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Shanghai dragon for Firefox specific parameters set detailed

by the way, here, I use the most is to find the page of reverse link function, directly connected to the reverse link YAHOO search page. Of course, Shanghai dragon for default is the Firefox toolbar in each page to load will display the corresponding data, and this will be a waste of server resources, thus often leads to errors in the query display reverse link when loading. At this point, you can right-click anywhere in the Firefox browser page, select in the pop-up menu: quake > preference Shanghai Longfeng; under specific settings, enter the path as below:

for Firefox Shanghai Longfeng this is a pretty good Shanghai dragon Er essential tool, it is in the form of plug-ins to install the Firefox browser. Shanghai Longfeng information, this tool has the advantage of any basic information on a web page or to assess their rivals such as: "PR, noble baby source data, this page YAHOO link, the domain name YAHOO link, website whois information, which is bookmarks, whether the site has a website the map is clear page of the import and export links, very convenient. Figure:



can see, the interface has several main menu, we are the most commonly used menu is: SE plugns (each search engine search results page display settings) and Shanghai bar (page Longfeng toolbar).



for the Shanghai dragon Er initial analysis of competitors, and find a website PR high page provides a great help to improve work efficiency. In addition, when you are in the search engine (love Shanghai, Google) in the search for a keyword, the search results appear, the tool will display all the basic information of the search results page. As shown below.

well, we are now entering

Enter settings menu:

is set in the Shanghai dragon plugns option, Enable check that the relevant information parameters in the corresponding search engine (like Shanghai) loading is not visible, hook >

may use this tool in Shanghai dragon Er is no longer a minority, but through the discovery of contact with you, there are a lot of people just plug after installation, and specific parameter settings for the powerful is not very clear, today I am here with you, to introduce the related parameters for the tool. In order to improve our efficiency in the use of the tool in the process of. They also hope to master to stop, leave your valuable opinions.

Shanghai Longfeng novice essential value thinking

user value, an abstract concept, but for the sake of users, you will find what you need, what you need to do. So soft, the chain also is such, why everyone in the stressed to the relevant website released the chain and not random hair? Correlation reflected a knowledge concentrated here, you have a chance to get the value related to you. The chain zone website does not have the value of the new algorithm, Scindapsus has made it clear that the light shielding such >

I am a rookie webmaster, learning Shanghai dragon is just over a year, now is a sophomore students, but I seriously through their own learning and thinking also earn their own living expenses, and enter the teachers help students Pioneer Park set up their own network studio, small and medium-sized enterprises engaged in website optimization. In the study, there is still a little knowledge and share


had to write soft, there are people directly to others to realize the original purpose of the pseudo original tool is simple, that this can deceive the search engine, the use of not knowing this simple pseudo original tool is the meaning of the sentence is unknown, words of confusion, logical confusion smooth a good article, when you see this article, immediately jump out of, for a long time, jump high, sooner or later by K. Some people, not carefully written, not to the value of information users want to see, the same soft have no value, but also detrimental to the site.

So how to write What is the value of

comes to Shanghai dragon, many novice and amateur (enterprise website owners) think so, insist on a few hair the chain every day, adhere to the update in the QQ group soft Wen, a few friends for a few friends of the chain, ranking up.

the Shanghai dragon is not like this? Can not deny the soft and the chain is very important, but do you really know how to write text, how to release the chain? Love Shanghai station released pomegranate algorithm, Scindapsus aureus algorithm and so on some search engines with new rules can explain a problem, do not deceive your search engine and you should treat your visitors carefully, you should have value to the user site.


would be valuable soft wen. I think we need to think. For example, this type of website specializing in enterprise publicity company "as demand enterprises pay close attention to the information? From the perspective of the concept, we can have a lot of questions, what is the enterprise publicity? Why do corporate videos? What is the use of corporate videos and other corporate videos do? Propaganda advantage? How to make the enterprise publicity? What is the cost of film production enterprises? And so on many problems, for you to solve the problem of the user, will provide users with valuable information. Of course, don’t forget, in the tail and XX media company…. advertising language to remind users to facilitate transactions. Of course, writing to writing skills and professional knowledge, so it is necessary to exercise the place.

