Some reflections on the new SEO web site

company recently decided to do a SEO propaganda station to introduce the company’s own business, also with Baidu’s power to attract some customers, so we chose Hangzhou, Hangzhou SEO official website optimization, Hangzhou Baidu promotion 8 keywords. To the site planning and site construction of each step from the words we are very careful, each of the things we do to our website listed for website spider crawling habit. Each page of the web site uses DIV+CSS layout, the structure of the site is also good, web site using pseudo static way, more suitable for spiders to crawl, the content of the web site to keep pseudo original. Although doing so much work, that every work is in place, but the effect is really very hard, although the day after the line on the website will be included, but the website within the page is not very ideal, the site’s home page snapshot is also over more than 10 days, really sad ah. To do so many websites are also available, but when your website, actually is the result, hey! The result is not very satisfactory, then we have to reflect, to reflect, to find out the reason is where, these days I also had to reflect, personally feel that mainly include the following:

1. domain name to be careful,

friends this is not old tune, I was on this issue had a major loss, domain name choice should pay attention to the correlation domain keywords appear important ah, ah, domain name registration and the longer the better ah, these people are clear, everyone in this way to operate. But my friends have suffered not here, before I chose a domain name used by others, on behalf of the meaning of this name is very good, the correlation is good, but I used the domain name in less than two weeks, the site included reducing, not in full page snapshot of how long the website is deleted then, before long, the site’s home page snapshot can also be removed, which means that this website two weeks to be K light, really sad ah. Then I analyze the next, I think this is a problem that the domain name domain name, I dare not say that the domain name was right down, but I used the domain name not long, my website is dead, so suggest webmaster, try to choose a new domain name domain name, select no record the domain name, so the beginning may be tired, but of great help to later.

2. website space and record need to heart

site space to be stable, the same site under the IP, it is best not to stand by K, these are clear. I personally prefer to use an independent IP space, the price is also a few tens of dollars a year down. The site was K, I waited for nearly two weeks, feeling little hope, and for a new domain name, the domain name I use quick record filing by the method, and then put the binding domain in network space, according to the provisions of the transfer into the business network, the website is accessible, but you must first submit the information network filing system. I didn’t think so much before. After domain name resolution succeeded, I found this domain name >

Share the promotional skills of the latest Taobao slimming products

, as we all know, is now a low cost, high margin product. About weight loss keywords, is the webmaster fry fiery. The competition is very fierce, but there are still a lot of people eager to give up. You do weight loss product keyword webmaster, very hope that their station will be able to row in Baidu and GG in the top few, make a big deal. According to netizens reaction, weight loss keywords ranking in Baidu, the top few stations are basically monthly income of over ten thousand. After a long period of observation, I summed up some common rules and techniques to share with you.

1, search engine ranking in the top few are basically do weight loss, Taobao products, and the Commission is basically more than 30%, that is to say, in order to achieve maximum profit, commission is one of the top consideration.

2, most of them are single page stations, or a few pages of the station. The page is small in size and is good for crawler crawlers.

3, part of the station is obvious that the use of SEO technology or even black hat technology to implement the top ranked. For example, increase the high quality chain (including the black chain, which is not easy to be promoted, K, but really quick), increasing the number of links, increase keyword density, increase the symbol to attract attention and other strange reptiles in the non conventional techniques.

4, according to the Chinese habit, most of the contents of the "2010 the most effective weight loss drug list", "Taobao is the most effective weight-loss drug", "Taobao is the best medicine reducing weight" and other words, to cater to the mass consumer psychology, to increase the degree of concern and turnover rate.

5, the use of well-known blog stand or BBS high weight as propaganda platform, often get good rankings.

6 and finally have to say, that is, bidding means of operation. You can see, in Baidu’s search results, slimming products promotion advertising often row slowly, it can be seen that it still has great use value and profit space. I have tested once, to 1 yuan or so to do GG advertising, spent 200 yuan, and found that received three single income, a total of more than 100 yuan, less than 20 thousand yuan. In fact, this is not a successful test illustrates several problems, first, I first test did not master the skills; second key words, choose to fail, that is not accurate, resulting in the effective directional flow proportion is less than normal; third, the flow from the statistical point of view, I doubt advertising by rival chaos hits, because I that one day a sudden continuous to the dozens of IP, caused some damage. This is a friend of the funds can go to try, after the appropriate test, and then increase investment. Anyway, do the bidding is to make money, or else there will be so many people do, the key is to master the skills skills, who will make money – from the Hepu 360 net weight ( – original starting Adsense nets, reproduced please indicate the source, welcome to reprint.

