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Website optimization anchor text meaningless to really vulnerable

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a good website, in the content there is anchor text. However, they said the link anchor text set is basic to better user experience, set the. It is to explain, it is to extend the role of. Never do anchor text meaningless. For the love of Shanghai, the current search engine technology with Google really is not a grade, if familiar with the Internet will know. Of course, such as in the fall in love with the sea good ranking, ranking in Google is not good. This has a relationship with the algorithm. Can say, do you use a method, just love Shanghai there is no real recognition. Make your website ranking have good results. As the search engines of the future, the information index will be more tender. Love Shanghai’s technology will continue to improve. So the anchor text keywords meaningless point, will make the website facing danger.

no matter what the user experience is the most important, good user experience is the evergreen tree. To cater to the search engine regardless of the user experience and make aggressive behavior, finally will only allow users to abandon your website and search engine.

The original

for the website optimization, a lot of people’s comprehension of the keywords ranking, in fact, this is a very wrong idea. However, this concept has been established. Moreover, for the enterprise website is equal to the concept of website optimization. Do not do what keywords ranking? Actually stood in their position is normal. However, as a real sense, the website planners, if you have this idea, can be said to be OUT, can be said that you are not a qualified website planning and operators.

often see many websites to do keywords ranking are piled up a lot of anchor text. In fact, while pointing to the anchor text actually does not have any meaning. Is the basic point to the home page. Of course, we can through the analysis, the anchor text refers to the page can improve the weights of the home page ranking. In the short term is indeed play a good ranking. However, as the user experience, this point is often meaningless. There are deliberately optimized trace this website. In the long term, is a very desirable optimization.

what is the anchor text, anchor text meaning, according to the understanding of the real show anchor text is to play a role within the chain, the chain is certainly meaningful. So since it is within the chain, is not a simple link to the home page. Not to do keyword tools on the site which is played the role of a bridge.

The four difficulty of Flash site optimization

: a Flash site only one URL address

as far as we can see, usually, the Flash site is built on a URL link. This means that many of the web page is included in a dynamic SWF file. Compared with the traditional multi page WEB site, Flash site is to optimize the advantages and optimize the additional flexibility. This often causes difficulty to your optimization.

compared to the traditional HTML pages, Flash pages often need more long loading time, which we can from before the fire QQ farm experience, every time we enter the Flash based on the QQ farm before going through a period of time to load the Flash file. The size of the loading time will affect the friendly experience of search engine rankings and users. Search engines often love loading speed more quickly and site, and often the page loading speed is more conducive to the rankings.

Many Flash sites

as I mentioned in the first point, Flash sites are generally based on a SWF file, which is caused by the lack of a Flash site more deep links, some Flash site or even only one page of links, which is also a Flash site and one of the reasons of difficulty.

more slowly

Flash because of its characteristic, the construction content in Flash compared with the ordinary information site it will be more difficult. This point may cause Flash site content will be less and less, and the content of the site is a site made the basis of the station, if there is no content not included, not to mention the site. So Flash site content less is one of the main reasons is the difficulty of optimization.

two: Flash

index problem is not Flash optimal site >

Flash is one of the kind of Web sites should be the most headaches for the optimization of personnel. Although Google in 2008 and has worked for the development of the flash index, and Google has announced that they have been able to text or content index Flash, and even Flash file link. Since the search engine can be indexed, so now we are not free to the construction of the FLASH site? This is still skeptical, because in the optimization of the industry, Flash site is not only have problems in the search engine index also exists a optimization problem of the author today on several problems Flash site optimization.

content is relatively small


three: Flash site of lack of deep links

So the search engine

four: loading time

Shanghai Longfeng blog from the media transformation of several bottlenecks

two, not suitable for

, you cannot apply

old fans love Shanghai Longfeng content you, but you have to transition from the media, naturally and will not be too care about Shanghai dragon, so a long time, the old fans will think you value in here is less and less, in fact, since the media is just a call, not an industry, you can Shanghai Dragon said to people from the media, marketing people from the media, since the media program and so on, don’t say a person from the media, when you from Shanghai to Phoenix location for people from the media, you will find that you update the contents including: Internet, B2B, marketing, business, optimization, content more widely, instead of separately for Shanghai Longfeng do blog does not exist, but this time you love those fans still Shanghai Longfeng content, and even if you are in the loading force, fans are also unable to accept.



