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Love Shanghai Webmaster Platform added a new function – data annotation


mode than home page show love Shanghai more! Only love Shanghai display software type 360 is currently not available. But 360 more than the love of Shanghai general station type, photo station, station and news station of the four novel types, have to say, 360 offensive or very tight



if you need to see a detailed explanation of the 360urllink you can visit my blog to see

we can see from the chart the love of Shanghai can only support three forms show! Were:

tool is currently in beta, if you want to use please send e-mail to zhanzhangpingtai@baidu贵族宝贝 application permissions.

3. game

then I will give you a detailed explanation of the data annotation!

beta!The This article from the Huang Kun

today I love Huang Kun Shanghai webmaster tools to read, find love Shanghai to go back in the 360 unwilling thereafter, then update the function "data label"

annotation schematic:

Huang Kun, a few days ago I had a blog, which is written in 360 Webmaster Platform update Urllink function, the data marked with this Urllink function is the same!

function is not

Speaking from the type 360 First picture:

2. film

The software of

blog, the original address: 贵族宝贝

please indicate the source!

Search has become the Red Sea, shopping search or blue ocean

shopping shopping search search? We can understand is based on the search results according to the content index correlation rearranged. Shopping search results from the online shopping website, when users need to understand a product information, shopping search engine will put related products on the Internet can retrieve the information displayed, and the user can according to the brand influence individual commodity prices, websites like to display, in order to choose their satisfaction with the goods purchased.

shopping search is a promising, but any one of the vendors in order to have a good voice in the market, the following points to restrict its development.


1, relatively speaking, shopping search threshold is not high. The threshold is not high, a large search is compared to the well-known manufacturers. Since the shopping search is a promising, any search engine can not see, just a matter of time.

currently used a Amoy shopping search engine launched by Alibaba, a NetEase, and Google search, shopping search. At present, the domestic Internet users use the shopping search engine is the most clean, with Taobao, Tmall mall large user base, in the current domestic shopping search occupy a certain market share, but because it is the Alibaba launched the product, its credibility has been questioned is not small. A search because the search engine technology is relatively mature enough, not timely, comprehensive and accurate product information feedback to the users, which also restrict its development. Google shopping search, Google has withdrawn from the China market, its market share in search of natural shopping is not too large.

What is the

3B war intensified, Sogou also secretly entered the war, the domestic search market, basically has been the three giants to carve, and competition will become increasingly fierce, integrated search has become the red sea. The trend of rapid development in the domestic Internet, the number of domestic Internet users is increasing, in the field of vertical search is hidden many opportunities. With the domestic e-commerce environment coming, shopping search or will become the outside of the search market blue ocean.

shopping search compared to the search, has its unique advantages, it is more valuable to flow. Many search engines are to flow from outside to buy, and then let the flow into the profit space for advertising, advertising revenue minus the purchase flow cost, while using the Internet shopping search goal is very clear, is to online shopping, this point is very important for advertisers, because customers will be more accurate, so shopping search traffic is more valuable, its development is also more money".

in e-commerce environment, with the domestic Internet users to enhance awareness of online shopping, Internet users will be actively looking for more cost-effective product. At the same time, in recent years, Taobao, where the Jingdong and other commercial enterprises developed rapidly, Suning, Gome and other traditional enterprises will also be part of the market to the Internet, provide abundant data source for shopping search, this provides a good base for some shopping search development.

