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Fuyang leading cadres to start business

In fact, now

entrepreneurship has become a national movement, at the same time, whether it is an age where people can go to business, enjoy some good business policies of the state and government in Anhui, Fuyang to vigorously guide cadres general business.

Fuyang thoroughly implement the spirit of the thirteen plenary session of the nine session of the provincial Party committee, in order to maximize the enthusiasm and maximize the ability to maximize the superior environment, to maximize the power system into the cage "four maximum" as the starting point, stimulate the vitality of cadres, so there is the opportunity to officers, to the director general of the stage, do nothing important.

success in the team, the key cadres. Fuyang municipal Party committee, municipal government first to mobilize in maximum enthusiasm, guide the cadres to director with the important content of improving people’s livelihood, social progress and ecological benefit index as the cadre examination and assessment, use continuously strengthen routine assessment, the annual assessment, inspection of cadres, the party wind the assessment and other results, the cadre performance and promotion reuse closely together, effectively to create the performance of heroes, with the performance with a strong atmosphere of cadres. At the same time, improve the grassroots line of training and selection of outstanding cadres training mechanism of work, so that the grassroots level to become a front-line cadres of the melting pot, so that the Secretary, willing to serve the cadres have the opportunity to have a stage.

according to what we lack, what what principles, Fuyang city focus on the development of the cadre education training plan, the maximum lifting capacity, to ensure that the cadres to the director general. Through the center of the group theory study, Ying Huai auditorium, joint training and other forms of leadership, Party members to carry out with the promotion, full of good science, media guided "four" activities, with the latest theoretical achievements of the party’s armed minds to guide practice and promote the work. In the "thousands of cadres in Colleges and universities" activities, over 1400 cadres went to Zhejiang University, Shandong University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics and other well-known institutions of higher learning and training. This year, the city has also focused on urban construction, investment and other thematic organization of more than 1000 cadres to carry out docking training in Hefei.

to maximize the environmental excellence, promoting cadres do, Fuyang City People’s mind, and actively create a delicate gas is in the general environment. They to three strict three scale, continue to deepen the education of wind, turn style, Qing government, fostering new action, through the construction of 100 experts forum, the efficiency of accountability and other activities and the "four, three, two, asked a lift" series of activities to further enhance the masses of Party members and cadres to learn, play, service, efficiency, integrity "five kinds of consciousness". At the same time, the establishment of long-term mechanism to maximize the power to shut the cage system, the protection of cadres is not an accident. Municipal Party committee responsible comrades take the lead to carry out independent interviews, talk to warn City three county level leading cadres. Has established with the right system of land use for 34 of money, the introduction of leading cadres warning mechanism, measures for the implementation of "Four Party leaders are not directly in charge of" regulations, strengthen the county level party and government supervision and management measures for the implementation of 17 supporting system, last stand system recommendation

Alibaba shares shrink Hangzhou disappeared thousands of millionaires

fell from HK $4.80 to HK $

yesterday at HK $41.8

"before we are here to sell cars are generally about 100 thousand of the economy, then immediately after the listing, become Audi, recently recommended more is about 200 thousand of the intermediate car" a Alibaba employee said.

Chinese commercial news reporter Tao Weibin

under the nest without eggs. Even has been regarded as a high growth of sunshine industry — Internet, is now under the impact of the financial crisis scarred: once the "Hong Kong Star" compared to the shares of the Alibaba and the highest value, almost only a little more than ninety percent off; the miracle stocks giant network, the stock is brutally cut; and another in Hongkong listed Internet companies Netdragon share price is only a fraction of the original.

can be a fact is that the current mortgage market triggered by the global financial crisis has spread to "one hundred thousand miles" of the Internet industry, and this event is currently in Hangzhou, almost overnight to make the city less thousands of millionaires".

shares fell too horrible to look at

A review of the

a year ago many technology stocks listed on the price of the scenery, "now available too horrible to look at these stocks" to describe the stock price, the most tragic only the highest close to 1/10.

Alibaba listed in November 6, 2007, once the most successful market value of China’s internet. But since the listing, the stock price continues to decline, Alibaba’s share price fell to HK $4.80 at the close yesterday, from the beginning of the listing of the highest HK $41.8. The creation of the legendary giant network of online games has not been able to escape the fate of the market value has shrunk dramatically. Giant’s share price fell to $6.045 from $20.46 at the beginning of the listing.

addition, the October 9, 2007 listing of Kingsoft’s share price also fell from the current listing of the highest HK $6.4 to HK $1.81. November 2, 2007 landing on the Hongkong gem, then transferred to the board of the dragon, the highest share price from HK $19 to HK $3.05 today.


in October, although the United States finally pass the plan increased to $850 billion, but due to the overall market downturn, China stocks in the last few trading days repeatedly fell across the board. Air network, Ctrip, investment group, Cdel a few companies such as stock prices hit 52 week low.

on Wednesday, the Federal Reserve, the European Central Bank, the Bank of England and several other central banks to cut interest rates, but this does not play a role in reversing the stock market. The US stock market has been in a state of shock on Friday, as investors worried that the deterioration of the credit crisis in the United States would lead to a further decline in the global economy. Affected by this, the U. S. stock market declines driven by China stocks generally fell on Friday. Among them, China net, Sina, Ctrip decline, respectively, down 13.5>

