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Love Shanghai Dragon Technology in Shanghai VS station lifting adjustment algorithm


thousand years later, until finally the love of Shanghai was adjusted, but this time the surprise update appeared some big problems, that is, most of the website chain collapse, Difeng Shanghai dragon this time just want to talk to Shanghai dragon ER friends chat, Shanghai dragon will be back to believe that this time is our best way to improve the technology of Shanghai dragon. In fact, as early as last week, Wednesday, love Shanghai ranking has begun to change, and on that day, not how many friends website weight website ranking drop, the weight will naturally improve rankings, maybe a lot of people say, this time it didn’t just wave. A few days will be restored, time after a week, the ranking is also slowly recovering, but today, February 22nd is a 2 day. Outside the chain of many websites have reduced. What does this mean? We need to panic? The answer is, do not need

love Shanghai!

from a few words, speak a non false, indeed, the chain from our point of view, the chain previously released included can check, but now can not find. This update, Difeng Shanghai Longfeng think not only improved love Shanghai algorithm, it is a revolution in Shanghai Longfeng technological progress, because many people are having sex in Shanghai, and Shanghai Longfeng people know, is nothing more than a station outside the station optimization, they all know that. However, I believe that a lot of Shanghai Longfeng do things every day is repeated, we do Shanghai dragon ER really just do these things? "

22 in February 2011 according to the latest news: love Shanghai developers revealed that large update love Shanghai love search business, Shanghai ranked the new rules will be more conducive to the user experience. A ranking algorithm is more concerned about the webmaster, the source said, intelligent recognition system of the new algorithm fusion love Shanghai independent research and development. Illegal chain, forum signature will only be recorded in a chain of statistics. And increase penalties for violations of the Shanghai dragon. But some times most of the sites outside the chain of love Shanghai will be reduced and some illegal BBS signature of the chain! Love Shanghai developers revealed that, on a large scale update search business

webmaster friends, Shanghai dragon friends, this time may be the ranking mechanism to love Shanghai toward standardization, because, in the past, we all know, many sites are by what ah, ah, black chain group or standing group, of course, make up the Shanghai dragon and Feng Di can not say, now these things is useless, but very difficult to want useful. You can see some had been standing group of occupation keywords, seems to most, have no rank, instead of weight is a good site. In the last year, because of the emergence of love Shanghai station group, began to change the algorithm has, more focused on the brand, and this one change can make love Shanghai algorithm is a new revolution in Shanghai, see dragon WHY inside a friend said today to see this in a paragraph forum posts.

Title Party News website Upworthy investment monthly average UV over 20 millionsh419 alliance Manage

is also in October last year, Upworthy seeds obtained $4 million round of financing, investors are many big names, including Buzz Feed, Reddit co-founder John Johnson co-founder Alexis Ohanian, co-founder of Facebook Chris Hughes.

Upworthy was founded 18 months ago, just 9 months after the October 2012 independent website visitors reached 8 million 700 thousand, in February this year increased to 10 million 400 thousand, up to now, the website monthly unique visitors has exceeded 20 million.

September 17th news, the media website Upworthy announced in the first round of financing to obtain $8 million investment, the main investors include Spark, Capital, Catamount, Ventures, Uprising and Knight Foundation.

Upworthy two Pariser and Peter founder Eli Koechley said the company will expand the scope of the news, such as health care and child care and other information are also included, new content will enable Upworthy to get more sponsorship opportunities. Domain company will also invest heavily in data analysis.


Xiao Min: I am currently taking office in the sh419 League development department, responsible for the operation of the sh419 Alliance Development Department’s Web site cooperation.

was previously energy-saving webmaster. I’m on Gaga Internet navigation, just started joining the team, responsible for the operation of the team. Experiencing the whole process of knowing nothing about a navigation station, understanding and understanding how to operate it. Fortunately, it took nearly a year and a half to raise revenue by almost 10 times, which is something for the whole team to be proud of.The first is


has officially registered website, can we enumerate several you think is a good site? What do you think his advantage is? What’s the shortage? Will the final win at the end of the audition? Why? If you don’t say it, how can you get good results?

