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See from the lottery website optimization experience

I recently lost a is the double chromosphere, the double chromosphere play you can love Shanghai, I am not to teach you how to play the game, but the focus in the website optimization. First entered the Shuangseqiu hometowns, spent 2 yuan to buy a ticket, and finally let me in 5 dollars, and my heart is very happy, after all, is also 5 dollars money, is also an award. From the first time to buy lottery tickets, can get the first reason of Web site optimization, keyword ranking exists, there is an element of luck for example, most of the owners of hard work in his third of an acre, the daily update of hard, the hair of the chain, the site keywords ranking than those who rely on luck webmaster, anyway, regardless of him, with him, did not bother to update the site, would like to occasionally update, the keywords ranking is also very good, this is really can not explain the phenomenon, but every day, but in the event of such a thing. For example, Shanghai’s love of mystery, which day happy, your site keywords will go up, the day is not happy, your web site keywords just disappeared. On the other hand, it is not deliberately optimized trace site but will get a better ranking, such as some stone interactive forum, even the title will not appear in Shanghai dragon, but firmly in Shanghai love home, this is the formlessness.

third times to buy lottery tickets, I still insist on this number, the results did not like the imagined winning. This is I hold a lucky psychology, think I will certainly be able to adhere to the award, the results are not the final result I insist that everything has changed. From here we can see that the website optimization is also so, sometimes we think we found a way to be invincible, can always maintain close.

recently friends drive crazy fans on the Internet every day to buy lottery tickets, although in the outbreak of the first prize in the news, but the lottery for me is just a fun, as long as not indulge, not like gambling can not extricate themselves, maybe finally really in a big prize. Today I want to talk about to buy lottery tickets from experience in website optimization principle, we do as a joke.

second lottery experience is so, I still keep the first buy the number unchanged, the results in 10 dollars. From these second experiences we can realize a truth, that is to do site optimization too, as long as every day to do the work, follow the prescribed order complete the task within a short period of time, perhaps your keywords ranking is not very good, but your efforts were not in vain, you have got Shanghai love to your return, your site included quantity began to rise, the website chain began to grow steadily, slowly began to enhance the website core keywords, website traffic began to increase, all of this is the result you insist. Website optimization is a long-term process, but also love Shanghai itself, a month will update 1 to 2 times, if you can stick with it, so what keywords ranking are clouds.

Do the construction of chain exquisite inner to make your website on the upgrade

for the chain construction, many owners tend to remain in the content page added a lot of anchor text to web page or column page, so as to attract the spider crawling more to grab the page, the weights to share these pages, it is wrong for this approach, now the search engine has been identified as a way for cheating, so you must have a correct understanding of what is in the chain of value, good nonsense not say, small share in the construction of the chain tips with you own summary.

(two) to remove unimportant page links.

for many webmaster update, a lot of the time we published content is not to say that is especially important, but these are not very important pages often divided some of our website weight, and the weight of a web site itself is relatively limited, this time we need to put these pages to the rational distribution, or it is very easy to cause the loss of weight, the more common page for example "about us" and "contact us" "website statistics" and so on, these pages are essential for a web site, and there is no value of the page, so in the construction of a chain site a fine, then we through some shielding don’t let the spider crawling techniques, such as nofollow tags and JS call jump, to avoid the loss of weight of our web site.

(a) accurately set key website page.


regardless of any industry on Internet sites, each site is a key column page, your article page for a web site of the highest weight web page is the home page, and then is the column page, content page. But sometimes we want to improve the content of the page weight of their own, through the content page to do some long tail keywords to get some traffic, for example, a station I do now is the name of the game, but there are some statements in the column, when the festival will do some long tail keywords holiday greetings type. This time we want to get a good ranking you have to enhance the weight of the page, but the page from the level above is the weight of the worst page within the site is difficult to have a good weight, this time we can add keywords of this type by the home use the web page no place, add or Links add or better in the process of the spider crawling in the crawl and give these A good page weight.

is now the owners about the construction of the chain are often very confused, because the love of Shanghai Webmaster Platform also clear to the station to focus on the construction of website content, while in the chain is always impossible, and Google in recent times has been clear, and user experience in weight the value chain of the site is extremely favorable, so are very important for the construction of the chain in the development of a website.

