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Title Party News website Upworthy investment monthly average UV over 20 millionsh419 alliance Manage

is also in October last year, Upworthy seeds obtained $4 million round of financing, investors are many big names, including Buzz Feed, Reddit co-founder John Johnson co-founder Alexis Ohanian, co-founder of Facebook Chris Hughes.

Upworthy was founded 18 months ago, just 9 months after the October 2012 independent website visitors reached 8 million 700 thousand, in February this year increased to 10 million 400 thousand, up to now, the website monthly unique visitors has exceeded 20 million.

September 17th news, the media website Upworthy announced in the first round of financing to obtain $8 million investment, the main investors include Spark, Capital, Catamount, Ventures, Uprising and Knight Foundation.

Upworthy two Pariser and Peter founder Eli Koechley said the company will expand the scope of the news, such as health care and child care and other information are also included, new content will enable Upworthy to get more sponsorship opportunities. Domain company will also invest heavily in data analysis.


Xiao Min: I am currently taking office in the sh419 League development department, responsible for the operation of the sh419 Alliance Development Department’s Web site cooperation.

was previously energy-saving webmaster. I’m on Gaga Internet navigation, just started joining the team, responsible for the operation of the team. Experiencing the whole process of knowing nothing about a navigation station, understanding and understanding how to operate it. Fortunately, it took nearly a year and a half to raise revenue by almost 10 times, which is something for the whole team to be proud of.The first is


has officially registered website, can we enumerate several you think is a good site? What do you think his advantage is? What’s the shortage? Will the final win at the end of the audition? Why? If you don’t say it, how can you get good results?

Upworthy is committed to the dissemination of interesting pictures and information, then they will come from other news websites to be a fascinating deconstruction of the other title, the new title must be get more clicks and forwarding form. These titles are then shared on social networks, and users follow them to Upworthy.


brand promotion with these strokes, July activities set off 500-1000 yuan

Grassroots webmaster website optimization scheme on how to write

page content structure (latest article, hormone face, acne, freckle, wrinkle, eye article, increase the relationship convenient spiders and user reading), the page made the best static pages, to facilitate the increase included.


(1, 2 flat structure, aided navigation, breadcrumb navigation, navigation)

B, the

Links plate, site map, do 301 redirection and 404 error page.

1. original article is best, if not the original article pseudo original

3. the combination and optimization of key words and increase website keyword density 4. do website internal anchor

web content relates to a sensitive · five plates of hormone, acne, freckle, wrinkle, eye ", involves a broader, more business, need to focus on breakthrough product advantage.

Set the

website optimization scheme content optimization

4, Links website: Links can appropriately increase the number of new sites, but Links is not good, even if you can find the weight of each other, etc. included is not good, you can buy some proper suggestions Links, increase website weight.

blog: the selection of some well-known high weight blog, such as Sina blog, love Shanghai, NetEase space blog, news blog, blog

5 and other platforms: Shanghai Post Bar, Sina know love, love.

3, classified information: such as the market, 58 city, Yideng classification network, 114 network; registration of such sites, according to each classification information website, add the appropriate number outside the chain.

keyword is selected for site development and is convenient for users to search, from love Shanghai background, search engine drop-down box and relevant search keywords, mining tools to select. Keywords optimization of all pages should be targeted, do 3 to 5 of the best. The website title and the content contains the keyword, keep the keyword density between 3%-8%. Modify the website title, keywords, description, increase the ALT property.

2. update every day


website is currently in the new stage, in November 2016 registered the record (the record companies), included 6 love Shanghai, love Shanghai weight 0, love Shanghai snapshot in time for the February 2, 2017, the chain 2.



keyword optimizationThe

D, the chain optimization

A, the station structure optimization

, a website is currently the basic situation of

The increase of The site structure is reasonable planning of

Forum: every day 2, appropriate to some high weight forum posts some web site, or a web site with the forum signature, so as to increase the chain.

The website construction of the chain strategy

question answering platform is mainly love Shanghai and SOSO know answer, love Shanghai know is Q & a higher weight in the platform, it is also faster, but fell in love with the sea leave link is difficult, so I want to ask the platform of the chain links should also choose relatively easy platform.

3, yellow pages website

The construction site of

5, large information station

?What are the information platform for the release of the chain:

1, classified information platform

blog platform


many large news and information station, in general released a press time, add anchor text links in news content, the chain of these stations are generally very effective, but many news sites released soft outside the chain when the charges are, but the quality is very high.


