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On the same site search results ranking 2

believe that some friends occasionally to see such a situation, the same website address all in search of the same words appear in the 2 ranking. This not only makes us feel surprised, and this advantage is self-evident, we can obtain the flow ratio is more of the top 10 words. So what is the reason for this result? And what risks exist? Lose Pro Xiaobian together to find a URL web site search rankings have appeared 2 times those:

1 search spider serious URL address

why shortly before the search of his Shanghai dragon 2 directory / forum with and without love / also appear on the first page of Shanghai. Lose weight Pro Xiao Bian latest results already did not exist, the vocabulary of Shanghai Longfeng believe people and do some training in Shanghai dragon friends all know, the degree of competition is fierce. So like a normal search engine search results mentioned above URL 90% website is ranked the analysis system will bring the result of + /, so this does not take / take / and the same words appear in the search results is obviously a little against the search engine users to experience the meaning of. In addition to Cardiff like Shanghai Dragon why that high weight website after all, in China the number is not much, there is a URL address most of the webmaster friends ranking has anxious, if you know the skill set 301 redirect or ZhengZhan absolute path, almost no one would want to spread the weight 2 times ranking results, after all, this is equal to originally a ranking weight times, now 2.3 times can have ranking, keyword ranking cycle also increased obviously. So the general site especially 3-5 months.

Shanghai Longfeng

believes that some webmaster friends know, the search engine spider serious www.jianfei贵族宝贝 and www.jianfeiqin贵族宝贝/ is actually 2 different URL address. Many webmaster friends in order to reduce the weight of the website are dispersed using server 301 redirect the URL redirect the same address. This makes the site more conducive to ranking, if some other friends often observe the search results: 90% website URL address are /. Even if you just click into the domain address display is not to be /.

2 URL 2 ranking

URL 32 times the same word ranking risk

if you analyze it carefully you will find these same keywords in Shanghai love search results appear 2 times ranking sites, most sites are not after 301 redirection, or is not the absolute path making station. The weight of the site is in the same industry types occupy a certain proportion. And as Shanghai dragon why forum Links artificially to exchange his 2 URL address corresponding keyword link. That is to say the corresponding weight is distributed to with and without / / 2 URL address.

Hebei Shanghai Dragon attention must be paid to the choice of keywords to optimize the time.


often some words of love Shanghai index is not high, but not many relevant search page will have seven or eight do for promotion. This is generally the commercial value is very high, resulting in a lot of people in the auction to get visitors, so as to realize the conversion rate. What was a word love Shanghai index is only 100, and almost search visitors will first browse ranked first, if not satisfied with the first page down second, third, fourth views, even if we do this word naturally ranked first, but the end of auction website and browse much traffic to visit our website

own so

early in the site has not been established when we must first determine the optimal, but in Hebei Shanghai dragon xing’er side has many friends in the website keyword is not really a good choice when it was first built up a website, and then hurried to find keywords to optimize. This website in case there is no clear prospect and keywords is very unfavorable for website development, today Hebei Shanghai dragon together and we must pay attention to the choice of keywords optimization study what’s what.



3, optimized to avoid do the bidding competition

to many search optimization keywords

1, identify themselves to optimize what industry keywords


retrieve their keywords so most optimization method is the first to look at how much love Shanghai index, and then search the keywords in the search engine, to see how many people are there in the word and the number of relevant search. If the relevant search and search related words more words illustrate the difficulty is not small. Then look at the top five top ten and top twenty websites competitiveness is, used to optimize the inside pages web site may not be lower than the competition website to optimize the word, because some weight high website pages weight will get the weight of the main station and the weight of the inheritance, the inside pages is also very high, so the content page should be carefully analyzed and then in conclusion.

keywords to optimize your what industry, this is surely we all know, here in Hebei Shanghai dragon xing’er simply said. For example, some of my friends do travel, so he to the optimization of the word is to choose in the tourism industry, but every industry each industry elite, ordinary people can not easily get good rankings, even very hard. So it is necessary to select keywords and long tail keywords related industries, such as with regional competition which will make the pressure decrease. For example, Xinger to optimize Shanghai dragon, but the competition is very big, so it is necessary to add into and around the region, so the star, to the optimization of the word is Hebei Shanghai dragon, of course, compared to the word competition is very small.


