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From the survey data of large industry analysis use nofollw label rate

for the nofollw tag, may be a lot of Shanghai dragon Er have contact, have heard or used for many people. But I still believe that there are still most people look down on this a small label, or did not pay attention to this label. Some people may think is not a small "label, the content and structure of my station outside the chain is good, everything is ok. In fact, this is a wrong idea, Shanghai Longfeng do is do is the ultimate details. Nofollow is an attribute of the HTML tag value, used to tell the search engines do not track the link with the nofollow attribute. Here, I do not want to say how much nofollow guards role in the search engine, just want to say that the existence of nofollw such a label, that you will have the significance of the existence and role. The following is a nofollow label I do in the use of large data network survey, we can see:

is currently done from above Shanghai Longfeng analysis using data of large industry network nofollow the best view of the label. Large industry network for the popularity of the nofollow use rate of almost 100%. In large network in nofollo> industry

4, available optical network (currently the highest weight glasses) included 25600 PR5 weight 7 Shanghai love home within the chain 536 of the total number of links using nofollow 60 usage 60/900*100%=12%


, 1 square meter net (currently the highest weight watch mall network) included 46800 PR5 weight 6 Shanghai love home within the chain 405 of the total number of links using nofollow 30 usage 30/405*100%=6% (for the convenience of calculation, the integer)

The use of


3 network (currently the highest weight clothes, clothes net) included 16600 PR5 weight 5 Shanghai love home within the chain 460 of the total number of links using nofollow 45 usage 45/460*100%=10%

2, Amoy shoes (currently the highest weight shoes mall network) included 42000 PR5 weight 5 Shanghai love home within the chain 268 of the total number of links using nofollow 40 usage 40/268*100%=14%


5, OL jewelry network (currently the highest weight jewelry network) included 55600 PR5 weight 7 Shanghai love home within the chain 240 of the total number of links using nofollow 35 usage 35/240*100%=14%

The actual small sprocket help website ranking first

pink I still use the blog, just keep up, each site is to separate the 5 links, one-way links to blue on the website. This site does not need to link together, the weight itself is not much, basically belongs to the garbage station, with mass software to send some articles in it, each article with a few links, pointing to the blue blog.

first company before there is some domain name, I will pick 5 as the figure inside the green cone, these stations are directly connected to the main station, so in order to avoid the site is down right and influence to the main station, the site can not be too much garbage, need some care to maintain. Because my master is the game currency trading, so I first day at these stations in 5 game related articles, various game information, first, do not take the link, website is not linked together, to train the weight of the website, so as not to be treated as junk station. The weight of the high point, love Shanghai often included the time, then the station link, A chain B, B chain C…… E chain A. Then each one-way link to host to.

website and blog links together, to use them for weight transfer, but the sprockets are time-consuming, although most are used in the blog blog, but sometimes very strict, often 1 months behind 1,2, 2 blog, you have to replace the re registration. At the age of third months, the effect appeared, feeling the website weight is very obvious rise, keywords ranking basically on a higher level, several words in the home before three, basically completed the above to my goal. And then slowly expand the chain gradually grow, the circle to do more, import.

This put the

also find some weight high blog as a blue ball, on the site for 10 high weight blog, love Shanghai space, Sina blog, blog search alone, bokee贵族宝贝, matador, blog bus, news blog, Boshang network, blog, blog NetEase iResearch, tested again each Bo passengers are found Shanghai love space, Sina, Sohu, NetEase, blog, blog bus blog a little more stable, not easy to delete, included high. First up, every day 1-3 without link game articles, when included in a certain amount to link as before. Then one-way links to green on behalf of the website, the article also bring some links to point green website.

first contact through the sprocket is a diagram to understand, I believe many people have seen the learning chain map, basically belong to the first person, the beginning to see quite a headache, it is easy to understand. The top five is a red cone, here are five blue balls around five green vertebrae, five green vertebral chain together, then link to the main station, which is in the middle of the Yellow ball. At the beginning of this year because the site is basically in the bottleneck, ranking is always hovering in the second page, the weight has been, I think according to the graph to sprocket to increase the weight of their own website.