Website revision for the user experience, so that visitors are also involved


in the course of the operation of the website, in order to meet the needs of the site and visitors, or in the new technology continues to launch the Internet era, the appropriate revision is essential. At the same time, proper revision can also help you gain more chips in competition with your competitors. Of course, in the process of correcting the website, we can not blindly carry out the revision, our revision needs to see the direction from the point of view of visitors, visitors are the real object of attention in our revision.

for a site, the more the number of visitors, the revision of the difficulty is higher, because it is for the tens of thousands of visitors, it must take into consideration the needs of all visitors. Frankly speaking, it is impossible to satisfy all the visitors’ demands. I used to be a famous stationmaster net loyal visitors, but the site in the revision time after I left the a site, the reason is very simple, after the revision of the site and I use demand differences. So, for these large sites, how to better do the site’s revision? I think the key point is nothing more than to let your visitors participate in the site’s revision.

let visitors tell you whether the site needs revision,

when your site has a large number of loyal visitors, I think these loyal visitors will have a certain feeling about the site. They clearly understand how to use navigation more quickly into a column, how to find the article information you want, how to use the search box more accurately, and so on. In the process of revision, these are most likely to change the content, your visitors really think that the revision,


this is for webmaster. Before we edit, we can launch a feedback page on our page. This page can be a voting page that allows your visitors to decide whether they need a change.

asked visitors to help test the site

The revision process of

website don’t like closed doors shut the door to do, we will let visitors to participate. Provide visitors with site trial after revision. Then, let visitors through the feedback page to provide trial feedback information, and constantly to visitors feedback problems tracking improvement. As a webmaster, you must know that you are not correcting yourself, but for visitors. Give visitors a try before the job is done, which will give you more inspiration and a chance to fix the wrong changes. In any case, our revision has to make most of our visitors think it’s valuable, so they’ll be more loyal to the revamped site.

, don’t force your visitors to get used to the revamped site,

many of our visitors don’t like changing their habits immediately. For them, they prefer the old version of the skilled operation. In this regard, we need to give our visitors a period of time to use the revamped site. We can see it too

Talking about how to make a quick record for a movie station

to do a few years webmaster, did not earn what money, around May this year, see a movie program inadvertently found on the development of the day, he quickly made two movies, updated every day, in the ADMIN5 to learn some SEO methods, watching and learning, after two months every day, each station IP at around 5000, has been maintained for more than a month, every month combined income of almost 1000 around, there is a film sold to others by ADMIN5, here to talk about how to quickly record movie station:

movie station record is very difficult, this is my movie station ( customers), for the record I have 7–15 days, I super difficult ah, only blame for Anhui friend’s identity card, and I helped Jiangsu friends with into record only 1–3 days was successful, this the record and movie store for the area, do not link to this site, choose a company website to, because the movie station record is not successful, now many alliances are to use the record number


My industry stands on line for ten days with the highest IP202 experience

my station is on the line ten days, IP is as high as 202, the master doesn’t look good, but I’m still very happy with this rookie. I’ll talk about how I’m a rookie SEO. B2B industry website optimization is not quite the same as enterprise website optimization, because B2B industry website content is more, it can be said to be a small portal, which is different from the enterprise website. So when we do B2B industry website optimization, we should first write a more detailed scheme. This scheme can be written by a SEOER or by several SEOER.

, when all this is done, we can start the SEM project. B2B industry website may have hundreds to thousands of keywords, we can first divided into categories, some of these are long tail keywords, the target keywords also have, not much, just a few. Is most of the long tail keywords. These target keywords must be the first page. Because the B2B industry website is originally industry website, in the early days, most of our work should be the target keyword to achieve home first. Must be the first to prove the position of this site in the industry.

as for the measures and measures, here will not say, here only introduces B2B industry website strategy. Next is the directory and file name, generally a category for a directory, the following can also be divided into several sub directories, directories can use two domain name, so that the weight of high, of course, you can also use the two level directory. Once the directory is determined, it cannot be changed. Otherwise, all subsequent work may be disrupted. Further down is the navigation structure design, site navigation is online column, menu, guide the user visits the site, with the help of layout structure in the form of collectively, this design is very important, we will take every kind of column on the side, to guide the website, if this is not done well, hits certainly is not high, the user experience is not high, we should put the subject of our website describes the contents on the front, let visitors come to find what they need, and then point to go now, unlike some download sites, find a source, following a N download page, full point again, no one can really download, in fact, design of navigation structure has four main navigation requirements 1. eye-catching and clear 2. crumb path 3. home highlights 4 important content using the site map. Now let me introduce these 4 points.

1, the main navigation eye-catching clear, the main navigation is generally classified as a level directory, through their users and spider procedures can be in-depth access to all the important content of the site. Therefore, the main column must be prominently displayed on the first screen of the first page of the website, and it is better to use text links instead of pictures.

