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Love Shanghai Dragon Technology in Shanghai VS station lifting adjustment algorithm


thousand years later, until finally the love of Shanghai was adjusted, but this time the surprise update appeared some big problems, that is, most of the website chain collapse, Difeng Shanghai dragon this time just want to talk to Shanghai dragon ER friends chat, Shanghai dragon will be back to believe that this time is our best way to improve the technology of Shanghai dragon. In fact, as early as last week, Wednesday, love Shanghai ranking has begun to change, and on that day, not how many friends website weight website ranking drop, the weight will naturally improve rankings, maybe a lot of people say, this time it didn’t just wave. A few days will be restored, time after a week, the ranking is also slowly recovering, but today, February 22nd is a 2 day. Outside the chain of many websites have reduced. What does this mean? We need to panic? The answer is, do not need

love Shanghai!

from a few words, speak a non false, indeed, the chain from our point of view, the chain previously released included can check, but now can not find. This update, Difeng Shanghai Longfeng think not only improved love Shanghai algorithm, it is a revolution in Shanghai Longfeng technological progress, because many people are having sex in Shanghai, and Shanghai Longfeng people know, is nothing more than a station outside the station optimization, they all know that. However, I believe that a lot of Shanghai Longfeng do things every day is repeated, we do Shanghai dragon ER really just do these things? "

22 in February 2011 according to the latest news: love Shanghai developers revealed that large update love Shanghai love search business, Shanghai ranked the new rules will be more conducive to the user experience. A ranking algorithm is more concerned about the webmaster, the source said, intelligent recognition system of the new algorithm fusion love Shanghai independent research and development. Illegal chain, forum signature will only be recorded in a chain of statistics. And increase penalties for violations of the Shanghai dragon. But some times most of the sites outside the chain of love Shanghai will be reduced and some illegal BBS signature of the chain! Love Shanghai developers revealed that, on a large scale update search business

webmaster friends, Shanghai dragon friends, this time may be the ranking mechanism to love Shanghai toward standardization, because, in the past, we all know, many sites are by what ah, ah, black chain group or standing group, of course, make up the Shanghai dragon and Feng Di can not say, now these things is useless, but very difficult to want useful. You can see some had been standing group of occupation keywords, seems to most, have no rank, instead of weight is a good site. In the last year, because of the emergence of love Shanghai station group, began to change the algorithm has, more focused on the brand, and this one change can make love Shanghai algorithm is a new revolution in Shanghai, see dragon WHY inside a friend said today to see this in a paragraph forum posts.

Seize the long tail keywords traffic accumulate steadily

long tail keywords, as the name suggests, is that some Extensions word keywords, such as keywords of your site as the "camera", so how to find the word "camera" some other long tail word? You can love or love according to the Shanghai index closed marine vocabulary inquiry find those words, and for the analysis of these words. You can find out the optimization of the word, then the related optimization operation. Then we have to talk about the "camera" wholesale "cameras offer" this two word long tail.

We all know that

if you are doing the "camera" business, then the two word camera and camera wholesale quotation is nothing short of the long tail word best, because of all these two words the users need to have a product, they came to the site after the discovery of your camera is doing this business, they will contact you send the quotation, if right, business transactions.

the above is to tell you don’t ignore the long tail keywords, seize these long tail keywords, may let you get an unexpected harvest.

then we’ll talk about how to use the long tail word to bring traffic to the site, is what I call the traffic plot thick and thin hair.

method about keyword optimization, so here I do not boil out. First, we talk about how to grasp some of the long tail word method.

learning network marketing and website promotion, that something to share on the Internet on the poly quality rice network. Original address: 贵族宝贝9umi贵族宝贝/thread/94.html. Please keep the >, thanks

"Hello, Wang, today your keywords ranking rose?" this is popular in the webmaster circle a greeting, when matters related to many webmaster in talking with friends website most talked about things about the topic keyword ranking. Of course, a few happy tears, some website main keywords row is very good, but some other long tail keywords can not, so today I’m going to write an article on the long tail keywords, traffic plot thick and thin hair. The topic has obviously have to tell you, long tail keywords force can not be ignored.

: first we come to understand the "thick and thin hair product" of the word, meaning after a long time to accumulate will have a brilliant future, as cast. We all know that, unlike the long tail keywords as competitive keywords, you don’t need to optimize in separate a column, an article can fix, in the operation with respect to the main keyword for difficulty is low, operation is good then the effect will be very obvious, when you optimization is particularly important when a a large site thick ", every day you go to the optimization of the long tail, then a month, a year down effect is very substantial.

grabbed the long tail keywords, traffic plot thick and thin hair. Thank you for reading, if there is a better way to optimize the long tail keywords, please discuss with us.