Talk about the experience of Shanghai Longfeng users from Taobao shop

with the network era intensified, joining Taobao, Jingdong, Amazon and other large online shopping mall, online shopping has become a lot of people part of everyday life. Here the author mainly introduced by Taobao Taobao mall in user experience. I have not opened the Taobao store, but I take a view of consumer of Taobao mall user experience has the following views:

when we search a baby (here – for example, vest) you will find the entire page will appear vest products, of course, if you are in the description of the baby with an inscription, may display in the front row. The page will not vest consumers look confused, so how to make your baby into the consumer eye, here you need to modify the baby pictures, if your baby home with many stores the same baby, what do let buyers click on your store. Similarly, we also need to modify pictures in the picture, such as a "arbitrary 2 pieces of clothes" "promotion last day", consumers can buy high quality and inexpensive things always hope. Let your baby home with the other home buyers will keep the eyes out of the ordinary. We can take the diversification and update frequency of the website website content corresponding to this point.

how to make buyers shop vest desire enhancement, which requires us to describe the baby enough to be. A drawback many stores will appear is a lot of brightly coloured text descriptions, add a few of Zhang Baobei’s most positive and negative figure is finished, it will.

method above we let buyers in our store, so how to reduce buyers click bounce rate, here we need to provide some relevant recommendations, it is said in the Shanghai dragon pages related recommendations. We have taken an example of vest in the shop on the left, or is the following baby description of the other baby shop recommended to the buyers, so buyers are willing to continue to stay to enjoy your baby home, because if the buyer is found vest and entering the store, then we will give the buyer to recommend collocation vest, slimming pants to shock we said above, any 2 pieces of clothes, if properly, the buyers may recommend to buy vest, plus later bought our recommended vest or pants, just support, it will also enhance our sales. Return to our website is the same, as the Mount Huangshan talent network talent information directory page, I will add some reading and reduce the rate of jump out of users in the next article.

store baby pictures representative:

am Mount Huangshan talent network editor Cheng Shanshan, everyone knows whether it is large or small and medium-sized site site appears in the search engine for users, user acceptance and popularity of the website can coexist in the search engine. Here we have to refer to the user experience.


baby to describe the pictures, words:

shop baby recommended:

Prediction of love Shanghai next improvement

for the website preview, love Shanghai actually has some small movements. Careful webmaster friends earlier should have noticed the love Shanghai search box drop-down preview, which itself can enhance some user experience, but may be related to copyright issues, the specific situation is not very clear, so do not drop the search box preview of the. But for the site of the preview, but the vast sea of love miss, look at Google in the preview on the praise, SOSO is also in hot pursuit, love can give up their pace of Shanghai.


have to say, Google it does Shanghai have the prophetic vision than the love of a portal, integrated into this list, do a lot to improve the user experience. Not only that, it also effectively control a page is an embarrassing situation of a portal occupied, but also improve the ranking of the amount. If you love Shanghai for rectification, should not let the user experience better.

webmaster friends if you can predict love Shanghai how to take the next step, can be prepared in advance, using the improved love Shanghai to optimize their site, ran in front of the station will always be the first to find that others can not find the gold, so understanding the latest search engine is also a big advantage. This article by the gene 190 贵族宝贝pinzhouji贵族宝贝 original, reproduced please keep the source

site preview bound


The integration of

, a web portal

search engine will each other and learn from each other, and then improved. Like McDonald’s and KFC manager, they most often eat not to store their burgers, but the other side of the store from Hamburg, learn from each other’s somewhat improved. Then we look at love Shanghai if you want to improve to where.

, thank you!


The two day of Shanghai included in the page, you can do it

is how to do it?


A5 registration discount: 2013 GOMX global network marketing conference

first, we all know that blog is very popular love Shanghai favorite, because the original blog is very high, so I chose a blog program to stand, natural original, or false original depth. And the website to generate static. I use the program does not support the use of pseudo static and static. Of course, not necessarily to blog, other programs can be, but early must be original articles, five or six articles. Don’t be collected.

said the webmaster are complaining about, now love Shanghai included slow, ten and a half months before the beginning of included in the page, but also not stable. But I was in the recorder station on line second of Shanghai Tianai directly included 2 papers, after increasing every day, today is the fifth day Shanghai has included 4 papers, and my whole website but also seven or eight articles. We do not believe you can go to look up, the address is 贵族宝贝

love Shanghai now foreign chain is very sensitive, no one will be punished. So we don’t a lot of new station on the line outside the chain, send some high quality the chain can lead spider. Than my station just on the line in the A5 forum to send a post, the day after it was love Shanghai included two article, today I know the chain but also four or five.

second, outside the chain.

first, the quality of the content.


My Related reading:

recently love Shanghai update quickly, algorithm changes frequently, but the most basic things but will not change, when we are in a time when practicing advanced martial arts, a set of broadcast gymnastics will beat you. Do stand, do not be anxious, but will bring the unexpected harvest.

first, love Shanghai recently all update technique is nothing more than for two points, one is the quality of content, the chain is two. Then we made these two points, Shanghai will soon be included in love.

