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The search engine ranking rules Scholarship model

in the university is very common, because each score is not only decided by performance, and by your usual integral to occupy a certain proportion, according to the different subjects are not the same proportion. This ranking as you now get a well done is not enough, SE will see you in, if you always don’t obey the rules, even if your final score is very high, but

you are suspected of cheating, and you usually behave, even if the final exam is bad, there may be very high in, you can still talent shows itself or not to fail the exam. This is the reality.

ever so he got a scholarship, I think he academicachievement is very good, so I admire him sometimes people unhappy, then know he is not good culture class, most of his bonus too much…… But at the same time, I do not know the original scholarship has so many rules. When I see someone ask the user experience whether there is a role I think of this.

fourth, user experience and bonus items.

second, every division success is not high performance well.

we know whether in college or high school, no matter how high your total score, but if there is a scholarship to you fail the exam, so no chance. Held in the Shanghai dragon rankings, such as your Shanghai dragon all is what good, but as your site is open speed is slow, and even a minute are not open, so you want to get good rankings is not enough. So do Shanghai dragon, will also taboo partial branch, no matter how some aspects are not too bad.

third, the total score of all subjects the proportion of influence.


website has been ranked Shanghai dragon floating is concerned about the hearts of many people, so why ranking sites prone to fluctuations, what are the factors that cause the website ranking rules, a simple model of scholarship may give us some inspiration.

in high school, science or arts comprehensive scores may change, for example, sometimes integrated is 300, the number of language is 150, and when the number of language 150 is 150, this time may be due to rule changes will also affect your final score. This ranking has the overall ratio of problems, such as the chain proportion or content proportion, different time may change, when you don’t have to do any change, your score has quietly changed, so some people have been down to find the reasons, but do not know the rules change.

what are the rules?

first, then the high score, fail the exam.


we know a lot of things are in fact from the search of life, such as we have the final ranking as you are to get a scholarship, and the links and content as the most important subject do you think. So, there are many similarities between Shanghai Longfeng ranking rules and you can get the scholarship rules, so the scholarship


How to write the webmaster website title

length control

and title contain the keywords

this is a problem inside the Soso Ask: "-| coat jacket sweater coat
fashion coat | winter coat dress | army green coat collocation | lady coat how this should be a typical keyword, my suggestion is that if there is no brand websites (such as VANCL, excellence to determine the best keywords; etc.) should be in one to two or so.

love Shanghai search result can display 30 Chinese characters; here suggest that title length is best controlled within 32; if it can be controlled at about 25 is the best. There are a lot of people love to imitate some of the more successful web site title to write this, I think, is not entirely undesirable, but still want to own actual situation, because most successful website is not to the point of writing from Shanghai Phoenix website title.

this is equivalent to a nonsense, but we must say that the title keyword is one or two keywords must be derived from keyword research; many do at the beginning of Shanghai Longfeng personnel are extremely easy to make a mistake, is to enter a field, skip the keyword research, writing is title according to their own feelings, then the titile keyword ranking is up, but no flow.

correlationThe correlation between the

four, Title

five and Title

three, do not stack


title writing directly or indirectly determines the click rate, one of the important factors which is why some stand ranking is not ranked by the station of high hit rate. Title must be able to accurately express the content of the page, let users see the general content of title will be able to think of the page.

to lose weight do an analogy, if the core keywords your website is the best way to lose weight loss methods, then come to the front, such as "slimming slimming slimming method _ _ Moumou network"; click here to say medical websites, now medical website competition really eye popping medical websites; in recent years such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain like the emergence of medical website title; and from the original general keywords gradually localization, such as "hospital" of the word, many hospitals are in the local word + gynecological hospital; if the conversion from the marketing point of view; actually this kind of title can be with the best or most authoritative words etc..

Where do Keywords

Shanghai Longfeng personnel should know the importance of the website title, today we summarize personal Shanghai Longfeng this time about how to write title, and study together, inappropriate, please point out more.

two, keywords appear in the front of

Take the word

Image optimization method dutushidai

this is a perfect way to optimize the optimization picture, we see a lot of pictures of the site will use this code to display the segments with a single image, it contains the following information: title, H2, title, ALT tags, pictures, pictures of the surrounding text explanation. The influence of the ranking factors:


give a perfect picture of the code:

1:onpage ranking factors

now, 95% webmaster attention in the regular search in traffic to websites, while ignoring the image search, in this era, the picture has a very important influence on the website, especially a lot of pictures website. Image optimization is a very detailed Shanghai dragon optimization process, you may add a ALT, can make pictures ranked first, the optimization of the picture is good, will bring unexpected traffic to the site.

