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Some views on the Internet love Shanghai artificial K station

website with the black hat means do it often will be ranked under artificial love Shanghai. This view is not correct. If so, the Liuhe color will so crazy love, Shanghai can be a knife cut all "Liu and" the word. We often see gray industrial black hat, but to do it, how many loved Shanghai? Don’t love Shanghai only artificial regular industry station? The issue is worth pondering.

I first introduce the name of a "love Shanghai", many people also listen to say, is in the online forum and the Shanghai dragon crazy pass, including members of Shanghai Longfeng colleagues, could not find a solution will say a word, I love Shanghai station will be artificial. Overnight pulled the hair. The origin of this term I will not say. Now the optimization research center meets the bottleneck.


love Shanghai bidding open, but did not stop the money. This is in the news television say. Reporters also understand the market too. In fact, we all love Shanghai misunderstanding at home.

"love Shanghai artificial intervention" of the word definition: love Shanghai some complaints and suggestions, such as: snapshot compliants, Shanghai love BUG love Shanghai Encyclopedia of complaints, complaints, these are the true love Shanghai. Many people get love Shanghai love Shanghai snapshot, ranking top to do that. I never go to the station, that love Shanghai has also not afraid of artificial, artificial Shanghai. The website said the common artificial are the following:

with some sensitive words stand: what is the sensitive words of this station, you know. For example, several chiefs known as MOON Shanghai Longfeng Research Center released so that their institutions have been in love with Shanghai. In fact, if the micro site can be found a lot of problems, this problem, I will not elaborate on. You know you can. But it can be said that they must meet bottleneck. Love Shanghai engineers do not know enough to interfere with such a station you, not what relationship to him.

consider: love Shanghai stable rank which has several factors? 1. 2. 3. degree of customer flow quality show 5. viscosity 4. chain these are affecting the ranking factors. Consider that love Shanghai bid to stop, your customer resource less show degree low, with quality also declined. This interlocking. Finally, your ranking dropped upside down. Some bosses do not understand the market, to the Shanghai dragon er said "love Shanghai to let you open bidding, so your site will be good." But they did not go to the deep thinking, perhaps at that time is money. Maybe someone will ask me here. It did not open bidding love Shanghai snapshot ranking how to explain here I say a very simple test method. You can go to brush flow, and don’t brush pV rankings, not what effect. You will find that you really have the effect of rank.

Low cost bidding ideas exclusive packaging products (OEM) acne products

operation of this project is relatively successful, while the flow is also great.




If you mention

this play and buy in the soft feminine website operation method is similar. It is through a large number of stories, pictures, or video to create psychological transformation; and other packaging products are often no use of traditional Chinese medicine (of course, the concept of most Chinese medicine products are very good effect, so many of their products is their own folk prescription or Taobao is looking for).

in this case analysis, to provide some useful thinking.

like this blog or website, these cases are worth learning and reference.

! In this paper,

or other soft mode to publicity, the conversion rate is also quite good

Most of these are through

in search of their promotion methods, we can find that they are basically to promote through free or paid soft, rarely by advertising. You can do this pattern only needs little cost, then the intention of customers into QQ or WeChat, and then through continuous customer witness to stimulate buying.

operating skills analysis


when we search the word anti acne method, you can see the drop-down box "is the first successful 26 day Jiajia acne method", the true story of a story to promote their products; and they basically do not vote for advertising, only need to do is to post drainage, in some professional forum to send traffic to them the Sina blog or other site.

1, one of the operation to find the product selling point

, will not go into here, we summarize the key:

a case of acne products

Internet advertising is becoming more and more expensive, especially the love of Shanghai auction, some key price is as high as a few yuan, propaganda cost sharply, but the advertising circle found in the actual operation of the Internet, as well as a large part of Shanghai do not love bidding to push their products, these products especially in women’s products.

for example, please see below:

2, building a concept

OEM the word, is to take the product to find qualified manufacturers of a product, then you have exclusive packaging, product brand word independent; it also means before OEM, you will need to have the building of selling products. This paper focus on the Internet, in the above, there are still quite a few people who rely on this product, zero cost model.

