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  • Amazon unwilling to start building a virtual reality behind the mall

    electricity supplier and virtual reality more and more closely, according to foreign media reports, the electricity supplier retail giant eBay cooperation with the Australian retailer Myer department store, launched the world’s first virtual reality Department store. In order to facilitate customers to open a virtual reality shopping trip, eBay and Myer jointly issued a statement saying that through this cooperation, the two sides will be customers, especially virtual reality customers, providing virtual reality equipment shopticals. It is reported that the company through the website ebay.com.au/VR for customers free of charge 15 thousand wearable devices.

    of course, the domestic Taobao and Jingdong also did not lay down new opportunities for virtual shopping. Like Taobao announced in March this year, the establishment of the VR Laboratory (GM Lab), start Buy+ plan to lead the future shopping experience. According to the latest news VR daily, Buy+ is finally coming, will be on-line test in September 2016. This has been dubbed "black sheep" products have a Shopaholic’s dream: virtual try on. Alibaba’s chief marketing officer Dong Benhong in an interview with the media said: "Buy+ using VR and AR technology, will improve the user’s shopping comfort, make shopping more convenient, the Alibaba will use these technologies to promote market transformation."

    shows that the electricity supplier in the action on the VR are particularly active. According to the latest news released by foreign media, Amazon will use PSVR, HTC vive and oculus rift head, plus Nintendo’s NX control model to create a new online shopping experience. In addition, Amazon is more representative of the new development of the shopping model will give priority to paying members and the old user experience.

    said: "we will launch a virtual reality shopping a physical and digital combination of experience, experience will be applied to the oculus rift, HTC vive and PlayStation VR virtual head significantly, the next generation of consoles Nintendo will also debut the same period, increasing market share at the same time, will continue to expand our digital platform whether it is the PC or other free trade way."

    Taobao and other shopkeepers in the future direction of promotion

    Taobao, does not seem to train burn no business like, do the same pat. In fact, a lot of Taobao and other e-commerce shop shop began to promote their own free and effective channels of the product, as a shop owner you know?

    2011, what is the hottest? Micro-blog! Group purchase! Comment! But next year must be the hottest review sites, why? In fact, the reason is very simple, because Taobao is the establishment of an objective evaluation system which is growing up. And now, because in Taobao, pat to buy a baby is not satisfied after the objective assessment can not be, once the poor to the seller after the phone harassment immediately. You say, the buyer can go nowhere to vent it? Of course, is to provide third party service review site


    so poor sellers will always worry about the evaluation system, whether it is the Taobao system, pat system, or an independent mall system. But can improve the high quality, reasonable price, good service is the seller, product promotion to where, where praise followed, natural sales will get out of hand to rise. Just like iPhone and iPad, there are long queues of buyers.

    so have a good vision of the seller, has put his baby layout in the free comments online, so that not only means more exposure, but also means that sales. More for their own brand to do free and is the best publicity, advertising is the best, is the kind of you see not only do not hate but do not consciously do it cottage version of the ad.


    four eye comment (88see.com)? Four eye comment is designed by the third party evaluation platform, make the best products and services to get more exposure, get more free traffic, free traffic from the transformation into sales and development was better. So what are the four comments on the development and continue?

    with the flow, four comments on the network will not die, even if the flow is very small, because the cost of inputs is also small, so the network is not born in the eyes of four comments have not considered the problem of survival.

