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  • Disclose the current situation and trends of several grassroots entrepreneurship channelsA month of


    two, following the Taobao shop, I learned that there are Taobao customers such an industry, so began to pay attention to:

    compared with his peers, small electric science and technology announced that the new year covering 30 cities ambition is not big, Tang Yongbo intends to control the rhythm of expansion. In his view, the B2B2C model, decided to share the charge treasure, the company between the war may be a protracted war for 5-10 years. "It’s okay to hit forty."." Tang Yongbo joked.

    , in his view, B2B2C’s model, decided to share the charge treasure, the company between the war may be a protracted war for 5-10 years.

    the war, Tang Yongbo looked promising. For jumei, Chen Ou beauty group and other different industries to enter the game player, he is not worried, he wants to do is to quickly first mover advantage into capital first mover advantage and operation of the product first mover advantage, for 3-4 months window period.

    recently in just one month’s time, the small electric technology has announced another round of financing, the amount of financing more than 450 million yuan, and the investment is behind the ultra luxury lineup, angel investors including investment hungry, ofo drops, Jinsha River partner Zhu Xiaohu, as well as a strategic investor in the early round of incoming A Tencent. At the beginning of the May small power technology completed by Sequoia Capital and Gao Rong capital lead investor, Tencent continue to cast a new round of financing, financing amounted to 350 million yuan.

    Taobao customers really have advantages, but also very suitable for novices to do, because there is no need to find supplies, do not need to shop, shelves, goods, and even practices are flexible. But Taobao customer development up to now, many methods have been speculation does not work, I have seen many video before, there is a video about the things I agree, and newcomers can do in the future sustainable development of Taobao customer mode is to find a breakdown of the industry to do high quality or high quality industry station station bo. But SEO from now on, although you can do it, but a start to play their to perform, but at least after a relatively long time to gradually lift up the income. Can look at "webmaster VS micro quotient"

    "I feel like I’m in a strange state now that I want to stop and I’m afraid I can’t stop."." On the morning of May 11th, Tang Yongbo said in an interview with the press in Beijing. Tang Yongbo is the founder of small electricity technology, before he was Alibaba’s catering service platform Amoy bit founder.

    one, after my resignation, I first concern is Taobao shop:

    because the network projects are timeliness, for example, a few years ago, Taobao, then people who are now basically rich, but now want to do is very difficult. This article is to share my period of analysis of several mainstream cock silk venture projects and my final choice.

    recently, he will receive an interview with the media at 11 in the evening. Since the beginning of this year to share the charge treasure become an air outlet, he has been this non-stop state.

    below is my resignation after the analysis and selection of entrepreneurial projects:

    in December last year when the establishment of small power technology, have you thought of sharing rechargeable treasure will become an industry on the wind?


    first introduced before me, before I do mobile phone application programming, a lot of friends feel that the programmer is a very good occupation, even amateur friends envy me, not the programmer has no future do evaluation, but personally, I don’t think my life is all day long time write code to debug the code, with a no human computer to communicate, and be limited to the company, so I quit.

    Abstract: in my opinion, the biggest feature of China lies in the diversity of its population structure. We are to meet the needs of some groups, such as young people, people who travel, and they have developed good paying habits. For the moment, China’s target population is around 3-4 billion.

    believes that the majority of people wanting to start their business via the Internet should be most interested in what they are doing now,

    , however, as a stand at the cusp of the people, many times, Tang Yongbo also need to face the market on the sharing of charging treasure business model, demand, the future of space questioned.

    then I find many dry cargo articles, constantly, but also to find a friend do online consultation, found did not think so simple, such as supply, quality need to stockpile store can not afford, poor in the basic price war. For example, search optimization, in fact, we all know to go to optimize, so how to optimize, just with others flat only, there is no advantage at all. Taobao to do too much, no matter what method you use, there is a mass and the way you like to spend money to buy traffic, unless Taobao, but buy traffic in fact belong to Taobao, they just came to your shop through the Taobao platform, buying it has nothing to do with you, you also it wants to continue throwing money to Taobao to buy it. So, Taobao to do it, it is necessary to continue to take money to hit Taobao, and no day to do it, you can not even accumulate more than their own customers. That’s why many people turn to WeChat. "Tell you why you want to be a micro dealer and add it to more accurate fans," the article said.

