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High quality content for the first medical how to do the new Shanghai dragon optimization


> control of page size

"soft + Case + product ratio is 40%:40%:20%

medical article is copied, the key to see how you copy

a head-on blow!

website internal optimization to detailed

recommended reading

thought this sentence is a certain shows throughout the world and suffering a lot of medical Shanghai dragon er.

> the difficult medical articles: common words:

this time everybody on the Internet see tired, everyone knows, but I want to ask, who can really do? I can tell you the night wolf here, spent 2 months since the self receiving station to every detail of the problem seriously do, welcome everybody here to check.

innovative thinking to write original

harm, advantage, price, service life, how to do, how good, etc..

> the flat structure of the website

medical website optimization to

! "

> the correlation between

? link

for the medical industry, the original difficult night wolf obtained a new medical cudgel thinking all the original wording, which I called "wolf style":

> alt/width/height

these articles are similar, do medical sites, which are the core content of the article cannot do without these words, which caused the industry a "you copy me, I copied your medical" phenomenon, Shanghai Dragon God said such a sentence:

> title/nofollow

> self promotion difficult: after Shanghai medical shady exposure, people in the network of medical websites with skeptical attitude, all kinds of promotion platform (platform second-hand information classification, etc.) for medical related words is also very difficult to get a good ranking, coupled with the recent love Shanghai "green radish algorithm" to the outside chain has always been proud of the Shanghai dragon Er Daniel


with the third party medical platform (Xunyiwenyao, 120ask, and deepen cooperation with Shanghai) love (love Shanghai, love Shanghai know cooperation channel Authority encyclopedia editor), they have been a large number of keywords flow interception, Shanghai dragon optimization 2013 medical website how to do

to my station any article for example to use the soft characteristics (emotion / threat / promotion etc.) and case (true / written) finally auxiliary >


is well known, the medical profession is the most difficult to do Shanghai Longfeng optimization, in addition to love Shanghai to rely on auction money is more difficult and the promotion difficult.

Pass without mark sum up the chain that I know

external links to other sites connected to your site, SEO optimized for external links must be the corresponding engine included the page appears inside connection, the chain of Baidu as long as there is a domain name on the other, the chain engine should be ultra connected

Oh!For example: if this article Baidu included words, is a chain, other search engines have hyperlinks only, want a chain method in Sina or other blog account what the user name is

then go to visit other blogs, blogs on your domain, is a chain! But I have not verified whether it is feasible! The method of adding outside chain chain: the most important thing is to have a home page snapshot, may not be the right to stand down, because in their own foreign website if the connection is not good, the right to stand down, it will affect your


blog: use the blog to do the chain, but also to blog included in the count. Often lead spider to your blog, more open a few blogs, nets catch fish, included on the hair article up, each article with their own connection. If you’re playing blogger, I recommend the blog doesn’t repeat

Forum: if only for Baidu optimization, use the signature map, the signature of the address with their own web site, Baidu can also identify. I think more, basically no effect! I have used these. The message board, I didn’t find this column what website, of course, no matter how good or have method, execution can be realized: Oh, that is useless! The best way by users and tourists, many of the old station is rely on the user to reprint articles or recommended to get outside the chain, what to do! Our website is simply


One, site, One, dream

stood up and I looked at a simple forum and began to stare blankly. As an Internet business people, every day to the site is in the work of life, life in the work, can engage in their own website or the first time. Looking at the blank, very nobody’s Xiuyan 168 home page, I was thinking. What am I thinking? I don’t know,

as a commercial site editor, watching the computer every day, looking at the site has been a kind of absolutely can not give up the habit. Recently often station all, see the webmaster pain and sorrow of the passions.

I know it’s not good to be a website. Many people lost energy lost youth lost money, to finally come to nothing. Often look at the failure of the station where I am not as heave great sighs, with a taste of

site up, submitted a search engine, the settings are almost set, and then it is publicity and promotion time. Propaganda QQ group, promotion, increase search engine, use soft text.

everything is going on step by step.

tomorrow, I’ll go to site GG, and see if it’s included. Of course, Baidu, I don’t have that hope.

set of programs down, let me think, exactly what for the hard work of the site, not for my own thinking, but also for all the webmaster thinking.

make money? Don’t deny the big money is there, but only a few

hobbies? It’s not an easy and interesting job to make a website. I think everyone will accept this saying,

? Is nonsense, and the ideal is not to engage in the website

thought, finally, that the only reason to convince himself was to do something rather than do nothing. Money can make money, earn money, lose money. Although the website is bitter, although tired, but after all, is to give yourself a "home", can let oneself every day to the Internet, know what to do, so that their hearts have a place to rely on. To tell you the truth, I’m bored with surfing the Internet. I think you are too.