    What are the advantages of

    four eye comment network


    a, only to do the electronic commerce industry reviews, but also focus on the seller and the seller to sell the goods Taobao services class review;

    two, all comments project and product design are the characteristics of electronic commerce around the shop, but the project design is very detailed for the purpose of online sellers performed better on their own products propaganda;

    three, not only the design shop and merchandise. This web site two options to increase the visitor Click to enter the shop of the opportunity, but also set up a special hyperlink that visitors don’t copy the link to the browser window but can click directly into the shop, this is the other review sites do not have, because the system itself has no comment this function. < >

    Double Eleven overdraft consumption Cumulative consumption Promote consumption

    eleven before some people predicted that this year Taobao total net turnover of 10 billion is difficult to achieve results, Alipay’s total trade amounted to 19 billion 100 million. Now there are a lot of people worry that eleven of the total transaction volume of Taobao’s entire network will drag on the retail market performance in the next few months, dragging the Chinese e-commerce companies collectively away from the health margin of 19 billion 100 million. This kind of worry to say is good to bad long-term vision, is unfounded.

    What is the eleven

    double overdraft consumption, the cumulative consumption and promoting consumption, this is not a big problem, there are three factors, mainly to see what is what is the consumer demand, consumers want to buy goods? Eleven before the performance of double electricity supplier have declined, all obvious to people. Because if it is not necessary to emergency goods, most people will choose to hold up the price of eleven yuan, together with the purchase of double, from this point of view, the outbreak of the double is the cumulative consumption of consumers in the double before the eleven of the eleven.

    , of course, many consumers buy goods once is enough, such as non essential goods necessary for FMCG class TV, electric rice cooker is not an emergency, if there is no double eleven they will buy, from this we can say the existence of double eleven overdraft consumption situation.

    from another point of view, there are a lot of goods is not necessary for non emergency, such as a piece of clothing, the consumer may be looked very love, but because of higher prices for consumers will abandon the purchase, but in eleven the double clothing prices, consumers are likely to purchase, on the one hand, eleven promote consumption.

    nonsense, double eleven double eleven There are both advantages and disadvantages. from the current point of view, the electricity supplier industry, and the role of consumption can not be ignored. Many people worry that as double eleven, future electricity supplier market in a month will be bleak, but last year twelve performance is not bad.

    last year, double eleven Taobao whole network transactions amounted to 5 billion 200 million, twelve Taobao total net turnover of nearly 4 billion 400 million, so the double eleven is not completely drained of the purchasing power of consumers, there is a lot of twelve articles can be done, the reason is very simple, a month later, wages are in place. Because of the twelve, and before the double eleven mass consumption, electricity market next month performance will become cold, electricity suppliers, logistics time this month to pick up the double eleven after a large scale, and for the next year’s "thirty-two".

    Taobao launched last twelve hit other electricity providers a thirty-two this year will be taken by surprise, and a major supplier of promotional. Taobao suning.com is restless, restless, year 12.8 is suning.com promotion at the end of day, especially this year, suning.com generous investment, twelve competition must be wonderful. Jingdong also naturally needless to say, the double eleven did not buy enough, wait for the thirty-two. (text / Wang Liyang)

    first Wang Liyang blog reprint please indicate http://www.wangliyang.com/490.html>

    The electricity supplier price war price promotion Maoni more data is accused of excessive publicity

    Beijing in June 20, in recent days, by the Jingdong 6.18 anniversary provoked electricity price war like a raging fire, the appliance of "red town" sales data have been released, however, there are still many consumers Tucao, in the process of electricity supplier promotional encountered all kinds of tricky shopping and price fraud, no any benefits.

    in addition, according to the monitoring of the electricity supplier price war third party organization, the electricity supplier shopping enthusiasm and no companies so good publicity to consumers, after several price war and fudge, more consumers see the essence behind the promotion, enthusiasm and attention greatly than before reduced.

