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UnionPay two-dimensional code to pay well The media tried it’s not as good as WeChat.A failed websit


with WeChat, Alipay almost. But in practice, it is much more trouble, and now we go to the store, most of the staff do not know, UnionPay launched a two-dimensional code, you can sweep yards, direct money.

scan code payment, you should have been no stranger. Now, even in the streets of fruit stalls, there are two-dimensional code, so you pay directly to sweep yards.

when asked about the latest promotion of UnionPay UnionPay sweep the two-dimensional code of the discount, 7-11 and Rosen are in consultation with the manager after the clerk replied that they currently only supports payment by Apple Pay this mobile phone brush bank card.

give up stable job in half a year ago and a few friends, decided to join into the network of course is to ~ ~ ~ young the road walk, can make the life of the first pot of gold is perfect ~. But the ideal is perfect, the reality is often cruel ~ when we are full of confidence to do the preparation, rent servers, bandwidth, buy domain name, anyway, it is done everything ready, the website set up is an online watch movies, animation website, we began to study how to do market promotion. First of all, our first point of failure appeared: too much faith in people caused our confidence to suffer. "The thing is this, we have a friend," he said. "He has a very good sales channel that can provide good business growth. We believe him.". So he requested to do a lot of busy, is a written plan, and cost accounting, and then with excitement about the cooperation details, when all think it is too smooth, this suddenly disappeared, not to contact us, what is the reason to us now did not understand, this makes our morale blow. This is the first time ~ ~ failed but the first did not beat us, we want to lose this road we can take another road. This time we choose the retail point of sale all kiosks, Internet cafes in my city in publicity and promotion, we have invested a large amount of energy to do do the promotion, and my heart is filled with beautiful dreams for the future, our prepaid card laid out, advertising posters are sticking out, even the DM also everywhere hair, but more than half a month later, it bought only two or three card sales, which means that what ~ failed again it’s three months sales still no change, several of our partners sit down and talk about the reasons for the failure, is on our local market consumption did not find out, the market did not digest the amount of our products. Out evaluation.

Second, it is a public Internet coverage of the network, it is very wide, your eyes must be placed in a very wide angle, so you can do.

Although the form of

recently, China UnionPay joint more than 40 Commercial Banks formally launched a two-dimensional code payment products.

UnionPay wallet two-dimensional code scan code payment page


we experienced in the store with UnionPay two-dimensional code to pay the process. In the checkout process, the clerk did not take the initiative to recommend the use of UnionPay wallet App scan two-dimensional code payment.

Beijing Metro Line 10, China World Trade Center metro station in Wanning, we have been to these 4 stores, the only one is promoting the use of UnionPay scan two-dimensional code, pay a discount store. The broadcast in the store was broadcast on June 2nd, using the UnionPay App scan code to pay for a discount broadcast.

we pay specially gives the two-dimensional code UnionPay wallet, payment clerk looked puzzled to pick up the mobile phone, said he is not clear what the tool scan code, and suggested that we replace the WeChat or Alipay payment. Eventually, with the help of another clerk, she completed the payment process using the bank’s smart POS.

with UnionPay cooperation Starbucks, Wanning, 7-11 and Rosen, some shops have started early promotion, but they don’t know the clerk how to sweep the two-dimensional code unionpay.

is currently on its campaign page, including Carrefour, Watsons, Wanning, Starbucks, McDonald’s, Rosen and 7-11 supermarkets, convenience stores and restaurants.

by the end of last year, UnionPay formally introduced a two-dimensional code of payment standards. A few days ago formally launched two-dimensional code payment, UnionPay from June 2nd to start doing promotional activities, in the country’s 40 business circles in one hundred thousand merchants, discounts to promote their own two-dimensional code payment products. Just than there are Alipay, WeChat to pay two-dimensional code UnionPay, currently in the store coverage rate is not high.

for users, has been bound to each bank card, WeChat, Alipay, and then go to the next cup wallet is not.

We went to the

in our other to the three, this meeting to participate in UnionPay promotional two-dimensional code discount store, shop assistants have said that the store does not support direct brush UnionPay two-dimensional code payment services.