Upworthy is committed to the dissemination of interesting pictures and information, then they will come from other news websites to be a fascinating deconstruction of the other title, the new title must be get more clicks and forwarding form. These titles are then shared on social networks, and users follow them to Upworthy.


brand promotion with these strokes, July activities set off 500-1000 yuan

On the same site search results ranking 2

believe that some friends occasionally to see such a situation, the same website address all in search of the same words appear in the 2 ranking. This not only makes us feel surprised, and this advantage is self-evident, we can obtain the flow ratio is more of the top 10 words. So what is the reason for this result? And what risks exist? Lose Pro Xiaobian together to find a URL web site search rankings have appeared 2 times those:

1 search spider serious URL address

why shortly before the search of his Shanghai dragon 2 directory / forum with and without love / also appear on the first page of Shanghai. Lose weight Pro Xiao Bian latest results already did not exist, the vocabulary of Shanghai Longfeng believe people and do some training in Shanghai dragon friends all know, the degree of competition is fierce. So like a normal search engine search results mentioned above URL 90% website is ranked the analysis system will bring the result of + /, so this does not take / take / and the same words appear in the search results is obviously a little against the search engine users to experience the meaning of. In addition to Cardiff like Shanghai Dragon why that high weight website after all, in China the number is not much, there is a URL address most of the webmaster friends ranking has anxious, if you know the skill set 301 redirect or ZhengZhan absolute path, almost no one would want to spread the weight 2 times ranking results, after all, this is equal to originally a ranking weight times, now 2.3 times can have ranking, keyword ranking cycle also increased obviously. So the general site especially 3-5 months.

Shanghai Longfeng

believes that some webmaster friends know, the search engine spider serious www.jianfei贵族宝贝 and www.jianfeiqin贵族宝贝/ is actually 2 different URL address. Many webmaster friends in order to reduce the weight of the website are dispersed using server 301 redirect the URL redirect the same address. This makes the site more conducive to ranking, if some other friends often observe the search results: 90% website URL address are /. Even if you just click into the domain address display is not to be /.

2 URL 2 ranking

URL 32 times the same word ranking risk

if you analyze it carefully you will find these same keywords in Shanghai love search results appear 2 times ranking sites, most sites are not after 301 redirection, or is not the absolute path making station. The weight of the site is in the same industry types occupy a certain proportion. And as Shanghai dragon why forum Links artificially to exchange his 2 URL address corresponding keyword link. That is to say the corresponding weight is distributed to with and without / / 2 URL address.

The search engine ranking rules Scholarship model

in the university is very common, because each score is not only decided by performance, and by your usual integral to occupy a certain proportion, according to the different subjects are not the same proportion. This ranking as you now get a well done is not enough, SE will see you in, if you always don’t obey the rules, even if your final score is very high, but

you are suspected of cheating, and you usually behave, even if the final exam is bad, there may be very high in, you can still talent shows itself or not to fail the exam. This is the reality.

ever so he got a scholarship, I think he academicachievement is very good, so I admire him sometimes people unhappy, then know he is not good culture class, most of his bonus too much…… But at the same time, I do not know the original scholarship has so many rules. When I see someone ask the user experience whether there is a role I think of this.

fourth, user experience and bonus items.

second, every division success is not high performance well.

we know whether in college or high school, no matter how high your total score, but if there is a scholarship to you fail the exam, so no chance. Held in the Shanghai dragon rankings, such as your Shanghai dragon all is what good, but as your site is open speed is slow, and even a minute are not open, so you want to get good rankings is not enough. So do Shanghai dragon, will also taboo partial branch, no matter how some aspects are not too bad.

third, the total score of all subjects the proportion of influence.