2, crumbs type path, called " " is a metaphor of bread crumbs; prompt the user through the main navigation path to access the target web in the users understand the site location and not lose the direction of " ", and convenient to the parent page and starting point. >

Website operation first — operation plan

today to a series of essays, write about some website operators like the article, to share some personal operation experience and the difficulties encountered, I believe that many veterans for the author to write these articles or some but actually a contemptuous disregard, rookie to find many lessons, so I hope everyone can support.


wants to share today is the operation plan of website operation. I believe that most people in the Internet industry in the process of job seekers often pass the interview after being asked to make a business plan, the author encountered a similar thing, and this thing is very distressed, totally do not know where to begin. In fact, plan or operation scheme is a very simple thing, remember two things: what are you doing? How to do? If you still feel difficult to it only shows your current need to do what all don’t know, you may even even the site definition and direction are not clear. If you have a thorough understanding of the purpose and direction of your web site, you will not encounter similar confusion. Below, I say how to say this website is written in basic operation plan and target grasp the direction of the project. [to Jiangxi industrial real estate network as an example]

one, the preface of the scheme

in the program introduction requires focus, the focus here is on the site location, such as the author is currently working on industrial real estate website operation, first locate the customer groups, only fully understand our clients to make targeted strategies. This part must be carefully done, the more effort to explain, the more adequate preparation. It’s not just for your superiors, but for your department, your colleagues, and your subordinates. The superior can know whether your idea is the same as that of the author through his introduction, and the subordinate can clearly understand the direction and target of the website and deepen the understanding. More convenient in the future work with the degree of coordination.

two, what are the goals for website operations,


this is the second part of the operating programs, the author proposed here can see clear will be the site of operation of the target list, which mainly is a series of data list and personal data analysis. For example: IP, PV, UV, the number of registered users, the amount included, rankings and so on… Of course. Things are constantly changing, our goal is to change the day after work, so when writing the program include preliminary planning, preliminary planning or from the current point of view with XXX as the stage goal and so on… In addition to plan what done by which people, reasonable coordination arrangement is superior to test you is suitable only standard to lead the team.

three, target analysis, establishment and arrangement of

as I mentioned above, the goal of customized could not finish it, the goal should be completed step by step, here we need to subdivide the target, the subdivision simple said is arranged to work, such as the current site.

Product manager’s four point of thinking should not simply meet the needs of users

this article according to their experience in making products, refining 4 thinking, share with you


Taobao ghost pin 71 scouring search, Taobao search product leader (Wen De)

product manager is a very strange position, as most people can do, because everyone has their own opinions on a product, can put forward some opinions and ideas, can even design principle; it seems that most people don’t do a very good product manager, because tens of thousands of Internet products, is the most garbage, few products are users really feel very good.

I have been a product manager for less than two years, and have been working on technology for over ten years. I didn’t see the product manager very much before I did the technology. Thought: what is the product manager can not achieve, every day is some ideas and ideas are often not reliable, if which day of layoffs, the product manager position of the most dangerous; but when I turn to the product manager, changed the idea: Well, the product manager is too important, a products in the future decided in the product manager.

you ask me how to look at the technician now. Hey, hey, I think now, technology is a knife, let it kill whoever kill it, of course, this is just a joke. A good technical team is very important to the product manager.

on how to do product manager, I’m really a pupil, responsible for Taobao search, the last two years also no big promotion. Especially after I saw some interviews with Zhou Hongyi and Zhang Xiaolong about the product, I found myself in this respect more.

but I have the advantage of being good at learning, thinking, summarizing and sharing. Moreover, as a layman goes into this field, the angle of observation will be different. This year more down, but also find some feeling, and found that some of the product managers around, easy to walk into some misunderstanding, to share with you.

1, be a product manager, not a function manager.

this sentence, I first heard the president of Tmall Xiaoyao son said, there was no feeling, and now found very reasonable, because too many product managers around is actually doing a function manager.

they just keep getting the product functional requirements, and then keep implementing the product functionality. Lack of login, design a login box; no data, find a platform to open up; management is not convenient, design a tool to manage; the page is not pretty, re plan the page structure……


function manager is busy every day and focuses on how many requirements are behind the line and whether the demand side is satisfied. And how the user experience is, whether the function is really valuable, and whether it can be more perfect, functional managers rarely care. When someone complains about a function that isn’t working, he says, "


this function I have >

Talk about the current trend of group buying, website analysis

When do the new

tonight after dinner accidentally in the economic channel to watch the news saw a news about the glutinous rice nets: in June of this year, some consumers through the network group purchase glutinous rice Sanlitun 3.3 building "GAMEPARK hot play club" game cards, but in August found the game club has been shut down, hundreds of consumers to the rice network and video city staff to discuss the statement. I heard that the Chaoyang industrial and commercial bureau announced its findings yesterday, saying that the coupons issued by the "sticky net" were not valid, which led to consumer misunderstanding. Chaoyang Branch Trade and industry supervision in accordance with the standards, glutinous rice nets announced in December 1st before the process for consumers to refund.