Let the chain resources Scindapsus algorithm how to find

Since the ?The introduction of the

3, soft, for this one I believe that many owners are very clear, but really do webmaster but not necessarily a lot, because soft writing is really troublesome but also very boring, but believe that this piece of stationmaster are clear about its role, I will not say.

share, for this type of chain for the resources and it almost, and in May 20th the Shanghai love Webmaster Platform high-end Shanghai dragon club salon, Lee for sharing this piece done very few answers.

algorithm introduced a lot of Scindapsus, webmaster began headache outside the chain of resources in the end how to search, what is more direct, began in the chain. So in the end there is no effect, Xiaobian asked around the webmaster friends, found that the hair of the chain, some stations can insist, but what rank did not change, some still love Shanghai ruthless K station or drop right. So small that chain on the website ranking and weight of this piece is very important, but the quality of the chain has become the biggest impact factors of site, so the chain resources quality in the end how to find


the above three points is the editor of his understanding of foreign chain resources Scindapsus algorithm, may still have many deficiencies, I hope you give guidance. This article from the 贵族宝贝 Xining anorectal Hospital, please keep the link.

in the face of these numerous, webmasters can only find the chain resources of high quality, the chain resources and also with Shanghai green algorithm without conflict of love, the only way to let the webmaster stand more healthy. In accordance with the following small personal views about I think the chain resources can.

algorithm after many large websites and Scindapsus forum are foreign chain this piece to do a lot of processing, the A5 forum signature cancel, Chinaz webmaster closed trading platform, love Shanghai know, love Shanghai experience for the external link with the nofollow, love Shanghai Encyclopedia with nofollow that also cancelled the extended reading Sohu, the chain blog also began to add the nofollow. These let the webmaster for the quality of the chain and the loss of a large part of.



1, social bookmarking, for the chain of resources, small little attention in the past. But after the introduction of the analysis about the algorithm Scindapsus chain can have users really recommend the principle, so that the chain has become the best choice of the chain.

LitPick a review site for young writers and student readersThe success rate of college students is o

after the investigation, the current entrepreneurship rate increased year by year, there are two main reasons, one is with impulse and curiosity, especially for college students entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial risk is low, the success of the pressure on the smaller, more practice to try holding the mind; on the other hand, the employment pressure is quite large, along with the constant expansion of higher education and the financial crisis, the Chinese university graduates employment pressure is more and more big. From the number of students graduating in 2011, there will be 30% of the graduates to find a job, in other words, underachievement, when students want to rely on their own business to realize the dream, especially for education and training, individual retail, Internet business and other industries, low start-up costs, no high requirement threshold. This is another impetus for the entrepreneurship of College students.

Seth · co-founder

Abstract: entrepreneurship is a complex and difficult process, and the only way to improve college students’ entrepreneurial success is not the policy support, but also help not school incubators, these are external factors can not affect the essence of the development, the most important thing is the knowledge through the Internet investment to enhance the students entrepreneurial ability.

you can register as a LitPick user book reviewer as long as you enjoy reading while you are a student at grade four or above, including grade four. Registered as a LitPick user can use, apply to LitPick books, and books will be sent to your hand, after reading you want to write a book, if the book published in LitPick, the book that you can receive your comments. If you are a young writer, you can submit your own work to LitPick for comments from your peers.

entrepreneurial environment, optimized year by year,

Seth ·: Cassell said, "while Flamingnet is successful, he has also accumulated a certain popularity."


in the case of college students increasing the rate of entrepreneurship, the party and government also encourage students to start their own business, and to promote entrepreneurship as one of the measures to alleviate employment pressure. Especially in recent years, the state has issued a number of preferential policies to encourage college students to start their own businesses, and local government departments have launched entrepreneurial parks, entrepreneurship education and training centers for college students. In his visit to Sichuan in April 25, 2016, Premier Li Keqiang also stressed that college students are an important driving force for social development;

says above applies only to users in the United States, and if you are a student outside the United States, you can also register as a LitPick reviewer. However, non US users can only comment on e-books. In addition, non teen students are not allowed to become LitPick users in order to maintain community identity. Teachers, librarians and parents can sponsor their children to set up a Book Club on LitPick.