    Tang Yongbo: we decided at that time that there might be a lot of people coming in, but I didn’t want to

    with the completion of this round of financing, small power technology has become the first company to obtain B round of financing in the field of shared charging treasure. Other companies are also secretly competing, and even on the same day, there are two other shared treasure companies, announced the news of intensive financing. This seems to indicate, after sharing bicycle again after a fierce battle is about to start.

    Shanghai dragon for Firefox specific parameters set detailed

    by the way, here, I use the most is to find the page of reverse link function, directly connected to the reverse link YAHOO search page. Of course, Shanghai dragon for default is the Firefox toolbar in each page to load will display the corresponding data, and this will be a waste of server resources, thus often leads to errors in the query display reverse link when loading. At this point, you can right-click anywhere in the Firefox browser page, select in the pop-up menu: quake > preference Shanghai Longfeng; under specific settings, enter the path as below:

    for Firefox Shanghai Longfeng this is a pretty good Shanghai dragon Er essential tool, it is in the form of plug-ins to install the Firefox browser. Shanghai Longfeng information, this tool has the advantage of any basic information on a web page or to assess their rivals such as: "PR, noble baby source data, this page YAHOO link, the domain name YAHOO link, website whois information, which is bookmarks, whether the site has a website the map is clear page of the import and export links, very convenient. Figure:



    can see, the interface has several main menu, we are the most commonly used menu is: SE plugns (each search engine search results page display settings) and Shanghai bar (page Longfeng toolbar).



    for the Shanghai dragon Er initial analysis of competitors, and find a website PR high page provides a great help to improve work efficiency. In addition, when you are in the search engine (love Shanghai, Google) in the search for a keyword, the search results appear, the tool will display all the basic information of the search results page. As shown below.

    well, we are now entering

    Enter settings menu:

    is set in the Shanghai dragon plugns option, Enable check that the relevant information parameters in the corresponding search engine (like Shanghai) loading is not visible, hook >

    may use this tool in Shanghai dragon Er is no longer a minority, but through the discovery of contact with you, there are a lot of people just plug after installation, and specific parameter settings for the powerful is not very clear, today I am here with you, to introduce the related parameters for the tool. In order to improve our efficiency in the use of the tool in the process of. They also hope to master to stop, leave your valuable opinions.

    Please use simple thinking to face down the right home

    believes that there are some slightly Shanghai Longfeng experience friends have experienced the website home page is K, this may be because we love Shanghai, or excessive optimization error (such as server time synchronization, IP for the same link caused by K), so the home page is K is a very common phenomenon, rather than the entire station is K relatively good deal more. But for the home page is K or to the situation, only to find the home page by reason of K to cause an antidote against the disease.

    server problems, for a few hours or even days can not connect; DNS instability; front page horse; Links station serious drop right, such as the entire station is K; the site title changes; revision home etc.. These reasons are very common, but after two, four cases caused by the front page was K after 2 to 7 days to recover. Check and correct the problem as long as normal update and the chain, not what big problem. But after the two by page down the right is very serious, generally take weeks or months to recover, the author has deep experience, so how to share below recovery caused this situation by K home page.

    was down right home page as an ordinary Shanghai dragon Er is not what immediately cheats, we have to do in accordance with the requirements to make your home page weight as soon as possible, return to the previous. Content is king, the chain for the emperor, to update the station is preferred. The station is mainly in the update, before that the number of cases increased every day is best to have a few original things, which can greatly please love spiders in Shanghai. In addition in the chain to do, the Internet, Internet column. If the new station (within 3 and 4 months are considered) the number of internal links but also the appropriate control, so as to avoid the search engine that we deliberately optimized. In short, the station can be part of every day to update the fixed time, the number of updates as possible.

    two, the content is king.

    do is to repeat the above steps every day the rest of the work and wait, as a Shanghai dragon er must learn to calm, adhere to is the kingly way. During normal operation to ensure all aspects of the site.

    four, repeat and wait.

