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Site navigation station is still the grassroots webmaster of choice

navigation station has certain restrictions, but the development of the narrow space but is another shortcut to its breakthrough, like the station was to prevent Shanghai’s death, love, beauty, said mogujie贵族宝贝 will still be able to earn money, the market is not agree with this website, but we should be based on age the development trend to make a meaningful and valuable site, and look around can persist and can gain the hands of the navigation station friend, its characteristics are unified.

analysis of the reasons, nothing more than four points;

website brand orientation is more obvious, compared to before the many webmaster love through technical means of altering the user browser homepage is different, now the navigation station is more inclined to an interactive collection, which add more personalized labels, such as living services, attractions tickets push, allow users to continue to collect to enrich. The classification of their love.

Some social interaction, elements of the

1 love Shanghai, one of the means of profit before navigation station is to sell links, enhance and love Shanghai for the link joint utility, and pay attention to the original content, so this type of site navigation station under development restrictions.

4 browser enhancements, can remember and analysis users often visit the site, and users can share and record through the favorites, everyone for the navigation station to reduce dependence on.

continues to spread 3360, Sogou browser, the low-end users of its own browser coverage gradually improved, and left to the grassroots webmaster little opportunity, at the same time, the realization of personalized web site add functions are gradually out of the navigation station development space.

go all the fine line, in other words when in competition with large corporate resources content, a lot of grassroots webmaster friendly, turn to the professional field, through a fine, skillful and accurate positioning to win over the site with specific needs of the user groups.

2 navigation station technical threshold is low, generally a domain name with a space can be constructed, and the spread of this web site also makes the overall homogeneity, market less attractive.

Special care

in the past year, the industry for the web site navigation has been very concerned about the heat, until a few days ago a friend said the survival status of directory station, everyone suddenly realized there is a lot of time, did not pay attention to the site navigation station. In fact, in the first half of 2012, before love has not yet begun to Shanghai K station storm, personal site navigation station is still very popular, some owners feel that it is simple, some owners think selling flow of cool, anyway, there are a lot of friends in doing this work, but now there are a number of navigation station fall.

navigation website also relaxed mass common product limit on the basis of professional plus, such as micro-blog showcase, let the collection or use the site.

Although Humanized function

Love Shanghai station search on-line to carry out the first to experience activities

2. to search access site, need to use in obtaining permission within 30 days, if overdue, the authority will be recovered.

4. at 10 in the morning every day to send out 300 search permissions, the higher the probability of winning in the earlier.

Typical case:

3. time: August 16th -8 month 25 days every morning at 10.

station network (www.admin5贵族宝贝) August 20th news, love Shanghai Webmaster Platform recently launched a search function. This tool to help webmasters to create exclusive web search. The webmaster can add site logo, association search domain, and more other custom configuration. The tool also provides statistical data, to help owners more information needs of users.

1. to participate in the activities of the account has been verified in Webmaster Platform on site.


5. lottery number: 1 love Shanghai Webmaster Platform account every day there are 10 chance draw.

now you can take active rule first to get search permissions:

Why do you release the chain is invalid

chain commissioners released the chain of the way wrong where it


chain specialist dubbed "Porter" to other sites in the industry, CTRL+c CTRL+V the others, and then adds the link with their own tail! And then publish blog, forum, micro-blog, Wikipedia, know love Shanghai. Any man to publish the article place, have the chain Commissioner figure. You look at his left little finger and forefinger, really big and strong than others! Every day they released a garbage outside the chain, with some 46 articles. But they don’t know the chain they released, early failure, only because they release the chain way outdated, incorrect. I love Shanghai knew that the chain is a person, love Shanghai already detected, it is artificial manipulation keywords ranking, this is it not allowed.

per person per day to a fixed one of the forum, blog and publish the same article, this is completely under surveillance to love Shanghai, love Shanghai now have the ability to identify a person easily tell you this is the man in the operation of keywords ranking. The Internet world is linked by hyperlinks. The hyperlink is love Shanghai fortune patent, Robin Li is able to lead one of the legal people. Hyperlink useless to say it is not possible, at least at present is effective. As mentioned above, love Shanghai has the ability to judge, you are a person in your life the hair of the chain, and the chain of garbage so value hit on discount even failure.

what is the effect of

webmaster statistics himself every day the release of the chain number, every day to the owners of the home, love station to check the chain itself is included. See a lot of collection was very happy, but look at the keywords ranking motionless, urgent scratching. No way, only to increase the team task, from day fifty to seventy growth. The crew more carefully Voices of discontent.! I just copy and paste the thing. Then the words did not rank, director said the crew released the chain suck, fool. Then the site was K, Shanghai dragon are unemployed. They are unemployed, they do not know they release the chain in the wrong way.


other people recommend in the broadcast in nature, high weight, high correlation.

