresh, fresh things of interest), moving with the "emotion" (people there are emotional animal, feelings can influence and affects our hearts, thus affecting our behavior, with "love" to move the reader).

Title Title: the title of the article points to include the content of the article and the main scope of business promotion, for example: a floral training school, whose business is the title of the floral training, to include the word flower, so, after the search engines, users according to their own needs to enter the relevant search words there will be a chance to search, his article, for example: according to the needs of users enter the search term "floral training" search, if their title contains "these two words, the floral may appear in the results returned by the page in the page, to achieve precise delivery, the increase number display method click rate and list a few tips below.

there are many types of title, there is always a is the most appropriate, this would require according to the actual conditions >

users want to see an article first see is the title of the article, only the title of the article can affect readers’ emotions, readers can open this article, on the other hand, if the title does not have what special, not to arouse the reader’s interest content writes well, in the end become useless. To some minds when creating the title, to think from several aspects.

How do I get to win at the starting point of the site

last month to do a Tibetan mastiff breeding information network, now just on the line of love Shanghai included 11, the chain 60, which reached the stationmaster net love Shanghai traffic is expected to 66 of the results, the main keywords ranking all the love in Shanghai before three, as shown in figure

finished in the site analysis, I started the construction work, first of all, I selected both the keywords factors love Shanghai index, users search habits and industry information for the website, such as the Tibetan mastiff, Tibetan mastiff breeding Tibetan mastiff breeding, mating, breeding information, price of Tibetan Mastiff purebred Tibetan mastiff breeding information. At the same time, the authority and the keywords in order to increase the site’s ranking advantage, I choose www.zangaopeizhong贵族宝贝 (Tibetan mastiff breeding phonetic spelling) main domain name.

to choose keywords and domain name, followed by the construction site. Open this website, you may feel the appearance of the page is not too high, this point is the best, after all, not a professional artist. But in the layout of the page, I have high requirements, careful analysis of all the div+css layout, you can find my layout includes these details:

, the top 1 websites with a word describes the service content of ZhengZhan, which increased the authority of the site, but also can increase the keyword density.


from past experience, the new line can achieve this effect, is not easy. So I took this experience to share with everyone out, how to make the website to win at the starting point. First, and most important, is the site of what is, what is the topic, to what purpose, how to make money? I do such a site idea is found and a Tibetan mastiff friends in the world, he said that the current domestic price of Tibetan mastiff breeding purebred Tibetan mastiff breeding is very high, even the price reached hundreds of thousands. The author checked the Internet based on domestic website a few Tibetan mastiff do very good, very comprehensive. But in the breeding information this one still has great space subdivision, and keywords is not difficult, the future can love Shanghai home even before three, and then through the advertising fees charged to profit or sell the entire station.

site navigation columns with nested H2 tags, highlighting the importance of site navigation. Column name with main keywords I chose, and display advertising, very good outstanding website keywords.


5, the bottom navigation clear and add the HTML format of the site map, convenient spider crawling and love Shanghai user clicks. < >

4, column title with H3 tags nested above with column links directly to the title, forming a good anchor text links.

2, div station using a tree structure, all for a large div nested Div. At the same time, try to simplify the div nested, hierarchical site code does not exceed three.

Home pages and how to make critical adjustment

to solve the problems title

is the second long title must be changed into a short title, in the current situation, compared with the long short title title in the ranking above is an advantage, short title can let the user at a glance.

two, front page adjustment

home page and inside pages can solve the rankings do not,

has poor stability and large floating phenomenon

Three First of all we need to know the

, a home page and adjust the operation purpose and benefits of

for the title, there are two main aspects, the first is our title of the standard, we do not add malicious keywords in the title, or add repetition and have included the key words, do not add special symbols at random, do not add descriptive language (a first, certain leading and so on), key words not too much too much, the weight of each keyword obtained will be relatively small, according to the name of the web site keywords, keywords, keyword format can be arranged from left to right, according to the importance of keywords.

2. to improve the conversion rate of

The key to adjust the


home page and inside pages can adjust and what are the benefits of

Three point positioning

1. upgrade and stable keywords ranking

home adjustment is mainly in the title, navigation and forum, the three point adjustment is very important for the influence of the rankings.