SO, got a website, let me do something every day,


is an inspired passage,!

Xiuyan 168

My industry stands on line for ten days with the highest IP202 experience

my station is on the line ten days, IP is as high as 202, the master doesn’t look good, but I’m still very happy with this rookie. I’ll talk about how I’m a rookie SEO. B2B industry website optimization is not quite the same as enterprise website optimization, because B2B industry website content is more, it can be said to be a small portal, which is different from the enterprise website. So when we do B2B industry website optimization, we should first write a more detailed scheme. This scheme can be written by a SEOER or by several SEOER.

, when all this is done, we can start the SEM project. B2B industry website may have hundreds to thousands of keywords, we can first divided into categories, some of these are long tail keywords, the target keywords also have, not much, just a few. Is most of the long tail keywords. These target keywords must be the first page. Because the B2B industry website is originally industry website, in the early days, most of our work should be the target keyword to achieve home first. Must be the first to prove the position of this site in the industry.

as for the measures and measures, here will not say, here only introduces B2B industry website strategy. Next is the directory and file name, generally a category for a directory, the following can also be divided into several sub directories, directories can use two domain name, so that the weight of high, of course, you can also use the two level directory. Once the directory is determined, it cannot be changed. Otherwise, all subsequent work may be disrupted. Further down is the navigation structure design, site navigation is online column, menu, guide the user visits the site, with the help of layout structure in the form of collectively, this design is very important, we will take every kind of column on the side, to guide the website, if this is not done well, hits certainly is not high, the user experience is not high, we should put the subject of our website describes the contents on the front, let visitors come to find what they need, and then point to go now, unlike some download sites, find a source, following a N download page, full point again, no one can really download, in fact, design of navigation structure has four main navigation requirements 1. eye-catching and clear 2. crumb path 3. home highlights 4 important content using the site map. Now let me introduce these 4 points.

1, the main navigation eye-catching clear, the main navigation is generally classified as a level directory, through their users and spider procedures can be in-depth access to all the important content of the site. Therefore, the main column must be prominently displayed on the first screen of the first page of the website, and it is better to use text links instead of pictures.

2, crumbs type path, called " " is a metaphor of bread crumbs; prompt the user through the main navigation path to access the target web in the users understand the site location and not lose the direction of " ", and convenient to the parent page and starting point. >

Man cheated 1 million 50 thousand telecommunications fraud need vigilance

telecommunications fraud cases have been exposed, but there are still a lot of people accidentally caught. Last year, Beijing Fangshan a man was cheated by a phone call 1 million 50 thousand, too late to regret. Once again remind the masses in the face of telephone calls to provide or enter the account and password, vigilance, not sure to call 110.

"I heard the frozen assets face anxious, let the police trying to help bear." Mr. Zhao recalled, Xiong police officer said he could help contact the director of a notary office to help deal with. Mr. Zhao contact with Guo, Guo asked Mr. Zhao to provide all of his account and the amount of the account, and said the first deposit of his account to turn away, and then deposit back. Subsequently, Mr. Zhao in accordance with the requirements of Kwak, a series of operations on the computer.

liar 5 turn away 1 million 50 thousand

Maternal and child shop location indispensable link

for investors, now the mother and baby market demand is very large, has a very good investment prospects, but the successful operation of a mother and child shop has a lot of stress, specifically what are they? Let’s start with the location of the maternal and child store.


three condition excellent sites

1, more than ten years of continuous operating force

for baby products, the new site should be selected with commercial development potential. The competitive advantage in the region, after a certain period of time are profitable in to ensure.

2, the size of the target customer base there are any maternal and child supplies stores should be to meet customer demand as its purpose.

3, out of the smooth road

A necessary condition for

Chengdu will be held entrepreneurial Tianfu Jing Rong will enjoy the event

entrepreneurs are about to usher in an era of the most opportunities and challenges. As the western region the most suitable entrepreneurial city, Chengdu has been standing in the forefront of the era of innovation and entrepreneurship, to provide the best environment for public entrepreneurship.

the event by Xindu District government, Chengdu Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, deep venture, a little bit off, dark horse Chengdu branch will host. Activities will be invited to the mobile business celebrities, Southwest Petroleum University and other local universities and venture deep clay fund,   on behalf of Tencent investment, venture capital institutions attended by a large coffee, tea, floating share Chengdu Project roadshow and other forms of collision of innovation and entrepreneurship ideas and wisdom, stimulate brainstorming".

It is reported that

"through cooperation, Xindu and the dark horse will be will share all kinds of resources, to achieve a win-win situation, to further promote the new innovation and entrepreneurship, a" public entrepreneurship, innovation ‘boom." Xindu District, told reporters.