Webmaster site optimization should learn Chinese space strategy

is currently in the Shanghai dragon world, have the ability to talent talent very much, but with a pragmatic, pioneering, understand the steady development of strategic vision of accumulation are less and less, the webmaster or boss is with an impatient person in the operation of the site, this is what we need most China body space place of learning, in the network era of flat, there is nothing new under the sun, Shanghai dragon optimization is possible not a concealed, in the optimization of the technology on the webmaster is not very different, but why use the same optimization technique, and the optimization effect is by double day, ranking different. This is like a battlefield, the coach are the same to the art of war fighting, but the outcome is not the same. For this phenomenon, "the art of war" with "art wonderful use of heart" to interpret. So the outcome is not the same, it is because the manager according to the objective situation of flexible application of different. Shanghai Longfeng optimization does not march to war that complicated, but it is often with this thing. A Shanghai dragon optimization promotion.

yesterday, the Shenzhou eight spacecraft successfully launched successfully, as no major sudden don’t accident, tomorrow will be to Chinese proud day, tomorrow will be the Shenzhou spacecraft docking with Tiangong-1 smooth docking, this will be the China aerospace industry major milestone event, and the sister of distance and pulled a big step. Chinese space can achieve such significant progress, which in addition to and leading scientists this wise decision, I think due to the China space always adhere to the steady development of accumulation strategy. From the beginning of the founding of new China, adhere to Mao Zedong and other leaders of the space included in the system of national security for the "two play star" to give plenty of manpower and material resources, whether it is the change of the leader in decades or a major event or national policy, even when ten years consistent from beginning to end, the chaos of the cultural revolution period or early concentrating on economic reform and opening up, the space of events has always been a great disturbance, R & D funds always get enough guarantee, it is this decades of accumulation, work hard, keep pace with the world frontier of space science and technology, and don’t worry about the accumulation of only that unlike the Soviet Union with a false feeling false on the star wars when the pursuit of unrealistic, finally put himself also pulled across. When we return to the Chinese space today through the road, found Chinese space steadily developing strategy spirit of continuous accumulation, suddenly don’t worth engaged in optimization and network promotion of Shanghai Longfeng children’s learning.

yesterday I saw the website operation, concern about the love Shanghai billboard, found this week’s real hot love Shanghai billboard is the Shenzhou spacecraft with Tiangong-1, the major news events on the billboard for the love of Shanghai engaged in network promotion professionals which is normal after. As long as there is a certain amount of search words naturally into the Billboard Hot Shanghai real love. The Shenzhou eight spacecraft successfully launched a space docking, and this is something that Chinese very proud of the event, as a person engaged in the website optimization Shanghai dragon, Shanghai Longfeng optimization is very needed Chinese China aerospace spirit.

Shanghai dragon has become more and more difficult, enterprises will choose to love you for Shanghai

now this situation, many people will have such a doubt: from now many enterprise web site optimization ranking Shanghai dragon difficult problem, enterprises will choose to love Shanghai for

According to the current situation of Shanghai dragon

drop right, not included, K station was even plucking. This series of words in each Shanghai dragon heart might feel painful to hear more than users who search engine at


, also some people will have this question: "the Shanghai dragon promotion as the main body of the enterprise search optimization under the present situation, will take the transformation of what kind of.

? ? ?

2. in a Shanghai Longfeng based promotion company, a staff will often do a lot of things, but it is not difficult to machine.

3. if the main business promotion is Shanghai dragon, then owner investment philosophy in Shanghai Longfeng optimization.

