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Teach you how to expand the content of your web site

many SEOer have been emphasizing the importance of web content. However, many readers doubt that the content of the site is not so easy to write out. I remember a reader asked in the comments, some enterprises have only one core product, the product itself is not too interesting, then what can be written to enrich the site,

?In fact, most of the

industry there are a lot of things to write, even if it is very unpopular, outsiders feel incomprehensible products, also can develop a lot of content.

ways to expand web content

starting with product history and evolution,

this machine could be invented? What is the evolution from simple to complex process? Who is the inventor and improved? What are the specific contribution? In the international and domestic are how to survive to this day? How to introduce how to introduce domestic or abroad? What had happened to the prize? If the machine is invented your company, it will have more to write.

starts with the man who makes the machine,


team is composed of what people? These engineers background, experience, published what paper? What academic achievements have asked the consultant from the university? What? The need for direct production workers to master what technology? How to organize the production process of the


starting with raw materials,


machine is required to produce what material? What kind of what kind of steel or iron or other metals? What? These materials where the best? Why? What parts? Upstream suppliers? Why these suppliers


from customer,

what are the customers to use your machine? Your machine has brought what kind of benefits to them? How much growth so that their customers are profitable? How about you or your criticism? These customers in the industry can also introduce.

starting from this industry,

industry news, competitor trends, are there any research organizations that have conducted surveys and surveys of your industry?. Compare your product with the competitor’s product, and of course you can’t lose objectivity. Your product is better than competitors, such as ( took out its own characteristics, methods of diagnosis and treatment, international trends and fairs, seminars, content records…

starting from product use,

product usage, tips, application areas, what can you do to help customers? How to maintain? How to troubleshoot? What alternative products?

starting with product technology,

The working principle of

machine performance statistics, which contains the innovation of science and technology? What used experimental equipment testing equipment?? production process is what? What is the international standard industry standard safety precautions??? How to prevent false.

Second websites operation — SEO optimization scheme

Hello, the last time we shared the first article: "website operation scheme", the author shared the writing style and method of website operation scheme in the paper, the paper explained some way to some of the commonly used techniques, we hope to help. Today I want to share is the SEO scheme writing method, in the above, the author mentioned that SEO is not suitable for the website operation plan, there are two reasons. One is that SEO is a big project of the system, so it is impossible to sum up easily. The other is too much writing SEO content, easy to make superiors misunderstood you, think you are better at SEO, prone to error positioning.

then I summarize the outline about the share of today, the general idea is to write the first unchanged, then SEO is planning to set up third goals, is the process of analysis, the fourth is SEO subdivision arrangements, summarize fifth proposal. Well, let me show you the steps one by one.

one, planning

SEO scheme is different from the website operation scheme, SEO is focused on the operation, it is a promotion method, but this method is equivalent to the promotion of other artificial promotion brings good effect will be 50-100 times. Therefore, in planning, we should be as detailed as possible SEO operation steps, and do a good job site basic data statistics. If the web site is included, the chain, domain name registration time and so need a detailed list, to the one you treat serious and responsible work feeling, but also convenient for you and the colleagues on both sides of lower or more clear idea of doing things.

two, set up target

SEO also requires a goal, the establishment of a good target, directly related to your site’s future traffic rankings, as well as the site conversion rate. Here I think we should do the peer analysis as far as possible, here is to understand the most difficult to do what industry, such as the SEO scheme to make this site of Jiangxi industrial estate network, it took a week of peers and understand the relevant knowledge of industrial real estate. The enemy awareness. Program analysis competitors, combined with their own advantages to make keyword positioning. Accurate keyword positioning is the best way to get effective traffic.

three, operation process analysis,

in this step I remind you to try to facilitate the process of segmentation, can see clearly and carefully, each of the methods are many, what advantages do you have? Do you need to do as SEO segments, we all know with the forum, A5, CHINAZ and so on, search a list… A lot of, but the real usage, the forum which is available, which is not available. Especially Baidu update algorithm repeatedly, Scindapsus to pomegranate, step by step mode of operation has been a lot of forum Baidu darulenggong. How to use the forum to build high quality, high weight on the site ranking of the real role of the outside?