LitPick; Cassell Seth Cassel experience quite legendary, he in 2002 when he and his father started his first company, FlamingNet, he was on the fourth grade at that time. FlamingNet is also a review site and has made a profit.

under the premise of continuous improvement of various conditions, the possibility of university students turning opportunities into reality is increasing

entrepreneurial success rate is minimal,

history can be traced back to the beginning of reform and opening up, and a wide range of entrepreneurship is the first contest of college students entrepreneurship design held in 1998 after the rapid development of the Tsinghua University. Their participation has injected a new lease of life into the entrepreneurial force.

Seth ?


schools have done more efforts in this area, and many universities in China have also set up their own pioneer parks to provide support for students’ entrepreneurship, so as to encourage college students to start their own businesses.

in the social economic situation of today’s College Students’ entrepreneurship, compared to the past has more market opportunities, entrepreneurship rate is increasing year by year, according to the employment report statistics, only 0.9%, 2009 to 2014, undergraduate entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship rate rose to 2.9%, to 2015, the rate of entrepreneurship has reached 6.3%. Faced with these data, can not help but have a question, what is the cause of college students have chosen entrepreneurship,


LitPick is a special book review website that says it is special because the books on LitPick are written by young writers, and book reviews are written by young students. It can be said that LitPick is a review site for young readers to comment on the works of young writers.

referring to the experience of · Cassell said: "I just write on the website first, then the editor noticed us, and then began to send me some books, let me write the book. Soon after, I received more and more book reviews, and I couldn’t cope with it. So I started asking my friends to write for me. Later, more and more people joined us, and they came from all over the country, making my website a bit like the rottentomatoes of teenage literature." Seth · Cassell is now growing up and studying at the Harvard University. FlamingNet has now become a LitPick, and LitPick’s design looks a bit more professional than FlamingNet’s..

Chinese business students

college students entrepreneurship rate is increasing year by year,

Personal experience, electricity providers must have 4 conditions for entrepreneurship!Small sellers

Taobao is currently in the business of harvesting, inventory about one hundred thousand. Last month, I decided to dismiss all employees temporarily, and then plan to focus on doing another business platform of the third party online shop. before the Taobao C shop is 1 customer service, 2 days of pure packaged goods, plus my own 4 people, in season 2 additional package, a total of 6 people, the team structure, perhaps some people will feel very strange, but the actual situation is. .

young people’s entrepreneurial enthusiasm is not worth money. The rules of the game on Taobao are constantly changing. To put it bluntly, it is to use rules and regulations to help them make money by using a wave of young people’s entrepreneurial enthusiasm. You are only the wheat in their field. The purpose of your growth is to harvest you in the end, harvest a fire, and ashes to become the fertilizer for new wheat growth in the coming year. Anyway, the new wheat next year and yichayicha long life and growth in nature.

I started my business for the first time in 09 years. Like many people, I started thinking very well. There are always a lot of tough problems to do. I chose the clothing category for the first time. The selection of clothing category is a reason, my family are out of fashion, has some inherent advantages, including my own have also stepped on the car of course is on the play, now there are still many relatives are open a clothing factory. Of course, the first venture is impossible to work with those factories. I chose a copy of the stalls, so do not bear inventory, sell one, take one. Guangzhou has a big market on behalf of a place in the side of the street, Shahe street, a woman, a lot of rich, Onishi Hao and other similar market. The goods there are very cheap, and they are all packets, very convenient. Probably done for half a year, has always been profitable, of course, that will have traffic bonus, competition, small and some advantages. The only drawback is that the quality of the product is poor, resulting in the dynamic and evaluation of the store is quite low. These indexes are included in the store search weight.