Hebei Shanghai dragon xing’er original submission, the original address: 贵族宝贝125 Shanghai dragon.

Clever escape website completely revised by K trick to share

website to blog, the author of the original two articles, published in the blog, was very excited, love Shanghai seconds, this may be the site completely revised, the spider thought is a new station, to get it, we do Shanghai dragon should be very clear, the original web site content is very important not to mention, the site experienced a complete transformation. So, when our site had a completely revised, and finally to update the original content as soon as possible.

four, BSP

! blog

five, Links

to update the blog content, I wrote a soft article published in the A5 journal platform, the weight of the site, so we attract some spiders here, but it can bring the high quality of the chain for our blog. The best time to release the soft, also need to pay attention to is going to release the soft after update the original article.

the original web content completely deleted, on the Internet to find a WordPress source code package upload to space, quickly installed the program, but this is the first time to use WordPress, a lot of places, and spent a lot of time to study, now I feel very good program. That is how I escape K? Here by Xiao Wu meanders

because the site already exists a lot in the chain before the revision, I need to do is to those who often go to the forum signature into a blog name or keyword, but note that not all one-time change, need several hours to complete. And then we’ll go to the forum top post replies, or in order to lead spider. But the number of replies should not be too much, try to find out who usually think that the forum included a higher rate, so the effect will be better.

I believe that as a webmaster, hand some natural BSP blog, we will be the site of revision, to write an article on the blog of the article, released to the collection of blogs, why choose included, I believe we all know, here I will not say more.

, the original

After the

Hello, I’m Xiao Wu, before a whim, made a Hefei secondary network, but the site early need to invest a lot of time, but I just graduated out of work, don’t have much spare time, so there is no confidence to stick to it, just a few days ago the site completely revised, changed into a person the blog, nonsense not say now we get to the point.

two, the effect of softAfter the

Three, consolidate the chain

many people may say the website had a completely revised, how could anyone can exchange Links with you? The key is to rely on to accumulate the role of contacts. In fact, the station is in many ways a continuation of the contacts. Choose Links should pay attention to choose the new snapshot, the other is not very important to. The author is to find a good friend relationship with personal blog.

Comprehensive analysis of Shanghai dragon combat large station group website how to optimize the pag


update site information, text with keywords, website and Related words can be considered, not necessarily is the core keywords, such as Zhitong talent network updates, interview, job, salary, job, job etc. all with the website related words are available in the website internal links.

The last time the


keyword should appear in the anchor text page outbound links, this is a very important aspect. In fact, in some extent, the outbound links containing keywords, is also important to this page keywords in external links.

keyword in the title, or the navigation bar

said today is according to how the page keyword optimization.

The as well!The

URL in the

HTML label

when it comes to how to determine the site target keywords, keyword is determined, the next job is to do the optimization for these keywords.

keyword in the web page of text

The Summary:

on the English website, keywords can be placed in the URL, but Chinese website is not good to achieve this point. Of course, the keyword can also be placed in a directory name, can also be a file name, but avoid keyword stuffing.

website updated information, it is best to put keywords in the text in the title, the title with a H1-H3 display, a H1 tag page generally used only once, there is a little higher than the average weight of the text, which is logical, because the title is of course this article should be discussed. In addition in bold, italic, or add color to emphasize key words, but the one or two is enough.

shows the keyword density of 2% – 8% a lot of information, but the weight of the keyword density has been very small, many ranking "before the keyword density could reach twenty or thirty per cent, there may be no keyword. So don’t put keyword density seriously.


many types of business sites, such as the training site, usually related to training business make a navigation and navigation title, title is also determined to optimize the key word.