Two month novice webmaster site outside of the chain to increase the shortcut

I first as a webmaster, often learn about how the establishment of the knowledge in stationmaster net station, now the site has been up more than two months, this period of time how to increase the chain method published some of their views. This article is my original, inadequacies, please do not joke veteran.

everyone says, to increase the weight of the web site, the chain is very important, want to many with some weight high web site to do links. Yeah, everyone wants to site the PR value high to get some links, but for a newly built railway station, who is willing to do a link with you? I try with a few more than half of the station network in the link, did not think the reason to ignore you, really disappointing. People don’t link with you, then you have to find other ways. After the Internet search data, and enthusiastic users help, I now in accordance with the following methods to increase the site of the chain of methods:

Now a lot of

network like forum websites, such as emotion, classes, parenting classes, Wangzhuan prose forum, users are allowed to register as a member in the above, then answer a few articles or after a certain time, allows the articles published in the forum. This makes it possible for us to increase the chain. For example, in the emotion of the forum, you can write an article on the emotion of the article, if you can not write, can also search on the web, and then generally modify for your own articles, in a word can not be applied mechanically, to try to make this article can not see is the excerpt. Then add the URL of your site to the appropriate location of the article. As long as you published articles were included in the search engine, then congratulations, you have also added a chain. This method is especially effective for Baidu, tested. The same reason, for classes, parenting classes Wangzhuan forum, can also take the above methods for planing.

increase the chain is also a physical activity, to insist on every day, one day to publish an article, 100 days there are 100 outside the chain, Qin quickly, a day two or three articles, 100 days later, the chain is also quite impressive. No time, go around the forum, conveniently leave your web site, may also be included in the search engine, but feel no effective the above methods. Station site, we can see. I express ability is not very strong, poorly written place, hope everybody don’t joke.

Taobao C shop can not follow the trend of innovation, forget the credibility of the fundamental

is now more and more Taobao C store owner began to plan transformation, or replace the doors, or is invested heavily to Taobao Tmall in a long short, after all, compared to the Taobao C shop, Tmall with a certain threshold costs, coupled with professional and thoughtful service flow, it does attract a lot of sellers. Even the hearsay came shortly Tmall will further improve the entry threshold, in order to make Tmall shopping malls professional business, so as to ensure the purity of the seller.

for Taobao C shop in bazaar, as the core of the model, although not in service innovation, but still provides the relatively cheap platform, so Taobao market became the gathering place of dragons and fishes jumbled together, in a sense, Taobao Tmall as senior comprehensive shopping malls in first-tier cities. Taobao market seems to be scattered around the small market, although the product is relatively low, but it is also heavy traffic streams of people busily coming and going.

because there are different consumer groups in different places, and even many consumers want to come to Taobao through the Taobao market, so as to enjoy the fun of Taobao. Of course, often may not really be able to Amoy to the baby, but sometimes some businesses have pity on their sales in order to do a good job, and really willing to have blood for marketing, so will not let consumers have the opportunity to Taobao, so Taobao in the market is still a person, in this context, Taobao C shop if it can operate well, can also obtain good profit.

then Taobao C stores to achieve success? Innovation is its last straw, because I want to get a number of loyal customers or repeat customers, you have to take the road of innovation, in general can be innovated from the following aspects.

the first to create a product from the media, the shift from boast sales model into word-of-mouth sharing type sales model, which can effectively enhance consumer stickiness and acceptance, or last year on selling beauty products in micro-blog will not do because this product type cause a shocking commotion, share sales is easy to make consumers, if consumers buy after the discovery of products and their expectations there are obvious gaps, it is easy to cause the product marketing has become a negative publicity from the original positive publicity, so innovative at the same time to pay attention to the integrity of the building, so that the integrity of innovation to escort, to achieve better innovation.

second differential operation is the key, go the road segment, Taobao C shop products do not expect very complete, but came close to a class of product segments between the unpopular and popular, such products can effectively reduce competition, but also can reduce the consumer’s analogy, therefore has certain attributes of scarcity on the Internet. In a sense, the competitiveness is obviously enhanced, and choose the best method of this kind of product is classified by the Taobao home page, and then open the classification of various small, when the seller is not.

Marketing basics and website operations (Part 1)

marketing basic theory 4P is both product, price, distribution and promotion. This set of theories is one of the most critical theories in a successful traditional marketing campaign. With the development of the Internet, marketing has been closely integrated with the internet. Here I will talk about website operations and network marketing point of view.

1, product

before, because saw a lot of webmaster and friends made the same mistake, wrong think erected a web site is equal to have a product. This is the wrong understanding, the website is only a product carrier, or is the product display platform. Nothing that can really serve users and customers is not a product. The product is able to serve the customers, is able to provide to the market is that people use and consumption and meet people anything some needs, including the shape of products, services, personnel, organization, or a combination of these ideas. A web site that is designed to be beautiful and fast is not valuable. And this is when the construction of a web site to do promotion, suddenly feel promotion methods, methods are not able to start the root. Even if the amount of clicks in a certain period of time will have a breakthrough, but also only as the promotion of the site, and its website promotion is the ultimate goal of departure.

