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Disclose the current situation and trends of several grassroots entrepreneurship channelsA month of


two, following the Taobao shop, I learned that there are Taobao customers such an industry, so began to pay attention to:

compared with his peers, small electric science and technology announced that the new year covering 30 cities ambition is not big, Tang Yongbo intends to control the rhythm of expansion. In his view, the B2B2C model, decided to share the charge treasure, the company between the war may be a protracted war for 5-10 years. "It’s okay to hit forty."." Tang Yongbo joked.

, in his view, B2B2C’s model, decided to share the charge treasure, the company between the war may be a protracted war for 5-10 years.

the war, Tang Yongbo looked promising. For jumei, Chen Ou beauty group and other different industries to enter the game player, he is not worried, he wants to do is to quickly first mover advantage into capital first mover advantage and operation of the product first mover advantage, for 3-4 months window period.

recently in just one month’s time, the small electric technology has announced another round of financing, the amount of financing more than 450 million yuan, and the investment is behind the ultra luxury lineup, angel investors including investment hungry, ofo drops, Jinsha River partner Zhu Xiaohu, as well as a strategic investor in the early round of incoming A Tencent. At the beginning of the May small power technology completed by Sequoia Capital and Gao Rong capital lead investor, Tencent continue to cast a new round of financing, financing amounted to 350 million yuan.

Taobao customers really have advantages, but also very suitable for novices to do, because there is no need to find supplies, do not need to shop, shelves, goods, and even practices are flexible. But Taobao customer development up to now, many methods have been speculation does not work, I have seen many video before, there is a video about the things I agree, and newcomers can do in the future sustainable development of Taobao customer mode is to find a breakdown of the industry to do high quality or high quality industry station station bo. But SEO from now on, although you can do it, but a start to play their to perform, but at least after a relatively long time to gradually lift up the income. Can look at "webmaster VS micro quotient"

"I feel like I’m in a strange state now that I want to stop and I’m afraid I can’t stop."." On the morning of May 11th, Tang Yongbo said in an interview with the press in Beijing. Tang Yongbo is the founder of small electricity technology, before he was Alibaba’s catering service platform Amoy bit founder.

one, after my resignation, I first concern is Taobao shop:

because the network projects are timeliness, for example, a few years ago, Taobao, then people who are now basically rich, but now want to do is very difficult. This article is to share my period of analysis of several mainstream cock silk venture projects and my final choice.

recently, he will receive an interview with the media at 11 in the evening. Since the beginning of this year to share the charge treasure become an air outlet, he has been this non-stop state.

below is my resignation after the analysis and selection of entrepreneurial projects:

in December last year when the establishment of small power technology, have you thought of sharing rechargeable treasure will become an industry on the wind?


first introduced before me, before I do mobile phone application programming, a lot of friends feel that the programmer is a very good occupation, even amateur friends envy me, not the programmer has no future do evaluation, but personally, I don’t think my life is all day long time write code to debug the code, with a no human computer to communicate, and be limited to the company, so I quit.

Abstract: in my opinion, the biggest feature of China lies in the diversity of its population structure. We are to meet the needs of some groups, such as young people, people who travel, and they have developed good paying habits. For the moment, China’s target population is around 3-4 billion.

believes that the majority of people wanting to start their business via the Internet should be most interested in what they are doing now,

, however, as a stand at the cusp of the people, many times, Tang Yongbo also need to face the market on the sharing of charging treasure business model, demand, the future of space questioned.

then I find many dry cargo articles, constantly, but also to find a friend do online consultation, found did not think so simple, such as supply, quality need to stockpile store can not afford, poor in the basic price war. For example, search optimization, in fact, we all know to go to optimize, so how to optimize, just with others flat only, there is no advantage at all. Taobao to do too much, no matter what method you use, there is a mass and the way you like to spend money to buy traffic, unless Taobao, but buy traffic in fact belong to Taobao, they just came to your shop through the Taobao platform, buying it has nothing to do with you, you also it wants to continue throwing money to Taobao to buy it. So, Taobao to do it, it is necessary to continue to take money to hit Taobao, and no day to do it, you can not even accumulate more than their own customers. That’s why many people turn to WeChat. "Tell you why you want to be a micro dealer and add it to more accurate fans," the article said.