WAP should be independent of the content is king

The growing popularity of

WAP terminals and the rapid development of independent WAP to promote the rapid growth of the number of WAP users. According to a report released by CNNIC, as of the end of June 2007, the number of Internet users in the use of mobile phone access to the Internet for 44 million 300 thousand people, an average of 4 Internet users in 1 mobile phone access to the Internet, accounting for 162 million of the total number of Internet users in 27.3%, more than 21.1% Internet use notebook computer. By the end of 2006, the number of people using mobile Internet access was only 17 million.

free WAP development status

independent WAP site started in 2004, the independent WAP market in 2005 to enter the rapid growth period. From 2006 to 2007, due to market expansion and operation development over the lack of a clear business model, plus operators to further strengthen the control of the channel and marketing resources led to the first industrial adjustment. The industry reshuffle, will be part of the small, homogeneous independent WAP site eliminated. Net boat consulting forecast by the end of 2007, with the number of independent domain name WAP site has reached 100 thousand, the number of WAP pages nearly 300 million, the number of bytes to 800GB. At present, the main business model of independent WAP site, including mobile advertising, the use of PPC Search revenue, value-added services, e-commerce.

is currently the basic pattern of the formation of an independent WAP portal, a typical enterprise 3G portal, world wide web, wireless QQ, Sina wireless and other sites. Through in-depth analysis of the first independent WAP operators, we can find the key factors of successful business development is mainly reflected in three aspects: one is on the mobile phone users targeted, content rich, fine product, service more professional; two is in the business and application are combined with the Internet resources, the formation of complementary advantages; the three is to focus on the development direction of the community, increase the interactivity, thereby expanding the source of virtual consumption and advertising revenue.


community, reading, video, download the free WAP typical application of rapid development, the rise of independent WAP stole a large number of users Monternet, Monternet market share is the lack of the outstanding advantages of the decline, Monternet accounted for only 200 of total traffic to 21%, the advantage is not obvious. China Mobile is strengthening its core position in the wireless Internet on the value chain, from the beginning of May 2007, China Mobile launched a comprehensive push function WAP home page, the user access to any free WAP site are subject to "jump monternet". In particular when customers visit the WAP website through the mobile phone, the website will take the initiative to provide customers with a charge tips page to remind the user is using a mobile phone Internet business, if you continue to browse the web, will produce GPRS communication fee.

overall, the current development of independent WAP has faced a bottleneck, is seeking new breakthroughs. According to a survey conducted by the GPRS network for mobile phone users WAP survey shows that the bandwidth is too low, the tariff is high (referring to the cost of traffic) and content >

Interview hungry, NB behind the advertising company – childish KARMA

you must know Wong Cho Lam shouted hungry don’t call Mom, called the hungry "in the words of Slogan, do you know what is behind this advertisement creative company? – KARMA! KARMA Kama founder of plum network interview, take a look at


advertising companies never lack of young blood. Small meat output of fresh ideas, constantly to the company at the same time, the company also infused; to small meat output classic knowledge, let them earn enough experience. At first, little meat and advertising companies, each one takes what he needs to complement. But with the passage of time, small meat are gradually mature, they learn all the creative repertoire, will also be a variety of presentation skills by heart. They gradually found that creative routines can create Shuabing class works less and less, they try their best to complete the work but the audience close annoying ads. This group of former "small meat" wonder: are we going to do some changes?

independent advertising creative agency, now much attention to the form of advertising companies

in recent years, independent advertising agency (Boutique Agency) more and more appear in the Chinese advertising industry. The founder of advertising agency, mostly senior creative director, who led by a group of elite to provide creative services for clients. These "small is beautiful" company, good works and frequent, has become a good choice for advertisers.

of course, this emerging creative agency is facing a lot of challenges: how it will meet the diverse needs of customers? Whether it will be "small is beautiful" in the end? There is no need for creative scale? What is it the number of creative giant or creative quality on the giant


asked more more, perhaps only the practitioner can answer that for us. Plum net was fortunate to interview the founder of Kama KARMA, told us about the operation of an independent advertising agency creative process.


Kama who is



advertising a happy child, advertising


work bring happiness? Of course, as long as it is a person who loves and is capable of doing so, he is happy. Kama is such a happy advertising, in the interview, he is always showing love for the advertising industry: "now some people always shout bitter, feel tired, also self advertising" dog ". This is true, but the ideal is higher than the reality. What does it matter if your work goes out of the street, when the dream is fulfilled? "

other people "the real suffering" in the view of Kama wasn’t what he can, "the pleasure of taking pains" playing very hi. For example, Kama will give customers a proposal lengbuding to a Shanghai Qing mouth, or show a ventriloquist, it is played when he was a child to do Table >

Do stand 4 years to illustrate the different types of Web site promotion

about two of the website promotion method is to maintain the summary of different types of websites in the promotion method is also different, never lack promotion method, is the lack of understanding and awareness of their own websites and so on the population, with two of my website is now on promotion as an example, a is the site of knowledge, the other is the FLASH network game. Explain the different site type determines the promotion of different ways, and website maintenance techniques are also different. First, because of the need to analyze the two sites at different points with the same point.

website content maintenance:

1, knowledge of the article station can be created by the pseudo original content, the content of the higher quality requirements, and FLASH game station is a serious homogenization of content, there are a lot of the same content on the internet.