A new method of deception Links alert


if (ereg ($urlbaidu, $url)) {/ / judge love Shanghai

two, so how to determine the site, do not let their Links

if you find each other’s site is not allowed to love Shanghai snapshot, we must be careful, he is likely to deceive Links do not let you see.



webmaster when using Links examination platform, using simulated spiders access (Baiduspider) was found in the other without you Links, when found to have normal access to the site. This is the.

is actually very simple, will write will ASP or PHP. That judgment is the common user access or visit the web site search engine spiders, to achieve different page display. Here is one of the most simple judgment post code:

four, is deceived by the View >

Links page;

identification two: analog search engine access

; ? ? ;

or IP Baiduspider can judge, judge, the programmer will look at.

recognition: not allowed to love Shanghai

three, how to achieve this

some time ago due to the rain, the Shanghai dragon incident, cause many people are now in to enhance the site’s weight by Links deception. I didn’t want to say too much, but the recent discovery of Web sites using this method. So here announced, in order to avoid more webmaster friends cheated. To explain what is Links cheating, let some do not know about the new friends. The so-called Links deception is the other side with you for Links, with his links to your website, and he by some technical means without your link on his website.





$urlbaidu=" spider.htm"

< php



, why are you doing this?

in fact, the reason is very simple, if he so cheating, Links exchange with him, are one-way links to him. You can imagine Links more, he will receive more one-way links. Finally, his website weight does not want to go to.

Links page;

Small web profit information plus product evaluation modelYOHO! Founder Liang Chao tide company risi

, one of my electricity supplier friends so evaluation YOHO! Have goods: whether it is the scarcity of goods and non price parity, or do people brand incubation, polymerization platform, YOHO, are the best, no other home.

in conclusion, I think the website model, which is based on "information plus health goods evaluation", can make small websites in a position of ease and ease. However, what needs to be reminded is that no matter what field you are in, or which market you are in, when you are making a health item, you must pay attention to the following two points:

1, flow scriptures: want to buy something let users take the initiative to come to us, rather than to find them and advertising.


why is it YOHO?


the term "platform" is not a casual word, YOHO is brewing a new metamorphosis, and if successful, it will tell a big story about the trend business. In the past three years, its electricity supplier website YOHO! Goods have maintained an annual revenue growth of 250~400% per year, and has been profitable, this year is expected to amount to 500 million yuan in revenue.

Liang Chao replied, "it’s a platform for retail trends, trends and trends."."


I understand the product.

"don’t go where the traffic is the biggest, and think about where it appears."." Liang Chao said he always adhere to the point, so that users who want to buy the latest products can take the initiative to find, rather than advertising to find them.

feasibility one easier to obtain revenue

as soon as you do it, then you need to think about the products in this industry. Some products we can not personally experience, and that’s no problem, a lot of information on the Internet can be found in the search

is in a traffic hungry age, and YOHO has a good deal of money, and its self source users account for over 50% of the traffic, basically old users, or streaming from YOHO’s media products. At the same time, YOHO, there are goods, but also do some market delivery, mainly search optimization, CPS and advertising alliance, etc., expenses control in less than 10%, but ROI can reach 1:8.

feasibility three also has great room for development, but to ensure the ability to resist risks

my traffic is very small, so I concentrate on content and ranking, I am too lazy to spend time and effort to arrange advertisements. When one day, my traffic up, and I spend effort on advertising, as much space. But, even if I flow up, one day suddenly core keywords ranking and down, as long as the long tail keywords my products can keep some, I can still get a certain amount of income, increase the ability to resist risks.

if it is simply put shlf1314 keyword advertising, advertising layout in a reasonable situation, if the flow of less than 50, estimated monthly income should be calculated by cents. But I this site, in the total station IP not more than 40 of the case, if through the product class of long tail keywords bring traffic can exceed 20, can guarantee 300 yuan or more monthly income.