Tang Yongbo: we decided at that time that there might be a lot of people coming in, but I didn’t want to

with the completion of this round of financing, small power technology has become the first company to obtain B round of financing in the field of shared charging treasure. Other companies are also secretly competing, and even on the same day, there are two other shared treasure companies, announced the news of intensive financing. This seems to indicate, after sharing bicycle again after a fierce battle is about to start.

URL standard a comprehensive analysis of the virtual host 301 redirect

After the

two: NT system in

2, IIS7.0 system, PHP language:

301 redirect can transfer the multiple domain weights to specific domain name, the domain name in order to enhance the weight distribution of the one and only. On the other hand, it is in the domain name after the replacement, will use a 301 redirect the old domain name weight, redirect to the new domain name. The 301 redirect is widely use. Especially in the process of building a website will often appear "two level domain name, domain name, level three top-level domain" directed to the specified with three "W" two level domain name. However, due to the different server operating system, operating environment and so on different sites of different factors caused by the language of the program, "301 orientation disorder of diversity". In actual operation, often because of multiple problems, to achieve directional website. Today is comprehensive to write about in different environments, the website how to do a 301 redirect experience analysis:

with a notepad file construction, its content is:
> [NC]
RewriteRule ^ (. *) $贵族宝贝*****贵族宝贝/$1 [L, R=301]

file name is preserved: ".Htaccess", if the virtual host support, then the 301 redirect correctly implemented. According to the program: no limit!

virtual host

1, iis7.0 following system, ASP language:
in the redirection page to do the head above the station 301 can be added to the content, such as: top.asp, CONN.ASP and other common file.

to do a 301 redirect NT system, the Linux system requirements than the harsh, but relatively speaking there are many methods:

virtual host system

: a Linux

Hate more than love, do shlf1314 AdSense courseApplication model recommended Social Bicycles booking

has been doing GG for 2 years, from the beginning to the present, leaving too much vicissitudes of life, but also from inside too much experience. But you don’t get much money!

, of course, as an advertising publisher, I despise the cheats, but I hate the Gshlf1314 AdSense managers who violate the rules!

Yan Fei

Sobi URL: socialbicycles/

Sobi interface maps at the core, marking the city’s rental outlets. Users can use their mobile phones to book a bicycle at the nearest distance and complete the payment. The user has a bicycle, Sobi will track the position of the user by GPS, not only guide orientation, allowing the user to select the distance closer to the destination network car, can let the managers know the flow of bicycle rental outlets, more reasonable placement.


Sobi founder Ryan · zhe Ryan Rzepecki that "Qi, the cost advantage will be the driving force for the success of Sobi. He pointed out that the European city bike rental system, each bike costs about $5000 including the construction of rental outlets and other expenses, but in the Sobi system, the cost of each vehicle is only $1100, the advantage is obvious.

author website:

Sina Technology Beijing June 4th afternoon news, bicycle rental has been regarded as one of the important means to solve the traffic problems in big cities. However, due to the lack of rental outlets, small publicity, supporting services and other issues, this green way of travel is still in the exploration stage in many places. A mobile phone called Social Bicycles referred to as "SoBi" tries to solve the problem.

from the start, GG was really good. The checks were mailed from the United states! Every month there are 200-400 dollars, because the check is sent from the United States, and so on, usually received the check is every two months! Collection is also troublesome! GG my personal experience with him is that, GG, they have a feature: as long as you’re an individual account and earn more than 800, you’ll be K if you don’t cheat. Last year, my site had IP traffic of up to 100 thousand IP a day, and GG earned more than $1200, which was K’s account in the month of the traffic! Write a letter to ask why, there is no response! Later, I used my name for 2 times, also because of high income by K drop, and finally joined the blacklist! There has been no income for months! Note: K account is definitely not guide the click, click malicious, mutual, I cheat is not interested, because I was very busy at work and had no chance to cheat no way I, I used a friend’s name to register again, after I adjusted GG advertising, controlling for income, not more than $400 in revenue, and this way very spirit, has maintained for nearly a year! Until the first two months, I was earning more than 400, earning $900 a month, so the account was K again! In my group group number: 2479517 are hundreds of webmaster, also received such treatment, or often happen! I found that shlf1314 Adsense invalid click, judgment and processing methods have been seriously deviated from the normal range, directly affecting the advertising revenue of the majority of publishers. A publisher account is stopped, the reason is invalid click; issued income is adjusted for invalid clicks; issued ad the average price is more and more low, the reason is many clicks are considered invalid filtered income. My mood has plummeted, I have no mood to continue to do shlf1314 AdSense. I have given up on him completely, and feeling that their advertising is a feeling of deception,   this is a true portrayal of the rumors of shlf1314 scams circulating online! But what can I do about it? There are owners to appeal to the GG company, have sued GG company, but how about the result? Answer: no echo. Feeling the opponent is too strong, not the so-called cooperation!


at present, if users want to rent a bike, they need to walk to the city to open rental outlets for self-help. But in many cases, users do not know where the network is, nor do they know if there are any bicycles in the network. What’s more, many people don’t know where to return the bike. Sobi solved the problem by using mobile phones and GPS to integrate social networking and location services into bike rental.

