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  • What is the purpose of the electronic Invoicing Jingdong platform test run

    in June 27, 2013, the implementation of electronic Invoicing pilot run in Beijing and China’s first e-commerce industry invoice was born in Jingdong.

    the first electronic invoice was born

    as early as May of this year, approved by the Beijing municipal government, the State Administration of Taxation, the Beijing Municipal Commission of Commerce, Beijing Municipal State Taxation Bureau launched related projects of the electronic invoice operation, and select the Jingdong as a pilot unit project. As of yesterday, the first representative of electronic invoices in the birth of Jingdong.

    it is understood that the trial operation of the electronic invoice is only open in the Jingdong platform and only for the Beijing region of individual consumers issued. Yesterday, Jingdong has entered the trial run phase of electronic invoicing and with the birth of the first electronic invoice, various problems have surfaced.

    questioned whether Internet users: 1, electronic invoice is issued electronic invoices for online shopping and the online shopping, let friends pay more? 2, the electronic invoice is not for the e-commerce website? For all types of problems raised by netizens, Beijing City Bureau of the relevant responsible person said that the electronic invoice and trial operation not for online shopping and electricity supplier, is based on strengthening tax collection and strengthening invoice management, effective prevention and control of crimes such as invoices, choosing the e-commerce platform for the pilot, mainly because some of the characteristics of e-commerce business transactions and electronic invoice match. For the person in charge of the answer, pending further research.

    A5 (http://www.admin5.com) editors think: for the electronic invoice commissioning and electronic invoice was born, although the relevant responsible person said that this event is not for online shopping and business, but before Suning responsible for the electronic invoice proposal to strengthen the taxation of electronic commerce. Remember that Franklin once said, "there are two things in this world, death and taxes". Indeed, our country does not have any law that electricity providers can tax. As a result, there will be tax invoices, whether it is for the electricity supplier or online shopping, the results can be imagined. No matter what happens, it will lead to a major change in the tax industry.

    China’s top ten shopping sites

    At present,

    e-commerce China has developed quite mature, with the continuous expansion of electronic payment system and continuously improve the Chinese logistics system, shopping website also like bamboo shoots after a spring rain emerge, for consumers how to choose their own love and more affordable shopping sites, we are faced with confusion, let me introduce the most popular China the ten big shopping website:

    1 books and audio and video products: excellent network and Dangdang

    everyone to buy books and audio and video products will generally be excellent network and dangdang. Excellent network and Dangdang products almost, we can compare the price, if the product is the same, of course, the choice of affordable, the two sites to patronize the customer is the most. Of course, as compared to the Xinhua bookstore online bookstore dangdang.com and joyo.com in book price, it is a distinct advantage! Now has a considerable number of people buy books and audio-visual products in joyo.com and dangdang.com, and now do cash on delivery, delivery speed is relatively fast, very affordable. For example, excellent network, you buy a book he gave you free door-to-door, logistics system is more powerful. At present, the two shopping sites in the books and audio and video in a relatively monopoly position


    2: VANCL clothing


    in less than two years time to become the market leader, way ahead in the B2C clothing field, has more than the original leader of the PPG, shocked the entire garment industry. I believe the future will also change the traditional sales model of the apparel industry, will usher in a number of clothing giant to sell the store offline online sales model to consolidate their market share. In the development process of VANCL actively investing in its entire team, and VC plays an important role in promoting. Especially in the old and Lei Jun under the leadership of VANCL is developing rapidly, in the clothing sales network has made the first, should say is a miracle. 2008 sales have reached 300 million yuan. Do not know from one clothing, there is no brand to establish a brand VANCL, annual sales of more than 300 million and less than 2 years of the establishment of the company website, can be comparable with Shi Yuzhu’s melatonin. I began to enter from selling women’s, men’s shoes, textile and other fields, expanding its product category, sales of existing products have hundreds of pieces. Its product prices are relatively affordable, quality is good, logistics is doing quite well, is worth recommending. But in a few months ago, also can do the free shipping outside the examination service wear in the clothing industry, set a new benchmark, then worth learning! Of course there are some websites in imitation of VANCL’s model in the sales of the brand clothing, we often can see all kinds of portal sites in the clothing website advertising, they are want to occupy a certain share in the clothing industry, a cup of soup. For example: good buy. Www.allgobuy.com is currently studying Eslite sales, adding their own innovation.