2013, the previous release of the chain method, is not practical, the effect did most of the webmaster heart, why is this? It is not right for you to release the chain the main way, and then lead to the chain effect of failure.

chain of the Commissioner, all want to know, outside the chain of high weight, high correlation, high flow release place is high quality. Unfortunately, this understanding is wrong, as long as it is now to artificially released outside the chain, the effect is not obvious, now the high quality of the chain, pay attention to a natural, is willing to recommend others would be most effective. To artificially released invalid.


Choose what kind of learning platform suitable for beginners Shanghai dragon you

webmaster world

1, how to choose the time under the condition of

2, want to master the Shanghai dragon, a foundation period of.

3. strange ideas you may prefer this forum.

Shanghai Longfeng foundation construction

Objective: many customers or friends want to know, they want to start learning Shanghai Longfeng, what place to start work. Indeed, on the Internet, there are lots of Shanghai dragon website, network, and the Shanghai dragon training materials easy to get, feel learning a lot, but the feeling is not so strong, what is wrong with the party. I engaged in the work of Shanghai dragon big words have 20 years, let me give them about one or two.

age of information explosion, if you every time, you are only allowed to look at less than an hour of forum, webmaster world WebmasterWorld贵族宝贝, should be your first choice, the forum around the construction site to illustrate the point of view of convergence between Shanghai and Phoenix site lingering there is a limitation, of course, is the whole English station, of course, if you want to engage in Shanghai dragon even advanced Shanghai dragon, I believe in the future, English is a.


, you must move the bucket ?The


at this time you should

Shanghai dragon is an optimization technique based on search engines, from the principle of search engine on the capture of Shanghai dragon spider rule, is the most senior people of Shanghai dragon, must grasp the principle. Most people will start from the principle of website of Shanghai Longfeng SearchEngineWacth贵族宝贝, forum aims to search engine spiders and principle the direction of the guiding role of Shanghai dragon, it industry is also one of the first site search engine knowledge, the moderator of the forum, but also the most important one of the great search engine industry.

is interested in learning the ancients said, teacher.DigitalPoint forum, may be more suitable for the more creative ideas of your ideas, many of the ideas may trigger your novel and lively of Shanghai dragon new thinking mode and unique optimization strategy, a shared economic mode, is the DigitalPoint forum, you? Mainly from the starting point of the direction of creativity, innovation, let you feel the offbeat Shanghai dragon world, burst out of some very interesting topics and often will. Of course, there is a drawback is that the nature of the forum itself requires here to study Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon has a certain foundation, otherwise it is difficult keep up with the Joneses oh.


, a Shanghai Phoenix Forum

Shanghai Dragon: only you can not think, do not.

An accident caused Links exchange related matters on

Fuqing Shanghai dragon blog launched more than two months time, original every day, writing. Our station query to weight 2, webmaster tools query weight 1, according to the background monitoring flow, the author thinks that the webmaster tools data reliable. Fuqing Shanghai Longfeng blog each regional keyword ranking for the first, the article published almost seconds, normal snapshot is the next day, of course, also saw two 1 minute snapshots, coincided with a love of Shanghai update.

webmaster tools is simulated search engine for the source code from the top to the bottom of the

2, Links display results in the first.

Yantai Shanghai dragon is the first Links I changed, then wonder, what is this? Open your own blog Shanghai, view the source file, locate the Links, found no abnormalities. Because of the fast work will not canvass, back home immediately turn on the computer for the two query.

The author of the blog ;

then I carefully put the page source to look, found in the top Links source is the latest review source, Yantai Shanghai dragon remarks. This source is img alt=’in Yantai Shanghai dragon head src=gravatar’ form, and did not appear to link his, but the corresponding comments page, Yantai Shanghai dragon really left a text link, but the links all the messages in the form of nofollow filter.

yesterday afternoon after the Yantai Shanghai dragon QQ sent a message to me, I said to his Links to nofollow, also send a screenshot. A query is asked by the webmaster tools, of course I do it yourself immediately query results show the other side of the link is nofollow in the Shanghai dragon blog, but also the picture link. Other query tools, it is still the same.


query each other a chain, really showed me his link to the Shanghai dragon blog nofollow, but also a strange picture link. The chain currently has 5.

