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No ranking didn’t click Only blame too Low deployment site title!

C, not only for flow rate,

website title role? Ranked lower than you, but the flow is more than you; construction period almost, the other ten left the site practical street, but why is it not ranked? This could be the problem. Every good ranking site: the title is also very good, in the garbage sites in 70% sites made the title will be very

well, well, your website title deployment feasible? I believe some share below, will let you have results:


first "official" written in the title, if some of the common site, probably because the current two words is down right (past), because of the "official" is not to write, if all the sites are so written, who knows what is the official website? So do website certification.

B, set the question word

A, the title is longer, the higher the rank of

the above 3 points, I found here on the website of Shanghai dragon in the diagnosis of the most concentrated TIT>

many sites in the update article, will use such as "XXX, which is better?" this method can really? I want to say is: really!! but the search engine is also different, your site if there is such a discourse right? This is worth thinking otherwise, you will end by spider abandon.

a lot of website headline: do I consider how many products get together like these products are all written title to the above, but not to consider: the search engine can eat disappear? Your website blessed it? Each site has the weight quota, you do have a lot of things, the nature of each the word quota is lower, eat more than you can chew finally what cannot eat.

"next, hotel reservation, ticket booking inquiries, tourist resort, if what is a low weight site to mimic the consequences? One word could not produce a ranking, why? Ma said, of course, to the horse Zhang San said more reliable, this is the title of the art.


how many web sites do! The title looks around, all the heap is the product of word, word flow, do not know what is the name of this site beyond count. In order to get more keywords, sacrifice brand word, really right? The same thing, a brand, a brand is, the user’s choice will be different, such as spider.

then I write the title in accordance with those in good can not it? But it’s applicable? Different weights of the website, writing the title are also different. For example, Ctrip ctrip贵族宝贝 website: hotel reservation, booking air tickets, vacation, business management "

! flow better? brand?

How to analyze the competition website choose keywords to make up for their shortcomings

before optimization (贵族宝贝tuofa66贵族宝贝 seborrheic alopecia) in this site, I selected key words is really a bit failure. Why did I fail, you can search the three keywords, seborrheic alopecia, seborrheic alopecia, how to do the treatment of seborrheic alopecia. Three words the number of fat as shown in figure

three, try to figure out the competition website internal structure of

We choose the I have been

has a lot of Shanghai dragon does not know the internal structure, but there are a lot of internal structure brings meaning. You can try to figure out the use of competitors layout. For example, rival website internal link building, website long tail keywords, website CSS layout. In fact, there are many competitors on learning


two, analysis of the web site information


is the first word of the index is quite high. "We love Shanghai in search of seborrheic alopecia how to do" this words, my site ranked seventh, but you do have 4 bidding. But before I heard of love Shanghai index was not included in Shanghai to promote the love that is in search of "what to do" seborrheic alopecia 165 times a day, but this index does not count in Shanghai for love. I don’t agree to this point of view, when users search for the word, more than eighty percent of the flow has been popularized in Shanghai take sex, even if the row in the home page will not bring too much traffic. So that everyone in the selected keywords, we must analyze the word how many auction rivals, but not to say this word in the first row with no traffic, but more than competitors need more resources will be, to avoid competition keywords, can choose high conversion keywords, often bring traffic is money.

, how to select the high conversion rate of the keyword

use their competitors to choose effective keywords, which requires a certain observation and data analysis. How to select the most effective keyword better, or select the conversion keyword. We also need to observe key competitors, this is certain and inevitable. So that competitors can sometimes give us favorable conditions, but also the effective lethal opponent. Shanghai maintained the highest level of a dragon. Especially sitting in the love of Shanghai "the first throne", when you face the pressure will be greater. How to analyze competitor selection of key words is very important step, I am here to share a real station.

website keyword, we love Shanghai through the search related keywords, and then look at the top of the key word is how to do, we should do the relevant data concerned, concerned with the rival site outside the chain of quality, before we can analyze the opponent chain through the YAHOO chain, but now only through the relevant regional perspective site outside the chain. Can also be observed by looking at Links, good outside chain can bring high weight, so we usually observe and analyze competitors, make full preparations for their rivals.