e different, before a colleague, built a very good weight loss web site, the best time ranked at around 100 thousand. Before shlf1314 out of China, based on shlf1314 keyword advertising, the monthly income of nearly million, but with shlf1314 out of China, the sharp drop in revenue, bleak earnings. After a variety of factors due to decline in rankings, coupled with income is even worse, the site basically stranded, it is a pity. I think, the webmaster friend who has this experience is not in the minority.

we are talking about the original content, the information content of cervical spondylosis class as an example, and stereotyped, the portal site in the quantity and quality are presented after the let me. But the health care pillow portal will not go to an evaluation of the Amoy brand is good, therefore, my health supplies section in the content of the strong operability, and these contents, brought substantial significance to change the content structure, I believe that the search engine should be able to know.

you’ll find in YOHO! To build five in one mode i.e., fashion magazines, the Internet community, APP and YOHO have the goods and the electricity supplier’s official website! Trend activity YO ‘HOOD, almost all of the influx of young people to get valuable information and product position, thus can obtain low cost flow. For example, the end of July this year, YOHO was held in Shanghai! "


at the end of 2008, Liang Chao decided to enter the field of electricity providers, which makes some investors feel surprised and do not understand, in their view, a group of media transformation electricity supplier is not reliable, should let the Internet experience, understand business people to do. Finally, Liang Chao made it.

"YOHO? What is it?" I threw the question to the opposite beam.

has refused to take pictures in the media after the founder of the visit, I am pondering YOHO! – path do first fashion magazine extended the unique value chain, after the Internet community, and then cut the field of electricity providers, but it is certainly not the final form of media + electricity supplier so simple, that is what

feasibility two rich website content

capital has already watched the tide, recently YOHO! Valuations have risen 2.5 times.

in order not to follow the footsteps of the colleagues, I was in the construction of the current "cervical spondylosis" network, the health items as the focus of the column. As time goes on, I gradually find that the model of "information plus product evaluation" is more feasible than "pure information access traffic, relying on traffic delivery advertising revenue" model.

Discussion on promotion model of baby website

haven’t met in a long time, something more recently has not published a new article today, together with all talk about the baby website promotion, enough of our Chinese, married people every day, and every day there will be a new life has come into this world, so many people start about the baby’s website, of course I do, because not so much interested in the baby! Or do the portal, or make it up by advertising click profit! There are a lot of profit model, I will not, for everyone to see! How

or company operation!

baby station operates mainly in the following modes:

NO1: question answer mode

overview: whether pregnant mothers or pregnant mother (father) have different problems to be solved, it depends on the promotion effect is not the search engine to quickly solve the problem! As long as accurate can really help to baby parent groups will have different recognition, the conversion rate of


NO2: interactive promotion model


interactive mode can be through the exhibition site or organization of pregnant mothers or pregnant mother and ordinary people in! But that a company needs to form perfect, because the investment costs are beyond the scope of individual stationmaster capacity


NO3: hype mode

overview: speculation is now, regardless of the network or life is indispensable, as long as the subject selected accurate enough, not the same as the engine flow can get amazing results! To be controversial, will have effect!


NO4: soft Wen mode

overview: who will write soft text, but it can edit the characteristic that is few groups like! Write a soft out, click on the little people, from the cognition of their web site is less, the reason can only say that the content is not enough to attract people! As the saying goes, the original

is king!

NO5: Baby required mode

overview: what babies need, baby music, baby stories, baby games, and so forth. Many parents want their next generation to be a dragon, so that’s a point of concern,


NO6: Q & A award winning model

overview: rewards as the basis, actively promote the parents and all groups to participate in the quiz, the gift is not necessary so valuable, but remember the characteristics of Chinese, for there will be someone to


NO7: engine optimization mode

overview: this depends on the level of SEO, and this speculation to completely use the search engine, website to let more people choose cognitive views about key words is very important, (baby, baby, baby supplies, baby early songs, baby pictures) no one click on the website where the popularity! But who is certainly not so many people search, pay attention to the website of the word, there are.

Tell me about my web search career

first contact network, is just on the university when it was 2003, a hair under a rain day, remember that morning because of rain no military training, accidentally met in high school, he took me to the cafe, started the first network of my life.

slowly I learned to use email, QQ chat tools, Sina News, 17173 to find the game, go on of course, all of this is told by my classmate.