the thing is the high degree of concern, group purchase consumption has recently become a hot consumer complaints, the people are keen to group purchase heart greatly reduced, so the low starting point group purchase website, gathered popularity, profit point clear, there is great potential! Group purchase website organization group purchase activities more concentrated and the daily lives of consumers in the restaurant, beauty, hairdressing, entertainment and other consumer items. As a result of group buying can make consumers enjoy a certain discount, so the Internet rapidly blowing up a "group buying wind", and the large and small group buying websites have emerged as the times require. Then we as a webmaster is not should first analyze whether, so blindly into? Society now, not now, is always to the China, replication is very strong, a profitable thing not previously when people make money, no one to enter, and a comment saying this thing is not a way to make money, but when you do it to others, but Yiwofeng rushed in, results, as we all know, is a lot more than the exit entry! This thing I group purchase in 09 years by the end of the contact, but has to try once later that the maturity of far group purchase

, why do you say that?This is of course the advantages of cheap

group purchase, according to the statistics of complaints mainly related to network group purchase group purchase of goods, goods mail delay operators or service quality has shrunk, leading consumers can not accept business group purchase service, in accordance with the instructions provided to group purchase commodity or service. So the group purchase disadvantage is the commodity or the service description, consumption rules, time limit that group purchase have no authority, no doubt ask, and group purchase website or group purchase before the operator did not contact, and many consumers blindly go not to see the group purchase, and use of practical items, more profiteers to group purchase get a website, to the end, or the group purchase website operators of the ultimate responsibility. When that happens, people are keen to group purchase heart greatly reduced, so how to do it? So, if we want to do this when the group purchase site must be to improve the existing problems, below I said my opinion:

first of all: in advance must be good communication with the business, including some complaints will occur, and businesses to discuss each other, and to make preventive programs. For some smaller businesses, let them pay a certain margin. Although >

Share the whole process of commercialization of talent network

today, let us talk about the whole process of commercialization of talent network. I am the operator of the network. Tell all of you what you know. Younger brother’s literary grace is not good. Please don’t take it amiss.

‘s first step: a decent place to work. Because a lot of customers are willing to pay. Afraid you’re a liar.

second step: personnel allocation must be appropriate. Such as. The salesman asked him to do business.

third step: phone. Make sure you have a fixed line and fax. You have to have an exact address. Addresses are also important. Such as. XX, XX Road, Kunshan economic and Technological Development Zone, Jiangsu, china. How magnificent.

fourth step: company name. Invoice problem. If you don’t have a company, you can call someone else’s name. Because you’re dealing with businesses. They value these questions very much. Another is the invoice problem. Ninety percent of the talent network, customers will invoice. You have to open it. Because you still expect them to pay next time. Generally speaking. It’s OK to open a service ticket. Five points,

sixth: key salesman. Now let me talk about the whole process of the dialogue between the salesman and the customer.

1:, are you Suzhou Technology Co., Ltd.?. I’m from Suzhou industrial park. Please put me through to the personnel department. Excuse me, are you miss li?. I’m from Suzhou industrial park. You just registered with Suzhou Technology Co., Ltd. on our website. "And has issued the recruitment information, has asked Miss Li to understand our website charging standard?" Ms. Li said. No?. I told him. How much are we a month?. How much is it for a quarter?. If the other party is in urgent need of recruitment. He would ask. How can I pay for it?. Then you tell him. Our website has service charge this column. Take a look at it。 We have an account with our company. You may choose what you think is convenient. Give me a call when you have paid. We will open the service for you within five minutes. And finally your copy of your business license. Fax one point. Finally, call.

2:, if an enterprise says I’m not in a hurry, or… I don’t know the effect of your website yet. This time. Don’t worry. You can say. It doesn’t matter. You can try it out first. When you receive your resume, please contact us again. Don’t hang up on me at this time. By the way. Do you usually go to QQ, Miss Li?. I’ll add your QQ. If you have any questions. You can always ask me. If the other party. No QQ. You can use MSN and so on. I’ll tell you in general. Sometimes talking through QQ is better than talking on the phone. Volume is also high, oh,


seventh: in addition to pulling out your registered users. Make sure you hit. Other unregistered ones. Of course, you can also find it on other websites. It’s also a strategy. Whether or not the other party needs to be shown. Be sure to take his QQ. MSN. The best cell phone is under. Because they’re hiring sooner or later. He can also send a fax to him. It’s been a long time. Will accumulate good >