ALT property is an important part of search engine optimization, the best in ALT words, if your pictures with links so ALT will be as an anchor text;

around the text, that is to say the picture around the text should contain one or more keywords, if it is independent of "so TITLE is very obvious, but if the writing is very long,


title="… Copyright… Xyz"



An example on how to build a more consistent with the Shanghai dragon and UEO site structure

two: with the structure of

as a portal of our content compared to other types of site will be more and more complex. A reasonable breadcrumb navigation can not only improve the keywords ranking at the same time, we can better promote the user’s good experience. We can see the change in A5. Remember when I visit A5 past stationmaster net, then this is a breadcrumb structure: home » & search; Shanghai dragon » how to build a portal site more in line with the Shanghai dragon and UEO site structure, now the author found that the A5 surface crumbs navigation has undergone subtle changes. We can see the current breadcrumb structure has become: webmaster nets » & search; Shanghai dragon » how to build a portal site more in line with the Shanghai dragon and UEO site structure. One of the main reasons we can see that this change is to upgrade the A5 in the word on the web ranking. Friendly experience at the same time a reasonable crumb structure can also enhance the user’s good. So the structure of bread crumbs is one of the factors we improve the site of Shanghai dragon and UEO can not be ignored.

home is the best of our weight of the site, is also the most visited. Keywords we can make better use of the home page to get a better ranking and included at the same time, improve the user’s good experience. So first we look at a government portal home page, as shown in figure




home page

: a reasonable structure of

bread crumbs navigation

site structure optimization is a key link in the station optimization. A good structure can not only make our visitors have a more comfortable access environment, but also can enhance our keywords in the search engine ranking results, described on our site is killing two birds with one stone. For the portal site, there is a large amount of information, how to let our visitors get information and make the search engine more in-depth crawling cannot do without a reasonable site more easily. Then I will in the following share how to build our site structure, we make the structure more in line with the Shanghai dragon and UEO.

above, many of our readers and as I see the first impression of this structure is the feeling of the structure is very clear, very fresh, not some portals that messy feeling. This kind of design we can see a clear structure, meet the access needs of users, improve the user friendly experience. Then we can see this kind of structure can be naturally placed in our words, to promote the site keywords ranking, this structure also can make the search engine more deepen and wide access to our site. This will undoubtedly promote the promotion site included.

How do the electricity supplier website is the most reasonable optimization

, one of the guests to the market to buy oranges, go to the front, a booth asked, how much is the orange, stall answered a 3.5 pound, the guests turned away, to second guests asked again how much orange, vendors are introduced respectively. The price of the oranges, asked for a sentence, you need that kind of taste. The guests said give me a pound to be sour. This guest bought a pound. At the time of leaving, traders to add a guest, say to the guest, feel good then let your friends come to buy, so the business of customer referrals. The guests go on to the next one, want to buy apple, vendors are also introduced one of a guest, said a pound with sour apples, merchants to guests picked a catty, casually asked the guest, is your wife to buy it, the guests said yes, traders said women don’t work during pregnancy and pay more attention to rest, eat some supplements, I have here a pregnant woman can eat some. This time a guest wants to say, too, so the customer bought a souvenir vendors, then introduce to the guests of other fruits, the guests down more than 100 dollars to buy fruit here.

and many enterprises in the electricity supplier website or business station is where the Department of technology, Shanghai dragon personnel aside, because they do not know, do the site if you do not meet the needs of users, not digging the needs of users to the greatest extent, then do it again even if the website ranking good no use. Because your website is not good user to buy a product will not come in, at the same time wasted a lot of traffic.

the story exists in life, when many businesses in the electricity supplier website and the line is often only found obvious needs of users, while ignoring the hidden user demand, if I want a girlfriend. This sentence is very obvious that can find a girlfriend is obvious and hidden demand is demand, we need to find a way to girlfriend or cheats. In fact, many enterprises of this point and multi business platform did not do it, thus resulting in a large number of customers.

We illustrate the

so when doing the electricity supplier website to let Shanghai Longfeng personnel involved, and a careful analysis of the needs of users, such as users buy power line, power line is obviously the needs of users, the "

actually do business website and do the same store, the most important is to consider the user experience, only to meet the user experience and website marketing to attract users, website and our store is the same, is a channel to attract users, business platform is also the enterprise in the Internet on the store, only to do the user experience in order to retain customers, in order to allow users of the second consumer.

recently I found that many of the traditional enterprise transformation to the electricity supplier, however many enterprises do business website is a mess, don’t even say that is later spent, today to share with you how to do the electricity supplier website and website how to do optimization is most reasonable.