Teach a novice how to learn Shanghai Longfeng detours

The construction of !

– Guangzhou South www.veelink贵族宝贝 first website by Netscape, please indicate the

exchange more and more questions. Learning any knowledge we need to communicate, learn from each other, for the same question, different people have different opinions and understanding, they all have their own advantages, through the exchange of ideas for more. Learning is the key question, "we should not ask" this is we learn from the idea, the place is to ask questions to the forum, the general forums are gathered with people who have the same interests, it can get a lot of answers questions, we will learn a lot as well, also said "not found the problem is, the bigger problem".

website construction is the need to promote optimization to the site, so we need to learn Shanghai dragon. Shanghai Longfeng learning is a long process, with the development of the Internet, updating knowledge, we should learn the Shanghai dragon must constantly learning, that for a novice how to avoid detours in the learning process of Shanghai dragon in the south? Here on the Netscape novice how to learn Shanghai dragon in order to avoid detours.

Understand the basis of

observation, diligent hands. How to see? It depends on our competitors is how to optimize the Shanghai dragon, then how do we know how to optimize it? Here I mainly talk about the chain construction of it, check the opponent (especially ranking) hair where the chain, how their in yourself, take the essence also use the same method to try.

. Here said the foundation including the basis of website construction and website optimization and promotion of the website, Shanghai dragon, must contact the actual situation of website construction, in order to start, where to start. Some nouns for website optimization and promotion website construction, must understand. Through a variety of methods to understand the relevant foundation, the foundation, in order to further learn the Shanghai dragon.

I study Shanghai Longfeng time is not too long, but realized that many learning Shanghai Longfeng method, personal feeling or have a certain effect. First of all, I want to declare is Shanghai dragon learning is a long process, we need to have enough confidence and patience, can do this, in order to achieve a certain effect in learning in Shanghai dragon. Some say the method of learning it, hope to help beginners, detours.

learning theory with practice. Light could theory do without practice light practice without theory not only theory with practice, in order to improve learning efficiency. The theory of learning something if you don’t use to practice it is easy to forget, do not play a certain effect, if only practice, theoretical knowledge is not strong, knowledge to practice blind, presumably the effect is not where to go.

Analysis of what data is needed for website optimization

for the analysis of the website data, some basic data of the website of Shanghai Longfeng every day we must see, such as PV, UV, IP website, these data, from these data, we can see that the growth trend of web traffic, can be seen flow is increased, or decreased, and growth and the decline, and to find out the reasons why growth and decline further, for example, sometimes because of Saturday, Sunday and other holidays, some because of hot words, these are in fact to do data analysis, which is very familiar with on site traffic situation.

many workers, they tend to ignore the web page download speed on the impact of traffic, the speed is actually has a great influence on the flow, but also has a certain influence on the ranking in Google’s official blog is mentioned, I believe that love Shanghai will also consider this factor, because it is a factor in the user experience, as long as the factors affecting the user experience, will also affect Shanghai Longfeng flow, then the speed is how to influence the flow of it, we can understand this, increase the speed, then the search engine at the same time.

Shanghai dragon

2, PV, IP, web sites such as UV basic data

for our general Shanghai Longfeng workers, website optimization can be divided into two blocks, is the station outside the station and the two part, and then simplified, is nothing more than a station for the update, and the link station. The station is equivalent to enrich website content, website to lay a good foundation, external links also can be understood as engaged in external relations to the site, let more websites to appear our website links. Thus not only plays a role of propaganda, but also can make the website ranking improved. In fact, if you really want to put the Shanghai Dragon Well, is not so simple, if the site optimization is so simple, but soon learned, even one hour can finish. But that is not the case. To the Shanghai Dragon Well, the data is very important, so in the website optimization process, we should collect and analyze what important data


we know that such a common sense: if you want to have a website ranking, must first be included in the search engine, it exists in the database, and the search engine according to certain rules, the corresponding key words give you website ranking, since included so important, it included the search for how are we going to do? Engine to be included, must first grab your web pages, and search engine to grab, there is on our web log file, using FTP tools for download, then we can use the log analysis tools, analysis the search engine spiders to grab situation, but to do some measures to improve the capture of search engine, to achieve the purpose of increasing included.