I dark horse note; there is a Taobao entrepreneur once said: "sometimes entrepreneurship is like lying on the window of the flies, the outside scenery is very good, a lot of food, but that is not fly.". This is used to describe a lot of Taobao people, more appropriate. We see are the glamorous success stories, ear heard is a 19 billion 100 million "double 11", if Taobao is now the United States of California gold rush in the past, as long as can make a fortune, like. Now let’s take a look at what the real Taobao entrepreneur says.  

anyone with an ambassador is OK

has given up the model later, but in the long run, it certainly won’t do. I chose my own group of goods, including shooting, mapping, promotion, marketing, all of their own to do. Traveled all over the Guangzhou clothing market, filming, shelves, spent 1 months. I think I’m still fast, and I owe it to my major in design. Own group of goods must face their own purchase, to bear the stock. For the first time about 5W goods, half a year down, the stock is still pressure 3W, I ambition too big, very tired, but still stubbornly adhere to. Not willing to adhere to the 2010! Give up! A period of experience, bitter bitter cannot bear to think of the past, which I think can be realized only by myself.

maybe you will ask me to earn money well, why not do it? In fact, there is no reason, I rely on intuition to judge, and the stock market in the same way, 3000 points to 5000 points, really good money, rose from 5500 to 6000, when the market is the most lively, is also the most dangerous. It’s time to exit.

< >

for most industries, now is basically a small and medium sellers are very detrimental to the period of entrepreneurship. Of course, my judgment is not always accurate. As a small seller of Taobao, the pattern is small, less experience, more talk about the subjective feelings, the speech represents only personal views.

Taobao, founded by

case 1: young people’s entrepreneurial enthusiasm is not worth money,

did not start business in 10 years, I was born in my own design, and earlier done ad design and graphic, so I am still very confident about the visual, and I joined the CAMAL later. This is my learning, one of the fastest growing, I saw the team do the electricity supplier, the cohesion, executive force is making me very shocked, before the failures all forget, give me only filled with passion and blood, the first year was very successful, including my own growth very fast. Completed the transformation from design to operation, in 2011 to get good results.

Ma Yun, is not only a milestone in the history of China’s Internet, but also a great change for Chinese consumption habits. Now Taobao is not only the first choice for many people to shop, but also the first choice for many people who want to start their business. But many people there will be competition, after Taobao also the third of an acre. Now Taobao is also suitable for entrepreneurship? Look at those Taobao entrepreneurs practitioners say?.


I was at the end of 2011 admission, 3000 yuan started, the first two years is Taobao’s bonus period, it is better to do, 2013 in Taobao, two C store turnover of about 2 million 500 thousand, earned about 600000.

I’m 08 years

contact electricity supplier, that will open a pat shop, some of the main products, such as a virtual game props, equipment, telephone charges, etc. some virtual recharge Q coins, it will still go to school, is a matter of doing a part-time. 08 years ago, many people still don’t believe in physical online sales, so virtual products were a major part of the internet. After a variety of reasons, such as virtual products, low margin, and so on a number of factors to give up the pat shop. This is my first contact with the electricity supplier,

My campus forum development model

often on the webmaster network learning exchange, share your valuable experience, today I also write about my campus BBS Development model. For everyone to share, the article is not written well, please do not shoot me! In order to avoid that people are advertising, I will not put the URL out.

said, "I’ve been running campus forums for two years.". Campus forums operate differently from other types of forums because the site’s carrier is students in school. Have a relatively fixed access to the crowd, there is a specific audience, play an information intermediary role. Unlike other commercial sites, campus forums have a strong commercial nature and appear in public as non profitable. How do you operate such a special website? Here’s a forum on the real life of the operation model.

, first of all, build a militant team. It consists of technical, propaganda and operation departments. Technology group, this does not say more, that is responsible for web site procedures and art aspects. The publicity team is responsible for the publicity of the Forum on campus. Specific can be quantified as posters, leaflets, banners, public service ads, etc.. Operations group, responsible for the forum outreach, business cooperation and so on. Some people say, the formation of such a team easier said than done. In fact, it is not difficult to find such a group of like-minded friends on campus is still quite easy. The enthusiasm of students is very high.

