Shanghai dragon to is not just a technical achievement dream unremittingly

and Shanghai Longfeng deal for a long time, in retrospect sour, sweet, bitter, hot. A beginning to feel no what too difficult, some optimization of the customer’s site, keywords is also very easy to row up, make a novice feel very happy and happy, as a rookie heart Anxi: not what technology really Shanghai Longfeng, not that the station hair articles, outside the chain. Just started doing? Shanghai dragon is slightly feeling a little tired but very motivated, because just began to see some optimization effect, let a novice new Shanghai dragon is very impact, every day the first thing to do is to work to check their website ranking is well, what other snapshots, reverse link, etc. included are not quite understand, to do is to give website crazy hair the chain, is of course a manual release, one day down sometimes don’t feel Tired.


is the first of Shanghai Longfeng experience, as a rookie of course will not only meet at this level, every day in the group asked that question, hoping to get some master answer, constantly seeking higher technology is your dream, is the basis of some small, to do is many webmaster exchange with other learning, as a rookie, timid psychology does not lack, actually this kind of psychological and not born timid, but because of their limited technology, afraid to communicate with others and it was very difficult, always feel very embarrassed, I believe many beginners have this kind of psychology, but also have to bite the bullet and continue to encourage myself: grandpa is from the grandson, the cattle X owners also are not from the rookie here? Webmaster general assembly made by some name card, plus some owners Occasionally, contact the QQ, although the addition of many owners, but really want to familiar with it can be quite difficult, many are beginning to lay a greeting, followed by no contact, the main reason is because their technology is too shallow, still need to improve communication with others, there is still a certain gap, really often exchange is probably like food with a rookie.

theory and practice is the only way to enhance the Shanghai Dragon technology because no one; or that sentence, Shanghai Dragon technology does not mean forever! Light to understand theoretical knowledge with no experience, it is tantamount to boasting, many details are not real and written books on the way, only practice will know which the mystery of light; and not to practice.

had to deal with some of the owners, it also learn something, suggestions and methods of others, I always want to figure it, ask yourself why, this fact can also enhance their knowledge in this area, in retrospect Shanghai Longfeng accumulated experience is very important. Because we all know Shanghai Dragon technology does not mean forever, algorithm of changing today, some methods can be used now, tomorrow may be a cheat manual, so often learning is the compulsory course of Shanghai Longfeng personnel, whether novice or just contact the industry in the woods for so many years old, are so

Keywords ranking unstable solutions

Second kinds of high

I from the quality, performance, for example:

content similarity: there are a lot of content page has the most similarity, at the beginning, there will be a very good included, but in the spider index after the screening, it will decline even by K.


so how do we do: we are from the user’s point of view to study what is most concerned about the users of products, users search for this product is what most want to know

performance: don’t copy product description >

Here is an example:

: the page to enhance the value of

Small reminder:

here many enterprises stand a mistake: copy the product specification of the content as the content of a page, we do Shanghai dragon to remember content to meet the needs of users (do not care to do is text or pictures)

first of all, we need to know which sites to update with the love of Shanghai is filtered out.

outside the chain of death: when the chain is filtered out for the 0 time, the quality of the chain is not high, but more than 80% of the chain is a yellow, garbage chain, the high quality of the chain will also be neglected completely filter out.

Keywords Class third


to select a keyword, we need to consider the various factors from not only from one aspect of demand will decide our keywords. We can get the best keywords from our website analysis of regional demand, demand, demand keywords and other data types.

> not everyone will appear in the title.

website each page is only one keyword, but each page title appears many keywords, which leads to weight dispersion. All the key words will give the title of the previous ranking and weight, later to be judged according to the content, will give many keyword filtering, lead to a drop in.

> Web site title keywords don’t stack repeat, carefully modified, accumulation of keywords results will only be considered cheating love Shanghai.

sum up, since we know that after the cause of our web site keywords ranking is not stable, we need the corresponding operation make our website ranking steadily, the necessity of the operation below and listen to a small to share website keywords ranking steadily.

webmasters may have such a worry, web site keywords ranking is very not easy to come up, but after two days have gone. I think this time the station began to worry, do not worry the boss will be angry with you. Today newspaper network Xiaobian to share solutions keywords ranking unstable.


quality: we can compare things with a variety of certification authority, to prove how reliable the quality of our products.

first class: low weight, low credit, website more common mistakes.