Fuqing Shanghai dragon blog exchange chain principle three. Is a peer or related industry; two is talking, apperciated is three; the weight is quite higher than me, of course, is not to say that the low.

so I see light suddenly to Yantai Shanghai dragon, the message is removed, all normal. Through this incident, I still have the feeling.

query in nofollow link chain, filtering case shows only 4 links, while Yantai Shanghai dragon does not link in the list. Choose not to filter the nofollow link, there are 8 links. Remove the Sina micro-blog micro-blog and Tencent, found that Yantai Shanghai dragon link even in the picture link form in the query results, but also many another picture link.

Water purifier shop marketing skills

The stable development of

water purification industry, many consumers pay attention to the water purification industry progress, start water purifier stores is an influential brand, many consumers pay attention to the choice of water purifier, water purifier for stores, good marketing, is also an important part of the daily operation, the water purifier stores marketing, what tips do


to arouse the interest of consumers, what is the water purifier product function, performance characteristics?? show fully, so the display should be in place, water purifier stores to ensure the rationality of product display, product appearance, cleanliness, visibility, desirable degree must be in place. A regular change with the display, this store can attract customers, and in the price display, promotional products are carefully placed, convenient customer choice.

in addition to display the water purifier to join recommend division shop silent, shopping guide staff promotion capacity is also very important, not only to guide familiar with the product knowledge; understand the product selling points and understand the needs of consumers, to help consumers find meet the demand for goods, and operators to establish a good incentive and guarantee system, incentive guide service enthusiasm.


What needs to be done to start a shop

entrepreneurial shop want to get success in one fell swoop, in fact, need to do a lot of work. You need to think about all aspects of the details, if you are not very clear about the details of the operation, then look at the small series together with you, hoping to help you improve the business plan.


the road lane, two-way road and parking problem;

regional characteristics: business circle, competition, complementary shop stores, financial institutions and education, leisure facilities;

according to location, the store can be roughly divided into two kinds, one in the mouth of a People are hurrying to and fro. downtown, opened in the village residents.

Venture capital investment projects to get rich faster

a lot of entrepreneurs in the early stages of entrepreneurship will be difficult for the choice of entrepreneurial projects, good projects can make you choose the way to go more smoothly. Now many entrepreneurial projects, we need to proceed from their actual situation, choose the right project investment. Now there are more promising projects, or cosmetics box agent.

refrigerators are now increasingly diverse, the refrigerator into the bedroom, private cars, refrigerators and cosmetics have emerged, also known as the cosmetics fresh-keeping box. Every woman has a different number of cosmetics, but the cosmetics after opening, biological activity of enzymes and trace elements which are susceptible to temperature, air, sunlight and other effects of the environment, to advance expired or spoiled, shelf life will be greatly shortened, and the cosmetics at low temperature in the active material life can be extended, cosmetics fresh-keeping box came into being.

2003 years, Yantai girl Dai Lili took out two years of savings, but also borrowed a few million from home, sharing 60 thousand yuan to get this beauty refrigerator proxy. She put the network, all the newspapers on the improper preservation of cosmetics will be ineffective, and then will hurt the skin collected reports, made into a unique promotional leaflets. And take a sample of people to visit a shop next to a cosmetics shop, with its signing of the Cye consignment contract, and send samples to try the way to cultivate a number of loyal customers. With the rapid expansion of the sales network, her business is getting better and better, earned the first pot of gold in life.

the listing of this product, bring a lot of convenience for many of the beauty of women, as they solve the problem of insurance cosmetics. Such a creative good project, won the attention and love of the franchisee, in the market has a broad space for development. Choose a good business projects, creative projects to help you succeed in business.


How to make up a small child care supplies store operators to profitability

with the improvement of the quality of life, people’s attention to the children reached an unprecedented level, which has brought a hot market for maternal and child products industry, but you know the mother and child supplies store money making skills? The following Xiaobian take you to a specific understanding of the business will certainly help friends.

store location?

1, adequate number of households and population support

2, good road and traffic conditions

3, the reasonable determination of the store area

thus, open a profitable maternity stores, are restricted by many factors, only to deal with every problem, then the business can be successful. The above three factors are not only suitable for the mother and child supplies shop entrepreneurs, but also for other industry reference, hoping to help entrepreneurs.