Count the Guinness Links platform is among the highest in the industry

link integrity

Mou Changqing founder of the GO9GO website, will undoubtedly become the top, because the link platform is from the beginning and prosperity of the mountains. Not many words, we look at the basic situation of the GO9GO website:

I am the founder Gao Bo push network (Cao Cao grass line), today to take stock after a year of development, link platform from 100 chain wars until now, the emergence of some top-notch website.

GO9GO platform

grass network link platform


webmaster Webmaster Help link platform called Zhou Zhou, the webmaster do Shanghai Longfeng ability is good, so many words in the Shanghai competition ranking is good love. Find links to more users, we can look at the following screenshot.


network is grass I founded the link platform, the first time I blog domain name. Because I love to do webmaster industry websites, and Links website is essential, so do the Links platform. The existing two links, included rate reached more than ninety-five percent, see the following screenshot.

poly Rui network link platform

network is a company founded by poly Rui, strength is not small, but also in Shanghai has been ranked the steady love. A good position, so the user knows too much, the number of links too much. From the number of love Shanghai chain can be seen, the construction of the chain of poly Rui network is in place.

Links platform from the earliest to the self-help chain link Mou Changqing founded GO9GO platform, and the webmaster also like bamboo shoots after a spring rain and many Links platform. There is a single flower is not the spring, All flowers bloom together. spring garden. Links platform and prosperity must have his value, China Internet have many webmaster, enterprise website ER to Shanghai dragon website Shanghai dragon to exchange Links, issued by the chain link, and the platform just to meet the needs of these two, so the link platform fire.




strictly speaking, honesty is not a link link platform platform should be self-help chain. Only the owners to participate in these keywords competition, but also in Shanghai ranked good love. But this website program is very good, as long as you pass any external links to the site, can be included and other links on the site included forced the site to some gangsters. Owners said, Google started doing very well, love the sea K station, now the opposite: love Shanghai performance is very good, Google is K and not the PR value (>

Webmaster Help link platform

Batch data chain refused to love Shanghai outside the chain of tools pro test is absolutely effectiv

for ER in Shanghai Longfeng Daily website optimization statistics, domain domain data can only be used as a chain of data included the chain data reference, the real value of Shanghai Longfeng people can see from the webmaster tools, then the external optimization effect now evaluated with these data.

refused to chat outside the chain of tools to love Shanghai, I want to talk to many just enter Shanghai dragon industry friends, speak a basic concept or common sense: also called the chain data chain data and statistics for senior Webmaster Tools query command of love of the Shanghai

Webmaster Tools belong to love Shanghai search engine accepted the chain data (of course, does not rule out the possibility of cheating in the chain and the chain of garbage data), is real, valuable data.

linked to the blogger comment deleted, it is obviously unrealistic.

what is the difference?

until May 28, 2013, after the Shanghai love outside the chain of tools – the new upgrade supports batch refuse chain, the author sums up.

1. love Shanghai senior command domain domain, the chain data query to the pan data, not true.

The second way is to use the

is in the very early, just for love outside the chain of tools in Shanghai to write a soft Wen, to express their views on love in Shanghai outside the chain of tools. Long engaged in website optimization Shanghai dragon Er, for the love of Shanghai’s webmaster tools, I think a lot of people are interested enough, the performance is willing to spend a lot of time and energy to test tools, including the chain analysis of the accuracy of the data and refuse the chain reliability and timeliness, is the object of the webmaster study.