2, knowledge of the article can not update the frequency of the station, but the need for a certain law to update the site. The FLASH game station is the need to update the content every day, to keep the spider based.

3, the knowledge of the main station to manual maintenance, and FLASH game station is based on acquisition.

website promotion:

1, they are to improve traffic as much as possible, even if the quality is relatively low flow can also be.

2, depending on the search engine can get a lot of traffic, knowledge of the article station is more inclined to the long tail keywords, and FLASH small game station is prone to the main keywords bring traffic.

3, blog or forum is more suitable for the knowledge of the article to promote the station, and FLASH games for the promotion of the blog or forum in terms of the effect is not ideal.

according to the above characteristics, in the Internet to find some information, thinking for some time, personally think that the best promotion of these two sites should be like:

knowledge type article station:

1, SEO, around the keyword to add the site’s content, the way to find keywords can be found in the relevant search, and look at the degree of competition, select the appropriate keywords.


blog, although blog traffic is a major source of search engine, but in the portal built above the blog weight is higher, so do the content in the blog, and then lead to the site is still a viable method.

FLASH game station:

1, SEO, mainly in the exchange of the chain and do a good job in the station links, outside the chain construction is the focus of this kind of game site, after all, not too much advantage in the content.

2, bundled with the software, such as the promotion of navigation site, like, to seize the user browser start page.

I summed up the

above the two different types of online promotion, of course, website localization, website content, Population Division will have a certain influence on the promotion methods, so here I was only to maintain.

Drive life 850 thousand acquisition of three digital domain name


November 4th evening news, it is reported that the digital domain name has zero Yao Liu successfully changed hands, the buyer driven life, the domain name has been driven as new domain independent life enabled, informed sources said that the domain name trading price of up to 850 thousand RMB.


figure: domain name whois

it is understood that the domain name on the afternoon of November 4th to complete the transfer of face to face, change the name of the domain name to Cao Guihu. The 19:23 xieyipeng (Xie Yipeng), the seller posted that domain name net profit of 350 thousand yuan, the domain name is In early August, the news channel in the "Yaoliuling domain name change the predecessor of the Department of Telecom" nosy reported in the domain transfer message, when the domain name trading price of more than 450 thousand rumors.



: the seller posted a post

bought the domain name digital drive life quickly enabled, the original domain name is reserved for use, buyers pay attention to the acquisition of visible, registered in 1998, the old domain name after several hands, eventually settled in to life. Digital domain has always been well received by Chinese people, the domestic enterprise terminal favorite, especially the digital domain name good friend, short is rare and rare.

this year, frequent exposure of three digital domain name acquisition case, previously spent 1 million 800 thousand overseas purchase of for in October this year, the transfer price is above 300 thousand, in China renamed platform sold 499 thousand yuan, while the platinum channel also shows including in several platinum three digital domain name, such as,,,, and etc..

In addition to the acquisition of

, three digital domain name application is also one of the focus, there are a lot of digital domain,, three, boutique three digital domain name enabled across games, education, browser, search, navigation and other applications, show the unique style of the domain name in all walks of life.

transactions of the digital domain name, in the domestic reputation is not cheap, 160 was the China Telecom "nosy" life information inquiry service access number, the.Net/.cn/ suffixes have been scored early, which has site use, believe that the drive of life heavily to build a can show the charm, enhance the brand influence of comprehensive development of the value of the domain name. < >

Daily topic micro-blog ban WeChat public number Is it back or self-interest

A5 ( station network November 27th news, recently online crazy pass micro-blog will prevent users from using its platform to promote WeChat public accounts, and some of the official account of sina will also be forwarded, and said the two-dimensional code corresponding account issued by the user, store fake, pornography and other damage containing large content in the experience information for to ensure that the user experience, will focus on processing the behavior. A time to get jittery.

Sina this practice can not help but think of the red envelopes can not share the event before the circle of friends. Tencent explanation given for the fast red envelopes can not be shared in WeChat circle of friends, is due to the involvement of the induced sharing. Some people analyze the micro-blog once again prohibit the promotion of WeChat account is not a ban on Ali Ali Department of fast counterattack.

in fact, Tencent and Ali mutual shield can be traced back to last year. In July last year, WeChat in order to prevent the use of the chain of individual users, fishing, blocking a number of links, which involves a lot of Taobao stores. Subsequently, Taobao fully shielded to other online shopping platform external links two-dimensional code picture. In November last year, WeChat to further cancel the chain, and the phone Taobao also closed from WeChat jump to Taobao goods and stores channels.

and for the event micro-blog also gives a response, said the move is mainly aimed at illegal sales information released by micro-blog fans service platform behavior, ban WeChat public account is the Department of misreading. The move is the latest policy to deal with malicious marketing behavior. Micro-blog this action is mainly for cleaning part induced by way of doing marketing account, especially the automatic reply, by focusing on the keyword automatic reply, message sending function under the marketing image of two-dimensional code account.

senior electricity supplier commentators Lu Zhenwang also said that the closure of micro-blog blocked WeChat public account with the competition between the fast drops in the same breath, can not be understood. After all, this relates to micro-blog’s own problems. Public number to do a good job, are small and medium V, WeChat opened a position, is a threat to micro-blog. Not only from the perspective of ali.