3, HTTP site response time data

1, search engine spiders crawl data

Eight years of webmaster experience share

do stand also have a few years, and the sweet and sour have also tasted, here and share with you webmaster.

1: site positioning

to Baidu Chinese Search Ranking check, to see what the most popular keywords, this website more or less, you own the industry ripe, and Baidu keyword search index this index, then don’t make the website is not a concern, then few people visit your site. For example, more people search MP3, there will be such a website IMP3, home advertising about 20, an ad 6000, a month will be a little income, of course, can also find the corresponding other keywords. Usually many webmaster do stand by like Baidu and GOOGLE to get advertising revenue, this idea is wrong, then you should find directly in website advertising website to do, such as hardware website, general home advertising is hundreds of thousands of days, we do not believe you can see VERYOL MYDRIVERS, you see how many of these sites. People are advertising offer, including chemical, CQJOB, study of these sites we can also learn from the charging mode.

two: search engine

must do a website, the search engine login to your own web site, at least in the Baidu and GOOGLE login, after time, still have to submit your site to other search engines, which this is to log on, in general can log on to the site, the PR value will increase 2 the new log, not many opportunities, I will look for the following categories of editor’s mailbox, contact them first, familiar to explain their purpose, a quasi successful login.

three: site level

is often concerned about the PR value, the PR value to high, and will certainly be the PR value high site Links to improve their website PR value, every time I want to and some PR value high site links, is the first with each other as friends, often linked to learning website the experience of others, and more people for advice, I will ask what is Chongqing, when they came to Chongqing, ask them to eat Hot pot, but they certainly will not come to you to eat Hot pot, etc. is cooked, and then ask for a link, because of the face, people generally agree, don’t want to do that and he started a Links.

four: links

and general medium website do friendship link certainly easy, but finally have to do with a large website a channel link, so that can raise PR value, two is can bring actual flow. For example, link with 163 channels, dozens of visitors per day can be brought.

five: site navigation

site has a certain amount of access and the PR value, it is necessary to site navigation station to add the site, if in hao123 can log in, every day brings the amount of visit can be imagined, but now new station on the >!

Admin5 Trading Forum deceived

      Admin5;       introduction: the following is a net friend in the United States Trading Forum to buy some experience in the United States, in the transaction process, the two sides dispute. After adjusting the moderator "street", "peaceful settlement of disputes, the parties reached a settlement, the seller will return the money to the buyer. When virtual trading here remind friends online, the parties should consider, beware of some unnecessary disputes.

              these days because of business friends need to buy virtual machine space website in the United States, just this time on Admin5 "mixed", so the thought of Admin5 in Amoy, to see if there is a cheap and affordable hosting space, of course, want most is good reputation, all the week, buy virtual goods host it is deceived a lot, really gullible.

walked around for a while in the "IDC,"  , a surprise section; paste have sold us host, Admin5 thought the top paste certainly recommended by reputable businesses! This need not worry, at a price can be like performance is also good post, Taobao really sell a few words, huge shows from Admin5 buyers can enjoy 159 yuan preferential prices (the actual selling price is 195 yuan), in his shop at Taobao for a long time:

product introduction

"Godaddy American host Deluxe program, 150G space, 150 yuan a year purchasing, send February independent IP"

it is really a discount ah, gave 2 months of independent IP (note that this), want to deal with the seller for a long time and finally decided to buy (the seller is very enthusiastic,) 159 yuan, plus 10 yuan to send a.Com international domain name, take leave a price! Let me fill the form, then leave the state: "to eat", not care about the table to fill in the registration information is nothing more than the like, only a hesitation is the "password" (note that this), because it is English, the following is he to suggest that the fill what what, according to the usual habits fill out the table, waiting for him to eat for 1 hours.