The chain data statistics to the 2. In fact, the

to chain tools, then the domain name blogger comments remain added, from April 25, 2013 until May 28th, during the observation data in the chain has been cheating chain exists, it is every time I love Shanghai update the chain data, the garbage chain always exists for as a result I don’t feel shocked, because I love Shanghai very chicken ribs provide tools, not what a substantive role.

love Shanghai Webmaster Platform refused to provide the chain tool, reject junk chain. Stick a piece of raw refuse outside the chain of tools:

Before the .


in April 25, 2013, Shanghai issued a "love website information about the chain to determine" this article, the author used Webmaster Platform to chain tools, because the author established early in my blog, ever been to another blog and leave two comments, "on the chain" in the article clearly points out that this judgment the author is in the evaluation of ID WEB2.0 mass hanging links, which belongs to the typical means of cheating. So I want to get rid of comments, but only two kinds of solutions:

This is the original The first approach is the idea of

Love Shanghai and Google update at the same time Shanghai dragon personnel should be how to treat

belongs to her show network (www.sheshows贵族宝贝), please indicate the source, thank you

2) cause the server is not stable, I hand on several projects, in addition to one because the server is not stable by included decline, several other projects have included the normal rise, I analyzed the under long IIS log, found that too much 200064 return code, basically because the server is not stable due to.


1) the situation with the 520 love Shanghai phenomenon is like, there may be the love of Shanghai’s own problems; because this included decline is too large, many included hundreds of thousands, tens of thousands of sites included straight down to the front page or a few pages, is not normal.

servers from the mainland to Hongkong, PR 2011 to January after the update, for a long time has not changed; in legend Google will cancel the PR, but officials have not issued a sound. So this PR update in contrary to expectation but also reasonable. From this update can be seen, PR will continue to update.

1, Google PR update for

in the face of this love Shanghai and Google update at the same time, I suggest the webmaster to do the following: 1, analysis of the website Links source code 2, check, stability and security to see if there are hung black chain with Trojan 3. Check the server, update the IIS log analysis, 4 with original content 5, maintain a normal attitude;

Last year, Google will

2, for the love of Shanghai included sharply, according to several projects on my hand, talk about personal views

this morning, it sent a lot of webmaster friends received messages on QQ, Google updated the PR last night, most of the websites and PR increased greatly; the same night love Shanghai is also a big update, previously included in very good website, this update only the first page or a few pages. Then the face of such a situation, as a Shanghai dragon ER we should be how to deal with the situation.

4) the chain increase too fast, enough to buy black chain; this kind of website can not say 100% problems, but most will still be love Shanghai right down, the most direct is included drop ceaselessly, the new station will even be enter the sandbox.

3) original content less, basically rely on the acquisition; this kind of website included drop is understandable, because the love of Shanghai is now on the web content more and more high quality requirements, rely on pure acquisition of the web site, it is difficult for a long time.

NetEase alliance wantonly delete League webmaster account, Adsense focus on the faceGates if you dro

Bill · Gates is probably the most famous dropout. In 1975, he gave up his top university, Harvard, and founded Microsoft, and later became the richest man in the world.

, has not encouraged students to drop out, and he has focused on investing in education. But in responding to a classmate’s question, he talked about three areas he thought was promising, and said that if he started pursuing a career, he might well be in these areas. And according to Lei Feng net previous report, Gates also has a lot of investment in these fields really.

Gates, 61, investigation, some people less Adsense money was NetEase black?

NetEase first default time to stationmaster income in January, February should send money, no reason to stop most of the account

brand promotion on the use of these strokes, in July activities set off 500-1000 yuan


Buffett should also agree with Gates because his business group, Berkshire Hathaway, has the largest public utility in America

Lei Feng net summarizes these three areas as follows:

artificial intelligence

Gates says the demand for reliable, cheap and clean energy is huge and growing, and there is no system that can provide enough energy to meet these standards. So he believes there are many opportunities for innovation in the energy sector. "Energy innovation has a lot of impact, and there are many ways we can achieve what we need to accomplish."."


Gates said that if you are now entering the field of computer science, the most potential should be artificial intelligence. He also made no mention of DeepMind’s AlphaGo, calling it a great achievement, suggesting that artificial intelligence has indeed improved a lot. He believes that the ongoing research is very profound and is about to make new breakthroughs. The ability of an intelligent agent to read and understand materials can be astonishing, and anything related to it can be an exciting lifelong career."