    A variety of reasons behind the

    deposit tricky

    micro-blog, there are a lot of users Tucao electricity supplier can not be generated by the order can not be purchased, and other reasons eventually led to the experience of not being able to buy. Usually, the price war will all keep in front of the computer, once found cheap goods will be rushed into the shopping cart, but at the end of walk around the circle after, found the system electricity supplier website cannot generate orders, seeing the bargain close at hand, is not buy.

    in the electricity price war of 6.18 this year, a micro-blog netizen said yesterday, "the Jingdong on the evening of 16 seckill orders, 17 orders began to lock, today (19 days) begins with the wrong price on the grounds, did not give any buyers for transfers, unilaterally delete orders, then hard to buyers in the 50 volume of Beijing the so-called compensation." This makes the user very annoyed.

    someone in desperation had to ridicule this "background, deletion of a single customer complaints non-stop, ten means flying, we will try to evade your problem, such as a shipping accident! No. 3540 Jingdong rereader glad to serve you!"

    according to the insiders secret, the website in the promotion, there will be restrictions, such as the same account cannot buy more than a certain number of promotional merchandise, but in order to avoid consumer complaints, these restrictions will not buy out, but set in the website backstage, allowing users to order can not be generated, so that the user wants to no evidence of complaints.

    not only that, a class of problems in business on the site of low-priced goods out of stock also reflects the consumer. In the purchase of goods, the electricity supplier website under the banner of "out of stock" banner, to delivery to the user. This also led to the end of the consumer can not get what they want, but can not buy the goods they want.

    this, the well-known IT and intellectual property lawyer Zhao Zhanling believes that some sites in order to be out of stock or the user is not the termination of the termination of the contract is the basis for consumers. He believes that the short term is mainly to business, consumer complaints. In the long run, the behavior of the unilateral cancellation of orders need to regulate the legislation, to prevent the promotion of individual enterprises in the name of promotion, and then to cancel the order on the grounds of shortage. This kind of dishonest behavior should be regulated by legislation, and credit evaluation mechanism should be established.


    Hidden behind the cross-border electricity supplier bonded sea Amoy goods into China

    [Abstract] Tencent technology visited a number of cross-border electricity supplier and Hangzhou, Chongqing Free Trade Zone, the interpretation of the domestic bonded area mode.

    Tencent technology Sun Hongchao reported on March 3rd

    over the past year is recognized as the outbreak of cross-border electricity supplier, giants, mature players, entrepreneurs have to find their own living space in this area. Behind the outbreak of cross-border electricity supplier, it is free trade zone silent battle.

    for cross-border electricity supplier attempts to use bonded goods collection mode, the bonded area support is very important, the current major free trade zone are the core game player, such as the Hangzhou Free Trade Zone International NetEase Tmall and jumei.com koalas, Zhengzhou Free Trade Zone, Ningbo bonded zone honey bud. In the middle of last year, more honey bud is a strategic investment in Chongqing Xiyong comprehensive free trade zone.

    for cross-border electricity providers, free trade zone means what? At present in the domestic free trade zone mode to cross-border electricity supplier impact? Tencent technology visited a number of cross-border electricity supplier in Hangzhou, and the Chongqing Free Trade Zone, the interpretation of the domestic free trade zone model.

    The history and function of

    free trade zone

    data show that the initial purpose of the establishment of the bonded area is mainly to improve the investment environment to maximize the use of foreign investment and technology introduction.

    the first batch of comprehensive free trade zone from the reform and opening up experimental field Shenzhen. In December 1987, the Shenzhen municipal government established the Shenzhen City Industrial Park in the vicinity of bonded port and Sha Tau Kok, in February 1990 founded the Shenzhen Futian Free Trade Zone industrial.

    and in the strict sense of the bonded area is in the territory of the country, a special closed area outside the national customs area, the area free of tariffs, foreign personnel, goods free access.

    in June 1990, the State Council approved the establishment of the new Chinese first bonded zone of Shanghai Waigaoqiao Free Trade zone. In March 10, 1992, the Shanghai Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone formed by the General Administration of customs and Shanghai customs inspection team acceptance, officially opened.

    with the development of economy, the China has built Shanghai Waigaoqiao, Tianjin port, Shenzhen Futian, Sha Tau Kok and Yantian, Dalian, Guangzhou, Zhangjiagang, Haikou, Xiamen, Fuzhou, Ningbo, Qingdao Xiangyu, Shantou, Zhuhai free trade zone 15, the Department is in charge of the General Administration of customs.