Sobi plans to test in New York, Buffalo, this summer and later on two cities on the West coast. Maybe in the near future, we can book bikes without leaving the house.

this model obviously can greatly improve the utilization rate of bicycle rental services, and facilitate residents travel. But its disadvantages are obviously: leasing mode change means the great change of the whole system; Sobi will automatically track the user location, involving personal privacy; the more difficult is that Sobi is a small start-up companies, in the municipal traffic problems have almost no right to speak, to obtain official support is very difficult.

Moderator Cui Yongyuan venture on new venture to sell Zhang Shaogang and scrap Tomatoes on sticks Ye

public information shows that Hawthorn food was founded in January 16, 2017, the address is located in Shanghai, Pudong New Area, the registered capital of 10 million yuan. Cui Yongyuan, as a natural shareholder, subscribed to invest 3 million 500 thousand yuan, and its partners, legal representative Cui Yanmei subscribed 6 million 500 thousand yuan invested.

500-1000 the morning of November 15th, with headquarters in Chongqing. IT TOM science and technology circles to reporters, vice president of Yesky Lee University will be in the near future to leave.

reason is capricious, but the practice is very mature. Recently, concerned about food safety, to reverse gene food positions frequently speak Cui Yongyuan also said that it will launch good faith food, fully respect the consumer’s right to know and to choose. To this end, the "Hawthorn" in Russia to buy four hundred thousand acres of land, has its own mountain forests and ocean fishing fleet, each year can catch more than 30 kinds of about 300000 tons of high-quality seafood, as well as their own water plants and oil plants. In addition, there are 60 thousand acres of livestock breeding base in Northeast china. It can be described as "full of strength, under the foot of Ben."".

over itself, toss restless.

Abstract: for the sake of self willed, young people do the same. Or that opportunity is full of SAP school of business, or not to lose what young do you love, so some people play the two dimension, people play music, people shoot network drama, no matter how many anterior pits, when a fall into the pit.


so far, we finally saw a well-known figure in business, not in the "combined with the trend of mobile Internet, entertainment to the audience demand", "I want to subvert the industry"…… But the industry, is a "small" Tomatoes on sticks.


fifty to know your destiny, still can, but for the individual to work so hard as to forget meals, and has had, sixty at seventy and have whatever is desired. Cui Yongyuan once said: "micro-blog in childhood favorite childhood dream is Tomatoes on sticks, sell Tomatoes on sticks, my good friend, Mr. Feng Lun, very supportive of me to achieve this ideal childhood, age, love is to be done, and is never done."

brand promotion with the old, in July 10 reduction activity Legislative Yuan

headstrong and for this thing, young people do too. Or that opportunity is full of SAP school of business, or not to lose what young do you love, so some people play the two dimension, people play music, some people don’t shoot network drama, "

, a 54 year old TV presenter and professor of Communication University of China, announced on 20 July that the Hawthorn Tree Shanghai Food Co., Ltd. was officially launched into the food industry in.

view of the scope of business, in addition to food distribution and edible agricultural products sales, the company is also involved in office supplies, jewelry, gifts, metal products, general merchandise, clothing and footwear sales, engaged in goods and technology import and export business, electronic business excluding financial services, tourism consulting, business consulting, accounting service design, advertising production, release agents and.

The use of credit strategy operators should pay attention to what

this credit is a very common phenomenon, some do not want money settlement, while others are not money. "Boss, a package, the money to remember ah." Consumer theory. "Okay!" Retail customers. In the process of market visits, such a dialogue often occurs. As a marketing strategy, the use of credit can promote the growth of operating performance, but if used improperly, it may increase the operating risk, and even lead to cash flow, business is in trouble. In order to make reasonable use of the credit strategy, managers must establish a sense of awareness of the management of credit and risk control, to achieve proper strategy, clear accounts, financial security.