website has been ranked Shanghai dragon floating is concerned about the hearts of many people, so why ranking sites prone to fluctuations, what are the factors that cause the website ranking rules, a simple model of scholarship may give us some inspiration.

in high school, science or arts comprehensive scores may change, for example, sometimes integrated is 300, the number of language is 150, and when the number of language 150 is 150, this time may be due to rule changes will also affect your final score. This ranking has the overall ratio of problems, such as the chain proportion or content proportion, different time may change, when you don’t have to do any change, your score has quietly changed, so some people have been down to find the reasons, but do not know the rules change.

what are the rules?

first, then the high score, fail the exam.


we know a lot of things are in fact from the search of life, such as we have the final ranking as you are to get a scholarship, and the links and content as the most important subject do you think. So, there are many similarities between Shanghai Longfeng ranking rules and you can get the scholarship rules, so the scholarship


No ranking didn’t click Only blame too Low deployment site title!

C, not only for flow rate,

website title role? Ranked lower than you, but the flow is more than you; construction period almost, the other ten left the site practical street, but why is it not ranked? This could be the problem. Every good ranking site: the title is also very good, in the garbage sites in 70% sites made the title will be very

well, well, your website title deployment feasible? I believe some share below, will let you have results:


first "official" written in the title, if some of the common site, probably because the current two words is down right (past), because of the "official" is not to write, if all the sites are so written, who knows what is the official website? So do website certification.

B, set the question word

A, the title is longer, the higher the rank of

the above 3 points, I found here on the website of Shanghai dragon in the diagnosis of the most concentrated TIT>

many sites in the update article, will use such as "XXX, which is better?" this method can really? I want to say is: really!! but the search engine is also different, your site if there is such a discourse right? This is worth thinking otherwise, you will end by spider abandon.

a lot of website headline: do I consider how many products get together like these products are all written title to the above, but not to consider: the search engine can eat disappear? Your website blessed it? Each site has the weight quota, you do have a lot of things, the nature of each the word quota is lower, eat more than you can chew finally what cannot eat.

"next, hotel reservation, ticket booking inquiries, tourist resort, if what is a low weight site to mimic the consequences? One word could not produce a ranking, why? Ma said, of course, to the horse Zhang San said more reliable, this is the title of the art.


how many web sites do! The title looks around, all the heap is the product of word, word flow, do not know what is the name of this site beyond count. In order to get more keywords, sacrifice brand word, really right? The same thing, a brand, a brand is, the user’s choice will be different, such as spider.

then I write the title in accordance with those in good can not it? But it’s applicable? Different weights of the website, writing the title are also different. For example, Ctrip ctrip贵族宝贝 website: hotel reservation, booking air tickets, vacation, business management "

! flow better? brand?

How to analyze the competition website choose keywords to make up for their shortcomings

before optimization (贵族宝贝tuofa66贵族宝贝 seborrheic alopecia) in this site, I selected key words is really a bit failure. Why did I fail, you can search the three keywords, seborrheic alopecia, seborrheic alopecia, how to do the treatment of seborrheic alopecia. Three words the number of fat as shown in figure

three, try to figure out the competition website internal structure of

We choose the I have been

has a lot of Shanghai dragon does not know the internal structure, but there are a lot of internal structure brings meaning. You can try to figure out the use of competitors layout. For example, rival website internal link building, website long tail keywords, website CSS layout. In fact, there are many competitors on learning


two, analysis of the web site information


is the first word of the index is quite high. "We love Shanghai in search of seborrheic alopecia how to do" this words, my site ranked seventh, but you do have 4 bidding. But before I heard of love Shanghai index was not included in Shanghai to promote the love that is in search of "what to do" seborrheic alopecia 165 times a day, but this index does not count in Shanghai for love. I don’t agree to this point of view, when users search for the word, more than eighty percent of the flow has been popularized in Shanghai take sex, even if the row in the home page will not bring too much traffic. So that everyone in the selected keywords, we must analyze the word how many auction rivals, but not to say this word in the first row with no traffic, but more than competitors need more resources will be, to avoid competition keywords, can choose high conversion keywords, often bring traffic is money.