after such a team, we should actively mobilize and seriously analyze and discuss the development of the forum and the plan of the programme, so that each department can do its best and play its part. In particular, the operating group can prepare a business cooperation plan, specifically for advertising investment purposes. The campus market is huge, and many businessmen are optimistic about it. The campus forum is just a good channel for businesses to bring their products into the campus. As long as you hold the idea of "mutual benefit and win-win" with your business, you will succeed, so you can get your development fund soon. It also lays the foundation for the propaganda of the Forum on campus. When you have money, you can work with the student union and the community in the campus. To increase the exposure rate of the Forum on campus. This can bring about a virtuous circle,

in general, if the forum is to develop, we must have a team and cooperate with each other. Without a team, you’re not busy at all. Without cooperation, you have no capital at all. Of course, in the management and promotion of the team will have a lot of effort. Just write these. If you are interested in exploring the campus website construction and operation of friends, please add me QQ:275210931

Share the promotional skills of the latest Taobao slimming products

, as we all know, is now a low cost, high margin product. About weight loss keywords, is the webmaster fry fiery. The competition is very fierce, but there are still a lot of people eager to give up. You do weight loss product keyword webmaster, very hope that their station will be able to row in Baidu and GG in the top few, make a big deal. According to netizens reaction, weight loss keywords ranking in Baidu, the top few stations are basically monthly income of over ten thousand. After a long period of observation, I summed up some common rules and techniques to share with you.

1, search engine ranking in the top few are basically do weight loss, Taobao products, and the Commission is basically more than 30%, that is to say, in order to achieve maximum profit, commission is one of the top consideration.

2, most of them are single page stations, or a few pages of the station. The page is small in size and is good for crawler crawlers.

3, part of the station is obvious that the use of SEO technology or even black hat technology to implement the top ranked. For example, increase the high quality chain (including the black chain, which is not easy to be promoted, K, but really quick), increasing the number of links, increase keyword density, increase the symbol to attract attention and other strange reptiles in the non conventional techniques.

4, according to the Chinese habit, most of the contents of the "2010 the most effective weight loss drug list", "Taobao is the most effective weight-loss drug", "Taobao is the best medicine reducing weight" and other words, to cater to the mass consumer psychology, to increase the degree of concern and turnover rate.

5, the use of well-known blog stand or BBS high weight as propaganda platform, often get good rankings.

6 and finally have to say, that is, bidding means of operation. You can see, in Baidu’s search results, slimming products promotion advertising often row slowly, it can be seen that it still has great use value and profit space. I have tested once, to 1 yuan or so to do GG advertising, spent 200 yuan, and found that received three single income, a total of more than 100 yuan, less than 20 thousand yuan. In fact, this is not a successful test illustrates several problems, first, I first test did not master the skills; second key words, choose to fail, that is not accurate, resulting in the effective directional flow proportion is less than normal; third, the flow from the statistical point of view, I doubt advertising by rival chaos hits, because I that one day a sudden continuous to the dozens of IP, caused some damage. This is a friend of the funds can go to try, after the appropriate test, and then increase investment. Anyway, do the bidding is to make money, or else there will be so many people do, the key is to master the skills skills, who will make money – from the Hepu 360 net weight ( – original starting Adsense nets, reproduced please indicate the source, welcome to reprint.

Steadfast heart, do stand will win

since 05 years after graduation to start doing personal website, now nearly several dozens of sites, several of which are sold thousands of pieces, and some just a little traffic dropped by Baidu K, the overall feeling in recent years do stand really fail. When I first started my first website, I was out of a hobby, but in the end I did it for profit.