1. a Shanghai Longfeng promotion based enterprises, basically are standing way to do that is only looks like effect.

remember years ago a song very fire, like Gong Linna’s "you don’t know love Fahai"! In each Chinese Shanghai dragon eyes, keywords ranking is their love, and love Shanghai frequently updated algorithm is blocked in front of them fahai. We all struggle to optimize personnel at the edge of the Internet, do not want to let your keywords get the desired position! But why every time we send the chain, to update the article, exchange chain and finally Fahai still do not understand love

through the three questions above we can see that in the beginning of Shanghai Longfeng promotion way to carry out business, let them put love Shanghai for advertising now, most of the enterprises in the operation is very difficult to accept. Because in Shanghai they can be used in promotion of dragon group station optimization, and in the love of Shanghai bidding for them difficult to use multiple accounts to occupy the advertising. On the other hand, since the enterprise choose Shanghai Longfeng way to do promotion, so sure is to save money, if they go to Shanghai for sex now, certainly contrary to their intention to choose this way.

is now the Shanghai dragon threshold is more and more high, before the Shanghai dragon people might just send the chain, some false original article, wait until the site has to change the weight of the chain may have better ranking. But now, with the Google exit, China, love Shanghai zhanshankemao queen, it is a reform, now let the user experience is king of the era of search Shanghai dragon has become more and more difficult, and therefore lead to many previously prevalent Shanghai Longfeng method was unable to work.

here I don’t want to make a direct answer to the question, but to the following several points together and we analyze the essence of the problem:

A college student failed Wangzhuan experienceI have seen too many three real entrepreneurs are sayin

Wangzhuan sequelae has not finished, I did not get the scholarship that semester, this is the only time the University didn’t get a scholarship semester, and two families were almost hanging.

I’m majoring in economics. My college days are always boring. To become attached to Wangzhuan or in 2006, it was just opening soon, the course easily no exam pressure, one day accidentally in a forum to see Cashfiesta network advertising to make money, is very attractive, the poster described in the post a month easily earned $more than 300, but also made a screenshot. At the time that the Wangzhuan is good, than to go out and make the promotion to tutor a lot better, but also do not have to go out, but also on the Internet, so I registered an account to wangzhuan. As long as there is my spare time in front of the computer are looking forward to success with those who earn Wangzhuan bucket, but a month down what did not earn income, from the minimum payment amount is one hundred and eight thousand. Just want to give up, but then the Internet consulting company, that do Wangzhuan perseverance, I put a short time effort is not enough, do Wangzhuan too little. Think about it, too. After all, you are doing the rest of your time. It doesn’t affect your study. If so, then I would have to spend a little time, I believe that Heaven helps those who help themselves.

only in this way, the entrepreneur can make a good product in the true sense. If the entrepreneur himself is not willing to try again and again, how can he make a product that others can’t fondle?


sounds strange. Entrepreneurs are of course the busiest, the busiest, the most lovable. How can they not think?. Generally speaking, they are people who scold others for not using their brains.

All kinds of products every day

Ma Huateng trial home, whenever and wherever possible pertinent comments — you only is the depth of the user in the true sense, your opinion is valuable; Jobs products, every day to repeat products. The >

1, no brains,

2, no hands,

Bring me I think

remember: in the field of entrepreneurship, there is no "passing" product, and if the product is not liked by others, then the product is a failure. Not a product can work, you can call it a product.

Abstract: when everyone has the thought to dry up, at this time there is no way, but still continue to hold forward.

called "three immobility", that is, "no brains", "no hands", "no emotion", we explain one by one:


entrepreneurs must be the first users of the needs, and should be the first to repeatedly use improvements, products should be used every day to spit, and then see if you can put forward better optimization opinion.

out of the Wangzhuan nightmare, I began to re-examine the network. >

said, "not if I put this money smashed advertising can exchange for the next round of financing", or "they are doing, how can we get rid of them; but the thought system of logic, the trend of the industry, how to continuously think about their own products the development of.

but in fact, many entrepreneurs are really not thinking.

everyone has the thought to dry up, at this time there is no way, still want to continue to hold forward.

, no, Ctoutiao, a writer who has not thought about the topic for two days, has to see some of the strange aspects of the industry.

After the

                  my strategy is the class generally do not turn the computer off hook to make money, sometimes at night have been hung later the power consumption is too large, roommates have opinions, so give up in order to have more time to spend on my blog. Even quit their Saturday day Tutor now in retrospect feel was really SB concentrate to do Wangzhuan, sometimes skipping usually only those escape Marx course. So after three months the day I know how to insist on down, what Asian friends make money, money and other registration and investigation were done, many forums, sh419 Post Bar have left my footprints, thought this must make money, but the result is still very disappointing, no one more than the minimum the payment amount, the worst is Cashfiesta I do not know how they calculate, every day they banner ads on don’t count how many times, just remember just bought less than half of the mouse was damaged by a point, only to find that the income is growing the more slowly, to the final accounts are closed, that is cheating, TMD, I completely Speechless. I’m angry, all the saved data, delete all the Wangzhuan site, was depressed for a week.

mindless entrepreneurs lack long-term, stable, and sustainable goals. Adhere to the vision of the Amazon ten years unchanged, and these entrepreneurs did not have a three year plan, without the continued stability of the plan, how can prove that the entrepreneur is in solving the same problem? If you cannot prove that the entrepreneur is in solving the same problem, how can prove that entrepreneurs and attention focus

young entrepreneurs make the mistake most often. They are not involved in the details of the product, but remote control. But if the entrepreneur himself does not have the most in-depth way to think, or can not make concrete improvements, or suggestions for improvement may not be true.