The specific operation method of We look at the key words:

3, through the soft Wen promotion platform mode to promote, including love > know Shanghai

To talk about personal website optimization to users in Shanghai Longfeng optimization

love Shanghai, has been to the webmaster Shanghai dragon feeling is extremely unstable, from time to time to give you a adjustment, many webmaster feel very helpless, even in the face of combat have turned. Some say Shanghai manual intervention is very serious, this phenomenon should exist, but think carefully, billions of Chinese website, its intervention here? Maybe you will say, only the intervention of the top-ranking website, maybe you are right, but the love of Shanghai should have its own rules of conduct he shows you, your intervention in violation of the rules, some of it, or that certain actions your site hit its bottom line, so he will intervene you, also known as the station was K or drop right.


so do Shanghai dragon, can not go to Shanghai to Shanghai dragon and phoenix. Many webmaster to Shanghai dragon to over optimize their websites, they often ignore the most important objective: user. To some extent, the love of Shanghai is one of the most important user of the site you love Shanghai, spider at least every day will come to your site to observe a

for the station, many webmaster Shanghai dragon to fool love Shanghai, collection content, translation out of order content over the pseudo original content and so on, you may think that love has not reached the Shanghai smart people, but you can not deny that he has a powerful brain database storage center, it will collect in the content on your site with its stored data for comparative analysis, reach a threshold which can determine the content of your site is good or bad, of course, it can also be wrong, love Shanghai could make you upset the fundamental content down to read out the original good content, but it is also from more users to another bounce rate determine whether your web content is rubbish. So long to run your website, don’t try to deceive love Shanghai, maybe it is not smart enough, but every time it is updated in order to make it more intelligent. For the optimization of the website I only said 3.


some say Shanghai is often adjusted, in January 1 big adjustment, the 1 Monday times small adjustment, each adjustment ranking changes are very large. However, in general, only a small part of the site to large changes, many website ranking on the whole is stable, or to rise steadily, if your website ranking dropped, you must first find the reason from your own love, Shanghai may have small adjustment algorithm, but also not to make your web site ranking dropped, it only shows you the website hit love Shanghai algorithm, or that it is updated after found some "illegal" behavior of your site, and put a stop to your behavior, I hope you correct it.

1, to the user’s perspective to the station optimization. Starting from the user, based on users, website to long-term business, they all take the customer as the center, do not forget the love, Shanghai is also a user. The user experience is very important, so the website details are very important, different processing industry may be different, but the most important.

Lei Jun first talk about entrepreneurship lonely moment when everyone advised me to sell products ex

Lei theme, again referred to "stand outlet, pigs can fly, he said it had a huge impact, even in NPC and CPPCC are the prime minister keqiang. But Lei Jun also says, this word still basically wants to speak, do an enterprise not only should immerse oneself pull car, still want to look up the road.

although early this year raised a small target internally, but Lei Jun believes that this is a step to consolidate the foundation. "This year we have a small target, sales exceeded 100 billion, of course, some people say I put the satellite, but the basic skills of millet, this small goal is not difficult to achieve. But I am more concerned about is that millet is able to consolidate the fundamentals, the fist came back, is to fight out."

in July 22, 2009, we all feel full after India, China, Pacific including neighboring countries eclipses, I believe we all miss? Who knows this 22 days ago, an ordinary woman with the opportunity to make a statement of 50W, first of all, it is not a day day, so these can only be used as share.

! Before formally speaking

millet founder said, in terms of electricity providers, millet is now the king of mobile phone electricity supplier. But even if the millet mobile phone electricity supplier is currently accounted for 50% of the market, China’s share of the line is still very strong, can not go around, so this is the next step in the development of millet basic skills needed.


second, according to these gifts to find the shop owner, asked him whether the promotion of Taobao customers, find a few do Taobao customers to promote the exquisite gift to Taobao customers to find their own background links.


Lei Jun admitted, millet recent negative news a little more. But Lei Jun believes that this is a high-speed growth after the remedial action, millet spent less than 5 years broke through the sale of $10 billion, which is a miracle in business history, I can not believe that this growth is explosive. After this high-speed growth, is not something to do, did not do so, so last year, we began to make up classes, speed down, adjustment."