    The car was traced to the sale of second-hand car accident all response a full refund car


    technology news November 16th afternoon, C2C used car platform for all car was recently users post report, said to spend about 200000 to buy second-hand SUV as a major car accident, and said it would sue everyone car and its spokesperson Huang Bo. Everyone responded that the car: things have been resolved, all cars in accordance with the contract to fulfill the promise of the car, the full refund and compensation for the loss of the car, is currently assisting the refund procedures.

    something because the people of Chongqing Mr. Lei to spend two hundred thousand to buy a second-hand SUV transfer can not be verified, is a major car accident. Mr. Lei readme Huang Bo fan, so everyone inclined car used car platform in Huang Bo’s endorsement in the second-hand car choice, but to pay 5000 yuan service fee to everyone after the car, the transfer vehicle engine compartment open police found that this is a car accident, and can not transfer.

    was not the first time Mr. Lei has been properly resolved, and said it would sue everyone and everyone’s car spokesman Huang Bo. Huang Bo sued the reason is that it is suspected of false propaganda, because in advertising, Huang Bo’s line is: everyone car! 14 days to retire on the back of the


    at that time, according to Mr. Lei show everyone car platform related screenshots show that this car SUV bought in 2014, traveling more than 80 thousand km, has been in the 4S shop maintenance, the original car paint, there is no big fault. At the same time, all car platform appraiser Tan Zhenbin in the detection of the car is also given qualified evaluation, and indicate the car frame without injury, the whole car original paint, chassis no bump rub, good maintenance, excellent comprehensive condition".

    now, after the accident car accident ray was exposed, everyone said the car has been resolved, in addition to the full refund of the car, compensation for damages, but also punished the company responsible person. Everyone car CEO Li Jian is also a circle of friends, said: because this thing insomnia, and will be set up in November 14th as the company’s word of mouth day, to face the problem of the company’s development process. (Li Gen)

    below for everyone car CEO Li Jian circle of friends full text:

    Li Jian: often have a friend asked me to start working pressure is not big, will often insomnia. To tell the truth, I really do not feel a lot of pressure, but not so insomnia. Because just a few years ago, when I work, I need to report to the boss every week, the product is more than 30, and now only need to focus on a product, in fact, feel very relaxed, insomnia is even worse. But the car accident happened yesterday everyone car accident case really let me sleep, no matter what, everyone must be in the car has more than 99% of the responsibility. In the pursuit of word of mouth on the road, we have confidence, at all costs to pursue. This case gave us one time, let us realize to provide users with services there are many imperfections, let us realize the reputation of good and bad for an idea, let us firmly believe that all cars have been pursued by the reputation of the road. Yesterday a lot of friends sent a reminder to us as soon as possible

    The most direct profit model + the huge user resources, electricity providers and social drama upcom

    A big picture of the Internet: do

    want to open up the electricity supplier resources, drainage, thereby increasing conversion rates and increase revenue; other industries is to expand the business, the business is business platform provides an open entrance: hanging advertising or add "and play", or direct their own open of course, the business platform, because the risk is too big by not.

    What is the reason for

    electricity providers and social Freemasonry? Business, either online or offline are direct piece of the largest and most profitable market; social, either online or offline are the most popular and most enduring battlefield resources.

    as the most direct profit model and the most dynamic resources meet, does not bring amazing love, is the appearance of

    with vigour and vitality!

    line, business and social integration is how


    the most straightforward one is in knots the buddies travel, shopping, eat, sing K, amusement park…… This kind of social businessmen can make a fuss, and effective way: preferential guide.