I’m a senior from an ordinary university in Guangzhou. I’m going to graduate soon. When I want to write this document before I graduate from all Wangzhuan friends.

Do Shanghai dragon how to face love Shanghai update algorithm

said this, our core is the user experience, to do with the user experience of the website, this website will not only update out in each algorithm instead, this can increase with the search engine on the web, so that the website ranking rise.

2, as the Shanghai dragon staff we change how to optimize the site

algorithm update, many Shanghai dragon are not easy to complain incessantly, the site optimization may be as an algorithm to update the hit the bottom, all the efforts are in vain, don’t love the face of Shanghai update we really at a loss what to do? In fact, this is from the optimization of thinking that is the following:

1, we want to know why love Shanghai update algorithm, this is what is inside the deeper meaning of

love Shanghai this year update frequency was more than a few years ago, this is why? Because the 360 search, because of competition, love Shanghai’s market share is being constantly eroded 360, then love Shanghai how to retain users, that is to enhance the user experience, enhance the user experience of the approach taken is to display the user want to see the page, the user does not abandon the love of the page, so many pages are K, no matter how good before the page ranking.

3, the updated algorithm ranking out how to do

in the optimization of the site, many optimization personnel are standing in the perspective of search engine optimization, and forget the final page of the audience is the user, rather than spiders, love Shanghai is the user in the first place, if there is a conflict between the algorithm and the user behavior, so that a search engine will be more improved algorithm meet the needs of users, if you are in the website optimization algorithm that is to be eliminated, therefore, the optimization of time should pay more attention to user experience, even when the rankings were also never mind, you have to believe that as long as your site user experience well, sooner or later ranking increases.

When it comes to

here we say, ranking out there are two reasons, one is the adjustment of the algorithm, the site may cause a temporary decline in ranking, but after a while you will recover, there is a page you can not meet the user experience of the standard, so your website ranking for off. First, it is in accordance with the previous way of maintenance of website, do not do other big changes. In second, then you need to analyze the website, how to adjust the site more in line with the user experience, as long as the experience ready, ranking will recover.

Open shop to earn money, learn to find potential business opportunitiesHow to better accomplish the

in June this year, she saw a foreign buyer in the online review column, only a middle rating for herself. The original is the buyer’s powder ball damaged in the mail, powder ball to the buyer’s hands, a little powder, and buyers are not satisfied. So she offered to pay for it and sent the gift by the day. Finally, the customer quickly changed the evaluation, or 100%?.

IT are promoted from within the company. In a fast growing company, there are more opportunities. However, the transformation of "befuddles" also brings us many challenges, one of the most critical part is to change the way of thinking.

as long as you are good at finding potential business opportunities in life, starting from scratch, you can also earn money by opening a small shop online. One of my friends didn’t go to college, but their online opened a business in cosmetics, perfume, all kinds of exquisite small bag based online shop, early to be the "boss" taste, daily traffic is often much too busy to attend to all that she. As a result of proper operation and received by netizens praise, a short span of less than a year, my friend’s small shop average monthly sales reached more than 5000 yuan.

she also suggested that online shop to earn more than popularity, but also to earn customers reputation. Because the owner’s credit is good, customers can score for this. She proudly said that her online credit index had been "five stars" and 100% of the praise rate. Because the buyer’s comment on the shop is the best advertising, her business has done relatively well.

information transparent

war clouds: "in unison  wins". A team based health operation is "in unison " atmosphere. To have this atmosphere, two things must be dealt with: the right to speak and the transparency of information.

has just appointed management personnel in the way of thinking is often personal achievement oriented stage, they want to send a clear signal to the outside world, the team has made such achievements or to solve a problem, because of my organization and leadership. However, this signal is repeatedly received by team members, it will result in credit taken away by the leader, leading to the centripetal force of the team.