Keywords keyword

to do a keyword optimization, remember not the key sentences, not excessive.

keyword in the link

keyword should appear in the title tag inside the title tag, Title is a very important factor at present, should contain your most important keywords. At the same time, title generally placed two to three core keywords, Zhitong talent network title tag: in addition, labels Description, Keywords tag Keyword, image ALT tags can be put into words, but not keyword stuffing, a natural

Advice from a healthcare Investor don’t accept BAT’s investments too soonTwo failed venture, Gong Ha

from a medical industry layman, to become a well-known investor in this field, Tao Tao and share investment has what kind of investment logic, but also how to complete the investor’s own self-discipline again and again,

, facing the privatization offer such a low price, Gong Haiyan also chose not to go on fighting, retreats. In early March 2, 2015, Manulife funds have been acquired from Aprilsky Jiayuan 8003763 ordinary shares, so far, Gong Haiyan completely withdraw from the capital level jiayuan.

Abstract: as the founder of ? The timing of the

author recently conducted an in-depth dialogue with Guan Tao, how to see trends, how to see the project, how to see people, how to see success or failure?. Share with you today. I hope that both the entrepreneur and the investor will be able to inspire and harvest it.


, but BAT rushed in, their investment logic is completely different, willing to accept high valuations, their profit model is different from the traditional VC, so that the industry’s ecology has become BAT in many

It is not difficult for

the evening of March 3rd, Jiayuan announced joint venture capital fund, Manulife received Vast Profit Holdings privatization offer the price per ADS American Depositary Shares $5.37 in cash. Jiayuan March 2nd shares closed at $4.64, the price premium ratio is 15.7%.

to judge the direction of medical investment, and the development of the field of minimally invasive instruments, biotechnology or new medical services will be rapid. As long as enough professional investment institutions, view is not very large deviation, the real difference is that the different funds on what time segments can be, the best point is the investment team, and what kind of easy, there will be some different judgment.

a few years ago mobile medical special fire, but the traditional medical fund is actually more conservative, many investment is the fund’s Internet team in leadership. Because from a medical point of view, the medical industry is still different from the traditional Internet industry, there is no rapid outbreak of commercial value realizable difficult.

shares in private, is nothing more than the price is low, the capital market as a low value of financing channels, for the company’s brand, "listed company" is no longer a piece for the endorsement of a gilded signboard Shanda, Focus Media, such as, Jiayuan as well. After IPO, Jiayuan by U.S. investors questioned the "single profit model, membership read income accounted for total revenue 90%, prolonged slump in the share price, market capitalization from IPO of $330 million, fell to $149 million in March 3, 2015, the additional possibility of refinancing will be minimal. In this case, it is indeed a good policy to abandon the status of listed companies, the growth requirements of capital market, the restriction of share prices and earnings, and rethink the company’s strategy.

investment is really important. Sometimes miss the best time may be difficult to cast, such as there is a special direction we have been watching, but now a no vote, why? Or is the team itself is not good enough, or not to the price of a good turn, behind the valuation of speculation was particularly high, we worry about the rate of return is not enough.

if you ask me what the market changes, more and more people the greatest feeling is this two years of investment in the medical industry, a medical listed company directly to do the fund, in particular, is also in line with the characteristics of industry mergers and acquisitions more, but frankly the buyout fund trader who industry experience requirements are very high, and not so easy. There are also a group of people who are not in the medical profession, and are rushing to invest. The heat created a problem, as prices on the market began to rise and bubbles began to gather.

Tao Tao is a rare young, deep thinking and humble investor.

faces a cheap privatisation offer, and if big shareholders are strong enough, they will definitely resist it. However, for the privatization offer, company management’s attitude is fairly gentle and friendly, it has indicated that the problem of large shareholders think that this price can sell enough OK, Jiayuan.

Jiayuan CEO Wu Linguang released internal e-mail, said the company has yet to make a decision to invite. Wu Linguang >

even so, as a non founding team, but the privatization of capital institutions initiated invitations, such prices are quite low, almost cabbage prices. From the earnings report, Jiayuan recent performance is not bad, the 2014 Q1~Q3 quarter, its revenue increased by 20.5%, 21.8% and 25.5% respectively in 2014, total revenue should be around $100 million, its gross margin is around 60%. In Jiayuan March 3rd worth US $149 million, 15% of the premium is only about $170 million, and the account has $90 million in cash, equivalent to Manulife fund only paid $80 million for the quarter, the average growth rate of 20%.

before IPO, the founder of lost control of the century, eventually, may be a "cabbage price" privatization, leaving the capital market.