some friends also often encounter such problems, website products have, why my promotion can not get effective, this need from consumers or net friend needs to start again. The design process may be excessive consideration of the novelty of the product, special, but often ignore whether this product can meet the needs of users, or whether it can drive the demand of users. When there is no demand for a product, it can not be called a product. No matter what the product, consumers need to be able to meet the needs of consumers. Demand and product are inseparable, even if it is something new and fashionable. And one to imitate other people’s products, and without their own characteristics of the products, will also be eliminated, the Internet’s preconceived laws are still present at present.

from this point of view, in the early days of website product construction, we should first give ourselves a position, I need to do a face of what kind of crowd website. Then you need to consider where the customer’s needs are and how they should meet the needs of the group on this site. Third, analyze your competitors, look at where their products are, how they attract users, and what parts of the product they do not touch. (of course, if you are the person who has chosen to be the main one, you must congratulate yourself first, but still remind you that you must make your product perfect, or others will find your weakness. Finally, combined with the above points, designed a complete product plan and operation plan, according to the characteristics of the product in the construction of the website.

this article starts with Ji’nan online used car: http://auto. Jnol. C>

How to allow users to accept the application in the shortest possible time an attractive boot page d




boot page is a manual that users present to the user after the first installation and opening of the application. The purpose is to hope that users can understand the main functions of this application in the shortest possible time, and get started quickly and begin the experience tour. Since it is a specification that is not to be seen, because our users always playfully, they do not love education, that is, they love a guide across the page, direct use, but encountered problems in, will all awkward setbacks. So this requires designers to work very hard to handle the design of the boot page.

rich and diverse style of boot page design

some boot pages are sedate and fit for information applications, giving people a sense of trust. For example, guide page design Sohu news client, eliminates all redundant design, with a clean interface and powerful words reflects the positioning of the entire application of authentic media platform.


some boot pages are relaxed and lively, suitable for everyday tools or leisure applications, allowing users to feel intimate and relaxed. For example, UC mobile phone browser, Download trouble scenarios used by the user to wear the common browser guide page, like a pair of four comics as allowing users to browse comics with the mood, easily read the complete guide page, but also emphasizes the use of UC browser download is easy and convenient.


has some guide page is full of life, literature and art, for some small fresh applications, because this part of the user application is not necessarily love but not love BiaoXin innovation, follow the crowd.


how does a good guide page make up


good boot page design is from display content to design style, and then to the language is carefully refined, and consistent with the overall quality of the application.

1. shows the content should be concise and to the point, just pick up the most important user said, although this but we also can not understand the ability to degrade and mobile phone users blindly use experience, if only the recommended new features we can only tell the user entrance, with columns instead of things without fine out every step of the operation and put a good guide to make a living page help tutorial page. If it is a new way of interaction and operation, we can also display only the core and key operations, leaving the user for exploration and discovery.


2., the content should be consistent, there is a certain logical relationship, all the contents are arranged in a certain order of organic. Highlight the module first

How to fix the beauty salon

is now on the market a beauty shop after another, the face of fierce market competition, how to set their own prices opened a beauty shop, choose a suitable price, market Unlimited Business Opportunities, here Xiaobian together and see.

according to the price theory, the influence factors of beauty service pricing are cost, demand and competition three, cost is a fundamental part of the beauty service value, which determines the minimum limit of beauty service price, if the price is lower than the cost, then unprofitable; market demand influence customer understanding of beauty service value, and then decide the beauty service the price ceiling, and the market competition situation is adjusted constantly between the price fluctuation in the upper and lower limits, and ultimately determine the market price of the beauty service. However, in the study of beauty service costs, market supply and demand and competitive conditions, must be linked to the basic characteristics of the service.

A larger proportion of the fixed cost of

Competition in the market directly affects the

Micro entrepreneurs on the fingertips – WeChat micro-blog marketing

micro entrepreneurship refers to the small cost of entrepreneurship. With the development of Internet interaction, micro entrepreneurship has been fully expanded on the network platform, micro-blog WeChat as the most popular social network, but also from the exchange tool gradually become a platform for entrepreneurship.

on an open platform, to the most simple and most direct to the core competence into value, called "micro entrepreneurs". A person, can also be a company, small is also very strong.   micro entrepreneurs who advocate equality, freedom, self struggle of the core values, mutual cooperation, mutual encouragement, mutual competition, to create their own great wealth. Network is an important carrier of "micro entrepreneurship", which is a useful exploration and attempt for those who are interested in starting a business. This is not the only one reason for them, but there is a common reason, are directed network shop small investment and quick results. And its main characteristic is the reproducibility and less investment, small investment, quick effect, mass reproduction or development, mainly in the network as the launch platform for combining with the actual carrier entity.


for entrepreneurs, micro-blog, WeChat really no threshold? The results of a survey showed that 20 of the micro entrepreneurs in the micro entrepreneurs who believe that there are barriers to the threshold of entrepreneurship, of which 20% of entrepreneurs believe that the threshold is even higher than the threshold of micro entrepreneurship threshold higher than the traditional line of business.

for network marketing tasksThe

the specific mode of operation is: by a need for micro-blog marketing task publisher (known as the main task, referred to as head), website on specific tasks for publishing tasks and provide content and links to micro-blog, indicating the tasks of price. Interested in the task of the user can undertake tasks, in accordance with the requirements of the main forwarding, comments, will be linked to the results of the task and screenshots sent to the master, the master will be issued after the payment of compensation".

