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Please use simple thinking to face down the right home

believes that there are some slightly Shanghai Longfeng experience friends have experienced the website home page is K, this may be because we love Shanghai, or excessive optimization error (such as server time synchronization, IP for the same link caused by K), so the home page is K is a very common phenomenon, rather than the entire station is K relatively good deal more. But for the home page is K or to the situation, only to find the home page by reason of K to cause an antidote against the disease.

server problems, for a few hours or even days can not connect; DNS instability; front page horse; Links station serious drop right, such as the entire station is K; the site title changes; revision home etc.. These reasons are very common, but after two, four cases caused by the front page was K after 2 to 7 days to recover. Check and correct the problem as long as normal update and the chain, not what big problem. But after the two by page down the right is very serious, generally take weeks or months to recover, the author has deep experience, so how to share below recovery caused this situation by K home page.

was down right home page as an ordinary Shanghai dragon Er is not what immediately cheats, we have to do in accordance with the requirements to make your home page weight as soon as possible, return to the previous. Content is king, the chain for the emperor, to update the station is preferred. The station is mainly in the update, before that the number of cases increased every day is best to have a few original things, which can greatly please love spiders in Shanghai. In addition in the chain to do, the Internet, Internet column. If the new station (within 3 and 4 months are considered) the number of internal links but also the appropriate control, so as to avoid the search engine that we deliberately optimized. In short, the station can be part of every day to update the fixed time, the number of updates as possible.

two, the content is king.

do is to repeat the above steps every day the rest of the work and wait, as a Shanghai dragon er must learn to calm, adhere to is the kingly way. During normal operation to ensure all aspects of the site.

four, repeat and wait.

In the face of The The most common are:

chain part to the pursuit of less. Every day the chain construction should pay attention to the relevance and quality, do not do a lot of low quality links such as forum signatures or message, it will put your site to death. Do a little bit better soft, classified information, related forums outside the chain, the chain and so on questions. This is the best time to buy investment chain, mainly pay attention to the correlation, as long as it is related to the other home page outbound links can not exceed 30, the weight of the day, plus 1 to 3, it can be for a few weeks, according to their own funds and.

, a home right down.

three, the chain for the emperor.

In the face of the 360 search love what Shanghai moat

His article is as follows:

these days, with the gradual expansion of war, the capital market, the stock price of Shanghai love even by a certain degree of impact; in the field of the battlefield, in order to guard against 360 attack, love Shanghai in his encyclopedia, know the page to add a message, to guide people to use search switching Qihoo love Shanghai.


note: all the data are from both earnings and public data units (million). Among them, the Qihoo search revenue earnings did not involve, is the author inquire.

360 and Sogou competition is not new, especially in the field of the browser. In the search field, I think it will be common to both subvert the love Shanghai. Because the 360 entry, search into the love Shanghai, Sogou and 360 of the "new era of the Three Kingdoms", with whom we frenemy."

launched a comprehensive search in the Qihoo 360 after the tiger sniffing the first time once please search expert, Sogou web search results for Guo ang wrote a "360 search" who want to move the cheese. His view is: the launch of 360 search, the most affected are Google. With the Google eclipse and search out, the future will be staged Chinese search new Three Kingdoms love Shanghai, Sogou, 360. But along with everyone in the quality difference was small, the search of the future war will be a very intense channel, market and marketing of the dispute.

Sogou search

August 22nd, Sogou CEO Wang Xiaochuan in the company’s internal staff letter shows:

total revenue of $22 million, according to the browser traffic accounted for 60% of its contribution to the browser search calculation, income of 13 million 200 thousand, the installed capacity of 360 to 4 times the browser Sogou Sogou, if achieved equal, income could reach $52 million 800 thousand, a full 70% growth space, if close to love Shanghai RPM (thousand search revenue), or expand the other traffic sources, but also have a greater increase in income. Of course, Sogou reached this step is not easy, need brand, search experience, liquidity and improvement of long-term accumulation.

360 and Sogou profit model is relatively close, and both sides of the browser mode, sources are search, navigation, game. But through the analysis results can be found large differences, the existence of various distribution of both sides as follows:

but, before that, Sogou and 360 must recognize that the face of love Shanghai, they have what is around but kan. Today, we continue to invite Guo Anglai to discuss.

so, 360 to do a search, is almost a have to choose.


"common subversion to love Shanghai!"

360 why do search

to 360>

The web page of the Page Title Optimization of Shanghai dragon Title Optimization

this problem in some small and medium-sized enterprise website, school website is the most common, this is the Shanghai dragon in the general content of this taboo, the user will see the spider and can’t pass the title of the page, the user experience is not good, the search engine is not love.

title, the title should be the main content of the

title, the content of the title words.