Liu Xingliang Dean

DCCI Internet Research Institute said, whether it is WeChat public account, or derivative, its content in the promotion of WeChat micro-blog and micro-blog will not use marketing tools, that is to say and do not pay for marketing costs to micro-blog, the micro-blog natural more harm than good.

In fact, as early as in April 10th this year, sina

listed before the announcement of the spam marketing information management regulations draft, the five forms of spam as a qualitative marketing information. The "excessive marketing behavior" other include the use of avatars, top micro-blog, the background image to promote the third party platform. This was the industry was defined as the ban on WeChat.

responded to the incident, said Tencent, WeChat’s own platform for remediation of sina micro-blog initiatives welcomed the user experience is the cornerstone of the public platform, which is our consensus. WeChat all the time

The most direct profit model + the huge user resources, electricity providers and social drama upcom

A big picture of the Internet: do

want to open up the electricity supplier resources, drainage, thereby increasing conversion rates and increase revenue; other industries is to expand the business, the business is business platform provides an open entrance: hanging advertising or add "and play", or direct their own open of course, the business platform, because the risk is too big by not.

What is the reason for

electricity providers and social Freemasonry? Business, either online or offline are direct piece of the largest and most profitable market; social, either online or offline are the most popular and most enduring battlefield resources.

as the most direct profit model and the most dynamic resources meet, does not bring amazing love, is the appearance of

with vigour and vitality!

line, business and social integration is how


the most straightforward one is in knots the buddies travel, shopping, eat, sing K, amusement park…… This kind of social businessmen can make a fuss, and effective way: preferential guide.

if social implanted inside a small circle of friends together, we all talk is hi, casually plaster to block ads, commercial ads here to spread up the most simple, but can play the role of an exposure, the lowest value, similar to the leaflets, putting at least get the same minimum value; another the same pattern is being talked Hing hey, a topic in logical leads to a product or brand promotion, the value to the overweight are also scarce, people imitate the model innovation to make a seven or eight is marketing skills with industry heavyweights, and more people can only be regarded as a mere copycat, painted painted gourd dipper stick marketing fairies.

online, electricity providers and social stories will be how


millet electricity supplier was shocked people eyeball, after several successful jump Longmen is awarded a master of marketing identity, domestic mobile phone recently followed suit millet, similar to the configuration, price, selling a similar design, similar to the means of marketing…… All the phenomenon that the millet will have a social and electric fusion.

Jingdong and Tencent jointly, QQ has access to the entrance and one of the most idle away in seeking pleasure, mobile social tools industry optimistic about WeChat, will be the 618 shopping big promotion to vigorously cooperate with Jingdong……

and still get together poly popularity, unfamiliar street was listed as Secret clearance period, secret concessions, appears to have stable social occasions that there are one of the biggest variables: electricity supplier.

when electricity providers stationed in social, how many can try to profit model? Let’s take line mode slightly below the reference value, the popularity of the most simple but a pattern: to open a minimum entrance. Well, Enron did not want to let the Jingdong lying in the gun, but the conversion value of this model is not high, in addition to the integration of electricity providers and social can only be regarded as the initial stage of exploration, so >

Garbo to babe network 9.8 anniversary heavy back 50 million mom

is the largest professional maternal APP babe network in September 8th to 12 held the "babe anniversary celebration", in addition to their baby full 300 minus 300 "and so on a series of preferential activities, the international well-known brand baby food executives video to celebrate Beibei Jiabao anniversary, and during the anniversary celebrations will also send babe some columns store huge benefit activities, Jiabao full 199 minus 30, more super multi surprise gift sent. Buy baby, baby, buy jiabao. You babe.


Jiabao is an American brand, already has 80 years of professional experience, is a time tested baby food brand. Its raw materials from the global quality farm, strict soil safety tests to ensure that no harmful pesticide residues. Stick to within 24 hours, from the acquisition of raw materials to production as a whole bottle, which let the baby get optimal nutrition. Among them, Jiabao Rice noodles offers more than 20 kinds of nutrient elements for the baby update formula can help children form a taste good, healthy eating habits, help the healthy growth of babies.


As the largest professional

Chinese maternal APP, on the 9.8 anniversary celebration of the occasion, babe network to join Garbo, provides premium gift for 50 million Chinese mom, Jiabao full 199 minus 30, all kinds of products, has a large promotional efforts carnival. It is worth mentioning that, during the 3.8 anniversary celebration of Beibei, the goods over 300 back to 300, the intensity of activity is quite large. As the largest professional China maternal APP will once again set off a babe baby shopping carnival.

according to the babe network staff, participate in the 9.8 anniversary celebration of the babe network big up to thousands, include some of the big domestic and foreign mothers most trusted. Which are the ten of the big executives personally recorded video behind babe network 9.8 anniversary. The mother and child in big Beibei activity intensity is great, launched the 100 brand with the full cut, full support of Beibei 9.8 anniversary.