, he said he did millet is not in order to do electricity supplier, and recall the financial freedom to re start the process: "I did outstanding net, sold to Amazon, and then Jinshan listing, I will retire half."

then our opportunity to make money comes when everyone is giving a holiday gift to their mother. Now online shopping can be said to be a popular mess, you think about it, when the mother in May 10 received an express the same day, opened when you found that you sent a very nice gift, what will her mood

raise the air outlet Theory: the outside only sees the air outlet, has not paid attention to the pig

this small target, including millet for the makeup of the line to try the next channel, millet home construction. In order to allow better understanding of the scene, millet is currently online and offline integration of new retail attempts, Lei Jun decomposition millet business.

We all know that

, the first to enter your Taobao store, certainly have a mother’s Day related content on taobao page, open will find a lot of beautiful gifts, OK, we should choose is the exquisite gift.

we can see that every year, mother’s Day is coming, and the major websites are using this hot spot for activities. sh419 index’s "mother’s Day" in May 8th attention has reached 44972, can be said to be an absolute hot spot these days, for the good grasp of the hot webmaster friends, this is a good opportunity to make money.

Lei Jun said: "the essence of this problem is what? Millet really do what you want to do? Do you want to do electricity supplier?"

2017 China Yabuli entrepreneurs forum held today "China commercial heart" concert, the founder Lei Jun millet technology was invited to give a speech, and the scene of millet mode entrepreneurs accept guest questions.

millet model and current dilemma

thereafter, Lei Jun millet mode and the current problems encountered share.

, a week, a lot of places to see the eclipse glasses are sold, she is seen this opportunity in the money into the purchase of a large number of glasses, and then spend customer promotion, in reality, of course, she also opened a shop in Taobao, not much time, I had a week! At that time in Zhejiang, many stores basic demand, before the last 22 days of the 3 day, she put the incoming goods wholesale to dealers! I have a good taste of women respect send four words: "the bold but cautious".

"wind talk" makes many people think I’m an opportunist, but without thick basic skills, it wouldn’t work." Lei Jun said, he explained further: "why is the pig?" is to have pigs humble, "I’m lying on the floor, no one can beat me."." To do business, we must face all kinds of discredit, all kinds of attacks. "I feel like I’m a pig, and what else can be defeated?"

we can use online shopping this mother’s day and the two combined to do Wangzhuan to make money. The following several steps: Red Wangzhuan about

mother’s Day carnations? Is now obsolete, and many of the mothers are not practical things is not interested, as children, the use of this holiday opportunity for mother to send some practical and useful gifts, believe that mothers will be very happy. Say more is empty talk, go online to see the hot bar,

2009 May 10th, another year of mother’s day. Maybe you’re still hesitating about all kinds of gifts, and maybe you’re sorry for not being able to go home.

third, you can use your , MSN, SNS, BBS and other links to promote, so that someone bought a gift, you will get the corresponding more Money.

Look at the defect Lasafo Shanghai dragon set from the internal structure (1)

random intercept a picture with you, love has been searched in Shanghai, this love in Shanghai, included a large number of different URL of the same page, any interception of a >

lefeng贵族宝贝 is the search for "cosmetics" ranked first in the website love Shanghai, Shanghai dragon internal structure has actually been to analyze all kinds of industry B2C site, there may be a place of learning, some may have some defects, this series from the cosmetics industry – lefeng贵族宝贝 start today. Look at the internal structure Lasafo, find internal structures in the Shanghai dragon do not how the ideal, it, see lefeng贵族宝贝 defects from the internal structure of the Shanghai dragon.

nofollow tag set unreasonable

on this website, the program has the problem, which is a corresponding to a URL page, as shown in figure

The first point:

nofollow guide the spider crawling important pages, I believe many people contact nofollow, must be very familiar with this word, indeed in the eyes of many people, many important pages to guide the spider crawling, can improve the efficiency of the spider search page, which has a certain significance to improve web page ranking and weight, but this lefeng贵族宝贝. Nofollow made me puzzled, because this site in addition to foot, there are other places also need to use the nofollow settings, in my opinion, in the home, in addition to the product catalog and other pages, will need to control with nofollow tags.

in the first place in the nofollow only at foot (pictured above), while in other places is not a place, which resulted in the nofollow setting is not reasonable, because if you want to use nofollow, a one-time processing is complete, can set up a just ignore others, actually in this case, I think it is because there is no clear nofollow will set the conditions.