Nortel Networks as a senior engineer, had to open up overseas markets for HUAWEI, then the chance to start to share investment, investment management investment partners, the Bohou medical, dental oral orange pole, Jia Hong and other well-known projects.


investment in the medical industry, we generally see 5 years, 10 years after the trend, short-term changes but not so much importance. Because it is not fried stocks, you can quit at any time.

The reason most of the

Talking about promotion of enterprise websiteSummary of several modes of making money online

mode is close to the service industry, paid from the earliest production site to help others, then provide SEO service, and then to now sell sh419 included the domain name, the whole station, and sold the chain, to provide all in one service, to assist in the promotion of all belong to this type, in fact, the broad IDC company is to earn the money. It is worth mentioning that now earn money webmaster is relatively easy and very impressive gains, tell you about a few of my friends know the profit model: a friend selling sh419 included a domain name, the domain name cn sh419 included the cost of a piece he sold 5-10 block look >

1. earns company money

as a webmaster recently feel confused, to make money online to summarize several models for yourself to think tonight, on the way, but also to share with the webmaster.

personally believe that the network has mainly the following modes of making money:

brand promotion on the use of these moves, in July activities reduced 500-1000 yuan,

The enterprise website promotion talk aboutOne of the purposes of


online promotion method has the characteristics of low cost, obvious effect, is the only proper course to take enterprise website promotion, online promotion requirements but the specific principle of various methods * online work personnel have a profound understanding of the know-how to master all kinds of promotion methods, can play a multiplier effect.

1, search engine filling

The popularity of

database search engine is the world an important site to a huge capacity of the database, the contents are generally included site URL, site name, site description and a set of keywords and website content etc.. The database search engine to the new site will not take the initiative to join the database, and to the owner of the company site manager to the website information by filling search engine requirements online submitted to the search engine search engine administrator, administrator information after receipt of the application, to design, the content of the site for review, in accordance with the prior determine the criteria to decide whether the site added to the search engine database. The famous YAHOO belongs to this kind of search engine.

website filling to the database search engine is not difficult, but to make the website of the ranking is not easy. In large search engines, such as Sohu, Sina, a classified directory, including more than 1000 sites is not surprising. If your site is placed in the back of the directory, it does not show your site after several pages, and your site is very unlikely to be accessed. Through in-depth study of the principles of search engines, you can forward the site greatly forward, for reasons of space, we will introduce another article.

this model is now a lot of Adsense money model, mainly to earn all kinds of union advertising fees, representatives such as shlf1314, Alibaba and so on. The advantage is easy to get started. You can add advertising code to a garbage station, and then you can check the income every day. The disadvantage is that it is difficult for a small station to earn a steady income quickly. Maybe a month can only earn tens of dollars, and it is out of proportion to the input of energy. I have an online game dating station, there are thousands of IP traffic a day, full of shlf1314 Advertising, but a day only 0.2-0.5 knife income, less than 100 a month, and do very boring. Another thing to note is that a lot of small leagues are deceptive, and when you’re supposed to pay for it, suddenly the site doesn’t work, so you should pay special attention to the choice of the initial alliance. Including the shlf1314 alliance are not stability, my hands are more than 20 points with a shlf1314 account, in September 16, 2008 the $1000 advertising revenue was suddenly closed to the shlf1314 account, shlf1314 wrote several letters to judge if no echo, are difficult to. But the flow of this model derived from search engines such as sh419, sh419 down the right K station situation we all know, maybe one day you suddenly flow from the tens of thousands of IP into hundreds, in general it is not too stable, is subject to the Union and search engine.