I believe that the use of credit strategy operators should pay attention to the following points:

first, the establishment of credit account. Operators should carefully record each credit transaction, do not record them on paper or cigarette cases, to keep the credit account. The best is the customer’s family as a unit of account page. Every time the credit, to a detailed record of the goods on credit, payment amount and pay period, and signed on the ledger credit object confirmation. To regularly check the total amount of credit sales, and according to the economic strength of the store to properly control the size of credit, increase the collection efforts to ensure that the store has sufficient funds to purchase goods. To regularly analyze the data recorded in the comparison, lessons learned, in a timely manner on the amount of credit, credit and other methods to adjust the content.

two, determine the goods on sale. For some large amount of funds and sell fast goods can not express credit. For example, some rural shops will be scarce, high-end cigarettes included in the goods can not be sold on the counter with a clear sign. For some more daily, low-cost, adequate supply of ordinary cigarettes, you can try to meet the customer’s credit requirements.

three, breakdown customer category, set the credit limit. The operator can according to their own understanding of the situation, according to the income of the consumer credit, etc. to understand the situation, like financial institutions as the classification of credit object, determine the credit limit, and record the volume, so that at any time. When the credit object at or close to the credit limit, to politely refuse credit and remind the timely pay.

four, timely collection of money. When the credit payback period more than commitment, should be timely reminders of the debt, and at the appropriate time, such as credit object wages, or by other means that the debt repayment ability, and timely on-site collection, increase the success rate of accounts receivable. Operators in the process of paying attention to the words and deeds, not because of the accounts and customer conflicts, resulting in the loss of customers.

there are many small restaurants because customers continue to credit, long-term settlement resulting in no way off, this case has been exposed many, no exposure is too many to count.

Sister Zhang investment can really make money do barbecue rice

there are thousands of roads in the world, there are tens of millions of industries, there is always a way you have to go, there is always a suitable for you to engage in the industry. There are different ways to make money in the world, and now the catering shop is a very popular way to make money, with the strength of the brand, quickly realize their dreams of wealth, so choose a good restaurant to join the project is particularly important. Here for you to recommend small Zhang sister barbecue.

Sister Zhang barbecue for bibimbap unique production process, the use of professional oven equipment, let be uniform barbecue grill, strong visibility, on-site production and swept the country, has become one of the mainstream national leisure street snack food, loved by customers. Then the roast crispy chicken meal and rice Sister Zhang money? The following small for everyone to analyze.

investment Zhang sister barbecue bibimbap can really make money?

first, the food market is very profitable. In 2016 and in the past few years, compared to financial investment, more and more people realize that financial investment

The risk of

, and the development of the catering industry has become more and more fierce, and everyone began to enter the fashion catering to join the project, Zhang Jie Zhang Xiumei catering to join and become the first choice for many people, because of the small amount of investment, the time is short, demand is not so high, can make individuals who are interested in entrepreneurship can achieve this desire.

secondly, there is a core technical support, join can make money. Zhang Xiumei food and beverage business to solve the problem of entrepreneurship, but also particularly good positioning, specialty restaurant turnover rate of the country’s leading, the annual turnover of the store to reach one million benefit, the main force of specialty food and beverage, the core force.

is the ultra-low cost of joining. Ten thousand initial fee, enjoy the franchise rights, no other costs! And with an oven, fryer, tools package! This is not other welfare brands have joined the support and help of franchisees, better to make money.

Through the analysis of small

, believe that for this money to join the problem clearly, Sister Zhang roast crispy chicken meal bibimbap stores throughout the country, franchisees are good, is a good project to make money! If you want to come up.

Entrepreneurship is critical to do these points

go to work very hard, but also earn less money, so many people want to start their own business. So, how to start their own business? Need to pay attention to what issues? In the market, a lot of people are in a state of follow suit, if you are the first person, you know what to do, how to do? Here’s a look at what issues need to pay attention to their own business.





began expanding, probably frequent situation, contradictions, a mess. At this time, we must keep a clear head, prioritize, understand the size of the number, recognize the primary and secondary, seize the key. Will affect the whole thing firmly, will be of no great importance in advance on.




A street vendor will learn practical sentence doggerel

a lot of friends have had the idea of placing the stall, but they feel no way to start, I do not know if they do not fit the stall entrepreneurship. In fact, back down the jingle, I believe you will soon learn to stall!

1, the director has to go out, less than a point can not sell.