most webmaster circle since the media people are through the transition from the Shanghai dragon blog, including me, the transition is not a day for two days can be completed, even if your site transformation, your users will not follow in the coming transformation, so it needs a long process for user adaptation. So in the process of adaptation, most people will encounter the following bottleneck.

can not cultivate new fans

seems to be in the media since the transition from Shanghai to Phoenix blog from the media of grass root counter attack, but in fact, blog changed the title, the other did not make any adjustments, so always update the old content, but without the introduction of new resources from the media content into the fans to. This sentence may be a bit complicated, said the simple point is, what is the media? Media news, information, technology, and Shanghai dragon blog is a platform for practice? Shanghai dragon technology. So the nature is not the same, even if the site title changed, the content did not change, we also are better at most fans from the counter attack, call you Shanghai Longfeng experts to the well-known people from the media. Fans to call you so, just give you a drunby basis.

fans loading forceThis is not

webmaster circle in the media, fans will not care about what you write, how do you do not care about more details, just to see your net weight, your weight is high, they will think you do well, you can hold the thigh, and as early as possible. Even if you are a little known Shanghai, people from the media, if you have no weight, no Shanghai dragon blog keywords ranking, then others may think you are not very authoritative, but they do not know, do you have any other web site do very niubi. So here, you have to show the real power to speak, if you do a certain trade website, do very well, you also do a blog from the media, in order to establish a new blog authority, the best way is to let the fans see your new old website. They see your old site do good, they think this can hold the thigh as early as possible.


Web site chain optimization details how much you master

second, building 404 to remind the dead link in the chain, to prevent the spider into dead link. Because with the increasing scale of website operation, cut plus content, led to some "within the chain to have been removed from the page, if you love Shanghai spider crawling to this page will fall to a dead link, causing the spider crawling difficult love Shanghai. This site only 404 pages, in order to build the chain within the chain can help remind, love of spiders in Shanghai through 404 page to web page or relevant column page, to avoid the spider’s head against the wall problem.

Shanghai algorithm is more and more high, now more and more attention to the user experience of the website, if the site optimization is only in order to better serve the love of spiders in Shanghai, then the final result, or will be abandoned to love Shanghai, because now the Internet content is beginning to show a garbage phenomenon although the number of sites, grow with each passing day, but unfortunately, the Internet did not receive Everfount quality content, but become garbage to display platform, and the love of spiders in Shanghai should not only with the excellent collection of their ability to provide high quality information for users, but also need to have a responsibility to purify the Internet.

Wisdom of love

first, eliminate dead circulation links. This is the website in the course of development, more prone to the problem. The so-called dead cycle refers to the link between the number of pages in the site within the link exists inside the cycle of death, love Shanghai spiders rely on this URL link always can not get out of the site, which eventually trapped. For example, some sites on the calendar and other utilities, if there is no robot shielding, it is easy for the emergence of dynamic web spider into the Shanghai love death cycle, so that the site is love to punish Shanghai. So for these dynamic pages, you need to add a path to point to the front page or column page, so as to prevent the spider’s death cycle.

in this context, the love of Shanghai proposed the relevance and quality and the nature of the core algorithm, the website chain optimization is one of the core algorithms that love Shanghai, the site within the chain is not only the critical path of the spider crawling, but also the core path of user browsing, if the chain is not smooth naturally, the user experience is not high, so the quality will be the site is not high, it will not give such a high ranking website. So from the point of view of optimizing the details of the site within the chain is very important. The following is to focus on the analysis of the specific details of the optimization in a chain.