, I just checked the home page of the nofollow label, found that the setting is not reasonable, what are the specific

second: the same page, different URL




as shown above, these links in the author’s opinion is not of much significance for the ranking of search engine, but it is still not set to, for spiders, mislead the crawling efficiency; the nofollow deal, should be comprehensive, if not all, then you can learn the Jingdong, nofollow tag on a website are not.


Long term team model versus real enterpriseDid Wu Dezhou become what Luo Yonghao wanted after a year

this year, hammer technology has undergone many changes. First of all, the core technology and management team quietly converted from "Moto faction" to "HUAWEI gang"". Then, on the phone, in almost half a year, has issued two appearance and the past quite different products, Smartisan M series and nuts Pro. From sales point of view, the situation seems to be good, at least Smartisan M won the Smartisan, T1 and T2 have never been successful. And Luo Yonghao himself began to gradually become accustomed to appearing with Wu Dezhou after the press conference to be interviewed by the media.

first, I will be a team as a distributor or manufacturer, students as agents, dealers get agents to join through the promotion, agents can investigate whether after joining, after joining to pay a franchise fee, then the distribution of the total training for franchisees, from the store location, the sale of goods how to choose the positioning of customer groups, how to sell, until he learns.

this is also the team and other training team differences, other teams through the teacher SEO knowledge, to do Taobao customers or find goods, pure is a training team. If you have your own goods, but not distress SEO, unable to promote it, then choose which team does not matter, but here, I recommend one to you, that is the only teacher seowhy, at least I think is very strong, if you want to learn the price, you can A5 SEOWHY training places to join the group purchase.

said so much, sum up: Although I’m talking about the long team model, but I use realistic examples, actually want to

first, do a self introduction: I am late 09 years in contact Wangzhuan, contact more and more species: the code, voted, done, click on the play Gomez Peer, hung over the investigation, sardines, tuna, little Muzi, pioneer, pioneer, sniper rifle, harm done ME, MT, CACA, had been cheated by the slaughter, also made the website, like many people, is dazzling halo over things online, a lot of things to do are outdated, not strong competition that no one, it is not successful, because after 09 years has reason for half a year no contact Wangzhuan, in 2010 May from the beginning of contact, around August that a team, after understanding join, join the cause also ridiculous to say that, the first: because it is cheap, only 240 of the second, because of tuition fees; I have always wanted to learn, but have been learning SEO knowledge, third: is also the most important thing I pay attention to, that is the model.

Luo Yonghao began to learn Tian Ji horse race, intends to take the best products and peers in other middle end products, may have the chance to win, so with the nut Pro.

Luo Yonghao began to learn to recognize some he couldn’t reverse the reality, "maintain a small but beautiful in today’s mobile phone industry is very difficult, in the strategy, the hammer technology can be said to have mistakes every year," cross-border hard, a lot of things to learn".

franchisee through training, with the total distribution of knowledge learned there, through the recommendations of the general dealer, set up shop, sales, and profit, while the total distribution through the profits of the agent and profit. This is a win-win model, there is no one who works for whom, because the interests of both sides are bound. If you have the ability to lead the organization, you can also be a general distributor. If not, then be an agent.

despite the hammer technology has been founded so far nearly five years, but Wu Dezhou joined the year to bring the hammer changes can be regarded as the largest.

is doing this just to make sure we have enough sales as much as possible. "We want this gear, and our ID is unbeatable and can spike other competing handsets," Wu Dezhou said.

well, now talk about my eyes for a long time the team mode. Many people think that a team is a training institution, through training and profit, and most people think so, because the network training team like many, and I am from the angle of reality and comparative view, each city stores such as home, should be very familiar. I will take this to do comparison:

started this product is defined as Smartisan T3 flagship high-end mobile phone, but now the market has not allowed them to easily in the high-end market in the head. Because the replacement tide receded, and the global China intelligent mobile phone shipments have emerged slowdown, 2016 rose only 0.6% in 2017, will only lower.