Webmaster share exclusive Shanghai dragon experience how to rely on search engines to get traffic!

give us excellent standing in the app.yml configuration file which we need to set about the title, the title began to settle down after they don’t move, modify the title is taboo in Shanghai Longfeng, no special circumstances do not need to modify the configuration of the

operation promotion station has been more than a year, during tried a variety of ways to promote activities in the official! – train – email marketing – Marketing – Marketing – micro-blog software to the current Shanghai dragon optimization! This rhythm is not difficult to see from the station outside the station, the trend of needs, the process necessary to participate in activities! And because of the need to do every kind of page, the selection of goods, make pictures, spend a lot of effort! Comparison toss for a personal webmaster, do not have so much energy to complete the very good train has been cancelled! Put out, mail, software, micro-blog bigger, small not to need a certain effect! The cost of general optimization webmaster hard to bear, and the recent two stations of Shanghai Longfeng survey, it is not difficult to find that our official Shanghai dragon, what is the optimal station of Shanghai dragon, is through the search engine optimization Our excellent station, can let the search engines to get us to Everfount traffic, in fact I got excellent station beta domain name, for their excellent station to do the optimization in all aspects, can also get good traffic now, here for the love of Shanghai optimization, how can we talk about access to search engine recognition, and give some weight to

1. and stand inside optimization

tag and keywords (Web site keywords) and description (description), with the same external website, keywords and description is a must! Set these in keyword optimization of our code, so we optimize internal even initially completed

in the source code inside!We set the !How to view !

3. and the Phoenix Station in ShanghaiThe

with stable weight!Note

2. and outside the stationOptimization of

4. excellent station weight and included

!Optimization of

external points are many, the first is the most basic, the construction of the chain! What is the chain? Is in various forums, blog, Post Bar, left us excellent space station address, love Shanghai included, this is outside the chain, the higher the quality of the chain, to bring us excellent station the higher the weight! Persevere to do more after the pure text outside the chain, the chain links, anchor text outside the chain of high quality

is not equal to the station outside the station, not simply with others Links bring weight, Links picture is not effective for optimization, can only make the text link, Shanghai dragon to find regular white risk optimization methods, not opportunistic to find some black hat SEO optimization, the weight that it brings short. Then how to optimize the domain name will also join the search engine blacklist, did not turn over

is the贵族宝贝 view included live help >

A very realistic topic the website has no flow, not popular, should not give up

Hello everyone, I’m a novice webmaster memory. Today to discuss with you a very realistic topic: no flow, no popularity of the website should not give up this problem? I believe cattle owners will be met, after all, every webmaster are not to be able to start doing good! A mature webmaster is through constant practice, even constantly the failure was gradually mature.

as grassroots webmaster, there is no high-quality resources, there is no rich experience, often a new station is a dozen IP, dozens of IP slowly get up. The beginning is full of vigor, but one month, two months, half a year past, website popularity still and have no incentive to promote, so the initiation of this question: should I give up


here, memory, want to have such idea friend said, please grind your teeth and stick to it, persist in a little bit, you will see hope.


1, search engines will "take special care of long standing websites",

tend to have higher quality, older websites that are considered highly weighted by search engines. A long existing website, first of all, its old qualifications will be recognized, which is the advantage of age. When your age is older, the higher the quality, your collection, ranking will become increasingly stable. Stick to it, and you’ll find that it’s difficult to optimize the key words that seem to break through the bottleneck. One day you’ll have a feeling of letting go of the clouds. At this time, your main keywords have a relatively stable rankings, with the passage of time, the content of the website gradually rich, the role of the long tail keywords of the website is more and more prominent. At this point, you will find that the search engine will flow more and more.