Kuxun CEO ticket fraud is malicious agents report calls for refund

Tencent Francisco (month old) October 11th news, this afternoon, according to the "cruel dispatch net volume of money agents run away" event, kuxun CEO Zhang Haijun (micro-blog) said the Tencent of science and technology and other media, the event is the ticket refund after the supplier, is the industry issues: Airlines to the ticket back to the agents, the agents to get money escape, but kuxun indeed bear some responsibility.

recently, a number of consumers to buy tickets through cruel dispatch agents — ticket network Jingdong, but when boarding is not in use. And then the Jingdong closed ticket network, the office premises is gone.

sources said the incident has spread to nearly 400 consumers, while Zhang Haijun claimed that the specific number is not clear, it is estimated that more than 200 people, the amount of fraud over $300 thousand.

it is understood that the specific direction of the purchase of tickets for the flow of funds: consumers will be real estate agents, agents and then to the airline, refund process is the opposite, the problem lies in the level of agents.

Beijing official said: "Jingdong ticket network success in helping consumers after the vote, took off when the ticket will have successfully launched malicious refund to the airlines, and the airline ticketing system did not confirm whether the request for refund can effectively lead to the passenger himself initiated, it also exposed the entire aviation agency system the ticket there is a huge loophole."

"we are lying in the gun, cruel dispatch is the search engine, Jingdong ticket network is legitimate, we cooperate with more than a year. It is not the problem of capital flow, but the malicious fraud of agents." Zhang Haijun said, there are similar problems on other platforms within the industry, but ultimately resolved in private."

core question is, how to solve the problem?

at present, cruel dispatch has established "Tourism Consumer Rights Fund", and reported to the public security organ and the judicial organs have also been involved in the investigation.

however, there are many victims said that the report will be feedback to the amount is too small, the complexity of the proceedings, will eventually allow events to settle a matter by leaving it unsettled.

"we do not have the responsibility to compensate, but will make appropriate compensation to consumers. The affected consumers as long as their situation in the public security organs, it will be able to apply for the free rights fund to buy tickets for an amount equal rights fund." Zhang Haijun stressed, we set up a fund is to encourage consumers to fight against this fraud. Consumers can not be robbed are not silent, we advocate a consumer report. If broken, consumers in addition to obtain the rights kuxun fund, also can obtain the corresponding amount of compensation."

Zhang Haijun claimed that consumers have access to the rights fund. The future, kuxun will also put refund system is also included in the regulatory system, and further improve the overall purchase process.

Jingdong ticket network on


Trading volume of billions Neglected rural network purchasing market

text / Ding Tao division

recently two news has aroused widespread concern in the community, the news can be popular for the reason that the two are concerned about the rural electricity supplier related to some exploration and opportunities for the two. We first look at these two news:

news: Jingdong, Taobao, Baidu…… Recently, more and more Internet giants of all kinds of advertising appeared on the wall of the countryside, the intention to seize the 4–6 line market.

news: two Chinese Post plans to invest 100 million yuan to build an electronic payment service base, force the mobile phone and Internet payment, differentiated competition with Alipay, or to capture the rural market.

through the above two news, we can see from one side, penetration in the rural 10 years on the host computer, finally starting to show its true value from the electricity supplier level, hundreds of millions of people in the rural market will be because of the involvement of e-commerce and change the nature of the occurrence.

but in fact, through my long experience in the countryside, the situation is not as optimistic as we expected. I have done a small-scale survey, now the rural research China electric media and the majority are living in the deep North of Guangzhou city like this, everyone sitting in front of the computer for rural electricity providers pointing Jiangshan, most people may have not been able to rural copious and fluent article to write thousands of words, in this case writing something out of the most imaginary castles in the air.

billion rural network purchasing market has been seriously ignored

the author lives in the countryside for a long time, and often goes back and forth between the countryside and the city. Since 1998, is the first contact with a computer connected to the network and then shopping farmers, in my opinion, the rural electricity providers should at least go through the following four stages, and the rural areas experienced different time points is also completely different:

first stage: the popularity of computers;

second phase: Internet access and the popularity of Internet awareness;

third stage: online shopping;

fourth phase: network sale.