Fast food stores Shunwang base why good

fast food market demand that is a big surprise, the restaurant industry in the famous O2O war, making fast food and beverage consumption online and offline integration, thus expanding the consumer market for a greater degree of fast food. Investment in Chinese fast food is a good choice. So what’s the Chinese fast food brand in Wangji fast food. Shunwang base from the beginning of the 98 year lease, is now a popular brand, then Shunwang base fast-food franchise


fast food stores Shunwang base why? Mainly reflected in the following points:

a, product attractive

Shunwang base has many fast food dishes, its unique style of decoration and elegant environment not sticking to formalities if you God Star hotel. Selection of raw materials, secret recipe, fresh dishes, so that each dish is of tempting feeling.

two, the number of stores more than

Shun Wang base from Ningbo, China, is a professional dedicated to Chinese fast food chain enterprises. Since 1998, Jiang Dong Shun Wang mind snack street entrepreneurial start, has opened nearly 200 stores, Chinese has become the rapid development of modern fast food chain enterprises.

we focus on results, the pursuit of excellence, we are dedicated to investment, good communication!

we strictly pragmatic, advocate saving! We dare to do, dare to innovate


Shunwang base of society, enterprises and individuals to uphold the common development of faith, 2004 from the implementation of Franchising Strategy for people interested in the development of Chinese catering business investors to share the joy of success and entrepreneurial


our mission is to Shunwang base built in East China and even the whole Chinese fast food Chinese successful restaurant chain


three, join advantages:

1, the market positioning is accurate, the consumer group is widespread;

2, modern management mode and marketing strategy of good embodiment, so that Chunwangki has been in the leading position in the industry;

3, the product cost is low, the profit space is big;

4, ideas to guide all, enterprise development goals clear;

5, the headquarters of the main positions are the industry leader, has a wealth of experience and a high sense of responsibility for the follow-up development has laid a solid foundation;

6, enterprise specializing in Chinese fast food business, development, management, will not

Carry forward the spirit of volunteerism to build a harmonious Chaoyang

City traffic environment

to build civilized and harmonious, orderly and smooth, improve the quality of the city, promote to create a civilized city, street cadres, volunteers and other organizations as the main member of the "civilized travel" persuasion activities. The main contents are: Zebra persuasion is not rushed, do not grab the line before the traffic lights; not speeding, not overloading, not cut; civilized road, pedestrian red light, no J-walking, not in motor vehicles, non motorized vehicles on the roadway to walk, not waiting, not at the crossroads to fight, do not violate the traffic signal indicating traffic, not crossing traffic isolation facilities, and non motor vehicles for road vehicles do not interfere with the normal traffic; do civilized people, consciously civilized civilization, civilization waiting, driving, parking civilization.


The first green development forum and the 2016 Xining Urban Development Investment Fair will be open

2016 reporters from the Xining city development and investment fair news conference that the first green development forum and the 2016 Xining city development and Investment Fair will be held at the Qinghai International Exhibition Center from August 2nd to August 5th.

this year, the city will be held around the exhibition exhibition, forum discussions, project negotiations and various types of economic and trade activities, rich in content, exciting activities.

during the event, will be held the first green development forum, at the same time, also set up 2016 green bio pharmaceutical industry internationalization development forum, 2016 Summer International Forum for international friendship cities along the Silk Road, the 2016 China · Roundtable; Xining Green Finance Investment Summit 5 forum, the formation of "one main and five secondary" 6 topics forum.


fair city with a comprehensive museum, "The Belt and Road" Museum and Museum room. The comprehensive Gallery displays the city of Xining in the leading role and the trend of development of the province’s economic and social development, to accelerate the economic growth, growth pole and growth, optimize the industrial layout, and promote industrial transformation and upgrading of the city as the core, to show "happy Xining" construction of the new image, new development, new industries, new formats. Highlight the "13th Five-Year plan" green development concept, to the construction of ecological civilization as the main line, reflecting the "green city more happiness" theme. "Belt and Road Initiative" pavilion showcases Turkey, Nepal, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Russia and other countries along the The Belt and Road "trade, economic and cultural characteristics, local customs and practices, embodied Silk Road Economic Belt and promote the level of opening up the city’s close relationship. The real museum to fully display the achievements in the development of real estate industry in Xining City, to build a convenient communication platform for the development of enterprises and real estate buyers, real estate transactions to the area and decoration, building materials, Home Furnishing exhibition, showcasing outstanding real estate exhibitors, boutique real estate projects and green building materials Home Furnishing.

in addition, activities will be held during the "The Belt and Road" domestic and foreign friends of the city signing activities and project signing activities.