Gates once looked back and said he thought he was lucky because he was obsessed with it when computers began to change the world. But in a speech at the Columbia University on Friday, he said that if he dropped out of school now, he would probably not be in the computer industry and would not develop an operating system. Another celebrity appeared in the speech: Warren · Buffett.

at the end of last year, Lei Feng has reported that Gates also co Ma, founder of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and other world’s top entrepreneurs, set up a "breakthrough of energy risk investment fund" Breakthrough Energy Ventures fund, BEV, the initial funds raised over $1 billion, will focus on clean energy innovation project. The energy fund will begin investment projects in 2017 and will last 20 years.


Finally found the solution for ASP subscript cross


movie website yesterday when generated static pages out of the question, that subscript never crossed, so don’t know what it is, and then to find the answer in the Internet, but it’s really hard to find a lot of good to find ah, do not solve the fundamental problem, the all the people said to try, then finally understand what happened to


first explained what I was searching for on the Internet: "


index cross can only access the array elements and collection members within the defined range.

this error has the following causes and solutions:

references the nonexistent array element,.


subscript is larger or smaller than the possible subscript, or the array on this side of the application does not specify the range. Check the array declaration to confirm its upper bound and lower bound. If you are using an array that specifies the range, you should use the UBound and LBound functions to determine array access. If the index is specified as a variable, the spelling of the variable name should be checked.

looks so abstract, doesn’t it? To tell the truth, I didn’t understand it first. Then I saw a lot of friends. I don’t know much about the network program, so I have to understand.

little by littleThe

loop is actually subscript out of range in a program is a problem, a problem that the loop code will not work, don’t cycle, but also influence behind the operation, so I finally solved, since it does not cycle, then I can’t make it one by one cycle, but directly deleted during the cyclic code, let the whole program cycle. Results later. Oh. I’m ready for Marx’s film program, had previously been used properly, do not know what happened yesterday suddenly appeared subscript out of range problems. Now it’s.


anyway, when you encounter the problem of subscript crossing, you must look for the relevant loop code to solve

, finally, AD my movie site, that’s what made me tired all day long yesterday,

daily movie network

Spam is rampant, or can not escape the search engine of the French Open

As a webmaster

spam is the most troublesome, Xu Qian SEO blog site for 08 years since July 2nd, nearly a year, with their own learning, to talk about the work summary and experience, blog visitors is increasing day by day, of course, I’m very glad to know so many friends on SEO, but the worry which.

every day to open the Hongren, not to see your friends more messages, but to see spam messages piece, the whole message area is repeated URL crazy brush. After verification, this URL is junk messages, they are so rampant but still could not escape the search engine of the French, although the search engine is only the robot, but the amount of data control network search, they also established the data algorithm is quite accurate, I look on the Hongren message board on the part of the junk message shown in the screenshot:

we found a red box in the middle position, the left side is IP, are obviously the same IP address, and then look at the right side of the release time interval is quite short, then the search engine will determine this is spam, your site will IP into the search engine blacklist here, there are many new friends stand asked the question, "why do I stand Baidu has not been included? Why my site is Baidu K off? Why my IP was blocked and so on related issues?". I believe that friends who have problems like this, you should know where you are wrong,


everything is not eager for the achievement of the successful, so I want to make it stand down-to-earth do it slowly! If in order to get the chain, suggest webmaster friends do the exchange links! Or soft form can bring you a lot of chain advantage, the effect is quite good, want to use mass tools such opportunistic way outside the chain, I think one day you stand on the bye, software group chain, the search engine will soon be able to identify, may start to not give you away IP, but does not mean that the future is not sealed off your station, just like the Hongren every day there are many spam links, although I was the most annoying thing, but I still have time to clean up, just spend more time, because once these spam links, I thought about it the message board function off, don’t let the message can be In order to avoid the trouble, but considering many friends in the blog, website optimization problem mentioned them, and suggested that the relevant article in Hongren, so I kept the message function.