2. make personal money,

this model is to directly earn net money, the common is to collect membership fees. For example, 520mov movie network, Jiayuan dating network, and the network game company such as Shanda, The9, journey and all kinds of servers are based on this model. The disadvantage is that small scale, it is difficult to collect membership fees, but in turn, the advantages are here, if the website development to the individual Internet users willing to cross the scale of fees, your income will certainly be considerable,

3. earn Adsense money,

91% of the operators did not expect that they would fall into these three pits

why is the same public operations, others can fly up and realized one hundred thousand, but you will be out of the powder code title? Because you may embark on a "detour" operation! The road is long, long detours, today watermelon king as we summed up the operation way is very easy to be ignored three detours. I hope you don’t go astray is a codeword,



bend 1: your name is

1, with caution, "sensitive words"

public "Miss blue and yellow lady" is now rare to do star exclusive interview with the public number, their original content and solid business customized products have a unique style, but their growth is not ideal, the reason lies in the public’s name.

early WeChat public platforms, "Miss" is a sensitive word, so users can search by name number for the public to find them, but unfortunately, they then took ID public number set is very long and complicated, so unless two of them loyal fans, or very few people will the method is so troublesome to search for them, so the earlier WeChat dividend period and they pass. So they also suggest that they must have a "easy to remember, good search" name.

2, pay attention to the name copyright

also fell into the name of the pit, as well as the public number basketball practical skills forum". In the early days of operations, their names were in great trouble because of copyright problems. Since the original name of the public contains the letter "NBA", and the copyright of the three letters is attributed to NBA China, they can only choose between "closing the public number" and "changing the name". Eventually, they chose to change their name.

due to the lack of the name "NBA" search advantage, not only increase the users to search their difficulty, accuracy greatly but also let fans, at the same time, the original users of their attention has also been reduced, the number of public long-term continuous suction powder was quite unfavorable.

3, the name is tonality

the number of public interest in the initial operation with the growing up called "obscure writer", built in two months, with three thousand fans and each of the hundreds of reading, so that the operator began to reflect on whether the content with their emotional head positioning name does not match, so she made some adjustments.

"fun up growth" with the public cartoon avatar, her public number operators in this have ushered in a 180 degree turn. Less than a month, has surged 8W fans, the amount of reading and public attention, also began to enter the steady rise.

, of course, there are exceptions, such as the public number 54 Wang, this is everyone dubbed the WeChat is the most hurt my man ", his public open letter was closed, open, open and sealed, and.

Talk about your personal view of the O2O marriage industry

face O2O, the birth of the beginning, everyone mentioned is the most Online 2 Offline, from the literal meaning to understand, very simple, online to offline, that is, online customers to the line.

initial O2O was born, the promotion of this model is the group buying industry, all kinds of buy site outbreak, the rise, so that the concept of O2O gradually popular.

however, this model does not just buy the group, including the ticket, hotel, and so on. Then, to the wedding industry, marriage consumption is a rigid demand, life is often only once consumption, but very seriously. At present, 1000-1200 pairs of newlyweds are married each year in China, with an annual consumption of 5000-6000. Companies engaged in marriage services abound, mainly by price, advertising competition, so that the industry is in a vicious competition environment.

in the face of the rise of this pattern, although the troubled marriage industry (single frequency, high cost, non standardized, local properties), but the opportunities (training, digging, unconventional, standardizing) also exist, difficulties are also opportunities. Well, in the end what is the opportunity, we will come to the specific analysis:

In the

Internet era, consumer acquisition has shifted from passive advertising to proactive consumer search. Online access can be made through self built platforms or with other platforms. Self built platform of high cost, small wedding service companies can use like the couple Wedding Expo as a platform to marriage as consumers access, pay the return value is not high, and the ideal. It is important to cultivate potential consumers at the same time.

data show that the country in 2011 due to the wedding day generated close to 300 billion yuan of consumption. In 2012, it rose to 400 billion yuan. With the new China since the founding of the largest baby boomers born late in 1980s and will enter the age groups. Wedding spending is expected to double again on this basis. No doubt, the wedding market is a huge business opportunities, involving dozens of major categories of products, such as clothing, photography equipment, catering, tourism, jewelry, gifts, services and so on.

