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Original articles should be ranked first

here questions come, love Shanghai not to push the spark plan, not to support the original, is this is the original love Shanghai? Then you say the Shanghai algorithm is not mature, Shanghai original love is a lie, love Shanghai’s really so simple, really don’t do what every day, write on the line since shortly before the release of Shanghai love? Talk about the chain after judgment, now a lot of people outside the chain and no matter, now that Shanghai does not need love ranking chain, coupled with the love of Shanghai launched the original spark program, well, now every day to write articles, think to write a good article, then the ranking came naturally, naturally should be ranked first, really be so simple, that is not to say that Shanghai dragon has ended, after a editor to write every day You can, as long as the site has articles, other do not care, a lot of people because of this every day around whining about every day, everywhere abuse, it is not fair, only stand in their own interests to consider things, if it is really like these people think, the fairness for the other the website, those years of painstaking efforts of high weight website, such as A5, the owners of the house to this industry website, so, after we have these above soft articles, I should be ranked first, they should be ranked below me, I feel really such ranking, that is really the algorithm is not mature, I saw the article on the list in 360 he search "

is now a lot of people published an article, general release order is the first to put this article published on his website, and then publish this article to other platforms, what is soft, since it is soft, it must have a large impact on the nature. It is included a lot of appear on the platform, and dozens of links to articles on their own less, many hundreds, most people will be here to do one thing, that is the title of the article in the search box to search for love in Shanghai, the results show out, their website doubled the number of Not the least trace was found.. The search page to the row in front of the station is either soft or reproduced, station, some even reproduced than themselves release the soft ranking is better.

love since Shanghai launched the spark plan, vigorously support the discussion around the original, this is also the last to see better can be heard without end, and there is such a view: the original article should show the quality, should be ranked first. There are the so-called master also published such a view, of course, is not really the master of this is not to say, but I love Shanghai out of the so-called masters, really found some fame, is better to do the training, if this is really the case, that is not the son of the master brother error. So, here I do not know, is a master of intentionally and, or is it that is understood, a phenomenon of popular now, deliberately ugly, deliberately wrong, reverse marketing also is the influence caused by such great face, so the actual situation really is don’t know.

How to carry out the URL Optimization Website Optimization

URL should be brief, the shorter the better

use segmentation keywords


URL contains keywords

method steps

in URL, some time sensitive, this feeling is not pleasing to the user, we need to write a unified size.

either the user or the search engines love short URL, for the user, that is simple, easy to remember. The URL level should not be too much, generally four. Although the search engine to crawl to you four of the content, but the weight of the page is quite low. For users, short URL to its transmission is concise, no junk information, easier access to click. What is the URL level Four, such as www.xxx贵族宝贝/ zhid/ /1.html Shanghai, Shanghai dragon, this is URL with four, followed by more than four. So we try to avoid URL short, more users and search engines like.

some websites use underscores to separate words "_" in URL, but for search engines, "_" hyphen, not separator. Therefore, we should try to use them to break up a word. In use as far as possible to avoid such occurrence, each well.





URL is very necessary.


sensitive to unify


when we site optimization, I feel to do all aspects of the anchor text, within the chain, the chain code, website and website frame and so must be considered. Why should we consider it so much, only the full website optimization, will win in the competition. Others are worth doing, so we have to use skills. According to the search engine optimization, a URL page link optimization is also very important. As we all know, URL is the entrance of search engines to find your site, URL although not often mentioned, but its impact is still there. For users, URL will be displayed in the search results, let people have the desire to click. URL in the optimization process, we need to pay attention to what we need to do, how to do it URL.





URL helps tell the spider what the page is about. Apparently related to Shanghai Longfeng content, in the URL keyword as an additional signal to the spider. Usability impact: Marketing Sherpa study (like many views) pointed out that users love to use short, clear URL, this will help them to advance understanding of the content of these pages in the click before.

How to operate low input, high return SP17 year old into a multimillionaire design software was acqu

one month basic to your domain name updates included in the page, we do not expect the collection of the whole station, your home is enough, just a collection of permissions first week is relatively heavy, catch good opportunity amount, a week can put the cost through. Later on sh419 video search, but also appropriate to the station to increase the chain.

WSJ., Magazine, 2013 series of creative characters. This paper introduces the WSJ. Magazine Innovation Award 2013 tech Award: Nick · Daluoyi Theo Nick D Aloisio.

stands for more than half a year, this is the experience, and share their experiences, if you are master please bypass, not what technical content, do not feel good don’t scold me Oh, after all, I was just a little webmaster, just want to share my experience.

when you heard that in March this year, a 17 year old student sold a software he designed to $30 million for the Yahoo Corp Yahoo, Inc., YHOO. As for the child’s appearance, you may have a funny image in your head: Needless to say, it must be a geek. A learning tyrant who is not interested in anything but one line and one line of writing code. A man has to look at the old son whispered muttering what neurotic.