I think now the rural electricity supplier to the third stage of the development of online shopping, and online shopping is divided into two stages, namely purchasing and purchasing. After these two stages are to let others help buy things and they will buy things on the internet. And today we want to focus on is even if the first stage of the third stage: online purchasing.

the network purchasing from overseas purchasing mobile phone is now very fire, purchasing milk, the purchasing network said that much in rural areas because of the young migrant workers, leaving a large number of young and old to the shopping needs, but no shopping ability is particularly high in rural areas will cause people to buy things on the Internet, often there is a village of one or two people will be online shopping, will help in the eight village ten villagers shopping.

where I am

Wangzhuan tutorial training a theoretical study of flow difference

human society is based on the commodity economy, the transaction controls people’s behavior in the society. Everyone is in a different transaction, farmers farming out the grain, vegetables and fruits to the market; the worker is his own services sold to factories in exchange for payment; of course is their own labor to national civil servants in exchange for compensation, different civil servants in this transaction were also obtained in social status. Businessmen are among the most understanding of the value of the transaction, they are very good in the use of the theory of the difference, the transaction often win. The above is the principle of macro, for the majority of the webmaster for guiding practice is very meaningful.

traffic can be converted into money, money can also be converted into traffic. Get traffic can be divided into two methods, the first method to get traffic: a large number of the chain to make the chain, let the flow guide into your website, get a lot of methods of the chain, but also for different owners, different website theme effective methods of the chain are not the same. I use two ways to write soft text and to the forum hair theme, these two methods are simple and effective. In fact, outside the chain is not free to get the flow you need to pay is time and energy, time and energy this thing is very valuable. The second way to get traffic: PPC (search engine marketing) and Media Buy (site advertising to buy), this paid traffic true, effective, effective immediately. People get the purpose of flow is of course into money, so you have to have a businessman thinking, buy low and sell high traffic flow, if you master this flow difference, you have the Internet treasure, the Internet is a supermarket, you can gain wealth is limitless.

wrote two theoretical text, you can make money online, the key lies in practice. You need to continue the flow test, when your flow theory is infinitely close to the actual situation, that is, when you earn money. Flow theory is a post burn burned out experience. For ordinary webmaster, no strong capital base, not much of the computer technology, which accords with the 90% personal webmaster, webmaster can earn money must be subversive thinking. For the chain, if there is no technology but you can find cooperation technology, can find a very NB tool, let the chain day break 10000, the website is not afraid to pay traffic flow? If there is no money, but you can find a partner for people who have money to burn, you flow difference theory experience. Ma Yun, who has no money, no technology, but Ma Yun has leadership qualities, can lead the team to create Alibaba group. China the Internet for personal webmaster has just begun, no money do not give up, a lot of advertising alliance is the one or two creation, and with a large coalition is created, alliance account loose, now is the best period of domestic Wangzhuan intervention.

the training Wangzhuan starting, reprint >

Fresh electricity supplier entrepreneurs compulsory Please pragmatic point of calm to deal with new

fresh electricity supplier concept is very new, giving people a lot of room for imagination, and the reasons for the investment of fresh electricity supplier can also list a lot, such as:

fresh demand, high purchase rate;

electricity supplier new channels to achieve direct supply base, reducing the channel links, reducing costs, increasing the profit space;

fresh electricity supplier is still a blue ocean, the competition is not so intense, into the investment may be able to have a large return;

Tootoo, the original life, Dolly farm had put into this piece of blue ocean, but if mixing is also good…………

a colorful bubble to come up, so many small and medium-sized entrepreneurs to grasp the hand of money can not help but loose: go, we go to business! Fresh electricity supplier!

recently a friend borrowed 500 thousand of his father’s money, want to put into the fresh electricity supplier, ask what I think. I said, I am very supportive of your business, but also admire your courage. But if I have 500 thousand possible with your choice is not so, I put 400 thousand into Alipay, let fly to return. The remaining 100 thousand, I put into the selection of products and the industry to drink coffee, pay tuition, do circle.

entrepreneurship fresh electricity supplier to think about the problem

entrepreneurship is a good thing to be sure, but we have to think about some problems:

first thing sold? Selection is very important in this market, in such a deep wide north first-tier cities do not have the advantage of fresh, fresh light is in great demand, the more important is that people in the first-tier cities of new model is very willing to try. The coastal zone of the second city in the local life service was also fast, especially in the Yangtze River Delta in the two or three line of the city, city economy is large, but the city is very small, local life service small and beautiful just unfolding. But in the majority of the two or three lines in the mainland city, vertical electric now living space is small, the people of these things point there is a lack of acceptance, although this does not prevent some of our courage to open up the market, blaze a way to resolve, but I want to say is, this is a must first consider the question.

fresh market positioning is very important, there are several types of people are unlikely to be temporarily or less likely to buy food online, fruit, meat and milk. First, do not cook for the young people is not our customers, school students and a large number of young people who eat takeout is out; second, over the age of forty housewives to online shopping itself is not used, fresh electricity change old mother farms to buy food habits can not be like the third; young white-collar workers, has a large number of cooking, a large number of exclusion; but the habit of cooking the vegetable market is not willing to accept new things of women men and women, the basic rule; only a handful of people left: cook their own food to buy food, but busy, willing to accept business such things the young white-collar. We can imagine that this man, he often cooks at home

Some errors in the secret Wangzhuan let you avoid detours

Wangzhuan, this word is no stranger to come to make Taobao brothers entrepreneurship forum. Your name is through the network to make money. Whether any thing has its two sides, of course, people can not escape. Double then I will personally talk about wangzhuan.

many novice friends, enter the Wangzhuan industry can hear where there is a day to earn tens of millions of items. These projects allow novice friends around the project around the day, we do not control the nature of the project. Such an atmosphere directly guides you in the wrong direction. Of course, the veteran is not Wangzhuan the patience to remind you, for them. Even chat a day is a charity, not to mention what do not understand the novice. When I did not encounter the devil, I just like you all this so called Wai earn hundreds of hundreds of projects. First, we first analyze the types of higher:

Onhook Wangzhuan

1. Onhook Wangzhuan a month to earn money even to buy a pack of red Nanjing (11 pieces) I did not estimate the number of want to do such a thing, do we value is a pack of red

in Nanjing?