third, "to have access links. Usually in the web site content page will have a lot of links, this page is generally not only appeared in the link, without a link problems. But the love of spiders in Shanghai traversing the site, usually all links on the site may traverse. But if the site once only to enter the "way, but the web is a dead end, can not provide links to jump out of the love of spiders in Shanghai, which is equal to the love.


shlf1314 closed toll Expert Q & Helpouts related areas, entrepreneurs cautiousPeople help Cup first


he said, "the social hot people to help millions of college students entrepreneurship contest first combines Li Keqiang" public entrepreneurship, innovation ", to deepen the comprehensive reform of higher education, to stimulate the creativity of contemporary college students, to cultivate new force of entrepreneurship and innovation; promote competition achievements, promote the information age" Internet plus "new formats the formation of shared economy; leading to innovation entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship to create jobs, promote college students to participate in more high-quality Internet sharing economy employment change.

in addition, the project director of operations quietly said: "to participate in the activities of the project may have direct contact with the national well-known Vc firms, and may receive investment companies at the scene, access to investment.". The company will establish a comprehensive platform to raise public participation in the activities of the project on the line all over the country to raise funds for the entrepreneurial team to solve the problem, and will join the start-up services company, one-stop service.

, Shanghai Tong Chen Network Technology Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in mobile Internet C2C& S2C resource sharing platform, is also the first domestic "mutual aid," universal participation in community life quick service. The company’s production

Helpouts is an expert charging, answering and training service launched by shlf1314 in November 2013, based on Hangouts video chat tools. Over the past year, this product development is not satisfactory. shlf1314 said that Helpouts has formed a community, with a lot of loyal expert team, but unfortunately, the growth of this product did not meet shlf1314’s expectations.

these free products come out, seeing the quality and content of a large amount of water, users can not quickly and targeted to find the answers they need to fly

recently, shlf1314 announced through the official blog, from April 19th this year, users will not be able to use Helpouts services. Starting in April 20th, users can use another tool called shlf1314Takeout to export and download the history of Helpouts usage. The final deadline for export is November 1, 2015.

2013 mid year, in the shlf1314 just released this platform is about to release the wind, the industry had heated debate. At the time, tiger sniffing asked whether the platform would give some inspiration to online education, because the model looks really good. However, the fact that even fierce, such as shlf1314, it is difficult to detonate the market in one or two years.

2002, shlf1314 has launched a free expert answer service shlf1314 answers "non video based, more than 800 experts can answer questions every kind of Internet users through the web submission, every service charges at $2 to $800, shlf1314 every 50 cents for the commission.


it is understood that "everybody help Cup" the first National University million entrepreneurship contest’s opening ceremony, the company CEO Wang Jian said: the achievement of a number of Internet without background, you have a dream, to dream, and keep the beginning of the heart, you can get what you want.

, according to the U.S. technology news website CNET website, shlf1314 has launched two expert Q & A products have failed to shut down in the end.

sponsored by the Shanghai children’s network science and technology limited company "millions of people to help in the first college entrepreneurship competition, from the dream one step closer, on April 11, 2017 at the Yiwu International Expo Center official curtain. There are seven major areas in China: Southern China, central China, Northwest China, North China, northeast, southwest and East China. The first station will be opened in Suzhou in East China in May 13, 2017.

Mr. Wang Jian It is reported that

also said: big data cloud computing era, behind internet entrepreneurs with the sharing economy is coming. At present, from the media, personal studio, self brand, emerge in an endless stream, the era of pluralism, freedom of all, skilled progress. In the shared economic mode, the market transaction cost is reduced and the cost remains unchanged, "the traditional business model of workers – Enterprise – consumer" will gradually be "sharing model workers – sharing platform for consumer" replaced. "People help" platform, hoping to carry forward the "craftsman spirit", for more skilled people realize their dreams, to create personal brands. In a word: you are not afraid of no background, not afraid of your resources, you are not afraid of the team, you are not afraid of funds… You’re not afraid of courage, no dream, as long as you dare to think, as long as you do, your children Chenyuan entrepreneurial dream.