    In the face of The The most common are:

    chain part to the pursuit of less. Every day the chain construction should pay attention to the relevance and quality, do not do a lot of low quality links such as forum signatures or message, it will put your site to death. Do a little bit better soft, classified information, related forums outside the chain, the chain and so on questions. This is the best time to buy investment chain, mainly pay attention to the correlation, as long as it is related to the other home page outbound links can not exceed 30, the weight of the day, plus 1 to 3, it can be for a few weeks, according to their own funds and.

    , a home right down.

    three, the chain for the emperor.

    Shanghai Longfeng novice essential value thinking

    user value, an abstract concept, but for the sake of users, you will find what you need, what you need to do. So soft, the chain also is such, why everyone in the stressed to the relevant website released the chain and not random hair? Correlation reflected a knowledge concentrated here, you have a chance to get the value related to you. The chain zone website does not have the value of the new algorithm, Scindapsus has made it clear that the light shielding such >

    I am a rookie webmaster, learning Shanghai dragon is just over a year, now is a sophomore students, but I seriously through their own learning and thinking also earn their own living expenses, and enter the teachers help students Pioneer Park set up their own network studio, small and medium-sized enterprises engaged in website optimization. In the study, there is still a little knowledge and share


    had to write soft, there are people directly to others to realize the original purpose of the pseudo original tool is simple, that this can deceive the search engine, the use of not knowing this simple pseudo original tool is the meaning of the sentence is unknown, words of confusion, logical confusion smooth a good article, when you see this article, immediately jump out of, for a long time, jump high, sooner or later by K. Some people, not carefully written, not to the value of information users want to see, the same soft have no value, but also detrimental to the site.

    So how to write What is the value of

    comes to Shanghai dragon, many novice and amateur (enterprise website owners) think so, insist on a few hair the chain every day, adhere to the update in the QQ group soft Wen, a few friends for a few friends of the chain, ranking up.

    the Shanghai dragon is not like this? Can not deny the soft and the chain is very important, but do you really know how to write text, how to release the chain? Love Shanghai station released pomegranate algorithm, Scindapsus aureus algorithm and so on some search engines with new rules can explain a problem, do not deceive your search engine and you should treat your visitors carefully, you should have value to the user site.


    would be valuable soft wen. I think we need to think. For example, this type of website specializing in enterprise publicity company "as demand enterprises pay close attention to the information? From the perspective of the concept, we can have a lot of questions, what is the enterprise publicity? Why do corporate videos? What is the use of corporate videos and other corporate videos do? Propaganda advantage? How to make the enterprise publicity? What is the cost of film production enterprises? And so on many problems, for you to solve the problem of the user, will provide users with valuable information. Of course, don’t forget, in the tail and XX media company…. advertising language to remind users to facilitate transactions. Of course, writing to writing skills and professional knowledge, so it is necessary to exercise the place.

    Seize the long tail keywords traffic accumulate steadily

    long tail keywords, as the name suggests, is that some Extensions word keywords, such as keywords of your site as the "camera", so how to find the word "camera" some other long tail word? You can love or love according to the Shanghai index closed marine vocabulary inquiry find those words, and for the analysis of these words. You can find out the optimization of the word, then the related optimization operation. Then we have to talk about the "camera" wholesale "cameras offer" this two word long tail.

    We all know that

    if you are doing the "camera" business, then the two word camera and camera wholesale quotation is nothing short of the long tail word best, because of all these two words the users need to have a product, they came to the site after the discovery of your camera is doing this business, they will contact you send the quotation, if right, business transactions.

    the above is to tell you don’t ignore the long tail keywords, seize these long tail keywords, may let you get an unexpected harvest.

    then we’ll talk about how to use the long tail word to bring traffic to the site, is what I call the traffic plot thick and thin hair.

    method about keyword optimization, so here I do not boil out. First, we talk about how to grasp some of the long tail word method.

    learning network marketing and website promotion, that something to share on the Internet on the poly quality rice network. Original address: 贵族宝贝9umi贵族宝贝/thread/94.html. Please keep the >, thanks

    "Hello, Wang, today your keywords ranking rose?" this is popular in the webmaster circle a greeting, when matters related to many webmaster in talking with friends website most talked about things about the topic keyword ranking. Of course, a few happy tears, some website main keywords row is very good, but some other long tail keywords can not, so today I’m going to write an article on the long tail keywords, traffic plot thick and thin hair. The topic has obviously have to tell you, long tail keywords force can not be ignored.