, with the passage of time, I also need on the network to find what I need, so the address bar to enter, because I know that CCTV can input to the official website of CCTV in the above. But that was useless, and then I saw a search box on the site to try, or the effect is not very good.

until one day I had a Baidu toolbar on my browser on the Internet machine, I started my search engine life. At that time, I didn’t know that Baidu still had "ferry".

with the advance of my studies, I know more and more about the Internet. I’m looking for music online, looking for games, looking for pictures and looking for novels. My college career in entertainment are linked and search engines, and then later to graduate, the graduation thesis to find information, into the superstar, find it is impossible to start, and you can’t find what you want, the keyword matching ability is poor. So I was in the search engine to find relevant information, and then find the books to find the book after the superstar, there is a Google academic search when I used too many.

graduated work, now I do think network marketing work is also related to the search engine in the deal, I was engaged in the tourism network promotion workers, to provide quality tourism services for customers, of course, our website is also very good (here is not explained). My work is to let everyone can find these services in the search engine, so I have to search engines on a lot of research, with the in-depth understanding, I feel more and more powerful force.


examples, the China website number is around 2 million, if there is no search engine to match users to the appropriate site, so some website life can not let many people know it, even if his good service.

now basically I have problems, go directly to search, Baidu know the basic can give me the answer, no answer, I can ask questions. This is a basic encyclopedia, but with the search engine’s progress, more and more know how to judge human users to use keyword search, which gives high quality results, to achieve the purpose of user searches.

believes that with the passage of time, with the increase of the number of sites and network information, more and more need to search service, and the United States well-known researchers before the off time are obtained, the search can make the judgment ability increase (because you want to search what >.

Join venture to prevent pressure trap

in order to attract more entrepreneurs, in order to make their deception can fool more people to join, countless liar constantly take all kinds of means, among them, the natural pressure has become a common means. In short, after joining the swindlers a few strokes, if you still hesitate? Concentration is good! But people can not let the duck into the nest and fly away!

will then start to make the leadership, CEOs, executives and other companies to come forward and talk to you, so that you feel that they are highly valued and the other extremely sincere attitude.

this way you put pressure on the invisible, is to completely cover your aura, let you on what he called the industry analysis and opinion very admire.

In fact, they have already figured out the

your purpose and the mental, and make full use of your impulse to the future, very understand vision psychological speculation, and is the headquarters of the leadership, must be more informed, what he said is plausible, cited cases are so seemingly.


above is just put a few strokes, there are a variety of small strokes, all kinds of, impossible to guard against, don’t put your blood to vent, goose plucking potential to make your mark, what the margin deposit.

to join a headquarters in order to reach a cooperative relationship with you, will continue to take a variety of means, together with you in order to make money. In short, regardless of whether you have a heart, is not recognized, the money is their own, first optimistic about their wallet, as long as it does not pay, not easily signed, it will not be a problem.

What kind of equipment to run a milk tea shop

now open tea shop has become a choice of business, a lot of people at the same time, tea shop also became a very hot venture, when you are ready to open a tea shop, you need to know what equipment should have the tea shop.

1. sealing machine

2. water heater

3. water purifier

4. ice machine, ice crusher

5. manual press

6. insulation bucket

How much is sofeco investment funds total net steak

the simple summary of our human life is the birth, growth, maturity, decline, the demise of the replacement cycle. Life is a lot of natural law is also the case, even a small restaurant business is no exception. Then Manasseh restaurant, at present there are Western-style food chain stores, can be said that in recent years is the growth stage of Western-style food franchise. The increasing number of western chain stores, will also make the western food industry on the number and quality of Western food needs to add. China’s catering industry in the past more than and 20 years, every year to maintain the growth rate of two digits, in recent years, the development of Western food presents a comprehensive and rapid development trend. Sofeco steak adhere to the quality first, bring a delicious steak for consumers in the future will have better development, join is very good, so sofeco steak jiamengfei

how much money?