, how to select the high conversion rate of the keyword

use their competitors to choose effective keywords, which requires a certain observation and data analysis. How to select the most effective keyword better, or select the conversion keyword. We also need to observe key competitors, this is certain and inevitable. So that competitors can sometimes give us favorable conditions, but also the effective lethal opponent. Shanghai maintained the highest level of a dragon. Especially sitting in the love of Shanghai "the first throne", when you face the pressure will be greater. How to analyze competitor selection of key words is very important step, I am here to share a real station.

website keyword, we love Shanghai through the search related keywords, and then look at the top of the key word is how to do, we should do the relevant data concerned, concerned with the rival site outside the chain of quality, before we can analyze the opponent chain through the YAHOO chain, but now only through the relevant regional perspective site outside the chain. Can also be observed by looking at Links, good outside chain can bring high weight, so we usually observe and analyze competitors, make full preparations for their rivals.

UnionPay two-dimensional code to pay well The media tried it’s not as good as WeChat.A failed websit


with WeChat, Alipay almost. But in practice, it is much more trouble, and now we go to the store, most of the staff do not know, UnionPay launched a two-dimensional code, you can sweep yards, direct money.

scan code payment, you should have been no stranger. Now, even in the streets of fruit stalls, there are two-dimensional code, so you pay directly to sweep yards.

when asked about the latest promotion of UnionPay UnionPay sweep the two-dimensional code of the discount, 7-11 and Rosen are in consultation with the manager after the clerk replied that they currently only supports payment by Apple Pay this mobile phone brush bank card.

give up stable job in half a year ago and a few friends, decided to join into the network of course is to ~ ~ ~ young the road walk, can make the life of the first pot of gold is perfect ~. But the ideal is perfect, the reality is often cruel ~ when we are full of confidence to do the preparation, rent servers, bandwidth, buy domain name, anyway, it is done everything ready, the website set up is an online watch movies, animation website, we began to study how to do market promotion. First of all, our first point of failure appeared: too much faith in people caused our confidence to suffer. "The thing is this, we have a friend," he said. "He has a very good sales channel that can provide good business growth. We believe him.". So he requested to do a lot of busy, is a written plan, and cost accounting, and then with excitement about the cooperation details, when all think it is too smooth, this suddenly disappeared, not to contact us, what is the reason to us now did not understand, this makes our morale blow. This is the first time ~ ~ failed but the first did not beat us, we want to lose this road we can take another road. This time we choose the retail point of sale all kiosks, Internet cafes in my city in publicity and promotion, we have invested a large amount of energy to do do the promotion, and my heart is filled with beautiful dreams for the future, our prepaid card laid out, advertising posters are sticking out, even the DM also everywhere hair, but more than half a month later, it bought only two or three card sales, which means that what ~ failed again it’s three months sales still no change, several of our partners sit down and talk about the reasons for the failure, is on our local market consumption did not find out, the market did not digest the amount of our products. Out evaluation.

Second, it is a public Internet coverage of the network, it is very wide, your eyes must be placed in a very wide angle, so you can do.

Although the form of

recently, China UnionPay joint more than 40 Commercial Banks formally launched a two-dimensional code payment products.

UnionPay wallet two-dimensional code scan code payment page


we experienced in the store with UnionPay two-dimensional code to pay the process. In the checkout process, the clerk did not take the initiative to recommend the use of UnionPay wallet App scan two-dimensional code payment.