2 mail click wangzhuan. When you click on the day and night will be provided, when is the site closed. Money is certainly not, and you pay for this also disappeared. You may have lost confidence in Wangzhuan, don’t give up on. The higher your journey from the end.

3 Witkey wangzhuan. No new technology is by selling the toil, the labor intensity is big. Tired every day, a few dollars a day. Come here also insisted that people do not come, give up leave.

4 website to make money. The people who come here are the people who have experienced three kinds of hardships. Have a certain ability to bear the ability of people. With a certain foundation, knowledge is also rich. Build a station to hang an advertising alliance will be able to make money, is to step up to the ideal of people. According to said come to this step in the success is not far away, but the way out is the site of middle ran no traffic, no traffic would not return. But the flow to come here ~ this is a product neck. To this point, you must want to find someone to give you these. You will admire every day in the group to say their website today thousands of thousands of traffic. Even want to know him, worship him as a teacher. But they don’t bird you.

some people operate some fringes (chat rooms, SP, some hackers engage in sex) technology (remote control, steal game account, attack servers, the attack site, killing, invasion, crack, etc., have to write plug-in) do porn sites. These things are illegal, there are a lot of people in the operation. It can bring profits, but how long it will last. As the saying goes, no thief can go to 80. There’s gonna be a day. Wangzhuan novice friends to just into the society of the child, there is no ability to distinguish between certain. Accidentally went awry, no one to help you estimate you in that strange circle to get out. When you get to the end when there’s no way. Know now, if I don’t say >

The first bucket of advertising Google keyword advertising application activities


Adsense, probably in the webmaster circles is already known, known. But talking about Adwords, there may be 50%-80% webmaster to her to maintain a certain distance. Why do they know that Adwords is the source of Adsense advertising fees, is the fundamental to feed Adsense. The thought of spending money like water, such as burning burn advertising spending, ordinary webmaster must think not we play. In fact, Adwords is a very good tool for network investment, to engage in Google advertising promotions, South Star today teach you to play a advertising.

Google from September to send advertising campaign launch, scheduled in October 31st deadline, now extended to December 31st, I guess may be more Google want to occupy PPC (pay per click) market share. No matter what the reason is based on Google, anyway, as a webmaster we benefit from. The following look at how to achieve a precise and quick application, get 500 yuan advertising costs.

this link is the legendary preferential application link:

I applied for two times. The first is to use the Gmail account application successfully. The second time, with the Gmail account is one of the defendants account can only be used for a business Google, very strange. So I suggest you fill in this form:

1 Name: write your name.

2 phone number: your phone number.

3 e-mail address: do not fill in the Gmail, you can use QQ mailbox and the like. This mailbox is the future of the Google account.

4 you want to popularize website address: do not fill in, the second time I fill in this blog address is:, the result was told is not allowed, here to write a commercial web site (corporate, product promotion, brand promotion, etc.), do not fill in blogs.

fill out the submission can be. The first time I waited two days or so. The second time is to apply for the morning, the afternoon gave me a call, but halfway something, it is not very smooth.

relatively smooth program is:

ready online banking account, you need 100 yuan.

wait for the phone, follow the Google Adwords staff tips and guide the full registration process.

recharge rmb.

to Adwords control.

Settings >

Our promotion related terminology

, web promotion highly related promotional information according to the website, and the website and share the resulting click into. Whether in the alliance system FAQ or in the daily communication with the site owner, we often refer to some proper nouns. The optimization of the article will explain these terms to facilitate the communication between the site owners and us.

alliance product related terms:

theme Description: text and multimedia can be displayed to promote information, click on the Internet after the formation of billing click. Subject description contains a total of 28 dimensions, you can modify the title, description, display URL, border color, background color.


theme links: for the first time to show the contents of the page with the phrase, the Internet users click on the phrase in the new page to show the phrase related to the promotion of information, users click on the formation of a billing click.


text promotion information: the vast majority of promotional information is text material. Text material promotion information contains the title, description, display URL and promotion information logo four part (individual size of the promotion information does not show URL). The long text material will be truncated to ensure the normal display of the information in the limited size.

multimedia promotional information: some promotion information material is a picture or flash, we called multimedia promotion information. In addition to multimedia information, multimedia promotional materials also contain translucent promotional information logo, used to identify the promotion of information to avoid blocking the original material.


logo: the promotion of information promotion information by logo web promotion and "Baidu promotion" paws.


click on the new page to open the Baidu promotion of the introduction page (, through this page can be extended to promote the promotion of Baidu business, the site can be landed in the Baidu alliance.