How much is the

sofeco steak investment funds?

sofeco jiamengfei cattle are as follows:

brand fee: 150 thousand

design fees, training fees, tuition fees: 300 yuan per square meter

margin: 30 thousand

management fee: 40 thousand

After joining

, the company provides the following support:

human support: store personnel late security (training, deployment, professional staff in the long-term store and management, etc.)

R & D support: new product development and training support

marketing support: annual holiday marketing planning, advertising design,

management support: monthly financial analysis, business guidance

steak as the main item of Western food, has a firm foothold in the Chinese market, but also more and more public acceptance and recognition. People feel that eating steak and coffee is no longer a high-end project and taste. The whole market is accepted by the public is a good opportunity for the development of Western food industry. Chinese population, any major accepted products quickly swept the country, growth is generally means of geometry, sofeco franchisee steak is a promising option.

if you have investment sofeco steak will, please give us a message on our website below, we will arrange our staff to contact you after seeing the message. Of course, if you would like to learn more similar to the food and beverage franchise brand, we can recommend for you, for your reference.

Xining city six regional development and poverty alleviation and development plan for the implementa

Xining city in Qinghai received the office of the provincial government "on the preparation of Qinghai province six mountain area and the Tibetan regional development and poverty alleviation implementation plan of the notice", timely arrangements for the work, in charge of the work of poverty alleviation and development of gold Jiuchen deputy mayor, deputy secretary general Zhou Renyi dedicated this work instructions, led by the city’s requirements farming and poverty alleviation and Development Bureau, jointly with the municipal development and Reform Commission for municipal organization implementation plan, arrange Huangzhong, Huangyuan County in accordance with the documentation requirements on schedule to complete the planning implementation at the county level

Xining city in Qinghai received the office of the provincial government "on the establishment of Qinghai province six mountain area and the Tibetan regional development and poverty alleviation implementation plan of the notice", timely arrangements for the work, in charge of the work of poverty alleviation and development of gold Jiuchen deputy mayor, deputy secretary general Zhou Renyi for this work instructions, required to take the lead by farming and poverty alleviation and Development Bureau, jointly with the municipal development and Reform Commission for municipal organization implementation plan, arrange Huangzhong, Huangyuan County in accordance with the documentation requirements on schedule to complete the planning implementation at the county level. At present, the county planning, municipal planning progress smoothly.

one is to strengthen learning, improve the importance of planning for the implementation of the district

knowledge. the city government attaches great importance to poverty alleviation and development work, since this year, seriously study and understand the central province of poverty alleviation and development of the spirit of the meeting, Premier Hui Liangyu will start on the six mountain area regional development and poverty alleviation speech etc.. Through the study, fully aware of the preparation of city and county level two implementation of the important significance of planning. According to the requirement of promoting poverty alleviation focus on contiguous areas with special difficulties, through the establishment of "implementation planning area" to implement the goals and tasks of area planning ", the goal of economic and social development area, clear construction tasks, the implementation of security measures. There are plans and steps of "area planning" arrangements into reality, the use of "implementation planning area" of the carrier effective integration of special poverty reduction, poverty alleviation and social poverty industry resources, to jointly promote regional development and poverty alleviation, speed up the six mountain area impoverished county towards well-off pace.

two is carefully deployed to ensure the smooth progress of the planning area. Xining

municipal government in September 13th the organization development and reform, finance, agriculture, water conservancy, transport, civil affairs, education, health, environmental protection and other 16 units held in Xining in six Panshan area implementation planning conferences, meeting to convey the spirit of the office of the provincial government issued the relevant documents, the decomposition of various industry sectors in the division of tasks, the relevant requirements of the project the municipal departments in September 18th included in the municipal report before the implementation of the planning, collection of farming and poverty alleviation and Development Bureau, jointly with the municipal development and Reform Commission to Xining city planning area. Huangyuan, Huangzhong county government in September 5th, 6 held the six Panshan area implementation planning arrangements for the meeting, the requirements of the industry departments attach great importance to the planning work, to fully cooperate with the project selection, reporting work, September 15th before the County Office of poverty alleviation, county poverty Alleviation Office in the county development and Reform Commission in accordance with the requirements of job planning work at the end of September before the completion of the county;