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See nine pieces of mail data show the real influence of 123

123 is equal to the flow rate of

nine pieces of Mail website is only included in the small fresh page in the small classification, included a few days there is nearly 600 of UV is introduced, and a rising trend, transformed into the user’s rate is relatively high. Think from this, those recommended to the 123 page of the website, every day the flow must be huge, so the 123 can be included, is very valuable.

wrote an article: lasted for half a year, nine piece of mail is to be included in 123, then later wrote an article said, with real data of nine piece of mail to show to be good effect after the 123 series included below, direct access to the topic:

123 is the brand

post was 123 included, has become a benchmark for the industry, in a leading position, has won a lot of attention naturally with the industry and the media, the brand exposure, really very valuable. Some excellent >

we just use a tool to check, according to the ratio of their traffic to the site to calculate, will find that there are hundreds of millions of UV hao123 every day, that is to say every day there are hundreds of millions of Internet users through hao123 to access other sites. Hao123 visits every day so high, to the website to UV is also very impressive, hao123 is not equal to the flow this holiday.

see here may be some webmaster friends to come out to refute: 123 included = weight. Of course, I also dare not 100% sure that the weight lifting is completely because of a collection of 123, but the heart still feel this is a good thing to bring 123. After all, 123 is love from Shanghai, was 123 included is the love sea recognized, is also the logical weight recovery.

said before nine post website was K several times, before the 123 were included, nine pieces of mail weight is very low, basically no website ranking, not included, but the next day 123 included, have included, the weight is up, the snapshot returned to normal, and the Ministry of keywords ranking before. See the website below a verbal statement without any proof, data at a glance, do not believe it can also go to check.


123 is equal to the weight of

After nine

as a navigation directory Web site the more influential, hao123 has been renowned in the majority of primary users and most personal adsense. The industry generally believe that the 123 included high standards, can be 123 of the sites included is a selection of high quality website certainly, overall not bad to where to go, when you believe in seeking cooperation website, first through the 123 to see similar websites.


Love love Shanghai station site weight can be measured

just enter any URL of a website, this website will be able to love in Shanghai the highest weight of keywords ranking list out. Figure (QQ net in Shanghai ranked keywords love)

through the above figure, Tencent qq贵族宝贝 what keywords row the first page in the love of Shanghai, query through repeated practice, 1, this love station query ranking results is not real-time, but also can be used as a reference; 2, the domain name with WWW and without www result is not the same. Right.

, a web site keywords ranking easy

Shanghai Longfeng newcomers have a habit, often around a term to spin, often visit the webmaster BBS, blog, often see people often in the webmaster QQ group of onlookers and so on, these are my own past, since the way the feeling of harvest is pretty much, fight a lone battle, but progress is slow, slow root is less real. In fact, life is a learning process for learning, thinking and summary of important ideas to direct its own direction, good at summing up can avoid detours.

met on Internet (a pseudonym for Han), who have not graduated from junior high school, Shanghai Longfeng self-study talent. Shanghai Longfeng website more than 100 days IP, tens of thousands of Web site, revenue from a monthly income of 800 to the monthly income of a few W, now to make a transition to business entities. This is not to say that this friend more, but he does have some attractions place to study, with its usual talk about Shanghai dragon, he gave me the general feeling that the ideas and practice. So the idea of Shanghai dragon is fundamental to what? How to start the actual

new year also had a lazy, new year’s day from GJJ micro-blog found love station network can check the website of Shanghai special love weight, and wanted to write an article, not AD. Because the home is not convenient to write, until now, love station network function, cause a lot of feeling. Think of yourself from contact to Shanghai dragon now, have a lot of emotion in two years.


said love station, the developer’s idea is very unique, can be said to be a reverse thinking.


love Shanghai

Shanghai dragon Chinese is search engine optimization. In my opinion, the Shanghai dragon on the site, not only to make the site to search engines, but also to adapt to the user experience, search engine principle rather than drill holes. Shanghai dragon is in and out of the points. The reflected in the site’s content, structure, function, service or user experience; the reflected in the quantity and quality of the chain. If you want to prove their level of Shanghai dragon to where exactly? The actual operation have to prove, that is to combat. Understand the fundamental Shanghai dragon, in this way, your site began to combat Shanghai dragon, Han is such a thought.