    according to honey bud, little red book, Zhengzhou Free Trade Zone, the current domestic bonded area has the following four types of operation:

    bonded warehouse: the implementation of territory "policy in the bonded area, namely goods from overseas into the free trade zone is not only regarded as imports from the bonded area to import domestic is regarded as imports of goods from China to the bonded area shall be regarded as export. This means that the distribution center can purchase of export goods in the China procurement of international enterprises located in the bonded area, direct distribution of goods to foreign markets, so as to solve the cost problem of distribution; the imported goods can also be the first bonded warehouse in the bonded area, according to the actual sales.

    Business credit consumer credit card which is better for VS

    with the "white Jingdong" and "Hua Bai" and "credit" service launched, all capital also continue to enter the consumer finance market, a consumer overdraft consumption campaign more dense smoke. Similar to the bank’s credit card service, "consumer credit" is also a consumer after the first payment, and have a certain interest free period, let the online shopping chop hand family are not for the moment couldn’t money. This means that in addition to the bank credit card, ahead of consumption more choices. Then the electricity supplier credit consumption "in the interest free period, credit limit, credit card overdue rates and what is different? You can do more.

    – the new express reporter Li Hualian / text

    1 consumption range

    The scope of consumer electricity supplier product

    limitation, growth can not be underestimated

    Ali cat, Amoy, poly, Jingdong, Jingdong mall, Suning has suning.com, the electricity supplier giants do consumer finance has its own natural advantages: backed by consumer scenarios, consumer finance business can accurately find the user first, eliminating the need to look for new users to put a big marketing. Moreover, based on the user’s consumption in the electronic business platform, the data can be tracked, it is easier to do wind control.

    most businesses and Tmall and Taobao have supported "flower chanting" service, also like lashou, Meizu, Dangdang, intime network, Oriental Shopping, Haier mall, these external sites also support the service.

    Jingdong ious only support the purchase of Jingdong mall proprietary products, does not support third party seller products, also does not support the purchase of virtual products.

    Suning has launched two consumer loans, one is self willed to pay, and the other is a change of credit". "The wayward pay" shopping loans to support Suning stores and the suning.com all goods except virtual goods outside at the same time, "willful payment has been, the Yanghe River, and other support first merchants. "Use change loan" is quite broad, the current suning.com computer terminal all physical goods can be used "change loan payment, in the end the use of suning.com mobile phone shopping easy to pay the cashier will" change loan payment.

    and the real credit card use range is wide, there is ATM machine and POS machine UnionPay credit cards can be used, can also be used for online transactions through online banking, covering all areas of our daily life consumption involved.

    relative to the mature credit card products, in the use of the scope, there is a large gap between the electricity supplier credit consumer products. However, before the Internet Financial Research Institute of Shanghai Jiao Tong University Luo Mingxiong interview, the electricity supplier launched on credit products is limited to online consumption, but with the expansion of the user, the application may move to the next line, then the bank credit card points payment, consumer loans business will be affected.

    2 credit line

    credit card up to millions of business credit, "cautious".

    Nearly 90% network operators desire to have independent domain name CN

    news September 10th, days before the Chinese Internet Association (CNNIC) a survey of policy and Resources Committee for the majority of the network groups to carry out the 86.1% network operators surveyed desire to have independent domain name CN, more than 7 of the network operators that use independent domain name CN can help the business get better promotion.


    survey shows that 86.10% of the network expressed "hope for their own shop registered CN domain name". For many network operators, independent domain name CN is becoming the network promotion means they rely on.

    86% network operators that CN domain name "easy to remember", can make it easier for customers to remember and visit the shops; more than 7 network operators that CN domain name can make their own shop "get better promotion", and "enhance the shop grade". At present, CN has become the preferred domain name for the use of the network of independent domain name.

    this, analysts said, with the Chinese e-commerce market continued to flourish, network operators use independent domain name to promote and expand sales has become a represent the general trend.