2, ten dollars is not much, can not go to Hongkong singapore.

3, ten dollars is not expensive, can not buy refrigerators and freezers.

4, two dollars drizzle, who can afford.

5, a penny goods, spend money to buy goods, do not buy is your fault!

6, two dollars to buy affordable, the price is not expensive.

7, ten dollars is a small ticket, a packet of cigarettes on the spent.

8, two dollars can not spend, when the family.

9, ten dollars are not used, when you bear.

10, ten dollars is not too small, big eyes pick the best.

11, I’m doing, you look at, see in the eye, the heart is to calculate the economical.

12, ten dollars no white flowers, after every day with him.

13, two dollars is very common, when you buy a pack of chewing gum.

14, do not bargain not bargain, bargain trick cheat big.

15, ten dollars is not expensive, do not have a family meeting.

16, king of kings, calcium in calcium, today who buy ten pieces.

17, ten dollars is not expensive, everyone said good benefits.

18, thirty years of reform and opening up, who did not have the hands of $ten.

19, today only ten yuan, you can benefit from the past 35 years.

20, ten dollars price is not high, do not go home to report.

These are the


How to create a comfortable high-end restaurant – the whole

when it comes to Western food, a lot of people are probably in the middle of the high end of the place, some people playing the elegant music next, and then the handsome waiter in the side to provide elegant service. Indeed, this is the traditional sense of Western food, but in the new era, the western restaurant can be seen everywhere, enjoy a meal is no longer a strange thing. But with the improvement of people’s economic consumption ability, more and more consumers will still pursue the kind of comfortable and elegant high-end restaurant. So, how can we create a comfortable high-end western restaurant?

restaurant can give a person a kind of high-end, the atmosphere, on the level of feeling, the main reason is that the environment elegant, each place when the design and decoration of restaurant are the need to have flash points, will build into a commercial art space in the whole space, and gives a comfortable, free and comfortable the feeling, so as to attract more consumers, create better benefits for the restaurant. How to create a comfortable and elegant western restaurant? This is the need for investors in the decoration of the hard work, the specific how to do it?

dining tables and chairs and dining table

is the restaurant, the restaurant investors cannot use personal preferences to choose the restaurant tables and chairs, but with western furniture, so it seems the whole restaurant is not harmonious, misfits feel. Choose furniture material, not to save money and the choice of some inferior products, but also not too expensive, all the money in buying furniture, you can choose a medium.

walked into the restaurant, are ready to enjoy the wonderful time here, so the choice of dining table, can be used in rectangular shape, giving them a comfortable feeling, but also enhance the appetite, of course, is more convenient for mutual communication.


lighting can create a good dining environment, so it is the most direct reflection of a western restaurant is the high-end atmosphere. Usually, the restaurant can use incandescent bulbs, some milk white or low color temperature frosted bulb, the bulb light shot out not so dazzling, but more soft, natural to give a more natural and comfortable feeling.

of course, most of the western restaurant can not use this kind of light, but also with some auxiliary function of the light bulb, these bulbs can have the feeling of light and shade, better contrast dining environment.

Western-style food was different from Chinese food, there are strict requirements for the dining environment, so, if you want to enter the Western-style food market, want to open a business more popular restaurant, also need to store environment above next time. So, if you want to create a comfortable high-end western restaurant, above two >

Police cracked the case of illegal firearms trafficking methamphetamine seized 16 bags

8 14, west of Xining City Public Security Bureau in the relevant departments to assist, arrested methamphetamine trafficking suspects, seized methamphetamine on the spot, 16 packs of 3. Imitation 64 pistol, bullet 2 hair. Trafficking in new drugs seized firearms, which is a new trend in Xining, has attracted the attention of the police.

"peace" after the renovation of the storm, the west side of the Public Security Bureau on the one hand to do the Olympic security tasks, while actively looking for clues. In the Mopai investigation, to understand an important clue, a large number of new drug trafficking, and may carry firearms. Through nearly a month of careful investigation, the evening of August 14th, the police received a drug dealer to deal with a hotel in the East district. The police may appear on the suspect’s hotels were closely monitored, 11 o’clock that night, a white MITSUBISHI sedan into the guest room department building in front of the hotel parking, from wearing a black hat suspects down on the car, make joint and the other suspects have flowers in the room of the building until the end after a brief conversation, after the two car ready to leave, then the police attack, 3 suspects were arrested on the spot in the car.