    : first we come to understand the "thick and thin hair product" of the word, meaning after a long time to accumulate will have a brilliant future, as cast. We all know that, unlike the long tail keywords as competitive keywords, you don’t need to optimize in separate a column, an article can fix, in the operation with respect to the main keyword for difficulty is low, operation is good then the effect will be very obvious, when you optimization is particularly important when a a large site thick ", every day you go to the optimization of the long tail, then a month, a year down effect is very substantial.

    grabbed the long tail keywords, traffic plot thick and thin hair. Thank you for reading, if there is a better way to optimize the long tail keywords, please discuss with us.

    The 2013 day Shanghai baby noble partners overseas web developers concern


    According to

    it is understood that the number of participating in the activities of Google overseas web developers at least over 20%, thus the group caused no small concern. Now many domestic websites, copied from popular style pattern, coupled with the traffic acquisition costs continue to rise, let those who adhere to the original and real website to provide services for users living space more and more small. Therefore, this part of the webmaster began targeting overseas users, and try to provide Internet services for them. Because overseas users enough diversification and high loyalty, traffic access to simple, advertising revenue is also considerable development, more and more domestic owners began to go overseas websites.

    December 3rd, domestic websites and mobile developers gathered in Shanghai Hilton Hotel, the venue of six hundred people All seats are occupied. nobility baby partner day 2013, ShangHai Railway Station successfully held here. President of Google Greater China Shi Bo League (Scott Beaumont) attended the event, and the AdSense business in 2014, China nobility baby area were introduced and prospects. He said earnestly hope that Google partners can support as in the past Google, also hope that through AdSense, AdMob and DoubleClick Ad Exchange platform for domestic developers to achieve great development.

    of course, the vast majority of domestic webmaster speaking, overseas website development is still relatively high threshold. Overseas users of different internet habits, language diversity, around the legal risk and so on are needed to solve the problem of domestic webmaster. I found the alliance official also stressed that if the AdSense as the main revenue of the overseas website must pay attention to the risk of traffic sources and website content. The quality of Google overseas source of traffic demand is very high, for example, search Shanghai dragon cheating, once found, and no survival may account must seize. In addition, abroad is very sensitive to the copyright and adult content, suggest Adsense don’t have reported luck and illegal operations, in addition to lose money or may cause unnecessary legal risks, then The loss outweighs the gain.

    ‘s only authorized service noble baby AdSense in mainland of China search alliance responsible person, the current through the search alliance platform hosting and optimization has dozens of overseas accounts, the last half year growth rate is very fast, there are many accounts of the monthly income is more than $ten thousand. These types of sites mainly in business class, document material, shopping guide, small game, also introduced Chinese tourist attractions, service life, delicacy class website is also very popular with overseas users. At present overseas website advertising the main source of income or noble baby AdSense, but the overseas user click price and click rate are relative to domestic sites will be many times higher. Also, Adsense uses the Western Union or cheque payment, Western Union in the current domestic outlets, owners only need to bring ID card and payment by Western Union code can be completed quickly withdrawals, payment is also very convenient.