    if social implanted inside a small circle of friends together, we all talk is hi, casually plaster to block ads, commercial ads here to spread up the most simple, but can play the role of an exposure, the lowest value, similar to the leaflets, putting at least get the same minimum value; another the same pattern is being talked Hing hey, a topic in logical leads to a product or brand promotion, the value to the overweight are also scarce, people imitate the model innovation to make a seven or eight is marketing skills with industry heavyweights, and more people can only be regarded as a mere copycat, painted painted gourd dipper stick marketing fairies.

    online, electricity providers and social stories will be how


    millet electricity supplier was shocked people eyeball, after several successful jump Longmen is awarded a master of marketing identity, domestic mobile phone recently followed suit millet, similar to the configuration, price, selling a similar design, similar to the means of marketing…… All the phenomenon that the millet will have a social and electric fusion.

    Jingdong and Tencent jointly, QQ has access to the entrance and one of the most idle away in seeking pleasure, mobile social tools industry optimistic about WeChat, will be the 618 shopping big promotion to vigorously cooperate with Jingdong……

    and still get together poly popularity, unfamiliar street was listed as Secret clearance period, secret concessions, appears to have stable social occasions that there are one of the biggest variables: electricity supplier.

    when electricity providers stationed in social, how many can try to profit model? Let’s take line mode slightly below the reference value, the popularity of the most simple but a pattern: to open a minimum entrance. Well, Enron did not want to let the Jingdong lying in the gun, but the conversion value of this model is not high, in addition to the integration of electricity providers and social can only be regarded as the initial stage of exploration, so >

    Individual overseas purchasing can be avoided Customs wrong statement

    implementation of the new tax reform in April 8th the cross-border electricity supplier, overseas purchasing has been blocked, the famous actor Huang Bo also thorough investigation by customs and other rumors on the Internet for overseas purchasing industry and a "fire". Although the relevant departments have the rumor, but reporters found that these days, many people overseas purchasing is given "off label" and "no invoice" and "packages", "said this is done in order to prevent the customs check to avoid paying taxes". Customs officials said that this statement is wrong. The items carried by passengers shall be in accordance with the principle of reasonable use of personal property, and shall not exceed the carrying amount, or they will be dealt with in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations.

    found off label, packing the individual purchasing if checked

    Paris purchasing, now need to pick the logo and packaging "," no special requirements will not provide invoices and tags…… The need to provide invoices and tags, such as customs checks to check will be paid by you tariff, these days, do purchasing business in WeChat, micro-blog and Taobao store individual businesses, consumers began to advise on the respective platform, they will not be able to provide tags and other items.

    is afraid of being found in the customs, ah, do luxury shopping in Italy snowball told reporters that in the past she is through China’s colleagues and friends of human flesh back to purchasing goods. "I will try to put the logo, packaging reservation, let colleagues back, but now that look particularly strict, and luxury packaging itself is too great, packaged in luggage and covers an area of, get too loud in the hand, inside the tags, a look that is newly bought." "Snowball" said, "I usually find purchasing are higher priced luxury goods, if found out, and thousands of tax."

    then the reporter in Taobao Internet trading volume of several large purchasing businesses, they said, is not only to rely on friends and colleagues, even by trying to cut the tag tag, "mail easily detained." A merchant said.

    however, many before the trading volume relatively large individual purchasing said in the tax reform before purchasing some fear was found is to do so; after the tax reform, the purchasing have such worry, so most people are afraid to take the whole package label issued to domestic goods.

    is difficult to distinguish between true and false consumers do not buy

    actually pick tag, packing in order to avoid this kind of behavior is checked out, if you do not have too much trouble also pay taxes." These businesses snowball said that if all the goods are taxed, basically purchasing business can not do it.

    according to the provisions of the customs entry, residents to carry passengers to get outside the personal use, a reasonable amount of imported goods, the total value of less than 5000 yuan (including 5000 yuan), the customs duty shall be released. If the value of the goods purchased is more than 5000 yuan, the tax shall be levied on the excess part of the tax payable by the post office, and the tax shall be levied on an indivisible single item.