05 years with the first love built is industry station, this station only let me have a little feeling of success, what was the acquisition, SEO does not understand, rely entirely on manual update, insist on a few months, every day to achieve more than 3 thousand ip. Slowly, begin to understand the advertising alliance, however, did a lot of alliance, has also not be paid until later, hang GG ads, no cheating, no month there are nearly a thousand dollars, for me at that time, feel very satisfied. My family felt very surprised when I told my family that I was making money on the website, but it pleased me at the same time.

because the station was profitable, but what I was thinking was to make more money, so I thought I could do more. Wouldn’t that make more money?. Then began the construction of other sites, the day is to update the site, but due to energy reasons, and did not just do that kind of passion standing time, no longer willing to manually update the station, then also know the collection, then several stations collected every day, but this is a nightmare to update it. New website on acquisition although the content is very rich, but the traffic is not to make money, not to mention. At the beginning of the station flow also slowly down, and earn less and less money through the site.

these years, I have been doing site, but these stations are not on the flow, that is, just a little traffic was Baidu K, and there is GG income is too low, and ultimately did not adhere to do it. I am very surprised, why do I do the first stop is still very smooth, when the technology is much worse than now, but now understand a little bit of technology, and the site is not doing well.

now I understand, I think the station must do it carefully, and steadfast, and hard to do the site to do well, and not blindly want to fight for money. Now concentrate on doing a station (, I now understand the basic principle of doing the station, I believe that this site will certainly be able to do well.

High profits huge market beautiful industry has a lot of opportunities to make money

for the pursuit of beauty, women tend to be more persistent than men, but also willing to spend a lot of money. Buy food may be in order to one or two dollars more women, in order to make themselves more beautiful, but it is not soft money, especially in cosmetic care, slimming beauty concept of the mass media constantly through violent campaign, almost aroused every woman the beauty of nature, thus boosting the rise of female beauty industry. Women’s beautiful industry, there is a big chance to make money.

] [profits of "Rosebud 3 yuan a pack of 1.5 yuan a beauty, sheets, beauty underwear a 0.4 yuan, 2 yuan a bag of milk bath salts, peppermint foot salt 4 yuan a pack……" Beauty industry gross margin up to 90%.

How to join the Taiwan Hot Dog King

had a very early look at hot dogs when he was very young, and for the first time, he knew that the hot dog was learning English words. "Hot   dog" presumably a lot of people are not strangers. Whether it is urban white-collar workers or young students, all have a different kind of feeling of hot dogs, American movies there are those beautiful female star (hot dog training) to go out to play to buy hot dogs to eat a scene, so hot (hot dog franchise) in our hearts. Hot Dog King of Taiwan has been popular since 2010. So what about the Taiwan hot dog king? How about the Taiwan hot dog king?

Hot Dog King stores from 1940 the first Blunkett hot dog cart available, through decades of continuous improvement, hot dog cart evolved into today’s style, the most important is that she has created a complete and be quite different McDonald’s and KFC marketing in business.

is the first hot dog King franchise created a special snack China combination of precedent; first in the country to launch a hot dog King first for the domestic delicacy; small and medium-sized entrepreneurs carey crafted suitable food series; the first original snacks operation and management system of the brand.

Taiwan Hot Dog King franchise has a variety of flavors to give a rich choice of leisure time! So what are the advantages of Taiwan Hot Dog King franchise stores?

Taiwan hot dog king store advantage:

Taiwan Hot Dog King franchise store unified operation: to provide a unified international franchise system and a wealth of operational experience;

Taiwan Hot Dog King franchise: a comprehensive training system and training know-how, decoration planning, equipment use, operation, marketing, logistics and distribution: headquarters; to direct delivery, to ensure the lowest price, thereby reducing operating costs, increase the profit space;

Taiwan hot dog king store promotion: establish a good corporate image, enhance brand awareness;

Taiwan hot dog king store backup service: help solve the practical problems in the operation, enhance the profitability of the franchisee;

Taiwan hot dog king store advertising support: huge amount of advertising, to build the first brand image of Chinese hot dogs.

due to the limited space for the Taiwan Hot Dog King franchise introduced only to this, if you still have what other aspects of the problem is not clear please join our website in the message below, we will arrange for staff to contact you to see the message, to bring more help for your investment.