Sina, love Shanghai, NetEase, Sohu has a blog on the inside, multi station Qi raise, raise the weight of a lot of blog is very high, is also the second release of the blog, can choose a few good blog platform to raise a number of good quality blog, when a blog is the quality of frequency and the article should pay attention to the blog content and update the correlation.

forum platform

chain is a long process, we may this week the construction of the chain, and found no effect, then I gave up, over a period of time after the discovery site included suddenly increased a lot, this time you will find the chain played a role, but it was later found and effect is not particularly obvious, many webmaster or chain personnel have had this experience, so the chain should be how to do

chain is.

Q & a platform


when it comes to classified information, we first thought is the 58 city and Ganji, people network. Now the site audit is relatively strict, so the release of classified information, not only pay attention to the platform to publish classified information in different platforms, the chain is widely, so as to improve the link is love Shanghai included, only to be included in the chain of the website is, so first to ensure that the information published by the Shanghai collection of love. In order to easily love Shanghai included, to choose a good platform to release, these are the accumulation and research.

is the main energy-saving and million net, B2B station due to higher weights, so the release of the chain link, the weight is higher, but the yellow pages included in the site is relatively low, a lot of website content and website to see the subject does not match will be deleted, the Yellow Pages platform resources are selection is very important.


, for example the Phoenix, and other large red net forum if there is skill also can be made into a very good outside chain, but the amount included little! Released outside the chain in the forum, the quality of the content must be high, so it is not feasible forum outside the chain.

The quality of the content and make your blog within the chain racing together bridle to bridle shin

(three) recommend work related content website.

(two) is to optimize the internal chain rankings for the purpose.

because our blog in the early, the number is very small, so it is not enough to keep the content and content between the series is very good, so the visit quantity of the website is relatively small, but all bloggers do not worry, because early for a good blog will be in the chain can not do or not to do, but to the blog post we updated. The content increased gradually, this time we will find many types of articles are related, so in order to allow users to better understand some knowledge, we can add the chain guide users to access more the page.

the individual Shanghai dragon is usually related to the blog optimization technology of knowledge sharing, and made this type of blog webmaster will find that this blog will be longer than other types of page tour time, bounce rate will be much lower, if we can add some reasonable contents in the chain so, our blog for the better by the user’s favorite and optimization work on our website are of great help. As for the optimization problem within the chain of personal blog, Xiao Bian actually have been in the study, today to share some of their results to everyone, I hope to help you.

in a lot of blogs in addition to penetration into some related within the chain, in fact, or we need to do some related content recommended reading, because we all know that a user when you think this website content is also good, usually want to have a look at your website there is nothing else he could feel good learning content, therefore at the end of this paper provide some relevant recommendation method is relatively good. Of course, if we can take the form of illustrations to demonstrate the relative click will be much higher, and also can be very good to attract the attention of the user, like my www.name2012贵族宝贝 at the end of the article on the security.

is a website for meaning, is not purely in order to get a good ranking in the search engine, but to provide valuable information for the user. In fact, imagine a website if the pure knowledge to the weight of the rankings, the results will lead to excessive website optimization, search engine drop right processing. So the chain work for as well, and in many of the personal blog, we will find that many of the chain is to set up some key words and in fact, this approach for the small and not quite agree, because such an approach to ranking may not be of great help, but also affect the user experience imagine, when a user clicks on one of your keywords anchor text, page to page or a column page, this result that is meaningful for users as can be imagined for you?.

(a) – do not add the chain for blog.

Mai Wenwen out of Shanghai dragon ring Shanghai Longfeng ER venture

second is selling services: Shanghai dragon service itself, including high-end and low-end service service.

and second sell services, generally to complete this part of the work by the website optimization company or studio, there are also some personal. This mode of communication and customer needs, determine a keyword, how much money, about how long time do go up, we are basically similar, the only difference is that different people respond differently, but the ultimate goal is the keywords ranking, summarize the user request, we help to complete, and charge a cost.

no one denies the importance of Shanghai dragon, but if you stand on the outside looking Shanghai dragon

using three popular direction of Shanghai Longfeng development:

was the first station in Shanghai Longfeng point of view:

said the first to sell products, since it is the use of Shanghai Longfeng do product sales, so there will be a lot of work for us: the stability of the server, good website structure, URL directory structure, the construction of the chain, Links, external links, update, training website weight and so on, there are too few details to us to pay attention to, to adjust every day to do a number of statistical chain exchange, how many friends of the chain, update a few articles original, included an increase in the number of these things, occupy nearly all the time with us, our main energy will stare in the keywords ranking. This is not what is not good, is an important stage, but that in addition to Shanghai Longfeng wheat Lisa, there are many things worth us to do, can not be limited and the Shanghai dragon.