however, the YAHOO portal launched the YAHOO question service, completely free and touted by global users, which forced shlf1314 to close its fee question and answer call. Under the inspiration of "YAHOO question and answer", a number of "clone" free online question and answer services have also appeared in various countries’ portals or search engines. For example, what does sh419 know?.


shlf1314 service, which is equivalent to the expert assistance service based on video chat, shlf1314 has convened experts from all walks of life, and its qualifications are certified by third parties. The user can through these video experts, learning all kinds of knowledge and life skills, such as how to play the guitar training, psychological counseling, health care professional advice, or how to cook a dish. These "one to one" expert services are free of charge and others are charged. Users must first be shlf1314+ registered users, and can be paid through shlf1314 wallet. If experts bypass shlf1314, direct charges for users, will be canceled experts.

Talking about what kind of website you make is more profitable

use a little time this afternoon to talk to you about how you feel. To be honest, I had to talk about their own doing the station’s new experience with everyone, just a very busy, no time to write these things, you don’t mind


is now doing more and more individual stations, seemingly now do stand very stylish, very fashionable (have a chat with a friend, he said he is to stop his girlfriend, he made a website, a sister bubble to the hands, oh yeah.), but do not know these the webmaster is not considered, so why do stand webmaster to join the team, could they be of interest? I think not, most of them are with the idea of money here, little or little interest in order to make a station. Well, since all of us are here to make money, have you ever thought that competition is fierce and how can you make money? Here are some of your own considerations:

No. 1: do station positioning. That is to say, you have this thing business or do a part-time job; also, are you going to make a lot of money in this site, is enough to buy cigarettes or money to keep the family, this is very important, because it directly affects the enthusiasm of your late station and the website of the design and operation. Secondly, we should also suggest that when the new station, the road should be a little more later, is to engage in groups or individuals do it alone.

second: the type of site. This is also a lot of novice, in the station to consider the most difficult problem, but also a lot of friends and I consulted the most problems. Well, now let’s briefly sum up several major types of websites: 1., local classification information (I personally prefer this type, easy to make money and operate). 2. site navigation category. This kind of promotion as long as you have done, like sitting at home to make money, but you know? This site is now not to mention the innumerable, now people love fashion response, they are only interested in what hao123114la, 265 and so on, they don’t love you for the little things, all how to promote you will see yourself (I had, without success). 3. download class. This website traffic is easy to earn, but it occupies space is very powerful, it is hotlinking, I feel bad, if someone changed your address you hotlink, completely stalled, in general, this is worth considering. 4. entertaining. In fact, this kind of is also quite good, but now the network copyright and anti piracy is more serious, so I suggest you do it carefully. 5. is to open shop. Of course, if you do this well, you can make a lot of money, but you must think it over before you do it, or else you’ll be busy.

third: do the basic skills of standing: Patience + persistence + perseverance. It seems that these words are similar, but I think it’s necessary to say it again. A novice, when you do this step, you know, web site is not very easy, it is necessary to pay the price, is to have perseverance and endurance, No.

Using five ways to create a fiery blog circles

as everyone knows, the blog has now been widely used, people can release their feelings in their lives, through the blog freely, can also see a variety of stories of others, this blog circle with the usual circle of friends to bring people to the broader and more liberal sense, at the same time so that people can get more information to make more friends. And how to make their blog to earn more popularity, to get more comments, is a lot of bloggers have been concerned about. Imagine yourself every day more Bo, diligent, but naturally lost power No one shows any interest in, the better. In this regard, there is no doubt that the number of the blog can bring more popular blog, people see a blog comment number, it will enhance the value of the blog in the impression, which will pay more attention to this blog. Here is my own blog, comment and popularity of a bit of experience, summed up five methods for reference:

1. Participate as much as possible in other blogs’ comments and messages

in this truth no matter in reality or in the network is suitable, when you leave a comment on another blog, bloggers will naturally get attention, and soon you will find that your blog will appear in the blogger’s footprints and even comments. Of course, the premise of getting reviews is that the comments you leave are valuable and not just a silly glance at the ads and the blessing reviews. The only way to attract other bloggers in the comments, and the comments received will be more serious and more valuable, valuable comments and to attract the attention of others. Even if you do not get the same amount of comment, you can also get a certain amount of traffic, to get popularity also help. So it can be said that this is the best and fastest way to gain popularity.

two. No, outside, attractive, and less than winning,

, in other words, means that you don’t need fancy, opportunistic methods to attract popularity only through the content of your blog, which is the most practical approach. In their blog has a certain popularity on the basis of, you can observe, found, often are written the best content, the most powerful article, get the most comments, this reason we all understand. Good content can naturally attract people, as long as you continue to adhere to enrich your blog, will be good articles to show you, will always be found, be appreciated. A good article was found by a person, was recommended, reproduced, will be discovered and appreciated by second people, and then is widely reprinted, more people know, so that popularity will naturally rise. Of course, the premise of all this is that your content is good enough, valuable, attractive enough to be reprinted and commented on. At the same time, this is the best way to maintain lasting popularity, but also need some patience, after all the network of this circle is too large, too much information, a good article also needs to be explored and fate by chance, but I believe that can write quality articles are also able to endure the lonely keep got lonely. It’s gold that shines, that’s it

Wan Zhanxing a chain of ancient and modern gongcheng

flow exchange chain for individual webmaster should be not strange. Text exchange chain is a lot of novice Adsense adopt a website promotion means. We present knowledge, once popular with Tai Chi chain, chain, chain, pioneer Rundong billion flow chain, and later, the dark horse for serious chain etc.. For the present, the decline of the exchange chain has two main reasons, the quality of a chain, in order to increase the exchange, filled with a large number of ambiguous vulgar content and link text. Another is the chain operators for profit, skimp on the user’s true volume of transactions.

a successful exchange chain must be professional. In an entrepreneurial online, see a lot of beauty, film and television and other disorganized keywords psoriasis, to the user’s feeling is very informal. Because the audience is inaccurate, the exchange effect can not be ideal.

secondly, the exchange chain in the professional domain must have enough web sites. This is why ambiguous, vulgar, free film and television content is the main part of the exchange chain. Because pictures, film and television stations have enough quantity. And there are few successful exchanges like literature and sports.

today to promote heritage like everyone is my friend QQ station exchange chain ( Being a friend at QQ station is worth a try. This chain once domain name is, believe that the early QQ space webmaster to this chain will know, many old QQ webmaster have joined.

although this chain is not successful, but I admire the station’s insistence. It’s been 4 years since I put the switch in. From the original multi class, in the now cut to complete QQ class website alliance, the old domain name is lost, the webmaster all the way rough, adhere to today, quite difficult. The number of stations in QQ is large and the exchange is very good. It is a potential switching class.

my friend has his own QQ station. He makes more than 10 pictures every day after 12 in the morning. Basically, every day, perseverance is amazing. The management of the chain is also, for dozens of large amount of exchange in front of the site, every day Click inspections, stop Trojan virus. Several times I couldn’t get my website to work or the ad code was out of order. He told me all about it. What is the establishment of problems also often exchange, is a very good webmaster.

original episode: Heritage site promotion blog (


Novice shop need to pay attention to what

novice shop must learn to pay attention to a lot of thinking, for the success of the future has a lot of help, and now we have to look at the novice shop is the need to pay attention to what.


seven novice "help" attitude is not desirable

In addition to the initial

The practice of

here is to use the results of the study! And their own use. For example, you learn a description of the baby on the practice, you first try to do in accordance with their own understanding, in the course of the use of difficult problems encountered in the help of others! The advantage of this approach is that you are more likely to remember! Know where the problem is, there is also a target for help! Free and unfettered is to do so, and now many of the essence of experience posts, are also their own learning. So used to share with you, so that more novice benefit! (ha ha, said far)

we passed the learning stage, governance stage into the store:

The definition of