"my original intention was to be steady, and then go forward, but now the situation is simply not allowed".

, from HUAWEI’s glory Wu Dezhou, joined the hammer as the new CTO, in other words, the former CTO Qian Chen also left the year.

At the

conference, Luo Yonghao played the audience a little. At first they showed a more compromising, more robust design: Look!

he felt that it would be useless to do business and give advice and warning to the seniors. In any case, a person to cross the border, basically to cross the river by feeling the stones, the pit should trample on the following".

in the past few years are still using machine sea tactics mobile phone manufacturers in the past one or two years has adopted a conservative strategy to reduce the model, manufacturers main push high-end small manufacturers to increase profits, the main push price high low-end mobile phone in a single paragraph, as far as possible to get the volume, survival space, the has become the most important issue hammer.

Mobile easy system to solve the IE8 website background editor invalid question

has a lot of mobile users to upgrade Microsoft’s IE8 version, but after the upgrade, it is found that an active background editor can not be used. The symptom is that no function icons are clicked, and no pop-up window is displayed.

The Microsoft

IE8 official version has been officially released in March 20, 2009, there are many PowerEasy users to upgrade their browsers, but they found easy background editor cannot use any function after the upgrade, click on the icon is no symptoms of the pop-up window, through the search, finally found a solution to use the IE8 editor. The specific modification methods are as follows:

opens the editor.asp under the root directory and finds the following code

            if (element.YUSERONCLICK) Eval (element.YUSERONCLICK +’anonymous ());

changed to

if (navigator.appVersion.match (/8./i) ==’8.’)


if (element.YUSERONCLICK) Eval (element.YUSERONCLICK +’onclick (event));




, if (element.YUSERONCLICK), Eval (element.YUSERONCLICK +’anonymous ());


saves, refreshes the system files, and clean the cache. Open the background editor again and see



trouble, you can use the modified editor.asp coverage is OK: download address:

note: before you do it, you’d better make a backup.

in view of the netizen says, modify the root directory of the editor.asp file, effective and Invalid remote local problems, here I add that this is because the open compatibility view by IE8, cancel IE8 compatibility view, you can resolve this problem. >

Old Wei taught you to create high traffic original movie station

since the emergence of Marx, search, sunny and other film systems, many people do not understand the site also began to go on the road to the station, and become one of millions of webmaster. The good news is, many in the early establishment of the operation of film video site webmaster, almost all have a cup of soup. Unfortunately, in the film and television copyright is increasingly valued today, many webmasters also discouraged, decadent.

today, old Wei of the film on the old owners will choose the television station as a life or career first webmaster novice gives some suggestions, hope some of my experience and insights to help those who are puzzled and confused in the new television station.

because of all kinds of video, video, CMS flooding, as well as film and television video type, site template of the same height, plus film and television site content of extreme repetition. For many years the movie webmasters tend to issue such a sigh "the film more and more well done, the major engines are reduced, flow decreased day by day, even worried that one day their station will completely disappear in the engine… Yeah…", the movie station almost rely on search to survive. From the search engine, just rely on in your loyal fans, watching movies on the station is not to earn money, the movie station does not make money, that is what the movie station


below to talk about in the engine to reduce the weight of film and television stations in the period, as a novice film and television station, how should we deal with?. Everyone knows, film and television site is currently mainly rely on CMS comes with some acquisition function. Some people or service groups are also willing to provide a large amount of resources for collection, which results in almost all the content of the station. This situation is a direct result of the engine on the video site "discrimination", think of all the television station content is repeated, which many owners even strive to optimize the extension of N for a long time still do not see the site is included or not weight phenomenon appeared.