I still sincerely hope that more friends stand or the patience to do stand, don’t think about what shortcuts can one day can reach the effect of the SEO, this thing is not rapid promotion, a lot of friends say how to learn SEO, I can only silence not reply, because I also in learning. If you want to do not think, not through practice can be successful, that is really the wizards.

A good

chat on here, more advice for Xu Qian SEO blog w>

Chengdu to build regional management center with international influence

economic system reform requires a lot of enterprises in the face of the current situation, positive transformation and upgrading of enterprises. So, how to build a regional management center in Chengdu with international influence? July 12th, the Sichuan provincial system to promote comprehensive innovation and reform of the press conference held in Chengdu, the first detailed introduction of the province’s system to promote the overall reform of the content of the pilot program.

test program is divided into three parts, the main contents can be summarized as "a core theme", "two important goals", "three key areas", "four basic principles", "eight tasks" and "thirty pilot policy". Clear to promote civil military depth as the core theme of comprehensive reform and innovation of our province test integration and development, and will focus on the core chengdemian area to carry out the reform and innovation of the test, at the same time, give full play to Tianfu, Panxi region test platform, promote innovation driven transformation and development in other areas of the province.

it is understood that chengdemian as comprehensive reform and innovation of our province test core area, Chengdu focus on building regional innovation center with international influence, the construction of key national high-end equipment industry innovation development demonstration base in Deyang, Mianyang focus on the construction of national innovation demonstration base of civil military integration.

at the same time, for the purpose of comprehensive reform of the province’s reform of the target position, in accordance with national requirements, the province’s comprehensive innovation reform to achieve at least two goals.

is a development goal, through the test of 3 years, the initial construction of a number of strong supporting capacity, promote innovation and the development platform of the role of the initial establishment of a large-scale, innovative, risk-taking and innovative talents, cultivating a number of preliminary with international influence, innovative enterprises with independent intellectual property rights and a number of high-end industrial clusters, and promote the province to accelerate the development of innovation driven transformation.

on the one hand is the goal of reform, that is, in 2018 to form a basic conducive to innovation driven development of enterprise technology innovation, open cooperation and innovation, technology and financial innovation, governance capacity innovation institutional mechanisms. This year to fight in the integration of military and civilian, scientific and technological achievements and other aspects of the first to take shape in the country experience.

at the same time, in the system to promote comprehensive reform pilot innovation tasks, our province to promote comprehensive reform pilot innovation system from eight aspects, namely the establishment of a sound institutional mechanism to co-ordinate and promote the development of civil military integration; accelerate system reform for the transformation of scientific and technological achievements; establish and perfect the system and mechanism innovation to establish and perfect the inland open; the financial system and mechanism innovation; construct the innovative industrial system; establish and improve the innovation of talent development system; focus on building the innovation platform of multi level system; accelerate the innovation of governance system and governance capacity building.

35 entrepreneurial ideas to help you start your own business

now nine to five office no money has become the consensus of many workers to join the entrepreneurial team, the following small for everyone to take an inventory of start empty-handed business ideas, to help you quickly succeed.

1, the logistics distribution

2, agricultural

3, manual Association

to start manual association form, through the service processing, part of the laid-off and unemployed sisters together, to each of the two lines plus 5 yuan processing fees, in addition to embroidery 50-100 yuan processing fees. Through 8-12 months of operation can be profitable, about 2000-3000 yuan per month profit. The initial investment in this project is very small, can operate directly at home, without additional rent.

4, home service intermediary

5, laundromat

the coin operated washing machine, dry cleaning machine, washing process by the consumers themselves, plus 1 hours of washing drying, convenient, fast, health, suitable for college near the hospital, residents concentrated residential areas, densely populated areas such as hotels, open. The project in Japan, Korea and Europe and the United States and other developed countries has been very popular, but in the country has just started, so the prospects are very broad. Initial purchase of equipment, hire facade start-up funds need 200 thousand yuan.

6, small family hosted classroom