2, the portal of the website will be more and more

a new station, from the beginning of the line, the webmaster is constantly doing the chain, every day unremittingly do. And for the chain, everyone will search engine optimization and do the chain, at this time we often ignore the chain of another huge role: to provide the site "entrance", that is, direct flow import. General grassroots individual station, the lack of traffic, and the lack of exposure, and the lack of such a access to the site entrance".

we know that free promotion is very slow, not as effective as paid promotion. When your website "entrance" with the passage of time, more and more, more and more time, you will find that it does not seem to promote, but also began to flow in. This is the "portal" of today’s Web site, more and more, the exposure rate of the website will also be more and more.

3, the power of time will slowly show up,

I remember when I was in school, I did some sale and sale of rechargeable software. At that time in Baidu know to do promotion (that is, to answer questions, leave your contact information, and then induce others to add my friend, but >

How to improve the conversion rate of enterprise website

A few days ago,

wrote "I and PPC in 5 months to do network marketing in those things", there are a lot of people praise, there are a lot of hot Tucao, now I would like to share some of what I did in the enterprise site conversion rate.

to tell you one thing, my sales customer is enterprise users, and I sell products belonging to the electrical engineering product, so my company is B2B in nature, this article is around the B2B business website to write.

want to do a good job B2B enterprise website conversion rate, relying solely on the line site planning is not enough, but also under the line of combination can be done, B2B enterprise website conversion rate.

B2B enterprise network order process: buyers through the network to find suppliers – browse suppliers, enterprise sites – contact suppliers / product Quotes – visits, talks – signing transactions – after sale service – second transactions. These 7 links, online only accounted for 28% of the proportion.

but many network marketing specialist is responsible for online website promotion work, the line shall be responsible for the work of other colleagues, network marketing and customer contact member line is less, the user of the site’s opinion to understand not, so we should from feedback to solve this problem, for example: line customers and colleagues said: "can not find your business license on your website". Then we have to upload the business license, and also in the home page display, convenient for customers to find. Even if our website has uploaded the business license, but the customer can not find, this shows that the site does not meet the user experience, it is necessary to improve the site.

now talk about how to optimize

on online enterprise websites

1, website three major tags optimization

search engine can be said to be 80% of Internet users in the search engine entrance, it will show us the Title Description website, the two major label, Description label although not displayed, but will have a direct effect on Title and Description tags, so we have to make good use of these three labels.


regardless of the enterprise website is to do SEM or SEO, can not be separated from the search engine, in the search engine, a creative title can improve the amount of access to the site. Incorporate keywords into titles, add generic words, and write a creative title for customers to quickly understand the strength of an enterprise.

I’ve been looking for some good titles on the Internet. We can refer to them.

Shenzhen electric wire and cable manufacturers _ Shenzhen Metro Line 1 cable provider

cable cable wire _ twenty-three years production experience.

specializing in the production of cables, wires, special cables, control cables, communications cables and so on. The supply of stock can reach all parts of the country. < >

Ali old staff talk about the recruitment of new employees and the elimination of old employees


new employee recruitment

someone mentioned in micro-blog said today: "if the new recruit students level, lower than the average level of the team, so the team overall level will be more and more low, so we ask for new employees in the above average".

I agree with the phrase "

", as if I had said something like that. To ensure the healthy development of the team’s metabolism, it is necessary to make good recruitment decisions. First class talents reproduce first-class talents, second rate talents breed three talents. If the team is badly off, a second rate person is hired because it can work. In the short term, the project is OK. But long term consideration of the cost of his training, the cost of communication with other people, and the size of his future becoming a senior engineer. This is usually not worth the candle.

is not higher than the average team level, but it is higher than level and the same stage quality is necessary.

some people say that because of funding, environmental constraints, unable to recruit first-class talent. Or business model decision, do not need too many talents. It does not matter, to ensure that the team’s combat capability is positive development can.

old employees out of

since mention recruitment, naturally some people will think of elimination.