Webmaster, why do you earn less money than you doInvalid click shlf1314Adsense

webmaster, mostly can be classified as to start a class of people, is to rely on their own wisdom and thinking of eating. The choice to play, had to endure the cold; through which can avoid exposure to tropical?! choose to do, which can start out thinking?! left thinking, owners can make money, you should go out and hit by a meteor probability do not go to the poor. The water of the passive is not long, the tree without root is not high, and without abundant experience and knowledge, it is difficult to think correctly. Experience does not necessarily have to be experienced by oneself, and others can be learned

remembered a few days ago in stationmaster net hair article "to work with a monthly income of 3000 days into the 3000" Wangzhuan, do not know how to engage, when the last blog address should write WWW. Ha ha…… So many people stepped on it. A lot of people thought the article was rubbish. I dare not say that the article is so good that it can not be evaluated low. But objectively, several elements of the success of the network pointed out in the article are correct. When we listen to a speech, if we listen carefully to what the speaker is saying, he must be more productive than the one who is waiting for the speaker to make mistakes. I believe it should be so. That’s absolutely certain. Success requires a heart to learn.

I always only in the blog and Webmaster Station issued a document, think that only this talent with my article, ha ha…… A little too proud to hit, but the result is very disappointing. In October 08, Guangxi Normal University, to listen to a celebrity speech, lecture the professor said a word, I will not forget this life, he said, you sit in the audience, there are a lot of people today is my mistake to pull. For example, what other words wrong, took it as a joke, or make fun of each other at the venue texting speaker! What kind of mentality!?? The professor did not point out. But that speech really influenced me. Also once, in many speeches, has not listened earnestly what the audience must express, but has used the idea in, has calculated his mistake. After a long wait, I finally got hold of it. Ha ha…… This rookie, this simple common sense is wrong, even I am not as good as!!! Then spread everywhere. Ha ha…… Try to lift yourself by taking other people’s faults! How can you be so mean!

1. work is to rely on their own ability to eat, entrepreneurship is on their own wisdom and thinking to eat;


often see webmaster writing, say hard but can’t earn Qian Yunyun. In ancient Aberdeen, it is difficult to understand why these owners can not make money, just as you can not understand this society, there are still people who need a matchmaker to introduce a girlfriend, ha ha……

words to the topic, Gu Zi think Adsense money or not, mainly depends on the mentality and thinking is correct.

recently saw the article "44 differences between work and entrepreneurship", identified many of them, and now extracts as follows:

2. work is to rely on others to their own platform to display their capabilities, entrepreneurship is determined by their own determination and vision to create a platform;

I had tried to explain some problems, but we in some terms often conflict, cause we mean there will be some problems.

A concept of

it is obvious that for invalid clicks, with two meanings of shlf1314 Adsense invalid clicks.

Analysis of how to achieve operational profit pet class website

according to the author’s understanding, as early as in 2000, overseas has blown the new pet class website the tidal wave, especially the community kind pet website. With the development of social economy and the acceleration of urbanization in China, the independence, individuality and population aging of urban households become more and more prominent. Pet farming has become a new highlight of urban residents’ consumption, and domestic pet websites have sprung up like mushrooms. However, the domestic pet market started, has not formed a mature and large-scale market, and the domestic pet website construction to imitate blindly and walk the portal route, unable to form a standardized, systematic industry.


pet website construction is various, the key is to find the pet website target user, then carry on the function development and service development, such construction out of the pet site was more in line with the domestic pet market.

then, how should the pet website go out of its own development path? I believe that the pet category website in order to achieve operational profitability, the following points worth attention.

point 1: pet class website construction analysis

site analysis is a pet site construction early, we must take into account, but also a pet class website construction company to implement the work of a good start. Then, the site analysis should take into account what?

1) user group analysis

modern people have become a fashion for keeping pets. It is not just the old people who choose to keep pets, but also the phenomenon of younger people. In order to build a pet class website, enterprises have to decide which kind of people their pet websites will be visited by.

visit elderly pet site must avoid pet site too fancy, gorgeous, and must develop some functions and services for the elderly, convenient access in the pet website to be more convenient, to understand the old people to use the computer operation level still has some limitations.

so, for the elderly pet access site, analyze their preferences of color, web browsing habits and visit the pet site want to understand the content information, can let the pet website construction company launched the construction work better.