Beijing Metro Line 10, China World Trade Center metro station in Wanning, we have been to these 4 stores, the only one is promoting the use of UnionPay scan two-dimensional code, pay a discount store. The broadcast in the store was broadcast on June 2nd, using the UnionPay App scan code to pay for a discount broadcast.

we pay specially gives the two-dimensional code UnionPay wallet, payment clerk looked puzzled to pick up the mobile phone, said he is not clear what the tool scan code, and suggested that we replace the WeChat or Alipay payment. Eventually, with the help of another clerk, she completed the payment process using the bank’s smart POS.

with UnionPay cooperation Starbucks, Wanning, 7-11 and Rosen, some shops have started early promotion, but they don’t know the clerk how to sweep the two-dimensional code unionpay.

is currently on its campaign page, including Carrefour, Watsons, Wanning, Starbucks, McDonald’s, Rosen and 7-11 supermarkets, convenience stores and restaurants.

by the end of last year, UnionPay formally introduced a two-dimensional code of payment standards. A few days ago formally launched two-dimensional code payment, UnionPay from June 2nd to start doing promotional activities, in the country’s 40 business circles in one hundred thousand merchants, discounts to promote their own two-dimensional code payment products. Just than there are Alipay, WeChat to pay two-dimensional code UnionPay, currently in the store coverage rate is not high.

for users, has been bound to each bank card, WeChat, Alipay, and then go to the next cup wallet is not.

We went to the

in our other to the three, this meeting to participate in UnionPay promotional two-dimensional code discount store, shop assistants have said that the store does not support direct brush UnionPay two-dimensional code payment services.

How to write the webmaster website title

length control

and title contain the keywords

this is a problem inside the Soso Ask: "-| coat jacket sweater coat
fashion coat | winter coat dress | army green coat collocation | lady coat how this should be a typical keyword, my suggestion is that if there is no brand websites (such as VANCL, excellence to determine the best keywords; etc.) should be in one to two or so.

love Shanghai search result can display 30 Chinese characters; here suggest that title length is best controlled within 32; if it can be controlled at about 25 is the best. There are a lot of people love to imitate some of the more successful web site title to write this, I think, is not entirely undesirable, but still want to own actual situation, because most successful website is not to the point of writing from Shanghai Phoenix website title.

this is equivalent to a nonsense, but we must say that the title keyword is one or two keywords must be derived from keyword research; many do at the beginning of Shanghai Longfeng personnel are extremely easy to make a mistake, is to enter a field, skip the keyword research, writing is title according to their own feelings, then the titile keyword ranking is up, but no flow.

correlationThe correlation between the

four, Title

five and Title

three, do not stack


title writing directly or indirectly determines the click rate, one of the important factors which is why some stand ranking is not ranked by the station of high hit rate. Title must be able to accurately express the content of the page, let users see the general content of title will be able to think of the page.

to lose weight do an analogy, if the core keywords your website is the best way to lose weight loss methods, then come to the front, such as "slimming slimming slimming method _ _ Moumou network"; click here to say medical websites, now medical website competition really eye popping medical websites; in recent years such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain like the emergence of medical website title; and from the original general keywords gradually localization, such as "hospital" of the word, many hospitals are in the local word + gynecological hospital; if the conversion from the marketing point of view; actually this kind of title can be with the best or most authoritative words etc..

Where do Keywords

Shanghai Longfeng personnel should know the importance of the website title, today we summarize personal Shanghai Longfeng this time about how to write title, and study together, inappropriate, please point out more.

two, keywords appear in the front of

Take the word

Love Shanghai no shortage of wolf spirit should no longer adhere to the PPC Model

When the


when the Alibaba and Sina micro-blog negotiations, love Shanghai hesitated.

look at love Shanghai, Qihoo, three stock noble baby curve comparison, can be found in the last half year, love Shanghai more miserable.

when the Alibaba and the UC browser when negotiating, love Shanghai hesitate.