3. web site for a long time does not change the ranking of the decline of

first said that our home of the adjustment period, the adjustment period of our home if we can not change what ranking or generally we control it in about 2 months, but if we meet some special situations such as user needs change faster, ranking drop quickly, so we must shorten our adjustment cycle, for example, we can control in a month, the love of Shanghai is generally change a big update for a month.

our web site for a long time does not change may cause website ranking drop, this problem can be solved by adjusting the home page and inside pages.

optimization of the site in the late, fine work is we must experience, we can by adjusting a flow level gradually improve website, can reduce the rate of jump out of the site as a whole, prolong the retention time of the page, to further enhance the conversion rate, let users to our website to quickly find the content they need you can include the inside pages, the adjustment is very important, if we mess adjustment is likely to cause our own website drop right, so home pages and the key to adjust according to what what should we how to operate it, today to share strategies and ideas of the key under the adjustment of the home page and inside pages the.

further increase user viscosity, increase user clicks, increase website PV.

How do the electricity supplier website is the most reasonable optimization

, one of the guests to the market to buy oranges, go to the front, a booth asked, how much is the orange, stall answered a 3.5 pound, the guests turned away, to second guests asked again how much orange, vendors are introduced respectively. The price of the oranges, asked for a sentence, you need that kind of taste. The guests said give me a pound to be sour. This guest bought a pound. At the time of leaving, traders to add a guest, say to the guest, feel good then let your friends come to buy, so the business of customer referrals. The guests go on to the next one, want to buy apple, vendors are also introduced one of a guest, said a pound with sour apples, merchants to guests picked a catty, casually asked the guest, is your wife to buy it, the guests said yes, traders said women don’t work during pregnancy and pay more attention to rest, eat some supplements, I have here a pregnant woman can eat some. This time a guest wants to say, too, so the customer bought a souvenir vendors, then introduce to the guests of other fruits, the guests down more than 100 dollars to buy fruit here.

and many enterprises in the electricity supplier website or business station is where the Department of technology, Shanghai dragon personnel aside, because they do not know, do the site if you do not meet the needs of users, not digging the needs of users to the greatest extent, then do it again even if the website ranking good no use. Because your website is not good user to buy a product will not come in, at the same time wasted a lot of traffic.

the story exists in life, when many businesses in the electricity supplier website and the line is often only found obvious needs of users, while ignoring the hidden user demand, if I want a girlfriend. This sentence is very obvious that can find a girlfriend is obvious and hidden demand is demand, we need to find a way to girlfriend or cheats. In fact, many enterprises of this point and multi business platform did not do it, thus resulting in a large number of customers.

We illustrate the

so when doing the electricity supplier website to let Shanghai Longfeng personnel involved, and a careful analysis of the needs of users, such as users buy power line, power line is obviously the needs of users, the "

actually do business website and do the same store, the most important is to consider the user experience, only to meet the user experience and website marketing to attract users, website and our store is the same, is a channel to attract users, business platform is also the enterprise in the Internet on the store, only to do the user experience in order to retain customers, in order to allow users of the second consumer.

recently I found that many of the traditional enterprise transformation to the electricity supplier, however many enterprises do business website is a mess, don’t even say that is later spent, today to share with you how to do the electricity supplier website and website how to do optimization is most reasonable.

Batch data chain refused to love Shanghai outside the chain of tools pro test is absolutely effectiv

for ER in Shanghai Longfeng Daily website optimization statistics, domain domain data can only be used as a chain of data included the chain data reference, the real value of Shanghai Longfeng people can see from the webmaster tools, then the external optimization effect now evaluated with these data.

refused to chat outside the chain of tools to love Shanghai, I want to talk to many just enter Shanghai dragon industry friends, speak a basic concept or common sense: also called the chain data chain data and statistics for senior Webmaster Tools query command of love of the Shanghai

Webmaster Tools belong to love Shanghai search engine accepted the chain data (of course, does not rule out the possibility of cheating in the chain and the chain of garbage data), is real, valuable data.

linked to the blogger comment deleted, it is obviously unrealistic.

what is the difference?

until May 28, 2013, after the Shanghai love outside the chain of tools – the new upgrade supports batch refuse chain, the author sums up.

1. love Shanghai senior command domain domain, the chain data query to the pan data, not true.

The second way is to use the

is in the very early, just for love outside the chain of tools in Shanghai to write a soft Wen, to express their views on love in Shanghai outside the chain of tools. Long engaged in website optimization Shanghai dragon Er, for the love of Shanghai’s webmaster tools, I think a lot of people are interested enough, the performance is willing to spend a lot of time and energy to test tools, including the chain analysis of the accuracy of the data and refuse the chain reliability and timeliness, is the object of the webmaster study.