Daluoyi Theo designed an application software named Summly, the software can be cumbersome articles into several key sentences for streamlining. After the release of a generation of Summly software, technical observers realized that in this era of information or earnings, all news is quickly read in the palm of the hand, such a concise and accurate summary software contains huge

temptation page, keyword density and main chain, these simple optimization will be the webmaster, more important is the temptation to page must add video, but the best is local, we should sh419 video search included these videos later this will be a major site of IP road. Temptation page will not do, can go to those exchanges in the chain, click a lot of times, found a lot of, oneself another save better.

if you think you are a good exchange chain alliance can exchange chain the storage of IP during the day, night time volume, because of the keyword I choose good sh419 video search results on a few of my station, the first time I just buy 1 names to operate, profit space is very large, then an additional 2 3 more than 10 domain names, get more stations, there are a few long steady to late I have no reason to make it, I just put the emerge of itself and perish of itself, more than 100 yuan, but net profit is more than 10 thousand.


in fact, do SP very good, simple, online sales of SP creative many, many, my method is very primitive, is directly do temptation station, let sh419 shlf1314 included, I put this step into the form of investment operation.

Video: 17 year olds leading the reading revolution

space needless to say, foreign space bar, but I still recommend buying VPS, 50 yuan a month a lot, this can not be saved.


, Photography, by, David, Bailey

will be 18 this month Daluoyi Theo is the designer of Summly. Earlier this year, the digest was reported to have been sold to Yahoo Corp for $30 million.

domain name, Admin5 forum to buy sh419 included domain name! Buy domain name included update time and attention to his link, and the domain name included update time is at least 1 months, the reverse link at least 20 or more, the domain name for CN is good, the cost is 10 ~ 20 yuan a.


only 17 year old entrepreneur, article summary, the application of Summly founder Nick Odaloisio Nick D Aloisio was named "WSJ." magazine in 2013, "innovation figures Award", "science and technology award.". So, when you see the 17 year old Nick · Daluoyi Theo Nick D Aloisio into the London bar in high and vigorous spirits · Bruce Bar Boulud restaurant, and firmly shook hands, when he described the blueprint of the future career, you should be surprised from ear to ear. He is like a Silicon Valley Chief Executive CEO who manages the media with ease and skill with a 97 high score. When chatting, his eyes firmly stare at you from Noam · Chomsky Noam Chomsky neural network theory, science, and even to immigrant mentality Buddhist yoga, he can confidently speak freely all the topics. He is a member of a One Direction like boy band, a slender figure with a hippie T-shirt and Slim small suit, hair up in his forehead, while biting the cheeseburger, while made people be struck dumb.

, this is very important, the key is to choose the right keywords after the return, the temptation of only a few hundred words in general search results, ranking the first page to 100ip, do not underestimate the amount of 100ip intention is very good, unless your alliance is crazy deduction amount, his sh419 more, look the keyword is better.

Personal webmaster weekly schedule

as a personal webmaster, once a long time feel tired, but because of hobby reasons, has not put down to do the station. For I personally do not work on the site a day, will be staring at the screen. So I have been silent do stand, fight! Once for a long time in three working nine nights. But the effect is not very good, then slowly mastered the update rules of some search engines, they also developed a timetable. The efficiency has also greatly improved, and here to share with you.


gets up in the morning to see if the main keywords change, and it’s important to change quality links on this day. Then, as usual, increase the article, this day should be said to update the article (to increase the collection as the purpose) the best time. Because if a good point of the article. Two days included enough.


if you don’t have an update on Monday, then update on Tuesday to prepare for Wednesday’s little Baidu update.


will have a small update today. No matter your ranking up, or down. Don’t be sad or excited. Because today’s update is not very accurate " ". For example: you have seen many similar estimates. The Wednesday update is often confusing. And often without reason some out of order ranking.


this day is SeO’s most stressful day, because this day’s update will determine the entire week’s ranking, the day’s update is a detailed revision of Wednesday’s update.


this day as long as the usual update can be, nothing can go to the webmaster online to read articles, or go to the group.


so many people have little to worry about one day. Because this day there will be a small update, but not Wednesday that mess. Even if there is a change is not too large. It can be regarded as a little added that Thursday. Of course, the premise is that you don’t use some cheating trick.


the most relaxing day, the webmaster can see the day to point to drink, or go and real friends.

every day updates, we all like in the morning after, ha ha. There are careful friends. Should be able to find the most stable update. Should after nine o’clock in the morning. Over a long period. There are two relatively large update.11 and 26 /28, the majority of people agree with.