    See nine pieces of mail data show the real influence of 123

    123 is equal to the flow rate of

    nine pieces of Mail website is only included in the small fresh page in the small classification, included a few days there is nearly 600 of UV is introduced, and a rising trend, transformed into the user’s rate is relatively high. Think from this, those recommended to the 123 page of the website, every day the flow must be huge, so the 123 can be included, is very valuable.

    wrote an article: lasted for half a year, nine piece of mail is to be included in 123, then later wrote an article said, with real data of nine piece of mail to show to be good effect after the 123 series included below, direct access to the topic:

    123 is the brand

    post was 123 included, has become a benchmark for the industry, in a leading position, has won a lot of attention naturally with the industry and the media, the brand exposure, really very valuable. Some excellent >

    we just use a tool to check, according to the ratio of their traffic to the site to calculate, will find that there are hundreds of millions of UV hao123 every day, that is to say every day there are hundreds of millions of Internet users through hao123 to access other sites. Hao123 visits every day so high, to the website to UV is also very impressive, hao123 is not equal to the flow this holiday.

    see here may be some webmaster friends to come out to refute: 123 included = weight. Of course, I also dare not 100% sure that the weight lifting is completely because of a collection of 123, but the heart still feel this is a good thing to bring 123. After all, 123 is love from Shanghai, was 123 included is the love sea recognized, is also the logical weight recovery.

    said before nine post website was K several times, before the 123 were included, nine pieces of mail weight is very low, basically no website ranking, not included, but the next day 123 included, have included, the weight is up, the snapshot returned to normal, and the Ministry of keywords ranking before. See the website below a verbal statement without any proof, data at a glance, do not believe it can also go to check.


    123 is equal to the weight of

    After nine

    as a navigation directory Web site the more influential, hao123 has been renowned in the majority of primary users and most personal adsense. The industry generally believe that the 123 included high standards, can be 123 of the sites included is a selection of high quality website certainly, overall not bad to where to go, when you believe in seeking cooperation website, first through the 123 to see similar websites.


    Talk about the experience of Shanghai Longfeng users from Taobao shop

    with the network era intensified, joining Taobao, Jingdong, Amazon and other large online shopping mall, online shopping has become a lot of people part of everyday life. Here the author mainly introduced by Taobao Taobao mall in user experience. I have not opened the Taobao store, but I take a view of consumer of Taobao mall user experience has the following views:

    when we search a baby (here – for example, vest) you will find the entire page will appear vest products, of course, if you are in the description of the baby with an inscription, may display in the front row. The page will not vest consumers look confused, so how to make your baby into the consumer eye, here you need to modify the baby pictures, if your baby home with many stores the same baby, what do let buyers click on your store. Similarly, we also need to modify pictures in the picture, such as a "arbitrary 2 pieces of clothes" "promotion last day", consumers can buy high quality and inexpensive things always hope. Let your baby home with the other home buyers will keep the eyes out of the ordinary. We can take the diversification and update frequency of the website website content corresponding to this point.

    how to make buyers shop vest desire enhancement, which requires us to describe the baby enough to be. A drawback many stores will appear is a lot of brightly coloured text descriptions, add a few of Zhang Baobei’s most positive and negative figure is finished, it will.

    method above we let buyers in our store, so how to reduce buyers click bounce rate, here we need to provide some relevant recommendations, it is said in the Shanghai dragon pages related recommendations. We have taken an example of vest in the shop on the left, or is the following baby description of the other baby shop recommended to the buyers, so buyers are willing to continue to stay to enjoy your baby home, because if the buyer is found vest and entering the store, then we will give the buyer to recommend collocation vest, slimming pants to shock we said above, any 2 pieces of clothes, if properly, the buyers may recommend to buy vest, plus later bought our recommended vest or pants, just support, it will also enhance our sales. Return to our website is the same, as the Mount Huangshan talent network talent information directory page, I will add some reading and reduce the rate of jump out of users in the next article.

    store baby pictures representative:

    am Mount Huangshan talent network editor Cheng Shanshan, everyone knows whether it is large or small and medium-sized site site appears in the search engine for users, user acceptance and popularity of the website can coexist in the search engine. Here we have to refer to the user experience.


    baby to describe the pictures, words:

    shop baby recommended:

    Some views on the Internet love Shanghai artificial K station

    website with the black hat means do it often will be ranked under artificial love Shanghai. This view is not correct. If so, the Liuhe color will so crazy love, Shanghai can be a knife cut all "Liu and" the word. We often see gray industrial black hat, but to do it, how many loved Shanghai? Don’t love Shanghai only artificial regular industry station? The issue is worth pondering.