The chain data statistics to the 2. In fact, the

to chain tools, then the domain name blogger comments remain added, from April 25, 2013 until May 28th, during the observation data in the chain has been cheating chain exists, it is every time I love Shanghai update the chain data, the garbage chain always exists for as a result I don’t feel shocked, because I love Shanghai very chicken ribs provide tools, not what a substantive role.

love Shanghai Webmaster Platform refused to provide the chain tool, reject junk chain. Stick a piece of raw refuse outside the chain of tools:

Before the .


in April 25, 2013, Shanghai issued a "love website information about the chain to determine" this article, the author used Webmaster Platform to chain tools, because the author established early in my blog, ever been to another blog and leave two comments, "on the chain" in the article clearly points out that this judgment the author is in the evaluation of ID WEB2.0 mass hanging links, which belongs to the typical means of cheating. So I want to get rid of comments, but only two kinds of solutions:

This is the original The first approach is the idea of

Love Shanghai and Google update at the same time Shanghai dragon personnel should be how to treat

belongs to her show network (www.sheshows贵族宝贝), please indicate the source, thank you

2) cause the server is not stable, I hand on several projects, in addition to one because the server is not stable by included decline, several other projects have included the normal rise, I analyzed the under long IIS log, found that too much 200064 return code, basically because the server is not stable due to.


1) the situation with the 520 love Shanghai phenomenon is like, there may be the love of Shanghai’s own problems; because this included decline is too large, many included hundreds of thousands, tens of thousands of sites included straight down to the front page or a few pages, is not normal.

servers from the mainland to Hongkong, PR 2011 to January after the update, for a long time has not changed; in legend Google will cancel the PR, but officials have not issued a sound. So this PR update in contrary to expectation but also reasonable. From this update can be seen, PR will continue to update.

1, Google PR update for

in the face of this love Shanghai and Google update at the same time, I suggest the webmaster to do the following: 1, analysis of the website Links source code 2, check, stability and security to see if there are hung black chain with Trojan 3. Check the server, update the IIS log analysis, 4 with original content 5, maintain a normal attitude;

Last year, Google will

2, for the love of Shanghai included sharply, according to several projects on my hand, talk about personal views

this morning, it sent a lot of webmaster friends received messages on QQ, Google updated the PR last night, most of the websites and PR increased greatly; the same night love Shanghai is also a big update, previously included in very good website, this update only the first page or a few pages. Then the face of such a situation, as a Shanghai dragon ER we should be how to deal with the situation.

4) the chain increase too fast, enough to buy black chain; this kind of website can not say 100% problems, but most will still be love Shanghai right down, the most direct is included drop ceaselessly, the new station will even be enter the sandbox.

3) original content less, basically rely on the acquisition; this kind of website included drop is understandable, because the love of Shanghai is now on the web content more and more high quality requirements, rely on pure acquisition of the web site, it is difficult for a long time.

An accident caused Links exchange related matters on

Fuqing Shanghai dragon blog launched more than two months time, original every day, writing. Our station query to weight 2, webmaster tools query weight 1, according to the background monitoring flow, the author thinks that the webmaster tools data reliable. Fuqing Shanghai Longfeng blog each regional keyword ranking for the first, the article published almost seconds, normal snapshot is the next day, of course, also saw two 1 minute snapshots, coincided with a love of Shanghai update.

webmaster tools is simulated search engine for the source code from the top to the bottom of the

2, Links display results in the first.

Yantai Shanghai dragon is the first Links I changed, then wonder, what is this? Open your own blog Shanghai, view the source file, locate the Links, found no abnormalities. Because of the fast work will not canvass, back home immediately turn on the computer for the two query.

The author of the blog ;

then I carefully put the page source to look, found in the top Links source is the latest review source, Yantai Shanghai dragon remarks. This source is img alt=’in Yantai Shanghai dragon head src=gravatar’ form, and did not appear to link his, but the corresponding comments page, Yantai Shanghai dragon really left a text link, but the links all the messages in the form of nofollow filter.

yesterday afternoon after the Yantai Shanghai dragon QQ sent a message to me, I said to his Links to nofollow, also send a screenshot. A query is asked by the webmaster tools, of course I do it yourself immediately query results show the other side of the link is nofollow in the Shanghai dragon blog, but also the picture link. Other query tools, it is still the same.


query each other a chain, really showed me his link to the Shanghai dragon blog nofollow, but also a strange picture link. The chain currently has 5.

Fuqing Shanghai dragon blog exchange chain principle three. Is a peer or related industry; two is talking, apperciated is three; the weight is quite higher than me, of course, is not to say that the low.

so I see light suddenly to Yantai Shanghai dragon, the message is removed, all normal. Through this incident, I still have the feeling.

query in nofollow link chain, filtering case shows only 4 links, while Yantai Shanghai dragon does not link in the list. Choose not to filter the nofollow link, there are 8 links. Remove the Sina micro-blog micro-blog and Tencent, found that Yantai Shanghai dragon link even in the picture link form in the query results, but also many another picture link.