    Jingdong said the group purchase business profitable way to grab the market trying to take advantage


    technology news November 29th afternoon message, group purchase Jingdong officially renamed the "Beijing product benefits" column, the buyout approach with a number of services fluid to achieve cooperation, hope to go a new mode of service + kind of group purchase group purchase. According to Liu Fang, vice president of Jingdong, general manager of the division to buy the group said, Jingdong group buying business has been profitable, next year’s target is 10 billion yuan.

    Jingdong to buy not only renamed the Beijing goods benefits, but also set up a two page channel. Liu Fang believes that the group purchase market experienced a fierce battle, the market has There is not much left. game player. But buy the market is still maintained rapid growth, buy service is still not perfect, this is the best time to enter the Jingdong.

    previously Jingdong group buying business mainly in kind, life services mainly by third parties to do, and now the strategy is to change the physical + service, in August this year, Jingdong began to do their own service class. According to Liu Fang introduction, this year the Jingdong service group purchase sales accounted for about 10-12%, the Jingdong hope to constantly improve the proportion of sales plan, next year the proportion will rise to 25%.

    in specific ways, the Jingdong hopes to change the service group purchase existing operating rules, the group purchase packages and other mainstream methods into group purchase vouchers or VIP card, without any consumption threshold, so users do not need an appointment at any time businesses can consumption, businesses will not make the deviation to group purchase crowd.

    in order to achieve the above products, the Jingdong plans to "buy heavily", a combination of a number of high-end restaurant chain and cinema, Cara OK, pedicure services brand promotion. In South Beauty as an example, the Jingdong spent nearly 100 million yuan signed an exclusive agreement, users can obtain 25% off Beijing product benefits cards.

    In fact, this

    out the way, there were many group purchase websites have been tried, but need to face the risk of low profits or even losses, the inventory. Liu Fang said that Jingdong involved in buying the industry late, and the market leader has formed a gap, in order to squeeze into the top three before buying, Jingdong threw a lot of physical pressure on the clutch.

    Liu Fang said at the same time, Jingdong group buying business has been profitable, this year the total sales of about 3 billion yuan, but this figure is only the U.S. mission network, public comment buy 2-3 months of sales. Liu Fang hopes Jingdong sales next year to more than 10 billion yuan. (Lin Ming)

    IDC was unprecedented to build a harmonious environment of IDC industry


    with the recovery of the Internet economy, IDC business has picked up. Chinese IT laboratory, Chinese computer as a professional IT media has always been concerned about the development of the IDC industry, is committed to build between IDC companies, equipment manufacturers, Internet companies and telecom operators, communication platform, so the "2006 co sponsored Chinese IDC industry development survey and Chinese IDC industry annual ceremony".

    China Electronic Information Industry Development Research Institute Vice President Li Ying speech

    the ceremony by the attention of the Ministry of information industry, the meeting vice president Chinese Electronic Information Industry Development Institute, Ms. Li Ying keynote speech at the same time, pointed out the direction for the development of IDC. At the same time, the relevant leaders of the operators of China Netcom (Group) Co., Ltd. Tianjin branch Wu Wei, Xiamen telecom value-added service center director Zhang Jianhua were done on the IDC market and the development direction of the keynote speech, the two major state-owned telecom and Netcom operators support for IDC industry. At the same time, the downstream manufacturers Microsoft China Telecom and media division director Jim Butler, galactic Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. Guilin, SWsoft software (Beijing) Co. Ltd. CEO Zhang Zili is themselves in various problems of IDC industry chain gives the release and reply clear solution. On behalf of IDC enterprises in Hangzhou Shidao Technology Co., Ltd. coo Yang Dayue, Beijing kuancom Network Technology Co. Ltd. Shanghai customer service director Song Yingqiao, the European Network Technology Development Co. Ltd. (Chinese E network) general manager Chen Minghua, deputy general manager of Xiamen Lanmang Technology Co. Ltd. Zhan Jinyan also according to the actual operation and their respective fields at share experiences and achievements.