    The visual picture will become the favorite shopping search B2C advertisers

    2010 is the fastest growing year after the financial crisis. The field of B2C, Jingdong have launched Dangdang open platform, Taobao mall enabled domain independent operations, Mcglaughlin, Dangdang has listed more make e-commerce more awesome. B2C website profit model matures and clear, making the site into the B2C field continues to increase. CNZZ a data show that last year, the number of domestic B2C sites grew from 10 thousand and 100 to 11 thousand and 800, an increase of up to 20.45%.

    meet the needs of the situation, the major portals, search engines, navigation website traffic control have to raise the price of advertising, which makes the already scarce business advertising resources more nervous. Some media reports said that the proportion of large B2C site advertising costs have been close to the cost of 80%. Nevertheless, B2C electricity providers have to bid for these ads, in exchange for traffic to achieve sales.

    in fact, electricity supplier advertising resource scarcity has gradually become a new bottleneck of the development of electronic commerce


    does this bottleneck exist for a long period of time? The answer is not that the advent of visual image shopping search will greatly alleviate the problem. The largest photo shopping search site Tao Tao search as an example, the search results for the business enterprise provides new commercial advertising resources. Tao Tao search results according to the similarity of natural order from high in the end, B2C electricity supplier can search results according to the similarity, user habits, merchandise sales of behavior and index for search results, their association within the site of goods, to achieve precise sales.

    I believe that the following is the visual image of the advantages of shopping search precision advertising. First of all, the use of the site’s users whose starting point is to buy goods, launched on the basis of the search, the results can let the user needs to accept the search results more value; secondly, the search results presented in the picture, the user through visual screening click buy conversion rate will be greatly improved; thirdly, vision the picture is different from the shopping search text search engine, not because of advertising and change the search results ranking, allowing users to accept advertisements more natural.

    Compared with the traditional

    business advertising resources by advertising show a limited size, advertising form single, the target user is not clear to click on the conversion rate is low; the visual picture shopping search, is the brand to show the transaction rate to improve the two extreme and click conversion.

    in fact, the visual image of the shopping search engine is a subdivision of the search engine, which is the same as the traditional search engine is the main entrance of the electricity supplier website. When the advertisement has become the gold market law of development of e-commerce, how to realize the following user entrance, but also to achieve commercial advertising accurate delivery to improve click conversion rate, and to reduce the cost of the three ways, will be one of the topics of B2C electricity supplier marketing.

    although the domestic visual shopping search starting time is not long, but we see, based on the vision of the picture

    Jingdong mall one-stop business electricity supplier new model thinking

    According to the

    Investigation Agency iResearch released the latest data show that the Jingdong market with 50.1% market share, occupy half of the country’s B2C market. Not long ago, Jingdong as the first Chinese electricity supplier companies, in the face of many competitors, but also began to further integrate their resources, and made a one-stop operation of the electricity supplier new ideas.

    has been, I appreciate the hardware and software services Jingdong mall and pioneering spirit, and believe that the three-dimensional operation ability of Jingdong mall, here the author for everyone under the Jingdong simple analysis of the mall a new "one-stop operation" mode.

    (1) products: strict control, style, price concessions

    as far as I know, Jingdong mall product audit has its own set of processes: check the business qualification information – submitted to apply for settled – the two sides to communicate – to confirm the intention of cooperation. And must provide invoices, ensure the quality of products; rich product line, home appliances, books, clothing, cosmetics, luxury goods, articles and so on, consumers can choose as needed, overcomes the disadvantages of a single product; price, in June, the Jingdong of the mall "in the history of the strongest anniversary month of heavy opening, full the category of super price sales, the discount rate was rare in history, reduce their profit in the link of product diversity on to customers, in order to achieve the purpose of our old and new customers.