Alibaba and Sina micro-blog provides social marketing integrated service for small and medium-sized enterprises, Shanghai is facing the love can not provide new value-added services for customers of the embarrassing situation.

had to love Shanghai no longer search Taobao Alibaba, after the Alibaba can no longer Sina micro-blog search to woo Shanghai? When Sina micro-blog and Tencent micro-blog does not allow love Shanghai search, love will become a social sea outside the walls of the lost.

in the first quarter of 2013, the love of Shanghai hit a four year record of the worst quarter. Love Shanghai in the first quarter revenue of nearly 6 billion yuan, net profit of 2 billion, and in 2010 the main business profit margin and net interest rate for the first quarter had little difference. A cycle of three years, fell in love with the sea like back to the origin.


when the Tencent’s QQ online shopping half-dead, Tencent in the field of electronic commerce still adhere to the layout, and love Shanghai midway announced the closure of "love Shanghai ah, cool days off.

Tencent bought Discuz, the layout of movies, tourism, delicacy O2O business, and love the Shanghai Philharmonic live failed.

Tencent said: "in the future, I have a WeChat." Love Shanghai said: "I have the ppc."

noble baby said: "I want to do cross-border hardware, my noble baby Glass will be on the market." Love Shanghai said: "I have the ppc."

since 2008, Shanghai has done a lot of love, such as love, love Shanghai Shanghai input method, the browser is in love with Hai Yun, love of Shanghai mobile phone operating system…… Even recently there are similar noble baby Glass love Shanghai Eyes. But when you want to sort out love can support the future of Shanghai business, the number can be found on the scanty. Iqiyi is a bright spot, but with the love in search of Shanghai Empire, is just one of the branches, work together with other business can not. As a Alibaba to get through all aspects of electronic commerce, Tencent, WeChat has formed a new business platform, business system between each other as the basis.

what makes love in Shanghai today? In the face of 360 overbearing offensive, just call the spirit of the wolf is enough? Obviously, >


Alibaba said: "I lack the social elements can be made up by Sina micro-blog." Love Shanghai said: "I have the ppc."

Original articles should be ranked first

here questions come, love Shanghai not to push the spark plan, not to support the original, is this is the original love Shanghai? Then you say the Shanghai algorithm is not mature, Shanghai original love is a lie, love Shanghai’s really so simple, really don’t do what every day, write on the line since shortly before the release of Shanghai love? Talk about the chain after judgment, now a lot of people outside the chain and no matter, now that Shanghai does not need love ranking chain, coupled with the love of Shanghai launched the original spark program, well, now every day to write articles, think to write a good article, then the ranking came naturally, naturally should be ranked first, really be so simple, that is not to say that Shanghai dragon has ended, after a editor to write every day You can, as long as the site has articles, other do not care, a lot of people because of this every day around whining about every day, everywhere abuse, it is not fair, only stand in their own interests to consider things, if it is really like these people think, the fairness for the other the website, those years of painstaking efforts of high weight website, such as A5, the owners of the house to this industry website, so, after we have these above soft articles, I should be ranked first, they should be ranked below me, I feel really such ranking, that is really the algorithm is not mature, I saw the article on the list in 360 he search "

is now a lot of people published an article, general release order is the first to put this article published on his website, and then publish this article to other platforms, what is soft, since it is soft, it must have a large impact on the nature. It is included a lot of appear on the platform, and dozens of links to articles on their own less, many hundreds, most people will be here to do one thing, that is the title of the article in the search box to search for love in Shanghai, the results show out, their website doubled the number of Not the least trace was found.. The search page to the row in front of the station is either soft or reproduced, station, some even reproduced than themselves release the soft ranking is better.

love since Shanghai launched the spark plan, vigorously support the discussion around the original, this is also the last to see better can be heard without end, and there is such a view: the original article should show the quality, should be ranked first. There are the so-called master also published such a view, of course, is not really the master of this is not to say, but I love Shanghai out of the so-called masters, really found some fame, is better to do the training, if this is really the case, that is not the son of the master brother error. So, here I do not know, is a master of intentionally and, or is it that is understood, a phenomenon of popular now, deliberately ugly, deliberately wrong, reverse marketing also is the influence caused by such great face, so the actual situation really is don’t know.