    I first introduce the name of a "love Shanghai", many people also listen to say, is in the online forum and the Shanghai dragon crazy pass, including members of Shanghai Longfeng colleagues, could not find a solution will say a word, I love Shanghai station will be artificial. Overnight pulled the hair. The origin of this term I will not say. Now the optimization research center meets the bottleneck.


    love Shanghai bidding open, but did not stop the money. This is in the news television say. Reporters also understand the market too. In fact, we all love Shanghai misunderstanding at home.

    "love Shanghai artificial intervention" of the word definition: love Shanghai some complaints and suggestions, such as: snapshot compliants, Shanghai love BUG love Shanghai Encyclopedia of complaints, complaints, these are the true love Shanghai. Many people get love Shanghai love Shanghai snapshot, ranking top to do that. I never go to the station, that love Shanghai has also not afraid of artificial, artificial Shanghai. The website said the common artificial are the following:

    with some sensitive words stand: what is the sensitive words of this station, you know. For example, several chiefs known as MOON Shanghai Longfeng Research Center released so that their institutions have been in love with Shanghai. In fact, if the micro site can be found a lot of problems, this problem, I will not elaborate on. You know you can. But it can be said that they must meet bottleneck. Love Shanghai engineers do not know enough to interfere with such a station you, not what relationship to him.

    consider: love Shanghai stable rank which has several factors? 1. 2. 3. degree of customer flow quality show 5. viscosity 4. chain these are affecting the ranking factors. Consider that love Shanghai bid to stop, your customer resource less show degree low, with quality also declined. This interlocking. Finally, your ranking dropped upside down. Some bosses do not understand the market, to the Shanghai dragon er said "love Shanghai to let you open bidding, so your site will be good." But they did not go to the deep thinking, perhaps at that time is money. Maybe someone will ask me here. It did not open bidding love Shanghai snapshot ranking how to explain here I say a very simple test method. You can go to brush flow, and don’t brush pV rankings, not what effect. You will find that you really have the effect of rank.

    Talk about the details of the success factors of website ranking details

    is currently on the site’s ranking kiom cloud. If a site is not to love Shanghai or the first two pages of Google, it is very difficult to do website, website, how to make your website in the numerous website in the top rankings? What factors have influence on the site? The author of this problem and you with the talk.

    second: hardware main factors influencing the website ranking and you also have a great relationship. Your host is not smooth, the relationship with the speed of speed, even if the performance of the server host can not be guaranteed if your site is difficult to have a good ranking in many sites. Not on the schedule, is meant to be. So we must not be careless, host and server hardware imagine a website always fall, always can not open the page, this website search engine will be very ruthless will you into the blacklist.

    third: the site structure is reasonable. A good website must have a site map. The site map will guide users and search engines and read the content of your website. Convenient, limin. The target navigation bar in addition to the website is very important. A better user experience of the website, in the rankings will occupy a great advantage. Humane, rational, only by the users love, love will also be search engine.

    fourth: website space to have substantive things. The main point is that this content is king. If the content on your site without substance, ranking will also be greatly affected. In a number of articles, should focus on less hair, more exquisite articles, these really useful to the user, from the user’s perspective to write, will be better. This user jump out rate is low.

    first we must understand the characteristics of their own website, the expected goal of the rankings, in addition to the ranking and optimization related to view your competitors website, Zhiyizhibi, can be invincible, learn the strengths of others, has weaknesses, for you to understand the competitor’s website, and not deliberately the competitor’s website, but to tell you to learn from other advantages. To suppress others sometimes does not improve themselves, so we still have to go to work from their own side can.

    fifth: the site within the chain is also very important. One of the factors also affect the site ranking reason. A good website, in an article in the chain is essential. A key link to the corresponding article or column, guide the user to browse depth. This can reduce the rate of jump out of the user, but also allows users to your site has greater ownership and sense of dependence. So your website ranking is likely to continue to increase. The search engine found a visitor did not stay long time at your site, it will think that your site is not what the actual value, so will affect your site’s ranking in search results. So we in the construction site must ensure that each page has enough information or practical function, only in this way can.