1 hours later, the seller finally came and asked him if he was OK. He said he was waiting for hours, and there were too many clients……. Endure.

, 2 hours later, asked if it was all right? Replied, "go ahead with the leader.""……. Get angry, "I buy a host with you, you react with your leadership, that’s your business, and I do not matter, I only know that I’m buying you with the host on the line" (adhere to consumer positions). If he has nothing to say to say like, etc…….. > etc.

Several common ways for Internet marketers to improve their performance

Jay spent some time in online sales, the beginning will be staring at the computer in a daze, do not know to go there to find their own customers, in the face of computer information in a daze, sometimes I feel like a lot of customers, but just do not know how to contact them, then give your a son Jie personal experience.

first: blog promotion

this is a very old-fashioned method, but if you can do it well, I can say for sure, then you can wait for the arrival of customers. Jay felt that as a net sales staff, if you don’t want to find their way to build your own customer channels, once the company’s publicity is not so at the time of the fire, what will you improve your personal performance? Blog promotion, the main point is their popularity, if you do you see hundreds of people hungry, blog every day, you don’t have to worry that your performance is not good. Here, Jie Zi gives you a little, that is, content is king, do not think of writing your company’s product information. Don’t ask for more advertising information. Write it to people who don’t buy your product, but they can also benefit from it, so you’ll get more visitors. There is good access to other blogs, China is a country of courtesy and propriety, as the saying goes: It is impolite not to reciprocate. it.

second: Forum promotion

as a net seller, you can’t communicate with customers all the time. You still have a lot of time looking for new customers. Well, it’s a good way to make full use of some popular forums and find more customers.

third: make full use of some of the high weight e-commerce websites.

registers some information on those highly weighted e-commerce sites. Leave your contact information, then wait for customers to come to you, of course, you need to register these information on the line, a certain management. But it doesn’t take much time. Doing it can give you a very long lasting effect.

fourth: the ability to communicate with people,

this can also be said to be the most important point, even if your customers a lot, but your communication skills, if not, then did not take it in vain. The improvement of this ability is a slow process. Need you to sum up your study constantly.

Jie thinks, if you can do the above four words, then become a good sales staff should not be difficult. AD yourself. Festival custom nets

Share the whole process of commercialization of talent network

today, let us talk about the whole process of commercialization of talent network. I am the operator of the network. Tell all of you what you know. Younger brother’s literary grace is not good. Please don’t take it amiss.

‘s first step: a decent place to work. Because a lot of customers are willing to pay. Afraid you’re a liar.

second step: personnel allocation must be appropriate. Such as. The salesman asked him to do business.

third step: phone. Make sure you have a fixed line and fax. You have to have an exact address. Addresses are also important. Such as. XX, XX Road, Kunshan economic and Technological Development Zone, Jiangsu, china. How magnificent.

fourth step: company name. Invoice problem. If you don’t have a company, you can call someone else’s name. Because you’re dealing with businesses. They value these questions very much. Another is the invoice problem. Ninety percent of the talent network, customers will invoice. You have to open it. Because you still expect them to pay next time. Generally speaking. It’s OK to open a service ticket. Five points,

sixth: key salesman. Now let me talk about the whole process of the dialogue between the salesman and the customer.

1:, are you Suzhou Technology Co., Ltd.?. I’m from Suzhou industrial park. Please put me through to the personnel department. Excuse me, are you miss li?. I’m from Suzhou industrial park. You just registered with Suzhou Technology Co., Ltd. on our website. "And has issued the recruitment information, has asked Miss Li to understand our website charging standard?" Ms. Li said. No?. I told him. How much are we a month?. How much is it for a quarter?. If the other party is in urgent need of recruitment. He would ask. How can I pay for it?. Then you tell him. Our website has service charge this column. Take a look at it。 We have an account with our company. You may choose what you think is convenient. Give me a call when you have paid. We will open the service for you within five minutes. And finally your copy of your business license. Fax one point. Finally, call.