inevitably, the more tempting prey will attract the more predators. In the wedding industry is still a toddler, many businessmen have emerged, such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain like crowds holding a spoon is divided into a cup of soup. As a result, their own system is not yet perfect wedding industry, was mixed with bad businesses stirred muddy. Because a small number of businesses lack of credibility, resulting in new people to raise wedding, the entire industry prohibitive, careful, and really become a "worry marriage" new person". In the face of such complex market conditions – high levels of category vendors and low brand awareness – we will find that quality businesses and consumers are equally victims at this point. The same commodity has the same market environment

Specialized rules for the survival of baby products stores

coincides with the peak of the baby, baby supplies shop business is hot, then how to manage a reasonable professional baby supplies shop? The following and Xiaobian look at the relevant skills.

this is open at all! The same purchase channels, the same market, some people, some people fail, the product is a key. The baby is a relatively narrow consumption industry, if the product is not suitable for most consumers, will run very tired! The question is: what kind of products is suitable for most consumers? Many people think that is a little cheaper for most, this is not what happened!

customers stay is on the one hand, on the other hand we have so in addition to the normal channels, we have the ability to increase customer! (which involves the pre service marketing strategy, the chapter will illustrate the source

), products, guide In place, replenishment in a timely manner, the customer can retain the ability to open up new sources of tourists, and ultimately there may be a situation: the rapid turnover of funds! This is a cycle of survival, any one ring

Puyang City, the introduction of new policies continue to promote the construction of double clear

innovation and entrepreneurship in China after the government’s push to show the extraordinary vitality and speed forward. In order to maintain this advantage, Henan, Puyang introduced policies to promote public entrepreneurship, and promote the cause of public entrepreneurship continued.

"opinions" pointed out that the support of college graduates, ex servicemen, migrant workers, the unemployed, the disabled and other groups of various types of urban and rural entrepreneurship support institutions of professional and technical personnel from Small and micro businesses to encourage entrepreneurship, "two business", play a venture to promote employment benefit, build a new engine for economic development.

"opinions" provisions on public business to increase the venture capital support. Graduates of start-ups and the normal operation of more than 3 months, with entrepreneurial identity certificate and business license, employee roster, salary payment vouchers and other materials, apply for a one-time subsidy of 5000 yuan opened. The unemployed receive unemployment insurance during the self-employed, with business license and other valid proof, according to prescribed procedures apply for 5000 yuan of one-time start-up subsidies, but also can receive unemployment insurance benefits of the remaining period.

for all types of business groups in the new urban and rural businesses, and promote the normal operation of the labor and employment of more than 5 people at the same time, in accordance with the law for employment registration, signed a 1 year contract and pay social insurance premiums for 1 years, the highest 10 thousand yuan each year to give entrepreneurs entrepreneurial social insurance subsidies, each providing 1 jobs for enterprises per person 500 yuan a year of entrepreneurship employment subsidies, all maximum subsidy of 100 thousand yuan. Subsidy period of not more than 3 years.

"opinions" pointed out that to strengthen the construction of entrepreneurial incubator, encourage entrepreneurship incubator conditions to establish venture guarantee fund to provide business loan guarantees for settled entrepreneurs, the business incubator Park settled for entrepreneurial projects to provide loan guarantees, the purchase of services in accordance with the loan amount of 1%, each project does not exceed the maximum 5000 yuan, each project can only buy a service. Mobilize and encourage social forces to build business incubator Park, identified national, provincial and municipal business incubator Park, city finance were given a one-time 500 thousand yuan, 300 thousand yuan, 200 thousand yuan reward, each successfully hatched 1 households give 20 thousand yuan subsidy business incubator park.

"opinions" required to actively expand business financing channels. To develop venture capital, angel investment, and guide social capital and financial capital to support entrepreneurship, to explore the establishment of Puyang city public guiding fund to support entrepreneurship, employment ability and growth potential of the start-up Small and micro businesses and emerging industries, as early as the mid start-up enterprise development. Recommended