my old idea of being obsolete was also radical. Old people who do not expect to meet expectations should make way for new people. High rate of elimination will speed up team optimization. Moreover, other members will also have a sense of crisis and stimulate potential. Through the high pressure treatment, strict recruitment, training, project responsibility, high achievement, high elimination rate of reward and punishment, to build an elite team. In the early days of a search engine factory, as well as the big N accounting firm, it has been doing so. The so-called iron barracks of soldiers.

but I’ve changed my mind in recent years. Several old employees who were considered "no" were able to achieve higher than expected results in their new positions or new tasks. In fact, most of our positions do not need the mind of super smart, but we need the spirit of selfless devotion.

part of the old staff because of intelligence, energy, family, inertia, thinking, aesthetic fatigue and other reasons appear to have no spirit, dawdle, the performance of the project barely satisfactory. If you encounter impatient supervisor, is likely to be a "useless old, also out of the way" label, will be eliminated in the list.

the majority of older employees was over in the strong wind and big waves have unlimited scenery, but also some. But the development of human beings always has a high trough. He is not old, for yourself and for? He has no ability to repeat Dingjunshan? He is now the lack of environment is what? What is the need to help him overcome the bad habit? If supervisors carefully consider these issues, continue to take measures to continuously follow up, very old.

Shanghai branch of the bank to enhance the service to help the real economy

development of a region cannot do without the support of some of the financial institutions, especially for some local small and medium enterprises, more financial support from not bank, the Bank of Shanghai branch to further enhance the level of service, but also in order to better serve the local economic development.

has been the Shanghai branch closely around "series of policy steady growth, promoting reform, structural adjustment, improve people’s livelihood requirements, careful analysis of the new characteristics of the new normal, take the initiative to deal with the new normal new challenges, will vigorously support the development of the real economy, closely docking Shanghai construction of" four centers ", as an important support regional economy innovation driven restructuring and development, efforts to enhance the management ability, business innovation ability and cross market operation ability, and constantly improve the service ability and level of economic and social development.

"three priority" power transformation and development of

The analysis of the management strategy of paint store

paint joined the project is still the focus of business investment, investment projects, looking for the strength of the partner is always right. Master a certain business strategy, will allow you to paint more profitable stores. Do you know what skills you must master?

has been light weight tactical strategy, it is common for most paint dealers. They think that strategy is an empty, empty thing, can not bring benefits immediately. Therefore, dealers tend to pay more attention to the tactical role. For example, a garish promotion and so on, because it can see the effect immediately. However, this short-term effect can not take care of the long-term. It is such a heavy tactical light strategy short-sighted business, leading to the majority of dealers feel more and more difficult to do business, more and more difficult to make money.

paint stores in the market but very rare, once this industry project, will need to master some skills of business, so that their own shops have more consumers, looking at earnings soared, businesses also earn very happy.


Children’s paradise to join the brand which is a good happy kingdom trustworthy

if you want to open a children’s paradise, you must first rely on a big brand, a person’s strength is limited, to join a regular brand, you have more competitive advantage. Children’s paradise to join the brand which good? Happy kingdom trustworthy. Happy Kingdom Children’s paradise, the most direct way to give children happy.

if you are looking for the children’s Park to join the project, you must want to know the children’s Park to join the brand which is good. Happy Kingdom Children’s paradise

Application process of rural youth entrepreneurship loans

current society, one of the short board constraints of rural youth entrepreneurship is a weak economic foundation, the majority of young entrepreneurs generally lack start-up capital. In order to solve this problem, local governments have introduced a variety of measures to solve this problem, the most simple than small business loans.

The main process of


(five) rating, rural credit cooperatives, according to the survey, the rating of the applicant in accordance with the relevant provisions of the rating, fully meet the funding needs of the rural youth to the survey, the rating does not meet the loan conditions or not, should be timely feedback to the applicant;

(seven) issued, rural credit cooperatives, according to the survey, review, approval, loan, loan loans in accordance with the relevant procedures issued to the applicant in a timely manner;

For rural youth entrepreneurship loans provisions of

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