Shanghai dragon is a very practical technology, using this technology can make our website to get good traffic, in other words, the customer Everfount looking door. So the Shanghai dragon is very popular, many webmaster worship by the heat, but we are in the Shanghai dragon in the process of entrepreneurship must jump Shanghai Longfeng circle use, from a more comprehensive perspective, Shanghai dragon is only a tool, if confined here, thinking will be limited.


is the first to sell products: sales to find a good product, the Shanghai dragon get a lot of traffic and customers.

is the last of third kinds of advertising, advertising may early be difficult, because there is no income, and the platform to have enough influence in the circle, so under normal circumstances, the webmaster will choose a hot topic or topic of interest to the station, with love Shanghai news list, Taobao hot search list do traffic. The development to a certain scale began to talk to customers, many local portal and forum is this form. This is also the focus on Shanghai Longfeng keyword optimization, lifting weights, get traffic.

third is to sell advertising: rely on Shanghai dragon to obtain certain traffic and users, become a platform for many advertisers to advertise.

VC industry competition, 10% variables is the key to victory!The only Beidou 599 yuan, the world’s o

starting from 14 years of entrepreneurial storm began, corporate financing needs surge, accordingly, VC is also the birth of mass. China’s venture capital industry is experiencing second fission, the entire VC industry is also changing, one of the typical performance is VC slowly to the early and front-end investment migration.

WeChat: ilieyun hunting cloud network Shanghai June 10th report text / wood three


low-end sales TOP10

1,   LG KG238million photo slide extended classical market price: 1299 yuan, the half price: 699 yuan

2,   TCL X7 2 million photos rotating king market price: 1299 yuan, the Beidou shopping price 799 yuan

simultaneously send value of 100 yuan 256M card, a

value, competition barrier and compound interest effect are interconnected relations between the three. The upper and lower links link up and push forward and push back. < >

when significant changes in the environment, there will be a disruptive innovation opportunity, Morningside capital managing director Liu Qin believes that the technology is very important environmental variables in a commercial society, it is the traditional industry and business industry evolution impetus.

9,  , TCL E787200 million pixels, handwritten 260 thousand color TFT screen, LINUX smart stock phone Beidou shopping price: 799 yuan

, V668handheld smart stocks Wang Beidou shopping price: 999 yuan

dear members:

7,   Sony Ericsson K750c200 million pixels, the former classical, Beidou Beidou shopping special offer price: 1299 yuan

in this special to expansion of the industry, VC investment has 90% overlap, but each institution has 10% characteristics, the 10% level reflected in investment style, investment strategies and methods, VC is the key mechanism in the crowded market first ran out of venture capital.

active page

domestic VC institutions take off the name, XX partner aura, like the two rabbits, men and women difficult to distinguish. As an important driving force of venture capital innovation, venture capital has been in excess of 2000 by the end of 2015. Large amounts of industrial capital have emerged and a large number of investors have gone away to set up new institutions. VC has been well known by the public.

value of the investment to the Morningside capital there are three key points, namely value, barriers to competition and the compounding effect. Abstract value is extracted, is always accompanied by the user; the barriers to competition competition is the difference in the response to the enterprise itself, the means and the value orientation of construction enterprises; the compounding effect shows that creative enterprises need not anxious, it is important to verify the business logic of the earth.

10, CECT V185 small diamond million metal shell Beidou shopping price: 599 yuan

– the Morningside capital insist on the value of the investment

8, Amoi E850the cheapest 2 million PPC camera smartphone market price: 2180 yuan, the shop price: 1480 yuan

6,  , BenQ, SIEMENS, C28 millions of photos, sliding cover design, Beidou shopping: 599 yuan

5,  , Samsung D728 Symbian operating system, millions of camera slider Beidou shopping price: 1299 yuan

4,   SIEMENS EF51 kill Walkman! Music box the market price: 1199 yuan, the shop price: 899 yuan

strain, sensitive VC mechanism is almost invariably in the mode from the perspective of project investment management, audit, to grasp the development direction of the flat, vertical, VC industry has been very serious homogenization.

3,  , A2000  three;; super standby king TV shopping price: 999 yuan, the shop price: 499 yuan

, A2000 three super king machine TV shopping price: 999 yuan, the shop price: 499 yuan

also gives 200 yuan worth of 512M card, one



active content

"pishuo male rabbits feet, female rabbit eyes blurred, two hares go, I was able to distinguish male and female?"