A monthly income of 5000 of ordinary webmaster choose to stick on the right track

recently saw the entrepreneurial process many webmaster let me have mixed feelings, yes, from the hazy understanding of this occupation as a webmaster webmaster in that we pay too much too much. People often say that the persistence is victory, but after all, there are too many "no reason" let many webmaster difficult to adhere to, finally had to leave, some because of economic pressure, some for his girlfriend, family, family pressures have ended his career longevity station.

, but there are still many webmaster choose to stick down, obviously I’m one of them, otherwise I won’t share with you here, do the station for 2 years. I should be considered a typical grassroots webmaster, a no technology, two no team. All depends on the step by step study and practice. I am a perfectionist, but no time to do one thing, always take things too perfect, before like the website has not become the model, thinking how to achieve the function and effect of the pages. Think through what channels getting goods, how to profit, it is good, but unrealistic planning is always easy in vain.

finally, I face the reality, 300 yuan to buy a shopping mall source code, 60 yuan to buy a domain name, 320 yuan to buy a virtual machine, so I started the way of the webmaster. At the beginning of a main stay in the modified LOGO, title website and so on, this is not long winded, thanks to the brothers sold me the source code, because it is the northeast, I prefer to call him. In the process of site modification, he helped me a lot, but also gradually understand some of the complex structure of the mall code, although it is only rare.


put this site change into their own work, I began to think about what to sell products, this sounds very funny, a website has been completed selling people do not know what they want? Had considered selling desktop computer, notebook computer, mobile phone number etc. all of the copycat products, just think not so much money and no price is not what advantage, and most of them need to hoard goods, the risk is too big. Finally decided to switch to monopoly clothing, because there are friends in Shanghai, Cheap Road clothing market work, supply and capital turnover is not a problem, the key is not to take too much risk early.

clothing mall is mainly defined in men’s clothing to do this, looking for pictures, Copy product description to improve product content, almost all shelves, it really started the promotion of the road. At that time, I didn’t have a complete idea of SEO at all. I didn’t even know that title and description that adjusted products were part of SEO’s work. Anyway, regardless of the promotion is generally to attract more attention to the place, and then advertising, at least I think so. At the beginning of the promotion, I often go to Baidu some stick to stroll, in the replies insert some text advertising and picture advertising, at that time, Baidu is allowed to send links. Post bar is indeed effective, and my site gradually has >

Some questions to consider when exchanging links with each other!

we all know, the external link of the website to the PR value of the website is very big. But how should we do in the actual operation? What problems should we pay attention to?

?First, the other is

website search page volume search engine! Because a good website search engine is not forgotten! But here there is a misunderstanding, many webmaster only included the total number without looking at the relationship between the number and the total number of pages included! An analogy: a a large number of Web sites, a total of one million pages! Another website is very small, the number of web pages is a one hundred page! The former is the number of search engines for web page ten thousand! The latter is included the number ninety page! But in the above probability of only one percent in terms of the amount collected included, and the latter is ninety percent, so the back "more worthy of exchange


second, the quality of the other website, this problem is very important, because if the other website quality is not good, then even if there is a high PR will fall,


third, the other site has been some category included! For example Yahoo! If your site is the large category included, so even now his PR value is low, but will soon rise up!

Most of the

fourth, the other site Links object is what people? Is a peer more or different lines! We know that exchange Links to improve the PR value of the company and the great help! This is why we try to be friends and colleagues of the


fifth, and in the other side of the link, the home page to observe, see each other’s Web site has been the major search engine included?


sixth, other website updates in the major search engines in frequency! This point you can see in the search results, the search engine will display the time of the last update; because the update frequency is high enough will bring many benefits for you! Because he also updated your the other links in the update site at the same time! Finally, AD ( station, hoping to exchange links with you


The most difficult to force the O2O market, hungry how to start a city expansion from leaflets

is a subsidy war bloodbath takeaway 5 months pattern, 8 times the growth rate of expansion began crazy hungry "profit model is not clear," the business model has been reconstructed.