2:, if an enterprise says I’m not in a hurry, or… I don’t know the effect of your website yet. This time. Don’t worry. You can say. It doesn’t matter. You can try it out first. When you receive your resume, please contact us again. Don’t hang up on me at this time. By the way. Do you usually go to QQ, Miss Li?. I’ll add your QQ. If you have any questions. You can always ask me. If the other party. No QQ. You can use MSN and so on. I’ll tell you in general. Sometimes talking through QQ is better than talking on the phone. Volume is also high, oh,


seventh: in addition to pulling out your registered users. Make sure you hit. Other unregistered ones. Of course, you can also find it on other websites. It’s also a strategy. Whether or not the other party needs to be shown. Be sure to take his QQ. MSN. The best cell phone is under. Because they’re hiring sooner or later. He can also send a fax to him. It’s been a long time. Will accumulate good >

Website operation should solve the problem

many webmaster in every stage of the website development, will encounter different difficulties, this article from the following 7 aspects of how to break through the bottleneck of the website.

1 site positioning

website construction at the beginning, often appear is positioning problem. Site positioning of the fuzzy, will force the site again and again revision, eventually lost. But at this stage, most of the webmaster, with the love of the new field, will stick to it. Especially with the research of target users and the excavation of the profit point of websites, they will gradually untie the crux of the development of the website. Difficulty coefficient: 10%

2 website promotion

online after the site, most webmaster are eager to site promotion out, let the website get enough exposure, especially can attract certain target user attention. No experience will appear confused, short time can not find efficient ways of promotion. The passing of time will also lose the grasp of opportunity. Of course, each industry in the promotion of different ways, and some suitable for search engine marketing, some suitable for website alliance marketing, and some can use website promotion 2 and SMO, in addition, there are some unique mode. For example, PPG’s success was due to a large amount of print advertising. Difficulty coefficient: 30%

3 site traffic

The change of

most webmaster are keen on site traffic, but the site development in a certain stage, but can not get the essence of traffic breakthrough, they are confused, how to improve the flow of the site? I think the first ask yourself, what they do, do all ready? To be a diligent observation to our competitors and the whole area of the scale. Individuals ( believe that simply to improve the site traffic (or Alexa rankings, PR value) is not healthy, should be in-depth study of the long tail theory, rather than garbage flow. Difficulty coefficient: 40%

4 website value

if the development of a website, first to find ways to expose it, then the next step is the website popularity problem. This is reflected in the core value of the website, content, services or functions, how to reflect the unique advantages of the site, is generally encountered by the webmaster. Therefore, tap the market segments or vertical field potential is an important choice to reflect the value of the site. Difficulty coefficient: 50%

5 technology bottleneck

is not only a website program, function update, but also related to server upgrade, security maintenance and other technical bottlenecks. There is no strong backup technology support, a site anti-interference ability is very weak. In addition to the continuous revision of the user experience, but also to prevent other people copy, imitate, and even malicious attacks. Strengthen the construction of the technical team, if you can set up technical barriers, the probability of success will be greatly improved. Difficulty coefficient: 60%

< > 6 profit model

Xiaoshan Hangzhou District Women’s entrepreneurial achievements exhibition hall opening to the outsi

in the management of activities to promote business opportunities, the society greatly increased, the girls do not hold such a business and development opportunities, the rapid rise of female entrepreneurship groups.

area to experience the scene, many people have come up with mobile phone two-dimensional code scanning products, to see this scene, Zhang Linan opened flowers. In October this year, Zhang Linan and 2 friends started a company named "orpine Nga Court" fleshy field, "before we are housewives, more idle time, and love are succulents, we discuss, decided to get out of business trend." For the fledgling career, Zhang Linan also encountered a lot of problems, we are the beginning of the business, not too many customers, mainly rely on friends to help sell products. Now, with this experience, we can know that our shop, just a lot of people say we cultivate good meat, sweeping the two-dimensional code, we also grow and experience for!"