Title: the page title page with the content _ column title _ site name


1, Title

< Title > _ Changsha for network website construction experts _ designed to provide network promotion services for small and medium enterprises of < /title >

write a lot of things inside very taboo, not to JavaScript code is inserted on the inside, so that the spider in the search page title will be very difficult to find.

< H ead>

< /head >

small website, for every page to customize the content of the title. But for a large website the workload is relatively large, so now most programmers will need to consider the Shanghai dragon when system programming, with the product name, product category and the name of the web site to automatically generate named. As follows:

page content closely

in the entire website, all the title of the page content can not be repeated or similar

website: title column titles _ site name

in the Title Position page in the HTML source code

seven or eight years ago, in the early search engine optimization, many webmaster add some popular keywords in the title content page and bring traffic, and these popular keyword and page no relation with the intelligent search engine, slowly began to punish it.

in Shanghai Longfeng optimization, optimization of the title plays an important role, whether it is from the perspective of the user experience, or from the search engine ranking of title, the title is the most important factor for page optimization. The author sums up six aspects should pay attention to the optimization of Title Title:

note, here, the location is not the title page display, showing the effect of the title in the browser’s location is in the title bar.

in HTML source code of the page, some people used in < head, > after the label, the label page write encoding. From the search engine crawling habits, personal recommendation title label on the heels of < head > tag, as follows:

Peng Zhijie because of local website operation think of

about the operation of local websites, with the rapid development of China’s national economy, I have been rising netizens, as of June 30, 2009, China’s Internet users reached 338 million people, the popularity rate of 25.5%. The size of the Internet users at the end of 2008 annual growth of 40 million, half the growth rate was 13.4%, China netizens still maintain a rapid growth trend, especially in the development of local economy in some inland before the recent surge in the number of Internet users, and the operation of the local website challenges opportunities, I think this is divided into several aspects:


1, local website: local site types according to what I know is basically divided into local classified information station, local community portal, local news website, the local electronic commerce station, there is a combination of the several aspects of the body. In this website, I personally think that the most promising and potential is the local community portal station, and he is the combination of local e-commerce, because this kind of site is to rely on the development of the forum, there are many such examples, like the famous 19 floor, long lane, south of the city of Beihai 365 community, are now to local community portal site greatly, which is the focus of our discussion today.


2, local site planning: local site planning includes the basic aspects: the first is to write a plan, as detailed as possible, each time the segment development should pay attention to what, then is the establishment of the problem, I think the problem we all know so skip, there is a note that this time you have to research the strategy of SEO, our local website though not entirely SEO, but this promotion cannot be relaxed, early have good planning, choose keywords, and I suggest that the pre need to build a local portal community attitude, should start from simple forum, for a start what because no amount of information, on-line on a website unless we is a big team, all the columns do all, but if you don’t start from the Forum The same, we can do some boutique channel, this is generally better implementation of the forum also has a note, do not do too widely, the first widely you have so much energy to do, the 21 new forum column if too much will lead to empty nothing, is it possible to see the visitors ran, columns can be added slowly, but not a full.

The promotion of

3, the local website: now let’s talk about those things where website promotion, website promotion in local sites relative to other industries is relatively simple, basically divided into 2 aspects, one is the online promotion is an offline promotion, online promotion basically online activities, including SEO, SEO this not to say too much, must let the user search engine in each search when your local your site must be among the best, online activities can be held for 0 yuan auction activities such as, personal recommendations, activities to hold long-term sustainability, can play a brand.

Website revision for the user experience, so that visitors are also involved


in the course of the operation of the website, in order to meet the needs of the site and visitors, or in the new technology continues to launch the Internet era, the appropriate revision is essential. At the same time, proper revision can also help you gain more chips in competition with your competitors. Of course, in the process of correcting the website, we can not blindly carry out the revision, our revision needs to see the direction from the point of view of visitors, visitors are the real object of attention in our revision.

for a site, the more the number of visitors, the revision of the difficulty is higher, because it is for the tens of thousands of visitors, it must take into consideration the needs of all visitors. Frankly speaking, it is impossible to satisfy all the visitors’ demands. I used to be a famous stationmaster net loyal visitors, but the site in the revision time after I left the a site, the reason is very simple, after the revision of the site and I use demand differences. So, for these large sites, how to better do the site’s revision? I think the key point is nothing more than to let your visitors participate in the site’s revision.

let visitors tell you whether the site needs revision,

when your site has a large number of loyal visitors, I think these loyal visitors will have a certain feeling about the site. They clearly understand how to use navigation more quickly into a column, how to find the article information you want, how to use the search box more accurately, and so on. In the process of revision, these are most likely to change the content, your visitors really think that the revision,


this is for webmaster. Before we edit, we can launch a feedback page on our page. This page can be a voting page that allows your visitors to decide whether they need a change.

asked visitors to help test the site

The revision process of

website don’t like closed doors shut the door to do, we will let visitors to participate. Provide visitors with site trial after revision. Then, let visitors through the feedback page to provide trial feedback information, and constantly to visitors feedback problems tracking improvement. As a webmaster, you must know that you are not correcting yourself, but for visitors. Give visitors a try before the job is done, which will give you more inspiration and a chance to fix the wrong changes. In any case, our revision has to make most of our visitors think it’s valuable, so they’ll be more loyal to the revamped site.