2) define site positioning

is also a relatively important part of pet site positioning. For example, for the elderly to keep pets, it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive analysis of them. The same is true of pet websites.

for the elderly, the site location should be based on "harmony" and "development" as the theme, this kind of people choose to keep a pet, is to get rid of loneliness, so, in terms of pet website, interactive elements is very important.

pet web site design some video about pets, so that users can more directly understand the various aspects of pets, so >

User experience analysis default values in interactive design

cold winter to a strange environment often encounter water temperature regulation, the general plot is that you think is adjusted to a suitable scale, put a period of time after the discovery of water or cold hot water, then slowly enlarged, several times after the mediation will be simply hot water to the maximum, the water is too hot to enlarge a small, cold, cold water, hot water is too hot, small…… Finally, appropriate, even if we did not catch a cold also began to hate the shower. Reasonable is called a "thermostatic faucet" products, it is given a default user does not need to preset: open water temperature is 38, this value is our bathing comfort, but if you feel cold, clockwise and counterclockwise to heat, cold, hot temperature valve 40 the temperature above, will burn the skin, really want to raise can hold a red default button. All the operations are straightforward – most users can shower directly when they turn on the switch.


, figure 1, a winter shower in an unfamiliar environment,

Default value


interactive designIn the process of interaction design,

involves the default value of the system, and it plays the roles of guidance, recovery and propaganda." The term "default" comes from the engineer’s terminology because the system has many default operations, such as the default font in front of the refactoring CSS. In this example, the interaction process of constant temperature faucet and human will have a default value: 38. This value, as the default state, reduces user operating learning costs, lowers the temperature, and raises the temperature back to play a benchmarking role. Through the "default value", the interactive design is easy to obtain, flexible, efficient and user-friendly principles.

is the default value for the user will not feel panic, also is to give users a normal, in reality we can also see such examples, and the default value is on Insurance — computer security, the default value is closed – saving. This norm to induce in the Internet, such as web skin will always choose everyone can receive, the user does not have to pay close attention to this will always use it, feel it can be amended, and not a default value or not allow users to choose their own, which greatly increases the cost of learning.


Figure 2, the traditional way and thermostatic faucet mechanism,

Classification of default values in

interactive design

can be divided into: according to the role of guidance and promotion, the gaps of the three types of


", which guides the demonstration class. NetEase cloud reading is used for the first time in the client user has subscribed to the NetEase news, history reference 6 source, and then with a "+" add subscription, so users can clearly know where you can add or to browse the contents of the. These six subscription sources are also popular subscriptions, covering news, technology, graphics, and photography

What are the small knife face brand advantage

also asked: "I heard that small investors face to ask to join a good knife, small knife face is what kind of food and beverage brands, is an independent brand catering or affiliated to the company of the project?" A small army of Luoyang Catering Management Company Limited is a business pasta Halal Restaurant chain (main features: manual Sliced noodles, steamed, braised beef fried pot in the small market characteristics of chicken, charcoal barbecue, exquisite dish, homemade beef salad, special cooking, rinse tripe, boiled tofu skin). Small knife face was founded in 1988, is the predecessor of the Youth Palace small knife face rinse tripe founder, has always insisted on quality and service quality in the past 20 years, has a unique taste, thin face slip band, thick soup delicious " surface to poly (knife), all good, wonderful.

small knife face to join?

small knife surface first store is located in Luoyang City, Zhongzhou Road East of the Old City Youth Palace, covering an area of 150 square meters, after years of exploration and research practice, truly fresh meat, soup, gluten, color and flavor characteristics of the United States, the majority of consumers, but also won a series of Honors: April 2002 is Chinese green Catering Association awarded the delicacy delicacy shops; in 2006 by the Luoyang City Cuisine Association named city famous snack. Small knife face how? What are the advantages?

What are the


saber face?

, a small investment, fast recovery of funds, the risk of small: small face with strong health saber belongs to the characteristics of noodles, in general, more than 99% business cash recovery rate, in normal operation, in general 1-3 months to recover the full investment

two, competitive products: small knife surface features and meet all " eat for health, in the pursuit of " pasta catering market competitiveness.

three, the cost is low: small knife surface museum project of small and specialized, convenient management, low cost. Because professional, knife cut noodle shop in the management of personnel costs, operating costs relative to other forms of food costs are much lower.

four, lucrative: pot face gross margin of about about 75%.

five, the successful model of small knife surface to its professional, system model, the franchisee will soon be able to separate easily, not detours.

Support for

six system: providing market publicity and promotion plan, help the franchisee to determine the target market, the company sent a professional instructor assist business and not regular guidance to help solve the problems of management. As well as the technical personnel of each post >

Food shop next to what good

How to find a project in

, next to the vegetable market, in fact, a lot of people see the flow of people next to the vegetable market, but how to seize the market in wealth market, monopolize the entire wealth?

Next to the


management fruit, threshold does not seem high, but the scale is far.


fruit, how much profit?A

he estimates, the general operating grocery store fruit stand, can earn 800 yuan per month, well run, may be able to earn 1000 yuan. The fruit store according to the size range, profit range.

Next to the

> position select shop