    The festival to exchange

    . Cooperation. Development。 Beyond "as the theme, the festival aims to gather the industry elite, break between portal to discuss the current situation of domestic IDC industry, analysis of future trends in the industry, with pointing jiangshan. The festival covers virtual hosting, leased hosting, website construction, domain name registration, CDN acceleration, VPS service, double (multiple) line, servers, network equipment, network management software and other IDC services and cutting-edge technology and network hardware is introduced. Participants will learn about the latest development of IDC technology industry, with the industry elite, feel the collision of wisdom and experience, looking for potential business opportunities of their own, to ensure that enterprises and individuals to grasp the latest information of the industry, to maintain a competitive advantage.

    Analysis of

    events from different positions of the present situation and development of IDC industry from various angles, to help participants more comprehensive, in-depth understanding of the development of domestic IDC industry. The General Assembly’s peak dialogue on the IDC industry, some of the status quo or technology intense, sharp, in-depth communication, so as to understand the essence of the participants from the insights. The festival site on the innovation and development to build a harmonious environment interaction IDC Industry Summit dialogue IDC>

    Taobao shop with the help of the rapid expansion of the store experience

    recently Taobao face small sellers containment its headquarters in Hangzhou to protest the event is all hot, and a letter addressed to the company all after Ma Ali "clearly declared the official Taobao attitude:" would rather shut the company, it will not compromise." This position is each one according to his lights, as the real account of how left for discussion. But one thing very clear is that Taobao search rules change move most directly to the seller, especially just added to Taobao in the interests of small sellers constitute direct harm, after all, do not have the money to burn the through-train service, not to mention the front and mall competition in the search results. This makes small sellers get the opportunity to patronize less than before.

    mall users will need to pay a considerable cost of service to Taobao, so in the foreseeable future Taobao can not change the game rules". However, according to our experience, we believe that small sellers can find, this form of Taobao stores and websites combined to make their own shops to get rapid expansion. Today we will share with you the experience and skills.

    , clothbound first step Taobao shop window welcoming

    is very importantTaobao

    shop, especially without fine decoration and packaging of the Taobao store is difficult to get the favour of visitors, plus new sellers because credibility is not up to the diamond level and above, more difficult to obtain the trust of consumers, so the volume is often difficult to improve. Therefore, we suggest that as long as economic conditions should be spending money on A5 or other similar trading platform, please do shop design, with a professional and beauty shops tend to attract visitors, so as to the next step of the transaction provides the opportunity.

    two, set the interactive guide to introduce visitors to the interactive platform

    in the Taobao store outside, can be combined with the form of the forum website especially Taobao store some features not available on, especially in products such as forum such form a further display, on the other hand can also be carried out as to what conditions such as group purchase, for the profits, and send holiday the gift and so on can gather popularity and exciting activities. Therefore, it is recommended that you can set up in the top of Taobao shop guide language and links, visitors will also guide to such an interactive platform. Make full use of interactive platform to create opportunities for the next step.

    three, website forum into interactive platform to create more opportunities to create


    is a website, can use the website visual display function for more display and presentation of goods, there are some activities of the notice and that, if this is the forum form is better, so you can set inside the display of goods buyers show forum, forum, organization shop activities section, and these are all around their shops and service. As long as a lot of creativity, the shop activities rich and colorful, such as the introduction of friends can get the rebate, to grab the building can get preferential.

    The secret of automotive e-commerce things

    automotive e-commerce, is a new type of electricity supplier in recent years, mainly through the O2O model for Internet process reengineering. The core is the online clients to the actual 4S shop showroom, let consumers online payment for goods and services purchased offline, and then go on to enjoy the service line, through the Internet platform to complete from the Online to Offline purchase and customer service processes.

    next, I will be from the perspective of a car electricity supplier workers, to talk about the car electricity supplier those things.

    product specificity

    because the car is a big thing, it contains a user test drive experience demand, so from this perspective, the depth of cooperation it needs and the line 4S shop, there will be a communication and execution problem, users online activities to fill in the form, but the 4S shop process not in place, also can appear the effect is not significant, the major automobile manufacturers of electronic commerce departments have encountered the problem of establishing process standardization.

    automotive electricity supplier’s particularity, it will have a lot of difference with other commodity electricity supplier. The car brand awareness of the competition on the Internet, will be one of the current strategic focus of the car manufacturers.