Success can be copied, actions need to be maintained

I do not know when to start, television became popular program, see the Phoenix "daily newspaper reading" column for the entire television brings benefits, so the major domestic TV media began to imitate the program mode, and have good ratings. Then newspaper reading programs spring up everywhere, whether in television or radio stations, you can see and hear similar programs. Every Monday morning to five from to 8:30 this time period, on the way to work, listening to radio broadcast of the CCTV economic channel "Ma Bin read the newspaper", these 8 news is very helpful to me.

can say that the idea of reading a newspaper is not new, but it gets good ratings. One of the main reasons is that the audience has such a demand. Faced with the huge amount of information, users need a filter platform, and newspapers and newspapers play the role, so the newspaper program, immediately received much attention and rave reviews.

said, "back to the website", in many Internet sites, there are always some websites model is successful and worth learning. Successful website types need not only one, but also more similar sites for users, such as local forums and local portals. At present, there are some local websites, such as the Pengcheng community, the 19 floor, Xiamen small fish, etc., are successful local websites, business models, profit models are worth reference. Because each local user has the corresponding demand, so long as can satisfy these requirements, even if is not the first "eats the crab" the website equally to be able to obtain the success.

if the current success of the website as is the first batch of "program", undoubtedly, the local site or have the potential for development, especially there is no more successful local community site of the city. The network has gone deep into people’s life, and the future life will be closely related to the Internet, and the Internet industry will be well developed for a period of time. So, if you see the potential for such a website model and you’re currently struggling to find a website direction, why don’t you try it,


local website, home to understand the local user habits and information needs, what kind of information is the local user’s attention, how to better attract users, this is the site of early to clear, to investigate the market, and then formulate corresponding measures for the market. For example, an information integration platform, what kind of information is the user’s attention? Merchandise discount information? Dining and entertainment information? Real estate information Home Furnishing? As long as the user is concerned with the demand, is the target, of course, the "basket", not without finishing without planning, distribution, information platform website step by step, one by one by one.

Tang Jun said, "my success can be replicated." is that true? If you do the same with him, I believe you can achieve similar success. Doing a website is very hard, every webmaster has deep understanding, especially those who have achieved certain achievements, their pay may be other people can not imagine, success is not to rely on

How to start a textile shop to run

in today’s society, the textile industry can be said to be a very popular industry, at the same time, there are a lot of investors and entrepreneurs choose to invest in the textile industry, now ready to open a textile shop, what are the operating rules?

is going to his own business, opened a textile shop, it is not familiar with this, then how do I open a textile shop? How to choose home textile brand?

A, choose the familiar industry

Familiar with

the line of the "market", can reduce the business risk; small shop is the "flexible", the industry familiar with the quick, as soon as possible to create management benefit.

two, must be unique display

if you store space and the display of goods is limited, so to attract of passers-by stop spending, have more thoughts on display in commodities. It is often best to change the display of goods to give people a fresh feeling, in order to improve the turnover rate of goods.

three, create a sales atmosphere

Renqiwang will naturally attract customers, when empty, from time to time to arrange the goods, equipment adjustment. Don’t sit in front of Langtui, make potential customers or the reverse psychology class goods store.

business innovation

to quickly reflect the popular "development" special goods, let customers "this not buy popular feeling, next time he bought".

five, high-quality service to cultivate customer loyalty

six, the cumulative promotion discount

Introduction to the advantages of Western fast food brands

is the original form of food from western countries to Chinese, and so far, remove the well-known Western fast-food brands outside, there are also many Chinese native Western fast-food brands, Dodo based western fast food is one of them. Western fast food, the local chain of fast food restaurants, western fast food hamburger originated in Hunan, Hong Kong and Chongqing triangle economic circle of Changsha. In 2007 the Duo Duo based western fast food college opened its first restaurant in Hunan Changsha property, with the aid of the United States in the development of Western fast food Chinese potential, Duo Duo to take advantage of price based Western fast-food and convenience advantages and product advantages, the rapid occupation of Changsha western fast food in the end market, by consumers love.

Introduction of

western fast food brand advantage

01, the United States based brand image, good reputation, excellent management team, many years of store management experience, a huge intangible assets, is bound to bring huge profit sharing.

02, duo to the development of delicious products, so that new products emerge.

04, duo based product taste comparable to KFC.

05, 10 years experience in the market, a comprehensive summary of the written information and CD-ROM, from management, marketing operations, etc..

06, strong planning and design, the first in Western fast food.

07, headquarters strong financial strength, raw materials to take " futures " bulk purchase, reduce product costs.

08, the country’s non-stop tour shop services, so that the shop to make money worry free.