promotion information code: put on the web page can request advertising Javascript code. When the site owner to visit the Baidu alliance, in the "my account" – "your ad code" page can get the promotion information code. This code can be posted to the web page can request promotion information.


billing Name: billing unit identification. When the account, we will be divided into the name of the unit for the distribution. The billing name is a string that ends with "CPR".

billing name URL: only you put on the website of the promotion of information and your billing name binding, you can put on the site to promote information on behalf of

An Dongsheng the truth about the success of working and venture

is the most common characteristic of human ", it is easy to be tempted to see others succeed, they quickly rush on like a swarm of hornets do not understand some of their, enter the field of entrepreneurship, as one of my students, he was just a working, then suddenly to start, after the change, became a very successful entrepreneurs, if such a person is on your side, you can continue to work for



in the development of society, mankind in the progress of development, more and more promising future, almost every human nature, especially in the people business today, whether we need in this spring, get a space for one person? Whether you need to grasp this thousand years to meet the business opportunities, to realize their own the entrepreneurial dream


from the current view, 90 entrepreneurs raging hit, the success of these 90 entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial brilliance of their achievements, greatly stimulate those with entrepreneurial dreams, entrepreneurial success brings great benefits, but always make people crazy, crazy, in the back, still to calm down and to think, to judge yourself, whether for business


in this fish, fast fish eats the slow times, business competition will become more than ever in an era of more intense, even if there is a good idea to start the business, the entrepreneurial competition still is very cruel, such as when an unpopular group purchase, at the time of the competition. It is very intense, if you do business for three years and have not any competition, only shows that your business direction is wrong, then, to change the direction of time, time.

a strong heart is essential to start on the road, otherwise, once encountered difficulties, the glass heart you will not be able to withstand setbacks, may eventually lose courage, entrepreneurs and the fear of being beaten on the road of entrepreneurship competition, might as well try to make their own businesses run faster, beat competitors.

truly successful entrepreneurs, is a very wise man, even in the face of the enemy that can still calm decision, if just want to beat him, no matter how much money he does not care, such business is very dangerous, far sighted entrepreneurs, can always see the future through the dog now, do not you see, in the micro business group just up, those micro business entrepreneurs even at the time not to be optimistic, but they still stick to it, eventually created a myth of wealth.

business, the most important is innovation, only innovation can be in the fierce competition in the thriving, become the most beautiful flowers that bloom, innovation can make an enterprise full of vigor and vitality unlimited.

success is never an easy thing, to create your business is a real event, can the probability of success is only 1%, especially a business successful entrepreneurs are very rare, failure is inevitable thing, if entrepreneurs first set >

After the production of the breasts will sag ‘s health network

what kind of breast is called sagging?

first definition of breast ptosis. The lower edge of the breast and torso surface intersection called breast under the folds, under normal circumstances, especially young women, the nipple is the horizontal position in the breast under the folds above, if the fall is called breast ptosis. The more severe the droop, the lower the fall.

The breast appearance of

sag are generally three types: fusiform, triangle shaped breast sagging breast ptosis and horn shaped breast ptosis.

spindle shaped breast ptosis is a basal breast cross is characterized by the diameter reducing breast ptosis. The basal breast round coronal breast less than the distal coronary plane, like spindle, named spindle shaped breast ptosis. The breast ptosis Department of breast tissue to fall hernia caused by subcutaneous areolar region, often associated with large areola syndrome. More common in young and middle-aged women.

triangular shaped breast ptosis of the whole breast was flat, like hanging in the chest wall of the triangular scarf, so named. Breast basal coronary is long elliptic, breast longitudinal diameter greater than the diameter of breast tissue, no hernia was falling to the subcutaneous areolar region. More common in middle-aged and elderly women, especially postmenopausal women.

The basal breast coronal and distal coronal

is basically the same horn shaped rolling room sagging, distal or slightly smaller breast longitudinal diameter is longer, the breast nipple in the line, such as the appearance of the horn, breast adipose tissue within the fiber and the relative increase in less breast tissue, breast feel more compact and better skin elasticity, such breast ptosis in young women.

is usually divided into three degrees according to the degree of breast prolapse:

I degree: breast ptosis, nipple and breast reverse line parallel.

II degree: nipple position is lower than the skin under the skin of the anti fold, but higher than the lowest position of the breast.

III: breast nipple in the lowest position, but some breast ptosis, especially distal breast hypertrophy, although more severe ptosis, the nipple is still the lowest in the breast, this should also be regarded as III degree of ptosis.

What are the causes of sagging breasts


is generally believed to cause breast sagging for three reasons: 1 breast prolapse after weight loss; the production of breast ptosis after the production of the 2; breast ptosis in the elderly (3). And breastfeeding is considered to be the primary cause.

pregnant women, the body hormone secretion changes in the breast fat tissue and breast tissue will grow, making the breast significantly larger. Of course, at this time the surface of the breast skin will be propped up, this time the woman is the most full of life.

after production, reduce the amount of hormones, and breastfeeding, so fat and breast tissue will decrease rapidly, has been stretched in the breast epidermis decrease in the content circumstances, naturally loose down, no previous compact full.

at the same time, due to fatigue caused by feeding the baby >