note: takeaway O2O market is staged a fierce degree near a taxi after the O2O field (vs drops fast) "crazy subsidies movement", in which participants such as Baidu takeaway, Ali Amoy little, U.S., and public comment just stake in "hungry", rather then hundred regiments the mean. O2O is a most difficult battle, from the early born campus mode, how to start laying the line from the merchant network distribute leaflets, how to reconstruct the business model of competitors in the fierce fighting? Here is "commercial value" reporter Liu Hongjun depth reports of "hungry":

at the beginning of May this year, the public comment in a $80 million stake in "hungry, hungry" is just a person with 300 and 12 of the city’s delivery website. 5 months later, the figure has doubled by 8 times. By the middle of October, hunger had expanded to 2500 people and 187 cities, with orders increasing from 100 thousand to 1 million orders per day.

this is a takeaway restaurant from the campus. From the campus of Jiaotong University to the city of Shanghai, and eventually expanded to the whole country, co-founder and chief strategy officer, Kang Jia suddenly found: "


before we kill are some local small sites, suddenly one day, Ma is also our competitors, and suddenly saw Wang Xing (American network founder) pay attention to my micro-blog, Wang Huiwen (U.S. responsible person) to come and visit me, feel inexplicable."

hungry, founder and CEO Zhang Xuhao and public comment executives have had several in-depth exchanges, draw lessons from public comment, urban sprawl slower lessons, the expansion of the city to a higher priority. Beginning in mid July, a frenzied urban sprawl came from the starving headquarters, the most intense moment in the takeaway market.

from 300 to 2000,

before he moved to a new house, the office was already very tense. Originally not loose conference room has become a huge computer desk piled up, there is no district to squeeze more than a dozen Market Office staff. Upstairs in the starting point of public entrepreneurship camp cafe, hungry people almost "occupation" of the floor, the cafe in the lobby by twos and threes sitting to interviews with employees, public meeting room with repeated cafe staff meeting and debriefing. An employee pointed to a hotel next door to the office building, saying that some of the hotel’s rooms had been packaged by the company for years and were used by employees who stayed up all night and worked overtime.

Before the expansion of

, there were only 35 people in the first tier cities such as Beijing and Shanghai. There were only a few people in the small city. What things and instructions were issued?

Talking about how to make a quick record for a movie station

to do a few years webmaster, did not earn what money, around May this year, see a movie program inadvertently found on the development of the day, he quickly made two movies, updated every day, in the ADMIN5 to learn some SEO methods, watching and learning, after two months every day, each station IP at around 5000, has been maintained for more than a month, every month combined income of almost 1000 around, there is a film sold to others by ADMIN5, here to talk about how to quickly record movie station:

movie station record is very difficult, this is my movie station ( customers), for the record I have 7–15 days, I super difficult ah, only blame for Anhui friend’s identity card, and I helped Jiangsu friends with into record only 1–3 days was successful, this the record and movie store for the area, do not link to this site, choose a company website to, because the movie station record is not successful, now many alliances are to use the record number


Webmaster will have to learn to hype themselves

is not difficult, making it difficult also to help promote the principle of news! And the same, want to use the media to help you free promotion, we need to continuously manufacture news, if manufacturing news means determines your hype promotion effect is good. How to make news and attract the media? You need to know the taste of the media and be familiar with the media circles. The media are generally interested in the following aspects:

hotspots: take a look at recent hot spots, let your web sites and hot spots stick to the edges, and naturally attract the media. This strategy is also often speak of Sun Tzu "containing"

fresh: the media loves new things, such as new concepts and new inventions. The role of the new concept will not be discussed in detail, in recent years, there have been websites from creating a new concept, began to fire themselves.

question: Media Preferences, likes conflicts. Attracting media can deliberately create conflicts and create problems. This is one of the commonly used means of domestic websites. Take a look at so much of the recent war of words. News promotion is one of the most important promotion methods of Google, but it is more clever. Turn on Sina’s Internet news section, and you’ll find that half the Internet news every day is about Google. And the news releases of Google’s PR company are also very high. However, they can do "moisten things silently," and Kungfu really works.


website promotion hundreds, you can exchange it, this is my station (, but not what methods should be used to make website promotion, in order to promote the site up quickly, only need to choose according to their own resources, some of the most effective, and then concentrate on this several kinds of implementation to the extreme, let you satisfied with the effect of

will come soon!