    The relationship between

    and 4S store

    car manufacturers to establish an e-commerce platform, and then with the website backstage data every 4S store opened, so as to realize the interaction between online and offline customers to fill out a form 4S shop dealer, as long as the landing their website can see the user set information, details and set off by users in reaction form activities to further invite customers to the shop to see cars drive, the car manufacturers of electronic commerce department to do more is the standardization of automobile electricity supplier in this system exploration, is located in Shenzhen District of Southern China automotive electronic business platform — a FAW Volkswagen car space, is carried out in this standard system and process the establishment of

    automotive electronic business platform content and functional requirements

    general automotive electricity supplier website needs include: automotive knowledge, models, model comparison, price information, find the 4S store, 4S store map information, vehicle configuration information, 360 cars, 360 hall, Car Buying calculation, Car Buying process, choose a car assistant

    automotive electricity supplier operations and marketing

    automotive business operators to promote the general choice of channels and platforms are mainly search engines, news portals, vertical automotive media.

    based on their characteristics in detail:

    search engine marketing

    is mainly through the search engine and SEO combination of activities related to advertising, the site itself activity can have many forms, such as financial derivatives, 12580 mobile phone media, special offer car promotion

    news portal

    618 Tencent Jingdong bullying Ali with a combination of what recruit

    text / Wang Congji

    so-called electricity supplier promotions, regardless of Jingdong 618 or Ali’s double 11, play today are not fresh, the user as early as the audience of this kind of propaganda tired feel not love.

    but the electricity supplier giant is still stuck in the promotion every year, and the investment is even more huge, in addition to the county users to preach online shopping and supply chain, logistics, pressure tests, but also because there are two key purposes:

    is a platform for their own propaganda, show the data to the media, the public, investors show their good condition and social contribution; two run counterparts, grab users attention grab, grab traffic, they should have a electricity supplier about shelf life.

    look at this, it will be found that this year’s 618 Jingdong marketing is quite critical, which is not only Jingdong, Tencent electricity supplier after the combination of the first big promotion, but also an important appearance of WeChat and mobile QQ electricity supplier entrance.

    more critical is that after the listing of the 618 folder in and Ali listed, the two sides compete for the U.S. capital markets favor, the show is a good data is the best defense Jingdong ali.

    therefore, the Jingdong the Tencent is using various tricks, and Ali runs, including but not limited to:

    1 Jingdong fast fit, 3C field offensive a little fierce.

    as a B2C leader, Tmall every year to accept the challenges, but this year the situation is not the same, because the past second, third fit, especially the two are longer than the main 3C.

    this pressure is clearly not the same, according to the third party data cited by Jingdong, said the same day, the country’s top ten electricity supplier site, half of the flow to the Jingdong, only nearly 20% to Tmall.

    Of course, this

    is only used to see the data, Ali counterattack action may be more telling: Taobao Tmall 3C product sales, App mobile phone constantly pop-up message a long time ago, prior to Taobao brewing Amoy code also choose the comprehensive promotion during the 618, Ali is trying to minimize the impact of the Jingdong.

    this is also reflected in the side, Ali 618 pressure a little big this year.

    2 to U.S. investors show data, defense Ali listed attract capital.

    due to Ali listed suction gold scale is too large, coupled with the Jingdong with the electricity supplier concept, from a theoretical point of view, there must be a capital from Jingdong listed when Ali fled.

    and according to the brightest news, Ali listed how to also after August, sandwiched in the middle of 618 naturally become the best means of Jingdong defense ali.

    momentum through the data and run Ali, Jingdong to protect capital outflow.

    and Ali’s home is 11 double promotion, after the legendary Ali listing date, from the point of view of time, the number of accounts for a lot of cheap 618.

    3 WeChat