Moon cake ten brands list

talking about China’s traditional festivals, the Dragon Boat Festival and Mid Autumn Festival is not natural, and talking about the traditional holiday gifts, dumplings and moon cake is definitely ranked. Because of this, our country will have a lot of moon cake brand. Next, let Xiaobian to introduce the ten major brands of moon cake list, so that we are more familiar with China’s moon cake industry.

moon cake is a well-known traditional Chinese snacks, loved by the Chinese people. Round and round moon cake, but also the family to eat, a symbol of reunion harmony, in the Mid Autumn Festival is a day of food. The ancient moon cake was eaten as a sacrifice on the mid autumn festival. It is said that the custom of eating moon cakes on the mid autumn festival began in the Tang dynasty.

when the Northern Song Dynasty, popular in the court, but also spread to people, then known as the "cake" and "group". Development to the Ming Dynasty has become a common dietary habits. Today, the variety is more diverse, different flavors. One of the Cantonese style, Beijing style, Soviet style, Chao style, Yunnan style moon cake by the people of all over the north and south of China love.

moon cake stuffing the seeds of plant material, such as walnuts, almonds, sesame seeds, melon seeds, hawthorn, lotus seed, red bean, jujube paste etc, have certain effect on human health. Following together with the small series to see the 2016 Chinese moon cake brand list of the top ten.

moon cake ten brands list: NO.1 Huamei (PRWeb began in 1991, ten Cake Bakery brands, domestic food baking industry leader, well-known enterprises, moon cake industry of Dongguan Huamei Food Co. Ltd.)

moon cake ten brands list NO.2: Moon Cake Festival (founded in 1956, one of the larger, Hongkong food group popular cake brand, a large diversified catering group company, food (Guangzhou) Co. Ltd.)

moon cake ten brands list: NO.3 WINGWAH (Yuen splendor in Yuen splendor restaurant, Hongkong famous catering group, on behalf of Hongkong, cantonese moon cake with lotus paste moon cake is known, Dongguan ronghua cake Co. Ltd)

moon cake ten brands list Ganso (NO.4:GANSO in 1980 in Taiwan, professional design and making cakes cakes food enterprises, enjoy the exquisite gift by endorsement of " " the title, Shanghai Ganso dreams fruit Limited by Share Ltd)

moon cake ten brands list: NO.5 An Qi (a typical representative of Cantonese style moon cake production techniques in the non-material cultural heritage of Guangdong Province, mooncake industry standard drafting one of the units, Shenzhen An Qi Food Co., Ltd.)


Yin Yue workshop to teach you how to do the beverage stores shop business – Business

is very difficult to win in order to gain a favorable position in the fierce market competition. Take the drinks industry brand – Yin Yue joined workshop as an example, to introduce how to use the beverage store effective management. The main points are as follows.

price considerations

if your main consumer target is the low consumption of ethnic groups (such as primary and secondary school students) the price is definitely an important consideration.

location considerations

some good but not necessarily suitable for sale, because the rent is too high to pay the rent.

on demand

hot weather, you can take the initiative to ask the customer to do a little more ice, ice more than one, how much can also save some costs, customers and stores are happy why not.

Yin Yue workshop effort, guide you to easily shop!

Market Research

is not blind operation, learn other good management methods, often in the vicinity of similar shops around, look at the price of others in that, but also how to promote a lot of learning to learn how much you will help.


for the opening of the beverage store for the service industry is very important, good service can retain customers.

in fact, each entrepreneur in the beverage industry in this project, the most important thing is not to ignore the business strategy of the industry.

because of the different groups of people, different consumer attitudes are likely to become your loyal customers. However, this is a long-term development process, is the need for entrepreneurs from the characteristics, personality and even brand awareness, brand strategy and other aspects of thinking!

Yin Yue workshop standardization management, professional guidance, shop location management, unified storefront design, uniform price, save 60% energy drinks, open shop choose it!

of course if you want to drink the beverage brand Yue investment mania, or are you interested in this beverage brands, so please give us a message on our website below, we will arrange for staff to contact you after seeing the message.