    (2) marketing: a variety of channels of publicity, brand audience wide

    at present, Jingdong mall brand marketing can be seen everywhere. Online web promotion (such as Baidu, micro-blog web promotion) of marketing (such as the purchase of large Tencent micro-blog theme promotion), news propaganda; offline celebrities (such as actor Honglei Sun, Meng Fei, Li Yingzhi and other host models), sponsored products (such as "one" female guest clothing sponsor) etc.. Marketing channels can be described as more flowering, brand exposure and rational and orderly expansion of the audience area is very wide, so that businesses and consumers settled in brand awareness reached resonance.

    (3) Logistics: self logistics, covering the whole country, fast and efficient

    affects the pulse of electricity supplier logistics, Jingdong naturally understand this, began the layout of their own logistics system since its inception, storage radiation range and terminal distribution of radiation covering most of the city. At present, the Jingdong store has Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Wuhan, Shenyang six major logistics center, in more than 300 key city established city distribution station, and in most colleges and universities to establish the agency and self advice, to ensure a good user shopping experience of the last mile.

    it is reported that the day before the Jingdong to the mall has the State Postal Bureau submitted a license application for express delivery business, to further improve their delivery quality, in order to achieve the purpose of enhancing the user experience. As Liu Qiangdong said: "one world, one shop!" so that the world will become more intimate courier, so that the world will become a mere need to express a store

    Tmall how to do the transformation of consumer connection platform

    has been Tmall can only provide trading behavior lack of brand building, when the goods are available in different platforms, Tmall’s difference in what? In addition to the price war what Tmall can do? The future of the electricity supplier on the road? It is placed in the current three Tmall management team.

    Tmall solutions given yesterday is to open up the brand and sales of the brand station (Tmall flagship store upgraded version), the new front end brand and consumer interaction, background data analysis capabilities. The biggest highlight of this new product is that he provides more to allow consumers to interact with the brand and the mechanism, get rid of the original simple window display shelf type electricity supplier sales. From the first settled Procter & Gamble, Unilever, NBA China and other companies list, the brand is mainly for brand advertisers customized service.

    According to

    , Tmall vice president Qiao Feng said, there are two layers of meaning of their plan for nearly a year brand: Tmall from a simple sales platform rise as a consumer connection platform, from e-commerce (Electronic Commerce) to social commerce (social business). This is one of the key is interactive, brand is a senior most current carrier aggregation pathway, it can connect to help businesses build brand, strengthen and consumers; the station also provides the BI brand analysis, brand CRM and other tools for businesses to meet the big data era.

    three brand station

    Tmall, the first batch of 44 brands stand, both Procter & Gamble, Microsoft, such as the world’s top 500 enterprises, but also Yin man, AFU Amoy brand, as well as a perfect world. 44 brand is mainly distributed in maternal and child care, medicine, clothing, department stores, electrical appliances and other vertical industries, can be divided into three categories:

    shop separation. Such as Microsoft group brand, has many sub brands, in different stores, but they all share a brand. Brand station can build a brand as the navigation path of consumer choice, to help him find goods as soon as possible.

    station shop. For example, Haier mall, the format is relatively simple, is already on the basis of the flagship store has been opened to do a direct upgrade.

    film and television category pure brand station. Perfect world TV drama little daddy has not settled Tmall flagship store, but Tmall is willing to provide them with a foothold to interact with consumers. Of course, from Tmall’s point of view, the main purpose is to promote the sale, the brand will be placed in the TV station will be singled out ads. Tmall said, is currently in contact with Jiangsu satellite TV and Hunan satellite TV, the future may be assigned to the TV station Tmall.


    interact with consumers

    Tmall do Internet business, to provide traffic to sell advertising. The transition from e-commerce to social commerce direction, aside from the official vision, Tmall may have encountered two problems: the lack of growth of their own traffic;