Webmaster will have to learn to hype themselves

is not difficult, making it difficult also to help promote the principle of news! And the same, want to use the media to help you free promotion, we need to continuously manufacture news, if manufacturing news means determines your hype promotion effect is good. How to make news and attract the media? You need to know the taste of the media and be familiar with the media circles. The media are generally interested in the following aspects:

hotspots: take a look at recent hot spots, let your web sites and hot spots stick to the edges, and naturally attract the media. This strategy is also often speak of Sun Tzu "containing"

fresh: the media loves new things, such as new concepts and new inventions. The role of the new concept will not be discussed in detail, in recent years, there have been websites from creating a new concept, began to fire themselves.

question: Media Preferences, likes conflicts. Attracting media can deliberately create conflicts and create problems. This is one of the commonly used means of domestic websites. Take a look at so much of the recent war of words. News promotion is one of the most important promotion methods of Google, but it is more clever. Turn on Sina’s Internet news section, and you’ll find that half the Internet news every day is about Google. And the news releases of Google’s PR company are also very high. However, they can do "moisten things silently," and Kungfu really works.


website promotion hundreds, you can exchange it, this is my station (, but not what methods should be used to make website promotion, in order to promote the site up quickly, only need to choose according to their own resources, some of the most effective, and then concentrate on this several kinds of implementation to the extreme, let you satisfied with the effect of

will come soon!

Website operation should solve the problem

many webmaster in every stage of the website development, will encounter different difficulties, this article from the following 7 aspects of how to break through the bottleneck of the website.

1 site positioning

website construction at the beginning, often appear is positioning problem. Site positioning of the fuzzy, will force the site again and again revision, eventually lost. But at this stage, most of the webmaster, with the love of the new field, will stick to it. Especially with the research of target users and the excavation of the profit point of websites, they will gradually untie the crux of the development of the website. Difficulty coefficient: 10%

2 website promotion

online after the site, most webmaster are eager to site promotion out, let the website get enough exposure, especially can attract certain target user attention. No experience will appear confused, short time can not find efficient ways of promotion. The passing of time will also lose the grasp of opportunity. Of course, each industry in the promotion of different ways, and some suitable for search engine marketing, some suitable for website alliance marketing, and some can use website promotion 2 and SMO, in addition, there are some unique mode. For example, PPG’s success was due to a large amount of print advertising. Difficulty coefficient: 30%

3 site traffic

The change of

most webmaster are keen on site traffic, but the site development in a certain stage, but can not get the essence of traffic breakthrough, they are confused, how to improve the flow of the site? I think the first ask yourself, what they do, do all ready? To be a diligent observation to our competitors and the whole area of the scale. Individuals ( believe that simply to improve the site traffic (or Alexa rankings, PR value) is not healthy, should be in-depth study of the long tail theory, rather than garbage flow. Difficulty coefficient: 40%

4 website value

if the development of a website, first to find ways to expose it, then the next step is the website popularity problem. This is reflected in the core value of the website, content, services or functions, how to reflect the unique advantages of the site, is generally encountered by the webmaster. Therefore, tap the market segments or vertical field potential is an important choice to reflect the value of the site. Difficulty coefficient: 50%

5 technology bottleneck

is not only a website program, function update, but also related to server upgrade, security maintenance and other technical bottlenecks. There is no strong backup technology support, a site anti-interference ability is very weak. In addition to the continuous revision of the user experience, but also to prevent other people copy, imitate, and even malicious attacks. Strengthen the construction of the technical team, if you can set up technical barriers, the probability of success will be greatly improved. Difficulty coefficient: 60%

< > 6 profit model

One day, 700IP’s English speaking experience

and I China many personal webmaster, there are several small personal website, silently in the webmaster nets and the laggards submerged with water, to learn a variety of web technology and the music, I believe that many webmaster like me, to stand ready to English, not only because the Google Adsense price, the key is a passion or challenges to it (oh, just personal opinion, do not know if you don’t want to, anyway) are good, I do not discuss here, suddenly I do English prompted by a sudden impulse, the experience to share with everyone, I believe that is hovering in several dozens of IP you must have help.

basic situation: my English station started in May, about 50 days today, IP more than 600 points (all the amount of Digg and Yahoo, Google came one),


early station, casually engage in a DEDECMS version of the template, a little time spent, try to adapt to the foreigner’s hobby, and ready to start the online translation tools, five or six times a day with a very hard, and his experience in search of a English website (here I want to say so much online the article, just let me know the Digg and some of the alliance, do not know is the master who don’t want to get too deep or give us a novice with space), anyway, in a word, the harvest time of 49 days ahead is the only Yahoo, Google, Live, and other search engines to my station, at the same time also apply in Yahoo and Dmoz open directory (the initial feeling hopeless, now also not included), of course, I think this is a very simple thing, but IP has been 2 to 9, more than ever, until yesterday I spent Half an hour, the station traffic directly soared to more than 600 I (I thought wrong when the morning to see statistics, ha ha), that feeling is really cool.