VC industry every 5-7 years will shuffle once, this is related to the duration of the fund, can persist in the industry for more than 10 years of investment institutions / investors are very few. In the market supply and demand matching lever, the original institutions can not meet the needs of emerging entrepreneurs, will be born new supply side fill.

      to meet the host 139shop "fourth China mobile phone marketing in e-commerce development conference" will be held a grand occasion,’s big sale selling models!

in the value of the investment on the track, a single point of breakthrough Morningside capital, especially in the Internet business, trench warfare and the positive fight can not participate, do the grand narrative all contained in a tiny point, seeking outbreak and time.

F88 the world’s only watch cell phone original price: 8888 yuan, the Beidou snapping price: 599 yuan!

Understanding the essence of expanding information website Neiwaijianxiu to improve website operatio



website is a complex task, not to say that the chain or good content can get rapid development, webmasters need to understand the essence of Web site operators, through the development of essence, there are many websites for profit to extreme methods, these methods are unfavorable for the website to website success, real is to continue to stand up to the problem in the user’s point of view, finally to create the information needs of users, in order to obtain the successful site by the user, so specific how should we proceed? > one, change an angle, change one thinking, change an account

Most current

can not succeed, the fundamental reason is that can not change the angle of thinking, change, change the account, many owners will own website as the king, from the site of the control for the station is the site of the king, but from the development channel website to website owners just said to the waiter, expand the essence of information for the site, then we have to change a position to the problem.

1, to change the angle of view, most of the owners I think valuable information is good, this one point must be replaced, the webmaster can be himself as an ordinary user, click to enter the site to see our information to meet the requirement, if not timely replacement is the most important.

2, change the thinking, most owners are thinking of website promotion again to update the valuable information, but this approach your website ranking can go up? To understand that the user is the root of the web site, ranking just floating clouds, the user will have a natural ranking, so webmaster thinking must be replaced.

3, change the account, we are management personnel when entering the site, we have no other permissions, if you want to experience the power of ordinary members of the website, then I suggest you change an account, will himself as an ordinary user to see the function of the website, whether permission to meet your requirements, if do not meet the quickly change.

two, read the news, find the competitor’s website, how to operate

we are just one person, we can’t be perfect, but we have the power to change, especially for our website, we need to change. The website does not have the user is what reason, website does not have old client, also be what reason, website client cannot form conversion rate, what reason is, basically, the information that is a website is done not good enough.

1, if the site does not attract the user’s information, then we go through reading the news, news driven user interest, if you do jewelry, go to Taobao to see if there is the latest jewelry then, and then the dynamic information reproduced to their website, this is a message, though but as long as the copy can meet the needs of users copy we are not anti >

Stationmaster makes station wise plan the website fails, the record should go ahead of the rest

actually, when you choose a good domain name, you should set about filing it.

is not a lot of people have encountered such a situation: the site has been completed, has also found a satisfactory business space, the space is selected, the website came up, the domain name has been parsed, a step backward, you can access the binding domain. However, the problem lies in this, because the domain name is not filed, can not bind.

countries pay more and more attention to the network environment, and the website filing is imperative. So, many owners are eager to this problem, your site is normal, want long-term development, it is of course to go to the right path, and not the website development to a certain extent, by the relevant departments to incomplete procedures for the closure of. Therefore, the filing problem should be considered when registering a domain name. Routine filing will be audited within 20 working days, so it must be submitted in advance for the record.

submitted for the record must have access providers, whether you submit their own records or access providers to help you submit. No access providers. How about finding a regular access provider (IDC), and this time you can fill in the information and ask them to connect to you or you can fill in your data and submit it yourself. When you submit, you should pay attention to that. When you submit, you should also ask the access provider to access. Without this item, it is useless to submit it to the aa.

some webmaster will think so, if I have not started to use, because submit this record to buy space ahead of time, if this record for a long time to pass, is not a loss,

in fact, the regular IDC company has long thought of it. Why should emphasize the formal IDC company? I believe there are also owners encountered, and some companies do not need to apply for binding can be bound domain name, and some companies must be filed before you need to bind the domain name. Why do some companies to put on record to make you bind the domain name, not afraid of trouble to run the webmaster don’t buy them space? No, I believe no one would like to think of IDC. In doing so, they are also in order to protect your rights and interests. Only if each customer goes by the articles of association, will he not have any worries. Because some IDC in website access violations, will say that while the side with the record with the customer before payment, in fact this is a time lag, if you pay, then they will be under the guise of tongguanju, said the site was found here, first turn off the record, and then opened. And this time the customer has paid, then you can not get back the money. Therefore, this approach is a number of informal IDC, the risk of filing all over the customer.