every month

also say vulgar words: unless you are a waste station. Otherwise, the best day to update the website. The website is a kind of virtue, adhere to

!This paper first:

( < >

Restaurants near the school to open these four points

is a student’s people, we all know that the student population is a huge accumulation of wealth, whether in restaurants, snack shops, banks, bookstores and so on student groups can bring huge benefits to them, in the face of so much interest in the market, how can you maximize the benefits? Please see below:

opened a restaurant near the school, the main consumer of course, students and teachers. For this type of population, in the light of the season there is a small point, so take the business strategy is different. What’s the technique of opening a restaurant near the school?

restaurant near the school to open these four points

1, develop product differentiation objectives

through market research and segmentation, to find suitable for the taste of the students. Because the restaurant near the school, students from all over the country, so that each of the students are satisfied with the meal is not possible, to do better for certain operating characteristics, with different grades of service to different customer groups respectively.

2., master management fees and marketing costs to establish cost advantage strategy

careful procurement of materials, timely cost accounting, timely maintenance of the restaurant investment and cost control. Establish and improve the management system, while doing a good job of quality control, but also to do a good job of cost control.

3, the establishment of technology and service advantages, increase core competitiveness

personalized service to customers, and constantly increase the level of technology and innovative dishes. For example, according to the customer’s last consumption of the menu, through the analysis of the characteristics of the customer’s taste, to recommend the most suitable taste and favorite dishes. Wait until the Spring Festival, new year’s day or the birthday of the customer to send a card signed by the manager to communicate with the customer’s feelings, so that the old customers become old friends.

4, good delivery system

do a good breakfast and supper, inconvenient for students to implement the system of home delivery.

How to maintain and use the LED lamp

With the popularization of energy saving and emission reduction, more and more people begin to use LED lamp, LED lamp is widely used because of its advantages of high energy saving, long life, environmental protection and other advantages. In our daily use, we should pay attention to its use and maintenance, so as to maximize the effectiveness of the LED lamp.

LED lamp use:

first, buy Lamps, the first should carefully read the installation instructions, and then in accordance with the installation instructions in accordance with good lighting.

two, LED lights how to use? Do not change the structure of the lamp in the cleaning and maintenance, and do not arbitrarily change the parts of the lamp, in the maintenance, should be installed as the original will be installed, do not leak loaded, wrong fitting light parts.

three, in the use of lamps, try not to frequent switching, although the switch resistance of LED lamp is about 18 times the number of common fluorescent lamp, but too frequently will affect the life of the LED lamp internal electronic components, thus affecting the service life of the lamp.

four, in particular, should be noted that, in addition to special LED lamps, ordinary LED lamps should avoid the use of wet environment. How to use the LED lamp? Humid environment will affect the LED lamp drive power electronic components, electronic components damp, shorten the lamp life.

LED lamp maintenance:

first, moisture is the key to the maintenance of lighting, especially bathrooms, bathrooms, LED lights and kitchen stove headlights, LED lights how to use? To install moisture barrier to prevent moisture intrusion, avoid rust damage or leakage short circuit.

two, LED lamp is best not to wash with water, LED lights how to use? As long as the dry cloth to wipe the water, if accidentally hit the water to dry, should not turn on the lights after immediately with a damp cloth to wipe.

LED lamp use method and maintenance is introduced here, only the correct use of LED lights and maintenance, in order to play the biggest effect of LED lamp and has a longer life.

State Department to accelerate the development of public space

with the continuous development of China’s business incubator platform, the public space to maintain a good momentum of development, innovation and entrepreneurship in the development of the proven strength. In order to accelerate the development of public space, the State Council issued the latest guidance to help the public to create a rapid upgrade of space.

the general office of the State Council on accelerating the development of the public record space


issued 2016 No. 7

the provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities, ministries and agencies directly under the State Council:

A, the general requirements and basic principles of

promote public record space professional development, for the implementation of innovation driven development strategy to promote public entrepreneurship peoples innovation to provide low-cost, comprehensive and professional services, greater release of social innovation and entrepreneurship vitality, accelerate the transformation of scientific and technological achievements into practical productive forces, enhance the real economy development of new energy. By leading enterprises, small and micro enterprises, scientific research institutes, universities, creating multi cooperation, build research with a close connection with the public record space, attract more scientific and technical personnel in science and technology innovation and entrepreneurship, promote talent, technology, capital and other innovative elements of the efficient allocation and effective integration, promote the integration of industrial chain innovation chain depth and improve the ability and level of service innovation and entrepreneurship.

A is supporting the whole process. Provide industrial design, inspection and testing, model processing, intellectual property, patent standard, pilot production, product promotion and other R & D, manufacturing and sales of related services through innovative entrepreneurs, the industrial chain of resource sharing and efficient allocation.