, let me tell you what I did yesterday:

1, open Google hot list, in the "international" label, found a United States and the site related hot keywords (we need to translate to Baidu this word of some basic information, easy to original).

2, take this article just sent to the Yahoo problem to find relevant questions, and seriously answer this question, by the way, paste the article web site, to a few IP, or ah.

3, and then submit the original good article to, that’s all.


Digg submitted a dozen articles, because new articles in Upcoming, can only be found by searching only, they are always one or two IP, feeling a little disappointed, but yesterday I found to be very easy to get hundreds of IP’s in Digg, the premise is that we need to find a relatively hot words in this vast contrast, Googl>

Talk about your personal view of the O2O marriage industry

face O2O, the birth of the beginning, everyone mentioned is the most Online 2 Offline, from the literal meaning to understand, very simple, online to offline, that is, online customers to the line.

initial O2O was born, the promotion of this model is the group buying industry, all kinds of buy site outbreak, the rise, so that the concept of O2O gradually popular.

however, this model does not just buy the group, including the ticket, hotel, and so on. Then, to the wedding industry, marriage consumption is a rigid demand, life is often only once consumption, but very seriously. At present, 1000-1200 pairs of newlyweds are married each year in China, with an annual consumption of 5000-6000. Companies engaged in marriage services abound, mainly by price, advertising competition, so that the industry is in a vicious competition environment.

in the face of the rise of this pattern, although the troubled marriage industry (single frequency, high cost, non standardized, local properties), but the opportunities (training, digging, unconventional, standardizing) also exist, difficulties are also opportunities. Well, in the end what is the opportunity, we will come to the specific analysis:

In the

Internet era, consumer acquisition has shifted from passive advertising to proactive consumer search. Online access can be made through self built platforms or with other platforms. Self built platform of high cost, small wedding service companies can use like the couple Wedding Expo as a platform to marriage as consumers access, pay the return value is not high, and the ideal. It is important to cultivate potential consumers at the same time.

data show that the country in 2011 due to the wedding day generated close to 300 billion yuan of consumption. In 2012, it rose to 400 billion yuan. With the new China since the founding of the largest baby boomers born late in 1980s and will enter the age groups. Wedding spending is expected to double again on this basis. No doubt, the wedding market is a huge business opportunities, involving dozens of major categories of products, such as clothing, photography equipment, catering, tourism, jewelry, gifts, services and so on.

inevitably, the more tempting prey will attract the more predators. In the wedding industry is still a toddler, many businessmen have emerged, such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain like crowds holding a spoon is divided into a cup of soup. As a result, their own system is not yet perfect wedding industry, was mixed with bad businesses stirred muddy. Because a small number of businesses lack of credibility, resulting in new people to raise wedding, the entire industry prohibitive, careful, and really become a "worry marriage" new person". In the face of such complex market conditions – high levels of category vendors and low brand awareness – we will find that quality businesses and consumers are equally victims at this point. The same commodity has the same market environment

Wan Zhanxing a chain of ancient and modern gongcheng

flow exchange chain for individual webmaster should be not strange. Text exchange chain is a lot of novice Adsense adopt a website promotion means. We present knowledge, once popular with Tai Chi chain, chain, chain, pioneer Rundong billion flow chain, and later, the dark horse for serious chain etc.. For the present, the decline of the exchange chain has two main reasons, the quality of a chain, in order to increase the exchange, filled with a large number of ambiguous vulgar content and link text. Another is the chain operators for profit, skimp on the user’s true volume of transactions.

a successful exchange chain must be professional. In an entrepreneurial online, see a lot of beauty, film and television and other disorganized keywords psoriasis, to the user’s feeling is very informal. Because the audience is inaccurate, the exchange effect can not be ideal.

secondly, the exchange chain in the professional domain must have enough web sites. This is why ambiguous, vulgar, free film and television content is the main part of the exchange chain. Because pictures, film and television stations have enough quantity. And there are few successful exchanges like literature and sports.

today to promote heritage like everyone is my friend QQ station exchange chain ( Being a friend at QQ station is worth a try. This chain once domain name is, believe that the early QQ space webmaster to this chain will know, many old QQ webmaster have joined.

although this chain is not successful, but I admire the station’s insistence. It’s been 4 years since I put the switch in. From the original multi class, in the now cut to complete QQ class website alliance, the old domain name is lost, the webmaster all the way rough, adhere to today, quite difficult. The number of stations in QQ is large and the exchange is very good. It is a potential switching class.

my friend has his own QQ station. He makes more than 10 pictures every day after 12 in the morning. Basically, every day, perseverance is amazing. The management of the chain is also, for dozens of large amount of exchange in front of the site, every day Click inspections, stop Trojan virus. Several times I couldn’t get my website to work or the ad code was out of order. He told me all about it. What is the establishment of problems also often exchange, is a very good webmaster.

original episode: Heritage site promotion blog (


Steadfast heart, do stand will win

since 05 years after graduation to start doing personal website, now nearly several dozens of sites, several of which are sold thousands of pieces, and some just a little traffic dropped by Baidu K, the overall feeling in recent years do stand really fail. When I first started my first website, I was out of a hobby, but in the end I did it for profit.