Wuhan three college students to join the venture to get a successful venture capital

current society, college students become the main source of vitality in the new army. This year, a Wuhan three students to start a successful business, and get millions of venture capital, proved that the level of education has nothing to do with entrepreneurship.

2011, Liu Weiping graduated. He wants to accumulate some experience and start his own business. In early 2015, Liu Weiping recruited 2 IT R & D and technical personnel, laboratory project officially promoted. "Experiment" is a scientific research workers to provide "budget, procurement, settlement, communication, literature and other functions of the integration of APP software, the product line has stable performance, fast delivery, commodity prices decreased by 20%, convenient and accurate information of commodity procurement and other five major advantages. For the road show to prepare the process, prompting Liu Weiping constantly reflect on, sort out.

What needs to be considered in opening a clothing store

open clothing store need to pay attention to what investment? Many novice investors are not very clear. If you want to learn more skills then take a look at it, Xiao Bian summed up the relevant experience, I hope you can successfully get a good profit.



1. according to their own personality, hobbies, funds, the actual situation to choose what type of shop, and then select the type of supply

2. commodity competition is now too intense, so the choice of sources to have the advantage. Such as good quality, diverse styles, such as

3. brand advantage is more and more prominent, if possible, try to choose brand clothes.

two, store address

1. address to choose in many places. Of course, the more people, the more expensive the price, the competition is fierce.


2. sites are not the best peer peer or less. The new store was originally not much, coupled with a lot of peers on the street, the less people.

shop decoration

1. decoration to conform to the style of their products. For example, the sale of children’s clothing, it is fitting in line with the lovely style of children

2. try not too much, will give people a feeling of clutter.

four, the recruitment of

1. according to the size of the clothing store, recruit some staff.

2. recruit 18 – to 30 year old young women, with a certain quality and temperament, and to understand the latest trends in women’s clothing

3. should have a cheerful, confident and other character, able to accept new things, but also more stable, energetic, friendly and other personality traits

4. sales staff have a certain level of culture, clothing knowledge, can quickly grasp the relevant technical knowledge of clothing, to the customer’s questions quickly and accurately answer.

5. can choose to recruit experienced salesman.

1. discount. Discount can attract more customers. Everyone likes to be petty, and women are even more so. &qu recommended

The method and technique of small business success

there is no money or only a small amount of money, want to start a business, called the small business, small business has a significant feature is less investment, small risk. Small entrepreneurs need to remember the following 5 tips.

you can infect themselves and others. In the most difficult times, when everyone is desperate, you will be infected with your customers, infected with your employees, infected with your partner…… You have to infect everyone!

alone small companies, large companies have diversified failures, small companies should grasp a point to do it, do deep penetration. In order to accumulate all resources. Small companies are trying to make your business run out of resources. It is important to focus on what you do not have.

3721 for 6 years, has been insisting on the Chinese Internet, Chinese search, I do this thing; Google is also very focused, with a certain amount of accumulation in order to expand laterally. Many entrepreneurs are planted in the lack of focus on his mind because he did not want to know, play well here today, played well in there tomorrow, finally did not find water on the ground, just left many pits. You with all of the 5 fingers and a fist is not the same, attention is that you put all the resources together at one point.

idea is just a beginning, is worthless. We sit here, one hour can make dozens of ideas to a powerful and unconstrained style, and a turn head, your mind is in the universe go a few times, the costs of action is the highest, for entrepreneurs, to see that he is not with this kind of experience and execution. The same idea two people do the same, who is more powerful, who has more experience, who is more likely to succeed.

is the so-called self-learning ability. I see a lot of people start a business is not successful because they are too conceited, can not learn from the success of some of the advantages, can not listen to good advice. Many entrepreneurs have no experience, no experience is not terrible, the question is whether you have a modest, open