now tell me what I know about a qualified IDC company, the British network, for two solutions to this problem.

first, the webmaster bought the British extension network space, you can not open the space, first let them assigned good IP, let the record Commissioner to help submit for record >

Product manager’s four point of thinking should not simply meet the needs of users

this article according to their experience in making products, refining 4 thinking, share with you


Taobao ghost pin 71 scouring search, Taobao search product leader (Wen De)

product manager is a very strange position, as most people can do, because everyone has their own opinions on a product, can put forward some opinions and ideas, can even design principle; it seems that most people don’t do a very good product manager, because tens of thousands of Internet products, is the most garbage, few products are users really feel very good.

I have been a product manager for less than two years, and have been working on technology for over ten years. I didn’t see the product manager very much before I did the technology. Thought: what is the product manager can not achieve, every day is some ideas and ideas are often not reliable, if which day of layoffs, the product manager position of the most dangerous; but when I turn to the product manager, changed the idea: Well, the product manager is too important, a products in the future decided in the product manager.

you ask me how to look at the technician now. Hey, hey, I think now, technology is a knife, let it kill whoever kill it, of course, this is just a joke. A good technical team is very important to the product manager.

on how to do product manager, I’m really a pupil, responsible for Taobao search, the last two years also no big promotion. Especially after I saw some interviews with Zhou Hongyi and Zhang Xiaolong about the product, I found myself in this respect more.

but I have the advantage of being good at learning, thinking, summarizing and sharing. Moreover, as a layman goes into this field, the angle of observation will be different. This year more down, but also find some feeling, and found that some of the product managers around, easy to walk into some misunderstanding, to share with you.

1, be a product manager, not a function manager.

this sentence, I first heard the president of Tmall Xiaoyao son said, there was no feeling, and now found very reasonable, because too many product managers around is actually doing a function manager.

they just keep getting the product functional requirements, and then keep implementing the product functionality. Lack of login, design a login box; no data, find a platform to open up; management is not convenient, design a tool to manage; the page is not pretty, re plan the page structure……


function manager is busy every day and focuses on how many requirements are behind the line and whether the demand side is satisfied. And how the user experience is, whether the function is really valuable, and whether it can be more perfect, functional managers rarely care. When someone complains about a function that isn’t working, he says, "


this function I have >

Novice toys store purchase notes

in the process of novice entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial projects selection is the key now, children’s toys industry market profit is relatively large, there are also some competition in the market, in such circumstances, people should be how to purchase? Have a good supply, in order to eventually succeed.

A, note

before purchaseTo do a specific planning and arrangements before the

1, to purchase, how many species, the number of all kinds of toys, there are grades, do detailed calculation in advance, must not be no purpose, no goal, no number, no high and low points, it would be a waste of limited funds.

2, to consider the seasonal trends and problems in the purchase plan, not blindly according to their personal preferences for toys unlimited play, to summarize, research, understand the customer demand trends.

3, pay attention to the style of their shops, is what route, the positioning of the consumer groups, age to be accurate, the overall style of the goods to be consistent, should not be lost in the purchase of the direction.

two, purchase notice in

The specific operation of

1, in the toy market purchase, first of all have their own ideas and basic orientation, avoid many toys goods lost, do not easily believe that wholesalers recommendedtoys, heard "good buy" blindly with goods, have their own ideas.

2, many toy samples will make you dazzling, so the purchase in the toy market in time can not be too long, about 2 hours or so, if the time is too long will lose the ability to distinguish, put a lot of "defective" back, I have no tears to cry.

We should pay attention to the comparison of toys style

3, purchase, a person’s eye after convergence, so to sum up, recall, comparison, when necessary, can invite some friends to go with love toys, because they are often very unique appreciation is also very professional.

4, the price is an important consideration, especially good toy supply price is certainly high, so to take into account the overall level of the shop, do not rush out. In short, the purchase, the size of the most important grasp.

three, purchase the note after

1, toy goods picked up, we must pay attention to carefully check whether there are quality problems, packaging problems. Don’t be careless, otherwise it’s a waste of time and energy to deal with problems after the fact.

2, before you want to pay, be sure to check the wholesale price of toys wholesale list is consistent, because sometimes the price is wrong, will lead to their own loss.

3, the purchase of their own list of good, the date of the purchase of toys and the number, the price are well arranged, so that their financial management.

< recommended