09, duo powerful purchasing group has a large number of manufacturers purchasing advantages, by the direct supply of designated manufacturers, no intermediate links, to ensure the lowest price. Equipment quality and price is the most important.

10, Dodo based adhering to the international advanced western fast-food business philosophy, by virtue of its strong management and operation system and talent advantage, with different size of the Dodo based hamburger chain in Chinese firmly stand in the small and large city.

this is a local fast food brands in China is indeed a trusted brand, if you want to open a fast food restaurant, please leave a message below our website!

10 projects for women

men and women in the field of work is different, the effect of entrepreneurship is also very obvious difference. If women choose to venture, it is best to choose to play their own expertise in the entrepreneurial industry. This recommends 10 very suitable for women entrepreneurship projects.

Project: project


with the rise of supermarkets, specialty stores, consumers are more willing to trust these places of consumption. Moreover, professional cosmetics chain stores have emerged, particularly good business.

project two: open a flower shop

location, florists and integrity is very difficult to do. The following three points: one is the critical location location about the traffic, the best way of life close to higher income, more fashionable target customer groups, such as the surrounding residents income level, cultural atmosphere, community consumption habits are important factors for you to consider; two is in the operating process should pay attention to hiring florists, florists is your right-hand man, flower, flower and other technical job can best embody the artistic taste of the florist.

item three: flower mud Gallery

color mud to make paintings are called flower painting, has been very popular in foreign countries, the domestic has just started. If you are in the vicinity of the school or open a flower mud Gallery, aimed at students doing business quasi money. Investment: total investment of 2600 yuan. Among them: the rent 500 yuan / month, banners of $40, shelves of $60, the table of 5 yuan, the chair of the 30 yuan, a simple renovation fee of $100, a license fee of $20, raw materials, 1200 yuan, 300 yuan. Marketing methods: divided into mud sales of finished products, their own production and sales of raw materials in 3 parts. If the finished painting, and mounted on the frame, according to the price of its core frame, 15 cm × 20 cm, 20 cm; × 25 cm, 30 cm × 40 cm; three kinds of specifications, charges 20 yuan each, 30 yuan and 50 yuan; if the student made, charges 10 yuan, 30 each yuan; if not loaded frame, charges 5 yuan, 8 yuan, 15 yuan; the sale of single flower mud bottle (30 grams) 2-3 yuan, also have a net profit of $1-2.

Item four:

Logistics Alliance

What are some of the applications for entrepreneurial loans

in such an era, relying entirely on individual funds for start-up investors are few, on the contrary, the start of the venture capital market has become a very important source of funds. However, if you want to apply for the relevant business loans, but also need to successfully cross several passes, and then meet the relevant conditions. So, what kind of loan applications which should be closed?

in general, entrepreneurs want to apply for a loan to go through the three threshold. One is the loan qualification: the applicant must have a fixed residence or place of business; the second is to have a business license and business license, have a stable income and repayment ability; third and most important point, is the entrepreneurial investment projects must have its own funds.

to meet the above conditions, entrepreneurs will be prepared to apply for information. The data include: proof of marital status, personal or family income and property status and repayment ability of documents; contract agreement, loan applications; collateral, collateral or pledge the ownership certificate and list, the bank recognized assessment department issued against (quality) and property valuation report.

is the last to have collateral. Mortgage loans are more, can be real estate, real estate mortgage, pledge of deposit certificates, pledged securities, liquidity of the real estate pledge, in accordance with the requirements of the guarantor guarantees. The amount of payment on the basis of specific security decisions. The bank said that all of these links, especially the assessment of the applicant’s special headache, involves a lot of time and effort.

does not fully grasp the general loan

bank said that although the venture capital market is large, but still cautious about issuing loans. If the lender is not fully grasp the general is not lending, because the bank can not really understand the lender’s loan purposes. In order to do a loan business, the bank is also under the foot of Kung fu. Bank loans, in addition to understanding credit lenders outside, but also as a person, occupation, use of the loans, carry out detailed investigation of the collateral etc..

After the

loan, but also on a regular basis to understand the use of the lender’s funds, once found suspicious should take immediate measures. If the lender overdue repayment, it is necessary to make a phone call or interview, or even through legal channels for recourse.

banks and applicants have done their best, but the flowering of more, less results. The bank said the fundamental reason lies in the establishment of a sound credit system. Banks can not fully grasp the manpower and material resources of the applicant’s credit situation. Heart is not the end, you can only raise the threshold to control the risk.

so, despite the idea of entrepreneurship, but there is a big gap above the capital, fully intend to rely on loans to maintain entrepreneurship and