The investment of rural aquaculture industry 100% good project

With the acceleration of the process of integration of urban and rural areas, the rural infrastructure is becoming more and more perfect, more and more farmers return to

to start their own businesses. What are the good projects to invest in the rural aquaculture industry? The following Xiaobian take 100% money for your project.


breeding insect chicken

in many crops, cultivation of Ganoderma lucidum project attracted much attention, not only because of its small investment, quick returns, more important is the cultivation of Ganoderma lucidum’s huge market prospects, the money is absolutely no problem. Now what to grow to make money? As everyone knows, lingzhi is considered auspicious, rich and beautiful, a symbol of longevity, "grass", "grass", Chinese traditional medicine has long been regarded as a tonic, consolidate the precious Chinese herbal medicine. Folk legend Ganoderma lucidum has the effect of returning to life and immortality. Therefore, the choice of Ganoderma lucidum cultivation is definitely a good business choice.

General after planting 2 years see fruit, 3 ~ 5 years of high yield, 6 to 7 years will be in the full fruit period, 667 square meters of production from 500 to 800 kg of nuts (planting 56 trees, plant spacing of 3 meters × meters; 4). Current market price of 50 yuan per kilogram, tens of thousands of yuan output value of 667 square meters. What is the most profitable farming in rural areas? Seedling price of 20 yuan per plant, the plant from the mail; more than 50 strains of 18 yuan, more than 1000 yuan of more than 15 yuan.

of Fructus evodiae


with rural to City forward continues to accelerate the pace of rural market, expanding business opportunities is more and more obvious, the investment of rural aquaculture industry, more and more attention and praise, what are you waiting for, go find your business!

The whole network of college students entrepreneurship difficult to tell you where

although this year the government has introduced policies to encourage students to entrepreneurship, but now the face of the great pressure of competition of the business market, for college students to make money is not easy, so why college students now work hard? The whole network for you to analyze.

"I didn’t pay the rent, I really do not know how to spend the day after." In the talent market, busy for little more than the face of distress, "out of school for several months, but also unemployed, before going to do a foreign agent, can be found later is an illegal agent, to quit, it has been unable to find work, read four years of university did not find out to work to support themselves, to their parents for money and feel shy, parents training I graduated from University, I tell them they have to work, how to open a port, but the fact is that for several months did not work, the money runs out." With little more than the same, for several months or even one or two years can not find an increasing number of college students work.

in the talent market, Xiao Yu found several their favorite units, and voted resume.

mentioned business, Xiao Yu said that he was born in the countryside, is hard to collect enough gold to start a business. At the same time, there are a lot of entrepreneurial risk, he still hopes to find a stable job, early employment. Xiao Yu said that after the accumulation of a certain amount of work experience, he will do things according to market demand.

How to drink tea

what kind of brand in the food and beverage market has a strong competitive edge? Xiaobian is the only true victory of truth, you are running your food items in the heart, for consumers, service intentions, consumers will buy your account, your natural food market position will survive.

cup of tea at present bubble tea industry leader. The technology bubble tea Taiwan famous tea family 30 years, after a lapse of 6 years, with consumers of tea that franchisees trust in companies, developed into today’s 17 province 4 city. In order to meet the needs of more consumers, big cup milk tea to join the investment projects are in full swing, if you are full of enthusiasm, the courage to venture, invite you to join!

so big tea cup tea exactly? How to join this brand?

big cup tea to join advantages:

1, tea is recognized as the world’s health food, beverage is the largest consumer demand, the two marriage, the achievements of the market in the development of sustainable and vision.

2, big cup brand reputation and brand value, so that the vast majority of competitors envy jealousy and hate, walking in the north and south, you are likely to cordial meet big cup, which is the brand influence.

3, the big cup reputation is always China red, simple and eye-catching, some people may say that is not nice, but no one dare not impressed, "has become the most prominent stores" in any location, this is a successful store first, so pragmatic, non none other than the big cup. We have always understood that there are more important than the reason to sell the product is more important than the store looks good".

4, never change "Super Cup is adjustable type takeaway professional tea shop", is one of the important reasons for the market in a big cup undefeated, we also adhere to the spirit of professional.

5, a big cup full of fresh tea field modulation, never use concentrated juice, does not contain any pigment. To do business to make money, but never forget that business ethics and public confidence is the business must have the idea.

6, tea cup with Taiwan 30 years of tea blending recipe and blending technology, tea taste stability and can always maintain the best taste, this is the big cup any copy of the "copycat shop" never learn not to ability.

7, is responsible for the big cup promises forever, for investors, a market operating stability, strong practical ability and integrity and pragmatic headquarters, it possesses a strong backing, you can effectively avoid a variety of investment risk.

8, you >