05 years with the first love built is industry station, this station only let me have a little feeling of success, what was the acquisition, SEO does not understand, rely entirely on manual update, insist on a few months, every day to achieve more than 3 thousand ip. Slowly, begin to understand the advertising alliance, however, did a lot of alliance, has also not be paid until later, hang GG ads, no cheating, no month there are nearly a thousand dollars, for me at that time, feel very satisfied. My family felt very surprised when I told my family that I was making money on the website, but it pleased me at the same time.

because the station was profitable, but what I was thinking was to make more money, so I thought I could do more. Wouldn’t that make more money?. Then began the construction of other sites, the day is to update the site, but due to energy reasons, and did not just do that kind of passion standing time, no longer willing to manually update the station, then also know the collection, then several stations collected every day, but this is a nightmare to update it. New website on acquisition although the content is very rich, but the traffic is not to make money, not to mention. At the beginning of the station flow also slowly down, and earn less and less money through the site.

these years, I have been doing site, but these stations are not on the flow, that is, just a little traffic was Baidu K, and there is GG income is too low, and ultimately did not adhere to do it. I am very surprised, why do I do the first stop is still very smooth, when the technology is much worse than now, but now understand a little bit of technology, and the site is not doing well.

now I understand, I think the station must do it carefully, and steadfast, and hard to do the site to do well, and not blindly want to fight for money. Now concentrate on doing a station (, I now understand the basic principle of doing the station, I believe that this site will certainly be able to do well.

The use of credit strategy operators should pay attention to what

this credit is a very common phenomenon, some do not want money settlement, while others are not money. "Boss, a package, the money to remember ah." Consumer theory. "Okay!" Retail customers. In the process of market visits, such a dialogue often occurs. As a marketing strategy, the use of credit can promote the growth of operating performance, but if used improperly, it may increase the operating risk, and even lead to cash flow, business is in trouble. In order to make reasonable use of the credit strategy, managers must establish a sense of awareness of the management of credit and risk control, to achieve proper strategy, clear accounts, financial security.

I believe that the use of credit strategy operators should pay attention to the following points:

first, the establishment of credit account. Operators should carefully record each credit transaction, do not record them on paper or cigarette cases, to keep the credit account. The best is the customer’s family as a unit of account page. Every time the credit, to a detailed record of the goods on credit, payment amount and pay period, and signed on the ledger credit object confirmation. To regularly check the total amount of credit sales, and according to the economic strength of the store to properly control the size of credit, increase the collection efforts to ensure that the store has sufficient funds to purchase goods. To regularly analyze the data recorded in the comparison, lessons learned, in a timely manner on the amount of credit, credit and other methods to adjust the content.

two, determine the goods on sale. For some large amount of funds and sell fast goods can not express credit. For example, some rural shops will be scarce, high-end cigarettes included in the goods can not be sold on the counter with a clear sign. For some more daily, low-cost, adequate supply of ordinary cigarettes, you can try to meet the customer’s credit requirements.

three, breakdown customer category, set the credit limit. The operator can according to their own understanding of the situation, according to the income of the consumer credit, etc. to understand the situation, like financial institutions as the classification of credit object, determine the credit limit, and record the volume, so that at any time. When the credit object at or close to the credit limit, to politely refuse credit and remind the timely pay.

four, timely collection of money. When the credit payback period more than commitment, should be timely reminders of the debt, and at the appropriate time, such as credit object wages, or by other means that the debt repayment ability, and timely on-site collection, increase the success rate of accounts receivable. Operators in the process of paying attention to the words and deeds, not because of the accounts and customer conflicts, resulting in the loss of customers.

there are many small restaurants because customers continue to credit, long-term settlement resulting in no way off, this case has been exposed many, no exposure is too many to count.

Novice toys store purchase notes

in the process of novice entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial projects selection is the key now, children’s toys industry market profit is relatively large, there are also some competition in the market, in such circumstances, people should be how to purchase? Have a good supply, in order to eventually succeed.

A, note

before purchaseTo do a specific planning and arrangements before the

1, to purchase, how many species, the number of all kinds of toys, there are grades, do detailed calculation in advance, must not be no purpose, no goal, no number, no high and low points, it would be a waste of limited funds.