, and the content of the film and television site is nothing more than a title, and then the diversity of film and television series content and content introduction. So when all the video site is such a content structure, how can we do in many television stations is out of the ordinary with the others can not copy the original content? It is actually very simple, please listen to:

The content structure of the

movie and TV station, the webmaster have been very clear, title – Drama number – content introduction. But if we are trying to build an engine to included and will give the weights of the station, you should use to the ultimate killer for the engine – the original! So many people have to ask, how the original television station? We cannot put a movie name tinkering. Even so, by the engine after the user is not included into the search? Yes, we are certainly not tinkering, please listen to old Wei said it


so-called film site original, is nothing more than the following several rules, and do, the engine will still you as "original type" site to treat.

< >

Analyze Baidu spider returns 304 status code in Web log

recently encountered a large number of websites have been return 304 status code Baidu spiders crawl page, previously encountered 301 and 302, is not about 304, just can be observed and analyzed the situation, in order to more in-depth understanding of the problems and countermeasures.


Baidu encyclopedia is so explained to the 304 status code: if the client sends a conditional GET request and the request is allowed, and the contents of the document (since the last visit or according to the request of the conditions) did not change, the server should return the 304 status code. The simple expression is that the client has executed the GET, but the file has not changed, that is, the pages we understand are not updated.

, GET, /index.html – 80 –, Sosospider+ (+ 3040, 0

, GET, /index.html – 80 – Mozilla/5.0+ (compatible; +Baiduspider/2.0; ++ 3040 0

But every day there are more

website content update, how will return not update the status code, see the web site into a web log IIS a few days, found a few days on the home page to grab both return 304 status code, under normal circumstances will probably be about several possibilities:

1, server cache reason

cache is usually in order to speed up the site loaded in advance, just as when we visit the site in the browser is more prone to cache, when you open a web site, if the site is updated or changed, click on the home page will find before accessing the page, and ctrl+F5 after reload will display the new page, this is in fact the cache’s sake. In addition, sometimes and some of the larger sites for friendship links will encounter, after the other side of the chain of friends, the home page will not immediately display, but because of cache and need some time to display.

2, website structure problem

if the site structure cannot effectively make the spider crawling smoothly, that is to say though spider crawling, but because the site structure leads to spider two times before and after grab the same content, or every spider grab the home page only caught a piece of fixed content, so it will lead to a spider to grab the page to return 304 status code.


What happened to me after the site was K

has been on Admin5 for a while and has learned a lot. The webmaster do stand experience, each course of a bitter are only the parties can understand, only a deep deeply ingrained chromium, a kind of story, now I have to share my experience.

since my site is Baidu K, will understand the webmaster website now suffering, but as a qualified webmaster, in our dictionary is to find the word "quit". Talk about the things you do stand, do not for a long time, is to do information before, I believe we are clear that information website, most of them only to other sites to find information, the webmaster to do a network Porter, every day is Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V. After a period of time, see Baidu has a lot of included, as almost one thousand, every day from Baidu to IP a lot, but in a few days, good times don’t last long, was K.

at that time, the heart can only curse Baidu. But, think again, what’s the use of calling it? Every day I wonder how many websites are K. What’s more, Baidu is not happy, is a modified algorithm, and will make a large number of sites like I die, Shun Chang, I die inverse same, followed it to go, then you don’t have no direction? I, just a small webmaster, do not have the ability to Baidu go, big deal, I don’t have to go to the search engine promotion.

Baidu, not only timely assistance, icing on the cake. After all, it’s also a website. After K, try again to rethink the site’s positioning. And the way to go after all, after all, I won’t because K was abandoned to do web site.

through several difficult night, suddenly one day saw a word, called "transformation"". Yes, that is, the transition, other people’s company, others can do things in transition, my website why not? After all, a small boat u-turn. Anyway, there are not a few IP, re planning, RE development, the site from the original information category to product services category transformation. After this transformation, it seems that the idea of the entire website is more clear, product services category, the search engine (do not look at it to eat) dependence is not high, focused on product development, service improvement.

website ( from the original discount information to do now network wallet, online banking. So after the transition, I believe that friends will think, there will be a part before friends feel uncomfortable, but after much deliberation, still feel that the transformation is to have a better development site, make the site more breathing space, finally still insist that the website is to survive and change.

I believe that as long as the service provided by the website can provide convenience for users, the website has the value of existence.