everyone wants to express his views on something, especially the more critical things, and get listening. If managers shield these, what is expressed is a lack of respect. Of course, not all opinions are accepted and reasonable decisions are needed, but let everyone have a chance to speak.

the information here includes all publicly available information such as superior expectations and project progress. Keeping this information transparent will enhance team members’ sense of honor and pride in team performance. When people are thinking at the height of the team, they can save a lot of coordination.

is equivalent to an intermediary, and the opening of Alipay is free. When >

editor’s note: This article from programmer magazine is for insiders at IT, but also for entrepreneurs on the internet. This article will tell you how technology entrepreneurs change roles from implementers to managers, author Liang Liang, Jing Bo.

because buyers all over the country, shop transactions are basically through express and other transactions. In her office, two large drawers filled with couriers. The most distant customers even come from Xinjiang, thousands of miles away. However, she said, "shop online, if you can meet transactions, buyers and sellers, of course, more practical.". Of her deals, 1/5 are meeting deals.

Alipay Most of the managers of R & D departments in

she said, just the best people shop opened Alipay transactions to improve security. This is the Alipay website devoted to the tools of the trade, the equivalent of both the third party supervision.

"to many well-known brand shops, cosmetics counters Amoy goods, especially encountered preferential period, businesses will send some free packages, gifts.". And I sell them on the internet." She said the goods in her store generally have a price advantage. Some brands of skin care products online price is probably 70% of the counter. From the beginning of the shop, she will try to take pictures of the goods sent to the internet. The information about specific products is as real as possible. For example, product name, information, etc., are very complete and detailed. Since online goods are mostly cheaper than retail stores, finding suitable online shops has become one of the consumption patterns of many Internet users.

in unison  atmosphere

at this time, a better approach is: to protect team members’ achievement oriented, and to encourage, so as to stimulate everyone’s enthusiasm. For example, after working with a team member to solve a problem, you should weaken yourself and focus on recognizing the contribution of the team members to the problem. In this way, the team members can maintain the same or higher passion when they encounter a difficult problem. Only by positioning one’s sense of achievement in team achievement can you stand taller and avoid direct competition with team members, so as to effectively lead your team.

after the transition to management positions, it is necessary to spend more

from personal achievement to team achievement. Whether it is management or technology, achievement orientation is the basic quality of excellent employees. Only with a strong sense of achievement oriented, can we do things more than expected, in order to pursue excellence.

this year, she opened another store on Taobao and focused on it. She said to me, "Taobao is now free of charge, so Taobao can bring more real profits."". Since April this year, her online store sales have been stable, and monthly sales have remained at over 5000 yuan.


How to choose dessert dessert

follow the development of the current dessert market, people have a very strong interest in the dessert industry, desserts also occupy a lot of room for development, but also more and more consumers love it. More friends in which to see business opportunities, ready to open dessert store. How to choose a dessert item? The following small series to introduce you.

A is the brand positioning; selection of catering franchise brand at the beginning, should be first on their own city market to do some understanding, especially with your shops around the District, here for what brand dessert is the high-end or low-end customers for the Lord, to do heart bottom.

For example, the development of the first

in the delicacy of choice, more consumers tend to choose brand products. Some investors are more willing to join the brand enterprises, although adding high threshold, the support and service but can provide more perfect, your success safeguard is relatively higher; compared with those of smaller enterprises, give support and guarantee are not enough. The choice between the two depends on your own investment budget and business experience

2015 WeChat public number operation rules

Hyundai every day there are still a lot of individuals or companies registered WeChat public account, only to achieve their own marketing purposes, in the modern development of this period, WeChat public platform should be how to operate it? This is a lot of businesses want to figure out the problem.

us from the early June began operating a new public number. Although this matter through the establishment of our alliance, currently doing very well, it is true, has a lot of users, received a lot of praise, of course, Tucao no less, ha ha, we are also in the praise and Tucao constantly iterative improvement, bring better products to you.

The fact is the 2015 WeChat

2015 how to get the new public number of fans is the first access to seed users

The initial user

if the number of your friends is not enough? Can you find the matching with WeChat public number of friends, for his help, let him help you invite him for your public number or your friends, this time Yan values are relatively high or good it can be free, if not, it may be appropriate to a red Money as compensation fee, believe it will soon be the perfect solution to the 100 seed users it is so easy to get.

Chongqing sanitation workers enjoy the first pot diameter of 10 meters

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