, don’t force your visitors to get used to the revamped site,

many of our visitors don’t like changing their habits immediately. For them, they prefer the old version of the skilled operation. In this regard, we need to give our visitors a period of time to use the revamped site. We can see it too

How to choose the cosmetics store brand

is now a little bit more or less will cause the people too many to count the beauty market, is increasing, many entrepreneurs are also targeting this opportunity, have to run the cosmetics store cosmetics brand for consumers, however, plays an important role, so if you open a store, the brand should be how to choose?

and your supply is not guaranteed. But this store may have a little advantage, that is, the operation of a variety of products will be very rich, cosmetics, cosmetics, daily necessities, jewelry what are the sales. But in this way, the characteristics of your cosmetics store will be lost. (this shop, purchase we recount)

What are the names of the famous dessert shops in Hongkong

talk about dessert, although the different places of the diners for the different needs of the dessert, and Hong Kong Style dessert is always a very important component of the market. In order to allow more ready to open a dessert shop investors can give the shop a good name, the following small series to introduce you to the name of the famous dessert shop in Hongkong.

Hui Lau Shan

50 years ago, Hui Lau Shan as a humble herbal tea shop, selling jelly, hemp fruit, plum, etc., for the first time in 1992 to supply Mango Sago, unexpectedly popular, then ten years, launched with mango as flagship dessert and frozen drinks, including classic Mango Sago, mango coconut milk West mango, mango SACE cool, as dessert tide leader, now has more than more than and 30 stores.

Kun Ji

The traditional Hong Kong Style dessert

existing in sugar, in fact, there are a few bakeries, still supply the old Hongkong cakes, in deep water the old district will retain several, like 50 years changeless Hongfa, every day as usual supply Taro cake, cake, wormwood muffin, another door long-term around people panic buying the kun. A lot of people think that sugar cake, sesame cake, these old style Hongkong cake, only the older generation of people appreciate, thanks to Kun Ji, these years to maintain the level, so that a new generation of young people, OL also fell in love with the old cake.

Most of the

are used for old pastry Mijiang material, make pastry entrance smoke tough soft waxy, so manufactured goods of good and bad, are the key elements of rice. Kun Ming this way to remember deep, even printing long sticky Rice noodles ready, it still hold your abraded Mijiang, and grinding of fresh rice every day, unique, made out of cake and elastic. Like sugar cake, the self grinding rice milk made of mixed fermented rice old moderate sweetness, loose and not sticky teeth.

floor hall

dessert shop has been maintained for 25 years. Every time after I can not help but entered the store, Order a cup of hot lotus almond tea, porcelain cup on the table, the clerk just tore open the cover paper, open the lid came with the smell of sweet almond, entrance is smooth as silk texture, glutinous lotus is sweet embellishment. This dessert a lot of weight, eat a cup has been feeling half full, had wanted to try it, the best time to stay at dinner.

friends love the sesame seed, said its taste is the most powerful, original master processing sesame paste when only seven black sesame, the remaining three is white sesame, because the white sesame oil fried after the more fragrant, unique taste. Remind you, every holiday eve, Kowloon City famous restaurants will be long queues, Mao hall dessert shop also is, the best prepared.


Which industries are most concerned about entrepreneurs in 2015

now business market bursting with popularity, entrepreneurial novices are looking for the most popular investment business, which has the high popularity of the investment industry in 2015? And Xiaobian look at it, maybe there will be unexpected harvest!

1. Internet

make "Internet plus" action plan, to promote mobile Internet, cloud computing, big data, networking and other comprehensive and modern manufacturing industry, promoting the development of electronic commerce, the Internet industry and the healthy development of Internet banking, Internet guide enterprises to expand the international market.

Look at the

must admire Ma Huateng’s consciousness, it’s more than a lot of senior investment in football.

2. logistics industry

3. education and training

education especially online education is a hot topic of this year’s capital chase. There is no good system of vocational education to encourage entrepreneurship, agricultural modernization, etc.. But for those such as Mathematical Olympiad training is not good.

4. foreign trade

Foster new competitive advantages of foreign trade


comprehensively promote the triple play, accelerate the construction of fiber-optic network, greatly enhance the rate of development of broadband network, logistics and express, to the Internet as a carrier, online interactive engage in booming emerging consumer.