2, to consider the seasonal trends and problems in the purchase plan, not blindly according to their personal preferences for toys unlimited play, to summarize, research, understand the customer demand trends.

3, pay attention to the style of their shops, is what route, the positioning of the consumer groups, age to be accurate, the overall style of the goods to be consistent, should not be lost in the purchase of the direction.

two, purchase notice in

The specific operation of

1, in the toy market purchase, first of all have their own ideas and basic orientation, avoid many toys goods lost, do not easily believe that wholesalers recommendedtoys, heard "good buy" blindly with goods, have their own ideas.

2, many toy samples will make you dazzling, so the purchase in the toy market in time can not be too long, about 2 hours or so, if the time is too long will lose the ability to distinguish, put a lot of "defective" back, I have no tears to cry.

We should pay attention to the comparison of toys style

3, purchase, a person’s eye after convergence, so to sum up, recall, comparison, when necessary, can invite some friends to go with love toys, because they are often very unique appreciation is also very professional.

4, the price is an important consideration, especially good toy supply price is certainly high, so to take into account the overall level of the shop, do not rush out. In short, the purchase, the size of the most important grasp.

three, purchase the note after

1, toy goods picked up, we must pay attention to carefully check whether there are quality problems, packaging problems. Don’t be careless, otherwise it’s a waste of time and energy to deal with problems after the fact.

2, before you want to pay, be sure to check the wholesale price of toys wholesale list is consistent, because sometimes the price is wrong, will lead to their own loss.

3, the purchase of their own list of good, the date of the purchase of toys and the number, the price are well arranged, so that their financial management.

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Yunnan this year to create 36 public space to encourage entrepreneurship

for entrepreneurship training of entrepreneurs in the public business period is a very important thing, especially in today’s society, is an era of entrepreneurship as the main theme, whether it is the policy of the government or the training work is particularly critical.

"the training to enhance my understanding of entrepreneurship policy, but also enhance the self confidence in entrepreneurship." The day before, at the start-up stage of the Han Jun in Yunnan province by the Institute of science and technology, Wuhua science and Technology Industrial Park Management Committee jointly organized the first "cloud of public record space" innovation and entrepreneurship training site to express their views.

Yunnan this year 36 public record identification, development space, and give some financial subsidies, mainly for the public record space rent, broadband access, public software and hardware, education and training, tutor services, entrepreneurial activities and other expenses. Shang Zhaoqiu revealed that this year, the Yunnan Provincial Department of science and technology under the support of science and Technology Institute of Yunnan province intends to focus on creating the "institution innovation corridor", the formation of the western Kunming city high tech Development Zone, along the Xuefu Road, east to the Yunnan Airport International Science and technology Innovation Park, University City, Chenggong economic and Technological Development Zone "Gallery four" the development of a new pattern of innovation and entrepreneurship.

the recent major building Jinding Science Park multi-creation space core area, Kunming high tech Development Zone and the Kunming University of Science and Technology and other colleges and universities as the fulcrum of the Xuefu Road innovation demonstration area gathered. Yunnan International Airport to build long-term radiation science and Technology Innovation Park, University City, Chenggong economic and Technological Development Zone as the core of innovation and entrepreneurship gathering area, radiation state (city), for South Asia Southeast Asia multi-creation International Space demonstration area.


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Ye Zhaohui the journey from vice mayor to entrepreneur

most people still believe that the work of civil servants is stable and promising. However, some people chose to leave the circle, Ye Zhaohui is such a vice mayor turned into entrepreneurs entrepreneurs.

"two days before the new year’s Eve, I take care of things that the company early to return home, driving several hours spent at a high speed, I have never experienced the feeling." Ye Zhaohui said.

though it is a common destination. But before the trip have a chauffeur, now need to drive, and drive home the new year, this kind of feeling, let Ye Zhaohui seemed to find childlike excitement.

"I sat in the car, said to myself, oh, I just go home, or go home." From time to time on the radio to send home to the people of the blessing, and he has become one of them.

The first spring festival at

"the more important festivals, especially the Spring Festival, the festival is not good, even the holidays are not on duty, but as leaders in charge, a sudden, always rushed to the first time." Ye Zhaohui said that, in particular, served as deputy magistrate later, not with the usual holiday.

this year the Spring Festival is a festival for more than and 10 years since Ye Zhaohui had the most comfortable.

"spend more time with the family, the Spring Festival this year is my biggest wish, to tell the truth, even if the past can go home every night, but get along with their parents or too little, not to mention the travel." At the beginning of 31, Ye Zhaohui took his family to Hengdian film and TV city.

"old age is more and more big, want their children to call, because I do not do, only to take advantage of this day, do some thing to do." Ye Zhaohui said.

business after less time with his son